Warriors add corner; video of Wonder news conference

July 10th, 2012

Tony Grimes, a former 4-star cornerback who played nine games as an Ole Miss freshman in 2010, will be joining the Warriors. He has been accepted into UH and will be moving to Hawaii this weekend. He has three years to play two seasons.

"I'm going to be a Warrior," Grimes told the Star-Advertiser. "Hawaii has a good program and good coaches. I want to be a part of that."

Ole Miss suspended and then dismissed Grimes near the end of the 2010 season after breaking team rules. He was the starting cornerback at Arizona Western in 2011.

Two months ago, he was arrested on an accusation of aggravated robbery. The charge was dismissed, and he instead pled guilty to disorderly conduct.

"This is my second chance," Grimes told the Star-Advertiser. "This is my fresh start."

* * * * *

Giovanni Stevenson has been admitted into UH and is joining the Warriors as a walk-on.

As a Campbell High linebacker, Stevenson was named to the Star-Advertiser's 2011 All-State first team. He also was the 2011 OIA Red West Division defensive player of the year.

Stevenson led the Sabers with 108 tackles in 11 games in 2011, including 18 backfield stops. He had six sacks and three interceptions, including two that were raced back for touchdowns.

He is 5-10 and 235 pounds.

His stepfather is Kapolei High offensive line coach Alden Kaaihue, who was an All-State tight end for Kahuku in 1987.

His father is Richard Stevenson, who was named the 1986 OIA offensive player of the year as a Kahuku running back.

Here's Giovanni Stevenson's highlight video: Stevenson video.

* * * * *

Here's a video from today's news conference announcing the cancellation of the Stevie Wonder concert: Donovan video.

* * * * *

If anyone is able to access SiriusXM, Gib Arnold will be the guest on College Sports Nation Channel (ch. 91) today at 1:15 p.m. Hawaii time.

* * * * *

Gigi's hunka-hunka-burnin' love as a young man:


270 Responses to “Warriors add corner; video of Wonder news conference”

  1. Tomorrow:

    Yeah baby

  2. Tomorrow:

    No kekaula...no can

  3. Cheepono:

    Welcome giovanni!

  4. Rambo:


  5. Kukui High School:

    Good Morning Everybody...GO WARRIORS...GO NUTS!

    Welcome Giovanni

  6. Abunai:

    ST? Is he the mystery player you were talking about the other day?

  7. Abunai:

    Btw good morning to everyone. Yes! Top ten.

  8. Abunai:

    Tomorrow- reading your post reminds me a bumper sticker I saw. It said: if can can, if no can go home. I want to make a sticker like that and put it on my car. Lol

  9. Stephen Tsai:

    Nope. He's not the mystery player.
    I've given the guy's name to a blog reader.

  10. Wes'side Warrior:

    Howzit, everyone!

    Yes! Another Campbell rep! Aurite!!! Welcome to da home of da Warriors, Giovanni. Hmm... wonder what his nickname is?

  11. btn225:

    wouldn't a better bumper sticker be: if can can, if no can, then take your talents to South Beach

  12. Stephen Tsai:

    Back at The Advertiser, Andy Yamaguchi decided we would do photo shoots of the players of the year wearing tuxes.
    I remember having to drive to Kahuku to pick up Richard Stevenson, take him to Waikiki for the photo shoot, then drive him back to Kahuku. I was so tired on that second drive to Kahuku i had fallen asleep for a couple of seconds a few times.

  13. MattyBoy:


    Would this mystery player be at all a high profile recruit with a status such as J.T Turner and Dorsey??

  14. gigi-hawaii:

    ST: please tell us who the handsome dude is above my picture in yesterday's post.

    Also, what are we supposed to do to get Kekaula back on the air?

  15. el burro sabio:

    gigi, he's from the south

  16. gigi-hawaii:


  17. Stephen Tsai:

    They haven't told you yet?

  18. Stephen Tsai:

    All the more reason to join Facebook.

  19. mo808:

    Good Morning All!
    Welcome to the Warriors, Giovanni Stevenson!

  20. gigi-hawaii:

    ST: that guy is soooo handsome! You sure it isn't June Jones, although hubby swears it's Rich Miano.

  21. Last Call:

    It must be re-negotiation time with the cable companies because I have seen many crawlers across the bottom of my screen on several stations warning viewers that they may lose the channel.Don't know how I could live without Ice Road Truckers. :-)

  22. Pomai:

    The photo is a sign of the past!!!!

  23. Stephen Tsai:

    They'd better get the KITV situation resolved or else only about 7 people with antennae TV will be able to watch tomorrow's debate.

  24. Last Call:

    Ha the mystery player. Fans on forums love identifying the mystery player and the fans are usually pretty good at it.Twitter and Facebook usually provide the best clues.

  25. gigi-hawaii:

    Well, we mailed in our request for Permanent Absentee Ballot. This will help us when we go to India in November.

  26. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Rich Miano???.........

  27. gigi-hawaii:

    I had trouble with Stevenson's video, so can't watch it. But the opening stats state that he is 5'11" tall not 5'10.

  28. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs:

    @ Abunai #8, you need to go to Tenkappin Ramen shop on Kapahulu. They have been using that phrase on their Ultimate Japan cable show. I believe that is where the bumper stickers come from...I know they have T-shirts with that as well.

  29. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs:

    @gigi #14, I think that pic is of Batman's partner!

  30. gigi-hawaii:

    who, Robin?

  31. gigi-hawaii:

    Well, he definitely doesn't look like Marlon Brando.

