Big Men On Campus

June 10th, 2012

It was a nice turnout — more than 100  — for yesterday's UH Big Man's football camp.

There were drills, competitions and, of course, loud music.

Here's camp director Chris Demarest: Demo video.

And here's head coach Norm Chow: Chow video.

The ball-skill guys go today.

102 Responses to “Big Men On Campus”

  1. cheepono:

    any new offers out after the big man camp?

  2. truegreen:

    wow, spam beat everyone to first today. :P

  3. mctruck:

    I figured.....can't let these spammers out do us. Good morning all from, Marshall, TX.

  4. mctruck:

    Dat interview of coach Chow?, gotta use some kine of wind-surpressor; could hear a thing, cept for the wind blowing away.

  5. chopsueyboy:

    good morning

  6. mctruck:

    could hear=could not hear.....ooops!!

  7. mctruck:

    hey, chopsueyboy....just to let you know, we finally got a spanking new Japanese resturant in town which I went to just a few days ago. My grandmother and aunt could make better sushi than these guys...but, hey what you gonna do when dats all you got, as they say!?
    The owners and chefs are Korean, very nice people. I like their shrimp fried rice...lots of shrimp, they don't crimp on da shrimp. bwaaahahaha!

  8. mctruck:

    before I go to fixin my breakfast as it's already 7:40a, I wanted to mention that the manager..whose Korean...she's got a mean Texas accent, what a hoot..she sat down at my table to welcome me to their resturant.

  9. wafan:

    Good Sunday!

  10. wafan:

    Insomnia is a pain in the oshiri.

    Been awake for 6 hours. Today's nap is sure going to be welcomed!

  11. wafan:

    Top 10, too!

  12. mo808:

    Morning! Nice interviews ST! Wishing a beautiful Sunday to everyone!

  13. Bulla:

    anybody got eggs to go with all this spam?

  14. Wes'side Warrior:

    Morning, everyone!

    Exciting times... and they just keep coming! Gotta keep the big men excited so they stay home!

    It is funny that SPAM was first, though!

    Have a great Sunday, everyone! Looking forward to the skills report!

  15. Shoko:

    Morning folks!

    That so-called wind suppresor, isn't it that foam attachment on the mic?

    Anyway, decent picture, but like MC mentioned, the audio was hard to hear.

  16. Shoko:

    Wish I put some change on Bradley in last nights fight!

  17. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Never leave it in the hands of the judges....

  18. A-joe:

    Gmornin' gang-

    Saw this link while watching ST's Chow vid. Big Hit tackle drills!

  19. Slugger:

    Good morning, gang!

    Thanks for the videos, ST!

  20. 808Bowler:

    MourNing everyone.

    Been reading the Rams blog and seems like Gregg Salas is doing very good during the ota's. Hes been with the 1st unit and been making some good catches. Said he is one of the surprises of camp. also said he is a different player and seem faster.

    Keep it up!!!!!

  21. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    More video! Alrighty then! Thanks Stephen.

    Coach Demo oozes enthusiasm, energy and positivity. Like what I see of him. Didn't like that the wind kept butting in whenever Coach Chow spoke.

    808Bowler @ 7:07am -

    Thanks for the updates on Salas. Wonder how Kealoha is doing?

  22. LizKauai (iPad):

    Aloha Kakahiaka!
    Yup... Good to see peeps catching up with how good we know Salas really is! Wonder how thenother Warrior #1 is doing...

  23. kama krab:

    Howzit Everybody,

    A-joe, nice video. Now that's how you teach tackling.

    ST, thanks for the video. Every time I here Coach Demo talk, I just like hit somebody. Now that's one football coach.

  24. kama krab:

    sorry to early


  25. kama krab:

    Seeing those two video from ST and A-joe just makes me want to get back on the field. That's ok, get one more week of break and then I stay back on Alexander Field for summer camps. Ho braddah can not wait.

  26. kama krab:

    Eh look like I the only one here. I guess I better go eat breakfast and then get ready for church. Aloha's all and have a wonderful day.

  27. gigi-hawaii:

    ST: That Demo vid was excellent. Too bad the wind ruined Chow's video. Ah, well, learn from your mistakes.

    A-Joe: mahalo for the awesome video.

