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July 30th, 2012

By tomorrow, the Warriors will be finalizing what will  be a 102-player roster for training camp. The players report on Wednesday, and the first practice is Thursday afternoon.

They are awaiting word on JC cornerbacks Justin Turner and Ronald Fields and offensive lineman Mike Milovale. Those three are completing work on associate degrees — eligibility requirements for this coming season.

This past weekend, Turner went to Seattle to take a test. He is expected back in town today or tomorrow.

Running back Sterling Jackson, who was held out of spring practice following shoulder surgery, has been cleared to participate in training camp.

Running back Samson Anguay, who underwent knee surgery last year, still is awaiting full medical clearance. He will not participate in at least the first part of training camp.

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The Warriors have received permission to talk to Penn State offensive lineman Anthony Alosi.

Anthony Alosi: Video.

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Wyoming and Hawaii don't  play each other this year, which will force Cowboy center Nick Carlson and free safety Luke Ruff to "Surf Wyoming."

Here's the video: Surf Wyoming.

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Happy (belated) birthday to one of the great ones — brother Mike.

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