  32. Stephen Tsai:

    I think Gigi has found her Magic Mike.

  33. gigi-hawaii:

    I enjoyed Mike Tsai's column about his now-deceased Kalani English Teacher. Doran sounded like such an interesting guy. I wouldn't have minded taking a class from him.

  34. Na Koa Mike:

    Na Koa names 5 to its 2012-2013 board of directors.


  35. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    #30, you were there...#31 and with a single post you were gone, gone, going. (-_-)

  36. homey ℞:

    Da buggah in da pic sure schooled me when it comes to Loyal Garner. Fricken mangina.

  37. jimmy the lock:

    Dick Grayson?

  38. Stephen Tsai:

    Another clue for you up above.

  39. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Another clue. It ain't June Jones, Rich Miano, Marlon Brando, Jackie Gleason or pretty much anyone in your top 10 guess-list.

  40. Stephen Tsai:

    Hey, Na Koa Mike, you've gotta change the directory.
    Mr. Baldemor's first name is listed as "Vice."

  41. Stephen Tsai:

    On your celebrity list — you know, the one where it would be OK to do the hokey-pokey — you list ... Jackie Gleason?

  42. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    You would be amazed with #7 and #8 on that list.

  43. gigi-hawaii:

    OK, internet explorer bounced me off the blog momentarily. Anyway, what celebrity list? And that pic of the Hunk as a young man does not ring a bell.

  44. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Me & Mrs. Jones...If you been to one of the karaoke gatherings this should help.

  45. homey ℞:

    Could be there is no bell to be rung. Bwahahaha

    That's the young guy who sold the statehood paper.

  46. gigi-hawaii:

    A-Joe???? Me and Mrs. Gomes? This is getting ridiculous. Lol.

  47. Stephen Tsai:

    The hunk above is of the same guy who was pictured above you yesterday.

  48. Stephen Tsai:

    By the way, does our Magic Mike own a shirt?

  49. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Interesting photo of our mystery young Tsai-ko.
    This one almost has the eyes I described-- John Astin's character in the Addams Family--what was his name?
    Figuratively, of course.
    The broad grin and smile...

  50. Ipu Man:

    Frankenstein...Frank deLima?

  51. gigi-hawaii:

    Well, he looks Polynesian. Must be local. Looks so familiar, it's driving me crazy. I bet if you told me his name, I'd slap my head and say "Duh!"

  52. SteveM:

    Stephen Tsai:
    July 10th, 2012 at 8:41 am
    By the way, does our Magic Mike own a shirt?

    Clever, ST!

    Wow, this stuff even drew homey out!
    Hi homey.

  53. koakane:

    gloomy morning but will be better as the day goes on. hint hint gigi there are (SIGNS) that the sun is trying to break thru

    oh well neva mind have a nice day all..............

  54. gigi-hawaii:

    SteveM: no act. You don't have a clue, either!

  55. Stephen Tsai:

    "No act"?
    Whoa, the Roosevelt tita just came out.

  56. gigi-hawaii:

    Do not act?

  57. SteveM:

    RE: #54
    gigi -- I admit I would certainly have a more difficulty recognizing today's picture. But I do have a high school photo of him in football uniform. :)

  58. Kekoa:

    Gigi ~ I'll invite him to dinner, but be sure to watch for the lead slippah his wife has been known to wield with much authority!

  59. homey ℞:

    I would say with near 100% certainty that every tsaiko I met and commented the last two days know who it is...except for gigi.

  60. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    And yet the guesses were JJ and Miano. Lol.

  61. Addahknowsports:

    Good Morning Tsaikoland!

  62. gigi-hawaii:

    Maybe, A-sports knows.

  63. Addahknowsports:

    Homey's in da house.

    Maybe alll this talk of no shirt will eventually bring our very own (Jesse) James out.

  64. jimmy the lock:

    Welcome, welcome, Giovanni!

  65. gigi-hawaii:

    It can't be James!!!

  66. Addahknowsports:

    Maybe I do, Gigi. But I don't want to spoil the surprise. I'm waiting for your "aha" moment.

  67. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    #62, please see #59.

  68. gigi-hawaii:

    Well, at least tell me this: Is he a Tsaiko?

    SteveM: Is he a McKinley grad and your age?

  69. RedZone:

    Welcome Giovanni. a

  70. homey ℞:

    Looking at the posters again...yep they know...some inside and out.

  71. homey ℞:

    Hey there SteveM and A-sports!

  72. Bigislandkurt:

    I was there on that very day that photo of that hunk up above was taken. On that day, we strung together about 800 maile lei for a fundraiser for our football team to take an off island trip. Out in the country, where smoke meat, laulau, and maile lei sales create memories that last a lifetime.


  73. Addahknowsports:

    Hey hey everybody!

    Yo Homes!

    Hi BIK, hope we'll see you soon. I have something to pass on to you.

  74. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Wow, must be an interesting topic to get A-sports to post 2 days in a row. :lol:

    Welcome to the Warrior ohana, Mr. Stevenson.

    What debate? Not that ever watch those things anyway.

    Dish Network recently dropped AMC. AMC wanted more money and Dish felt it was too much for the low viewership for the channel. Now I gotta find another way to watch "The Walking Dead" when the next season starts. :(

  75. gigi-hawaii:


  76. wafan:

    Good morning!

  77. wafan:

    Sorry GG. I am not A-Joe.

  78. wafan:

    Better photo of the king's youngest son.


  79. Addahknowsports:

    Hey Wafan,

    Are you back?