  28. LizKauai (iPad):

    Still miss PL but good job with the interviews, ST!

  29. Stephen Tsai:

    There was no wind. Then as Chow started to speak, woooosh.
    He does have unique powers.

  30. gigi-hawaii:

    Liz: Hope you're feeling better today.

  31. gigi-hawaii:

    ST: Funny you mentioned omelet. I had the portuguese sausage-mushroom-spinach-cheese omelet from Koa Pancake House. Ono with buttermilk pancakes.

  32. Stephen Tsai:

    The other day I interviewed John Hardy-Tuliau but accidentally clicked off the recorder after 2 seconds.

  33. gigi-hawaii:

    ST: Are you implying that Chow is a windbag? Lol. Yah, bad.

  34. gigi-hawaii:

    ST: looks like you won't be hired as a videographer at ESPN.

  35. Stephen Tsai:

    That was an accidental post. Midori7 texted me about Time Coffee Shop. I forgot I was on the blog template.

  36. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Happy middle of a 3-day weekend (for those of you who have tomorrow off). :D

    Once again, nice vids, ST.

  37. gigi-hawaii:

    JM: hubby doesn't get Monday off. Boo hoo.

  38. gigi-hawaii:

    Hubby's boss caught him sleeping on the job on Friday. Hey, it was after lunch, it was hot, and and and...

    For the record, hubby has caught his boss napping too.

  39. gigi-hawaii:

    We are watching the French Open. We recorded it and allotted 6 hrs for it.

  40. Stephen Tsai:

    If you're ever caught sleeping, say "amen" and open your eyes.

  41. gigi-hawaii:

    ST: good one.

  42. Stephen Tsai:

    If you're ever coming home late, walk in backwards and pretend you were going out to get the paper.

  43. gigi-hawaii:

    constitutional right. Freedom of religion.

  44. Stephen Tsai:

    If you acidentally hit your car horn, point to a random person on the street and yell, "hey, how are you?"

  45. Stephen Tsai:

    if you're a cornerback and you get beat, grab your hamstring.

  46. Stephen Tsai:

    If you're playing basketball and you take three steps without dribbling and then crash into a defender, change your name to LeBron and the ref will give you two free throws.

  47. gigi-hawaii:

    hey, to the basket, one two and there you go.

  48. Stephen Tsai:

    I remember against the Knicks. LeBron gets "hit" on the back, then collapses to the ground, grabbing his head. Will he play again? Is his career in jeopardy? Tyson Chandler is assessed a flagrant foul. LeBron dunks on the next play. Great acts are achieved by great actors. But enough about Pacman's loss.

  49. gigi-hawaii:


  50. gigi-hawaii:

    I was gonna walk up the block, but the sun is out now.

    Meanwhile, my fingers are getting a workout.

  51. gigi-hawaii:

    Well, ST, I don't know about you, but I love LeBron. He's a champ in my eyes.

  52. tommui:

    Good Morning Hawaii!

    No burst of joy. May be stuck here another day.
    On the menu is some dishes suggested by a prominent local chef. Reminds me not to eat there.

  53. gigi-hawaii:

    tom: Lucky you!!! When I was at Straub for 3 nites, all I ate was jello day and nite to get ready for a colonoscopy.

  54. gigi-hawaii:

    July 27: Olympics start. Can't wait!

  55. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #46 -


  56. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    mctruck @ 0213
    I can imagine... :)

    But reminds me of the time I went to a new Chinese restaurant in Hampton Roads, VA. Chinese family run... grandma came shuffling out to my table and asked in a bronx accent, "So wadda ya want?". I stared in surprise. She repeated the question more slowly in case I didn't speak english. They just relocated from New York where she was born.

  57. wafan:

    Whoo-hoo! The threat of an investigation to gas price fixing/gouging by Senator Murray caused somethings to change. Literally overnight!

    The price change from Thursday afternoon (the day Murray started asking questions) to this morning saw a $0.32 price drop to $3.85. Still, though, the local Shell lists their Regular at $4.35.

  58. Stephen Tsai:

    LeBron is very good.

  59. duffer:

    Good Morning TSAIKOS!

    Congrats to Eri Yoshida on her win last night for Maui's Na Koa.

