Rise and shout

August 14th, 2012

The Warriors' sweet dreams were interrupted with the BAM!-BAM!!-BAM! pounding on their doors this morning.

It was 5:30 a.m.

With physical-training captains at full volume and rage, the Warriors were out of their room, in full training wear, and ready for a morning workout that would make an officer and a gentleman wince.

They met outside their dormitory-styled barracks, in two straight lines. But some were sent back to their rooms for failing to wear socks. Others were berated, then sent back to put on their workout shoes.

After push-ups on the dew-moistened lawn, they marched to a field where they spent the next hour doing military-styled exercises.

When a player made a pained look, Chief Nixon Galon yelled: "You're only doing this one day. We do this every day."

The PT leaders said the exercises were a way to instill the physical and mental discipline needed in the fourth quarter.

Head coach Norm Chow said it was a lesson in appreciating the sacrifices made by those who serve the country.

"I told our guys, we get to go home this weekend," Chow said. "Some of these guys are going off to war. Their family and loved ones don't even know if they're coming back or not. We know we're going back to a comfortable life, a privileged life to play football. We want to think about others who are making sacrifices."

After the session, the players marched to the PacAF building, a concrete facility that once housed 3,200 military personnel. It was on Dec. 7, 1941, when Japanese attackers, who had run out of bombs, sprayed the building with bullets. The holes still remain.

The Warriors then thanked the leaders in their own style. They performed a rousing haka.




















286 Responses to “Rise and shout”

  1. MU:

    Go warriors!

  2. PONO:

    Very cool post ST

  3. WarriorNY:

    Wow, Sounds awesome!

  4. rich2176:

    Hey Don - in response to you in the last blog:
    Don - since most folks (excluding the faithful on the Warrior Beat) have such short retention spans, the Admin probably handled it this way by deflecting the facts:

    Bozo #1:Where'd the money go?

    Bozo #2:Hey, nice day today.

    Bozo #3: Did you hear the Stevie Wonder concert was canceled? He never knew about it.

    Bozo #2: Think I'll take off & go play golf.

    Bozo #1: Who should we blame?

    Bozo #2: Anyone want to join me?

    and on and on and on...............

  5. gigi-hawaii:

    Way to go, Warriors!!! I luv it!

  6. warriorfan2:

    Now that's what I am talking About "In Chow We Trust"
    Go Warriors Both Military and Football Players

  7. DaveLetterMan:

    Morning Tsaikos!
    Rich you are too hilarious!!!!!

  8. alnbama:

    Woohoo top ten, ok back to lurking. Sure wish there was some video.

  9. chawan_cut:


  10. rich2176:

    ST - great post!! Why do I get the feeling it's a much different leadership under Chow. He seems very "in your face" 24/7 where it appeared Mac was only that way behind closed doors.

  11. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs:
    Military members do their duty by choice and not by chance. They often become victims because of leadership leading them to wars and conflicts. May they continue to be strong of will and steadfast in purpose.

    Go Warriors!

  12. duffer:

    Good morning Tsaikos

  13. rich2176:

    BTW, on a side note and since many of us have been afflilated with the military in some fashion, I'm begging everyone to boycott NBC's Stars Earn Stripes. What a stupid concept that brings a war-type video game to life and trivializes the sacrifices that the men and women of our great armed forces endure on a daily basis. The only way to win at war - come home alive!!!

  14. gigi-hawaii:

    ST: can't believe you were there in the barracks at 5:30 am. Lol. Love the pictures.

  15. Last Call:

    Reminds me of my military days and basic training.At 4 am drill Sgt. enters the dorm, flicks on all the lights and starts screaming. Ten minutes to SS&S he barks which always felt like 5 minutes before he came in again ordering us to fall out for PT.

  16. lava:

    You are going to get BHF2 to jact up he's going to be on a plane shortly after reading this.

    Is all of this going to translate into a competitive football team that wins its games? We'll see.

    Chow has a lot of work to do to be considered in the same class as June Jones, who successfully turned around both UH and SMU.

    Go Warriors.

  17. Kukui High School:

    Makes me wonder why the previous coaching staff never tapped into this opportunity. GO WARRIORS and GO NUTS!

  18. Last Call:

    What is SS&S ? It translates to bowel movement,shower and shave.

  19. Na Koa Mike:

    Nā Koa Football Club Commemorates Silver Anniversary with Special Coin Project:


  20. Stephen Tsai:

    Some people are just not morning people. I thought Calen Friel was ready to kill when he opened his door.

  21. Stephen Tsai:

    Then again, Luke Ingram had that scrunched-up look: "I will NOT quit. I will NOT quit."

  22. CoolEthan:

    Revelry -
    Most excellent.

    West Point, Navy and Air Force cadets all do it every day.

  23. Will-i-am:

    That is beyond awesome!!!!!!

    This is a dream come true that I didnt even know I had.

  24. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs:

    Don't forget the mess hall breakfast of champions, S&S! (s**t on a shingle)

  25. (Jesse) James:

    Good morning Tsaikos!!!

    I love it....!!!

  26. Ipu Man:

    "...push-ups on the dew-moistened lawn..."

  27. cincodemayonnaisse:

    It's heartwarming to see the gents get taught life shaping lessons through football. Not only will it pay dividends on the football field but it will hopefully instill in them the virtues of personal sacrifice in service of others. Past coaches may have had success on the field but for the longest time we forgot what this program was about....at times we may have not had the best players in the country or the fanciest facilities but we beat teams higher rates than us because we fought "together"....

