Paper delivery

July 31st, 2012

When the Warriors report to training camp tomorrow, each will receive a playbook for the next four weeks. And it will be in paper.

Although the Warriors have the capability of making the playbook available through smart phones and tablets, head coach Norm Chow is an advocate of the good ol' ink-on-paper method. (Which reminds me: How many have renewed your newspaper subscriptions?)

The players received playbooks in April, then returned them at the end of spring training.

Tomorrow, they will be given playbooks for training camp. After that, they will return them, then receive playbooks for the opener against USC. They'll return those books, then receive books for the following week's game. And so forth.

But Chow acknowledges there are limitations. Because of budget constraints, they will re-use the binders.

* * * * *

The Warriors are meeting today to finalize the training-camp roster. Two spots are up for debate: Backup punter and backup long-snapper.

If Alex Dunnachie were to miss any practice time, the immediate plan is for Joey Iosefa and Scott Harding to serve as punters.

Luke Ingram is healthy and will be the No. 1 long-snapper.  Beau Yap is the backup. But because Yap also is the top pass-rusher, the Warriors are seeking a backup snapper who can work with the kickers while the defense is in team drills. Grant Meersand, who was supposed to be the backup long-snapper, is no longer on the team.

* * * * *

Silas Redd will make his 2012 debut against UH.

Wonder if Anthony Alosi will make his 2012 debut against USC?

* * * * *

Happy birthday to Iwonderwhytheyhateme.

275 Responses to “Paper delivery”

  1. MattyBoy:


  2. MattyBoy:

    This time I didn't spike th ball too soon lol

  3. azwarrior22:


  4. gigi-hawaii:

    I guess coach Chow could re-use the playbooks next year? Save money that way. Lol.

  5. Stephen Tsai:

    Just remember that the trees used for paper are farmed and serve no other purpose than to become paper. It's not like feral trees were cut down in the wild.

  6. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Congratz MattyBoy! Not spiking the ball too early shows just how much you've matured as a poster in the last 24 hours. We're proud of you. :)

  7. jimmy the lock:

    Congratulations to the USA Women's Gymnastics team!

  8. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Anticiaption builds. Top ten!

  9. Chawan:

    Top ten!

  10. gigi-hawaii:

    ST: good point. I don't have a satisfactory response to that. Lol.

  11. jimmy the lock:

    Must be hard knowing you're raised to be just paper.

  12. gigi-hawaii:

    It kind of saddens me that Chow chose to omit names on the backs of jersies.

  13. gigi-hawaii:

    It will be hard to know which player is playing at any given time... unless we listen to the announcer.

  14. Stephen Tsai:

    Then again, being raised to be paper is much better than being raised to be a McDonald's salad.

  15. jimmy the lock:

    Real fans know who wears what number.

  16. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Hope the playbooks are printed double-sided. I see Coach is old-school, but I'm sure the players would prefer the electronic versions. Also makes for faster changes.

    GO USA!

  17. jimmy the lock:


  18. jimmy the lock:

    If you don't cut it as a McDonald's salad you are sent to Burger King.

  19. Wes'side Warrior:

    Feral trees... hahaha! Good one! That should be today's Blog Title. Catchy, huh?

  20. Wes'side Warrior:

    I thought Burger King prepares their salad in a DIFFERENT way???

  21. jimmy the lock:

    Can the players jot down notes in their playbook? Can they be earmarked? Highlight?

    I feel like I channeled another person asking those questions. Sorry, I guess you wouldn't know the answers. Next.

  22. al: like cheap?
    have hubby drop you off at the aloha stadium on game day then run to the gate where they pass out the free lineups. grab one and head on home for your no atmosphere viewing on ppv.

    or you could walk.

    or just download the free press guide for the week.

    hmmmm. where you been?

  23. jimmy the lock:

    @Wes'side Warrior

    They flame broil it.

  24. 4UHFAN:

    Mid-Pacific gets iPads and UH gets 3 ring binders?

  25. jimmy the lock:

    And like jm2375 alluded to, there are 100+ binders out there. Need to change one page then you need to print out 100+ pages and disseminate manually to each owner of a binder. If was electronic then just update the app.

  26. Kevin:

    No one said anything about the Rainbow Warrior basketball team losing names off their jerseys…

    No one ever says the other team sports like Rainbow Wahine Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Rainbow Baseball, Warrior Volleyball should have names on their jerseys.

    Also if people are concerned about a sense of “pride” being lost by the parents not having a player’s name on the back of a jersey, well, how about the parents of those aforementioned teams not having their last names on the jersey?

    I don't think the parents will be befuddled if their last name isnt on the kid's uniform when they appear on TV. The parents know who their kids are, their friends know who their kids are, and if its on TV that player's name will appear on the screen (depending on the game situation).

    It may be a big deal for some fans, but really… really?

  27. Wes'side Warrior:

    Flame-broil? I thought was like this:

  28. jimmy the lock:

    @Wes'side Warrior

    Yeah, saw that. Wonder how their lemonade is made?

  29. Wes'side Warrior:

    Oh man... you HAD to ask...!

  30. papajoe2:

    With the offensive team and substitutions, defensive team and substitutions, not to mention kickoff and return teams, and punt and punt return teams, having names on their jerseys just makes it a little easier for the fans since that's a whole lot of players, especially if you have magnesia like me. But Jerry Glandville would call his players by numbers so maybe it could work. We have no choice so we WILL make it work.

