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March 31st, 2012

Pass the remote. This is what I want to see:

A greeter: The Warriors have a setup where fans attending spring practice enter through a designated gate. It would be good p.r. — and a way to interact with fans (and potential donors) — if an administrator could thank each fan entering. What's more, the greeter could pass out rosters. (Marketing tip: Put Na Koa's number on the roster.)

Autograph session: After each practice, the Warriors should stage a meet-and-greet with fans. Again, it's another chance to interact with the public, and it won't be much of an inconvenience because there's more free time during the spring. Besides, this is one of the opportunities because fall practices are expected to be closed to the public.

Open house: UH teams always talk about how they play for the state. Why not have a day when the public can visit the lower campus? There could be behind-the-scene tours (the football office has wonderful pictures that few get to see). The open house would serve two purposes: 1) Bonding the community and the school, and 2) showing what the programs have and don't have. People have more of an emotional attachment to a program when they feel involved.

Movie night: Sunset at the Beach is a hit because of the price (zero) and location. Well, UH has the state's best movie complex — the Stan Sheriff Center. Why not have a free movie night? UH would have to spring for the popcorn, staffing and cleanup, but goodwill is a great investment.

Highlight the band: The intent of the band is to maintain the enthusiasm during timeouts. But that's changed because of the requisite announcements. UH's musicians are talented, so let them be entertainers during timeouts. It would be cool to see the band add electric and bass guitars. It also would be fun to see more band members get solos, as well as the national anthem singer sticking around to sing with the band.

Here's the remote. What would you like to see?

* * * * *

It's senior night for the volleyball Warriors. It's the last chance to watch, in person, Steven Hunt's power game. There have been better outside hitters, but few have had Hunt's intensity. Maybe Tony Ching? Hunt will be missed.

* * * *

Raise a green bottle in a birthday toast to Mrs. C.

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