    Teams that have superior athletes and limitless budgets win a lot of games.....Teams that play for each other and for a cause bigger than themselves make history.

    Chow hasn't won a game yet but how can you not appreciate the methodical process he goes through to "build" this team. Hope it translates into "W's".....I got a feeling it will.

  28. gigi-hawaii:

    ST: so after PT, were they allowed to go back to their rooms and sleep for a couple of hours?

  29. koakane:

    good morning 808 country

    by the pics, liking the discipline...in the long run helps tremendously

    double days has begun and sure the warriors must luv these days when the clouds block out dat sun

  30. laulau head:

    Teams that have superior athletes and limitless budgets win a lot of games…..Teams that play for each other and for a cause bigger than themselves make history.

    Love that quote cincodemayonnaisse!

  31. madeinhawaii:


    I know!... I'm still finding it hard to believe ST got up that early to take those photos... or did he? hmmmm...

  32. Ball picker:

    Mornin, thanks for all the great pics of our Warriors. But shame on the player who gave the "pained" face.

    Go Warriors

  33. gigi-hawaii:

    ST: how about some pics of the FUUD? Curious about the kind of spread the military offers.

  34. John Fitzgerald Byers:

    UH administration needs a wake up call like that more than the players do.

  35. Supastoke:

    Go Hickam "STRONG" hua!!

  36. Stephen Tsai:

    After that, they had breakfast, then they lifted weights.
    There will be meeting until lunch.
    Then an extended practice today.
    Then dinner.
    Then more meetings.
    Wake-up call is supposed to be at 7 a.m., just like it was supposed to be that way today. As one player said: "I'm never going to trust the wake-up schedule again."

  37. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    I still don't quite believe ST got up that early to go down to JBPHH to get the pictures. 'Fess up, ST! j/k

    BTW, I know I'm late on this subject, but quit harping on Hinshaw's sabbatical. It's SOP for academia. Since she's been away from her area of research for a number of years, she probably needs time to get back up to speed. Sabbatical = paid professional leave. The faculty position was in her contract from the beginning from what I recall. And her salary is probably at the high end of the JABSOM scale, but not outrageous. Like every other faculty member, she will be expected to bring in grants to pay for her lab, research, staff, etc. She may even be expected to teach a course or two.
    *getting down off the soapbox and returning you to your regular programming*

  38. Stephen Tsai:

    If anything, Chow is teaching the players good manners.
    I noticed that after every interview, the players now say thanks and offer a handshake.

  39. tommui:


    I was hoping the memories of being awaken and screamed at before the sun even made its appearance would have faded by now - like a bad dream but ST's remarks this AM had brought it all back!

  40. jm2375:

    RIP Arnold Horshack.

  41. Stephen Tsai:

    I had to get up at 3:15 to make sure I left the house by 4. We were told to report at 4:45 a.m.
    Robert Kekaula and I were the only reporters to make it.

  42. gigi-hawaii:

    Good manners never hurt anyone. My 2 yr old grandson says, "Yes, please."

  43. Stephen Tsai:

    During the training, it started to rain.
    Kekaula and I agreed it would look bad if we decided to look for shade.
    Anyway, that's why a couple of the pictures are blurry. I tried to wipe the lens with my shirt.
    I have videos of the players getting yelled at, but I haven't figured a way to upload them. I guess a Facebook friend could forward them.

  44. Stephen Tsai:

    One of the response chants was:
    Are you ready?
    Always ready!!!

  45. SDO818:

    ST: im sure youve been asked this many time already, but what time is practice today?


  46. Kevin:

    Nice. I like the implementation of military style morning wake ups!

    This is what our service men and women do for our country and if people cannot respect that and look down on it, they need to realize the world isnt all lolipops and candy cane strolls on gumdrop lane while on their way to smiley hollow to bathe in the soda pop lake.

  47. alnbama:

    Haha, reminds me of basic training when I was in the Air Force. The drill instructor waking us up 5 in the morning, screaming, throwing a waste basket down the middle of the aisle, giving us 10 to do the SSS. Then falling out in formation to do an inspection. Being a almost hair less Filipino, he finds the single hair on my neck, and sends me upstairs to shave the one hair I had, lol. Too funny, now that I look back, was'nt to funny then.

  48. Green tea:

    Nothing like good ole fashion drill sergeant in your face morning wake up... Make your morning exciting or apprehensive. " I LIKE THE SMELL OF NAPALM IN THE MORNING" I did 30 years in US Army, boy do I miss it....GO WARRIORS ...go kick some Trojan tail!!!!!

  49. Padron:

    Anyway, it's "SOS." Getting up at 4:45 to make formation at 5:00 a.m. becomes second nature. With the flick of the light switch, everyone is up and moving. No big deal.

  50. letsgowarriors:

    nice! too bad chow cant do this in the spring too.

  51. isleboy:

    Holy smokes.....Warrior Football team joining the Air Force.....games are going to
    be easy compared to what they will encounter this week......

  52. Kekoa:

    I love the smell of Napalm in the morning. They should have concluded with a training run around the entire base. Hoo-Rah!