  80. homey ℞:

    Looking forward to "The Walking Dead" season 3.

  81. Ipu Man:

    Who did they think he was?

  82. wafan:

    Hi A-Sports!

    Yes, and enjoying the foods. Mmmmmmmmm!!!

  83. d1shima(Galaxy 'd):

    Great Morning All!

    Even Joe Moore knows whodaguy....or maybe not!

  84. d1shima(Galaxy 'd):

    Wassup Sports!

    Howzit homey!

  85. Ipu Man:

    KHON sports weekend newscaster...RD?

  86. Addahknowsports:


    It's also Bon Dance season.

    I miss everyone and those cow bells.

    Hey d1!

  87. homey ℞:

    Hey d1!
    Ue o muite arukou
    Namida ga kobore naiyouni...I think that's how it goes...

  88. clyde:

    Agree with Gigi on #33: Mike's (Brother Mike, here I guess) remembrances of his high school teacher is a must read. Well done, Mike.

  89. gigi-hawaii:

    OK, I got it from all of the following clues:

    He sat on my couch. (I invited him to my party)
    He is Robin (Batman's partner).
    He is part of the song, Me and Mrs Jones.
    He is from the south. (southernmost island)
    He was friends or classmates with BIK on the Big Island.
    His wife likes to throw slippers at him (A-slippah).

    The hunk is A-Joe.

  90. gigi-hawaii:

    Gotta be. Who else could it be?

  91. Last Call:

    He is The Most Interesting Man in The World.

  92. Last Call:

    He once counted to infinity twice.

  93. Addahknowsports:

    Aigoo Gigi! I was getting worried.....

    But congratulations!

  94. gigi-hawaii:

    Looking back, I saw Koakane's hint (SIGNS). A-joe makes signs. Lol.

  95. gigi-hawaii:

    Whew! so that was A-Joe. How old was he when yesterday's picture was taken?

  96. Ipu Man:

    ST, now you hafta post an "after" pic after the before.

  97. jm2375:

    Wow, JD is working hard on scheduling - 2019 & 2020!

    UH football team adds Arizona to its schedule for 2 years

    By Ferd Lewis

    POSTED: 10:20 a.m. HST, Jul 10, 2012

    The University of Hawaii football team will add the University of Arizona to its schedule in 2019 and 2020, the schools announced today.

    The Warriors will host the Wildcats in the 2019 season opener Aug. 31 and go to Tucson in 2020 for a Sept. 5 game.

    UH is 0-4 against Arizona, last meeting the Wildcats in the opener of the 0-12 season of 1998.

    In 2019 and '20 UH will also play a "home and home" series with Brigham Young.

  98. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez!

    He rocks in the tree tops
    all the day long,
    hoppin' and bobbin and a singin' his song...

  99. A-House:

    Holy moly Andy:

    hope me alive in 2020 - neva been to Tucson except to land and take off for Elpaso!

  100. A-House:

    WOW, dem young studs from Kau mighty handsome fellas!

  101. Last Call:

    If one man tells you a horse, he’s insane

    If three men tell you you’re a horse, there’s a conspiracy

    If ten men tell you you’re a horse, you need to buy a saddle.

    - Chinese proverb

  102. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Welcome, Giovanni!

    Stephen -

    I remember that picture of Richard Stevenson in a tux. They took one of him in front of the Kahuku High sign on the campus. His Coach was the legendary Lester Souza, who played a huge part in revitalizing Kahuku's Football and Wrestling programs.

  103. HawaiiMongoose:

    Well done JD. Having Arizona added to the future football schedule is excellent news. The more Pac 12 opponents UH plays, the better.

  104. HawaiiMongoose:

    And more excellent news:


    Welcome Tony Grimes!

  105. Stephen Tsai:

    And, by the way, Grimes is not the mystery guy, either.
    Stay tuned, readers. Stay tuned.

  106. jm2375:

    Welcome Mr. Grimes!

  107. Abunai:

    ST? Is Grimes the mystery guy? Awesome pick up.

  108. Abunai:

    My bad ST. I must have posted the same time you answered my question. Thanks.

  109. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    In other news, due to low attendance, the Big Island Cattle Call has been postponed. Talked to Unko Big Hilo about it and he says its bad timing for everybody there, and he will be calling folks to reschedule the BI event.

    Condolences to BigHilo, the Warrington and Lee Loy families on the passing of BHF2's brother-in-law, Charlie Warrington. Charlie was a fellow KS alum and was one of the favorite coaches on our Warrior team during my senior year. He was good, kind, intelligent man and a hero to many in our island community as one of the founding members of the Protect Kaho'olawe 'Ohana. May he rest in peace.

  110. Abunai:

    Wow. Can't wait to see who this mystery guy is!

  111. HawaiiMongoose:

    I hope Grimes can punt. Or the mystery guy can.

  112. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Oh Joy! Nice pick by Coach Dem.

    Our secondary is going to be pretty sick!

  113. Old School Dave:

    Stephen, are you looking forward to the road trip to Provo? I have an uncle there and he's one of those people who watches BYU games just to see them lose. He also has had to correct people in Utah who think that UH is actually BYUH!!

  114. cheepono:

    welcome to the warriors tony!

  115. Stephen Tsai:

    Old School:
    I like Provo. It's really been picking up because, apparently, a lot of businesses have conferences there.
    Then again, it looks like we might be staying in Salt Lake City. Oh, no, it has nothing to do with it being closer to the Nevada border . . .