  31. mctruck:

    JTL, ur#11...guess notin to "bark" bout.

  32. WarriorNY:

    That would be crazy if Harding was the backup punter... Has there ever been a player who both punted and returned punts?

  33. jimmy the lock:

    As a coach you say, "guard #7", "mark #4", "block #75", "c'mon blue, are you blind?" Well you get the drift.

  34. jimmy the lock:


    FUNNY! I once held a tree in my hand, a palm tree.

  35. mctruck:


    I never liked the no name jerseys, jmho.

  36. jimmy the lock:


    My guess would be Jim Thorpe.

  37. mctruck:

    Wow-lau lau....anadah, Paul Bunyan!!

  38. A-joe:

    Congratulations Kyla!

    Jason and Kiana are beaming right now...

  39. mctruck:

    I'm half-sure that the no-name on jerseys is a cost efficient move; by the way, all nfl teams have their names on their jerseys right?

  40. A-House:

    NO names eh! I would not like to be a "spotter" for football sitting in the booth with the "sports announcers" who will demand instant info.

    Create special "pages" with large #s and a name next to it - let's see, how many numbers about 1" high can be put on a page with 1" space between?

  41. Last Call:

    Can't wait to hear Leahey complain about the uniforms.

  42. Stephen Tsai:

    He got rid of the names on the jerseys, but he also got rid of the duplicate numbers, too (except for players who aren't eligible this season).
    And, don't forget, none of the other men's sports have names on the jerseys.

  43. Last Call:

    I think it's Nevada that did away with names on jerseys a few years ago.

  44. WarriorNY:

    I posted this on late yesterday's blog about Kealoha Pilares and thought I should repost...

    "The standout receiver in yesterday's practice was Kealoha Pilares, who had a fantastic weekend overall. Pilares was fighting for the ball in the air, adjusting well to less than desirable passes, and on one key reception he adjusted to an under-thrown pass by Derek Anderson to slide in front of Charles Godfrey and nab the ball close to the ground. It wasn't a flashy play, but one you see every single Sunday, and those are the plays he needs to make."

    This is an excerpt from the day before...

    "Kealoha Pilares is poised to surprise Panthers fans. Today he was all over the offense. There were times he lined up in the slot, times he was a running back, times he ran the end around, and even on occasion where he was the Wildcat QB and handed the ball off to Cam Newton. It looks like he'll be a Swiss army knife, like Mike Tolbert, and used in a variety of situations."

  45. Kevin:

    Aren’t the TV spotters using the #s to ID players anyway? Easier since the #s are on both sides of the uniform. I imagine it would be less efficient to spot a player when having to wait for them to turn around to see the name.

    Leahey always complained the #s were hard to see against the black uniforms/dark green uniforms.

    (Notice the lack of reliance on the names on the jerseys for functional use.)

  46. primo888:

    top 50!

  47. Stephen Tsai:

    Last Call:
    Leahey can bitch and moan all he wants, but he's not the play-by-play announcer anymore.

  48. jimmy the lock:

    BTW, spotters look at the number and not the name.

  49. letsgowarriors:

    dont really care if there are names on the back or not, but kinda disappointed chow got rid of duplicate numbers.

  50. jimmy the lock:

    Oops, Kevin already mentioned it, spotting that is.

  51. letsgowarriors:

    any last minute roster additions besides the JC guys tryna q?

  52. papajoe2:

    True, but fans associate with names.

  53. madeinhawaii:

    They should have put it on a Kindle or Book Nook.. then the players could get their textbooks for classes on those things too and save even more money. Ah well...

  54. G-money:

    the mystery player will just have the word 'Hawaii' on his jersey

  55. Stephen Tsai:

    They use the numbers to ID, but you also can tell a player from his build and the way he runs.
    Besides, UH ran the same offense, with the same formation, for 14 years. There was no way anyone should have mistaken Trevor Davis and Allen Sampson.

  56. WarriorNY:

    Yeah, that's true about spotters use the numbers anyway. I don't know how many times Mike Edwards was called Allen Sampson on Kickoff returns last year...

  57. madeinhawaii:

    You can't return a digital copy, I suppose.

  58. Last Call:

    I'm love'n this #NBCFail hash tag thing , it gives me a chance to vent not that NBC cares.

  59. Last Call:

    mystery player has ???? on his jersey.

  60. Kevin:


    July 31st, 2012 at 10:20 am
    Yeah, that's true about spotters use the numbers anyway. I don't know how many times Mike Edwards was called Allen Sampson on Kickoff returns last year...

    Who ever ran returns, I bet they were "JAAAACKED"... :lol:

  61. Ipu Man:

    Without names, maybe coach can sneak in an ex-NFL player in disguise...

  62. Ipu Man:

    nah, coach is an honorable man.
    Hope he overachieves and smashes USC to dust...

  63. papajoe2:

    Other sports in UH don't have 102 numbers and 6 different teams.

  64. jimmy the lock:

    Fans only associate with names when they purchase jerseys for their own use.

  65. Ipu Man:

    btw, BK has got the best french fries...awesome.
    And I'd take their whopper anyday to the big mac.
    But surprise, Jacknbox July special is even better than
    the whopper. It is called the All American Combo.
    I think today is the last day for the $5.99 combo deal.

