Podlewski departs; brother Mike feels the draft

June 28th, 2012

Assistant coach Vernon Podlewski is leaving the volleyball Warriors to take a job with a solar-panel company.

It's always sad when one of the good guys departs. But it makes sense for Podlewski, who has two young children. His son is 13 weeks old.

Podlewski was the star libero for the 2002 Warriors, who defeated Pepperdine in the NCAA title match. He also was with the U.S. national team for a bit. Before joining the Warriors as a coach, he was head coach of MPI's girls' volleyball team for two years.

jhvpJeff Hall, Podlewski

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For nearly 30 years, brother Mike has participated in a fantasy basketball league. Thing is, he and his friend Mark are the league's only members. All of which means he doesn't like change, and when it comes to basketball knowledge, he is in a league of his own.

Here is brother Mike's mock draft:

The real uncertainty comes into play play at mid-lottery and continues all the way to the end of the first round, in part because while there appears to be an above-average number of prospects with legitimate potential for long, solid careers, question marks abound. Do Kendall Marshall's court awareness and passing skills outweigh his lack of athleticism? Is 6-foot-11 Perry Jones III really a 3, as handlers have sought to repackage him during individual workouts? At what point in the draft does Andre Drummond's spectacular physical gifts make it worth overlooking the fact that he was too often an enormous non-factor in his one season at UConn?

Complicating matters is the fact that last-minute maneuvering by teams looking to trade up, down or out of the draft will upset the best-laid draft strategies.

In other words, don't blame me if, like my big brother's layup attempts, this unreasonably wordy stab at a mock draft falls somewhere short of the mark.

1. New Orleans: Anthony Davis, the Frida Kahlo of college hoops, has been likened to Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, even Bill Russell. I can't shake the feeling that Marcus Camby might be the more apt comparison. In any case, he's going No. 1. Period.

2. Charlotte: Thomas Robinson. Michael Jordan’s Bobcats went all-in with their effort to tank their way to the top pick – and whiffed. There’s a possibility they’ll trade this pick to try and addressmultiple needs, but if they keep it, Robinson, who measured well at the combine, seems to be a solid building block for a franchise in need of everything.

3. Washington: Bradley Beal. Newly acquired Trevor Ariza is not the long-term solution at shooting guard and Beal, whose stock has risen steadily over the last month, would be a nice scoring complement to FG%-challenged John Wall. Barnes might also be a wise choice here if Washington wants to build a size advantage in the backcourt.

4. Cleveland: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Critics have honed in on MKG’s broken jump shot, but the guy can flat out play — at both ends of the court. (Anyone who prefers Barnes here should recall the early-season Kentucky-North Carolina matchup, in which Kidd-Gilchrist basically took Barnes’ lunch money, shoes and best girl.) Pair MKG with sweet-shooting Kyrie Irving and the Cavs have their backcourt set for the next decade.

5. Sacramento: Andre Drummond. The Kings seem to have little guiding principle in their acquisition of individually promising but ill-matched talents. If Drummond pans out, he gives the Kings an athletic rim protector to complement offensively gifted knucklehead DeMarcus Cousins. It’s a treacherous risk-reward decision for an organization that might benefit from a more conservative approach.

6. Portland: Damian Lillard. The high-scoring guard from Weber State is said to be a near lock for Portland. If so, the Blazers see a promising point guard with prodigious scoring ability and not a 22-year-old junior who put up big numbers against less-than-elite competition.

7.  Golden State: Harrison Barnes. Dion Waiters might make more sense here, especially given Stephen Curry’s wobbly ankles, but the Warriors are unlikely to pass up the opportunity to upgrade their small forward position from the likes of Richard Jefferson, Dorell Wright and Brandon Rush.

8. Toronto: Arnett Moultrie. This is a bit of a reach, but with no clear cut best-available-talent choice available here, the Raptors can address a pressing need at power forward with the 6-11 bruiser from Mississippi State. John Henson is more highly regarded, but he lacks the frame to be an effective complement to the improving Andrea Bargnani.

9. Detroit: John Henson. The 6-10 Tar Heel doesn’t have a lot bulk, but he does have length, hops and quickness — all qualities that would likely work well in tandem with rising star Greg Monroe, a beastly offensive rebounder and low-post scorer.

10. New Orleans: Dion Waiters. The buzz, not much of a pun intended, has been that the Hornets are intrigued with the possibility of drafting Duke’s Austin Rivers and letting him run the point. That wouldn’t seem to make much sense if Waiters, who is just as adept at getting to the rim and who had more natural point guard inclinations, is available this late.

11. Portland: Austin Rivers. With Jamal Crawford on the free-agent market, Rivers could be a wise insurance policy. He’s a polarizing figure because of his perceived difficulty in playing within a teamconcept, but he has undeniable talent and the confidence of a winner.

12. Houston Rockets: Jeremy Lamb. This is the first of two picks the Rockets acquired in their bid to stockpile assets for a potential Dwight Howard or Pau Gasol trade. If they wind up keeping the pick, they could do a lot worse than the polished Lamb, who could eventually replace perpetual trade bait Kevin Martin.

13. Phoenix: Meyers Leonard. There is a very good chance that Leonard won’t last this long, but if he’s the best bet for a Suns teams that has many holes to plug. Kendall Marshall, who worked out twice for the Suns, could also go here, although that would clearly be a decision based on need (adieu Steve Nash) not talent.