  116. Buffoman:

    Wow, competition in the secondary looks to be fierce when camp opens. If they can perform up to billing, that should really help the defense scheme in ways we've not seen in years.

    I wonder who the mystery person is. Should be an interesting reveal and I am hoping it's a huge, mobile offensive lineman.

  117. cheepono:

    what's the hold up with the mystery player? admittance to UH? ncaa transfer rules?

  118. Old School Dave:

    Stephen, my uncle told me that there's now an unofficial smoking section at Cougar stadium. What is this world coming to!!

    Drove once from SF to Yellowstone. Interesting to see all of the cars with Utah license plates at the gambling establishments at the border in West Wendover, NV.

  119. letsgowarriors:

    how did he get out of his LOI w Florida Atlantic?

  120. A-joe:

    With all these DB's coming into town coach Kaumeyer is licking his chops dreaming up schemes to create a devastating


  121. Stephen Tsai:

    Howard Dashefsky's ex-wife was an inventor. One of her creations was the "No Fly Zone." It was pretty nifty. It was this mechanical thing that swatted away flies at picnic. She even made an infomercial.

  122. Stephen Tsai:

    Here's the No Fly Zone link:

  123. jimmy the lock:

    Welcome, welcome, Tony.

  124. mctruck:


    I tink dat guy is a young, Blaine Gaison, 1976/78-80, without his mustache.

  125. PolyMom:

    What is the deal about no ABC affiliate? My Mom called and is freaking out! Is it just Oceanic? Paper makes it sound like just Oceanic. Please advise have to get her TV thing going.

  126. mctruck:


    I tink dat guy is a young, Blaine Gaison, 1976/78-80, without his mustach.

  127. jimmy the lock:

    Here in Hawaii, just Oceanic.

  128. Otto:

    When did cable TV become a basic utility that people couldn't live without? My townhouse has an attenna in the attic (previous owner couldn't afford cable). I plug my bedroom TV into the attenna, and I get all the over-the-air stations. Also some of the over-the-air stations have added digitial channels (MeTV, CW, Arirang, etc.). It's actually worth it.... free....

  129. mctruck:

    Welcome Tony and Giovanni(meatball)Stevenson, who looks like he can also handle fullback, or slot among other things..very versatile player looks like. what's his 40??

  130. Kekoa:

    Mahalo ST...Marsha contacted...She said, "Stephen who?"

  131. Kekoa:

    Re: 128

    Atta way Otto!

  132. Stephen Tsai:

    Several years ago, I was working at my desk, and Micah Kroeger's wife walks in.
    She says: "Stevie ... your computer doesn't have a mouse. And the screen is only white and green."
    And that was one of those moments when I realized I was technologically poor.
    In other words, Otto, once you have digital TV — with DVR, on-demand stations, and access to Florida Atlantic coaches shows — it's hard to go back.
    Can't put the genie back in the bottle.

  133. Stephen Tsai:

    Tell her it's Michael's brother.

  134. gigi-hawaii:

    Here are photos of A-joe and A-sports boxing with each other. Lol. All in good fun, I might add. And, yes, they both sat on my couch on Jan 8, 2008 (a week after the Sugar Bowl).
    Here's the link:


    Mctruck: The hunk is A-joe!!!

  135. jimmy the lock:

    If he was on the roster as of spring ball and this happened:

    "Two months ago, he was arrested on an accusation of aggravated robbery. He said the charge was dismissed, and he instead pled guilty to disorderly conduct."

    What would Coach Chow do?

    Just thinking out loud.

  136. mctruck:

    Furthermore...Giovanni looks like another, Nate(da-bumbulla)Ilaoa, imho.

  137. Derek:

    Looks like Grimes has some baggage and might be a high maintenance guy while in Hawaii.
    Better stay away from Waikiki and don't be out after midnight! But, look, I'm all giving a player a chance to made good at a new place and make a good contribution to the program.
    Is he on scholarship or is he a walk-on? Like any other player on the team, if they screw up that's a bad reflection on the team and Coach Chow will deal with these guys tough. You want a good football program, a winning football program, a top 25 football program that is well respected across the country and is first rate sportsmanship too. We don't need a lot of bad apples.

    Nontheless, welcome to the program Mr. Stevenson and Mr. Grimes. Go to school and pursue your degree, play well, and be good teammates. That's all you can ask for.

  138. kifi:

    Been off the blog for awhile. Who's picture is that at the top of the page? Looks like Emlen Kahoano. Handsome buggah, das foa shua.

  139. Stephen Tsai:

    Grimes seems like a nice guy.
    Then again, I've only known him for two weeks.

  140. kifi:

    I seen dat guy Alden Kaaihue. He look like one ex-NFL offensive lineman. Big buggah. Good shape.

  141. Bryson:

    Welcome to the newest Warrior additions Tiny Grimes and Giovanni Stevenson...ST when will this Mystery Player be revealed? Inquiring minds want to know....

  142. kifi:

    Grimes better be one nice boy while here in Manoa. If not, gotta re-activate "da lead slippah".

  143. letsgowarriors:

    ETA on mystery guy? or might not happen at all?

  144. madeinhawaii:

    On the Windward side I don't think you can catch any over the air TV stations... no matter how big your antennae is.

  145. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Is the mystery guy a defensive player?

  146. kifi:

    Actually, dat guy in da picture above look like Robert Deniro frm the movie "Deerhunter". Das when I fell in love with Myrtle Street.

  147. Last Call:

    USOC announced the Official Olympic Team Roster.

