UH lands quarterback

January 18th, 2012

Quarterback John Ursua called the WB today to say he  made a verbal commitment to accept a football scholarship from the Warriors.

Ursua, who is originally from the Big Island, played as a sophomore and junior at Westlake High in Utah. This past season, he was at Cedar High.

Cedar head coach Todd Peacock praised Ursua as the best high school athlete he's seen in 25 years of coaching. Ursua said he wanted to be part of Chow's first UH team.

* * * * *

If Wikipedia were not in timeout today, it could be cited about "choosing battles wisely." UH's recruiting philosophy, however, appears to be: Every battle is worth fighting.

It was learned recently that offensive lineman Dustin Adams was considering de-committing on a pledge to UH and going with Northern Illinois.

Instead of ceding the recruit — after all, Hawaiian Airlines does not have any direct flights to Minot, N.D. — UH scheduled a home visit. Adams said he will meet with UH assistant coach Chris Wiesehan today.

It's worth a shot. Adams, who is scheduled to visit Northern Illinois this weekend, said: "I haven't de-committed."

* * * * *

Congratulations to former UH graduate assistant Mike Smith, who accepted the defensive coordinator's job at West Virginia. Smith was an intern with the New York Jets the past two seasons before being promoted to outside linebackers coach.

* * * * *


Dean Masch said his son's practices may be viewed here: http://profootball.scout.com/2/1149471.html

342 Responses to “UH lands quarterback”

  1. mauifarmdog:

    Still get chance with Adams.

  2. Bryson:

    Good to hear he is still Commited to Hawaii at this point....In terms of O-LINE experience our staff as a collective will have alot of experience so hopefully Dustin will take that into consideration and cancel his visit this weekend...

  3. Pride.:

    I like that.

  4. tom mui:


    Nice to hear about Dustin Adams being still committed to Hawaii.

  5. tom mui:

    Howzit PRIDE - long time no see.

  6. papajoe2:

    Good Morning erryone.

  7. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Not first!!!

  8. ai-eee-soos:


    YES. It's worth a shot

    Good morning Dustin.

  9. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Fight the good fight. Hope you are with us Dustin. Never met you but you seem like a quality person.

  10. Buffoman:

    Sources are best for what may be considered fact. Blog posts may fall in line with the term speculation until facts confirm.

  11. papajoe2:

    Same Mike Smith that posts here?

  12. 808Bowler:

    whoa top ten. Nice. C'mon dustin adams stay committed..

    So with this talk of a merger between mwc and cusa heard it would be for all sports. Does that mean hawaii other sports will need in this new conference? Or still in the big west?

  13. A-joe:

    John Ursua.

    Braddah is a baller! Runs like a fricken goat allllll day!


    Chow will show him how to pass from the pocket.

    Great athlete!

  14. 808Bowler:

    Darn took too long typing missed the top ten.

  15. ai-eee-soos:

    so, that's the Mike Smith I was reading about yesterday. Good Luck Mike.

    " West Virginia: We have learned that New York Jets outside linebackers coach Mike Smith (who Rex really like we're told) is joining the staff at WVU. Might not be a big name; but coaches we have spoken with think this is a great hire. "

  16. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs:
    All this recruiting battle scenarios is like watching Desert Storm on CNN! Well, maybe not as stressful as a real battle. Still, it is really quite the competition for recruits...am sure there is a lot of covert stuff and espionage going on during these times. Yep, times they are a changing...

  17. Stephen Tsai:

    Still in the Big West.
    Although it is is funny that Boise's non-football sports are going to the WAC.
    I've always felt that you take one, you take 'em all.

  18. Buffoman:

    Sorry, I meant soruces like ST. Pardon my exclusion of that important fact. It would be great to see Dustin here. NIU is a terrific institution and has been successful, but having the challenge and opportunity to work with someone like Coach Chow, with his background and experiences would to me be invaluable.

  19. madeinhawaii:

    Morning... good to see Dustin's still committed this way. Better still to see our Coaches not giving up on him.

  20. Stephen Tsai:

    Actually, if people didn't mention Adams yesterday, I wouldn't have called him.
    Hey, I welcome all comments. Well, as long as they don't violate any of the rules that I posted a long time ago but because of my advanced age I've long forgotten.

  21. Stephen Tsai:

    What I'm curious is the perception that NIU's facilities are superior to UH's.
    Is that true? And if it is, how can that be so? Is it because snow covers up the faults?

  22. al:

    big west for hawaii's non-football programs is actually a good thing in the pocketbook, recruiting wise, and the competitively.

    perhaps only basketball would benefit from going mwc/cusa.

  23. madeinhawaii:

    Wow.. DC at West Virginia.. good going Mike Smith! Congratulations!

  24. Couch potato:

    what happened to Zach's right arm?

  25. Bryson:

    I like what I've seen on Video from John Ursua but his passing numbers werent that great...I could see him lining up as a receiver/rb type of player similar to what Reggie Bush did for USC...

  26. Loa:

    morning gang!

    go gettum coach Wiesehan

    Stephen - nice headline .... remember these guys?

    exciting times ....

  27. WarriorNY:

    John Ursua running reminds me of Pilares.

  28. cheepono:

    hearing that boise state is moving their non-football teams to the wac makes me want the mwc to poach teams like usu/sjsu so the wac can dissolve. karma... it's a beach.

  29. Bowwar:

    Is Ursua an actual commit to UH? Good to see the coaches are following up on Adams. With the change-over in coaching any "gray shirt" or previous commit is subject to being lost in the shuffle. It makes me wonder if we would have lost Henderson and Gray had we not followed-up with them. Hey, maybe we can still appeal to Gray to shun Boise...

  30. madeinhawaii:

    I'm more concerned about the future of the MWC.. when they merge with CUSA and form their a new league (vs conference). Who's going to be in...who's going to be out? Where does Hawaii stand?

  31. HawaiiMongoose:

    I don't know about the facilities but Northern Illinois averaged only 15,209 fans at its six home games in 2011. That's less than half what UH averaged, in a down year. The MAC is a nice stable FBS conference but not exactly big-time.

  32. 808Bowler:

    Ya was thinking basketball would be a good move to join the new alliance.....imagine playing memphis every year. But I do think big west fits hawaii financing better. And if basketball keeps getting better we could win the aq every year.

  33. madeinhawaii:

    That's what I was thinking. That we could go to the big dance more often. Just gotta do better with our pre-season scheduling...

  34. Wes'side Warrior:

    Still gotta say all the news recently has been very favorable for UH. Can't wait for NLoI day and practices to start up.

    Good to hear that UH's recruiting philosophy has shifted to a more competitive stance now. Not done until that letter is signed.

    Stay warm and dry, everyone!

  35. Derek:

    Did you notice record snow falls in Seattle? Today should be the heaviest day to have snow in quite some time. U. of Washington prospects? You sure you wanna sign with UW? You sure, you sure? Hawaii Mo Betta. You can have a "Chow" good time here in Honolulu.

  36. 808Bowler:

    Ya now I think bout it more I see it that way mih. Better for west cost recruiting too.

  37. Garret:

    It is great that UH can make a home visit to try to convince Dustin Adams to choose UH over Northern Illinois! Hopefully Chris Wiesehan can convince Adams to stay with UH and not even take that recruiting visit this weekend.

  38. Go Patriots:

    Glad to hear Aranda landed on his feet and will be recruiting Hawaii for Utah. Our boys need more opportunities and his hiring by Utah will insure Hawaii's sons will continue to be given opportunities besides Hawaii.

  39. Garret:

    The Big Sky's commissioner thinks that the WAC will end being a football conference soon.

    “If we look around, we can win this game,” he said. “In three or four years, there will be three football playing conferences left in the West — the Pac-12, the Mountain West and us.”

