Austin power

May 10th, 2012

Former UH quarterback Shane Austin is making a strong early impression as the starting quarterback for the Everett (Wash.) Raptors of the Indoor Football League.

Helmet_Modern_Raptors_rleft_160In his first game, he threw seven touchdown passes. Last week, he had a league-high nine TD throws.

It's an 8-on-8 format. The Raptors' offense has three lineman, two "high-motion" receivers, a running back and Mr. Touchdown.

Austin hopes to parlay the gig into a job with in the Canadian Football League. But for now, he's having a blast playing football.

The Raptors travel to New Mexico today for this weekend's game. Next week, the Raptors face the Allen Wranglers, led by Terrell Owens. Yes, that T.O.

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* * * * *

McDonald's donated $17,500 to the UH athletic department:

McDonald's-UH Athletis Donation

* * * * *

In the NCAA vernacular, May is "Junior Month," a time when coaches are permitted to go out  to evaluate — and make offers — to prospects who will be high school seniors in the fall.

The Warriors have four coaches on the mainland and one coach (Tony Tuioti) who is making the American Samoa/Australia circuit. At this time, the coaches are allowed to make word-of-mouth offers; offers in writing may not be issued until September.

* * * * *

Head coach Norm Chow is concluding exit interviews with players today.

The coaches have collected the playbooks, which will be re-issued when the players report to training camp on Aug. 1. The first practice is Aug. 2.

* * * * *

Chow did well selling Keiki Day newspapers yesterday. Then again, he is experienced. Chow used to sell newspapers at the old Honolulu Stadium when he was a keiki.

* * * * *

Former Warriors Aaron Brown (St. Louis Rams), Zach Masch (Seattle Seahawks), Liko Satele (Arizona Cardinals), Vaughn Meatoga (Cincinnati Bengals) and Austin Hansen (Philadelphia Eagles) are preparing for tomorrow's start of their three-day rookie camps.

* * * * *

Motivated yet?

Quarterback Matt Barkley is among several USC players who are going to Haiti today on a support trip.

204 Responses to “Austin power”

  1. Buffoman:

    Number 1?

  2. Buffoman:

    When a "verbal offer" is made, can a prospect "accept" and although non-binding, does the offerer then set aside a scholarship for the individual hoping for a future binding commitment?

    Or, how does all work and is it just a show, as nothing is binding?

  3. lurker Ron:

    Top 10!

  4. Stephen Tsai:

    Yes, if a prospect accepts, then the school will hold a scholarship.
    That's the case with Kahuku's Waa and Falemalu.

  5. A-joe:

    There's 115 before we strap it up with USC. What are the Manoa men doing today to bring us a victory come September 1st? Who wants to win? Who believes we will? Who's putting in the time to make it happen?

    Please, don't wait to August to get in gear. Too late already! Nows the time to work your ass off!!

    And Eh! No forget to vote everyone!

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    UH worked the players in the spring to get them in the mindset of being ready for the start of training camp.
    For some reason, the training period seems shorter this year. There will only be three true two-a-day practices. The rest will be extended morning practice with walk-throughs in the afternoon.

  7. Slugger:

    Morning gang!

    Good luck in camp, guys.

    I'm getting ready for graduation on Sat. ST, how many seniors on the fb team are walking?

  8. Stephen Tsai:

    Don't have a number on that yet. (The media relations guy is in Chicago with the tennis team.)
    But I do know that all four men's volleyball seniors will be getting their degrees. Congrats again to Jared Lofy, Nick Castello, Steven Hunt and Troy Crutchfield.

  9. Slugger:

    We honored 7 seniors at sb and Jocie who is leaving. Is she going thru graduation Sat.? Pomai, gmahoney?

  10. Stephen Tsai:

    You should show up at the Letter Winners' clubhouse at about 8 a.m. on Saturday.
    All of the UH student-athlete graduates gather there for picture taking and to receive a special UHAD sash.

  11. RedZone:

    Softball games getting pushed back due to bad weather at New Mexico.