    By State:
    Hawaii (4)
    Lindsey Berg F Volleyball 5'8" 170 7/16/1980 Honolulu Hawaii Setter

    Clarissa Chun F Wrestling 4'11" 105.5 8/27/1981 Kapolei Hawaii Freestyle 48 kg

    Tamari Miyashiro F Volleyball 5'7" 165 7/8/1987 Kaneohe Hawaii Libero

    Clay Stanley M Volleyball 6'9" 235 1/20/1978 Honolulu Hawaii Opposite

  148. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Watching ESPNU now and they are talking about a bunch of #1 ranked RB's over the past few years having to transfer out of places like Oregon, Auburn, Georgia, etc for various legal issues.

    Are we in need of any RB's? Haha

  149. kifi:


    July 10th, 2012 at 11:43 am
    Is the mystery guy a defensive player?

    No sense guess. Mr. Tsai check and den double check about tens times befoa he reveal anything. When he know foa shua, foa shua. Us guys going find out.

  150. kifi:

    Wow! Tamari Miyashiro is on the Olympic Volleyball team. Das meeeeaaaan! Proud moment for all da former Falcons.

  151. A-House:

    com'on al:

    spill da beans on da misstree playah!!!

    ST will po-giv U.

  152. kifi:

    So Tamari must be related to Gordon and Joey (Akeo) Miyashiro?

  153. al:

    One burning question since stevenson has roots in kahuku...was be named after that shrimp truck?

  154. jimmy the lock:

    Would have 5 on the team but the pakalolo was hard to resist.

  155. al:

    Their daughter.

  156. Warrior Dave:

    Thank goodness for "second" chances. Glad to see this young man get a fresh start.

  157. kifi:

    Thanks Kumu Al.

  158. Slugger:

    Hi, A-sports!

    UHFan808, I owe you a phone call. Can't right now with my mouth full of minute chicken and noodles.

  159. al:

    ...must have been two dz hints

  160. A-House:

    "NO Fly Zone"

    hey, it's like the military zone - no aircraft in a designated/restricted area

  161. A-House:


    "dz" as in drop zone for airborne troops?

  162. A-House:

    If UH gets another 4* or 5* DB - how da heck they going play all 5 simultaneously? one will be a "nickel"? DB coach may have a lot of talent, but can he mold them into a cohesive unit in fall camp and play USC tough on 9/1/12??

    3 DL and 4 LB including a hybrid DB/LB?

  163. A-House:


    how's the weather up north? heard its raining in Juneau area.

  164. SteveM:

    If you email me a high school or early 20's photo of yourself for a possible "Identify the young Tsai-ko" contest, there's two rules:

    1. The photo can be a full body shot, but the face must be focused and entirely visible.
    [SteveM reserves the right to crop full body shots :) ]

    2. You must have attended at least 3 Richardson Field Tsai-ko tailgates
    -OR- at least 2 Cattle or Karaoke Calls
    -OR- any of Blog Parties 1, 2, 3, or 4
    -OR- ST has posted your photo and blog name on the blog previously *

    email photo to: stevem.hnl (at) gmail.com
    Photo will be cropped and reduced to a height of only 300 pixels for posting
    Sending of photo constitutes permission for posting on internet.

    * Rule 2 ensures that people would have a reasonable chance to name you.

  165. LizKauai:

    Wow... so much news...
    Ah, Oceanic... 'as why I said Alooooha to you years ago...'

    Hi Ho!

  166. h323 termination togo:

    It is in reality a nice and useful piece of information. I am satisfied that you simply shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  167. Dan-O:

    Re: #162

    A-House...it's called DEPTH. Something we've never had for many years. No such thing as returning starters. ALL starting positions are open to competition.

    I think that is why we're seeing a bunch of talent coming in....kids that have only 2-3 years to play, and they've been told starting positions are up for grabs.

    But yes...chemistry amongst all the talent is another thing.

  168. PolyMom:

    Thanks they better get it back or I got to get them another provider. Something about a debate tonight?

  169. gigi-hawaii:

    not much competition left as far as local news stations are concerned. Without ABC News and Kekaula sports on channel 4/6, what's left?

    I don't like FOX politics, so stuck with channel 9 news.

  170. gigi-hawaii:

    hubby likes Stephanie Lum, but she seems so silly sometimes.

  171. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs:

    A big Mahalo to gigi and the rest of the blog dogs who made these past two days of "guess the hunk" one of the most entertaining posts yet. It was fun!!

  172. haka:

    Great to hear that more quality new comers still drifting in. DB roster on paper looks to be potentially, the best ever overall, but until they play it remains just that...potential.

    "Second chance" for Grimes could be good news for those presently in the proverbial dog house. Discipline is MANdatory, but is forgiveness bliss? We shall see.

    Go Warriors!

  173. gigi-hawaii:

    A-Dave: I don't know about fun. It was torture for me. Lol.

  174. Shoko:

    The more the merrier. Now they have speed for nickel, dime and maybe quarter packages if they land another speedster in the secondary.

    P.S. We still need a punter tho. ;)

  175. Shoko:

    I figure if a player comes to the islands with baggage, just have to surround him with good teammates. Alot of times what I noticed is that players that get into trouble are usually not alone. They are with other incorrigibles that are up to no good. I remember in class I use to sit with my best friend and we would get into trouble by disrupting the class, once the teacher seperated us, my grades - as well as his - improved...lol.

  176. (Jesse) James:

    Wow...A-Sports in the house...Long time no feel the slippah...errr....see....LOL

    That's gigi's hunkah hunkah burning love??? He looks soooo different now and a lot lighter....Must be all the working out at 24 Hour Fitness.....MWAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA

    I tink dat guy in the picture lives by me somewhere....