14. Milwaukee: Tyler Zeller. The Bucks need size after trading Samuel Dalembert to Houston. Zeller measures 7-feet in shoes and boasts above-average athleticism and the polish of a four-year college player. He also gets to the line and converts his free throws. Solid.

15. Philadelphia: Terrence Ross.  A prototypical swing who demonstrated judicious shot selection in his two years at Washington, Ross should fit in well in Doug Collins’ system.

16. Houston: Perry Jones III. Although underwhelming in his two years at Baylor, where his handlers say he was misused as a power forward, Jones has an intriguing skill set for someone his size. He could be a poor man’s LaMarcus Aldridge. If not … Brad Sellers?

17. Dallas: Moe Harkless. The Mavs are still in the hunt for Deron Williams and Dwight Howard, so whomever they draft here might end up being a throw-in. Still, Harkless has good size for the small forward position and with the right development he could give the Mavs a little of what they were hoping to get from Mr. Khloe Kardashian last year.

18. Houston: Marquis Teague. Jeff Teague’s little brother is raw but has a higher ceiling than Marshall, the other best remaining point guard still out there.

19. Orlando: Terrence Jones. It’s a near certainty that the Magic will need to find a replacement for Howard sooner than later. They won’t come close this far into the draft but Jones, though a bit of a tweener, at least brings defense and rebounding.

20. Denver: Kendall Marshall. The Nuggets are set at point guard with Ty Lawson but are likely to lose Andre Miller to free agency. Marshall, like Anthony Carter, is the type of solid decision-maker George Karl likes in his backups. Doesn’t hurt that he’s a Carolina guy.

21. Boston: Andrew Nicholson. Even if Kevin Garnett returns for another run, the Celts need some serious help in the frontcourt. Nicholson, at 6-10, 235, can play near the basket or step out on offense. He also defends aggressively.

22. Boston: Royce White. The Celts are rumored to have made a promise to the versatile small forward, but even if they haven’t he’s still the logical pick here. Jared Sullinger is another possibility, although he probably isn’t capable of defending the way Doc Rivers demands.

23. Atlanta: Jared Sullinger. The free fall has to stop somewhere. Medical red flags and all, Sullinger is a low-risk bargain this far down in the draft.

24. Cleveland: Quincy Miller. Like Sullinger, the 6-10 forward from Baylor would likely go much higher were it not for lingering medical concerns. If his knee is healthy, he could be the steal of the draft.

25. Memphis: Tony Wroten. He’s a little wild and he comes with off-court concerns, but as a 6-6 point guard, Wroten could offer the Grizzlies a very different look behind starter Mike Conley.

26. Indiana: Fab Melo. He’s a big-time project, but he’ll have time to develop playing behind All-Star Roy Hibbert.

27. Miami: Will Barton. The athletic swingman from Memphis is a capable scorer who rebounds exceptionally well for his size.

28. Oklahoma City: Evan Fournier. The young 6-7 forward could probably use another season or two in the French first division. The Thunder can wait.

29. Chicago: Tyshawn Talor. The Bulls could use help at the two, so Doron Lamb might be a possibility here, but the underrated Taylor is agood option should the team fail to resign CJ Watson as Derrick Rose’s backup.

30. Golden State: Festus Ezeli. The 6-11 center from Nigeria posted modest numbers at Vanderbilt but reminds some of former lottery pick Ekpe Udoh, whom the Warriors traded to Milwaukee last  year.

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    Who's in charge of ink spills?

  3. jimmy the lock:

    Clean the copy machine.

  4. tommui:


    The SA also has a mock-draft in the print media - probably also on its web - haven't check there.

    Two more days for BSU to fish or cut bait - of course they could try to stall their decision which would cost them $$$. Couldn't happen to a nicer conference jumper!

  5. HiFlyer:

    Good Morning to all.

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    Good Morning Gangeez!

    I like that rustic look in todays post.

    No use crying over spilled ink.

    I didn't realze that one of the Inkspots was going to be a guest on the WB. Will he be singing any of their old standards?

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  7. Stephen Tsai:

    For some reason, when you transfer type from one format to another, the splotches occur. I now have to retype his entire essay.

  8. jimmy the lock:

    Here's the original print:

    "The first five minutes of today’s NBA Draft are likely to be the least dramatic of the 2012 NBA season. The three or four hours that follow should be much more intriguing, for while it is universally acknowledged that be-browed Kentucky prodigy Anthony Davis will be selected by New Orleans with the No. 1 overall pick, after that it’s anyone’s guess. There’s general consensus that Florida’s Bradley Beal, Kansas’ Thomas Robinson, North Carolina’s Harrison Barnes and Davis’ Wildcats teammate Michael Kidd-Gilchrist will be the next to leave the green room, although in what order no one can seem to agree. Each has been mentioned as potential No. 2 picks; each has also appeared in the latter half of the lottery in at least one or two mocks. The real uncertainty comes into play at mid-lottery and continues all the way to the end of the first round,"

  9. Pomai:

    I would like to join A-joe: Boise not goin.

  10. jimmy the lock:

    Never mind. It got worse.