  53. Stephen Tsai:

    Afternoon practice begins at 2:20 p.m. today. They're going to go 24 periods. It's 5 minutes per period, but that doesn't include warmups and after-practice stretching. Bring sunscreen.
    Tomorrow it's at 9 a.m.

  54. Stephen Tsai:

    The sound of: "Where's your shoes?" is still ringing in my ears.

  55. Stephen Tsai:

    One guy ran out without shoes. The leader says: "Too many concussions?"

  56. Stephen Tsai:

    Chow was getting emotional afterward. He said his father told him about that day when he looked up in the sky and all he could see were silver planes with red circles.
    This historian there said there was a guy in Waikiki during the attack. Shrapnel pierced through his body and struck his young kid. Both died. The casualties just weren't at Pearl Harbor.

  57. Ipu Man:

    Golly gee Sarge...
    Gomer Pyle(Jim Nabors) Impossible Dream
    (about 4 minutes)...

  58. Last Call:

    In the military I loved SOS and scrambled green eggs for breakfast , I still make it.

  59. HiFlyer:

    So did Kekaula bring along a camera to film the morning wake up.

  60. Last Call:

    The military is what put structure into my life.I still retain much of what my military service taught me.

  61. wafan:

    Good morning!

  62. wafan:

    Any photos of Mr. Tsai being roused from his deep slumber this morning?

  63. gigi-hawaii:

    Wondering if Schroeder memorized the haka yet.

  64. wafan:

    And, thanks for the pix!

    Go Warriors!

  65. HiFlyer:

    Any photos of Mr. Tsai being roused from his deep slumber this morning?

    wafan - I don't think we want to see that pix.

  66. ai-eee-soos:

    Congratulations to Justin and Leroy ....

    Hawaii head coach Norm Chow confirmed that slotback Justin Clapp and safety Leroy Lutu are now on football scholarship.

    ( don't know if this was posted yet. )

  67. d1shima:


  68. HiFlyer:

    good news to hear about Clapp and Lutu.

  69. Kapahulu:

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. These pictures today were outstanding.
    I am retired Army, and these pictures sure brought back a lot of memories. Nice to see Chow also teaching the team life lessons that the team will remember possibly for the rest of their lives.

  70. Buffoman:

    I like winning as much as everyone, but it seems that what coach is doing to help give these young men some basic lessons in life is well worth our ability to be patient and give his methods an opportunity to bear fruit. All of this structure will certainly help them later on in life and for that I am most grateful that we selected coach to lead these young men.

  71. paintslinger9:

    I'm glad that Coach Chow is instilling some discipline in these kids. Getting up at 4am and getting your ass kicked is good for you. Those of us who did boot camps got a helluva lot worse than that. Toughen em up....train em up---- equals a better football team.

  72. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez!

    Awesome. Much Mahalo to the Hickam/Pearl people who have made this possible.

    To our team and to our Armed Forces...


  73. RedZone:

    I got to eat at Hickam when I was in the Air Guard. The food was really good. So is the food at Pearl.

  74. Stephen Tsai:

    Clapp/Lutu story is in today's S-A.

  75. paintslinger9:

    By the way ST, really enjoyed the pics. Go Warriors.

  76. Will-i-am:

    This might be the best post since Chow got the job!

  77. gigi-hawaii:

    RedZone: Lots of veggies? Or was it all meat?

  78. Big hilo fan2:

    I am sooo jact; tee ha

  79. jimmy the lock:

    Nice, nice.


    Now that is a dedicated reporter. My applause's to ST.

  80. Last Call:

    Is the use of a military facility and what appears to be military personal in the photos being paid for by the US taxpayer ? Somehow I see a problem here. Is this something that Fox News would have a field day with ?

  81. Wes'side Warrior:

    Howzit, everyone!

    Always good stuff when team-building.

    St, your #44... (9:07 am)... Wonder if they could have some of these military trainers on hand during home games, and yell out to the team before each quarter, and have the boyz respond. Would be cool to have maintain that connection.

  82. jimmy the lock:

    Need help with an incomplete recipe.

    I got, caramel, nuts, one apple, and a pointed wooden stick.

    It says dip apple in melted caramel then roll it in the nuts.

    Now where am I supposed to put the pointed wooden stick?

  83. HiFlyer:

    jimmy the lock


  84. mo808:

    Cool photos! I am really digging the boot camp for the team--lots of unity and bonding. Go Warriors!!!

  85. Wes'side Warrior:

    Lots of former military amongst the Tsaikos. We can definitely relate. And I must concur... I really do miss the camaraderie and pushing ourselves to the max... staying in shape just so that you aren't the "weakest link", thereby letting your team down.

    Go, Warriors!

  86. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Respecting Tsai and Kekaula for doin' the heavy lifting and gettin to the story before the sunlight does. Way to be, men! Carry on...

  87. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Gratz to Clapp and Lutu.

  88. SDO818:

    Thank you ST!!!

  89. al:

    chicken skin...I'm loving it.

    we could make this in to a movie.

    "remember the titans, er, warriors"

  90. A-joe:

    There were many civilian casualties suffered during December 7th. Quite a few in the Liliha area.

    For decades many wondered what was the significance of Liliha to the Japanese military. Why did they specifically bomb the area.

    It was later discovered gunners at Pearl didn't have access to Anti Air Craft Shells. They were forced to use bombshells to shoot down enemy planes. It was like using a rifle to shoot down a moving target. Any bombshell that missed its target had to come down somewhere.

