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Credit the transfers

July 4th, 2012

News item: Quarterback Sean Schroeder (Duke) and center Kapua Sai (Utah) completed their transfers to UH and will be eligible to play this season.

Impact: Both will compete for starting jobs. Schroeder, who will be a walk-on, is in the mix with David Graves and Jeremy Higgins. Sai, who can play all five line positions, is the Warrior with the most experience in Norm Chow's version of the pro-set offense. (Chow was Utah's offensive coordinator in 2011.) Before entering talks with both players, Chow waited to receive the blessings of their head coaches. Chow also notified quarterback Taylor Graham, who is redshirting after transferring from Ohio State.

Why Schroeder: He sought out UH because of Chow's success with quarterbacks in the pro-set offense, a version Duke employed last year. Schroeder spent the past month training with quarterback guru Bob Johnson. Chow requires intelligence from his quarterbacks; Schroeder earned a bachelor's degree from Duke in three years. Chow has done well with left-handed quarterbacks (Steve Young, Matt Leinart).

Why Sai (OK, that sounded like the title of a video-chat show): The Warriors struggled to find 10  healthy o-linemen for spring practices. Sai and JC transfer Mike Milovale provide athleticsm, power-blocking skill and maturity to a unit that does not have a senior. Sai, like Schroeder, earned a BA in three years.

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Bill Stutzmann Sr. offers these post-workout pictures:




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A new company, Hawaii Sports Fans, is offering a travel package that includes three major league games and the UH-USC football game.

For details, go to: Hawaii Sports Fans.

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Dane Pineau is 17 years old, 6 feet 8, and currently in China playing for an Australian select team in a four-team international basketball tournament. He is the only high school player on his team.

His father, former UH center Brad Pineau, writes: "We will be back in Hawaii playing in the Punahou and Pete Smith Classic and eating at Rainbows + Da Kitchen in Dec.!"

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Happy birthday to former UH track coach Rick Nakashima, who is co-owner of Ruby Tuesday restaurants, husband of a hotel exec and former Rainbow Dancer, and father to a UH cross-country competitor, and best friend to legendary Nicky Clark.

And birthday wishes to Cookie (Nam) Matsui . Rough Riders 4 eva.

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