    Fullerton predicts the WAC will eventually become a basketball conference.

    “Is there a school in the WAC that’s not trying to go somewhere else,” Fullerton asked. “That’s not a good sign.”


  40. Garret:

    The Big Sky got a national and regional TV deal, good for their exposure.

    This includes a re-brand of the Big Sky, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2013. It all begins in July.

    In the first step, Tuesday the league signed a five-year agreement with DirecTV Sports Networks and its Roots Sports regional sports network.

  41. papajoe2:

    #29 Bowwar, sounds like he's coming but its only verbal. He or anyone else cannot sign until Feb. 1, LOI day. There will be a lot of poaching going on.

  42. Brotha Man:

    I am troubled by the fact chow does not have a single "brotha" on his staff, given the facts brothas are good players and coaches.

  43. Garret:

    Recruiting notes in Maui Now.

    Tasini, last year’s MIL Male Athlete of the Year, is a two-time MIL Defensive Player of the Year. He has received official scholarship offers from Hawaii, and Pac-12 schools Utah and University of Nevada Las Vegas. Former Baldwin head coach Jimmy Morimoto is head of recruiting at UNLV.

    In other recruiting news, last week Scout.com reported Hawaii had offered former Baldwin all-star lineman E.K. Binns a scholarship. Binns left Maui in early July for Cape Coral High School in Florida. Before leaving the islands, Binns, a 6-3, 270-pound all-star tackle, had a strong showing at the Hawaii Nike Sparq Combine and was considered one of the top Hawaii linemen.

    “I haven’t talked to anyone or coach from Hawaii and I have not personally received information that I was offered (a scholarship),” Binn’s said. “A Scout.com analyst named Jeff Voght gave my coach the information about the scholarship. I think I would be interested in Hawaii, but I have offers from Dartmouth, FAU (Florida Atlantic University), FIU (Florida International University), Navy and Army.”


  44. smatsum3:

    As BW stated, hopefully coach will give it a shot with tyler gray. He's one of the best OLB recruits in the nation. His highlight vids shows it all.

  45. Garret:

    When schools have a bad season, the entire coaching staff can end up getting replaced. When lower-budget schools have good seasons, their coaching staff can get picked apart by bigger-budget schools. Nevada lost its OL coach to Fresno State and now they lost their DC to Wisconsin. TV money and football budgets really make a difference when the LB coach at Wisconsin makes a lot more than the DC at Nevada...

    Wolf Pack defensive coordinator Andy Buh is leaving Nevada to become the linebackers coach at Wisconsin, according to multiple reports. The news was first reported by FootballScoop.com.

    Buh, a former Wolf Pack linebacker, was Stanford's co-defensive coordinator before joining Nevada's staff two seasons ago. He helped turn around a defense that ranked near the bottom of the nation in pass defense the two years prior to Buh becoming the Pack's defensive coordinator.

    Under Buh, the team improved in almost all statistical categories. Last season, the Wolf Pack defense allowed 25.2 points per game, one of its best marks since joining the WAC.


  46. Bryson:

    The DB coach is a "Brotha"

  47. jhb3043:

    "I'm more concerned about the future of the MWC.. when they merge with CUSA and form their a new league (vs conference). Who's going to be in...who's going to be out? Where does Hawaii stand?"

    i hope we are IN

    would also be good if we can at least share the cost of travel for teams to play in Hawaii instead of fronting the whole cost.

  48. madeinhawaii:

    I thought we were all brothas" ... bruddahs... or brothers? Titas included.

  49. cheepono:

    i don't expect chow's staff to stay the same more than 1-2 years. he has a lot of young coaches with a ton of potential. rest assured, they will be offered and leave for "higher profile" jobs. i just hope that the system chow puts in place allows for smooth transitions when that time comes.

    it's just as important to be able to reload our coaching staff as it is our football players.

  50. LizKauai:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    hiho hiho... and more hiho!

  51. LizKauai:

    mih - some of us are muddahs...

  52. papajoe2:

    #49 cheepono. I'm glad you said that. I know that will be the case. Also, if coach under performs he may be gone too. Something all Warrior fans must expect.

  53. d1shima:

    Nice move by the new staff to try to keep a commit.

    Congratulations Mike Smith.

    Best of luck to Zack Masch.

  54. d1shima:


  55. papajoe2:

    #51 LizK, when I used to coach, we would call muddahs a person who could run just as well inspite of the mud.

  56. cheepono:

    pasoni tasini (maui) is visiting oregon state this weekend.

  57. Couch potato:

    sometimes an f-bomb follows muddah.

  58. d1shima:

    It's an "excellent" time for a Maui-boy to be visiting Corvallis! :twisted:

    Saturday: Rain. High near 43. Chance of precipitation is 90%.

    Saturday Night: Rain. Cloudy, with a low around 35.

    Sunday: Rain. Cloudy, with a high near 45.

    Sunday Night: Rain. Cloudy, with a low around 36.

  59. koakane:

    morning 808 and all the old early risers pride, d1(congrats and enjoy sat), dpk, tommui, pp2, garret, lizk, mih, al ,anoddah dave, ww and masta tsai

    not sure what kinda of day its starting out to be weather wise

    no matter just have a good one, kope kope kope

    good tsaiko motto for UH coaching staff "if can can if no can still can" liking dem guy more and more

  60. d1shima:

    ...assuming he can get there from PDX!



  61. Couch potato:

    on a brighter side, the weather forecast this weekend on Oahu is mostly sunny!

  62. hulu punch:

    Zach Masch All-Star practice time:
    American Team – 1:34pm (hst) – 3:45pm (hst)

    to view practices live:


  63. d1shima:

    #2 son has seen the sun 2 days since he went back to school on Jan. 2

    Like go skoo in OR? Hope you like gray! :evil:

    and the look of the same four walls day after day after day after day.....

  64. Ipu Man:

    Hope the weather in Dakota is a blizzard, too...
    Dustin Adams, the sun is shining here waiting for you
    to wriggle your toes in the warm sand in the blue ocean.
    You can surf here, dude...

  65. d1shima:

    ...or stay onshore and enjoy the "scenery" ;-)

  66. tom mui:

    #42 Brotha Man: All of us are "brothers" or "bruddhas" which includes one of our coaches who is "of color" if you wish to be politically correct.

  67. PAULY D:

    John switching to WR or RB??

  68. graham:

    Is the plan to keep John Ursua at QB or to switch him to RB or WR? He looks like a great athlete

  69. Couch potato:

    another verbal! yeh!

  70. tom mui:

    Of course, the weather in DeKalb, Illinois, home of Northern Illinois, will be a balmy 28/20 degree temperature this weekend.

    I think I would prefer to be in Hawaii!

  71. J-FORCE:

    Dustin Adams PLEASE stay being a WARRIOR. You will not be disappointment.
    4-5 years in HAWAII is not a bad deal. GO WARRIORS!! GO GET 'UM COACH!!

  72. WarriorNY:

    Graham and Pauly,
    An assistant on Chow's staff said he will get a chance at QB. If it doesn't work out at QB, he'll move to WR.

  73. WarriorNY:


    This link goes to a pay page... To get around paying, GOOGLE Cedar High QB. There is a good interview there with Ursua.

  74. al:

    i'm thinking ursua will be a running back or the slot receiver.

  75. WarriorNY:

    An excerpt from the article:
    Ursua said he had a visit from assistant coach Lewis Powell on Monday confirming the chance to compete for the quarterback position vacated by Bryant Moniz, who threw for 2,733 yards and 22 touchdowns in 2011.

    "He told me they want me to try and step in right away to get the job. I'm looking forward to that," Ursua said.