    That somewhere, tragically, was Liliha.

  91. d1shima:

    Roger Dat, al!

    Recall the scene in RTT in the morning at Gettysburg...can imagine Coach Chow giving a similar address in the early morning, sometime around 7:55 am.

    Hoo...das chikkin skeen!

  92. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Awww...I thought ST finagled a room on base.

    Good to see who else has retired from the services (or still active) among the Tsai-kos. This opens up some possibilities... standby.

    Military S-O-S has many variations but my fave is the hamburger type. Add hash browns. Hungry Lion used to serve it, and people would ask me, "You eat that...?" Pride of America ship used to serve a good one too, then stopped...lost half star off my fuud rating. :evil:

    Military dining facilities are good... and the price is right. :)

  93. Jolynn Stevener:

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  94. Stephen Tsai:

    Last Call
    UH is paying more than $100,000 to stay on base.
    One of the stations said UH was out there as bonding. Yes, bonding is involved but the Warriors are there because they were evicted from the dorms.

  95. madeinhawaii:

    jimmy the lock:

    Obviously, you use the pointed stick to fend off any kid or kids who want to steal your apple...

  96. Last Call:

    Thanks ST. I was curious and not aware that UH was reimbursing them. I had visions of Bill O or some other Fox talking head making an issue out of it.

  97. SteveM:

    RE: #90
    Last Call -- I think ST mentioned that UH is paying "comparable rates" to dorm rates at UH for the week.

    I do know that bases, especially an Air Force base, has "transient quarters" for personnel enroute to duty stations/leave. Hickam is like an airport with it's own motel as it transports troops. These quarters are not free--even military pay a nightly fee for the quarters. Same with food.

    So it is my guess that UH is renting enlisted barracks or transient quarters for the week. The UH training table $ certainly can cover the meals. I'm certain someone more familiar with the logistics can explain this better.

  98. SteveM:

    ooops-- ST zipped in before me. Overall, I think this is a win-win situation for UH and Pearl/Hickam.

  99. d1shima:

    FNC has many other more "interesting" things to focus on.


  100. papajoe2:

    Got 'em kk.

  101. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs:

    The pix reminded me of basic training some 40 years ago and the
    "awakening" that I must go to college like my parents wanted.

  102. RedZone:

    When I was stationed in Korea I took a 14 day modified leave to Japan and got to stay at an airforce base transit barracks for free. All I paid for was the food.

  103. A-joe:

    So, is this a one shot deal? Or will all practices to be conducted with military discipline from now on?

    Constant regiment garners lifetime results. A onetime deal only gives you a "Scared Straight" episode.

  104. HiFlyer:

    This is definitely better than staying in the dance studios on campus.

  105. al:

    during the attack many schools were also hit. japanese intelligence was not that intelligent back then and they mistook the schools for military targets.

  106. al:

    ajoe...my understanding is that the chow era re-introduced the discipline back in to the program.

    we are now, truly, "not p.e. football"

  107. 3-Prong:

    Yah, break em down and build em up. Character building 101. Should help them in the 4th quarter of close games. Go Warriors.

  108. 3-Prong:

    Go get em Chow! Das " in your pay grade"!!!!

  109. SteveM:

    A-joe was right in noting that many Honolulu (Liliha to Kaimuki) "bombs" were actually high explosive rounds fired from the ships in Pearl Harbor. Not something anyone wanted to talk about at the time, but sadly understandable as the ships were trying to defend themselves with whatever ammo they had at hand.

    I was told my grandfather, a candy peddler with a truck (you could see all the jars of candy on shelves all along the exterior of the truck) was making his usual Sunday rounds at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. He made it back home to his 9 kids very shaken.

  110. jm2375:

    Hawaii girls playing Florida right now on da Deuce. (Little League Softball semifinal)

  111. Think2much:

    Waking up to an excited drill sergeant at at 5am might be a rude awaking for some of the football players but I am wondering how doing push ups and other exercises pose any challenge for these elite class of well conditioned athletes. Is it more of the environment and discipline that is the benefits of such an event?

  112. Kekoa:

    A-Joe ~ I can help you with that 5 AM wake up call for a little taste of PT. I know some of those Leaders who can make house calls!

  113. maddog50:

    What really counts is how this team feels about this. They all go through it together, they all think this is crazy sh*t....they all think this is unreal---they will bond I hope...spent 2 years at Pearl Harbor...that went 3 weeks training camp....the mature Warriors as we call ourselves lived that experience...I have fond memories....and the food was the best I ever had-----Go Warriors----I want fond memories of this year----see you at CSU!!!!!!

  114. jm2375:

    Girls from da Wes'side

  115. oldtimer808:

    Mahalo ST for sharing the pics and as we so many of you, it brought back memories of my basic training many, many moons ago. I remember the first night, in the bunk below me, I heard soft crying to his mom. He was an 18 year old from Pittsburgh and there were five of us local boys in the barracks. That was 1965. I love what Coach Chow is doing and putting back a strong dose of discipline. I fore see much success for our program as we move forward despite the upper campus doing their version of the muddle huddle.

  116. Funny Pictures:

    I love some of the newest funny picture websites I see these days..Your site is awesome!