  60. wafan:

    Oops. $0.42 price drop.

  61. gigi-hawaii:

    Wafan: Gas $4.159 at Costco.

    $4.299 at Chevron. Hawaii prices!!!

  62. wafan:

    GG . . .

    Prices would be lower if the refineries/oil companies would stop shipping refined crude out of country. But that would mean they would not make as much money.

  63. gigi-hawaii:

    Well, I personally don't care. I drive very little, so I buy gas every 2 months, at most. Just drive to and from my dental and medical appointments, fast food outlets, and some shopping. That's all.

  64. gigi-hawaii:

    I like the idea of buying an electric car, but hubby said it would not be cost effective for me.

  65. BigHiloFan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    the Pacman fight result was junk! stinky junk!!

  66. gigi-hawaii:

    Pac is old. Isn't he 35? Maybe he should retire. Just sayin'.

  67. hubby:

    I'm old, I should retire too.

  68. madeinhawaii:

    Wow... I didn't realize that Pacquiao was a Congressman in the Philippines. Hope he protected his head. Got to avoid brain damage at least until he's president.

  69. mctruck:


    pac is 33 y.o.

    have a greatday folks.

  70. kev-1:

    its going to take a lot of brain power and stamina to keep secrets, make back room deals, and lie if he wants to be a congressman for a long time.

  71. BigHiloFan2:

    talkin old.

    grandkid Makamae is 19. gonna be a junior in college this sept. coaches early teens volleyball. they call her aunty. she is habut about dat.

    wat does that make us, gigi? :lol:

  72. Stephen Tsai:

    Boxing needs a playoff system.

  73. Slugger:

    Just saw this in the SA article about Miss Hawaii:

    "The top seven finalists included Miss Ala Moana Courtney Gaddis and and Miss Honolulu Carissa Kano."

    Wasn't Courtney Gaddis a Wahine Basketball player?

  74. gigi-hawaii:

    Big Hilo: old futs?

  75. jm2375:

    Slugger - yup. She finished her eligibility this past season.

  76. el burro sabio:

    The only to eliminate controversy in boxing is to fight to the knockout, but then people will die.

  77. al:

    Nice vids. I hope the blog don't get too lazy to write.

  78. 808Bowler:

    Sorry guys couldn't find anything in the carolina blogs bout pilares except that he is in the running for the slot position.

  79. Ralph:

    perusing the Na Wahine Basketball booster page and I found this interesting request and program needs to up grade women's basketball. I wonder if some of the monies coach Chow received from the Food industry on behalf of UH athletics can help the WBB program.

    STUDENTATHLETE COSTS per player)
    Summer School (returning students): $2,000
    Summer Bridge Program (incoming students): $1,294
    Summer Housing: $1,300
    Gear: $2,437
    Pre-Game Meals: $300
    Pre and Post-Game Meals (on roadtrips): $1,500
    Computers: $7,500
    Software: $25,000
    Professional Development: $5,000

    isn't under armour a sponsor of wbb, or is UA a UH sponsor of xxx dollars per year in which JD allocates which sport gets a share each season.
    Camera: $1,500

  80. Ralph:

    also noted, Na Wahine is missing a returnee on its booster ad application form, Alissa Campanero is the only one not recognized in the booster application. Is she coming back next season?

  81. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Thanks 808Bowler. Good to read he's in the running.

  82. Ralph:

    on another note, Na Wahine Softball had another successful year on the field and we'd like to thank the fans who donated money at the gate, joined our booster club, and donated on line.

    It's through the generosity of our fans that enabled us to contribute to the professional development of our coaches this season- our assistant coaches went to a coaches event on the mainland for the first time this past season, and coach Dee has been with the program 13 years.

    Softball and WBB really need the public's help in funding its program and staff needs.

  83. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Bout that big fight last night - take a look at what fight promoter Bob Arum has to say:

  84. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Read the whole article if you can, lots of great quotes/reactions.

  85. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    The dog days of summer... 88!

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    Kerry says "Now National are also pushing the dollar up by borrowing for election bribes."

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  91. Kevin:

    June 10th, 2012 at 3:11 pm
    perusing the Na Wahine Basketball booster page and I found this interesting request and program needs to up grade women's basketball. I wonder if some of the monies coach Chow received from the Food industry on behalf of UH athletics can help the WBB program.