    Ursua, who played only one football season for Cedar, finished with 1,005 passing yards on just 58 completions (a 17.3-yard average) and added 1,539 rushing yards with 16 touchdowns.

    If Ursua isn't able to step in and start at quarterback, he will also get his chance at a wide receiver position.

  76. Couch potato:

    auditions for kick and punt returners will be highly competitive this coming season.

  77. cheepono:

    i was worried we would be hearing about more hawaii boys committing to ucla after this weekend since about 6-7 of them went up together. not much news has come out of ucla in regard to that so that's a good sign...

  78. WarriorNY:

    I thought Harding was great with punts last year and Edwards was great at Kickoff returns. Only problem were the two fumbles...

  79. MistahB84:

    cheehuu, braddah John is now with us....now we need a kicker, is the kicker from Punahou a senior last year?

  80. 808Bowler:

    Welcome John Ursua...

  81. (Jesse) James:

    Good morning gang....Hope all have a great day!!!

    Gramps, hope you drink plenty kope today and continue the googling...MWAHAHAHAHA

    D1, do I hear a cow calling???? ;-)

  82. Abunai:


    Yup, we need a better kicker or the Warriors will be doing a whole bunch of kick returns!

    Coach Mack sounded like a broken windshield wiper last year when addressing the kicking game. Flip-Flop, Flip-Flop, Flip-Flop! Rather then hiring Tomey, he should've hired the Wahine soccer coach to teach Chun and Hadden how to kick! If they can't kick a round ball straight they sure ain't going kick the pigskin thru the uprights!

  83. MattyBoy:

    GregBiggins 12:33pm via Web
    #ASU commit Dejon Allen has de-committed, sounds like mutual move, may visit #Hawaii this weekend

    Here's a recent write-up:
    Offensive lineman Dejon Allen, who committed to Arizona State University back in May of 2011, intends to continue the recruiting process despite his early decision to play for the Sun Devils. Allen said on Wednesday that the Oregon Ducks are still showing interest in him.

    The 3-star offensive guard from Compton, California still expects to join the Sun Devils, although the firing of head coach Dennis Erickson could have him reconsidering his previous decision.

    Allen is a 6'3, 265 pounder who ranks 32nd at his position in the high school class of 2012. He has offers from Boise State, New Mexico, Northern Arizona, San Diego State, UCLA, Utah, and Washington.

  84. jm2375:

    Howzit Tsaikos!

    Welcome to the Warrior ohana, Mr. Ursua.

    Geev um, Zach!

  85. Last Call:

    What is interesting about this blackout crap is that the sites who are fighting this bill in Congress haven't actually gone black other than some kind of silly banner.

    AOL , Twitter,Google are all functioning normally.

  86. A.M.:

    We D Linemen & LBs. I'm sure those areas will be addressed in the next few weeks.

  87. A.M.:

    Missing a "need" in between We and D Linemen . . .

  88. Stephen Tsai:

    Ursua said he ran a spread passing attack at his first school, and the triple-option last year. So passing for that many yards in that sort of offense is pretty good.

  89. Couch potato:

    passing stats:

    Comp.-Att Pct. Yards YPG TD Int.
    58-125 .464 1,005 83.8 10 11

  90. expat:

    If Chow were to somehow get Fairbairn that would be huge. The guy has the potential to be Elam kine good. I don't think that Hawaii is on his radar though. All that being said I believe that ST said several times that Hadden was injured this season and was kicking hurt. Hard to judge him based on that. He had quite a pedigree coming out of high school. The blocks that plagued the kicking game were more protection based I think than related to the kickers.

  91. ai-eee-soos:

    Welcome home, Quarterback John Ursua.

  92. wafan:

    Uh-ho, flickering lights.

  93. Construction software features:

    How have I not come across this blog until now? Nice post.

  94. cheepono:

    ucla currently has 27 verbals that include wooching (soft verbal) and lakalaka (solid). they will most likely be dropping recruits close to NLI day or asking them to greyshirt because they're still pursuing several high profile guys.

    they can only sign 25 new guys to scholarships starting at fall semester so guys like wooching, lakalaka, fairbairn, and all the other local boys need to take notice. don't wanna be on the outside looking in come feb 2.

  95. kev-1:

    Like Ursua a lot. Yesterday I commented that he reminded me of George Ornellas. I see him more as an athlete/WR/SB/PR than a QB though. I thought Chow liked the prototypical big QB?

  96. primo123:

    top 100 woohoo!

  97. primo123:

    heard coaches are in FULL COURT press mode on local recruits..........

  98. al:

    97...have been ever since the chow hiring.

  99. al:

    a guy like ursua needs to touch the ball 10-15 times per game.

  100. wafan:


  101. al:


  102. wafan:

    Welcome to Warrior Ursua!

  103. al:

    oh well...howzit wafan? happy new year buddy.

  104. primo123:

    is there a limit as to how many coaches can be at a kid's house at a time to "talk story"?

    does anyone know ncaa rules? jus wunderin....

  105. wafan:

    Hi, al!

    And to you and the family as well!

  106. wafan:

    Looks like we have some big guys coming in.

    'Atta-way, coaches!

  107. MistahB84:

    100...awe shucks lol....my cell phone too slow!

  108. MistahB84:

    Anyone know is WR Jaydon Mickens is being recruited or considered by UH or has he passed on our radar?

  109. Bowwar:

    With Pennel supposedly off the radar, UH needs to recruit another "space eater" on the DL to supplement what we have coming back. Hope we can also get Gray to recommit, as we need a few good LBs as well.

  110. cake noodle:

    Wow, Ursua looks like the late, great charley wedemeyer, with his ability to change directions and make people miss. Wedemeyer was the greatest Hawaii high school football player I ever saw. He played QB for Punahou and when he went to Michigan State, was switched to wingback and I think he was even named the offensive MVP on Michigan State one year. I think he was on that famous MS team that tied Notre Dame 10-10 in the game of the century in 1966. that game was the first football game ever televised to Hawaii live.

  111. bleedgreen:

    I see the WAC getting stronger with the addition of Texas St. and UT-San Antonio. Two reasons: 1) Money - lots of rich alumni backing these schools, and 2) fertile recruiting grounds. Texas has the largest pool of DI prep players annually. Maybe second behind California. And there is a possible third reason. I see teams from the Sun Belt as possible candidates to move to the WAC (North Texas and LA Monroe, giving the WAC even more stability. In the same period, the Mountain West loses Boise St. and San Diego St., with the possibility of losing Air Force who is looking to leave. And take a look at some of the poor records teams from the Mountain West posted last year - Colorado St. 3-9, New Mexico 1-11, and UNLV 2-10. And of the three former WAC schools, only Nevada posted a winning season. Fresno St. 4-9 and Hawaii 6-7 posted losing season and both teams have new coaching staffs. Don't forget the WAC has LaTech, the new powerhouse of the WAC with Utah St., New Mexico St., and San Jose St. really improving. No, the WAC is not going away.

  112. Bowwar:

    #108 - Mickens looks like a lost cause, but there a few others on the board still available...We need size and speed on the outside.

    How about that running back we were after? Coprich?

  113. Curt:


    Remember almost a year ago when I brought up John Ursua as a possible point guard recruit? I really like the fact that at least half the videos on him showed him handing out an assist. Good see him come aboard. I wonder what Gib's thoughts are on this football recruit.

  114. al:

    gray is a goner.
    he's enrolled at bsu...that was the last word.

  115. al:

    cake noodle...whoa brah. you old for remembering charlie boy at punahou.
    ...and yah, that guy was something else. imagine if he was fast?

  116. al:

    i am sure that more guys may be leaving the islands. people got to do what they got to do.

    one door closes and another one opens!