  66. jimmy the lock:

    I really don't mind McD's angus burger.

  67. G-money:

    the true mystery isn't who the mystery player is, but rather why in fact is he a mystery in the first place?

  68. Stephen Tsai:

    Last year, Edwards and Sampson both wanted No. 2. And so they both got No. 2. Only they were both returners, and UH had a two-returner system. So one had to sit because you can't have the duplicate numbers on the same unit.
    Then you have that awkward time when somebody has to grab a spare jersey.

  69. madeinhawaii:

    I was just at Sears in Kaneohe and saw one of those UH logo 10x10 pop up tents with the reinforced center post... you know the heavy duty kind that sells for $219 at Sam's Club or Costco's?.... regular price $179 at Sears... too bad I already got a plain white one... for that $40 more...

  70. RedZone:

    Fans should know the name and number of the players. At the least 2 deep.

  71. Stephen Tsai:

    The mystery began when people started reporting "definitive" recruiting lists, and I said, uh, no, missing some people.
    I figured somebody would figure it out by now.

  72. AlaWai:

    I hope they make the numbers big enough for see. Us old guyz no look too good!
    Don't want to see the Silver number on White Jersey anymore.

  73. Stephen Tsai:

    It's now up to UH to start updating the rosters.
    They have the list. Not sure why they don't print it.

  74. Stephen Tsai:

    Remember when Michael Keaton was Batman? The logo was a yellow bat on a black background. But because the background was so dominant, the yellow part looked like a jack-o-lantern smile.
    And that's the trouble with Hawaii street signs. It's white on dark green, so it's hard to read the names. It should be dark on a light background.
    And, thus, that's the problem with UH's black uniforms. With green on a black jersey, you just can't see the numbers from far away. The numbers need to be in white.

  75. gigi-hawaii:

    It's ironic that the warriors have to keep their hair short.

    Previously, long hair covered the names on the back.

    Lol. Now short hair, but no name!!!!

  76. G-money:

    Geej, u crack me up

  77. gigi-hawaii:

    ST: don't get me started on street signs. Tried to locate a house in Pearl City.

    Do you know how many streets in PC start with H-o-o--?

    Sheesh! use some imagination when naming streets!

    How about Dog Street? or Cat Street?

  78. al:

    fund raising idea for uhad.

    now that everyone will be wanting a lineup to id the players they should charge a 1.50 for each lineup sold at the stadium. just like the old days.

    only reason i say 1.50 is so that the generous ones will give the kid two bucks and say "keep the change."

    ...and this from a former seller of football lineups at the old termite palace.

  79. al:

    gg...get hep. buy a smart phone which is typically equipped with a gps.

  80. gigi-hawaii:

    I rarely use my basic cell phone as it is. Just depend on the landline inside the house. Cant teach an old dog new tricks.

  81. jimmy the lock:

    You mean can't teach a stubborn dog new tricks. lol

  82. duffer:

    Anybody got a good adobo recipe?

  83. jimmy the lock:

    All you need is pork or chicken, shoyu, vinegar, peppercorns, bay leaf, garlic, and salt to taste.

    Depending on how vinegary you want your adobo...can go 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 ratio of vinegar to shoyu. Up to you.

  84. jimmy the lock:

    Some people marinade the pork or chicken. Some people add water to lesson the stronger taste and saltiness. Up to you.

  85. koakane:

    #82 for dat matter who get adobo

  86. WarriorNY:

    Wow...drink alcohol while underage, resist arrest, assault a police officer and threaten police officers and you're only suspended ONE game... Aye... Notre Dame dropped the ball big time...

  87. WarriorNY:

    Yikes, the rich get richer Silas Redd transferring to USC... The floodgates will open...

  88. madeinhawaii:


    I guess they just felt he was being Irish all the way...

  89. WarriorNY:

    Haha, True...

  90. Stephen Tsai:

    Silas Redd will make his 2012 debut against UH.

  91. madeinhawaii:

    Well, let's just hope that come game time.. our boys keep their cool, but stay pumped and see Redd.

  92. RedZone:


  93. clyde:

    re: #38. A-joe: Spoiler alert?

  94. Stephen Tsai:

    Is NBC Sports going to be around after the Olympics?

  95. duffer:

    Mahalo Jimmy

  96. duffer:

    Hey ST, Starbucks has a app which lets you pay from your phone.

  97. jimmy the lock:

    Silas Redd, name sounds like a monk from Opus Dei.

    No matter who has the ball, just tackle em.

  98. jimmy the lock:

    Looking forward to fall camp. Also looking forward to Friday, first day for track and field.

  99. jimmy the lock:

    How in the world does a country lose 1/2 its electricity? Too many computer geeks and not enough electricians. At least get plenty help desk to call.

  100. d1shima:

  101. d1shima:

    I like Ol' Skool a lot of the time however, will the Warriors still be taking advantage of new technology and what is being done with it in probably every other college (and even a bunch of HS) camps? for example

  102. A-TEAM:

    As for back up long snapper, Afusia was a long snapper in HS? What do have to lose.

  103. jimmy the lock:

    Adapt or perish, maybe not that severe but need to embrace and take advantage of the technology out there. They already know this so my post is moot. Next.

  104. jimmy the lock:

    What do we have to lose? One bad snap could cost the Warriors the game. That's all.