  12. duffer:

    Good morning TSAIKOS!

    Dragging over from the last post!


    Congrats to the Moanalua golf team for winning the HHSAA State golf team title and also from Moanalua, John Oda for winning the HHSAA individual title!

    John Oda is a class act! A very fine young man that both his parents and school can be proud off.

  13. HawaiiMongoose:

    Congratulations to Moanalua. Go Menes!

  14. Stephen Tsai:

    That's the wise thing to do.
    Lightning storms and metal bats are not a good combination.

  15. Pomai:

    Slugger Jocelyn is only a junior this year.

  16. Stephen Tsai:

    Does Moanalua get to practice at Honolulu Country Club?

  17. Slugger:

    Pomai, k I didn't think she was a sr.

    ST, if I get up early enuf, I'll try go. Would be the best way to catch most of them.

  18. A-joe:

    Duffer- Your boy represented Maui well!

    Proud of him!

  19. Stephen Tsai:

    That's the best way.
    You get to speak with them individually without a large crowd. Plus, you can leave right after that. It's better than trying to hunt down people in the heat.

  20. whitey:

    Congratulations to all the UH graduated this Saturday. My friend is celebrating cause he no need take/pickup his daughter at Kahului Airport every Monday. Been doing that for 2 years. Way to go Kristie!!!

  21. Stephen Tsai:

    Congratulations to your friend's daughter.

  22. Stephen Tsai:

    It's amazing that after you get a degree, you soon hear from Prudential (offering you a sales tryout) and Sallie Mae (wanting her money back).
    Sallie Mae is a cold, cold woman.

  23. 3-Prong:

    Whitey, saw your post last night. Were you asking if "got fish" from Oregon or at Liliha Bakery? Only had time to fish one day while up there. This is what I posted last Friday.

    Catch Report. Hooooo Some Tired, fished the Willamette hard today. Saw some osprey, bald eagles, fed wild geese by hand behind the boat while trolling at .8 mph, ate smoked spring king w creme cheeze and ritz and drank some awesome microbrews while we waited for the bite. Saw couple of the other boats land #20 lb chrome brights but we werent so fortunate. Fish finder was going off all day but kings d/n cooperate. Kind of frustrating. Ended the day by targeting, landing and releasing a handfuls of small sturgeon. At least got to fight fish and watch drag go. Thats why they call it fishing and not catching. Still an awesome day fishing w/ friends and enjoying pacific nw beauty. Got the invite for next year too…… Next time.

  24. PowderPuff:

    Congratulations, duffer and ST on your sons' accomplishments. Awesome! I'm sure many Menehune hang around HCC a lot.

  25. βρεω808:



    ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ W A H I N E S O F T B A L L!!! ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀


  26. βρεω808:

    Congratulations to all those graduating on Saturday - especially to the student-athletes at UH. Congratulations! Good Luck! And ... MAHALO! :) :D :lol:

  27. mauiwarrior:

    why do they collect the playbooks? shouldn't the boys be studying those over the summer for fall camp?

  28. Kekoa:

    Good Thursday morning Tsaiko Nation!

    Good job Coach Duffer!

    Thanks for mentoring the youngsters of the iphone generation in the skills required to compete in Golf.

    It looks as if your *Ace* student has done very well for himself. Continued success to you both.

  29. βρεω808:

    Could someone remind me why the heck the WAC Softball Tournament is being held in Las Cruces? :roll:

  30. tommui:


    And congrats to Coach Duffer. Best wishes for further success.

  31. Stephen Tsai:

    It's actually kind of interesting. During the season, each player gets the game-plan book. Then that's collected, and a new game-plan book is issued the next week.
    The players have access to videos through their smart phones, laptops and iPads.

  32. (Jesse) James:

    Good morning Tsaikos!!!

    Congrats to all the graduates!!!

    Congrats to Coach Duffer and his team!!!

    Best wishes to all!!!

