The world according to AARP

March 3rd, 2012

The beauty of old age — and I just received my AARP card — is diminished panic.

It would be easy to believe there is a sense of hopelessness as the basketball Rainbow Warriors and volleyball Warriors continue their losing streaks. But sports is about second chances, and regardless of how both teams do this weekend, their league's postseason tournaments offer renewed optimism. Odd as it may seem, both teams still are in contention for national titles.

Maybe both teams conjure miracles runs to extend their seasons. Probably not. But the formats offer each a chance.

* * * * *

It makes sense for the Warriors to return to Honolulu between back-to-back road games. Not only did the Warriors lose the back end of back-to-back games each of the past three years after remaining on the mainland, they missed 19 school days.

What is interesting is UH's new approach to traveling. The Warriors will practice Thursday morning, then travel to the West Coast, where they will stay overnight. On Friday, they will travel to the site of the game. Former UH coach Bob Wagner used the same approach for parts of his tenure.

255 Responses to “The world according to AARP”

  1. mo808:

    Good Morning! Happy Gils Day!

  2. BleedGreen808:

    Yes, you're never out until you're out.

    Hope both teams can make a run in the post season.

    Good luck to all the student athletes!

  3. mo808:

    Go Waihine, Go Warrior Bows!

  4. BleedGreen808:

    AARP, what's that? :lol:

  5. mo808:

    Gil's = Girls

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    Where are you that you're always able to post so early?

  7. mo808:

    AARP means you're getting close to getting discounts at Ross on Tuesday's

  8. Stephen Tsai:

    And that early-bird special at Denny's.
    Hmmm. I wonder if you can order chicken during the early-bird period.

  9. mo808:

    Home but hubby snooping keeps me awake alot :(

  10. mo808:


  11. mo808:

    Got to try Denny's!

  12. Stephen Tsai:

    There was water dripping onto a plastic box outside. It was like Chinese water torture. I had to move the box and then, I figured, if I'm up, I might as well post a blog item. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's not a compelling topic. But I'm already in pro-day mode.

  13. mo808:

    Got to walk dogs now, have a good day all!

  14. Stephen Tsai:

    Hey, you'd better check on the guy. Make sure it's not apnea.

  15. BleedGreen808:

    It's not apnea. He just likes to sing while he's asleep.

  16. mo808:

    ST, I know it's apnea but he's stubborn, I'll keep bugging him though.

  17. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Apnea sucks.

    Hey mo, bg808 and Mr. Tsai. Happy Gurlseseses Day!

  18. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Whatever the new travel format is, main ting, just win baby!

  19. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I know, I know...

    I'm talking to myself again.

    Wish Beeg Heelo was here to wake up the chikkens.

  20. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Back to the sack. Prayin' for miracles.

  21. 99club:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    ST, yup. RE: B-ball Rainbow Warriors, still get chance. That's why you 'gotta love the post-season tourney formats. Remember Villanova! A couple guys get hot at the right time and upsets can happen.

    Let the MADNESS begin...

    7:00 a.m.: West Virginia at South Florida (ESPN3)
    7:00 a.m.: Big South title game (ESPN2)
    9 a.m.: Ohio Valley title game (ESPN)
    9 a.m.: Georgetown at Marquette (ESPN3)
    11 a.m.: Louisville at Syracuse (CBS)
    11 a.m.: Vanderbilt at Tennessee (ESPN)
    2 p.m.: North Carolina at Duke (ESPN)
    2 p.m.: Atlantic Sun title game (ESPN2)
    2 p.m.: Baylor at Iowa State (ESPN3)
    2 p.m.: San Diego State at TCU (the Mtn.)
    4 p.m.: Texas at Kansas (ESPN)

    7:00 a.m.: Kentucky at Florida (CBS)
    9:00 a.m.: Missouri Valley title game (CBS)
    11:00 a.m.: Ohio State at Michigan State (CBS)
    1:00 p.m.: Purdue at Indiana (BTN) on handle for latest interest in music. Just two guys. Amazing. I'm going to see them next month in Dallas.

  22. Stephen Tsai:

    Thanks for the sked.

  23. BigHiloFan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    one best parts old age
    senior's cofffee at McD. :D


  24. Garret:

    I like that travel schedule for the team. Just getting to the West Coast on Thursday will avoid long connection waits at the airport and make the travel day not too bad. The flight on Friday should be short and shouldn't disrupt the preparation plans.

