UH lands prep QB

June 24th, 2012

Aaron Zwahlen took a family trip to Hawaii this past April.

Next year, Hawaii will be his home.

Zwahlen, a quarterback from Thomas Downey High in Modesto, Calif., has accepted a 2013 football scholarship from the Warriors. He said he will put his commitment in writing on Feb. 6, 2013, the first day prep recruits may sign national letters of intent.

"Hawaii felt like home," said Zwahlen, who also was recruited by BYU, Texas Tech, Washington State, Duke and Northwestern.

Zwahlen is 6-3 and 195 pounds. As a junior in 2011, he threw for more than 2,900 yards, along with 29 scoring passes.

He has participated in six camps in the past two months, including the Oakland Elite 11 and BYU's camp, in which he was named the top senior quarterback this past weekend.

HIs father, Dr. Lynn Zwahlen, played for UH head coach Norm Chow at BYU, when Chow was a graduate assistant and then receivers coach.

Here's Zwahlen's hghlight video: Aaron Zwahlen.

Another video: Zwahlen.

216 Responses to “UH lands prep QB”

  1. Huh?:


  2. Huh?:

    Welcome Zwahlen

  3. cheepono:

    welcome to the warriors braddah aaron!

    cheeee hoooo!

  4. 808Fringe:

    Very nice commit Coach Chow!!! Welcome to da Ohana Aaron!! Gonna keep an eye on dis guy up here in Cali for sure now.

  5. nanakuli:

    To Chow and his staff, keep up the good work and make Hawaii proud.



  7. BigHiloFan2:

    Good job Coach. supa good job.

    and keep the focus on us. Warriors. not USC.

  8. gigi-hawaii:

    ST: nice videos. Was that Aaron kicking the ball towards the end of the 2nd video?

  9. jm2375 (Infuse):

    Top 10?

    Welcome Mr. Zeahlen.


  10. al:

    nice pickup...i thought we'd lose him after his unofficial visit and all the hoopla he'd been getting since then.

    and he's fast 22.4/200m.

  11. al:

    weren't we only going to recruit one qb for 2013?

  12. LizKauai (iPad):

    Welcome Aaron!
    Nitey nite!

  13. SteveM:

    Welcome to Warrior Aaron Zwahlen!

    g'nite everyone!

  14. Haleakala:

    Welcome to the Warriors, Aaron!

  15. shoichi84:

    @al: Also being recruited by BYU...Might be a 2-year mission guy, in which case he would actually be like class of 2015 or something.

  16. DaMenehune:

    shoichi84 His dad, this in April, said he will go on a mission after his
    freshman year. Be back in 2016.

  17. DaMenehune:

    Didn't Teo pass on his mission? I think a lot
    of players go after their freshman year
    because of an age requirement<

  18. A-joe:

    Always good to see new recruits willingness to come to play for Hawaii.

  19. A-joe:

    Here's more video on Aaron:


    Braddah can punt too!

  20. A-joe:

    Just imagine-

    it cost more to build a brand new stadium than to purchase the island of Lanai!


  21. mctruck:

    Nice to have them personal connection(s), which really shows with coach Chow; that being said, I noticed Aaron never took a snap from under center and worked from shot gun mode?
    I figured he would go on his Mormon mission for couple yrs., then return with much more maturity (physically and mentally) which is a good thing.
    He has speed which is very good...kind of reminds me of Kapernick from Neveda.

  22. Naks8:

    Good get. I hope we continue to get guys in the early recruiting period

  23. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Welcome Aaron Zwahlen!

  24. wafan:

    Good Monday everyone!

  25. wafan:

    Welcome to new Warrior Zwahlen!


  26. graham:

    happy about commit but was hoping for blue chip prospect. A dream of mine is to have hawaii have a 1st round quaterback

  27. oldtimer808:

    Good morning these are exciting times for the football program's aggressive recruiting.

  28. bleedgreen:

    2016! Out of sight, out of mind. Same as Tigi Hill.

  29. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    Welcome to the Warriors, Aaron.

  30. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    gigi -

    His video lists him as a punter, too. Great that he can do both. Can anybody recall the last time we had a QB who could punt too? Some interesting possibilities...

  31. gigi-hawaii:

    DPK: what strikes me is his 6'3" height. Whoa! When was the last time we had a QB that tall?

  32. wafan:

    Zwahlen is an unusual name. Anyone know the origin?

  33. tommui:


    Welcome Mr. Zeahlen!