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  106. Ipu Man:


  107. Ipu Man:


  108. Ipu Man:


  109. Ipu Man:

  110. Ipu Man:


  111. Ipu Man:

    Finally...whew, I'm a geeeeeek...
    but I will forever keep it a secret how to post a blank statement.
    Disregard my first attempts. They are wrong.

  112. Bugaz:

    Hoping for an injury free fall camp.

  113. Ipu Man:

    Bugas, ditto...but how to do that? and still be fast and furious game day?

  114. Ipu Man:


  115. Ipu Man:

    Hope the same for Salas, Pilares and Green.

  116. Ipu Man:

    And Brown.

  117. Bugaz:

    Hit hard and pray

  118. Bugaz:

    Plenty tissue paper

  119. Bugaz:

    Nah just hoping, but I know highly unlikely.

  120. Bugaz:

    Hopefully everybody trained exceptionally well during the off season and ready for camp.

  121. oldtimer808:

    Coach Chow is trying to build a unified team and I can understand his reasoning for no names on the jerseys. I can see why he is opting for the binders. The players will have to be responsible for these play books just as well as being responsible for their assignments on the field. These little things to build the character of the team will go a long way.

  122. Shoko:


  123. Shoko:


  124. jimmy the lock:

  125. jimmy the lock:

    Copy and paste.

  126. Shoko:

  127. Shoko:

    Okay, give up already. Anyway, going to be interesting how much play time Silas going get behind McNeal. DJ Morgan was backup to McNeal after Spring practice.

  128. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Rather have their names on the jerseys. Totally from a fan watching the game perspective. I'm not as diligent about memorizing names and numbers so I will have to look at the lineups more frequently.

    I do hope that he requires all of the players to tuck in their dang jerseys. It looked so sloppy in previous years.

  129. Bulla:


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  130. Adidas Football Boots:

    The mystery began when people started reporting "definitive" recruiting lists, and I said, uh, no, missing some people.
    I figured somebody would figure it out by now.

  131. Cheap Soccer Cleats:

    Hopefully everybody trained exceptionally well during the off season and ready for camp

  132. Cheap Beats By Dre:

    Wow...drink alcohol while underage, resist arrest, assault a police officer and threaten police officers and you're only suspended ONE game... Aye... Notre Dame dropped the ball big time...

  133. RedZone:

  134. Shoko:

    Devon Kennard starting USC defensive end is injured and will need surgery. He tore a pectoral muscle. Will be out for for half of season.

    "Reserve quarterback Max Wittek may have violated NCAA rules related to the recruitment of Penn State running back Silas Redd, a former Pop Warner teammate in Connecticut."

    "NCAA rules forbid coaches and players from speaking publicly about recruits. Wittek was interviewed and quoted about Redd in a story published Tuesday by",0,6218883.story

  135. d1shima:

    There was an excellent LS in Spring ball...Kapaihi Umebayashi. Also played LB in HS.

    I hope he is enrolled this fall.

  136. WarriorNY:

    ^^^Wow, these guys are getting creative with their SPAM... Copy the words of other posts and input your own link...

  137. bob:

    Actually, given the rather poor computer security record the Uh has--using binders may actually make it less likely other teams will access the playbooks.

  138. chopsueyboy:

    Was Coach Chow at UCLA 2006 when they beat USC?
    Is that why they needed to bolster their lineup with help from Penn State transfer to play UH?

  139. A-joe:

    So technically, Penn State currently has the longest losing streak in NCAA D-1 Football history.

  140. 8toda0:

    Paper playbook? Keep it away from Colt Brennan, he'll probably try to roll it up and smoke it!!!!!

  141. d1shima:

    Happy birthday to iwonderwhytheyhateme.

  142. homey ℞:

    Didn't he get married recently? :wink:

  143. koakane:

    duffer:Hey ST, Starbucks has a app which lets you pay from your phone

    true dat been using it for almost 5 yrs now

  144. koakane:

    oh its iwwthm bday, happy happy joy joy guy

    bulla it was fun and my groups pleasure to help. they will be volunteering again next year if stay on Oahu.

  145. Ipu Man:

    2006 UCLA coaching staff:

    Karl Dorrell - Head Coach - 4th year
    Jim Svoboda - Offensive Coordinator (first year)
    DeWayne Walker - Defensive Coordinator / Secondary(first year)
    Jim Colletto - Assistant Head Coach / Offensive Line

    The Bruins finished 7–6 overall, and were fourth in the Pac 10
    Conference with a 5–4 record. The Bruins beat the Trojans for the first time since 1999, ending the Trojans chance to play in the National Championship game. Patrick Cowan passed for 114 yards and ran for another 55.

    Of note: The Bruins lost to the Seminoles in their first appearance at the Emerald Bowl.[13] In February 2010, Florida State vacated this win due to NCAA rule violations.


  146. mikey:

    Also Big Mahalo to 17 inmates who helped with set-up and take-down at Convoy of Hope over the four days at McKinney.

    We expected more people to come this event had over 500 Groceries bags left.

  147. DoubleB:

    Maybe coach will reconsider multi-media playbooks in the future. It's been found that information is much more easily assimilated through audio visual means.

  148. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Happy Birthday to Iwonderwhyhewonderswhytheyhatehim!

