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Return value

January 16th, 2012

Apparently, one way to slow down Clark Evans is the holiday airline schedule.

After committing to UH yesterday morning, Evans completed his Hawaii recruiting trip and returned to his home in Orange, Calif., last night.

504579_54f1c6f8d1684a50bb19f3045a2171beEvans then re-packed his belongings, had a few hours of sleep, and was back at the airport this morning for what was supposed to be a 9 a.m. (Pacific time) departure back to Hawaii. The flight was delayed by five hours. He is expected to arrive in Honolulu this afternoon, then begin taking classes tomorrow.

"It's been crazy," said Evans, who earned his associate's degree in December from Cerritos College.

The NCAA requires a recruit to return to the origination point of his recruiting trip, which is why Evans could not just remain in Hawaii after making his commitment.

Evans will be allowed to participate in the offseason conditioning program and spring practice.

This year, the Warriors are switching from a four-wide offense to a pro-set scheme. Evans is the first tight end recruited to the new offense. The Warriors have not used a tight end in a game since 1998.

The Warriors also are recruiting a tight end locally and from American Samoa.

Waylon Lolotai, who played tight end for the scout-team offense last year, and wideout Darius Bright have been told they will be considered for the position.

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Don't forget to watch Aaron Brown and Royce Pollard in today's all-star game.



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The volleyball Warriors get a much-needed break today. They had played five matches in 10 days.

The Warriors have a full practice tomorrow, then an abbreviated one Wednesday before departing that afternoon for road matches against Pepperdine. They will practice Thursday at Pepperdine's gym.

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