    #38 wafan = German - a whole number, not a fraction - says Google.
    Looks like Aaron is the "whole" package. He can pass, run and kick. Maybe Coach Chow has a chance to bring in the single-wing.

    Does any team quick kick anymore?

  34. letsgowarriors:

    ranked #153 in the nation by ESPN.

  35. letsgowarriors:

    ESPN also rates him #10 QB in the nation.


  36. letsgowarriors:

    #10 pocket passing* QB in the nation.

  37. wafan:

    Thank you Tommui.

  38. green tea:


  39. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    gigi -

    Transfer QB Taylor Graham will be here in the fall but has to sit out a year. He's listed at 6'4" 230 pounds.

  40. gigi-hawaii:

    DPK: thanks for the info. Looks like there will be lots of competition among the quarterbacks.

  41. al:

    graham has been here since january and participated in spring training and has many drooling over the prospects.

    colt brennan was listed at 6'3", but, shrank 1/2".

    moniz could punt. he was also a top soccer player.

  42. Wes'side Warrior:

    Howzit, everyone!

    Welcome to da home of da Warriors, Zwahlen!

    Not too worried about da "stars" dat these experts have bestowed on these kids. We got an unreal coaching staff, and I believe our boyz will exceed expectations... or shade da bench. We'll all see how this first season starts, and the direction we move week to week. I'm absolutely stoked at the moment. And, no... I don't drink koolaid. Hahaha!

    If anyone can give me pointers...
    I'd like to start up a Georgia Chaptah of Tsaikos. How do I go about doing this? Keep in mind also that in a year, we may be moving back home. However, we've located quite a lot of locals living here in Georgia, so I think we can keep this going. As soon as I get the go-ahead, I'll start out by forming a Group on Facebook. Any advice, feel free to email me, or send me messages on facebook. Mahalo!!!

  43. Wes'side Warrior:

    Ok... going to nap real quick. Had to get up supah early to bring my oldest son to da airport. Back in a bit...

  44. Shoko:

    Next year will have a nice stable of QBs. Hope we have a strong O-line to protect these so-called pocket passers.

  45. A-joe:

    Wes’side Warrior- by your declaration I believe you've already started the Georgia Tsaiko Chaptah.

    There's some Bulldog fans that are Tsaiko fans as well from the Sugar Bowl.

  46. wafan:

    Congratulations to the new Tsai-ko Georgia Chapter!

  47. wafan:

    And, congratulations to their new president . . . Wes'sai Warrior!


  48. WarriorNY:

    I'm not an espn insider member so i didn't get the full article but ESPN has some nice things to say about him... ESPN rates him #153 overall recruit in the nation...

    ESPN Analyst
    Updated 06/25/2012
    Zwahlen in our opinion has been the most undervalued and overlooked quarterback prospect in the 2013 class. This is potentially an elite passer down the road with the measurables, arm strength and accuracy to blossom into a BCS starter with a high level of production. He has very good height ...


  49. WarriorNY:

    Where's the NY Tsai-ko chapter!?!

  50. RedZone:


  51. Ipu Man:

    letsgowarriors, thanks for the list. Interesting to not June Jones SMU pick
    is a 2-star pick...

  52. Ipu Man:

    Also did not see any Reno Nevada picks nor other hot teams in the nation
    like Wisconsin...

  53. Ipu Man:


  54. wafan:

    WarriorNY . . .

    Over the years there have been several posters from the Empire State. None have, I believe, have met with others from New York.

    But, in SteveM's absence I think you just formed the New York Chapter.

  55. wafan:

    Congratulations, too, WarriorNY, being the new president!


  56. al:

    if tigi hill goes on a mission after this year he will be a 2016 guy. otherwise, he'd have only two years of play time

  57. al:

    anyway, he may be interested in a socal school.

  58. Shoko:

    Was looking over the BSU roster and they have a 5-10, 189 Freshman QB on its roster. Either that guy has tremendous upside or he's going to need a step ladder to see over the offensive and opposing defensive line.

  59. al:

    so now you all know the subliminal message buried into the reason why #s 14 and 15 that which were unofficially retired numerals were recently officially unretired...

  60. WarriorNY:

    wafan.. haha.. Thanks... I'd like to get some NY Warrior fans together sometime...

    BTW - This will be the 3rd commit that has made the ESPN top 300... Demar Dorsey #12 in 2010 & Justin Turner #189 in 2009...