    Then again, donated monies to 'UH athletics' doesn't guarantee anything to the programs themselves.

  92. J:

    Rich Miano mentioned in Peter King's MMQB.

    Here's an angle of the players' head-trauma litigation you haven't thought of.

    A source with knowledge of the roster of the more than 2,500 players who have joined the various lawsuits against the NFL for ignoring and/or minimizing the results of head trauma in the pro game says some of the players in the suit will have zero or very little evidence of long-term damage.

    I sought one of them out -- Rich Miano, 49, who played 11 years in the NFL, with the Jets, Eagles and Falcons -- and asked why he got involved.

    Miano is hardly your typical plaintiff. He doesn't hate the NFL; he's thankful for what professional football did for him. He loves football. He says he doesn't want money. What he wants, other than to raise the focus on the importance of educating players about the risks of head injuries, is the ability to be covered by insurance if the day comes that he begins to suffer from dementia or a similar malady.

    "This isn't about a money grab,'' Miano said from his home in Hawaii on Saturday. "It's an education grab. Colt McCoy gets [concussed] last year in a game and goes right back in. Two high school players here in Hawaii got put back in a game after concussions. There needs to be a huge outreach across all levels of football to educate people about the dangers of head trauma and football. Whatever happens -- win, lose or draw -- this is going to be good for every generation, past and future, because it will continue to educate people.''

    One of the things Miano hopes, he said, for the next generation of athletes, and their families, is to believe football is safe enough to play. "I really want the soccer moms of America to feel better about football,'' he said.

    Miano will be 50 in September. His former Eagles teammate, Andre Waters, would be 50 had he not killed himself. Another safety of their era, Dave Duerson, would be 51 today had he not killed himself. "It's bone-chilling to think about,'' said Miano. "Why am I so fortunate to be in the shape I am today when I played the same position as Andre and Dave? I made 700 tackles in 11 seasons and I seem to have withstood the punishment at least neurologically so much better.''

    Miano said if he "takes a turn for worse'' mentally, "at 50 or 52 or whenever, I'd like to be able to be medically monitored.'' Still, the prospect of someone joining in a lawsuit who is asymptomatic to the base purpose of all the lawsuits will prick the NFL's interest, and could give the league a litigation strategy. How many more Mianos are there, and why do you sue an entity you're thankful to have been a part of?

    "I go to bed every night knowing I'm in this for the right reasons.'' Miano said.

  93. SteveM:

    Benchmark: 105 with the SPAM. :(

  94. SteveM:

    Hi J!!!

    OK, maybe this one is 107 with the SPAM in place...

  95. Hank:

    66. Retire? Really?

  96. Ipu Man:

    Tommui if you are at Queens yet, sometimes they let you (with a visitor) go
    down to their wonderful cafeteria where you can eat what the nurses and docs
    eat. Not too bad. (But avoid the pizza---tastes like cardboard). They've got
    freshly cooked ramen, salad bar, chili, brown rice right next to it, and a
    hot food counter sometimes with roast beef...and also you can order a hamburger,
    french fries (not bad and enough for two people!) and even a fish sandwich which
    defending on the cook, can be very ono. Plus on your way to and fro to the cafeteria,
    it is like walking through a botanical garden.

  97. Ipu Man:

    Again, thanks ST for your masterful videos.
    You are gonna get better and better and...

  98. Ipu Man:

    Alrighty then...

  99. LizKauai:

    Na Koa Benefit on Kauai

    Matagiese, whom Chow said will be a starter on the defensive line heading into fall camp, said he’s already noticed a difference with the new coach. While the former Waimea Menehune said the coach is nice and friendly off the field, during spring workouts Chow was complete business.
    “Practices are a lot harder and faster,” Matagiese said. “It’s much more focused.”
    That focus is something the Warriors will need heading into the Sept. 1 matchup against the presumtive No. 1 Trojans. Chow and his new staff could have asked for an easier first-game matchup, but “what is life without challenges?” Chow asked.
    “We want to compete every single day and we need your support,” he said. “That’s where we are and we’re awfully proud.”

  100. Stephen Tsai:


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