  177. gigi-hawaii:

    Too bad nobody stays young. Hubby and I don't look like that picture that ST posed yesterday. Less hair, definitely. Blame it all on Low-T and Low-E...

  178. Chawan Cut:


    NCAA...Norm Chow's Alcoholics Anonymous!

  179. gigi-hawaii:

    In that pic, we were in our early 40s.
    Now, we are in our 60s.
    Definitely old futs. Lol. I kid you not.

  180. gigi-hawaii:

    C-Cut: they're not anonymous anymore!

  181. JC SCOUT:


  182. steviej:

    It's unbelievable that we are so hard up for 4&5*recruits that everything else about the student athlete doesn't seem to matter. Things like character, discipline, respect,etc. should weigh heavy when considering to give a scholarship. Aren't there enough good athletes out there without all the baggage and criminal backgrounds that we can offer? I'm sure there is!
    I'm all for giving a kid a second chance. But this kid got kicked out of a program, and was given a second chance at a JC, and then committed a robbery. Didn't the other DB, Dorsey that we're recruiting, commit robberies as well? Really? Where is this program headed? We are truly becoming "Second Chance University". Almost forgot, we need action taken for all the DUI's, before someone gets seriously hurt and/or killed.

  183. haka:

    Per above and to be clear...Grimes was accused of aggravated robbery.The charge was dismissed, and he instead pled guilty to disorderly conduct.

  184. Last Call:

    Your face changes every 7-10 years.

    "Inside the Living Body" a story of the human body from first cry to final breath. Incredible microscopic filming. One of the best National Geographic shows I have ever watched.Still available on DVD.

  185. d1shima:

  186. Dennis Halloran:

    Looks like the National League will be hosting World Series as Home team 8-0

  187. gigi-hawaii:

    Hey, don't forget JJ gave Colt, Davone, and Pisa a 2nd chance, and they all did well at UH.

  188. d1shima:

    Stevie Wonder concert on hold?

    .....according to HNN.

    Who saw this coming?


  189. Shoko:

    And you also shrink in height. Not much tho. From one source only about an inch. Women shrink more than men.

  190. manoa#1:


    you are so right we have all these players busting their butts in the spring and the coaches goes and recruit all these convicts and give them a schollie. if you look at the bull pen roster we have alot of db's who busted their butts an are not on scholarship and some of them were not invited to camp because they saving a spot for the 4 0r 5 star convicts.

  191. manoa#1:


    you are so right we have all these players busting their butts in the spring and the coaches goes and recruit all these convicts and give them a schollie. if you look at the bull pen roster we have alot of db's who busted their butts an are not on scholarship and some of them were not invited to camp because they saving a spot for the 4 0r 5 star convicts.

  192. AllG:

    ST is Grimes eligible this Fall?

  193. Bugaz:


  194. Shoko:

    Yep, Grimes can compete come August.

  195. maddog50:

    Coach Chow is not going to sacrifice character for winning....innocent statement....not even close. There is always a story behind it all. Let unfold, do not jump to any conclusion. I have seen many a wayward youth/adult...we all make mistakes....do not make the same one or similiar one twice. The program will grow and flourish under Coach Chow.

  196. Kevin:

    Stevie Wonder Concert to "raise money" for UH athletics is no longer on hold.

    It's cancelled.

  197. al:


  198. haka:

    Given that the coaches have done their due diligence in evaluating these "second chance" players. I believe in the coaches and see nothing wrong with them giving these young men a chance to succeed. It is up to them to adhere to the terms of their agreement of opportunity knowing they will be under a watchful eye and a short leash.

    Go Warriors...present...new...future!

  199. ruffles:

    Some people need to take a reality pill about the warrior football program. Sure, its nice that all these other fine young men bust their butts to attain their dream of playing football for the warriors, but the reality is for the coaches that it is a business of winning, no mo wins no mo job. As long as they do things in accordance to rules and regulations, the obvious choice is the get the best talent available.

  200. steviej:

    #185, you seem to have ignored all of the other points made. I don't care what he pled down to, he still committed a crime, and disgraced his program. Anyway, have a look at this and tell me if it doesn't look like he's been in that situation before.


    Manoa#1, couldn't have said it better. You are absolutely right! Tons of young talent. Why not develop and reward these young men who have continuously worked hard, are committed to the program, and haven't had any issues off the field. Where's the commitment to them?

  201. haka:

    I would be remiss if I did not say to all Warriors past, mahalo also! Go Warriors!

  202. BigHiloFan2:

    i am for second chances. America was built on second chances. plenty plenty second chances.

    ST so wh is da mystery player?

    after i take care of personal business tomorrow, gonna start making da calls, try fo get sumtin togedda for da big island gang.

    off to da beach.

  203. Shadow:

    "Nice stuff" on UH recruiting:

    College Football Recruiting 2013: Ranking the Top 10 QB Gunslingers (Bleacher Report):

    "No 4. Aaron Zwahlen

    Remember how there were times where we'd watch Brett Favre and he'd be falling away, on the run and just launch the ball downfield for big plays?

    Zwahlen has that down to a science and plays like he wants to beat the defense by putting the entire passing game on his shoulders. This guy hails from Northern California and stands 6'3", 190-pounds.

    He's committed to Hawaii, where Norm Chow will develop him into something great. His arm strength is among the elite and he can make all kinds of quirky throws from off positions."