    Best case would be for UH to have charter flights, like UH will be paying for the MWC teams that come to Hawaii. However, for a budget-constrained situation, this is probably the next best option for UH.

  25. Garret:

    Article about UH seeking $12.5 mil to upgrade its Athletics facilities:

    “It’s a wish list,” Derek Inouchi, UH athletics spokesman said.

    The money for the work would be in addition to the department’s annual $30 million budget, Inouchi added.

    A new football and coaches’ locker room and training center is one of the costliest items on the list at an estimated $2.5 million. The department is also requesting $4 million for various athletics capital improvement projects. And another $1 million would be used for renovating the training room used by all of university’s student athletes.

    “We have good facilities, but some haven’t had upgrades since the early 1980s,” Donovan told PBN during a recent interview.

    The football locker room hasn’t been upgraded in more than 10 years, he said.

  26. 99club:

    Good morning Garret...

    #24, not to mention a day of West Coast per diem which the players may appreciate. :) Carpe per diem.

  27. A-joe:


    SOLID!! Pretty innovative!

    My childhood friend would have gotten in and all over these guys!

  28. BigHiloFan2:



    gotta serve legal papers, meet Girl in Phillippines. :D thinking of you today. :lol:

    nope, Uncle Robert Keliihoomalu. gentle giant with 9 kids. Puna one son. I went with 4 other sons across the Molokai channel a decade ago. They taught me how to catch lobster in da net; make one sardine can wit coupla holes, hang da can in da middle ah da net = choke lobsters buss up da net. Puna was the singer. He and his sister Princess and ohana would play the uke and charm the tourists at the end of the road. beautiful falsetto. Pele took everything after their houses, last ones standing on da beach road. All da tourists go their house, get one big stage in the front yard. Uncle Robert and sister Aunty G girl are old family friends.

    no more parking, everybody parking in all da neighbors yards and down down down street.
    auwe auwe auwe.

  29. BigHiloFan2:


    read the PBN post. read Derek's comment "It's a wish list." also read where Jodi Leong going to UH from KITV weekend anchor starting March 15. going make strategy for UH communications.

    top job is Jodi to teach Derek how to say "The list includes needed improvements for the Athletic Dept and demonstrates our (UH) commitment to assist Coach Norm Chow lead the Warriors and advance our commitment to be recognized as a national football power, and our Athletic program as a source of pride for our State."

    wish list? pfffttt....

  30. A-joe:


    I stay in your back yard for the weekend. Attending my good good good childhood friend's services.

    Hope to see BIK there too. We going swap some good memories with some Ka'uans.

    The Hilo rain and Coquis are my companions this morning. Going get me some Ka'u this afternoon.

  31. BigHiloFan2:

    when somebody tells me something hasn't been upgraded fo 10 years, that don't tell me if the bugga is pretty or not.

    a picture is worth a 1000 words. da soap dish stay fixed or not? da bugga stay spikety clean o not? no mo rust or get rust? get rickety chairs o not? get privacy so da regular guys no stay scared a sum creepy guys wit soapy agenda o not? :D

    sell da program. i no UH Comm peeps got skills. plus, its a good day to start skills upgrade. its girls day. :mrgreen:

  32. BigHiloFan2:


    howzit. get time for Ken's or watevas this morning? nine37-eight546.

  33. krump1_AKA_protector:

    Morning everybody! Looks like a busy day. First, hiking at Kaena, then UH Baseball, Softball & Warrior Basketball; hope I"M not snoring by half-time at the Warriors B-Ball game. Go (Base and Soft) Bows! Go Warriors!

  34. ai-eee-soos:

    " ... The Warriors will practice Thursday morning, then travel to the West Coast, where they will stay overnight. On Friday, they will travel to the site of the game. ... "

    1. Oct 6 @ San Diego State - no further travel needed.

    2. Nov 3 @ Fresno - a bus ride from LAX, SFO, or San Jose.

    While travelling to these 2 sites is not too demanding, it's getting over the tiredness,

    after the previous week's long trips to BYU (sept 29) and Colo State (Oct 27), is what

    the Warriors must overcome - The Warriors WILL prevail.