  149. mikey:

    Can't wait to watch women's gymnastics on HD tonight.

    And too bad about South Korean fencer Shin A-lam that is too long of a wait for anyone.

    Whats up Ref!

  150. gigi-hawaii:


  151. Ipu Man:

    I thought Berkley California were "the bears"...isn't that what a "bruin" iz?

  152. mikey:

    Sorry about not been on blog.
    Day after I return to work from my cruise vacation to Alaska, lost my position and had 30 day notice and today was my last day.

    But I'm glad was able to help out this last two week on Convoy of Hope and met a lot of great Church going people.

    There is Hope out there. Aloha

  153. kev-1:

    Gotta use paper playbooks. It's not as much of a punishment for holding an ipad over your head for being late.

  154. al:

    duffer...adobo recipe?

    paradise market

    and no forget one pinch of brown sugar.

  155. Senuke X discount:

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  156. al:

    how about a reverse penn state transfer rule...?

    for example, a psu guy transfers to your school and plays your position. you know that you won't be the starter so you request a transfer under the same guidance as one leaving penn st.

    go to hawaii.

  157. Graham Chong:

    Warning ! Have you heard about Google sniping ? there is a buzz about it right now . Basically its an alternative to blogging NOBODYSDEAD.COM check it out and tell me what you think please

  158. jm2375 (Infuse):

    Mikey - sorry to hear about your job loss. Same thing happened to me. The afternoon of my first day back I was given my 2 week notice. At least they did it in person. The others laid off were told a week before when I was still on vacation.

    Happy birthday iwwthm!

  159. Ipu Man:

    Prayers for the unemployed...

  160. Comparativa de seguros del hogar:

    Post. thanks merveilleux pour les parts touchant �.. � vocation plus d'attendre.....

  161. wafan:

    Happy birthday IWWTHM!


  162. mctruck:

    Going moi, just wanted to wish IWWTHM a Happy Birthday. enjoy your special day, don't drink and drive.

  163. mo808:

    Good Evening Folks!

    Happy Birthday Wishes to IWWTHM

    Okay, so the other day I tried to go shopping for UH logo stuff to get ready for FB and was so disappointed! Went to Walmart (ugh!) one design and boring. Went to Mckinley Car Wash (DPK had suggested) and they had the "We Will Chase Championships" but no XL for Hubs. Went to Rainbowtique but nothing at all imaginative or clever. Went to Butigrove and they have the Chow Time shirts only two designs. I'm wondering if Coach Chow could do another 4 minute press conference so that the enterprising could print some up some new hot UH Warrior stuff. I did find some wedge black slippahs with Warrior H logo from Longs today though.

    Go Warriors!

  164. Ben A Lurker:

    Wow - topical spam - Aye!

  165. tommui:


    Time for me to get a chocolate malt to toast your birthday!

  166. Ben A Lurker:

    Oh...didn't see that #132 was a repeat.

  167. tommui:

    #151 Ipu Man

    You got me interested in "Bruins" and U. Cal. so I went to Google.

    Univ. California is the "Golden Bears". The word Bruin is Middle English (from the Dutch) for "Brown" or brown bears and of course is the mascot for UCLA.

    All this time I thought Bruin was either a smaller bear or small brother to a big bear!

  168. al:

    Happy birthday iwwthm

  169. d1shima:

  170. BigHiloFan2:

    Happy Birthday IWWTHM. hope you are enjoying your day!

  171. madeinhawaii:


    Happy Birthday!...
    Happy Everyday!

  172. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


  173. Guava:

    Well, well. Seems our boy Mr. Brennan was having a good time that night. Over twice the legal limit. Sorry, but I have no patience or respect for those that drive drunk. Period!

  174. Ipu Man:

  175. Ipu Man:

    Tommui, a bear is a bear and by any other name, it is a bear.
    So...why "two" bears in the PAC 10/12? You'd think a University
    would be smart enough to be more innovative than to copy another school...
    Maybe the UCLA bear came foist? Still, bet most everyone can name Berkley
    as the Cal "Bears". So UCLA should hold a contest to change their "image" name.
    Maybe the UCLA "Brutes"? Or ?__________...

  176. tommui:

    Well, there is the "Golden Bear", the Bruin (Brown) Bear, the Coca-Cola or Polar Bear.

    If those people can bear it, why not?

    Of course if the students want to change it, we might end up with another Anteater or Banana Slug!

  177. azwarrior22:

    Scottsdale CC is call the Artichoke.

  178. Ipu Man:

    Or the UCLA Blues?

  179. Ipu Man:

    That's it!
    The UCLA Blue Bananas!

  180. kev-1:

    I don't want it to seem like I am excusing what Colt did, because I AM NOT, but I am amused at how shocked people get when someone gets caught driving intoxicated. It is such a huge problem for society, it is pathetic. Most people that go to bars, clubs, or even restaurants and drink end up driving themselves home. That's just a fact.

    I remember seeing a story on the news years ago in Hawaii about how the business in downtown bars increases whenever there is a major traffic back up during rush hour, like the freeway closed due to an accident or something. People wait out the traffic by passing time in a bar . . . drinking before they get back in there car to drive home.

    If you want to curb drunk driving, make the penalty stiffer. Heck, everyone in the car needs some form of punishment, especially the sober guy that should have been driving. The problem will never be solved until consuming alcohol is made illegal, which I am not in favor of because I enjoy my drink.