  11. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Some of its gone now? Spot remover?

  12. jimmy the lock:

    Go Boise, just go.


    Heres my top 5:
    Cavs will trade for #2 pick

    Hornets: Anthony Davis
    Cavs: Bradley Beal
    Wizards: Thomas Robinson
    Bobcats: Harrison Barnes
    Kings: Damian Lillard

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    #9 who dat

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    what spills?

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    I once spilled spot remover on the floor, couldn't find my dog after that.

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    morning again 808 sunny with trades

    all's good now ........ is it chow time yet

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  19. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Not too interested in the NBA. Too many "divas". I mean, how screwed up is a league that permits its stars to dictate who the head coach will be? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

  20. koakane:

    what's up with the MW web site always freezes up .... a sign of things to come?

  21. Stephen Tsai:

    OK. I'm done with the repairs. Back on vacation.

  22. Stephen Tsai:

    I like the MW.
    They sent me a text about the registration deadline for the media days.
    They they did a follow-up call.



    expect The MW , Big West , WAC , SEC , MAC , Big EAST , SUN BELT , BIG12 pages to be completely different when you wake up Sunday Morning



    How do you feel about the playoff?
    Should Hawaii focus more on the BCS bowls then the playoffs?
    How does Coach Chow feel about the playoffs?

  25. Stephen Tsai:

    I don't think the playoff is ideal, but it is a good start to eventually going to eight. They weren't going to jump from two teams to eight, so going with four at least ends the BCS.
    Chow is concerned mostly with USC.

  26. Wes'side Warrior:

    Howzit, everyone!

    Lost interest in the NBA after Detroit traded Billups for Iverson. Think it was back in '08. Loved Billups' leadership and hated Iverson's... well... everything.


    Any Bruddahs and Sistahs in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, or Florida... we meeting up at da Arena at Gwinnett Center dis Sunday, 01JULY, in support of Bruddah Richard Torres and Bruddah Bryant Moniz... former UH Warriors who now play for da Georgia Force. Only two home games left. Dis one starts at 3pm. Doors open at 2pm. Was going tailgate, but going be 102 degrees. So, maybe just meet up in da Arena mo' bettah, since get a/c. Wear your Warrior Green so we can spock you guys! Aftah da game pau, we going meet on da field to talk story wit' da boyz, take pikchas, whatevas...
    Be there. Aloha!

    ~Bruddah D



    If Hawaii goes undefeated in the feature , it's most likely we will end up in a BCS game than one of the Semifinal BCS games. Isn't it a win win situation for UH from getting a big payday and recognition?

  28. Stephen Tsai:

    Looks like Spencer Smith is now a fan of the Georgia Force.


    end up in one of the other 4 BCS bowl games than the 2 semifinal games

  30. gigi-hawaii:

    I enjoy watching NBA games, especially the playoffs and finals. FUN AND EXCITING!

    I hope Michael Jordan's team is more successful this year than last, mainly because I like Michael Jordan. No other reason. Lol.

    As for Miami, they'll only get better. Repeat champ next year?!

  31. gigi-hawaii:

    Mike: Have you really been following college basketball to know who the rising stars are?

  32. Wes'side Warrior:

    Isn't Spencer Smith originally from Georgia?

  33. A-joe:

    Aiyah! How come Rich stay sand off the three point lines at the Stan the past few days? Don't believe it was for aesthetic purposes or he was bored...

  34. wafan:

    Okay, not Norma's but Subway.

    Looks like Norma's will have to wait until August or September.

    Tsigh . . .

  35. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    I was going to ask if it was Brother Mike who wrote all that, but got the answer. :)
    Hi Mike!

  36. Wes'side Warrior:

    Bruddah Mo just got interviewed by Da Force...

    Check it out...


  37. wafan:

    Go Mo!

    Thanks for the link WW.

  38. al:

    ww,..you pick up those subliminal messages real well.

  39. al:

    thanks for the link!

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    ink spot remover...i thought one day i accidently removed the boss.
    so i crack open a beer at 9 am only to get busted because she was all the while doing laundry in the garage.

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    would that be norma's the hamburger chain in the northwest?

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    #22...whose, they they??

  45. jimmy the lock:

    Super Mario! Magnifico!

  46. jimmy the lock:

    Italia contro Spagna nella finale del Campionato Europeo!

  47. mctruck:

    Fo lunch, we(I), had pork-fried-rice/fried oysters and grilled jumbo shrimp. yummmzies!!

  48. mctruck:

    Two mo days before UH olympic sports officially joins da BigWest...can't wait because I feel that's a perfect match(conference) for dem.

  49. wafan:

    al . . .

    Only two -- both on Martin Way.


    "Original" and best is at 7210 Martin Way. Small indoor eating area and al fresco.

    Interesting history of the place.

  50. lava:

    Good analysis of the draft. Enjoyable reading, even if it is proven to be off.

  51. jimmy the lock:

    Seems odd that softball and baseball are not Olympic sports.

  52. mctruck:

    I just can't get the hang of that term, "olympic sports."

  53. jimmy the lock:

    It's not like the Greeks played those sports in old Mt. Olympus.

  54. Mad Dog:

    Boise State is not officially locked out of the Big West for their olympic sports.

