Shutter pleads not guilty

April 26th, 2012

UH quarterback Cayman Shutter today entered a not-guilty plea on a drunken driving charge.

His trial is scheduled for July 20 in District Court.

Shutter did not attend the arraignment. Attorney Dean Hoe filed the plea.

Shutter is on indefinite suspension from team activities for violating team rules. He remains as a full-time student on scholarship.

* * * * *

The Warriors will put in the final installments of their new offense and defense during today's practice, the 14th of spring training.

With the Warrior Bowl tomorrow, the Warriors will use the last of their required three no-pad practices today.

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    thanks for the reports. really really appreciate it.

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    Great Morning All! (and I do mean All)

    Hmmm....interesting that the 3 no-pads practices don't need to be in the first three

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    Hey Beeg. Hows da pilikia 'ili today? Hope you're feelin better.

  8. mikey:

    Morin'g to one and all
    I'm glad to see Chris Gant doing so well in this offense.
    He has great speed and size to match. He's been on my watch list since he came in last fall.

    On defense I see that there are lot of movement in DB position and that is great for coverage and challenges coming ahead to August Camp. But what ever happen to Darryl McBride he was doing so well last year.

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    I see the usual suspects are up bright and early.

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    YES, I voted.

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  15. von Appen:

    Anywhere but BYU, Hawaii tells missionary/football player who wants to transfer to BYU
    "Last summer, having been on his mission for about a year, Michael Wadsworth started thinking about his future and sent a letter to McMackin, who was still Hawaii's head coach at the time, asking for permission to talk to other schools because of that desire to play college football closer to his home in Orem. McMackin quickly grabbed the telephone, according to John Wadsworth, and tracked down the missionary in England.
    McMackin asked Wadsworth to reconsider, and told the missionary that if he would return and play just one more year at Hawaii the school would release him to any other school in the country if he didn't like it. During that call, John Wadsworth believes, his son mentioned to McMackin that he really wanted to play at BYU.
    John Wadsworth is adamant that BYU coaches never contacted Michael on his mission, and still haven't. In fact, John says he is not even sure BYU coaches know about the situation, "unless they have read about it in the paper. We haven't talked to anyone at BYU about this, and they haven't called us, either."
    The family doesn't even know if BYU coaches will let Michael walk on, let alone give him a scholarship. John Wadsworth said a report that BYU petitioned Hawaii for Michael's release are totally inaccurate. The father said every appeal for the release has come from either him or his son.
    A few weeks after that phone call between McMackin and Michael Wadsworth, the family was informed that Hawaii would release the player to any school in the country upon the completion of his mission this June except one: BYU.
    In December, McMackin was fired and replaced by Chow, the former BYU offensive coordinator who was at rival Utah last year. Norm will understand, the family believed, and so they appealed the school's decision singling out BYU.
    John Wadsworth says that not only was Chow not amenable to the release, he was even more adamant than McMackin was that Michael not be released to BYU.
    "Coach McMackin was really cordial about it, willing to talk about it. He was really a people person. But coach Chow was very adamant that he wasn't to go to BYU without [having to wait it out]," John Wadsworth said. "We sent in the appeal a few weeks ago, and they denied the appeal, and that's basically what happened."

  16. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    And please, no tell me you mistook my brother for me. My brother is short, fat and... oh nevermind. :oops:

  17. ai-eee-soos:

    softball voting -

    after slipping yesterday, #2 has rallied to 18.3%.

    #2 is still gaining at 17.7% - they know how to stuff.

  18. ai-eee-soos:

    correction -

    softball voting -

    after slipping yesterday, #2 has rallied to 18.3%.

    #3 is still gaining at 17.7% - they know how to stuff.

  19. homey ℞:

    Good morning world.

  20. nanakuli:

    Is there any chance that a JC quarterback with west coast experience will try out this summer?

  21. Wes'side Warrior:

    Howzit, everyone!

    Keep moving in the right direction! Keep working from now, through summer. Be ready! No slack!

    ... and yes... my vote has once again been cast!

    Name Current vote count
    Valerie Arioto 17.7%
    Katelyn Boyd 4.8%
    Mallory Duran-Sellers 3.8%
    Julie Fernandez 3.9%
    Ashley Hansen 3.9%
    Michelle Moultrie 8.1%
    Christi Orgeron 9.5%
    Cassie Reilly-Boccia 18.3%
    Stephanie Ricketts 26.1%
    Niki Williams 3.9%

  22. ai-eee-soos:

    awwww ... poor thing

    " 17. von Appen:
    April 26th, 2012 at 7:36 am
    Anywhere but BYU, ... '

  23. wait a minute:

    My reaction the SL Tribune story: So what? The family is talking out of both sides of their mouth too.

