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Outta their league

April 30th, 2012

Looks like Utah State and San Jose State are  heading to the Mountain West Conference, and Louisiana Tech is bound for the Conference USA.

Which means:

• UH needs to relocate its non-football sports to the MWC. There's safety in numbers.

• There will be awkward moments when SJSU leaders, who bashed UH officials for ditching the WAC, attend MWC meetings.

• It sucks to be New Mexico State.

* * * * *

If the WAC disbands as a football conference before June 30, does UH get to collect its share of league money?

* * * * *

Each UH coach has studied video of the Warrior Bowl.

For most of today, the coaches will watch the videos together, then evaluate the players' performance during the spring. The ratings should be interesting.

Pollard to Jets, Liko Satele to Cardinals

April 29th, 2012


Former Warrior receiver Royce Pollard is in an empire state of mind.

Pollard has accepted in invitation to compete in the New York Jets' rookie mini camp this coming weekend, according to his father, Anthony Pollard.


* * * * *

Liko Satele has been invited to the Arizona Cardinals' rookie camp. Satele will be competing at outside linebacker.

* * * * *

It was no surprise that:

• A No. 1 quarterback was not named following spring training. The competition continues this summer.

• Defensive tackle Kaniela Tuipulotu, once considered the Warriors' top draft prospect, did not receive a free-agent offer yesterday. Tuipulotu will need more time to recover from a shoulder injury. He would not have been ready for the rookie mini-camps in the next two weeks. He said he hopes to sign a free-agent deal before the start of the NFL's training camps in July.

* * * * *

Tavita Woodard has his choice of playing defensive end or tight end. The feeling is he will play tight end. There were times he appeared to be swimming, but enough times where he provides a solid blocker and a dependable target.

There is a need for offensive linemen, but it appears Calen Friel will remain on the defensive line. The Warrior Bowl showed Friel is a fierce defender.

Brown to Rams; Paredes, Meatoga, Masch get NFL deals

April 28th, 2012


Former Warrior linebacker Aaron Brown was selected in the seventh round by the St. Louis Rams.

Brown said he was driving to a friend's house when he received The Call.

He said he will compete at weak-side linebacker.

Brown said the rookie camp is in two weeks.

He said he used to follow the Rams because of  running back Marshall Faulk. Brown used to be a running back.

* * * * *

Corey Paredes said he has reached a free-agent deal with the Minnesota Vikings. He said he will be used as a middle linebacker. He said he has not been told yet when he will report to rookie camp.


* * * * *

Vaughn Meatoga has reached a free-agent deal with the Washington Redskins. He will be a nose tackle.

* * * * *

Zach Masch has reached an agreement with the Seattle Seahawks. He will compete at defensive end and defensive tackle.

* * * * *

The Warrior Bowl is significant in measuring how players perform "when the lights go on," head coach Norm Chow.

A greater emphasis will be placed on the 14 practices. Key players — Billy Ray Stutzmann, Paipai Falemalu, Leroy Lutu — did not play in the Warrior Bowl. What's more, the Warriors only used the basic offensive and defensive schemes to shield several plays from future opponents who might have been scouting the game.

And like some of those Disney DVDs, the Warriors are going into the vault. Training camp , which opens in early August, is expected to be closed to the public.

* * * * *








Friday night lights

April 27th, 2012

The Warriors conclude spring training with the "Spring Fling" this evening at the Ching complex.

There will be a clinic beginning at 5:30 p.m., with an alumni flag football game at 6.

The Warrior Bowl begins at approximately 7 p.m.

Norm Chow said it will  be a situational scrimmage. The defense will be awarded points for turnovers and where it stops the offense. For instance, a red-zone drive that forces a field goal gets more points than the offense stalling at its own 30. Offense gets its usual points for a touchdown or  field goal.

Chow said there will be no points awarded for a first down or a sack, noting both units "are supposed to do that."

Chow had said he expected the event to end at about 8:30 p.m.

Not publicized, but there will be several high school juniors attending the event as part of unofficial visits.

* * * * *

Of note:

• Tavita Woodard, who has spent 10 practices as a tight end, returned to defensive end yesterday. Chow said the defense needed extra bodies for the Warrior Bowl. Defensive end Paipai Falemalu, for instance, will be used sparingly. Chow said a decision will be made this summer whether Woodard stays at defensive end or goes back to tight end.

• Calen Friel, who practiced as an offensive lineman on Tuesday, also went back to defense yesterday. No decision on whether Friel plays on offense or defense this fall. He's wanted on both sides.

• Want to impress your co-workers? Google the name Ryan Pasoquen. He was the Warriors' No. 1 nickelback yesterday. Quick bio: Pasoquen is a 2011 Leilehua High graduate who redshirted last year. Until recently, he was a safety. Pasoquen and Dante Johnson have been impressive at nickelback.

• Waylon Lolotai practiced at tight end yesterday, two days after moving to fullback. The coaches wanted to give more fullback reps to Justin Vele, a converted linebacker.

• Darius Bright finally got rid of the yellow jersey worn by limited-contact players. Bright, who is competing at tight end,  made several nice catches.

• It's fun to watch tight end Craig Cofer block.

• Safety Brandon Leslie has what is described as a unique back injury that is preventing him from practicing.

• Mike Edwards is the No. 1 kickoff returner. Trevor Davis is Edwards' backup.

* * * * *


This will be the final Warrior football event for student managers Jaki Falch and Kyle Kamau. Both have worked every practice and game the past five years. (Kyle actually graduated in December, but came back to volunteer this semester.)

They'll be missed.

* * * * *

The Rainbow Wahine softball team will have an autograph session following tonight's game. Head coach Bob Coolen decided it would be better to do it at that time than in the emotional aftermath of tomorrow's Senior Day.

* * * * *

One basic business rule is: Don't compete against yourself.

Or is it?

It was a scheduling coincidence, but I like the idea of the Warrior Bowl and the softball game being held at the same time.

There's the assumption that there's a fixed fan base; that attendance will be hurt because of simultaneous events. I'm not sure that's the case. I think more people will go to the Lower Campus this evening than if there were only one event. That will help concessions and parking. (Both sporting events are free.)

That's why I've always felt Oceanic should air two UH events at the same time on its two channels. In the end, Oceanic would get ad revenue from both telecasts.

That's also why Walmart doesn't care if somebody shops at Walmart or Sam's Club.

* * * * *

In a game of chicken, sometimes it's better to keep the foot on the gas pedal.

The NFL considering dumping the Pro Bowl?

Nice bluff.

There's too much money involved. The game gets good ratings and it fills a void. Besides, every NFL player has a Pro Bowl-bonus clause. Sure, the bonus could go to making an All-Pro team. But with Super Bowl players unable to participate and several with mysterious owies, as many as 18 players could be added to the bowl, meaning more players can collect bonuses.

What the NFL doesn't want is flopping or half-okole efforts. I'm sure if the players promise — cross their hearts and hope to spit — that they'll give a more convincing effort, the game can survive.

OK, I'm mostly sure.

Shutter pleads not guilty

April 26th, 2012

UH quarterback Cayman Shutter today entered a not-guilty plea on a drunken driving charge.

His trial is scheduled for July 20 in District Court.

Shutter did not attend the arraignment. Attorney Dean Hoe filed the plea.

Shutter is on indefinite suspension from team activities for violating team rules. He remains as a full-time student on scholarship.

* * * * *

The Warriors will put in the final installments of their new offense and defense during today's practice, the 14th of spring training.

With the Warrior Bowl tomorrow, the Warriors will use the last of their required three no-pad practices today.