  117. MistahB84:

    It sucks to have to pay to be subscribed to these football recruiting sites....ill just rely on others for info....im pretty sure theres a handful of peeps on this blog who subscribe. For this offense I wouldn't mind finding 2 really tall wideouts. I wonder if that's what's on our recruiting wishlist. It would be awesome to snag 5 olinemen this year. To me, LB is what we ned the most right now.

  118. al:

    there's a newborn interest in hawaii these days. transfer eligibles are calling every hour.

  119. A. M.:

    Great comparison, cake noodle! I was just a kid then but I remember Charley Wedemeyer too. He was the greatest!! (I think he & Coach Chow may have been teammates during their Punahou days.)

  120. al:


    what's wrong with...

    chris gant, trevor davis, promise amadi(who should be looked at as a rb,too), billy ray, miah, for example.

  121. al:

    i am sure coach chow would say it was because of the big wide holes that he created.

  122. al:

    yes curt, i do recall your early recognition of athletic prowess.

  123. al:

    and coach chow and charlie boy also starred in baseball and basketball.

  124. al:

    they probably had all the best looking girls take them to the prom, too.

  125. jkjones:

    @111. ur forgetting about the mwc (7 teams--haw, wyo, fsu, nev, unlv, nm, csu) recent alignment with cusa's 8-remaing teams (rice, utep, tulsa, marshall, uab, memphis, s miss, tulane). 1 more addition, either way, and we have a 16-team conference.

  126. papajoe2:

    I'm sure that coach Chow and his staff will be pleasantly suprised at his already existing qbs. They all can throw the ball. Just a matter of picking up of offense. Unfortunately, I don't think there are any proto type here, lke 6'3''+.

  127. Bowwar:

    Kickers are weapons, so hopefully, we'll have some "invited" walk-ons to supplement our existing PK/Punters. I don't know if its wise to waste a scholarship unless the kicker is incredibly gifted...Hey, maybe someone can get Jason Elam to help recruit a good kicker.

  128. Bowwar:

    I remember Charlie Wedemeyer at the Thanksgiving game his Senior year...I was only a child at the time, but the game was on TV and he had some spectacular runs. And who could forget the MSU v. ND game of the Century which ended in a 10-10 tie. Both Dick Kenney and Charlie were on that MSU team...

    Some people are correct in saying that Ornellas was probably the closest in skills to Charlie in the past two decades. Of course, who could forget Tatupu and Morgado in their prime...

  129. papajoe2:

    MWC and CUSA disbanding and then forming 1 conference sounds good to me. I just hope that we don't have to pay for the far away CUSA team's travel. If we don't, then maybe we could be out though. If we're still in, maybe now we could get a decent TV package and keep the local ppv. The new conference should be a "team friendly" conference so that the current schools won't leave. Also, if Hawaii gets the early start exemption, then it would be good for exposure and only a few games on that early, and also give teams coming here as well as UH, an extra week of having a bye for their 13th game. Teams grumble about the wear and tear of traveling to Hawaii, yet UH has to do this 6 times a season. I also hope that the scheduler of the new conference doesn't do what the WAC did and give nearly all the teams traveling to Hawaii or playing Hawaii the prior week a bye. JMHO.

  130. Bowwar:

    #120: Al, you're correct, the cupboard isn't bare at WR, but we truly miss a "burner" with size like a Lelie or Cockran. The "smurf" receivers truly don't fit in Chow's brigade of "chow and plow."

  131. Lowtone123:

    Ursua is 5'9" and 175 lbs. Doesn't sound like a QB maybe WR or ATH.

  132. al:

    right now we are showing 7 qbs on the 2012 roster.

    at least five on scholarship.
    looking at one or two more qb's.

    how many remain come august is another question.

  133. A. M.:

    Agree #126 (papa joe2). I saw Utah's recent bowl game and the returning UH QBs are better than the Utah starter. QB play should not be a problem for Coach Chow. Blocking (pass & run) is the concern & no doubt there is obvious recruiting focus on O linemen.

  134. Bowwar:

    Just a thought...Although he's a Senior this coming year, couldn't Lutu be a tight end instead of safety. I think his dad, Leroy, played TE at Wassu.

  135. oldie:

    What happens the MWC and Mountain West Network TV deal if a new conference is formed with Conf USA?

  136. National BankCard Monitor:

    Thanks for posting this info. I just want to let you know that I just check out your site and I find it very interesting and informative.

  137. Bowwar:

    Ursua could be an effective running back with a few more lbs/muscle and running behind a massive OL.

  138. RainboWarrior:

    Ursua also reminds me a little of Pilares but he seems a little shiftier. We'll see when he comes to the college game but definitely not a DIV I QB. Super excited to have him though.

  139. mikey:

    Looking for Middle LB to replace Corey I see Damion Turpin at 6-3/255 and Sam Awrabi at 6-2/ 240 would be a nice addition. I could also see Siaki Cravens try out at MLB in spring. Jared Leaf could be a nice LB / FB too with his speed.

    Where are you Keoni Bush-Loo? We need you at TE even possible at DE / LB position would be nice.

  140. Bowwar:

    Another thought: How many of Chow's recruits are LDS and will be going on missions...This will also affect the development of his team over the coming years.

  141. al:

    bowwar...if you saw utah's version of the chow offense it is a hybrid of the wco. like one guy with a lot of pride. pointed out to me recently, the chow version is more like what we saw against byu.

    a lot of punch and power. but, yet with a lot of wide stuff and a whole lot of passing. the utah team in that last chow bowl, typified his true persona and style. a lot of inside/outside plays. a lot of players touching the ball on offense (makes for good morale).

    its gonna be a fun team to watch.

  142. Pauoa Boy:

    113 Curt...

    I sent Coach Gib Ursua's highlight vids when he first got hired as a possibility for him to take a look and bring the local boy back home. I emailed Coach to take a look, as Ursua is a Coach Agena product. You can see it in his ball-handling skills. I figure he could be like Miah Ostrowski and dual sport. Instead I think Coach Gib may have forwarded the info and highlights to Coach Tuioti when he was the recruiting coordinator for the football team under Mack. Either way Ursua is a local boy who if he was still living in Hawaii would probably have been an All-State player in football and basketball. He's been beasting everybody up there in Utah both on the field and the court! His bro plays somewhere in Utah and at first he was probably going to the Utes where Coach Chow was. I'm glad he's choosing to become a Warrior. This guy is exciting and unstoppable. He will begin his own legacy in a Warrior uniform but yes he has the excitement factor in his game such as past speedsters and play makers like George Ornellas and my boy Chad Owens! I think Coach Chow will move him to a slot position or if he bulks up maybe RB... the possibilities of him on trick plays could be in the arsenal too. I don't care but getting a player like John Ursua is fantastic!

  143. home builder software:

    I'm with you on this one.

  144. Bowwar:

    Bush-Loo looks like he's mainland bound, but it would be nice to have him as a Warrior...He would fit right-in with Chow's pro-set.

  145. RainboWarrior:

    Taylor Graham is one prototypical QB we'll have. A lot of exciting things going on in Manoa.

  146. wafan:

    Welcome back to the WB, PB.

  147. Derek:

    And don't forget, Chris MacLauglin is a teammate of Norm Chow and Wedemeyer too. MacLauglin was a terrific basketball player as well as a great volleyball player. That Punahou team in 1964 in the State Basketball Championship on Maui, which I witnessed, against Hilo was one of the best games I have ever seen.

  148. A. M.:

    I was just thinking that returning OL Sean Shigematsu might be a great TE prospect. He's 6-7 and must have athletic skills being a 4 sport high school athlete.

  149. Bowwar:

    #141: I agree, except I think we have too many "smurfs", so some of them may want to reassess whether they want to fight for probably two spots on the offensive scheme or transfer to a run-and-shoot program.