    Go WARRIORS !!!

  35. BigHiloFan2:


    since you asked. arsenal beat liverpool after 90 minutes of boring. :lol:

    it coulda been fun if the argument wit da ref ended in a beef. :mrgreen:

    anyway, wat you doing way ova here halfa way roun da wurld? this is a diffren kinda sport, a manly sport, no wat i mean? :lol:

  36. Last Call:

    Many tell me AARP is a rip off that most places like hotels,car rentals even some restaurants give you the same or better discounts if you're a senior.At many places 55 is considered a senior it use to be 65.

    My relatives tell me that car insurance through AARP is the biggest rip off.Even the Kamaaina rate is the same or better than the AARP rate at some Waikiki hotels I'm told.

  37. BigHiloFan2:


    not to worry about da Warrior mind.

    Coach Chow is on it!

    I wish wish wish Coach Chow spends skoshi time inspiring da comm dept. wish list sounds like a Herm term. time to figure out what you gotta have in terms of maximizing da PR, get da big bruddaz in da Leg to key in on what we gotta have, make da PR speakz, tellem we anticipating dis passing, and da planning gonna happen dis year, yada yada, and zappo.

    wat, gotta draw pictures?

  38. mo808: you quack me up with #31

    I just wish someone would take some of that rail money and FIX UH period! The lockers, the facilities, the campus--make the hale high tech, clean, welcoming, and attractive so no mo shame!
    Okay, nuff sed!

  39. wafan:

    Good morning world!

  40. wafan:



    No can.


  41. Last Call:

    Can we say softball here ? Anyway the best way to describe the last inning last night is ...... Here Comes the Boom.

  42. wafan:

    Interesting JD would say the facilities are good. Good compared to what? Why a wish list. Should be a minimal expectations list. Kinda get what you pay for . . .

    Good, better, best never let it rest until the good is better and the better is best.

  43. wafan:

    Huzzah to the BaseBows and SoftBows!

    Come on BasketBows!!!

  44. slenzi:

    A-Joe, howz dat rock garden this year?

    ST as career international pilot I can tell you that the stopover on the West Coast is the way to go. When I can, I do. Honolulu to Atlanta sucks, whatever you save in time, you lose in energy and enthusiasm for the tasks at hand. Been doing it for over 25 years.

  45. BigHiloFan2:


    good better best, never rest till the good is better and the better is best.
    i like that. alot. used to try to live the mantra back in the day. vietnam 1968.
    brings back memories.

    jefferson airplane came a few months afta. woodstock 69.

    thats what I'm thinking about this Girl's Day. :lol:

  46. BigHiloFan2:


    gotta go hi ho hi ho. have a great day peeps

    A-Joe, make the call. see ya.

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  48. Supastoke:

    Good morning .....Girls Day!

  49. oldtimer808:

    BigHilo you're aged like me but I did my military time and left in 69.

  50. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Happy Day especially to all the Goils!

  51. d1shima:

    Travel plans?

    Plan to go ova, beat da cr4p outta da oddah team, come home, get ready...repeat.

  52. lava:

    ST, can you comment on the Weds football practice that has gone under everyone's radar. If I am insane I want to get help.

  53. Kevin:

    "Some haven't been upgraded since the 1980's"....

    YEAH... NO S***!!!!!!

    While one stadium across the way is soon to get a NEW FACADE, after NEW EVERYTHING ELSE, the other one across the street with a team gets something NECESSARY as new lighting DELAYED AND DELAYED AND DELAYED.

    Dim lighting = safety hazard. Malfunctioning lighting = cancelled practices. EFFECTS outcome.

    Ummmm..... TITLE IX????

  54. Kevin:

    Also... when a donated "addition" to an existing facility that the university wants NO RESPONSIBILITY for and never wanted to pay for and DIDN'T pay for is then manipulated by some so they can claim that same addition is an "addition" after all to try to cover their ass for Title IX compliance, well, goes to show where the dedication is huh?

    But hey! Go buy your football season tickets now!!!!

  55. Kevin:

    If anyone young enough doesn't have kids yet and is trying, try your hardest to have boys. At least this way if they decide to play sports, they still get all the good stuff.