  24. Kekoa:

    Carefully crafting a 'GMA' message to the entire world. Just waiting for my cookies to finish baking. A slight miscalculation on the baking time has delayed my official announcement.

    Who knew the top of my CPU would not provide even heat over nite. 9 hours 27 minutes and counting, we are still a little 'doughy.'

    Please standby Tsaiko village people.

  25. Revelasian:

    I agree, dont let wadsworth go to byu without having to sit it out or pay his own way... i mean thats what he would have to do anyway if he didnt get a scholarship offer, pay his own way... its pretty transparent that they feel wadsworth will get a scholarship otherwise they wouldve just paid it on their own... common sense folks...

  26. homey ℞:

    Wadsworth can still attend BYU, just can't contact the coaches. Frick, dad is rich enough to pay for his undergrad and post grad education.

  27. BigWave96744:

    Is this the first time a Spammer was first?

    Speaking of which, if Neil Armstrong was a Tsaiko, would his first words spoken on the moon have been, "FIRST"

    Oh, walkon Deonson Leatimua has moved from RB to LB and now wears #58
    Chauncey was seen wearing #54????


  28. Shadow:

    Coaches Chow, McMackin they know what's going on. Chow's even been in the BYU beehive for a number of years. The appeal upheld the UH Coaches decision. End of story. Wadsworth family just gotta cough it up if they feel so strongly about attending BYU.

  29. jm2375 (Infuse):

    Good morning people!

    Spring practice almost pau! Now what? Do we need a practice t-gate? :)

    GI BOWS!!

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    Dang fat fingers and bad eyes.
    GO BOWS!!

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    a day away from the sball showdown is it weekend yet?

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    You know dat! Extra cookies for you, just as soon as Kekoa pau bake 'em.

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    jm1234 -

    At least u no moa fat eyes and bad fingers! :lol:

  34. homey ℞:

    jm#### - Words of advice...excercise, eat right, lutein, and zeaxanthin...and better phone.

  35. tommui:

    Homey #36

    Exercise, Diet = but you still die!

  36. Haleakala:

    I just voted. The numbers changed slightly from a little less than two hours ago. The latest percentages are shown below. Steph is still doing good so far. #3 is still moving up however.

    Valerie Arioto 17.7% 17.8%
    Cassie Reilly-Boccia 18.3% 18.2%
    Stephanie Ricketts 26.1% 26.3%

  37. homey ℞:

    tommui - Of course everyone dies...that's a given. At least we can do our part and make the casket or urn lighter.

  38. Haleakala:

    tom/homey: I was surprised last year to hear that Jack LaLanne had died at age 96. I thought he would live forever. He swam from Alcatraz to Fisherman's Wharf - handcuffed when he was 60 years old. He could swim pulling 70 boats when he was 70 years old. He carefully watched what he ate and exercised every day of his adult life. However mother nature still caught up with him.

  39. LizKauai:

    Ahhh... fun times in the playhouse.
    Hiya Homes!

    Hi de Ho!

  40. homey ℞:

    Haleakala - I think it was the grim reaper instead of mother nature. :lol:

  41. madeinhawaii:

    Yep. everybody has a stalker.. the grim reaper...

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    Hey there xsLiz!

  43. Haleakala:

    I still have some Pez left that you gave me in Las Vegas last year. The Pez was appreciated. The ball game was not.

  44. al:

    mih...i have two admitted stalkers and they blog here.

  45. Stephen Tsai:

    Re: Wadsworth
    He's not prohibited from transferring to BYU.
    He just can't receive a scholarship from BYU for a year without a release.
    He still would have to sit out a year, anyway, as a transfer.
    But UH is willing to release him to any other school, including Utah and Utah State.

  46. Stephen Tsai:

    His case is different from other transfers.
    UH was required to hold a scholarship for him during his mission. I suppose it's like how somebody's job must be held if he goes on a sabbatical or a military assignment.
    And, yes, it is true that BYU did not recruit him during the mission because no school is allowed to recruit him. That's called the Riley Nelson rule, and it was implemented because of Nelson's transfer from Utah State to BYU following his mission.

  47. Ipu Man:

    Draft selections for NFL start 2pm Hawaii time...

  48. tanie noclegi:

    Good day, dear sir, great site!