  117. maddog50:

    I forgot to add that these were 3 sessions a day....after Sat scrimmage you got a pass to go by bus to the "Old Stadium" to watch a HS football game!!!!

  118. jm2375:

    Three of the girls said their favorite athletes are Jess Iwata & Steph Ricketts! WTG!

  119. Hodad:

    We got up alot earlier than 5:30 in Army basic training. I recall seeing eggs cooked to order on the daily breakfast menu. There were alot of eggs frying on the griddle so i asked for scrambled. The cook hit two fired eggs twice with the side of the spatual and put them on my plate.

    And Last call and others, other teams are also on bases for Fall camp. Syracuse is training at one of my duty stations, Ft. Drum (New York), home of the famed 10th Mountain Division.

  120. Buy The Best Cameras:

    I like the valuable information you supply in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and take a look at again here frequently. I'm quite certain I'll be told lots of new stuff right right here! Good luck for the following!

  121. Kekoa:

    During my D.I. days, we kept the UH ROTC on a short leash during their 2 weeks of Summer Camp. Both day and night training sessions were scheduled. The local boys were always highly motivated by the pride of being from Hawaii. In competition with the other schools at camp, there really was no serious challengers.

  122. koakane:

    I remember my popo telling my mom about seeing the planes from Alewa Heights and even running for cover cause they were afraid they might be shoot at.

    bonding is good makes the combatants a "band of bruddah's"

  123. 702WarriorFan:

    Noticed on the 3rd pic, was that a DI or Coach without socks?
    Great pictures of the team in formations.

  124. Kaneohe Resident:

    Taking Basic Training at Schofield in 1958 was different from getting woken up by the sergeants at 0530 hrs. More like casually getting up in time to make 0600 hrs first formation. However, for the rest of the day, all day, the sergeants were screaming in your face, even striking our foreheads with the base of the open palms when you "didn't get it." As it they thought pounding it into your head would make a difference. I wonder if today the drill instructors would get away with that, without some congressman "inquiring about treatment of recruits from their home states"?

    But then, the Korean War just ended five years prior and the Army was still getting ready for more.

  125. G-money:

    I'm loving the discipline & the long term benefits of the military-like experience.

    As mentioned earlier, this can only help our team throughout the WHOLE game, and season.

    Something I'll NEVER forget about the previous coach.. Was calling 2 consecutive timeouts because he wasn't finished getting his point thru to the entire team. It was, and still is one of those things that I wish I could forget, but it's the way that it looked is what made it so bad..

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to not having to worry about that happening again with Coach Chow

  126. Annoddah Dave:

    Kaneohe Resident: Basic Training at Schofield...was that at Area X? CP tents on concrete slab? and latrines dug in the ground?

  127. Kekoa:

    Annoddah Dave ~ If you have a large family visiting from the mainland, I can arrange for you to put them in those 40 man tents on the concrete slab. Porta-potties will be a big improvement over the slit trench you had to dig. They can all shower in the gym and pay a small fee for a fresh towel! (See me at the next T-gate).

  128. (Jesse) James:

    Never too early for Airborne.....

  129. king katonk:

    Maybe next year Coach Chow can get Louis Gossett Jr. to handle PT. I give credit to our military as well as the Warriors; may they always fight to the end. Watch out USC. The score may be in your favor but expect one hell of a battle. I can't wait.

  130. (Jesse) James:

    #90 A-Joe and #122 koakane

    My popo and Kung Kung and my dad's family lived at the bottom of Nu'uanu, where the H-1 is now on Dec. 7, 1941. My aunty was over at my great aunty's house where she helped with the daily chores. My aunty said that she was awoken by her aunty just before the first wave hit. As my aunty got out of bed, some people in the neighborhood were yelling that there were planes with red circles on their wings all over the place. One of those planes dropped a bomb in the Nu'uanu River and the shrapnel tore through my aunty's bedroom. She said she was lucky she was woken up early otherwise she would have been killed.

  131. Wes'side Warrior:

    Didn't Coach Gib do this with his boyz out in Kaneohe before the start of this past season too?

    I'd also read somewhere that there are quite a number of football teams that do some training with nearby military. I'll go searching for it again when I've got some time. I looked for it when it was announced that Coach Gib was taking his boyz out to the windward side...

  132. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    My Mom was enrolled at McKinley on Dec 7th. She lost a few of her classmates on that day.

    Thanks to the terrific player interviews on Kekaula's piece last night, you can tell that this experience is resonating with our Warriors. The whole backdrop and their experiences are having a positive effect. Eyes are getting harder, hearts are being made bigger and stronger along with the physical preparation. These moments and their signifigance are not lost on our Warriors.

  133. haka:

    Ah-ooo-rah! & Aloooooha!
    Mahalo to the men & women of the United States Military!
    Go Warriors All!

  134. SEO:

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    Defensive struggle, scoreless top 8th. Regulation game is 6 innings at the LL level. GO MKH!

  136. jm2375:

    Dang. Florida wins 1-0 on an unearned run in the 8th. Good job girls.

  137. kev-1:

    Awesome picks from this mornings drill. Ummm . . . Mr. Friel (2nd picture, right behind Felemalu) better wipe that smirk of his face. Those are the kinds of looks that drill sergeants love to tear into. Just kidding! Don't tell him I said that. He'd squash me.

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  140. kev-1:

    Just got through reading some of the posts. ST . . . thank you for today's comments. They gave me chicken skin.