    To put in perspective of how elite that ESPN 300 group is, in the past 2011 & 2012 (I just skimmed the list so don't quote me) but I only saw 3 players in total that have committed to ANY non-AQ conference and ZERO commits to any MWC schools.. Great Job to all the coaches...

  61. A-joe:

    WarriorNY- Your skim is good enough for me. Mahalo for the news!

  62. A-House:

    Watcing the video, I was impressed with #85, the LT, who did not allow a single defender through - possible UH recruit?

  63. BG:

    Good morning gang!

    Truly unique blog. I don't know for sure, but I'm willing to place a large wager that no other blog has chapters around the world! Hmmm, don't know what's happened to Korea since Tchahng moved back to Hawaii.

  64. BG:

    And... Welcome Aaron Zwahlen! Sounds like a quality athlete and person. al, thanks for pointing out his 200m time. It is fast...the state winner this year clocked 22.49s. And Aaron still has another year of hs left. Awesome!

  65. koakane:

    #38 and #39 Zw any relations to Van lol

    eh morning 808 some rain but das akua's blessing as they say in bullaville

    had a few kope's and ready to greet a new week, mahalo to pride for a good time this past sat.

    al was on 2 wks vacaciones and no cc strangeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  66. koakane:

    ditto to ajoe and wafan acclimation about ww presidency and Georgia's tsaiko chapta

  67. koakane:

    WarriorNY: June 25th, 2012 at 7:48 am, Where's the NY Tsai-ko chapter!?!

    to my knowledge you just created one but I am sure the historian and keeper of the flame steveM will confirm.

  68. koakane:

    #62 more of the thinking alike lol

  69. chopsueyboy:

    Great to see you. Hope Karen Hong will share some dessert with you.

  70. (Jesse) James:

    Good morning Tsaikos!!! Hope everyone has a great day!!!

  71. (Jesse) James:

    Welcome to the Warriors Zwahlen.....

  72. A-House:


    I wish - already told Cathy that any extras can flow to my office!

    Best to wife and 808 Zinger!

  73. (Jesse) James:

    #36 and #39....DPK and Tommui...Your comments just brought back memories of Jim McMahon quick kicking (or maybe it was a punt...I was pretty young at the time) against us when we played BYU in 1980...another heart-breaker that year....LOL

  74. (Jesse) James:

    Woo Hoo...the blog continues to grow...Georgia Chapter and New York Chapter....congrats to the new presidents.

  75. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    A bit of Tsai-ko "Chapter" history...

    A gathering of Tsai-kos in a given geographical area can form a "chapter" providing the one who will be president is a resident and does not run away screaming. However, in order to have a gathering, you need more than 1 person. The gathering is usually a Cattle Call (any meal).

    In the early days, there was usually only 1 known blogger in mainland cities. The Florida chapter formed when the late FloridaTed met with a visiting Garret. Since Garret is not a resident of Florida, he was known as an "affiliate". The Florida Chapter formed. Rich2176 became the affiliate for the Las Vegas Chapter. Stretch is the affiliate for Kauai, I am the affiliate for Maui, A-Joe is the affiliate for Brew808's NoCal (Northern CA) chapter. The rule is that a Tsai-ko may be the "affiliate" for only one chapter.

    Ronnie's LoCal chapter formed by sheer numbers. The chapters are indicated in the Mainland & International bloggers list...another reason why I search for the cities of Tsai-ko posters who do not currently reside in Hawaii....


    Wes'side Warrior's Michigan Chapter formed with affiliate gmahoney. He has relocated to Georgia, where there is no Tsai-ko chapter. In my personal opinion, he retains his title and position and can muster others to his new chapter

    ...I'll be back with more on Chapters after breakfast... :)

  76. BG:

    Hey SteveM! So-o-o-o neat to have some Tsaiko history from time to time...can't forget where we came from! And the new-comers get a sense of who we are...friends, family.

  77. A-House:

    OK, I'm behind time and see we now have a Georgia and New York chapters with "prez".

    Wes'side in Georgia and ??? in NY?

  78. Graham:

    Is demar Dorsey definitely coming for the fall

  79. A-House:

    I recommend we retain the Florida Chapter in memory of Florida Ted.

  80. A-House:


    how about we ask our "honoray" Georgia Bulldog Tsaiko to be an affiliate member.

    maybe his son(s) and friend would want to "join"? LizK or Kekoa can be our ambassador between Wes'side and them

  81. d1shima:


    56 - 14 d1shima

  82. Shoko:

    "The other significant issue Bowlsby addressed was stipends. He was steadfastly against proposals that have been floated for paying up to $4,000 per year to student-athletes, pointing out that there are other avenues in which aspiring athletes can play for pay."

    Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/football/ncaa/06/20/bowlsby-stipends.ap/index.html#ixzz1yq6XkJMG

    Could have sworn the proposed stipend was $2000/year.

    Think Dorsey is still working on eligibility requirements.

  83. A-House:


    23 - 19 UH

  84. HawaiiMongoose:

    Welcome Aaron, really looking forward to seeing you as UH's QB some day!

  85. SteveM:

    RE: New York Tsai-ko Chapter

    I am surprised that a New York group never formed, even with ST visiting often. Similarly, an Arizona group has been pending a long time.

    But the Cattle Call requirement should not be waived, especially when you think of how the Tsai-kos formed with the blog parties and cattle calls. So, I think he or other New York Tsai-kos must announce a cattle call and have it attended by at least two people. Then they can decide who will be president.

    So, announce a New York Cattle Call on the blog here, have it attended by at least 1 other New York poster (or known visiting Tsai-ko to be affiliate). email me a photo of the attendees for my scrapbook. :) The founding of most Tsai-ko chapters are shown in the scrapbook timeline:


  86. WarriorNY:

    Sounds like a plan! I just gotta find some NY Warrior fans...

  87. d1shima:

    ...if you feed them, Tsaikos will come.

  88. Stephen Tsai:

    Re: height
    Unless you're at home or at the beach, you're wearing something on your feet, so footwear should be included in height. Just like clothes should be included in weight. Plus, my doctor doesn't like me to weigh myself nude.

  89. Stephen Tsai:

    Dorsey is committed to coming to UH. Whether he can play this year is entirely up to him and the NCAA.

  90. koakane:

    #82 56 - who?

    wow two months out and pomai taking predictions already .... why wait eh

  91. gigi-hawaii:

    So the QB might not be 6'3" - he might be a 5'11" midget without his shoes?

  92. Wes'side Warrior:

    Great info, SteveM! I'll add you to the group. Can you post that info there as well, please? I'm out the door to pick up the wife. Will be back soon. Add anyone else you think needs to be added. Mahalo!

  93. gigi-hawaii:

    it also has to do with posture. Hubby was 6'1" - then the nurse told him he was 6' - then this year, he straightened his back and the nurse said he is 6'1" tall again!!! Lol.

  94. RedZone:


  95. A-House:

    Scientific fact:

    starting at age 25, all human beings begin to shrink in height as the "discs" in your spine start to "flatten"

    problem is that too much shrinkage can lead to nerve problems in your lower extremities - numbness, tingling sensation.

  96. SteveM:

    My Misc. thoughts of Chapters...

    With the passing FloridaTed and Rasu Begasu, Garret is released and may serve as an affiliate elsewhere. Rich2176 remains the Las Vegas affiliate with new president 702WarriorFan

    I agree with A-House, the Florida Chapter exists in memory of original blogger FloridaTed.

    BG is released as affiliate for the Korea chapter since Tchahng has returned to Hawaii. Since TChahng is a former chapter president and has attended several Tsai-ko gatherings on Oahu, he can form a chapter if he goes abroad again.

    Since the Kauai and Maui chapters have grown in numbers considerably , perhaps affiliates Stretch and i can be released too.

    Now, where is the Big Island chapter ....? There's enough bloggers to form a chapter easily... need a Cattle Call only :)

  97. A-House:


    how about meeting with NYUH? unsure where he lives and if still working.

  98. jimmy the lock:

    Welcome, welcome Aaron!

  99. jimmy the lock:


    What is "npu"?


    That is not a scientific fact. Where do you get your info?

  100. Derek:

    Al, is Mr. Z holy grail material? He's rated pretty high by the ESPN so called analysts. Looks like he has some foot speed too and the fact he can punt too says he's an excellent athlete. I'm getting excited, but at the same time maybe I shouldn't because if he leaves after his freshman year to go on a mission that's another 2 more years to wait. Same with John Ursua who will be gone for the next 2 years. Heck, I might not be alive in 2 or 3 years. At my retirement age, nothing is a given.

  101. RedZone:

    nice pick up.

  102. Warrior Dave:

    Welcome aboard Aaron!!!

  103. chawan_cut:

    keep em comin'!!!