  181. papajoe2:

    Happy Birthday Iwwthm. Hope you are enjoying your day!

  182. SteveM:


  183. madeinhawaii:

    How much do you have to drink to register 1.7?

  184. sbkdduanoc:

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  185. kev-1:

    he was .17 - big difference. Could be as little as 2 drinks depending on your size and what you're drinking.

  186. kev-1:

    I also find it amusing that we have a "legal limit" of alcohol in your system to be able to drive. If DUI's are such a problem, why does the legal system continue to allow people to do it. Take away the legal limit and make it 0. That way there are no "hmmm . . . how much can I get away with drinking and still be allowed to get behind the wheel" debates.

  187. kev-1:

    People like me are going to continue to say "nah, I'm good. I never drink enough to get over the legal limit." If it's legal for me to do it, why stop? Make it illegal, I'll think twice.

    Sorry, just keeping it real.

  188. Stan Manley:

    Our favorite Fin, "Davone Bess," getting inteviewed.

  189. BigHiloFan2:


    hello Mr. Brennan. come join us at a Tsaiko TGate this year. you'll always have my respect, and admiration for what you did for us. you're human. and you're prolly gonna make samoa mistakes in your life. try learn from the past ones. come hang with uncle and support our team. promise, we got designated drivers in our gang.

    thank you, man.

  190. jm2375:

    Don't forget, the Dolphins are the subject of this year's "Hard Knocks". Starts next Tuesday. Not sure I'll be able to recognize Davone with his new haircut.

  191. BigHiloFan2:


    JT got his test done?

    Ronnie all good and in da house?

    Go Warriors.

  192. al:

    whoa stop the horses...!

    0.17 % is not two - three drinks. more like a quart of vodka.
    0.08 % is legally drunk.
    0.50 % is dead.

    all that fueled with mj is lethal and totally incoherent.

  193. kev-1:

    quart of vodka? no way. If you are small, like 100 lbs, it'll only take a few drinks to get you to twice the legal. Say you weigh 200 lbs, maybe it'll take you 6-8. No way a quart of vodka.

    The point I was trying to make though, al, was that you never know. A small person may not think they drank a lot, but may actually have already surpassed the legal limit.

    It is just silly that you can be intoxicated within the legal limit and still drive a car. Isn't that the problem?

  194. kev-1:

    If I had two glasses of vodka compared to two beers, obviously we'd be talking drastically different blood alcohol levels.

  195. al:

    big hilo...i hate to be the one to tell you this but.

    mr. fields has landed. and not the husband of mrs. fields cookies.

    ronnie fields is in fact setting up his bunk in the dorm rooms. i hope he gets to go to rainbow drive inn before they close.

  196. DoubleB:

    Super scary when you think about it. Like Kev said people do it all the time... Unfortunately I see the results of car crashes all the time with my job. More often then not though it's speeders that get into the worst of them drunk or not. How many times can you guys count when you're driving and the person in front of you is going so slow... Large space between the vehicle in front... Weaving in their lane. You go around them and they are either talking on their cell or looking at the screen?

  197. al:

    k-1...but he is 200lbs.

    just this out....

  198. Guava:

    Cannot make excuses here. Legally drunk under Hawaii state law, it is what it is, .08, Colt was .17.
    Fact is, I loved when he played. I cheered. Loudly, and often. Maybe it's my negative side, but I cannot help but believe there was some "monkey buisness" going on during that accident on the Big Island last year that Colt was in.
    I saw an interview with the lady that was terribly hurt in that accident, she called Brennan "selfish". Sadly, and it kills me to say, but I gotta agree.

  199. koakane:


  200. koakane:


  201. koakane:

    nite nite

  202. al:

    k-1 only twice in my life was i so intoxicated that i could not drive.

    first time when i drank a quart of crown royal.
    the second and last time it was a quart jose cuervo gold 1800.

  203. Kevin:

    July 31st, 2012 at 9:53 pm
    Super scary when you think about it. Like Kev said people do it all the time... Unfortunately I see the results of car crashes all the time with my job. More often then not though it's speeders that get into the worst of them drunk or not. How many times can you guys count when you're driving and the person in front of you is going so slow... Large space between the vehicle in front... Weaving in their lane. You go around them and they are either talking on their cell or looking at the screen?

    As much as it turns out being an old Asian woman that can barely see over the steering wheel.

    I live in Pearl City so the odds are heavier on my end. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    But seriously..

  204. al:

    kazz no tease my 91 year old mother.

  205. madeinhawaii:

    The only times I got really drunk was in Japan. Once, my landlord and I finished a fifth of brandy, couple of beers and a couple of glasses of shōchū. We somehow staggered home on foot okay. The second time was after a ESL convention. Went celebrating with colleagues my final days of bachelorhood. I would never think of driving in those conditions.

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  207. kev-1:

    al . . . sounds like you didn't mess around!

    I've been on both sides of the spectrum. The thing is, I've never been caught, like MANY other people. I guess my whole argument is that its silly to be debating what the legal intoxication limit is. Intoxicated people should not be legally allowed to drive. But they are. We have a legal amount of alcohol that you can have in your system to drive. It seems silly to discuss it, but when people want to come down so hard on people like Colt, they need to realize just how many people are doing it every day.