    The Big West did not vote on Boise State’s application for membership during a conference call Tuesday, according to UC-Santa Barbara Athletic Director Mark Massari. Massari told the Santa Barbara News-Press that Boise State has yet to offer a specific amount on travel subsidies or any additional money to get into the California-based league.

    Massari told the newspaper that Boise State may have to “help subsidize the conference even more and not just pay for us go up there,” though he said it is better than a 50-50 chance that the Broncos end up in the league.


  55. jimmy the lock:

    Why do we go counter-clockwise, almost always, on a round or oval track? Track & Field, horse racing, auto racing, roller derby, merry-go-round, dog racing...

  56. gigi-hawaii:

    Al: cracking open a beer at 9 am is kinda early. I drank a Corona Lite at 11 am. Much better! I can drink at mid day today because I am not babysitting my 2 yr old grandson. No drinking on the job! Lol.

  57. gigi-hawaii:

    Mctruck: you had a fantastic lunch!!! I want some.

  58. gigi-hawaii:

    going to Jack n the box for a spicy chicken sandwich. aloha!

  59. A-House:

    wahine softball was an "olympic sport" until it was banned 2 or 3 years ago because the Americans won all the gold medals - so the Europa countries grumbled and won

    "counter clockwise" - me thinks becuse they drive on the "wrong side of the road"

  60. A-House:

    Burger King has a special this weekend - original chicken sandwich for $1.05 ( if I heard correctly )

  61. A-House:

    Olympic weight lifting - only reason the USSR (which no longer exists) won so many medals is because they used athletes from their "border countries" to represent them -now, they lift for their own country

  62. A-House:

    why "border countries" - so they would absord the brunt of any NATO attack on/against Russia - very old military theory

    today, with technology, misslies and bombs can be lauched from many, many miles away and still hit Russia.

  63. A-House:

    can't wait to get to Vegas so I can wager $$ on the UH/USC game - spread now at -38.5 for USC

  64. A-House:

    co-worker who was born and raised in Boulder Colorado says fire ragin near U of Colorado - said it's on the "outskirts" near campus

    now, how in the heck did the wind carry all those ambers from Fort Collins to Boulder - that's a long ways!

    do I hear a cry of ARSON!!!

  65. ai-eee-soos:

    Kau's Pua Kailiawa will return home to play for Rainbow Wahine Basketbows ...

    “Pua is a rebounding machine with the capability of being a dominant post player in the Big West Conference,” UH coach Laura Beeman said in a statement. “She is a strong ‘back-to-the-basket’ post that can shoot the three and welcomes contact."

    " ... can shoot the three and WELCOMES contact. ... " Right On !!!


  66. K-Bay:

    Welcome Home, Pua !

    1) Now IF we can get the rest of the Big Island Stars to head back Home...
    (This Coach didn't Offend...AND WHY So Sensitive... ?
    Make Pono and Work for the Greater Good...

    2) AND More BIGS were promised ...
    To Quote Bruddah Iz in these somber times...
    Lookin'' Forward to the Future

  67. A-House:

    Pua, welcome home to the Wahine Ohana!!

    I like this - local players coming home to represent Hawaii!!!!!

  68. A-House:

    Hope in my life time I will witness Hawaii's student athletes state UH as their #1 choice for any sport fielded by UH-Manoa - ok, now to live that long!

  69. Last Call:

    Can't trust those ads on TV. What is $1.99 on TV is $4.99 in Hawai`i.Read the fine print at the bottom of the screen the manager tells me.

  70. Last Call:

    I'm following the adventures of a new recruit on twitter who arrived here recently for summer school. It reminds me of when the Clampetts moved to Hollywood.

  71. mo808:

    @60 Hey Gigi the way to get around that is to rationalize that if you were in Vegas it would be 11:00am at a certain time of the year :)

  72. d1shima:


    Click on my name for the solution.

  73. Kevin:

    I don't know what the situation for Pua Kailiawa is, but I am reminded of something.

    There are many unheard cases where local kids just couldn’t meet UH Manoa's admission requirements.

    They go JC or to a CC, do their time to get their grades to UH Manoa's liking and then go back when they can qualify.

    It doesn’t mean the kid is dumb or not good in class. UH Manoa has different requirements and people can testify to this. Even some "bigger" schools don’t have the certain requirements that UH Manoa has.

    Its kind of a sensative subject because of the assumptions, but its also not a secret though I can understand why coaches don’t make these things publicly known, but again it's not a secret.

    It leads to false accusations that a UH coach didn't recruit so and so, and while in some cases that is the truth, in other cases (more than some think) the truth of the matter is they couldn’t get them into UH because of admission standards.

  74. jimmy the lock:

    That visual of the wind carrying all those women named Amber from Ft. Collins to Boulder made me smile.

    Regarding baseball and softball. Big mistake by the Olympic committee, or whoever votes to include or exclude "sports", to eliminate those sports. Want to eliminate a sport, take out equestrian. curling (does look fun though), trampoline, and rhythmic gymnastics.

  75. mo808:

    D1, you always crack me up! (I had to go grab my IPad to click on your name cause my 4G iphone doesn't allow a hyperlink)

  76. al:

    ajoe, bik...rejoice. ka'u high represent.

  77. al:

    wafan...i am sure mr. mui would love to dine there, he the connosieur of the american favorite.