  104. tommui:

    #96 AHouse #100 JimmytheLock

    I don't know about age 25 but:
    "As we age, we experience decreases in everything from hair and hearing to memory and muscle. Height is also on the list. Starting at about age 40, people typically lose about half an inch each decade, with some faster shrinkage after age 70. Senior citizens may shrink as much as three inches."

    And of course if the shrinkage is due to compression in the lumbar spine, that could lead to compression of the nerves that go to the lower extremities.

    Ask anyone (including me) that had to have surgery to decompress the lumbar disc which was compressing on the nerves.

    (Incidentally, the upper extremities - arms, etc nerves are from the cervical (neck) discs while the lower extremities (legs, feet, hips) nerves are from the lumbar spine - back)

  105. WarriorNY:

    I'll be sure to put something together so that everyone that wants to come can come. Maybe the Jets/Panthers preseason game in August??? Pollard vs. Pilares... That'd be fun to watch with some Warrior fans...

  106. A-House:


    Gray's Anatomy

  107. al:

    ah yes derek...holy grail material indeed.

    taylor graham, aaron zwhalen,...

  108. A-House:


    my disc above L5 continues to "buldge" and someday will hit the nerve.

    also, the bottom of my L5 vertabrae is "crushed", according to my x-rays and othopedic - as he says, like grains of rice.

  109. Chee Hoo:

    Zwahlen is the real deal. Saw him play last year and he's a good one! Nice touch on his passes (ala Leinart) and super fast running the ball. His height is legit - no 2" rule! With Chow at the reigns, QB position is in goods hands with Graham and Zwahlen. Check out this article on Zwahlen. Nice to know that we beat out the Donkeys from Boise and a host of other schools.


  110. Slugger:

    Welcome QB Zwahlen!

    Pork nishime today at Masa's.

  111. A-House:


    your holy grail will lead UH out of the doldrums to the never, never land?

  112. kev-1:

    Hard to get excited about a kid that may go on a mission. Not saying he's not a good catch, but a lot changes over the span of two years. Won't have any impact on this team for another three years. Maybe I'll get excited then.

  113. A-House:

    If Zwahlen starts and ends his collegiate football career, he may be the next magnificiant "gazelle" as Mrs A-House labeled Kapernick.

    With Zwahlen, it will be totally different as he will be a Warrior and simply adored by a host of "aunties".

  114. clyde:

    Re: 65. Hey, BG. Small coincidence that the state winner in the 200 meters to whom you refer is none other than Chow's other QB recruit: Baldwin's Keelan Ewaliko. As others have said, if QB doesn't work for Ewaliko, I can see him as a DB the way Blane Gaison transitioned. Ewaliko appears to be very athletic, and a real gamer.

  115. A-House:

    Zwahlen video:

    nice soft touch to receivers and what a "leg" - hope we get to see Dunnachie do this in 2012!

  116. Slugger:


    BHF2 & I already broke bread (rice) in Hilo a few years ago. I nominate him for President of the Big Island chapter. We have a bunch of Tsaikos there tho. So, if eating is da official activity, we already met that req.

  117. SteveM:

    June 25th, 2012 at 11:45 am
    I'll be sure to put something together so that everyone that wants to come can come. Maybe the Jets/Panthers preseason game in August??? Pollard vs. Pilares... That'd be fun to watch with some Warrior fans...

    WarriorNY, glad to see you step up to the plate. I suggest that you pick a restaurant (does not have to be buffet :) ), date and time and announce here on the blog. With 7-12 days advance notice, it will probably be seen by all New York Tsai-kos still posting or lurking.

    Post the announcement at least once per day at varying times.

  118. d1shima:

    #82 56 - who?

    O ye of little faith.

  119. gigi-hawaii:

    WarriorNY: Which city do you reside in? I used to live on the Upper West Side near Columbia U. 1970-75.

  120. d1shima:

    The Florida chapter formed when the late FloridaTed met with a visiting Garret.


    I'm pretty sure if Garret was with us at the Rosen Centre Hotel he would have had some kind of coupon for us to use. :lol:

  121. d1shima:

    Pork nishime today at Masa's.

    Did I mention again that I'm off on Tuesday? :-(

  122. NY Pake:

    My folks are still in forest hills queens. First thirty years of my life were all over the city. Including college in Harlem- about 30 blocks north of where you were Gigi

  123. gigi-hawaii:

    NY Pake: I resided on West 110 St. and Broadway, West 116 St. and Broadway, West 119th St and Amsterdam, and finally Riverside Drive. All were rent controlled.