  33. (Jesse) James:

    ST...I think Sally's sister Fannie is pretty cold as well....LMAO

  34. WarriorNY:

    As much as I want to hate Matt Barkley the football player, the kid seems to have a good head on his shoulders.

  35. (Jesse) James:

    A-Joe is your butts off, train hard during the off-season...lift, lift,, run, run.....practice practice practice until everything is automatic.....

  36. Kekoa:

    Rain...rain...go away!

    Waiting for the weather to clear so that our Rainbow Wahine can take care of bidness.

    Just watched the Florida Gators devour LSU in Game #1 of the SEC Tourney in a pitchers duel 1-0.

    Time for some breakfast of Champions.

    Anxiety building...2nd pot of kope pau brew...blood sausage sizzling...Kalei eggs sunnyside up & Sweet Bread just popped out of the toaster jer-right!

  37. Stephen Tsai:

    True that.
    Millions of people have learned you can default on Fannie (See: Depression of 2008).
    But Sallie follows you to the grave. She will take that gold filling.

  38. Stephen Tsai:

    Kekoa's menu sounds better than the two Oreo cookies I just ate.

  39. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, make that three.
    Who leaves a bag of Oreos in front of a hungry man?

  40. 310warriorfan:

    Congrats to all of the grads! Looking forward to September 1! Any word on which two high schools the team will use for practices during L.A. layovers?

  41. Paco:

    Saw the commercial for those new chocolate covered oreos. Looks delicious!

  42. Paco:

    Thanks for the USC updates!

  43. Stephen Tsai:

    Did you see there's a new rail line that goes right up to the USC campus?
    Not to say that the rental car would be in any danger . . .

  44. koakane:

    aloha kakahiaka 808 sunny day again, were you expecting anything else

    congrats to moanalua on their hs golf championship

    missing out on a good hs baseball state tourny, super baseball by all in the quarterfinal and should continue into the semi's then finals. outer island teams really playing their best, possible all big island championship if they pull it out tonight.

    with all due respect to bpjm I don't list to BC for some time now (not going there with why) but just saying some teams were told UH maybe practicing between 11-1 the week of the state playoffs before they leave for the mainland. seems it worked out and all is good. anyway hope trap made some arrangement to have somebody scout this tourny. get some good HI talent.

    al heard from birdie (coaches) Puns did throw their number one against Hilo. I had the same thoughts on why save #1 gotta play you best.

    anyway all public school semi and finals. who are you pulling for Hilo, Waiakea, Balwin or Pear City? gotta love it.

  45. Chop Sticks:

    H.S. baseball - 3 outer island teams and P.C. Where da ILH teams? MPI did another "One and Dunn" appearance. Kailua losing to Hilo! What's going on this year? Kailua really took Hilo cheap as they should have had a preview from Punahou on Tuesday night. Puns threw the wrong kid against Hilo. Experience counts.

  46. BIF:

    Magic formula for Hilo winning in states this year? Lunch at Rainbow Drive-Inn!

  47. jm2375 (Infuse):

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Good luck to all those graduating on Saturday.

    Not to make excuses, but many of the MPI players have been sick the last few days.


  48. al:

    gramps...i thought zach muenster was the pun ace?

  49. Ipu Man:

    To whoever never knew what it meant:
    Cinco de Mayo

    It's an annual celebration of the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla--when a relatively small contingent of Mexicans kicked the French, (Maximillian), out of Mexico.

    Here's the complete story:
    Back in 1912, Hellmann’s mayonnaise was manufactured in England. In fact, the Titanic was carrying 12,000 jars of the condiment scheduled for delivery in Vera Cruz, México, which was to be the next port of call for the great ship after its stop in New York. This would have been the largest single shipment of mayonnaise ever delivered to México. But as we know, the great ship did not make it to New York. The ship hit an iceberg and sank, and the cargo was forever lost.

    The people of México, who were crazy about mayonnaise, and were eagerly awaiting its delivery, were disconsolate at the loss. Their anguish was so great, that they declared a National Day of Mourning, which they still observe to this day. The National Day of Mourning occurs each year on May 5th and is known, of course, as Sinko de Mayo.