    If you do have a girl and she wants to play sports, might want to send her to another school other than UH then. At least she and her sport of choice on the mainland might get the attention they deserve or at least the minimum without the SHIBAI.

  56. BG:

    I love this mornings post. It is the voice of reason and wisdom that sometimes accompanies added age...hahahaha. (laughing WITH you)

  57. BG:

    Enjoying the morning sitting in bed with Betty after cooking her a bit of breakfast. Girls' Day is special for me as it's both Betty's and Hina's birthdays.
    Yesterday was a little rough for Betty but if she's feeling better today, I may be able to make the softball game in the afternoon. Need to sign up for dollars for singers and Kash for K's.
    No better way to start the morning than with the Tsaiko ohana. Wonderful to see bhf2 back on board as well as the expats. Make it a great day!

  58. Slugger:


    That wasn't a football practice on Wednesday morning, it was only a workout.


  59. Slugger:

    Morning, BG! (((HUGS))) & prayers for Betty. Happy birthday, Betty & Hina!

    See you at the softball game after I drop my sister off at the airport. They know the way to San Jose...

    GO WAHINE!!!

  60. Slugger:

    KK was saying we need a Bucks for Bunts pledge, too. :)

  61. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Happy Girls Day to all the Tsaikettes.

    I see Kevin's already in fighting mode, ready for FSU. :D

    See ya guys @ RWSS and SSC tonight.

    GO BOWS!

    Rain! Bows! Rain! Bows!

    Oh yeah.

  62. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Prayers for Betty! Happy Birthday to both Girls!

  63. koakane:

    morning 808

    happy 3/3/2012 to all the lovely tsaikette ladies

    Happy bday to one of our long lost bruddah Josh Villiarimo aka wreckeneyes(?). Have a good one where ever you at. eh kama you keep him up and up now bwhaaaaaaaa

    man go stay go rain puts a damper on every thing but like we always say game day decision

  64. al:

    New travel is good that norm does not have a home in las Vegas.

  65. wafan:

    Happy Tsai-kette Day!

    Happy birthday Betty and Hina, too!


  66. Slugger:

    Happy birthday, wreckeneyes!!!

  67. koakane:

    e kala mai lovey betty, wishing you a supa bday and missssssssssss you

  68. whitey:

    Good ;morning Tsaikos

  69. el burro sabio:

    The west coast layovers will be in LA

  70. whitey:

    to all the girls and women, Happy Girls Day!!!!!

  71. koakane:

    howzit whitey stay dry in and out bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  72. jkjones:

    Let's put this facility wish list in perspective: Ching field was funded for $10 million years ago of which $5m was donated by its namesake-- and we are still waiting.

    The Wahine softball field was built during the Cayetano regime and we are still waiting for the light poles to be extended to a height where fly balls wont disappear into the Manoa night (kinda like placing a lamp on the floor while reading at desk level).

    You know what happened when they built the coaches offices....

    Donovan's wish list?

    It wouldnt make Ferd Lewis's end of the year Saint Nick's list.

    If you want to inspire development for our athletic program, drop the "wish" in your list.

  73. madeinhawaii:

    Here's somebody who appreciates those late Hawaiian night games and Jim Leahey.

  74. al:

    bg and betty....shout to the Lord!

  75. Steve:

    Kevin, Coolen says he has the replacement lights, just needs someone to volunteer to climb poles to change them. Instead of complaining, why not volunteer to change the lights. Or, do you just like to complaining without doing anything.

  76. madeinhawaii:

    Much aloha and birthday wishes for Betty and Hina. God Bless them both!...

  77. jkjones:

    here is a time honored rule for traveling on the road: keep the trip short.
    The longer the trip, the more moving parts, the more chances for team discipline to erode and breakdown. amen.

    Chairman Chow knows better and each trip will have a sense of urgency and business.
    It will be planned like a seal team and out n over.

  78. koakane:

    mih #77 nice article

  79. madeinhawaii:

    Nice to see that every one of the starting line up in our SoftBows team has already launched one or more over the home run fences. As they enter the more challenging part of their season a little swagger can only help.

  80. al:

    Mbb...needs a two game run or no post season invite.

  81. koakane:

    sun trying to puka thru but no can

  82. papajoe2:

    Kevin, I know your post was meant as sarcasm out of fustration, but keep plugging it. One day, with our system in Hawaii, it will happen. Who knows when, but we gotta keep beleiveing and don't give up, don't ever give up. You do great things for the program. Mahalo to you.