  124. gigi-hawaii:

    Last time I visited NYC was in 1997. We stayed at the Hilton.

  125. SteveM:

    From the Scrapbook:

    [NO PHOTO]
    Founding of the Tsai-ko Florida Chapter – May 19, 2007
    Florida Ted (a.k.a. ted domay), President met with Garret from CA in Orlando, Florida.

    [photo of FloridaTed and d1shima]
    Florida Cattle Call -- FloridaTed and d1shima.
    Rosen Centre Hotel. Orlando, FL. April 8, 2008

  126. gigi-hawaii:

    so that's Florida Ted! Mahalo for the photo, SteveM. I wonder if he ever finished his book. He wanted me to edit it for him.

  127. SteveM:

    NY Pake -- welcome to the blog! Do you still reside in New York? If not in Hawaii, please tell us what city.

  128. jimmy the lock:

    Thanks RedZone.

    Greys Anatomy? Oh yeah, they are gospel. The show that doesn't know that "Hematomachrosis" should be "Hemochromatosis".

  129. A-House:

    We met Ted at the Golden Corral in Orlando with Bighilo2 and family, Chaw-wan, Alanbama, and Mark Takai the evening preceding the Florida game in September 2008.

    His novel was in its final editing process and soon to be published.

  130. d1shima:

    He may cross my toeses?

  131. A-House:


    since you are a stickler for details, I wrote Gray's Anatomy printed by Bounty.

  132. gigi-hawaii:

    A-House: Was it a novel? I thought it was his memoir.

  133. gigi-hawaii:

    A-House: you're too funny!

  134. SteveM:

    June 25th, 2012 at 12:50 pm
    We met Ted at the Golden Corral in Orlando with Bighilo2 and family, Chaw-wan, Alanbama, and Mark Takai the evening preceding the Florida game in September 2008.
    His novel was in its final editing process and soon to be published.

    Click here for photo :)

  135. jimmy the lock:

    More detail, it's Grey's Anatomy. lol

  136. A-House:


    by golly, we had fun that evening discussing so many things about UH football, places visited, food we ate, etc.

    Mrs A-House was approached by management because she was taking pictures of the buffet line, but she explained it was for her album collection to commoreate the dinner with special friends. They were afraid she was taking pics for a competitor.

  137. gigi-hawaii:

    Yeah, when I took photos of restaurants at Kahala Mall, security stopped me. Also, same thing happened inside Whole Foods Market. I posted what photos I had on my blog.

  138. koakane:

    now that slugger said it bhf2 is pres and slugger is affiliate.

  139. WarriorNY:

    Thanks for the 411. When do events usually take place?

    I live in an area of the Bronx called Throggs Neck. I ve mostly lived in the outer buroughs. Though I haven't lived in NY for too long just 4-5 years or so. I lived in SoCal before that.

  140. gigi-hawaii:

    Interesting how this blog has morphed with all kinds of rules and regulations - a far cry from Jan 2007 when 17 of us met for dinner at Murphy's.

  141. gigi-hawaii:

    WarriorNY: okay, that's good to know. I stayed with friends in the Bronx a few times. Their apartment was so much nicer than the rent controlled ones in NYC I lived in.

  142. koakane:

    slugger what is Tuesday lunch menu ?

  143. koakane:

    #141 change in this case is gpod

  144. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    My ohana down on the Panaewa homestead hosted a gathering of BI Tsaiko after spring scrimmage last year. Count them and the 20 or so attendees as memebers of Hilo/BI Tsaikos. No forget Uncle "HiloBilly" too, or Braddah Kurt!

  145. J-FORCE:

    Welcome Mr. Aaron Zwahlen. Your unofficial visit here and then committing early
    of becoming a warrior shows me you are focus and love the islands. Can't wait
    to see in a warrior uniform.


  146. al:

    ahouse...everyone is an hg prospect. not until one is worthy shall he be annointed

  147. SteveM:

    WarriorNY -- time and location is your call. I suggest a day like Saturday when most people don't work. Lunch is usually best for a first meeting.

    RE: gigi's #141 is conceptually similar. Someone (I forget who) selected Murphy's as the venue at a set date and time. gigi-hawaii announced it every day for a month or so... :)

    But since Tsai-kos are known to meet readily nowadays, I don't think you need a month lead time. :lol:

  148. gigi-hawaii:

    SteveM: Al was the one who reserved the table at Murphy's. That dinner was super nice. Cat, Leila, and Kekaula were there as well as the hard core Tsaikos. Wish we could have a repeat of that some night.