  50. kanole:

    Anyone got an update for UH softball?

  51. al:

    lunch at rainbow's, a great carbo loading meal.

    dinner at the les' rainbow stadium, feasting on the oahu teams.

    i am sure the big island boys are on cloud nine, checking out the pot of gold at the end of the hsaa rainbow.

  52. madeinhawaii:

    kanole... GAME TIME UPDATE!!! #11/13 Hawaii vs San Jose State now scheduled to start approx 12pm noon HAWAII TIME, 4pm Mountain Time.

  53. LizKauai:

    Congrats to all, Blessings and good luck to all...


    GO WAIMEA Baseball!

  54. al:

    kanole...a rain/storm delay during the middle of the opening game. upon completion the hawaii/sjsu game will follow 30 minutes thereafter.

  55. BIF:

    #70. No sick leave this time of the season. Owls have the wrong kids playing. It's all about execution. Even Cal Ripken could lay a bunt down when called upon. Small ball does not work when trailing by 3 in the 5th inning. You're just giving outs away.

  56. Stephen Tsai:


  57. Stephen Tsai:

    There is a nasty illness going around.
    I had that last week.
    Hmmm. I had that, then went to the K-call, where I saw Jm, whose daughter goes to MPI . . .

  58. D1:

    Formidable lineup of teams playing at Hans L'Orange Field today. Kailua, MPI, Kam, Pun, Moanalua, etc. Only catch....Consolation games for the state tourney.

  59. Hilo Moon:

    What happened to the Wahine softball game. HD channel 1012, right? I called Oceanic and that automated system is like ridng a merry-go-round that never stops. Or it's like catching the right bus and you find out that it doesn't stop where you want, even if your stop is on the route.

  60. J-FORCE:

    Playing the old wac teams like airforce, colorado st and wyoming reminds me of
    the warriors playing smash mouth fooball back in the 80's. With te in the mix, as well
    as pulling guard and full back, manu o manu type mentality, i think it will be fun to
    watch. That's like watching hs football type games. Remember M. Odom and A. Noga,
    just to name few. It's gonna be war in the field. Trust me on this one. Go Warriors!!

  61. Stephen Tsai:

    A good running game helps the defense.
    It also shortens a game, which helps writers meet deadlines.

  62. Hilo Moon:

    I love that 4 public schools ( 3 from neighbor islands) are in the state baseball finals. This town would go "nuts" if Hilo and Waiakea end up playing each other! Yes, "nuts" and really proud.

  63. J-FORCE:


    True dat...

  64. Hoohiki:

    Just wanted to say that for the past several days it's been enjoyable reading the blog. There's been no whining, insulting, or demoralizing. Just informative chats and support. The feeling of camaraderie is back. I do miss Garret's and Kevin's posts.

  65. Stephen Tsai:

    Change is good.
    Dollars are better.

  66. wafan:

    Right now I would settle for just the change.

  67. D1:

    Hilo is wearing the glass slipper! Gotta love those Vikings!

  68. kanole:

    Thank you Al! I appreciate that info.

  69. βρεω808:

    F L U S H !!! That's the Sporting Noos down the lua!

  70. koakane:

    al some say zach muenste might be injured

    illness eh ......... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm pi

    Waiakea and Hilo has those hitters from the LL world series champions but what impressive is their pitching staff.

  71. Hilo Moon:

    D1 -

    I hope the slippah no broke. GO HILO VIKINGS, GO WAIAKEA WARRIORS, and GO RAINBOW WAHINE!

  72. rage777:


    I don't know if I would want to be waiting for a train to pick me up anywhere near USC.

  73. al:

    kk...but he is playing on the field.

    great tournament. loads of talent out there.
    i knew that pc still had some charge(rs) in their gas tank. great attitude and confidence is always the tenth man on the diamond.