  83. koakane:

    ppj2 take your better half to some nice place and I no mean burger king plus wear clean aloha shirt

    bwhaaaaa enjoy yourselves

  84. koakane:

    wow is that thunder rolling in?????????????????????/

  85. madeinhawaii:

    Thunder? Nah...ST's apnea... must be dozing off again..

  86. d1shima:

    Happy Birthday wreckineyez!

    Happy Birthday Betty and Hina!

    Doesn't look good for diamond-studded sports in Manoa...

  87. papajoe2:

    Thanks kk, but I don't think she's my better half. She's more like my better 3/4.
    Wishing my wife of 34 years, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on this beautiful girls day.

  88. papajoe2:

    Happy birthday too to wreckineyes, Betty and Hina. It might be raining outside but it's a beautiful day in Hawaii nei.

  89. koakane:

    mih #89 anoddah good 1

    d1 got tubbies, snorkle so good to go either dat or wash da ka wheela bwhaaaaaaaa

  90. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    ST -- Happy AARP day. How did you finagle that so young? :?



  91. HiFlyer:

    d1 - still dry so far on this side.

  92. braddahkeems:

    Good morning everyone !!!! I got a feeling, that tonight's gonna be a good night !!!Does anyone know, now that we got those late recruits', if we're still ranked 104th in recruiting? I just feel our ranking is way better. How bout them CHOWBOYS !!!!Hauoli La Hanau Wreckineyez, Betty, and Hina !!! Have a great day Stephen Tsai !!!! GO Rainbow Warriors and Wahines !!!

  93. Not an Expert:

    The basketball loss on Thursday. Traveling 11-12 days to 4 different cities yeah 4. Coming back to Hawaii is one too. They were affected more than the team that came to play them in paradise. That said coach needs to learn from this and schedule accordingly.

  94. d1shima:

    Bracket Buster in Montana was an add-on after the season started.

  95. BG:

    A lovely day in the Tsaiko clubhouse! Checked back in just in time to wish Wreckineyez and Mrs papajoe2 the bestest of Happy Birthdays.

    Totally agree with pj2 at #86. Margaret Mead has often been quoted, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has." Kevin, your work with Na Wahine is a perfect example. You, Pomai, and the numerous Tsaikos have made a world of difference for the young ladies. Tsaikos have made a difference in many areas. Believe. The winner is the person who manages to get up one more time than life has knocked him/her down. Aloha

  96. DaveLetterMan:

    Ok. I'll sacrifice myself and be 99.

  97. DaveLetterMan:

    Wow, got 100. Thanks BG.

    Happy Girls Day to all the Tsaikettes!

    Happy Birthday, Wreckineyez, Betty & Hina!

    Go UH today!

  98. madeinhawaii:

    Okay.. I need to borrow the Tsaiko brain-trust for a minute...

    My mother-in-law is visiting from France. She's craving Ox-tail soup. Where's a good place? Nothing too fancy.. just good tasting.

  99. jm2375:

    mih - Kapiolani Coffee Shop in Waimalu (opposite side of strip mall from Zippy's). Used to be at Kam Bowl.

  100. madeinhawaii:


    Mahalo... I've seen the shop..I shop at the Palama Store there when coming back from Sam's Club or the Home Depot. haven't gone into KCAS since they moved there. Will check them out since I have to go to Pearl City tomorrow or the day after.

  101. madeinhawaii:

    oops.. KCS.. not KCAS...

  102. jm2375:

    mih - then you can stop at Chun Wah Kam and pick up manapua to take home and then go have shave ice at Baldwin's!

  103. tom mui:

    #103 madeinhawaii. I like the ox-tail soup over at a Vietnamese place over at the Market City.

    Its owners are Chinese. Forgot the name but it is more or less next to the Fun Factory there.

  104. d1shima:

    Listening to BaseBows. 4-0, Good Guys after 4. :-)

    Can hear lots of "conversation" in the background. :lol:

  105. tom mui:

    madeinhawaii: My wife says its called Pho Kitchen. She also says that the fast food Chinese place next to Fun Factory makes (arguably) the best cha-siu in town - lots of Chinese pop in there claiming it's better than anything in Chinatown.