  141. Kevin:

    Tough. Seemed like the young wahine held on hard though!

    Great role models for them to cite. The winningest pitcher in the program's history and the other quite possibly the best local born softball product to have ever played at the D1 level...

  142. beton:

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  143. d1shima:

  144. Otto:

    What shibai. The AF keeps changing their philosphy. For a long time they didn't do PT. Their physical fitness tests had to do with cardio rates and BMI. I don't think they had formation runs or regular unit PT. Only recently have they switched back to PT tests (e.g., number of pushups, sit-ups and timed runs). If they want hardcore, they need to go to MCBH and train with the Marines like Gib and the Basketball team. Or go out to Schofield East Range like Nash and his b-ball team did...

  145. Big hilo fan2:

    Awesome job ST

    Coach got me ready 2 jact an ole Italian. :D

  146. haka:


  147. Big hilo fan2:

    Now now Otto.

    COach Chow is cross trang da navy.

    He even got ST Ann's RK doing wake ups.

    Good job. Coach.

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  149. jm2375:

    2 episodes of "Hard Knocks" down and only fleeting glimpses of Davone. That's a good thing, right?

  150. A-joe:

    My brother-in-law's mom told me she was 9 years old and getting ready for Sunday School that morning in Wahiawa. Their family home sat right where the current Wahiawa McDonald's is today.

    The neighborhood shook as planes rumbled overhead. It didn't seem out of the ordinary to have the Army conduct morning maneuvers. It just seemed unusually low, loud and constant that particular morning.

    The neighborhood kids ventured outside to see the commotion. In the distance smoke billowed from Schofield. What first seemed to be American planes flying above quickly turned out to be Japanese. The planes flew so low the kids could see the pilots looking at them as the planes turned and made their way back to Schofield to strife the runways.

    One of the neighborhood kids climbed a rooftop to waive at the planes. A Japanese pilot took notice. On his return fly by the pilot sprayed the very roof top, killing the boy, instantly.

  151. RedZone:

    If they go to Scholfield they are going to run until they puke.

  152. HawaiiMongoose:

    For those who have been critical of UH's academic standing, here's something to ponder:



    According to this international ranking, which appears to be mainly based on academic awards and research productivity by alumni and faculty, UH is among the top 150 universities in the world.

  153. RedZone:

    A-joe I believe you. My dad told me he stood outside his home as he watched the planes flying overhead shooting their guns and his house took a few hits.

  154. A-joe:

    Redzone- Honestly, it's difficult for following generations to comprehend what your parents and their generation went through back then. We can only hope to learn, understand, share, forgive and never forget.

  155. mcb:

    does coach chow have "daikon legs?" i was trying to explain daikon legs to someone, and I think that is it. Is it?

  156. Big hilo fan2:

    Go warriors

  157. Bigislandkurt:

    So would have it been harder had it been with a marine DI as opposed to the ones from the air force? haaaa. Sorry, don't mean to start any battles between the branches....

    BIK :)

  158. Bigislandkurt:

    Pearl Harbor Story:

    ON the Big Island, in the village of Onomea. My uncles told me about walking to church that Sunday morning and seeing a Japanese zero skirt the coastline of the Big Island's Hilo coast. They did not know what was going on, but the plane flew low enough for they to wave at the pilots. The planes then went on to Hilo and bombed the Hilo warf.


  159. oldtimer808:

    I was reading an an article in Yahoo online about a college coach who is thinking of not punting the ball if on the 50 yard line and in. A high school coach for the past 4 years was doing that and had won a majority of his games. The thinking is why give away a down because basically on 4th and long that is what the conventional wisdom would normally do. We don't have a punter so Coach Chow should think outside of the box when the situation comes up in the game.

  160. tommui:

    According to the U.S. National Park Service, there were 43 civilian deaths in the Pearl Harbor attack. Some of the deaths were civilian-workers at Pearl Harbor.

    Another account of the attack showed that many casualties were from friendly fire, a bunch attributed to anti-aircraft fire which, in the excitement, our people failed to properly fuse the shells so that if the shells reached a certain (maximum) height, the shell was to explode so that it would not fall back to the groundl

  161. oldtimer808:

    My father was at Kapiolani park with my oldest sister when she was a year old when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. He heard the bombing and went home quickly to check on my mom. It was a difficult period for the local Japanese. My father's older brother was interned on the mainland since he was born in Japan and had immigrated years later after my grand parents had settled in Hawaii in 1899.

  162. d1shima:

    The Big Guy had a video camera there this morning. Waiting for da sports report....

  163. al:

    my mother's family lived in the maid quarters at the chris holmes' estate which later became "queen's surf" during the attack on the beach at waikiki. fortunately, the entire family of nine was whisked away to makiki heights at the home of the thurston family who are famous for being the one time honchos of the honolulu advertiser.

    my mother and father were employed by the thurstons at the time and they took real good care of their japanese servants as they feared for retaliation by others during the bombing. my parents and their family watched from atop as the debacle escalated.

    it was during this moment that my 35 year old father made up his mind to volunteer for the 442nd. it took him three attempts of much pleading to the recruiters until they finally took him in as an enlisted man. you see, he was too old by then under normal circumstances.

    he served in germany and italy alongside dan inouye in ww2, he too, a purple heart, which for a machine gunner was a fortunate plight.