  49. RedZone:

    Would it have been different if he had asked for the release before going on the mission?

  50. A-House:


    al, where is the "holy grail"?

  51. mctruck:

    How's about UH and BYU doing a swap..."you scratch my back and I'll scratch your back thingee." Does UH have a student/athlete who is sitting out a year from BYU? Do an even exchange, whichever way it works?...can-o-what??

  52. jm2375:

    Not paying attention to the draft till tomorrow since my team has *one* pick today and that one is a foregone conclusion.

  53. Bryson:

    Justin Turner is officially coming here in July

  54. A-House:


    pardon for askng, but who is Justin Turner?

  55. d1shima:

    M/M Turner's son

  56. LizKauai:


    Colt is sounding like the Colt we know!

  57. homey ℞:

    Ike and Tina had a son?

  58. LizKauai:

    Haleakala: eat em before come stale!

  59. Lose $:

    Elder, you should have been focusing on being a missionary instead of thinking about your football future. Good luck either way.

  60. d1shima:

    Ike and Tina Case

  61. Bryson:


    He's a former 5 * Cornerback who signed with Michigan out of High School...from Ohio like Mike Edwards...Massillon I believe

  62. homey ℞:

    Ike and Tina Danikoftime.

  63. cheepono:

    various twitter reports saying shaq stokes is transferring...

  64. d1shima:

    Oh! that Justin! Thought you meant....

  65. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm going to wait on Justin Turner until he officially enrolls.

  66. d1shima:

    Ooo boy! Can't recall so much suspense over "the #3 pick in the NFL Draft is...."

  67. Bowwar:

    Bottom-line on Wadsworth is he CAN attend BYU...No one said he can't...However, if he wants to attend BYU, its on his "own dime" for the first year. If BYU wants to extend him a scholarship after a year, then sobeit...

    UH has NO obligation to release Wadsworth from his scholarship obligation, as he did benefit from one year's tuition as a redshirt freshman. Meanwhile, he went on a mission with the understanding that he would come back to Manoa upon completion. We "held" his scholarship and likely, prevented others from getting a scholarship with the understanding that Wadsworth would return. Since Wadsworth did not return, his argument is very weak that UH is preventing him from attending BYU or that we should release him to receive any scholarship...

  68. d1shima:

    ...and the Vikes trade it away!

  69. d1shima:

    I hope they reinforced those risers

  70. d1shima:

    They gotta take the draft outta NYC, the crowd boos anyone.

  71. LizKauai:

    Head Coach Corey Chamblin met with the media following Thursday mornings Mini-Camp practice held in Moose Jaw.
    Posted: April 26, 2012
    Lots of questions about COLT... Let the Cult of Colt ROLL! Hahaha!

  72. bryson:

    What's funny about the whole Wadsworth thing is that his dad claims they haven't contacted BYU, if that's the case what's the big deal because that would mean they planned on paying tuition anyway... Respectively coach Mac and Coach Chow have enabled him to transfer anywhere except for that one school...all this means is he can go on schoollie anywhere but BYU immediately...if there was no contact or schollie offered by BYU why are the Wadsworth's so Habut?

  73. Ipu Man:

    Colt says he has to watch out for that extra man on defense.
    Canadians play 12 men on the field vs. 11 for the American way.
    Here's a good link for the difference between the two rules:

  74. BigWave96744:

    Re: #56, I know Liz is always happy, now I know she's not M.A.D.D.

  75. HiFlyer:

    good afternoon to all.

    first two picks of the NFL draft Luck and RG III.

  76. mo808:

    Liz thanks for the links on Colt! The Cult of Colt continues... :)

    Best Wishes Cayman Shutter! Everyone makes mistakes, it's a good wake up call to do everything better going forward!

    IpuMan thanks for the CFL rules link!

  77. Bowwar:

    OOOOOOOOhhhh Noooooooooo! Shaq leaving...What a bummer!!! You really start to wonder what kind of season the Warriors BB program will have next year.

  78. Ipu Man:

    Legeandary Jim Brown great running back of the Cleveland Browns
    says Trent Richardson, their top pick, is just an "average running back."

  79. jm2375:

    Guess Gib will be starting from scratch with a whole new backcourt.

  80. LizKauai:

    BigWave96744: I am against drunk anything, actually... but I am really FOR innocent until PROVEN guilty. Colt was wrongly accused and still has to explain things from long ago... Wanna give Cayman at least the same benefit of the doubt.

  81. LizKauai:

    Hoping our Warrior alums get the call for the NFL and / or CFL.