  74. al:

    small kine trivia...longtimeuhfan's grandson plays for kailua, bryce ah sam. i rememer that ltuh never missed any of his grandson's games and was the source of pride for him. he would always email or call me after his games with the results. i am sure he still hasn't missed any of his games.

  75. βρεω808:

    ...and May 8th was Mrs. LTUH Fan's birthday! Belated Happy Birthday! :) :D :lol:

  76. D1:

    Odd that Puns didn't throw Combs till the very end of the season. He was looking good last year as a frosh. 80's FB. Muenster in the past had arm trouble. Watching him throw this past year is completely different from his frosh/soph years. Motion is stiff and not fluid at all, like throwing darts. Velocity was significantly down this year (upper 70's).

  77. Chester:

    So what's the latest on the Warrior volleyball team? Word is the top Canadian recruit has de-committed and additional transfers from the current team are to be expected. Just rumors? Does Wade have any other recruits lined up for next season?

  78. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    State HS baseball - Sorry that the Warriors of KS-Kapalama lost, but very very happy to see Public Schools and Outer Island teams doing well. The outer island teams put the "State" in State Tourney.

    BTW- the Sporting News has been ranked dead last at ranking college football coaches! :lol:

  79. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Great news for Austin! Keep doin' wut ur doin' Shane!

    Good luck to the former Warriors in the upcoming minis!

  80. whitey:

    Go Baldwin!!!! somewhere in the background i heard duffer.

  81. koakane:

    al just saying what I hear but will get more info tonight

  82. whitey:

    Interesting to note that the hc for Baldwin is Jon Viela, former standout for the Rainbow Basebows and the AD is Kahai Shishido, another former standout for the Rainbow Basebow.

  83. UKU@LA:

    KOAKANE, renewal complete! Mahalo, UKU!
    Warriors, Aloha from LA!

    MAMEO !!!

  84. UKU@LA:

    Opss! MANEO!!

  85. whitey:

    Have a great Thursday.

  86. HiFlyer:

    Howzit everyone.

    current weather outlook for the SB game

  87. al:

    couldn't be happier for shane "stone cold" austin.
    good things do happen to good guys.
    good things happen to those who wait.
    and did i mention that he has such a good family.

    all he needed was a chance.

  88. Kekoa:

    Ipu Man

    Please hold the Mayo until I pau LOL!

    ... UH/SJSU game begins NOW!

  89. Ralph:

    La Tech run rules Fresno State 17-7 in 6 innings. LT will play BYU following the UH vs San Jose State game.

  90. Kekoa:

    Howzit UKU! You and da boss still goin' be my seat pahtna for the Warrior games at Aloha this season?

  91. Kekoa:

    Superb catch by RF Klebenstein to end the 1st inning. Held them scoreless even tho they had runners on 2nd & 3rd.

  92. Kekoa:

    Majam walks to lead off the UH half of the 1st. (She looks like she has her 'Winter' tan on today).

  93. Kekoa:

    UH scores the 1st run (Majam) on Sara's fly-out to left.

  94. Kekoa:

    1st inning ends on a DP. UH leads by one.

  95. Ballpicker:


    I don't think KS-Kapalama even qualified for the tournament this year. I had a blast playing for them
    back in the day.

    Go Warriors

  96. Kekoa:

    Ballpicker ~ What were your playing years at KSB?

  97. Kekoa:

    Solo homer ties it...Grrr.

  98. HawaiiMongoose:

    If Maar has in fact decommitted that will be bad news for Charlie Wade... in more ways than one.

  99. Kekoa:

    Jessica drives in 2 runs, making it 3 zip.

  100. Kekoa:

    OOPS! 3-1.

  101. Kekoa:

    4 to 1 after 3.

  102. Stephen Tsai:

    No. 55
    Everybody knows a high school kid should be at the same skill level as a Hall of Famer.

  103. nanakuli:

    What ever happen to QB Bryant Moniz? From being the UH QB on television and interviewing on the radio to nothing. Is there any news or try-outs for Moniz.