  106. madeinhawaii:

    Thanks Tom,

    That's by Foodland, if I recall correctly, just before Kapahulu Ave where King, Kapiolani, and Waialae get confused.

  107. d1shima:

    BaseB :-) ows!

  108. tom mui:

    madeinhawaii#112 - that's the place (Kapiolani side) but it's on the other end from Foodland (Harding Ave?) side.

    Of course there will be people that might mention Likelike Drive Inn - which I thought was OK but my late father-in-law always went there for oxtail soup.

  109. Kapahulu:


    Happy Birthday to the Mrs.

  110. koakane ip4:

    aw'ryte diamond warrior men WINNAS

    Radford sballers beat FSU women

    wahines up now playing UCSB

  111. wafan:

    Happy birthday, too, to Mrs. ppj2 and wreck!


  112. wafan:

    Bravo BaseBows!

  113. DaveLetterMan:

    Any update on Wahine softball?

  114. DaveLetterMan:

    Saw on UCSB website that game is at 5 pm.

  115. ai-eee-soos:

    Let's Go Bows !!!

    Freshman Scott Squier allowed three hits over eight scoreless innings and Hawaii won its eighth in a row, beating Wichita State 4-0 on Saturday afternoon at Les Murakami Stadium.

  116. ai-eee-soos:

    link to Basebows

  117. ai-eee-soos:

    Scott Squier (31) LHP 6-6 180 Fr. Phoenix, AZ / Greenway HS

  118. oldtimer808:

    UH Softball up 4 to 0 bottom the the 4th inning....two homers in the game so far by Robinson and Pagaduan.

  119. DaveLetterMan:

    Thanks oldtimer808. Forgot to adjust for Hawai time.

  120. oldtimer808:

    Kelly Majam just hit a homer over the right field fence now 5 to 0. It is her 4th homer for the year

  121. oldtimer808:

    The team now has 22 homers

  122. DaveLetterMan:

    Thanks again oldtimer808. Live stats now in

  123. al: lee inthe market city strip mall serves a great char siu. however, hun won on waialae ave tops it without question.

  124. al:

    happy birthday mrs. ppj2!

    ( i thought ppj2. was single like me)

  125. DaveLetterMan:

    Wahine win 5-0.

  126. whitey:

    Happy Birthday Mrs BG and Mrs PPJ2

  127. whitey:

    Boy, are the rainbow basebows and softbows putting on a show this weekend.

  128. al:

    jm0411,,,and before kam bowl kapiolani coffee shop was located in the same bldg. as aloha motors. now the site of the convention ctr.

  129. tom mui:

    #132 Thanks AL

    Where is hon won?

  130. d1shima:

    Hon Won?

    That happens at my house every time! :twisted:

  131. d1shima:

    Today feels like a good day for the BasketBows to start getting HOT HOT HOT!

  132. al:

    tommui...hun won, between 8th n 9th ave

  133. whitey:

    anyone with the softbows score?

  134. oldtimer808:

    UH won the first game against Riverside 5 to 0 with three homers.
    UH leads Florida State in the bottom of the 3rd inning 1 to 0 on a Padaguan homer over the center field fence.

  135. wafan:

    Okay, I give up. Where is Market City?

    Dang. Sounds like spam.

  136. wafan:

    Yay, SoftBows!

    Git da 'noles!

  137. wafan:

    Titas vs squaws.

  138. tom mui:

    #147 WAFAN - you been in WA too long!

    Market City is at the junction where King and Kapiolani becomes or joins up with Harding and Waialae

  139. tom mui:

    #145 WHITEY:

    Broke 70 yet?

    You can go to UH athletics webpage, and go "live Stats" and you can get a more-or-less update on the wahine softball game

  140. tom mui:

    Sorry WHITEY - it's 2-1 UH, fifth inning.

  141. koakane ip4:

    whoooooootahhh diamond warrior Kane's and Wahine's represent

  142. koakane ip4:

    whitey no worry beef curry

  143. tom mui:

    ST - AARP has those discounts but if you use lenscrafters, you are better off with a AAA (American Auto Assc) card - better/bigger discounts

  144. koakane ip4:

    tmui da kahuna going take care us

  145. wafan:

    tommui #150 . . . Thanks! Long time ago Wimpy's Burgers was on that corner. Never went there I just remember the animated neon sign.