  82. oldtimer808:

    Aloha Mr. Stokes hope all goes well for you in New York.

  83. RedZone:

    What are the Dolphins doing??????

  84. whitey:

    Good afternoon Tsaikos. Interesting about Wadsworth situation, but not much story there because the transfer rule is pretty much cut and dry. Same for our transfers to da warriors, they got to cover their own till they are eligible. Really nothing to discuss, but best wishes to M Wadsworth in his pursuit of life.

  85. whitey:

    I like Ike and Tina Turner.

  86. Ipu Man:

    Miami Dolphins took Texas A&M quarterback...

  87. ai-eee-soos:

    softball voting -

    the #3 is up to 17.9%; her fans are really stuffing it.

    the #2 remains at 18.3%.

  88. madeinhawaii:

    If Mike Wadsworth really wants to go to BYU, he simply needs need to pay his way. Does he have to go full time during the year he sits out? Can he get on scholarship the following January? Anybody know?

  89. Manoa Mist:

    Man what is going on with UH hoops? Never seen this much exodus since the Bible.

  90. kev-1:

    At some point, Coach Gib has to address the media and the fans about what is going on with all of the departures, doesn't he? I don't think the generic "I wish him well, thank you" statement is going to cut it anymore. The fans deserve some answers about the direction of this team.

  91. kev-1:

    Round one of the draft has been dominated by defense.

  92. mikey:

    What Shaq Stokes is leaving the UH basketball program? That makes 3 leaving before graduation. What is going ON with Gib's Program??!!!

    APR Graduation Rating is going way way down after Nash Era.
    I think we lose Scholarship if we keep going at this rate.
    And we still don't have a True Point Guard for next year.
    And still hoping Camerron and 3 *** Givon will sign up quickly.

    We now have 3 scholarship left to sign. I hope no one else leave for this Year!

  93. kev-1:

    My opinion only . . . . Mistake #1 = Miami Dolphins take Tannehil. Mistake #2 = Seattle Seahawks draft a DE with huge character questions.

  94. mikey:

    Off to see the Draft

  95. wafan:

    Seahawks need to draft a new coach.

  96. oldtimer808:

    Whitey I don't like Ike for being an abuser of Tina Turner.

  97. wafan:

    Geez, another former BasketBow?

  98. wafan:


  99. wafan:

    Is Turner is a sure thing?

    Mr. Tsai's comment makes it sound iffy.

  100. oldtimer808:

    This is a huge learning experience for Coach Gibbs in identifying the right kind of players for his team. Kids that are student/athletes from this generation....fill in the blank.

  101. d1shima:

    Browns select Brandon Weeden then immediately call in the troops to quell the furor.

  102. Ipu Man:

    Actually coach Gib was on the Bobby C radio show this morning
    and did address the issue. He said it is not unusual in college
    basketball for students to hop out of the program and move on.
    Something like 40%? And that he isn't worried because he has
    a bunch of "redshirt" players who are really really good, (he
    mentioned one who is NBA caliber and may leave after one year...),

  103. jm2375:

    On a better note -

    BaseB :D ws!

  104. d1shima:

    Nice jmxxxx!

  105. ai-eee-soos:

    Rainbows beat Louisiana Tech in 12 innings

    Pi'ikea Kitamura scored the winning run on a throwing error as Hawaii rallied to defeat Louisiana Tech 4-3 in 12 innings in the opener of a three-game series at J.C. Love Field in Ruston, La., on Thursday.

    The Rainbows trailed 3-1 in the ninth but scored twice on a sacrifice fly by Kitamura and an RBI single by Trevor Podratz to force extra innings.

  106. d1shima:

    Has the AFC West moved to the BCS?

  107. ai-eee-soos:

    softball voting ---

    Cal girl moved up to #2 with 18.2% - they are really "stuffing" the ballots.

    'Bama girl down to #3 with 18%.

  108. HiFlyer:

  109. Haleakala:

    The Cal girl was about 13% two weeks ago so she has moved up significantly. How much longer is the polling?

  110. jm2375:

    Haleakala - voting ends on the 14th.

  111. Haleakala:

    We got to keep on voting.

  112. madeinhawaii:

    Wow. I only see Vaughn Meatoga (59.7) and Corey Paredes (45.7) on the grade list.. but they are way down on that list.

  113. Hank:

    Doug Martin from Boise was taken in the first round today...funny, i thought Iosefa reminded me of a young Doug Martin only bigger. Joey certainly has the potential to be there.