  104. kawika49:

    Uh should hire some students that can read lips...for the upcoming season.

  105. Kekoa:

    1 more run scores, so after 5 complete, UH up 5 to 1.

  106. Slugger:

    Go WAHINE!!!

    Good job, Shane!

  107. Ballpicker:

    71-74 played with Vern Ramie, Blaine Gaison who were sophomores my senior year.

  108. Kekoa:

    Top of 7th for the Sportans, last call! Score still at 5 to 1.

  109. Ballpicker:

    Should have made the states my senior year but our last game with punahou was called due to darkness. We had the lead but could not finish the bottom of the inning so they reverted to the last completed inning where the puns had the lead. Drats. They're coach was none other than Pal Eldridge. Decades later I got to play golf with him and we had a blast talking baseball and a out that year in particular. They had a guy named Mosi Tatupu. What a beast. Nice guy though.

  110. Kekoa:

    Er..Spurtans..ok Spartans, watevah...

  111. madeinhawaii:

    Go Wahine.. three more outs to go.
    Ooops first batter walked.. dang.

  112. Kekoa:

    Ballpicker, did you play on the '63 or '64 or team?

  113. Kekoa:

    Ball game! Wahine end it at 5 to 1!

  114. kawika49:

    Way to go Wahine

  115. HiFlyer:

    Wahine on to the next game!!!

  116. wafan:


    Being the Titas!!!

  117. wafan:

    Tatupu graduated in '73, I think.

  118. Stephen Tsai:

    I think Tatupu's last season football season was 1973. He graduated in 1974.

  119. Stephen Tsai:

    Blane Gaison graduated from Kamehameha in 1976.
    I remember Gaison's last Prep Bowl. Our social club was part of the clean-up crew. Interesting procedure. Sweep everything to the front row, then scoop up the big pile.

  120. 3-Prong:

    Anybody know if Tatupu won an ILH or State championship in football? If so what year? Trying to refresh my memory.

  121. jm2375:

    Congrats to the Wahine!!

    GO BOWS!

  122. ai-eee-soos:

    UH defeats San Jose State at WAC softball tournament

    By Star-Advertiser staff

    *** POSTED: 02:00 p.m. HST, May 10, 2012 ***

    The University of Hawaii softball team opened the Western Athletic Conference tournament with a 5-1 win over San Jose State today in Las Cruces, N.M.

    UH shortstop Jessica Iwata drove in two runs and pitcher Stephanie Ricketts held the Spartans to three hits as the No. 11/13 Rainbow Wahine (44-5) advanced in the winner's bracket.

    *** Posted at 2:00 p.m. - not too tardy ***

  123. kev-1:

    thanks for the awesome pic of Masch's helmet. Boy, that has gotta be one heck of a feeling for a young man to see huh?

  124. mauiwarrior:

    @ST. Comment 31. Thx for the response, so all players have a smart phone, laptop or ipad provided to them? Or do they just use what is available to them through their own resources?

  125. Stephen Tsai:

    Players buy their own. You can't be in college without a laptop or smart phone. Or a player can always go to the office and watch videos. They can do that in the Verizon room, too.

  126. RedZone:

    I used to enjoy watching Mosiula Tatupu run over players. I found a video of the ILH Championship game in 1973. I was at that game.

  127. RedZone:

    Oops this is the link for the game.

  128. tommui:

    5th Inning BYU-5, LaTech -1

  129. tommui:

    Final - BYU beat LaTech 6-1 and so we will play BYU tomorrow.

  130. madeinhawaii:

    The BYU game tomorrow worries me some. Hope our Wahine bats are alive and well tomorrow.

  131. d1shima:

    Great Afternoon All!

    Nice to read about Shane Austin's football rebirth.

    Cool pic of the Masch hat

  132. d1shima:

    Speaking of helmets....

    Just back from a convention In LV where Mike Ditka gave the keynote address.