  146. RedZone:

    Way to go wahine. Nice wins.

  147. RedZone:

    Ricketts = money

  148. whitey:

    wafan, Wimpy's Burger??? Had one Wimpy in Paia at corner of Hana and Baldwin Ave on Maui.

  149. RedZone:

    UH will play Radford in the first game. The winner going to the championship game.

  150. whitey:

    YEAH!!! Way to go rainbow softbows.

  151. whitey:

    now can the rainbow mbb put their game together for tonight??? Go Bows!!!

  152. d1shima:

    SoftB :-) ws!

  153. whitey:

    RedZone, what was Rad-FSU score?? Thanks.

  154. d1shima:


    Only if they step up the DEEE---FENSE!

  155. wafan:

    whitey . . . slick! The animated sign was of Whimpy (sp?) eating hamburgers. Used to like waiting at that stop light watching the animation.

    Okay, yeah. Simple minded and easily entertained . . .

  156. RedZone:

    whitey I heard it on the radio but forgot the score. it was a low score.

  157. wafan:

    Bravo SoftBows!

    Go Titas!!!

  158. wafan:

    Bravo SoftBows!

    Go Titas!!!

  159. wafan:

    Bravo SoftBows!

    Go Titas!!!

  160. wafan:

    What the heck?

  161. d1shima:

    "I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today."

  162. RedZone:

    Okay it was 3-2 Radford.

  163. ai-eee-soos:

    SoftBows 2-1, final.

    Box score:

  164. d1shima:

    WAC "refs"

  165. wafan:

    Uh-oh . . . 'Bows getting WAC'd again?

  166. whitey:

    rainbow mbb playing tough and hope that intensity will be for the whole game.

  167. whitey:

    Go Bows!!!!

  168. whitey:

    Playing good game, now give'em Bows!!!

  169. whitey:

    dang, ball won't fall, but at least they strong under the boards. Go Bows!!!!

  170. whitey:

    trevor w fouls out. he was doing good, than got 3 fouls in less than 3 minutes. sheesh!!!

  171. whitey:

    can hear pp screaming.

  172. whitey:

    i no mo tv, so just looking at computer.

  173. whitey:

    crunchy, crunchy, crunchy

  174. whitey:

    Go Bows, you can do it!!!!!

  175. whitey:

    dang these to's are killing.

  176. whitey:

    way to go Haus

  177. whitey:

    no look back, go Bows!!!!

  178. whitey:

    don't know what happened to vander.

  179. whitey:

    free throws misses are hurting the bows.

  180. whitey:

    but not getting rebounds is hurting worse.

  181. whitey:

    josten is playing to win. Go Bows!!!

  182. whitey:

    unreal how the bows lose!!!!

  183. kapakahi:

    Ticky tack fouls called by refs all night long....EXCEPT at the end at of the game when ref swallows his whistle after Payne bumps Miah to the floor.

  184. whitey:

    rebounding was killas tonight for the bows. down the stretch (stretch not refering to you), they just no could do it.

  185. whitey:

    kapakahi, no can say anything about officiating cause i no mo tv, so was totally dependent on live stats on computer. computer no mo emotion and he just give me facts. hahahaha

  186. whitey:

    if only looking at stats, the rainbows played very even with the squaws except for the rebounding. so i assume get potentio!!!!

  187. oldtimer808:

    We should have made our free throws but the officiating was very questionable at the end with a possible offensive foul and then the possible foul on Miah but there should have been a call on Payne for traveling. We should have gotten the ball back with 2 seconds left but the officials were lost out there at the end.

  188. oldtimer808:

    But it is what it is and we have the WAC tournament where everyone essentially start anew. GO WARRIORS!!

  189. AlaWai:

    Bad loss! Gib should have used a TO to set up a play. Congrats to Seniors Miah and Zane.
    Thanks for being Warriors and Leaders.

  190. whitey:

    I wonda if they goin spend time on free throw shooting prior to the playoffs.

  191. whitey:

    yes, thank you Miah and Zane for your play with the Rainbow Warriors. Mahalo.

  192. whitey:

    tomorrow get the rainbow basebows and softbows. hip, hip, yeah!!!!!