  78. al:

    i would never drink a beer at 9 am. not unless i was standing in front of the megabucks jackpot that i just pulled.

  79. mo808:


  80. wafan:

    al . . .

    Have yet to see anyone enjoy the Duke at Norma's. Nope, not me!

  81. A-joe:

    Al- For real, yeah?

    Last time we had reps was with McGuire-Turcotte and Karratti in women's Track n Field.

    Pua is good. She has a younger sister, Pili, who just graduated and is heading off to the mainland this fall to play college ball. Their parents are wonderful people.

  82. wafan:

    Welcome home to Wahine Kailiawa!


  83. gigi-hawaii:

    I used to think Corona was THE beer to drink. Hubby went along with it because it tasted good. He hated lite beers, though, because they lacked body and taste.

    HOWEVER, daughter left behind some Corona Lite when she left for the mainland, and today I drank one. I was surprised that it tasted so good. Wow! And to think it is less fattening, too.

    Corona LITE -- the beer to drink!

  84. jimmy the lock:

    Beer does not make a person fat.

  85. gigi-hawaii:

    Jimmy: Don't high caloric beverages increase your weight?

  86. mctruck:

    Free beer always tastes very good....bwaaaahahaha!

  87. gigi-hawaii:

    Mctruck: unfortunately, she left behind only 2 beers.

    Now, I have to drink hubby's beer: Beck's

  88. jimmy the lock:

    Lack of exercise and over-consumption of calories make you fat. Many don't drink beer yet are fat.

  89. gigi-hawaii:

    Jimmy: I can't argue with that. Paul Newman drank gallons of beer but was trim.

  90. gigi-hawaii:

    Anyway, Corona Lite tastes better than Bud Lite.

  91. mctruck:


    So you had to drink dem two beers to make mo room in your fridge, right?...anyway, dat was a good excuse...ha,ha!.....hey!! I've gotten up in the morning craving for a nice ice cold beer myself and was oishi!

  92. jimmy the lock:

    When it comes to drinks, to each his own. Whatever makes you happy. Enjoy the company.

  93. mctruck:

    I am partial to Anhizah-natural lite...in a can yet!?, my x-wife got me hooked on it except she liked da one in the bottles.

  94. gigi-hawaii:

    Mctruck: I keep seeing those commercials for Coors Lite and wonder about those indicators that turn color when the beer is really cold. How does that mechanism work?

  95. RedZone:

    Damn might have to go to the Baylor game. I want to see if the tita can chop down the tree.

    Welcome home Pua.

  96. mctruck:


    Oh now wit company you forcing me to drink at least two beers.

  97. gigi-hawaii:

    RedZone: wow, you are verbose today. Usually, you type initials.

  98. mctruck:

    yeah, only if you look at dem real hard.

  99. mctruck:

    wat I can't see is dat miller beer where you have to punch in another hole to drink it?, talk about wasted time and energy? tell me they need a gimmick to sell their beer?

  100. gigi-hawaii:

    Well, hole or no hole and cold indicators or none -- I can't stand canned beer because the beer tastes metallic.

    Only bottles for me.

  101. mctruck:

    i really don't taste the metal...must be my taste buds are dead...many years ago, I could.

  102. mctruck:

    so, you think bsu or BW going to decide tmr on the conference thingeee??

  103. gigi-hawaii:

    you know, I just can't get all worked up about BSU and the BW. I let the big boys make the decision. No sweat the small stuff.

  104. mctruck:

    get back to me after another cpl beers.

  105. jimmy the lock:

    Beer is brewed in metal vats. Beer equipment is metal. Kegs are metal.

  106. jimmy the lock:

    Bottles and cans are just containers. Pour beer in a glass and then drink it.

  107. gigi-hawaii:

    nah. My taste buds note the difference between bottles and cans immediately.

  108. gigi-hawaii:

    I guess the BEST beer I ever tasted was at the Hofbrau Haus in Munich.

    Frothy beer from the tap.

  109. jimmy the lock:

    Pour them in a glass and out of 100 blind taste tests I bet you can't guess with 100% accuracy which one is from a can and which is from a bottle.

  110. jm2375:

    Best wishes to Vern Podlewski in his new job. Hopefully we'll still see them at games next season.


  111. mo808:

    Solar business must be good! All the best to Podlewski!

  112. jimmy the lock:

    And the tap is made of...metal.

  113. Manoa:

    From what is known, there are no rules stating who gets taken by the old BCS bowls that are not part of the playoffs. Therefore, these bowls no longer have to take the non-qualifier schools who have great seasons like they would have under the BCS rules. If these bowls get to choose, then they will not take schools from the MWC, CUSA, etc.. The bowls with the last pick under the old rules always got stuck with the non-qualifier schools like Hawaii, Boise, and TCU. Now no rules and they take who they want.

  114. al:

    ajoe...without having the opportunity to watch pua in action and merely judging by her stats sounds like she plays to possess the paint.

    maybe we dub her the "ka'u eraser".

  115. al:

    add to the list of favorite beers...

    alaska amber, first amber to embrace the throat
    grolsch in the swing top bottle premium pilsner 5%

    some good.

    peroni still heads the list...you know the real green bottle.