  204. HawaiiMongoose:

    Sounds like somebody got their wires crossed big-time on the Stevie Wonder concert. What a public relations debacle.

  205. Chawan Cut:

    Interesting times days ahead for UH football and the A.D.! Lot's of negative publicity lately.

    Changing the subject. What's for dinner? Need a plate of fried chicken/mac salad from Dean's in Kaneohe.

  206. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs:

    With so many concert promoters in this world, the only one I trust is Uncle Tom. All the others seem like they are fly by nighters.

  207. Ouch:

    What a public relations snafu UH has created with Stevie Wonder! Ouch! Who dropped the ball on this one?

    Deluxe Japanese plate @ St. Louis Drive Inn. Shrimp Tempura, Sashimi, Teri-beef, Mochiko Chicken, mac salad. Large Green River. Side order Chili Spaghetti Bowl.

  208. Stephen Tsai:

    It's not a mystery. I know who the guy is.
    But it's in the development stages. If it's finalized — either he comes or he doesn't come — then I'll report it. Until then, enjoy the summer. You do know I'm on vacation, right?

  209. Kevin:

    It's ok. With those that bought their tickets, you will be refunded of course.

    Now with the refunded money, people can truly support their favorite programs by donating to their respective booster club of their choice. That's how you can really support your favorite Warrior/Rainbow Wahine programs and the student-athletes.


  210. al:

    ouch...itai, itai, itai!

  211. Stephen Tsai:

    It's OK for the people who bought tickets.
    Not OK for UH. The money came out of the revolving fund.

  212. duffer:

    Good evening TSAIKOS!

  213. Last Call:

    UH got scammed.

  214. Last Call:

    JD's job on the line ?

  215. Shoko:

    JD deserves a second chance...too.

  216. d1shima:

    No Wonder.


    ....too easy.

  217. RedZone:

    Wonder blunder. UH on the skids right now. I blame the Mayans.

  218. RedZone:

    Wonder blunder. UH on the skids right now. I blame the Mayans.

  219. Kevin:

    Stevie Wonder booked by an "unauthorized" representative?

    Interesting how the process of "due dilligence" requirements set forth within the athletic department to get certain things done is selective.

    (some people get the hint here)

  220. mo808:

    Welcome to the home of second chances Tony Grimes! Hawaii Has a big heart for the wayward! Do it right and you will always have a home here!

    No KITV? Ay-soos!

    No Stevie Wonder concert? AUWE!

    No worries...enjoy your vacation time ST!

  221. tommui:

    Is Steve and Steviej the same person?

    I wonder what the story is concerning Tony Grimes.

    He is accused of a major felony but his charge is reduced to a minor misdemeanor.

    We don't know the complete story and yet the rocks are flying.

    If a person is accused of a major felony, the prosecutor might take a plea on a lesser felony charge - but he would not reduce the charge to a petty misdemeanor unless there was no facts to support a felony charge.

  222. el burro sabio:

    What a day
    4-star CB and All-State LB
    Home & home with UA
    Stevie leaves us Wondering
    And Gigi finally figures out it's A-Joe

  223. BigHiloFan2:

    aggravated robbery reduced to petty misdeanor?

    translation: that was one overcharge if i ever heard of one.

    an you gotta be slightly off to believe there was anything there to begin with.

    I am for Coach Chow and his gang. period. I've said it before. I am for Coach Chow.

    Go Coach Go! No scared the small stuff. You are doing great! and I mean GREAT

    Do what you feel is right. You got my blessings! Amen!!!!

  224. BigHiloFan2:

    i'm with you el burro sabio.

    and with Coach. Whatever he says, I believe. i know, get guys who like everything explained right now. everything that not 100% clear right away, they doubt coach's logic and no give him da benefit of da doubt. me, i'm a kool aid drinker.

    and JD, he got my family's cheer booklet from the early 50s for UH. imo, he deserved it. he stepped up. he's got a crappy job, with the low budget from the Leg. at least he's trying to walk the walk.

    go JD go. keepa trying. we're counting on you!

    PS. look the role gunfunnit!


  225. Stephen Tsai:

    The worst shots are the ones not taken. Concert is a good idea. Next time, forget the middle guys and do it yourself.

  226. d1shima:

    Interesting read in light of current events.


  227. d1shima:

    Wea Don We-ah?

  228. al:

    yup...can't hit a homer if you don't swing the bat.

  229. al:

    perhaps some kind performer will read of this debacle and step forward???

  230. Warrior Dave:

    Someone from the Booster Club was involved too. JD shouldn't have take the full blame. Would hate for JD to lose his job. But Greenwood doesn't seem to have much confidence in him. She was too involved with the last few hires. Might use this as a reason to not have to pay a buyout. Is this grounds for termination with cause?

    I like JD so I'm putting my support behind him.

  231. Warrior Dave:

    Don't know of any local performer that could draw up to 10,000 people and pay between $75 to $250 to come listen.

  232. el burro sabio:

    Doesn't have to be just one performer stepping forward, can be several

  233. RedZone:

    ST is right. I have seen this happen before. Promoter with promises to bring in a star performer but could not deliver.

  234. Kevin:

    Take out the middle man?

    Then how will tom, dick, and harry get their pockets filled just for knowing someone in the know?

    No no no... UH/state institution, gotta get the middle man in to get paid even though the middle man is useless.

  235. 3-Prong:

    Scrappin the plans to tailgate Stevie at the SSC. What was the name of that Stevie song......."I Wish". What happened JD?