  164. al:

    at washington intermediate school, we had a husband-wife school teacher tandem who told of the day when the fellow japanese kinsman attacked our state. the husband fell victim to the effects of the bombing of washington intermediate as shrapnel and blown out window pane glass nearly caused his demise.

    he survived that day and had the numerous scars on his arms and face to prove it. each year he told the story to his new classes. what was once a painful story became his legacy. i'll never forget him telling of this and showing us the scars as proof positive.

  165. al:

    i think, in fact, i am sure that the affect of the infamous day, december 7, 1941 will wear on each warrior here on after.

    i hope that the pearl harbor-hickam camp includes a tour of the uss arizona and the uss missouri. what a glorious moment that would be to visit those memorials. that would be so apropo in being paired with this camp on those hallowed grounds.

  166. jeezy3:

    For those who do want practice reports, Twitter: dabowman3

    Dont worry, no secret plays.

    Simply how practice went. Who looks good. Who struggling. RBs look good though. Think ST will vouch there. O line 10x better than last year

  167. SteveM:

    I always wondered why grandpa (mom's side) made it home from Pearl Harbor without being stopped. He had a permit and was on record, I suppose, and no one was going to shoot the candy man. But all 5 of his sons went on to serve in the military--only my oldest uncle was old enough to join the 442th back then.

    He served with my father and invited him over for parties after the war. That's how my father met my mom. BTW, that uncle was the father of Gaye at Club Genji.

  168. BigHiloFan2:

    a coupla posts from yesterday that bear worth repeating.

    August 14th, 2012 at 7:00 am
    BigHiloFan2 - Virginia Hinshaw was a big supporter of UH athletics and now she is gone - you figure it out. Lol

    Don Weir (We-Ah):
    August 14th, 2012 at 7:28 am
    BHF2 & Pomai,
    When the UH spin doctors can't bury the problem by spinning the story the answer is: change the story.
    The $200,000.00 is old news and UH Admin wants to sweep it under the rug. How to put a spin on this? Create a lateral transfer, have an in-house investigation concluded but without a published (non-didacted) report, announce a nationwide advertisement for a new AD.
    The story has changed!!

    There you go Tsaikos. It all comes down to da Queen and her gang. no ifs anz or butts.

    but on da odda hand, gotta admit the good fortunes we've had. Coach Chow came our way. Who was responsible for that? That was a good move.

    and now i know. Go Warriors! smack da pUSC. :mrgreen:

  169. Kona Gold:

    Eh Braddah Al...I owe you lunch, I know that I said the first home game of the season but, I'll be flying in this Friday, and hoping we can get together for lunch at the place of your choosing, about 1 pm (?)

  170. Slugger:


    ST ~ Thanks for the report & pictures from JBPHH.

    Met a judge on my vacation whose father was the medical officer for the USS Tangiers on Dec. 7th. His ship was the first to fire back at the Japanese planes. They had stored their ammunition in the dining room and not below decks for an inspection. They still had to load the clips, but had the ammo handy.

    My grandfather was a sheetmetal worker going to work that morning thinking that they were just blasting in the shipyard. People ran out the gates telling him to go home, they were being bombed.

  171. Slugger:

    Night all!

  172. al:

    kona gold...okay i have business related lunch at 1130 this friday.
    but, we can, or i can watch you eat and talk story with you.

    if you like saimin and bbq sticks i can meet you at sekiya's around 1;15 - 1:30.

    call me...285-1205

  173. tom-warriornation:

    Last chance for SDSU tix:

    Hawaii-San Diego St in San Diego on Oct. 6: @$22 each for SIDELINE SEATS behind our Warriors bench in the Plaza level; one level above the field (UH ticket office price is $26 each). FIREWORKS SHOW right after the game! This will be a critical conference game and our boys need your support; so far we have 110 Warrior fans in our group.

    Hawaii-Fresno St in Fresno on Nov. 3: I have 50 yard sideline seats right behind our Warrior bench for $60 each in Sections 30, 31 & 32; rows 10 thru 15. This will be another critical conference game; so far we have 50 Warrior fans in our group.

    email me at: tomkitaguchi@yahoo.com

    or call me at: 415-385-1462

  174. tom-warriornation:

    Our group has 190 Warrior fans going to USC!

  175. SteveM:

    Young Tsai-ko Challenge Update

    Contestant hunk #25 is worried his Bruce Lee physique is kinda distracting so has submitted a substitute photo. Only a profile view with shirt and no muscles now. Shucks, he doesn't look much like homey now. Should be easy to guess. Take another look if not sure...

    Send in your guesses. Remember you may submit revised guess until Friday midnight. (I need to know the "first-impression" guess) :)

  176. papajoe2:

    #175 no skold the public skool grads. Dey wen try hard.

  177. al:

    stevem...do you have a link to the photo stuff?

  178. SteveM:

    Sorry Al -- only those who contributed their photos have the location.
    No pixy, no peepy.

    However, if you would like to contribute a photo (high school-mid 20's), I'll add you even though you would be easy to guess by late position #, however you could guess the others...kinda challenging but you've met most.

    OK, offer stands for others too. It is challenging. :)

  179. Kekoa:


    August 14th, 2012 at 6:03 pm
    For those who do want practice reports, Twitter: dabowman3

    Dont worry, no secret plays.