    During the Q & A the subject of head injuries and long-term effects came up. He said, when he played he wore a plastic helmet with a little webbing in it. In contrast, today's helmets are so sophisticated that they really give the player a sense of invincibility that promotes using the head as a weapon.

    He concluded that is not a good thing in a collision (not contact) sport.

  133. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Ballpicker was a multi sport threat for the Warriors in the day.

  134. d1shima:

    Along those lines, I wouldn't be surprised to see Iron Mike having a more diminished role in future NFL analysis TV shows. He admitted to worsening memory issues and at times seemed to be somewhat rambling on stage.

  135. slenzi:

    Roman Harper -NO Saints, DB- is hosting an celeb flag football fundraiser game in Tuscaloosa, Alabama this Saturday. Expect many present and former Alabama and Auburn and NFL players to show up. Fans welcome; autpgraphs welcome.

  136. BigHiloFan2:

    you right!

    Shane Austin's mom and dad were super duper Warrior and Shane supporters!

    good luck Shane! go get em, Warrior! make us proud samoa!

  137. koakane:

    Waiakea beat Pearl City 2-1, waiting for Baldwin vs Hilo to start.

    good evening all

  138. oldtimer808:

    I think our Rainbow Wahines will be on their game tomorrow against BYU. The delay probably affected their mojo but getting that one game under their belts will do wonders for them tomorrow.

  139. UKU@LA:

    Mr. Kekoa, thats a roger! Be there! Howzit! UKU !!

  140. kama krab:

    Howzit Everybody,

    Al, Punahou this season really never had an ace. Torigoe was one of there better pitchers and a very solid choice to start against Hilo. If was me would have gone with Bob Coolen's boy then Nathan Higa but oh well. Muenster really has not been the ace for a while.

  141. kama krab:

    But what gave me great joy was when Hilo ended Kailua's season last night. I have no respect for that Coach out there in Kailua. What comes around goes around. Brother got beat at his own game.

  142. koakane:

    Baldwin up 5-1 after 3

    al confirming kama's comments and other birdies says same

  143. Ralph:

    Friday's WAC softball schedule:
    Friday action begins with an elimination game between Nevada and LA Tech at 11:30 am MT. Winner advances to meet Fresno State at 4:30 pm MT.

    Hawai'i and BYU face off Friday at 2 pm MT, with the winner advancing to Saturday's championship. Loser faces team TBA Fri., 7

    Oceanic TV will televise the Na Wahine game.

    Margie Wright will be coaching her 2000 game of her career tomorrow against the winner of the La Tech Nevada game. Quite a career in softball annals.

  144. koakane:

    Baldwin vs Waiakea for States

  145. al:

    mahalo kk and kk for 411.
    note to self; elevate kama krab and koakane to birdie status, meijiro second class.

  146. al:

    141. i hear you on that one. it is a common thought amongst the diamond, but, hey, like father, like son.

  147. whitey:

    Congrats to the Rainbow Softbow, Baldwin HS, and Waiakea HS. Two outer island teams playing for the championship. SUPER!!!!!

  148. Kaimuki Kid:

    What happened to everyone? Did everyone go to sleep?

  149. Kaimuki Kid:

    Hello!!! hello!! hello!....

  150. Kaimuki Kid:


  151. Kaimuki Kid:

    Go SoftBows!!! Beat BYWHO!!!

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    talked to my grandson tonight. He attends Waiakea, 10th grade. he told me that 5 of the former 12 year old little league world series champs are on this year's Waiakea BB team.

    h;mmm.... Baldwin gonna get its hands full.

    good good luck to the Baldwin and Waiakea teams.

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    It is going to be a good one!

    Has to be better than yesterday.

  161. wafan:

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  169. BigHiloFan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.


    glad you posted Zach's helmet pix. cool.

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    im guessing its all in how you phrase it. giving her a ride is a benefit. :D

    saving her, rescuing her, from the rain, terrorist, stalker, yada yada, is not a benefit. :D

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    GO WAHINE!!!

  180. BigHiloFan2:

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    You'd think some young guys with pontoon sailing boats would
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