  236. manoa#1:

    #135 jimmy the lock.

    since he is a 4 or 5 star recruit chow would of done nothing. since he has'nt done nothing yet about the 2 freshman that got caught at walmart.just heard that chow called a meeting yesterday and told the team that he does'nt want to hear anybody bring up the DUI and theft that happened couple of weeks ago.i guess some of the players were complaining and chow shut them down.....hmmm.

  237. al:

    sounds like someone is a loner.

  238. al:

    maybe gather an all hawaii all star lineup of entertainers.

    augie t to emcee.
    andy, frank run some comedy opening lines.
    roll in the best of the local bands/artists.
    na leo, kealii, anuhea, new artists, ten feet, kapena, all of em.
    oh, raiatea i forgot her.

    make it an all nighter.
    people would come.
    hawaian style kanekapila aka woodstock of the '70s.

  239. mo808:

    Great idea, al! There's a lot of folks that would buy in to support UH!

  240. wafan:

    Welcome to the new Warriors!

  241. wafan:

    Stinks about the concert.

    Folks who think out of the box need to work together for a workable solution.

  242. mo808:

    Hi Wafan!

  243. mo808:

    Sometimes stuff happens but you can make great lemonade from lemons right?

  244. wafan:

    Now is the time to show support rather than complaining and snide comments.

  245. wafan:

    Hi mo!

    Great photo the other day.

  246. mo808:

    I think a concert is a still doable they just need to put it to trustworthy hands.

  247. wafan:


  248. mo808:

    Absolutely Wafan! I can stand all the ragging and no offer of support or ideas to make it better. That's just a complete turn off!

  249. Bugaz:

    Great reading about warriors getting National attention at their positions such as Stuts. Excited for this upcoming season.

  250. SteveM:

    July 10th, 2012 at 8:55 pm
    maybe gather an all hawaii all star lineup of entertainers.

    augie t to emcee.
    andy, frank run some comedy opening lines.
    roll in the best of the local bands/artists.
    na leo, kealii, anuhea, new artists, ten feet, kapena, all of em.
    oh, raiatea i forgot her.

    make it an all nighter.
    people would come.
    hawaian style kanekapila aka woodstock of the '70s.

    For someone who speaks "birdie" and "subliminal" most of the time, you are clear enough here! :razz:

    Yes, it would be interesting to see who steps up to help the UHAD...or at least offer!

    Woodstock, Al? Woodstock--I thought you were too young to remember.
    Hmmmm...why does Les Murakami stadium flash in my mind... :?

  251. al:

    woodstock, er, well i heard about it from koakane.

  252. HiFlyer:

    woodstock, isn't that the name of your little birdie?

  253. al:

    good one hiflyer

  254. Bryson:

    Manoa#1 unless you have actual evidence the two freshman were caught shoplifting please refrain from spreading rumors that could be detrimental to the future of these two young men and I mean more evidence than some he say she say scenario posted in a forum.

  255. al:


  256. Slugger:

    Welcome, Tony & Giovanni! Work & study hard, hold yourself to the highest standards, accomplish a lot in life here. You'll have fun doing it! Some of the best years and memories of college will be here as a Warrior.

    Hey, we have another person from UH working with us. Yay!

    Night all!

  257. Pomai:

    Why does everyone assume that JD put this together?????????

  258. Abunai:

    Good morning to all the people in this great state of Hawai'i that we call home.

  259. mo808:

    Good Morning! Hope more good news comes this way today!

  260. Pauoa Boy:

    Chee Hee welcome to Warrior nation bruddah Tony. I'm telling you right now you guys going love Grimes style of play. He is intense and is a ballhawk and hustles every play. He will remind you of Nate Jackson the way he plays so intense on the field. At AWC he was an enforcer on the field breaking up plays and hitting hard. Sometimes he plays so hard he'll take himself out of the play for trying to murder the ball carrier but he is fast and his instincts in the secondary is on point. Trust me when I say he doesn't give up big plays to his side of the field. He may run a 4.4 but he really plays faster and has game speed because he plays so intensely. If you think Stanhardinger goes hard on the hardwood this dude goes harder on the field. I thought he was off to the east coast after this season but im glad he's going to be a warrior. Now the secondary is going to be legit. Edwards and JHT, Fields, Turner and Grimes...that is a pretty strong secondary add Sellers too cause he's legit as well. Let's hope these guys get in sync but one thing I know for sure you can count on Grimes to play hard every down!

  261. Pauoa Boy:

    Grimes is a good dude, he's just one of them players that always has his game face on and is intense as hell once kickoff begins. Off the field he's a good student and a cool dude having ran into him and the AWC boys a lot. AWC has a lot of talent on their team and many former 4-5star legit D1 players. I don't care about ratings but this team was legit as they stomped everyone the whole season and then loss in the El Toro Bowl Grimes was a starter all season and he is a legit lockdown guy.

  262. Kekoa:

    The*Wonder Blunder* will have an adverse effect on future fund raising ideas.

    Don't shoot JD! He was only the piano player!

    If the ticket office chief performed a simple check of Stevie's booking's for August he would have known it was no Wonder!

  263. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Mahalo for the 411, Pauoa Boy.

    Pinzaneedoz time in Manoa?

  264. Kekoa:

    Howzit PB! Thanks for the head's up on Mr. Grimes.
    Puzzle pieces coming together!

  265. mo808:

    Thanks for the info on Grimes, Pauoa Boy! That is very good stuff to hear! Looking forward, Go Warriors!

  266. Warriors add corner; video of Wonder news … – The Warrior Beat | Football News Report:

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