  116. al:

    hey, i hear recruiting is not done yet for the year and i don't mean replacement for the israeli army either.

    sworn to secrecy so don't ask please.

  117. tommui:

    #84 AL - I downloaded WAFAN's reference to Norma's.

    The place is around the Tacoma area and I don't think I ever been in Tacoma other than passing by driving to Portland or back from Portland to Seattle.

    I will put it on a reference list for possible future trips.

  118. Kevin:


    Blue Moon, Abyss 11% alcohol btw..., Dead Guy Ale, Fat Tire, Young's Chocolate Stout....

  119. gigi-hawaii:

    well, Tom recommended Tsingtao beer, so we bought it and tasted it. Too hearty for my taste, but hubby enjoyed it.

    The sense of taste is so subjective, you really can't quantify it.

    Same with the sense of smell. One person's favorite perfume may smell stink to someone else.

  120. Shoko:

    Actually, Norma's is in Olympia. South of Joint Base Ft. Lewis/Mcchord.

  121. gigi-hawaii:

    Tom: Have you tried the burgers at The Counter in Kahala Mall? They are ono and I am sure you will like them.

  122. tommui:

    #135 Gigi - yep, been there a couple of times. Good stuff!

  123. tommui:

    GIGI #133 - just saw your message. I think you mentioned the beer before and I told you that I would be visiting the brewery as part of the tour and would take some pictures for you.

    Beer drinking recommendation? I don't drink but I did have a sip at Tsingtao.
    I guess all beers are somewhat of an acquired taste.

  124. gigi-hawaii:

    Well, this Sunday, hubby and I will be celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary at the Top of Waikiki. We've been there before and just love how the restaurant revolves and we can see a panaromic view of the city.

  125. gigi-hawaii:

    so Al: recruiting is not over. What else is new? Recruiting is never over for any sport.

  126. Kevin:

    Recruiting is never over…

    That year-around factor also can offer some challenges… unforeseen challenges.

    Currently Coach Coolen is on his second recruiting stop of the summer. Previously he was at a tournament in Vegas, came back to Hawaii for a few weeks, then is now in Colorado.

    The wild fires have not been a factor.

  127. gigi-hawaii:

    Think the kids in Colorado can hardly wait to leave the fires. The air must be hard to breathe and with power down, no a/c.

  128. gigi-hawaii:

    someone said he doesn't think the Warriors will do well this season. He said the coach (Chow) is good, but he doesn't have the players.

    I told him to pay attention to the defense. They will win games for us.

  129. gigi-hawaii:

    I worry about the QBs - Graves and Higgins. Think they are any good? Graves is not very accurate, and Higgins - is he a leader? Does he have the respect of the team?

  130. Wes'side Warrior:

    Yeah, Al, I usually catch on to subliminals with very little hints required. Hahaha!

    Welcome home, Pua!

    As for beers... I was never too picky in my drinking years. Got sick off of big-mouth mickeys, so I stayed away from them. My favorite was some bottled Henry Weinhard's, introduced to me while I was stationed in California. But, as long as it was cold, and especially free, I'd partake. Haven't had a drink since my last year in Korea... back in the spring of 1991.

  131. Stretch:

    gigi - you sure you want to start talking about the quarterbacks?? We all know what happened the last time you started talking about who should be the starter

  132. Warrior Dave:

    Picked up a box of Spicy Chicken Mcbites $1.00 at downtown McDonald's. The sign said it was a special from 6/26 to 6/29. Box is pretty good size and very spicy! Cannot go wrong for the price :)

  133. gigi-hawaii:

    Stretch: last I heard, this is a democracy and freedom of speech is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. If you don't want to participate in the discussion, it's your choice.

  134. ai-eee-soos:

    Pua Kailiawa / team photo.

    other info at that site.


  135. Warrior Dave:

    #117 Al, Don't bring up teasers like that if you not going share :)

    That's like the wife bringing home 10 bags candy for easter and say to the kids "don't ask me where I hid them."

  136. mo808:

    I've always been concerned about the O-Line. Whoever is back there needs time. I'm hoping for the best.

  137. gigi-hawaii:

    yeah, me too. O line

  138. ai-eee-soos:

    from same link above:

    Most BLOCKS -Game - Pua Kaliawa: 8; 2011

    Most BLOCKS - Season Pua - Kailiawa: 93; 2010-2011

  139. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Don't drink so much these days, but this blog has me cravin' a fancy schmancy beer or two. gigi should know how young and impressionable I am. Better get dinner cooked pronto so I can run to the store with Sweety to get a brew.

    I toast the Tsaikos and celebrate Pua's homecoming tonight!

  140. Kevin:

    Too many people HIDE behind the whole Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Expression thing.

    If people wanna be jerks it's their right. If people say things that offend others, then it is their right to respond, barring threats of violence (even though I personally think some people warrant a punch to their face.. But that is a different subject matter and such individual is hibernating again until female student athletes become targets again for online tirades come the fall...)

    Anyway. If I say QB 1 sucks and person #2 says my judgement sucks. Baddah bing baddah boom.. Guess what? No one violated anything.

    Same tired argument with the basics of it being twisted to suit one person's interpretation of selfishness....

  141. gigi-hawaii:

    DPK: what suits your fancy? or will any brew do? Lol

  142. Kevin:


    Ain't nothing wrong with a brew once in a while.