  114. Candy:

    Hang in there Cayman.

  115. duffer:

    Good Evening!

  116. kev-1:

    Thank you Ipu Man. It sure sounds to me like he is brushing the issue under the rug. You don't lose 4 players who were going to be starters next year all at once and write it off as normal. It's not.

    I'm not screaming that the sky is falling, but it just doesn't seem right.

  117. whitey:

    Tomorrow will be vely, vely busy day for the Rainbows and Warriors. Wish all of them well.

  118. al:

    jt turner apparently has successfully completed his aa.
    ...and yes, like tsai said, a word of caution...lets wait until he has been accepted/admitted and is here this summer on the bridge program.

  119. al:

    ahouse...your memory is worsening by the day. he was all the stir a year ago when he chose hawaii over many. in fact, he and his friend mike edwards was the big stuff then.

    however, he was unable to gain entrance to manoa then.

  120. al:

    a big time basketball recruit lands tomw. he is not just tripping us either as we are in his top three. he is aware of another chicagoan who just signed with us. he and spearman could be the coup de gras of the spring signing period.

  121. al:

    with shaq also taking the high road you know gibber will be after a pg who can contribute right away. he says he does have a few tricks up his sleeve.

  122. ai-eee-soos:

    softball voting ---

    Cal girl at #2 with 19.1% - her fans know how to "JUICE" the ballots.

    As someone posted, she was at 13% two weeks ago.

    'Bama girl at #3 with 17.7%.

  123. al:

    wandering warior waylon lolotai. a former all state tight end/linebacker in arizona comes to hawaii who had no tight end back then goes from de-ol-lb-dl-te-and now to fullback.

    that's what happens to an athletically gifted guy who size wise is a 'tweener.

    he is a victim of his own talents. now, moving to full back could just be where he could make some coin at the next level. regan mauia for example.

  124. al:

    you know joey iosefa could make things happen as the wildcat.

  125. al:

    it is interesting to see how new pairs of eyes have seen things from a different perspective.

    dunnachie for example could find himself being courted by many pro teams after this year because he'll break all of the records with his punt average.

    chris gant will finally get a breakthrough and will show all why he was the top jc receiver two years ago.

    the cornerbacks for hawaii will now either have a make or break career. and for those who make this man coverage look like child's play will find the path to the nfl much quicker especially with experiences that our new staff has.

    list is long.

  126. Guy in the office:

    Re: 120. al, your sources are usually solid, but it was reported that no recruits would be visiting this week. Maybe it's a timing issue, and the "big-time" recruit is available this week. Yes, if Gib can pry him away from the SEC and MWC schools that are after him, that would go a long way toward soothing the losses of the departed four. We'll see.

  127. al:

    guy...birdies think he arrives tomw.

  128. Guy in the office:

    Birdies know best. Thanks. Time to turn the blog over to football before Stephen bans me.

  129. Stephen Tsai:

    Gib Arnold said something about 40 percent of freshmen eventually transfer.
    That number seems really, really inflated.
    Then again, a UH person told me today that 100 percent of his freshman recruits have left.

  130. Stephen Tsai:

    Update: Lolotai is back at tight end.

  131. ai-eee-soos:

    Weber State ...

    Thursday April 26, 2012

    Weber State: Defensive coordinator Jody Sears has been named interim head coach for the 2012 season.

  132. ai-eee-soos:

    Weber State, some more ...

    from another coaches hiring blog ...

    Weber State: Defensive coordinator Jody Sears has been named interim head coach. He will serve as interim for the 2012 season and he will continue as defensive coordinator as well. Prior to joining the Weber State staff a few months ago, Sears was a long time assistant under Paul Wulff at both Washington State and Eastern Washington.

  133. ai-eee-soos:

    from the Weber State site ...

    Jody Sears has been named interim head coach ....

  134. al:

    according to dayton m., gibber said that 40% of the freshmen and soph go through the swinging door. seems high, true, but, not too far off i suspect.

  135. al:

    talk about swinging door...waylon the wanderer lolotai.

  136. al:

    i'll bet that of the alleged 40%, 65% is about playing time.

  137. Stephen Tsai:

    I think in the ACC and SEC, freshmen don't finish to go to the NBA.
    I don't think many quit because they want to be closer to home.

  138. al:

    yah...they join the working people at an early age.
    kentucky for example.

  139. natrikitrolt:

    Superb website...

    [...]always a big fan of linking to bloggers that I love but don’t get a lot of link love from[...]…...