  193. Steve:

    What a crowd at the Wahine Softball games, first standing room only crowd of the season, even thru the rain during their 1st game.

  194. Issac Maez:

    Hello just thought i would tell you something.. This is twice now i've landed on your blog in the last 3 weeks hunting for totally unrelated things. Spooky or what?

  195. BigHiloFan2:

    all i gotta say is....

    no... No... NO.... No.... NO.... NOOO!!!

    I no believe.... I no believe....

  196. BigHiloFan2:

    Da men's bb team. i thought i was putting them on a bed of roses... but i found myself on a bed of nails. Bon Jovi neva sounded so junk.

  197. BigHiloFan2:

    maybe if i go sleep and wake up, da scenery gonna look betta.

  198. Pollard, Marsha O.:

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  199. Steve:

    OcSports needs to rethink their television schedule of Wahine Softball games. Right now they are scheduled to television the FSU game on Tuesday, Texas A & M, Texas, California, and the Fresno St. doubleheader. That is just 6 games they are going to televise. Much to little for this extraodinary Wahine Softball team. Coolen has put together a team that has it all pitching, hitting, power, speed, and defense. Right now, OcSports is looking at televising men's volleyball instead of Wahine Softball. How can that be, Men's Volleyball is going nowhere.

  200. whitey:

    bhf2, know your weekend is busy, but wen you goin to the philippines??

  201. whitey:

    kevin and pomai, you guys run out of fuud tonight game???

  202. Steve:

    Coolen and JD need to start lobbying for a new 2K seat stadium, somewhat like what the Basebows have, but just a smaller version. The Wahine Softball program can become a money making program, with a new playing facility. This Softball program reminds me of the Basebows, back in the late 70's and early 80's, which got the Basebows their new stadium.

  203. Steve:

    Whitey, I believe they did. Saw Coolen running over to Les Murakami Stadium after their 1st game. Probably hoping the concessions there had left over food.

  204. Steve:

    Whitey, Kevin would make a good offensive pulling guard. Saw him a few times running interference for another Tsaiko, so that person could take pictures of the crowd and players, on the field.

  205. whitey:

    Steve, did he have his game face on??

  206. Steve:

    The biggest difference between the World Series team and the current team, is that this team does not have to rely on the home run to score runs. The current team can manufacture runs, and shows they have that killer instinct.

  207. whitey:

    Steve, tomorrow goin be same, so they goin stock up their fuud and if the weather is guud, they goin clean up the kala.

  208. Steve:

    whitey, Kevin certainly did have his game face on. You know that look, if you are in my way, I am pancaking you.

  209. whitey:

    acutally the rainbow softbows were lucky that kevin and pomai joined the boosters and became officials of the boosters. those guys put their heart and soul into making sure the rainbow wahines are taken care of.

  210. whitey:

    kevin, you relaxing with the green bottle now?? Good job you all did today.

  211. Steve:

    Whitey, that is so true. Hopefully, Pomai and Kevin, are doing the same at their tent.

  212. Steve:

    Hopefully, Pomai and Kevin, are getting a good night's sleep, cause it will be more of the same tomorrow.

  213. whitey:

    wonda if we can make 220 before ST puts up his new post after the bewitching hour.

  214. whitey:

    bhf2, where you when we need you.

  215. whitey:

    sometime in the past, if memory still good, tried doing the same-o thing, but this one is easier.

  216. Steve:

    Does ST go to Wahine Softball games, do not believe I have ever saw him there. If he does not, he is missing out.

  217. whitey:

    know the blog clock is slow, but real clock says it is getting close to high night. guess that's why the pingers getting tired and brain starting to fall asleep.

  218. whitey:

    wonda if get vampires outside. i know when i go to the darkside, the vampires start flying in around sundown, but lately they come during daylight. they must be taking some kind of special drink.

  219. Steve:

    Coach Gib should make it mandatory that all his basketball players attend tomorrows softball games so they have an idea of what it takes to win games. The Wahine Softball players can teach them a thing or two. Just a thought.

  220. Steve:

    Whitey, no vampires outside, just me. Hey, reached 220.

  221. whitey:

    sheesh, even the computa stay slow down. and i thought the bugga no had feelings.

  222. whitey:

    ok, thanks. now can go moi moi.

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