  149. Warrior Dave:

    Hey Gigi,

    How about our Miami Heat? :) I love it!!!

  150. SteveM:

    June 25th, 2012 at 12:17 pm

    BHF2 & I already broke bread (rice) in Hilo a few years ago. I nominate him for President of the Big Island chapter. We have a bunch of Tsaikos there tho. So, if eating is da official activity, we already met that req.

    Slugger --that's met the traditional requirement... :)

    As DPK noted, there are enough Big Island Tsai-kos who have met in person now, so maybe we can remove you as "affiliate". I have an ulterior motive--need you free to be the affiliate for the Arizona Tsai-kos the next time you visit there.

  151. gigi-hawaii:

    WDave: Yo, I hear ya! Way to go, Heat! I especially loved Miller and his 3 pointers!

  152. Graham:

    Is he a solid committ or is he going to bail if USC or BYU offers him?

  153. Stephen Tsai:

    Zwahlen's father: "I don't think he's going to change his mind. He feels really comfortable (with UH)."

  154. Shoko:

    For a kid his age, February can seem like an enternity. Especially for Warrior fans.

  155. d1shima:

  156. Shoko:

    Enternity = Eternity.

    Hmm, usually don't correct my spelling or grammar. If I did, I would be on the blog all day.

    Shoko is a product of the Hawaii public school system...lol.

  157. gigi-hawaii:

    ST: what kind of doctor is Aaron's father?

  158. Stephen Tsai:


  159. al:

    its time that the ncaa creates an early signing period for football. i believe all the other major sports have it in place. this would relieve the kids from a constant bombardment by college recruiters.

    and coaches would have more family time.

  160. DownSpout:

    How many of you, I wonder, will think immediately of UH football at Aloha Stadium when you read the second paragraph below?

    Few scenes in sports can match the emotional power of Irish soccer fans at the game against Spain in Poland, last week. In the final minute of a 4-0 loss to the defending champions, the Irish supporters could have booed and whistled at their own team or quietly filed out into the night. Instead, the 25,000-strong Green Army sang a beautiful rendition of the The Fields of Athenry, an Irish folk ballad that had witnesses agreeing afterward: There are no fans in the world more passionate, supportive and just plain fun than the Irish.

    ... No less an authority than NFL commissioner Roger Goodell marveled at European soccer, saying that he would love to replicate the spontaneous songs and chants that are as much a hallmark of the stadium experience as blaring music, Kiss cams and T-shirt cannons are part of the NFL and other artificially enhanced U.S. sports.

  161. gigi-hawaii:

    That's why I love it when people call Koreans the Irish of the Pacific.

  162. alnbama:

    Hey Mr. Ahouse, no forget aunty LizK was at the cattle call in Orlando too.

  163. d1shima:


    Let me characterize the prevailing attitude at Aloha Stadium:


    I do wat I like!

  164. koakane:

    d1 true dat

  165. koakane:

    #162 why cause dey little people?

  166. koakane:

    so #149 (hard core) you calling a cc?

  167. d1shima:


    But then that "spontaneity and exuberance" resulted in the Vuzuvula! :shock:

  168. gigi-hawaii:

    I would attend a cattle call if it were scheduled in the evening. Can't make it to lunch. Hubby would attend too.

  169. gigi-hawaii:

    Irish and Korean history is similar. Both divided north and south. Both invaded by other nations. etc.

    Hubby is part Irish.

  170. SteveM:

    gigi -- most evening cattle calls involved karaoke ;) , but there have been a few restaurant ones. Curt did put out a Dinner & Dance Call at the Hale Koa last year...

    gigi-hawaii, you were the Tsai-ko "party boss" in 2007 and Al was the "Restaurant Boss" as I recall. So you plan an evening cattle call yourself (but watch the cost). :)

  171. gigi-hawaii:

    How did Curt's dinner-dance call go? Hubby and I were both in pain -- he with his foot and me with my umbilical hernia. We both underwent sugery and are well now.

    Re: Karaoke. I really don't like karaoke, sorry.

    One of these days, I'll call for an evening CC. We'll see.

  172. duffer:

    I think al would love an evening cattle call! :-)

  173. gigi-hawaii:

    hopefully, al will be able to make it.