    With all of that said, sadly at the end of the week, I will go to a bar, like many other people and test my legal limits of intoxication. Will I drink too much to drive? I don't know because I don't have my own breathalizer. I guarantee you that I won't THINK I'm too drunk to drive though.

  208. al:

    they actually sell breathalizers.

  209. kev-1:

    I was driving the other day behind someone who was all over the road. I thought "for sure this guy is texting or something."

    NOPE . . . eating a plate lunch!!!!! Seriously! One hand holding the plate lunch, the other hand holding the fork. Steering???? I don't think he was.

  210. kev-1:

    One thing is for sure. Brennan's attorney is making him sound like braddah has problems. Not the way I would want to approach my defense if I were Colt.

  211. Ipu Man:

    What happens if you have a bottle of listerine (small) in your car?
    And use it before a big meeting...or a big kiss.
    And later you get pulled over...and they smell alcohol.

  212. Ipu Man:

    Colt, this drink is for you (and me...and everybody!---come on---let's drink!)

  213. Ipu Man:

    :roll: :roll: :roll:

  214. Bulla:


    And please add A-Joe to that shout out...MAHALOZ for all da signs my bruddah :)

  215. BowNatic:

    Poor old Colt. Thanks for the memories, but now you are just messing up and you need to grow up real fast or your life is over....

    God bless you and may he help you get over what ever you are doing....

    Memories are just that, memories. Stop what you are doing, grow up and be a man, and start new good memories that you can live off of. Right now you are just self-destructing....

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  219. Payton_Vermont:

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  220. Brooklyn_Colorado:

    I always wondered if the Manchurian Candidate

  221. DoubleB:

    @203 Kevin - We call the old Asian women the "triple threat" because they have 3 strikes - Old ... Asian ... Woman. Sorry if I offend anyone with that comment but some stereotypes are true ;-)

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  223. Wes'side Warrior:

    Happy birthday, IWWTHM!

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  228. Leah_Alabama:

    That's fine for the House and Senate but for president, there is no way any conservative should vote for either Democrat that will be stuffed down our throats next year. The House is the grand prize. If we had someone like Jim Jordan as Speaker and more than the current 3 reliable conservative senators, the president wouldn't matter., DANIELLE LLOYD NUDE, >:D, KATE MARA NUDE, :-]], DANA DELANY NUDE, :-)), MADONNA SEX TAPE, 323770, ANGELINA JOLIE SEX VIDEO, flqa, JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS NUDE, =D, MADHURI DIXIT HOT, 44123, MIRANDA KERR NUDE, rogjxu, JESSICA SIMPSON BOOBS, =], AJ COOK NUDE, 515309, BAR REFAELI NAKED, eybom, LAURIE HOLDEN NUDE, 67394, COLIN FARRELL SEX TAPE, wft, AMY ADAMS NAKED, >:(((,

  229. Pomai:

    Want to stop drunk driving, first step is when they are caught they not only get their license taken away but also the car they where driving no matter who owns it.

  230. mo808:

    Good Morning! 31 more wakeups!

    WW, Thanks for the suggestions! I'll check out some of those locations this weekend!

    Al, thanks for the link! I was wondering about bac levels and what they mean.

    Pomai, that might be the way to go!

    I think its foolish to be served alcohol without a designated driver present period.

    Have a good day folks! Go Warriors!

  231. Lauren_Washington:

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  233. shrine2da808:

    Colt Brennan is going to be needing rides from the bar now, can anybody help? I just got my learners permit but my dad doensn't trust him to ride with me alone after what he did to that girl in college. Let's rally up and help Colt!

  234. Natalia_South_Dakota:

    O.K. I give up. What is your beef with Gutfeld? I think he is hilarious! He is not a serious contributor, but is there for laughs. I like him., LINDA BLAIR NUDE, :D, EMILIA CLARKE SEX SCENE, 30554, JENNIFER WALCOTT NUDE, zme, VANESSA MARCIL NAKED, 370, BETHENNY FRANKEL NUDE, >:-]]], BETH RIESGRAF NUDE, :-P, VIVIAN HSU NUDE, ilqd, REBECCA CRESKOFF NUDE, %P, CHERYL LADD NUDE, %-P, KALEY CUOCO SEX TAPE, >:-], ALISON BRIE NAKED, noi,

  235. ALLAN:


  236. wafan:

    Good Tuesday, all.

  237. wafan:

    Heck, meant Wednesday.


  238. wafan:

    100 Warriors.

    A good number.

    Make them a deadly force.

  239. WarriorNY:

    How many times does Bobby Curran give the time during his morning broadcast? Its so annoying... He's already given the time 5 times in 13 minutes...

  240. tom-warriornation:

    Got 6 tickets left for the USC game; come sit with our block of 166 fans @$50 each (UH ticket office price is $75 each); sit with fellow Warrior fans with better seats in Sec. 2

  241. Shoko:

    Is Anthony Alosi is related to Sal Alosi. Just curious...

  242. wafan:

    Welcome to August!

  243. tom-warriornation:

    email me at:
    or call me at: 415-385-1462

  244. tom-warriornation:

    Hawaii-BYU in Provo, UT on Sept. 28: @$45 each for SIDELINE SEATS (not end zone). Order deadline Aug. 5.