  150. al:

    ursua...did you ever see nate ilaoa when he too was that size coming out of virginia?
    gary allen?
    a slim gerald welch?
    barry sanders?
    gayle sayers?
    marshall faulk when he was a true fresman?

    oh, the comparables are many. he's gonna be fun too watch.

    ah yes...
    ...after all these are exciting times.

  151. Ipu Man:

    Chad Owns zig zags so does Ursua...
    looking good down the road.

  152. al:

    methinks that ursua is more athletic than chad owens.
    however, none more fearless than chad owens.

  153. ai-eee-soos:

    Pauoa Boy - Semper Fi !!!

    Good to hear you again - thought that you had deployed.

    (from a non-Marine)

  154. MistahB84:

    Nothing wrong with our recievers...i just was saying we need more size....billy ray is the only effecient blocking reciever we have so far.

  155. Bowwar:

    Of our existing list of QBs, I think Kevin Spain best fits the prototype of a pro-set QB. I believe Spain came from a pro-set offense in high school and was recruited by ASU and was referred to Mack from Dennis Erickson.

  156. al:

    wr's blocking...in this offense all they need to do is brush block or detain their object for 1.0-1.5 seconds.

  157. Bowwar:

    If Ursua can play-up to the list of names mentioned by Al, I think we've got the running back for our offense. I think he'll need a RS year to beef-up a bit.

  158. al:

    i think two qb's on the current roster will be finding a new house in the fall.
    nothing wrong with that.
    it happens at most colleges nationwide.

  159. jojo ®:

    that's pretty cool that the guy called WB. Yeeaaaah Buddy!!!

  160. PAULY D:

    Anybody know if Bubba Poueu-Luna still with the team?

  161. Haleakala:

    Dustin Adams seems to have a good heart. I recall the article in the StarAdvertiser a couple months ago where he said he had a new perspective about the plight of homeless people due to the floods which affected his family. We need young men with good hearts as well as their great athletic ability to be on the Hawaii football team.

  162. Manoa Mist:

    With all these signings I'm so confused. Which guys are considered the jewels of the class? They all seem to be good. Who can put a good analysis on these guys?

  163. Wes'side Warrior:

    I think that's why the MWC is trying to get this new "league" formed... to maybe get out of the lousy tv deal it is presently stuck with.

  164. expat:

    @150 or maybe Jacquizz Rodgers from Oregon State. Ursua is a bit taller maybe but similar build. Quizz had a pretty productive college career.

  165. rog:

    Speaking of QB's it looks like we just offered a scholarship to Tyler Stewart.

  166. 808Bowler:

    Mlb??? Brenden Daley its coming off a rs year. He is big and stout and athletic. Was a highly rated jc recruit last year.

  167. Bryson:

    162...No one is cause they haven't touched the field in a Warrior uniform...Remember how Andrew Pearman was the jewel but never saw the field as a warrior...

  168. al:

    162...they are all gems of the pacific. ocean that is.

    a couple of the early signees such as leo the lion koloamatangi and gus the bus lavaka have been under the radar. it is good that we got them early or else we'd have lost them to others who were soon to be hot on their trails.

    another guy, who has been somewhat overlooked, thank God for us, is benny da jet fonua. he's gonna have a career reminiscent of tinoisamoa.

  169. Stephen Tsai:

    I think Spain actually came from a running offense.

  170. Ipu Man:

    Benny burning da jet Fonua...

  171. Bowwar:

    #168: Reminiscent of Tinoisamoa...Wow...That's really putting the cajones out there. Let's hope Benny can meet the hype. Any hint on the QBs likely to move on? Ursua could be the equivalent of Jac Rodgers...Isn't Rodgers playing for someone in the NFL?

  172. Stephen Tsai:

    Our Kona readers might notice some visitors running around.

  173. Bowwar:

    #169: ST...Was his HS running a spread or wishbone? It seemed like his HS team ran alot, but used a pro-set. In any case, Spain is comfortable "under center" versus the "gun", so he may be a pleasant surprise unless he's one of the two QBs Al indicated as looking for a new team.

  174. ai-eee-soos:

    ST: Do you have any bio on Bobby Gray - Off. GA. or, links ?

  175. WWF:

    #148 Moving Sean Shigematsu to TE might work well.

  176. Ipu Man:

    Wanna watch good local high school smash mouth football?
    Here's a good you tube vid of the 2011 championship game
    The girl announcer did a good job with all the local names...

  177. Guy in the office:

    Re: 172. Psalm reading for the fellas?

  178. Manoa Mist:

    Man Ursua's highlight tape is amazing stuff. Looks like the next Chad Owens the way he toys with defenders.

  179. Derek:

    I hope we can land that DB from Ohio who tripped here. Then we can give him a nickname. Al, how's Sean "Curtains" Draper??? If we can get the other Ohio recruit, DT, how's Willie "Mays" Henry. Or "Joe" Willie Henry! First pass on Ursua: John "Houdini" Ursua.

  180. graham:

    Is Justin Alo enrolled or is he not coming here.

  181. WarriorNY:

    I like Spain for starter as well...

  182. PIAA DS:

    Sorry to see Bianca go. The new Football Ops guy, Juan Lozano just texted me that 'hes all set"...asked me where to live, where to eat...gave him a few suggestions and said 'hope you enjoy the high cost of living" ...he said 'hey D, dont rain on my parade' hahaha. Shoots, just being honest and giving him a hard time. He's single ladies, and looking!

  183. mikey:

    More I look at our latest addition of John Ursua gets exciting and now to think that he could double as Miah on the court for coach Gib is a bonus indeed.


  184. WarriorNY:

    How many qbs are we going to put on scholarship?

  185. mikey:

    Anybody know what is policy for Thursday's basketball tickets? Wahine and Rainbow
    Warriors both play in a doubleheader.

    That holds true for Saturday’s game vs. New Mexico State too. I guess you could just move deep upstairs after Wahine BB.
    A true Warrior will leave after Wahine game and purchase a Men’s BB tickets and re-enter.
    Saw Mufi at last Wahine BB game didn’t stay for the Men’s game tho.

  186. mikey:

    How many QB on scholarship? As many as we can get. That was June Jones philosophy.
    They are an Athlete and have talent to play anywhere.

  187. ai-eee-soos:

    Bobby Grey, GA - Offense.

    former coach at McKinley.

    any other info ?

  188. 808Bowler:

    Think spain would fit in well too. Isn't he taller then graves??

  189. WarriorNY:

    Mikey, I see your point. I don't know if I agree though. I just feel like we should be offering some D-linemen.

  190. mikey:

    Spain is 1 inch taller than Graves.

    But I will miss seeing Stump all-state Texas QB competing with others.

  191. mikey:

    Most of all the QB wanna bees became great DB and even went on to play at NFL on Sundays.

  192. WarriorNY:

    Hey but what do I know. lol, I'm gonna argue with the philosophies of Norm Chow and June Jones...

  193. WarriorNY:

    def agree with you there... See Mana Silva....

  194. mikey:

    So far I see 21 DL returning from last years roster but we do need help on the DT front.

    As I only see Hanohano and Matagiese capable of starting.

  195. papajoe2:

    I was wondering about Brendan Dailey at linebacker and was going to mention such until I caught up on the blog and read 808Bowler's comment. I really liked his film before getting here. I think he got hurt so redshirted. Just as well as Cory Paredes had that position locked up. I hope he's fully recovered and ready to go. Having a 6'4" linebacker in Hawaii is very rare. Reminds me of 6'7" "Stork" Henderson.
    According to Pride, Justin Alo is here in school.

  196. d1shima:

    def agree with you there... See Mana Silva....