  143. mo808:

    DPK, cheers!

  144. gigi-hawaii:

    I guess we should focus on beverages rather than football, huh? Lol.

    Look, I am very sorry if I stepped on any toes, OK? Didn't mean to do that.

  145. mo808:

    Gigi, I like that everyone hear says what's on their minds. I admire graciousness too!

  146. HawaiiMongoose:

    Manoa, re #114, I'm seeing a lot of conflicting reports about how teams will be selected for berths in the BCS bowls that aren't hosting championship semifinals.

    Here's what we know:

    - There will be six BCS bowls, providing twelve total berths.
    - On a rotating basis, two of the BCS bowls will host championship semifinal games, using up four berths.
    - The BCS bowls that don't host semifinal games may have conference tie-ins; so far we know of five such tie-ins (Pac 12 and Big 10 in the Rose Bowl, SEC and Big 12 in the new Champions Bowl, and ACC in the Orange Bowl).

    So at a minimum, in any given year there will be at least three at-large BCS bowl berths (12-4-5=3). According to some reports, the at-large berths will NOT be filled by the bowl sponsors but rather by the same BCS selection committee that picks the championship semifinalists, applying the same criteria which emphasize strength of schedule and winning a conference championship. If that's true, an MWC champion that finishes in the top 12 nationally would have a reasonable chance of being selected for one of the at-large berths.

  147. gigi-hawaii:

    Sports is an emotional topic. I get that. Just because I thought there might be a quarterback controversy (there might not be), it doesn't mean I am anti-Warrior. Far from it. I am a UH alumna, and as such I will always support my team both verbally as well as financially.

  148. Shoko:

    Wow! Josten just got picked in the second round by the Hornets!!

  149. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    gigi -

    If I can't find Peroni's, then a beer which goes with braised chops and mushroom gravy. Tsingtao mebbe. We only eat pork or beef once a week anymore, so I'm gonna double up on diet no-no's tonight! :evil:

    Thanks mo and Kevin, same to you!

  150. Shoko:

    Guess I'm the only one watching the NBA draft because no one called me on that fib. ;)

  151. gigi-hawaii:

    DPK, sounds like a plan. Go for it. Al got me to drink Peroni once and I enjoyed it.

  152. wait a minute:

    6 bowl games but isn't one game the championship game, meaning only 10 total berths like there is now?

  153. gigi-hawaii:

    Shoko: no I am not following the draft right now. Will read up on it in tomorrow's paper.

  154. mo808:

    Actually, we still don't have a front runner at QB, and I find that pretty scary going into this season under a new head coach teaching a new approach. I find it exciting though, the uncertainty and the challenge. I think Chow can whip these guys into shape. I think the QB is good discussion because we all want/hope the best for our UH Warriors! It's hard right now until fall camp reports come in as to who will emerge as QB leader...kinda like labor pains.

  155. Shadow:

    And a lot of people (including me) were wandering "what is Josten doing (leaving early)? Good for him! Wishing him all the best!

  156. Shadow:

    Shoko - you got me good. (Still wishing JT the best though.)

  157. KapoleiWarrior:

    Gigi, I thought you were a Peroni afficionado.

  158. al:

    ww...i haven't had a weiny in decades. they still brewing that stuff?

  159. HawaiiMongoose:

    Re #156, w-a-m, I'm pretty sure the championship game is separate and a new BCS bowl is being added to increase the total to six, apart from the championship game.

  160. d1shima:

    Aloha Vern Podlewski

  161. Shoko:

    You didn't miss much. Was more curious about where Andre Drummond would end up.

    Sorry, didn't mean to pull your leg like that. Was trying to lighten up the conversation on this blog. Anyway, Joston will be fine and will get some good looks, but more than likely will play overseas or perhaps the D-league. We shall see tho...

    Time to get the kids to sleep then nite-nite for me.

  162. d1shima:

    Over the past few years (and trips to the craft beer mecca known as Oregon) I've come to favor Ales over Lagers.

    The thing I notice about many of those beers that promote super cold drinking temps is that they taste like cr4p at lower temps when your taste buds are actually functioning.

  163. Brother Mike:

    Should I be concerned that my Celts drafted someone who was known as slow, unathletic and a defensive liability -- before the medical red flags went up?!? Not feeling Fab Melo, either. Dang.

  164. gigi-hawaii:

    D1: so you don't like Coors Lite with those fancy coldness indicators?

    Seems like those indicators are just a marketing ploy.

  165. jm2375:

    Congrats to Kaia Parnaby and Team Aussie on their win over Brazil in the World Cup. Next up for Team Aussie is Team USA.


  166. d1shima:

    What's to like? No taste. #1 son drinks it cause he can "drink it all night".....and nuttin! Waste time, waste $

  167. d1shima:

    I cracked up when I saw those Miller Lite cans with the second puka. Das like making the small hole with your can opener in one can of Oly!

  168. Kevin:

    "good on ya" Kaia!!

    Wow.. lots of Japanese last names on the Brazilian women's softball team.

  169. gigi-hawaii:

    gee, I remember when party hosts would serve Oly during the 1970s. Don't see that anymore. Are they still in business?