    Hawaii-San Diego St in San Diego on Oct. 6: @$20 each for SIDELINE SEATS (UH ticket office price is $26 each). Order deadline Aug. 5.

    Hawaii-Fresno St in Fresno on Nov. 3: I have 50 yard sideline seats right behind our Warrior bench for $57 each in Sections 30, 31 & 32; rows 4 thru 15.

    email me at:
    or call me at: 415-385-1462

  245. chopsueyboy:

    Stats used on USA tv show Suits,
    they had to prove how many shots a client had to
    get his blood alcohol level to double the legal limit
    for a 200 lb person. They counted drinks consumed
    using a video camera in a casino and came up with 15 - 16.

  246. LizKauai (iPad):

    Happy Birthday, hateme!

  247. LizKauai (iPad):

    Prayers and healing energy for Colt... And all in need.

  248. Wes'side Warrior:

    Tom... I think it's funny that the USC tickets are cheaper than the Fresno State tickets. Fresno State must be a tougher team with a bigger national draw.

  249. Wes'side Warrior:

    Of course, our home ticket prices may be up there too, but that's only 'cause of the cost of living, right? Hahaha!

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  251. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!



  252. Kekoa:

    Sorry i'm a day late and a dollar short!

    Happy belated birthday wishes to:

    It was good to see you this past weekend. With all this talk about *BAC* I'm certainly glad I saw you drive home safely after the party. Even my wife commented about how safe you looked driving on the sidewalk in front of Club Genji's.

  253. Kekoa:

    Thanks for the brain check took me an additional 20 seconds to zero in on those numbers.

  254. Bella_Washington:

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  255. Shoko:

    I found this interesting. Non-related Warrior football.

    "Five men attacked star Wisconsin running back Montee Ball near campus early Wednesday morning, inflicting head injuries bad enough to send him to the hospital, authorities said."

  256. Ha!:

    shrine2da808: say it with me:

    Mike Hunt.

    Mike Hunt.

    Mike Hunt.

  257. Mila Berkery:

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  258. BigHiloFan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    too funny alla yuz.

    kekoa, specially. :mrgreen:

    IWWTHM you gonna hafta go on da low.
    next time i see sumbuddy drivin da sidewalk
    i gonna tink issa you :mrgreen:

  259. BigHiloFan2:


    as in homonym? :lol: :lol: :lol:

  260. BigHiloFan2:


    gots to go now. haffa great day gangeez!

  261. Nevaeh_Maine:

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  262. koakane:

    morning 808

    deciding to take a short nap or go back to sleep

    must be hump day

  263. Wes'side Warrior:

    From Mike Delrio...

    Here's the latest on Bryant Moniz...

    Hoping and praying for a quick and complete recovery!

  264. Wes'side Warrior:

    Wow, Shoko! Just the headlines brought the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan incident to mind.

  265. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    Boy, alla dis talk about how much alchohol people have drank makes me feel hangoverish and I never even drink! (al, you and mih is da manseses). Fortunately for me, drinking isn't so much fun anymore, but I'd be lying if I said I never drove drunk or did anything stupid under the influence of alchohol.

    No matter what your age, history or situation, drinkin' and drivin' aint good.

    Prayers for Braddah Colt.

  266. Eva_Kentucky:

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  267. Ariana_Idaho:

    That's fine for the House and Senate but for president, there is no way any conservative should vote for either Democrat that will be stuffed down our throats next year. The House is the grand prize. If we had someone like Jim Jordan as Speaker and more than the current 3 reliable conservative senators, the president wouldn't matter., LINDA BLAIR NUDE, 848050, KARISSA SHANNON SEX TAPE, bhn, VANNA WHITE PLAYBOY, 03721, STACEY DASH PLAYBOY, :))), NATALIE MARTINEZ NUDE, zdavn, ROSAMUND PIKE NUDE, %-OOO, KATEY SAGAL NAKED, cos, EMILY BROWNING NAKED, 836, GONG LI NUDE, :-OO, MINNIE DRIVER NUDE, jgnoh, KALEY CUOCO NACKT, :-), DANIELLE STAUB SEX TAPE, >:-D,

  268. Kaylee_South_Dakota:

    I'm not sure what you have against "The Five". I mean, four of the five panel members are on the right. The only creep is Bob Beckel. I admit, his creepiness makes the show a bit harder to handle. But Greg Gutfeld makes up for it! I LOVE him!! Beckel will probably have a stroke or a heart attack on the show one day and they can just shove him off the stage and continue on., SHAWNEE SMITH NUDE, %(((, MAURA TIERNEY NUDE, jzo, MELINA KANAKAREDES NUDE, opelbi, LESLIE MANN SEX SCENE, uizp, PAMELA ADLON NUDE, 42591, GARCELLE BEAUVAIS NUDE, nrg, DANNEEL HARRIS NUDE, sxw, LINDA FIORENTINO NUDE, ler, IZABEL GOULART NUDE, fum, ALICIA WITT NUDE, %(, KELLY STABLES HOT, 6301, LEIGH ALLYN BAKER NAKED, hdwgme, COBIE SMULDERS BIKINI, 8-D, LIZZY CAPLAN NUDE, dndvvk,

  269. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Nekkid spam for errybody this morning!

    Nekkid Bruin:
    Nekkid Bronco in da snow:
    Nekkid Cougar:

    I could go on and on...

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