    Blaine Gaison

  197. mikey:

    But if we have enough talent on the OL front may be Kiha Sai and Gus Lavaka both at 6-4 300 lbs. can move to the DT front.

  198. WarriorNY:

    21? Damn, I thought we were in need of DL. I guess I should do more research.

  199. d1shima:


    Moses shall set you free!

  200. RedZone:


  201. papajoe2:

    Some former qbs that went on to the pros as dbs include Rapheal Cherry and Blane Gaison.

  202. nanakuli:

    Can Coach Chow cut players off the team after spring practice? How does it go for the player he no like?

  203. Derek:

    Tyler Stewart looks like a prototypical West Coast Offense QB. 3-star rating. Good mobility from the pocket, good feed, good throwing motion, steps into his throws, tall enough 6'3" to 6"4", 200+ lbs. What's not to like. Chow's knows best.

    Ursua could play WR, Slot, Wingback, RB, kickoff return, punt returns, QB, and probably CB and Safety too. A man for all positions. Just put him down in the program as ATH. Not to mention PG in basketball.

    Things are "lookin" up!!!

  204. papajoe2:

    #202 nanakuli, he sure could. Scholarships are renewable every year, so I guess whoever was on schollie during Mac's reign would still be on schollarship the remainder of the year. After that its in the new coaches hands. I beleive all the players had a fair warning from coach Chow to be ready or aloha. Just as in coaches, coach Chow has a right to bring in who he feels will help the team be successful and cut those whom he feels will not. The good thing with the returning players is ALL positions are open with a new coach.

  205. Ipu Man:

    Six foot one best quarterback in Texas "stump" just came to us
    last August, so who is shoo-shoo-shooing him away? Heard he
    was on campus studying hard.

  206. mikey:

    Nothing is final till it's final prime cut.

    Yes they can be and will be let go after Spring 2012 to make room for August training camp.

    That's why we have a great walk-on program. It's open to whom ever wants to try out, well you have to get invited to walk-on to Warriors program nowdays.

  207. Bowwar:

    I wonder who will handle the "walk-on" program now that Miano is out of the picture? I still feel sore about losing Stump...Somehow, I think he was the primetime running back we are looking for.

  208. jkjones:

    Tyler Stewart quickly reminds fans of Randall Cunningham--former unlv reb and eagle qb. 6-4, 215.

  209. PAULY D:

    Coach Chow is in Kona Big Island today

    Most likely it is to meet with UCLA commit Pslam Wooching and OL Shane Brostek

  210. mikey:

    I heard Miano is still here and having a football clinic at Mililani High School in the coming weeks.

    He could still volunteer to help out at UH walk-on program. He just might!

  211. WarriorNY:

    I feel bad for Stump. He gave up a lot to come to UH for a chance to play. I hope he lands a starting spot at whatever school he goes to. He def deserves it for how he paid his way to UH... Good Luck Stump...

  212. mikey:

    OOooo now Shane that's one hell of a hunk to get for us Warriors!

    I'm salavating....

    sorry al got carried away there.

  213. Bowwar:

    If Chow gets Shane, that will be a "miracle", as Papa Brostek wants him to go away for school.

  214. Bowwar:

    NC or one of the staff members should revisit the Stump issue, as he still might be someone they might want to put on scholarship. Even if he sat out this semester, its possible he could be eligible for the Fall...

    You don't get to be the POY in Texas without being super talented...

    As indicated, maybe not a QB, but as a running back...

  215. Stretch:


    Vaughn Meatoga, DT, Hawaii -- Meatoga is an athletic big man who beat opponents the past two days with quickness and power. He was able to exploit lesser blockers off the snap with his first step and also showed power and leverage in his game. He's more a conventional defensive tackle in a four-man line, and scouts walk away pleased with Meatoga's display this week.

    Kaniela Tulpulotu, DT, Hawaii -- The other defensive tackle from Hawaii, Tulpulotu showed many of the same skills as his Warrior teammate. He may be a bit more athletic, and easily chases the action in pursuit. Tululotu has set himself up for a rise up draft boards if he performs well in workouts.

  216. mikey:

    I still see our local high school product Top Ten list with few openings.

    We got #3 Kiha Sai to de-committed and few more that are not sure yet and has a chance to become a Warrior would be nice change of pace.

    If coach Chow can change our local talent from going to Pac-12 year in year out, we will be able to play with anyone. Maybe even Pac-12 has no choice but to bring us into their conference.

  217. Derek:

    There might be an outside chance that Miano could be the director of football operations. Just guessing on my part but that would be a way to still be involved in the program. He certainly is qualified and knows the program. He bleeds UH football green, he would love to work with coach Chow and the other assistants. His love for this State and this university is unconditional.

  218. jkjones:

    Fehoku would be the catch de jure.

  219. mikey:

    Just imagine getting Sai, Brostek, Wooching, Lakalka, Bush-Loo and Rasmussen for starters.

    And every year after that getting 50% of our Top Ten to stay at home and play in front of family and friends.

    Bring on ND, Ohio, Oklahoma, USC!

  220. mikey:

    I think I should be out there helping on recuiting.

    Where it will lead the Warrior to beat Pac-12 year after year. Till they don't want to play us anymore.

    Like Texas did.

  221. graham:

    I like Stump as a athlete but he did lose his starting job at New Mexico. I do not see him fitting in well in a pro-style offense. I do not think he was ever going to be out QB ecspecially if he could not start at New Mexico. I hope he lands somewhere were he will be happy

  222. cake noodle:

    Good to see lots of us old futs on the blog who remember the old athletes. Ursua, Wedemeyer, Ornellas, Owens are good comparisons. But have to give time for Urusa to develop his great potential. Remember the vast majority of the guys he is playing against in his You tube film are not D 1 football prospects. But he sure looks good.

  223. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    John Ursua "Not Gonna Catch Him!".

  224. bigislandkurt:

    With all the excitement of the incoming lineman recruits, lets not forget the big boys already at home......Shigematsu, Lefotu, Afusia, Loeffler, Lloyd, Dew, Olds. BIG boys....all at least 6'3, 300lbs. Coach Shaw did not leave the proverbial cupboard bare.


  225. bigislandkurt:

    Shigematsu at TE? I no tink so. Bradduh is HUGE. He certainly outgrew the TE position by like 60lbs.

    On a related note, I really hope Dustin Ellisera gets his shot at FB. Even at 270, this bradduh got some wheels and is as tough as they come.


  226. al:

    the director of ops is already checked in, that would be juan lozano.

    see #182

  227. Stephen Tsai:

    All players are on one-year scholarships.

  228. Stephen Tsai:

    I meant, all scholarship players are on one-year scholarships.

  229. mikey:

    bik: and let's not forget Blake and Luke at 6-5 and Chauncy and Casey at 6-4.

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  231. bigislandkurt:

    RE: Big boys we already have...

    I forgot Chauncey too. Bradduh was oft-injured, but if he can stay healthy, he can be a star on the OL.


  232. bigislandkurt:

    THat's right Mikey! Sorry-- I missed Blake and Chauncy.


  233. Buffoman:

    mikey, BIK,

    Now those big fellas just need to work really hard off season with Tommy H. build muscle where needed and shed some of that unnecesary "soft muscle weight" and get ready to learn the new system from our new coaches. In other words, be ahead of the curve. That would make for an interesting spring and all of us die hard warriors frothing for the new season.

    I agree, those are some very large fellas who could make a difference.

  234. Ponojr:

    Is Ikaika Woosley on campus? I believe he was an under center QB in high school that ran the WCO.