    Simply how practice went. Who looks good. Who struggling. RBs look good though. Think ST will vouch there. O line 10x better than last year


    Mahalo Jeezy3 for your unclassified report. I appreciate your class act.
    It is a great place for the team to practice, and they seem to like the atmoshpere that surrounds the field.

    After practice, you should try the Familia Mexican restaurant, not far from the field. Just make a right turn as you exit the parking lot behind the bleachers. Follow the road around back where you see the planes parked. It will take you right to the little Par 3 Golf course just down that road. Adjoining the Golf Club is the restaurant.

  180. 3-Prong:

    Lost my uncle on the Ikeda side of the family from Holualoa. 442.

  181. 99club:

    0530? They got a 'sleep in.' 0430 for our students here in TX to get PT in. Then class from 0730 to 1630. Plus mandatory study hall of at least 1 hour.

  182. BigHiloFan2:

    okay Tsaikos. 0245 and waiting for the BAM... BAM.... BAM.... wakeup.


  183. BigHiloFan2:

    0255 .. back to da.........



  184. BigHiloFan2:

    shucks.... was watching Coach on tv last night.

    brudda C is staying in shape hisself.

    an he get a keen eye for detail....
    dey stayin at da Ritz Carlton, air conditioning, loungin an all.
    no spartan quarters fo da boys...


  185. mo808:

    Good Morning All!

    17 more wakeups!

    Go Warriors!

  186. BigHiloFan2:


    an all dis time i thought you wuz a townie...
    and now i find out you from the heights... :lol:

    my apologies. :mrgreen:

  187. mo808:

    Howzit to BHF2!

  188. BigHiloFan2:

    hiya mo808.

    getting exciting yah?

    i love it when a brudda stay tellin da oline 10x betta.

    I'll betcha da Cali moms and grandmoms are feeling gooder
    about their young men playing for Coach Chow and crew.
    like HelenCali and Polymom. heck, i'm excited....

  189. mo808:

    Yep, yep, yep!! Bring it on! Can't wait to see what this group of well coached and disciplined guys can do!

  190. BigHiloFan2:

    the neat thing about JMBPHH is to get the chance to job from where they staying to the point entryway to Pearl, where the officers club stay. really pretty scenery. and if you get there early enough or late enough, you get a chance to see a nuke coming in or going out of the harbour. chicken skin moment, knowing that one sub could blow the stuffings outta a buncha time shares with their multiple .... uh ...

    sorry... classified...


  191. BigHiloFan2:

    an to dat elem skool teacha uppa abover,

    an wats wong wit my english? yuno understan phat fingaz?

    i been practicin my hole lifes fo dis momenz. :mrgreen:

    betta dan some cheap cleatsamajob. still trying to figa out how to make abuck.


  192. mo808:

    BHF2, It's no wonder the moment overwhelmed Coach Chow as he reflected on the history of Pearl Harbor and the sacrifice of our men and women in his comments!

    ST, great article!

  193. BigHiloFan2:

    spent the summer of 65 at Pearl. participated in shooting up Kahoolawe.
    swabbing a deck of a tin can and chippin da rust offa da deck and sides,
    wire brush and red leadin affectionado. ahh.... dem da days dat changed
    me poreva. became a fan of "we gotta get outta dis place... if its da
    last ting we do....ooo... ooo.


  194. BigHiloFan2:

    wat? you not getting inspired? :mrgreen:

  195. BigHiloFan2:

    but nuttin compared to January 68 Da Nang time. :shock:
    Rap wasn't happenin yet, but i wuz learning da prayer he later made
    famous: DDDDDeeear Lord.... da one about da toemane poisoning.
    ick wuz longin por da good ole days when da aina neva shoot back. :mrgreen:

    hmmm.... kinda early to be tinkin about a drink... :mrgreen:

  196. BigHiloFan2:

    wait wait.. what time is it in Rome? okay, just about dat time. :D

  197. BigHiloFan2:

    c'mon mo. help a brudda out. :lol:

    almost there....

  198. BigHiloFan2:

    almost almost

  199. BigHiloFan2:

    okay, dis does it por me por now. see you in a pew, Tsaikos.

  200. BigHiloFan2:

    The Virginia class Hawaii and North Carolina home ported Pearl. The Los Angeless Class attack subs Texas, corpus Christi also home ported Pearl. seeing them crusing outta Pearl is a chicken skin moment.

    good thing the Texas and the Warriors are on our side. :D

  201. mo808:

    Sorry, BHF2! I dozzzzzzed off a bit....Thank you for your service! I was 12 at the time in '68, but remember the turmoil and sadness of Nam in the newspapers and TV coverage. Those were dark days for our country. I never could understand why so many even if they did not support the war--did not support the troops. I had a hard time with that.

    Guess I might as well get up as sleep eludes me!

  202. Kekoa:

    Good morning Mo!

    Had my alarm set for waking up BHF2 to the sweet sounds of Freedom...a resounding BAM-BAM-BAM! 'Cept I nevah like scare Susan.

  203. mo808:

    Morning Kekoa! Hey, help me out here... Get two handsome photos of a distinguished gentleman that I am thinking is you! Is you or no?

    Gots to send out an SOS email soon to SteveM for some clues...time running out!

  204. BigHiloFan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.


    howzit Kekoa. feeling frisky today? :D putting Susan on da plane. stop by town, getta SA, kope,


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