  170. Stretch:

    gigi - I was just trying to make a joke for those who have been on the blog for a while. I remember the last time you were discussing the quarterback situation in 2009, you ended up disappearing for a long time.

  171. gigi-hawaii:

    Stretch: I wish this blog could show people's faces when they are just being humorous. Point well taken. Frankly, I don't remember that discussion in 2009. What was that all about? Eh, nevah mind! Lol.

    Sometimes, I just get tired of blogging. That's when I disappear. It always takes ST to bring me back. He's got the magic charm.

  172. Ipu Man:

    The starting quarterback for UH against USC will be:
    Desmond Dean, 6 foot 5, 220 Sophmore defensive lineman,
    cause he can do it...

  173. SteveM:

    Since we seem to be in Tsai-ko Chaptah expansion this month... Shoko -- would you be interesting in gathering up the Sacramento Tsai-kos? The Sacramento Tsai-ko Chaptah.

    Other known Tsai-kos in the Sacramento area are Curveball, Mario, SacWarrior, and the long-time absent "Pint size". Any others?

  174. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    "Fat loss 4 idiots the best plan"

    Most ironic spam post ever. They spam as if they knew me, in all my dark despair...

  175. Ipu Man:

    Matt Barkley is 6 foot two, 230...

  176. gigi-hawaii:

    DPK: there was something on ABC News yesterday. The FDA approved a new drug to decrease your appetite and thereby lose weight.

    I'll wait til the smoke clears. Maybe a year from now they will find that the drug causes cancer.

  177. Ipu Man:

    Ikaika Woolsey QB 6-1 215 Fr.
    Jeremy Higgins QB 6-1 200 So.
    Wheel of Fortune gonna spin around...
    and around...and?

  178. Ipu Man:

    Is it September yet?
    Good nighty...

  179. Slugger:

    Desmond Dean, eh?

  180. HiloBilly:

    Well, since y'all are talking about beer, I never drank ale until I went to Newberg, OR, for my sister's funeral in '98. I asked my nephew to pick up a case of beer, & he came home w/ 4 6-packs of different NW-brewed ales. What an eye-opener! Ever since then, I prefer ales, as do my sons.

    My wife was in San Diego last week for a tech conference, so I had to make my own meals. Sometimes, you get really ono for food you grew up w/, so I scarfed on poi almost every night, accompanied by canned salmon or sardines or luau stew or lup cheong or home-made pipi kaula or salt beef/cabbage (& other old-time stuff), always complemented w/ some alaea salt & sweet onion wedges or green onion stalks. My mom was a single parent, but she could do wonders w/ just a can of corned beef or whatever, so this was a nice reminder of how things used to be. BUT...my wife returned today, so now I'm back to a more 'healthy' diet, auwe.

    Can't wait for our Big Island get-together, need to contact Charlie Rich's double, BIK, & the rest.....we'll definitely get some pictures to share. DPK, Kekoa: are you guys coming over? Also can't wait for the season to begin!

  181. RedZone:

    Marvin Iosefa. We are going to Tebow USC.

  182. dufferDrifter:

    Good evening TSAIKOS!

  183. duffer:


  184. al:

    so now that the gibber has two scholies for this year does he bring in yet another?
    or save both for next year since it could be slim pickings this late in the game.

    will he need it next year if ronnie stevens, gerry blakes, and possibly dillon biggs still want to come to hawaii?

    oh, what to do...

  185. d1shima:


    Newberg is a nice town; just up the road from McMinnville. We'd drive thru on our way to and from Portland.

    The nice thing about ales is all the different subtleties and varieties in flavor that are brewed into the beer.

  186. K-Bay:

    Dreaming...but still thinking We are really Good Fans, Coach, people, etc...So Deserving ?

    One Day, Soon. This Coming Year?

    An Embarassment of Riches...?

    IF TWO Programs can get four, five draft picks in First Two Rounds...

    Why Not Three ?

    Why Not Here?

    Steve Case, Rupert Murdock, Larry Ellison... Or Others...

  187. MattyBoy:

    Chow should find a one-and-done QB..don't you think so Al???

  188. al:

    second session summer starting up followed by the bridge session.
    more athletes will be flowing in.
    all sports.
    for example, those volleyball girls are here already checking out the beach and surf.
    would be nice to see some db's on the horizon come july.

  189. MattyBoy:

    So who's your pick for starting QB at USC this year?

  190. bigislandkurt:

    Pua Kailiawa had great upside when she was in high school. The news of her signing just made wahine basketball a bit more interesting for Ka'u folks. Leilani Galdones a few years back got Ka'u roots too, but graduated from Kamehameha Hawaii. I believe Pua is the first Ka'u alum on the hardwood for the wahine. First UH athlete since Ku'ulei Karratti and Sarah Nicholiasen rocked the wahine track team.


  191. J:

    Don't drink, but since the subject of beer has been dominating today's blog... Aya and I have a friend, Jim "Dr. Beer" Crute of Lightning Brewery. His Old Tempestuous Ale (9.5% ABV) just won Best of Show at the California State Fair Commercial Brewing Competition.


    If you're going to the game against SDSU, the brewery is located in Poway.

  192. BigHiloFan2:

    Howzit Tsaikos.

    HiloBilly. plz call me 933-1758. thanks.

  193. KELLY:



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