  235. Stu Padasso:

    My wife works at the Kona Airport and saw Chow with two other coaches arrive in Kona around 9am. She didn't know who the other two coaches were. Norm Chow needs to meet with Bern Brostek (Shane's Dad) and convert him into a supporter of UH football...he's been pushing the HPA studs to go away for years now. Chow needs to build an HPA pipeline to UH.

  236. madeinhawaii:


    I thought Kevin Spain was 6'3" ?

  237. papajoe2:

    #236 mih, I dunno.

  238. kev-1:

    Buffoman . . . "shed some of that unnecesary 'soft muscle weight'"

    a nice way of saying burn that fat!

  239. Derek:

    If Chauncey's uniform # is 62 my mind is fixed on that UH-San Jose extra point attempt that was blocked at the ending part of the game. #62 did not block very well, if at all and the San Jose St. defensive player came straight up the middle and blocked the kick. As you know, we lost 28-27. We don't want to relieve this disapppointing game, but this is what happened and facts are facts. You can see the replay over and over again and it won't change.

  240. madeinhawaii:

    Hmm.. now it says Spain is 6'2"... I guess he shrank some in the Hawaiian heat... but then who's to say these 6'4" guys coming in aren't going to "shrink" when they get off the plane, too?

  241. madeinhawaii:


    Article by Stewart Mandel regarding the new coaching staff at UH.

  242. madeinhawaii:

    and elsewhere... ... sorry.. .hit submit before I was done..

    doesn't really say much, too.

  243. jm2375:

    Sorry for the late notice - Slugger has 4 extra tickets to tomorrow's Wahine game. If you would like them, please post here TONIGHT. Believe you can stay for the men's game if you move to the upper bowl.

  244. kaimiloa:

    235... Yeah, I've never got the impression that Bern thinks much of UH. Shane has been courted by some big schools so I doubt that he'd stay in-state. To form a relationship with HPA, Chow just needs to show face on campus. Brian Cabral (Colorado) has a good rep there because he shows interest in the program, not just the star recruit.

  245. Kevin:

    Digging into the past, people can blame the kicking unit for that loss at SJSU, but the score at halftime was an indication of the REAL issue.

  246. Kevin:

    What was the score at the half in San Jose? 20-7 SJSU???

    Blaming the kicking unit for that loss is again like blaming the last traffic light for turning red right before your office for being late to work when really you forgot to set your alarm clock the night before.

    Same thing like how people cited that last minute go-ahead TD by UNLV in Vegas in 2009 or the dropped pick by our DB in the dying moments as to why we lost that game….

    Some games you can try to blame a unit or an individual player for a loss, but most of the time… you lose as a team.

  247. BigHiloFan2:

    Howzit Tsaikos everywhere.

    You see? I told you Coach Chow is on it.

    Bern, Bern, Bern. Your son, if he wants to play for Coach Chow, why try to stop him? This is a super SUPER Coach! And he's not interested in your son, per se. He is interested in US. You included. Your family included. Join us in supporting a super Coach, making us a better State. and a way better team. This guy don't back off of anyone. Look, he's even got Weisehan not backing down in North Dakota.

    Good job, coaches.

    Go Warriors!

  248. Slugger:


    I now only have 1 ticket left for the women's game > then men's bb.

    Have to get them to you tonight, since I have to go to hula class tomrw till 7:30 pm, then I can go to the game. Hula class tonight too, so let me know asap. Call me if you have my phone number, or reply here w/ your email & we'll figure it out.

    Will check the blog later....

  249. Minuteman:

    Did any other coaches pick up new jobs beside Tuioti, and Aranda?

    Mack - Resigned
    Tomey - Retired
    Miano - Private Business
    Lee - Kalani High Assistant
    Aranda - Utah State DC
    Tuioti - Hawaii Assistant
    Rolovich - ???
    Smith - ???
    Shaw - ???
    Davis - Retired
    Lumpkin - Private Business

  250. madeinhawaii:

    If a school dismisses you... does that mean that they give you an automatic release?

  251. madeinhawaii:

    dismissed from the football program, I mean.

  252. Manoa:

    Spain played in a running offense-- something like the Delaware offense or the Wing T, with running backs and slots and the QB rolling out and pitching or running.

    He threw out of the Shotgun and not from under center-- the coach set up the shotgun to take advantage of his throwing.

    He is not a proset QB, but then neither is Usua and the coaches are going to try him.

  253. papajoe2:

    mih, Aren't they still under contract? Was it till March or May? Anyway they probably got paid off since they wouldn't have anything to do with the current staff/team.

  254. madeinhawaii:


    I'm talking about a football player. If a football player gets dismissed from a team, does he automatically get his release papers?

  255. madeinhawaii:

    Brock Berglund QB

  256. Ben A. Lurker:

    #76 #82 Kicking / Punts
    NCAA 2011 STATS (source: http://espn.go.com/college-football/statistics)

    Field Goals Made Leaders - All Players
    RK PLAYER TEAM FGM FGA PCT LNG 1-19 20-29 30-3940-49 50+ XPM XPA PCT
    121 Kenton Chun, K HAW 4 4 100.0 38 0-0 1-1 3-3 0-0 0-0 26 29 89.7
    182 Results

    Gross Punting Yards Leaders - All Players
    69 Alex Dunnachie, P HAW 56 2221 62 39.7
    189 Results
    If i recall Alabama, Boise and Okahoma States are some teams needing better kickers this year.

  257. papajoe2:

    mih, sorry I was thinking about coaches. I'm not sure of the answer. I would think so though. If the player asks for his release but is denied then has to sit out without a scholarship from another school (pay is own way ala Stump??). If school releases him then I dunno but I would think so.

  258. kaimiloa:

    256 If there was any positive in special teams this year it was that when we punted there was rarely any return. I'd be interested in how we ranked in "net" punting.

  259. MistahB84:

    It seems Brock has some issues, but no where near Tate Forciers.....6'4 ,220...pretty good size.

  260. papajoe2:

    mih, either way if the player attends another D1 school, he still has to sit out a year. NAIA, and I believe D3, he could play immediately. Not too sure about D2.

  261. Cheap Football Boots:


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    nike mercurial vapor superfly iii fg

  262. A.M.:

    Its so funny (kind) to read that Bern Brostek "pushes" kids to Mainland schools. He went to U of Washington but in the end comes back to Hawaii to live & raise his family. If you're gonna end up living in Hawaii anyway, why not make a name for yourself for your home team. Just thinking out loud . . .

  263. madeinhawaii:


    But if he gets a release, he can go on scholie.. if not, no scholie he has to pay his own way. In which case, it might be better to go to a school local to him that doesn't play football for 1 year. Then, they fall off of the radar, however.

  264. papajoe2:

    On special teams I like for the dline to block wedge the oline toward the o center and have a tall 6'7 or 8" guy (remember Tony Apkan?)follow the wedge and try to block the kick from the middle. These are college kickers and holders, not professionals. Some kicks will be late and some will be low. Take a look at this weeks NFL playoffs as see how quickly the place kicker gets the ball off. Then watch any college replay and take note. Not all kicks will be blocked, infact very few will. But by doing this along with having a player like Tuliau on the outside, will put pressure on the opponents field goal and extra points. Plus, now, instead of a few years ago, the "d" can return the bocked kick for some points. SMU had a tall kick blocker this year that set school records for blocks. Imua Warriors!

  265. papajoe2:

    #264, Easier yet, not let the other team score and no need worry about extra points and field goals. hahaha

  266. papajoe2:

    If what we think is true, that makes sense to go to a school near home, except, if the player is serious about playing football, it might be to his advantage to enroll in the school and go through the routine like practice, but no play, and even spring ball.

  267. BigHiloFan2:

    Bern Bern Bern

    gotta tell you a little about Big Hilo. so you can have a better perspective of yourself and how us bruddaz look at you.

