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Playing all the angles

March 27th, 2012


When the Warriors resume practicing next week, there is some hope that an end-zone platform for videos will be placed on the Diamond Head side of the grass practice field.

Last year, the company that leased the video platforms decided to dramatically limit their liability. That forced UH to look for other ways to video practices on the grass practice field. It wasn't a problem at the Ching complex, where practices could be shot from the roof of the athletic complex.

While most coaches rely on two views — end zone and sideline — head coach Norm Chow wants end-zone shots of all drills. That means adding a third camera. On the grass field, there is a video platform on the gravel road behind the mauka sideline, a portable end-zone platform on the field, and a shooter on the hill behind the Diamond Head end zone. The last spot is where UH would like to place a platform.

At the Ching complex, a third camera has been placed at Murakami Stadium.

This has led to some creative maneuvers during practices. Because the platform is only lowered at the end of practice, video coordinator Dory Kong has found a way to use a long cord to move a briefcase to ground level.

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There is some good news for members of the past Warrior coaching staff. Because of pay legs and delays and other things, the coaches will continue to draw checks for at least another month after their contracts expire March 31.

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How come they don't take team pictures like this anymore?


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How is it possible that Kurt McGraw is 42 today?

Congrats to one of the memorable walk-ons.

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