  174. al:

    duffer...i haven't had a tiffany's call in awhile. one of these days i just have to miss that last flight out.

  175. gigi-hawaii:

    I'm usually babysitting my grandson during the day. Evenings are better for me.

  176. BigHiloFan2:

    Howzit Tsaikos everywhere.

    Like da Tsaikos say, welcome to Warrior Nation Aaron Zwahlen .

    Hilo Tsaikos. Hilo Billy. Kawika49. BigIslandKurt. Sorry, no more lame excuses from dis brudda. Lets get togedda. eat your house.

    DPK. call me. going need help cooking and drinking. :D can bust out a pig. say, 2 Sats from now.

  177. Bryson:

    Sounds like JT may have cleared the hurdles that he needed to clear to join the Warriors this season....

  178. kawika49:

    #178 BHF You're on.

  179. LizKauai:

    Tsai-ko nation expansion.

  180. SteveM:

    Awright...Big Island Tsai-ko roll call...

    Hilo Billy
    Hilo Poi Dog
    Hilo Moon

  181. jm2375:

    Two and a half months till the first home game. Is the pavilion really still out-of-order? Hasn't it been like more than a year and a half? So, we're relegated to the lower deck for this season again?

  182. gigi-hawaii:

    Of all those BI Tsaikos, C0hiba is the one I met. We had lunch together in Waikoloa in July 2011. Super nice guy!

  183. kawika49:

    #184 We're all nice guys.

  184. d1shima:

  185. jm2375:


    RIP John Koko.

  186. el burro sabio:

    Highlight videos are meaningless if you don't know who the opposing team is. Offering a scholarship to a player, now that credibility.

  187. gigi-hawaii:

    kawika49: yeppers, you are super-nice, too!!!

  188. jm2375:

    gigi - a Tsaiko Karaoke Kall is unlike any other karaoke outing. If you no like sing, nobody forces you. Tsaikos get plenny really good kine tsingers and their signature songs are legendary. :lol:

  189. d1shima:

    RIP John Koko

  190. gigi-hawaii:

    jm: yah I hear ya. However, I don't like to listen to music. I prefer conversation and good food.

  191. jm2375:

    for the large KKs, think Tsaiko-gate with music.

  192. koakane:

    just heard about John Koko of Makaha Sons

    condolences to Koko ohana

  193. Slugger:

    Sorry to hear about John Koko. Condolences to the 'ohana.

  194. sean:

    yes very nice man, met him at the airport along with the rest of the makaha son's. will be missed for sure. blessings to his family

  195. Sean:


  196. mo808:

    Good Morning! Welcome to the Warriors Aaron!
    Sorry to hear about Makaha Sons' John Koko! Condolences to the Koko Ohana!

  197. wafan:

    Good morning Tsai-kettes and Tsai-kos!

  198. wafan:

    Sad to hear about John Koko.

    Prayers and condolences to the family.

  199. mctruck:

    Slugger...ur#111, pork nishime..one of my favorites; when I can get it. mmmmmm. wit macoroni salad on the side.

  200. mctruck:

    My condolences to John Koko's family.

  201. 702WarriorFan:

    wafan - hitting the road, see you soon.
    Morning Tsaikos
    Condolences to Mr. John Koko's Family.

  202. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Very sorry to hear about John Koko. Condolences to his ohana.

  203. wafan:

    702 . . .

    Safe travels!

  204. Slugger:

    Morning, gang!

    See some of you at lunch today. Sorry, I don't know what the specials are for Tuesday. Will try to post when I get to work.

    hi ho, hi ho...


  205. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Nice write-up on Aaron Zwahlen this morning...Chow DyNasty!

  206. Abunai:

    Terrible weather today.....

  207. Tausha:

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  208. BigHiloFan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    Kawika49. heard you.

    Big Island cc. Awright...Big Island Tsai-ko roll call...

    inviting all da odda Big Island Tsaikos.

    Hilo Billy
    Hilo Poi Dog
    Hilo Moon
    Staceyj an any i porget. maybe you like come visit your hilo ohana kekoa. and DPK.

    howz about Saturday, july 7, 2012 noonish. iget plenty choice locations. let me know if the day time is good or not. i'm open on date time and location.

  209. BigHiloFan2:

    i love the part of the Warrior story that says "Coach is kickin @$$"


  210. BigHiloFan2:

    ok gotta go. hi ho hi ho.

    Go Warriors!

  211. Pomai:

    #211 - has there been a cc called for?

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