    I don't look at you. no sir i don't. don't expect i'll ever meet you, but it would be my pleasure if i did.

    my friend's cousin went to HPA. he recently played at UWash. now a pro player. and he wants me to help his kid in my specialty. i'll help him anyway, because he's my friend and he asked me for help with his youngest. and his middle. and his father is famous in Samoa.

    Dustin Adams. I think I can relate to Dustin Adams. because I think he can relate to the peeps who usually call me up, asking for help.

    I am hoping Dustin comes to Hawaii. because we can use a brudda who is like a Superman. who wants to save the world.

    i can totally appreciate peeps like you. i hope you can appreciate peeps like me. just sayin..

    Go Warriors!

  268. BigHiloFan2:

    cuz. wea you stay in Aiea? hope you got da cajones to kick da daughta outta da bed and make room fo cuz dis seaon. :D

    a mans gots to do wat a man's gots to do. kick da cuz's kid to da curb. :lol:

  269. Ben A. Lurker:


    PUNTS-Yards 57-2236 62-2438
    Average Per Punt 39.2 39.3
    Net punt average 38.4 35.7

    source: http://www.hawaiiathletics.com/custompages/Stats/Fball/2011/TEAMCUME.HTM

  270. BigHiloFan2:

    la la la la.........

    la la la la la.....

    yup Pride, gonna come and disturb da peace. :lol:

  271. BigHiloFan2:

    in memory of John Collins.

    dat was one cool brudda.

    rest in peace my friend. can't come to Benji's Friday in body

    but will always remember you when I look at da T Shirt you gave me.

    wit yo svelte body an all. :D

  272. MistahB84:

    Should ask Vander Joaquim to block kicks lol. dat boy got some long arms

  273. BigHiloFan2:

    Bern Bern Bern

    I wrote like dat so you know inside yoself dat get some kool brudda ova hea dat will put it all on da line fo Coach Chow.

  274. BigHiloFan2:

    just sayin...

    if Coach Chow is acting like he's putting it all on da line fo all us, and his coaches is puttin
    it all on da line fo all us,

    just letting dem know, day got backup!

    Go Warriors!

  275. Pride.:


    Yup, holding on for more news on our new recruits. Getting excited for February 1st.

  276. BigHiloFan2:

    bout time yu showed up Pride. :D

    i likes how yu duuz it. really non chalant like. :lol:

  277. BigHiloFan2:

    just sayin.

    coach Chow coulda sent me to Minot. I gots experience. :D

  278. BigHiloFan2:

    just saying...

    you think Weisehan can handle da job? :D

    he coulda called. he coulda called. :D

  279. BigHiloFan2:


  280. BigHiloFan2:

    gonna change da name from Training Table to Chowda Hall. :lol:

  281. BigHiloFan2:

    ok, gonna run da table.

  282. madeinhawaii:

    So what will you call the protein shake before you add the milk or water?
    Chowda Powda?

  283. BigHiloFan2:

    some of you guys think you know whats going on wit da recuits. dis is a fak! you ain't got a clue!

    but I promised to keep my lips sealed. :D

    no sir, you not gonna get any confession outta Brudda Hilo. :D

    but I count 14. 14 IN!

  284. BigHiloFan2:

    4 on da oline. and we still got da weekend coming. Yeeee Haaa!

    plus, we gonna go to Snow Country. To Dustin. and drag him kickin and screaming to da promised land. (dats us). Yes sir, da promised land!

  285. wafan:

    Aloha, RB/LV/John!

  286. BigHiloFan2:

    why I'm talking nice to da big brudda I not sure. But I'm told he's wort it. so....

    c'mon Champ! Take da ride wit Coach Chow!

  287. Josh:

    People wondering about kickers,according to his twitter this kid is gonna try to walk on.
    Brian Eavey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7EeMsS7jQo

  288. Jason:

    Bobby Grey, GA - Offense.

    former coach at McKinley.

    any other info ?

    Thought I recognized that name this morning, so I went and double-checked. He was an assistant coach (and I think teacher) at Moanalua High when I was a student there. Here's an old Star-Bulletin article:


  289. d1shima:

    Wea erryboddy went? :-?

  290. ai-eee-soos:

    # 288 . Thank you.

    Getting a better picture of who he is.

    Give him plenty credit for going to Grad school, at his age.

    Go for it, Bobby.

  291. d1shima:

    Well, since I stay hea by myself I can look da shelf fo wat get....

  292. PIAA DS:

    My brother was living in Minot, ND. He had a t-shirt in the front that said "Why Not Minot" on the back "Freezin's the Reason" Nuff said

  293. d1shima:


    Wat dis?


  294. PIAA DS:

    #251 Madeinhawaii..in case I missed the answer elsewhere...no. Not automatic. Still has to ask for a release but not doubt he'll get it, but not unlimited, the still dont want the athlete to play in the same conference as a general rule.

  295. PIAA DS:

    #275 Pride...then bring everyone, family, friends, fans to Signing Day event at Sheraton Waikiki on Feb 1. All the UH signees will be invited. Usually they all show except the Kahuku kids, they have a big day up in Laie for them. Info on http://www.pacificathleticalliance.com

  296. madeinhawaii:

    Mahalo PIAA DS...

  297. DownSpout:

    One more team to make 16 for realigned MWC/CUSA? I'm betting on La Tech.

  298. koakane:


  299. koakane:


  300. koakane:

    right on it

  301. al:

    297...it should be sjsu or usu.

  302. el burro sabio:

    Air Force not leaving

  303. turfwar:

    d1shima #293. Holy cow. Nights spent hanging at Top of the Shop... An absolutely great time to be near the local music scene. Thank you for finding a gem from the past.

  304. 3-Prong:

    #293 thanks for the cool clip. Never heard
    Mackey sing that one before.

  305. mikesmith:

    290. Good guy, he learned a lot at Moanalua and worked hard for the kids at Mckinley. Didn't he coach the Tana kid? Age no matter, he is probably doing it as a resume builder, get the experience on his resume, learn from Uncle Norm, network and grow in the field as a career. Many long time assistants in College Div 1, take GA positions as a way to make a move in the business or get back in. Andy Buh, DC at Reno (now LBs at Wisconsin) went from San Diego State LB coach to GA at Fresno state before getting back in at Stanford. I think it is a plus for Coach Chow to also get young energy guys that have a knowledge base to begin with, he does not have to pay them a full salary but they bring some experience with them. Plus Plus

  306. d1shima:


    Toppe Ada Shoppe.

    Eh, you seen my class ring? I lef 'em on da table by da railing fo da steps!

    Lemme know! :-)

  307. scrapebox backlinks service:

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  308. Slugger:

    Sorry the WBB tickets have been given away. Please go to the women's game & support the women. Then you can stay for the Men's game, too.

    See ya guys there! (after hula...)

    Night all!

  309. ai-eee-soos:

    Re:# 305 mikesmith:
    January 18th, 2012 at 9:30 pm


    Good Luck to Bobby Grey.

  310. Kekoa:

    BHF2 ~

    While you've been hot on the trail of UH recruits, a certain Gov't official is tracking you down to be of service to you. Be nice to her, she's family.

  311. Dwain Nolda:

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  312. al:

    john "beep beep" ursua...you know "beep, beep" and whoosh goes the roadrunner.

  313. Bowwar:

    Can't picture Ursua at QB in Chow's offense...However, he can probably play all of the other skilled positions. Hate to say it, but he would be ideal for the Duck offense in Oregon.

  314. Curt:

    Pauoa Boy,

    Thanks for the comments on Ursua. Look forward to seeing him on the turf and hardwood.

  315. SteveM:

    Good to see Jason post tonight...and expat earlier.

    Good night everyone!

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