Sunday ramblings

August 19th, 2012

Training camp is over. School starts tomorrow, along with single practices. And there's less than two weeks before the season opener . . .

• The Warriors' plans are set on "forward."  About 10 days ago, Chris Gant, who was practicing as the strong-side receiver, suffered an ankle injury. He was supposed to be out up to three weeks. But Gant made it back in three days. When Billy Ray Stutzmann and Trevor Davis suffered nagging leg injuries, Gant was moved to the single side. He now is with the No. 1 unit.

• Head coach Norm Chow has emphasized that players were not recruited to redshirt. That means linebackers Benny Fonua and Jerrol Garcia-Williams, running back Steven Lakalaka, and defensive backs Ne'Quon Phillips and Marrell Jackson are going to play. Phillips is challenging Tony Grimes for a starting cornerback job. Phillips also is the first option when the Warriors need a nickel corner.

* A couple of late roster additions really embraced the be-prepared approach of the so-called bullpen. Thrice-cut Rykin Enos comes in and wins a scholarship. Ijumaa Armstrong is activated, and now he might be in the corner rotation.

• Chow said the Warriors will travel with 10 offensive linemen, although he believes that seven is a workable number.

• Here's the very tentative starting lineup: Offense — X Chris Gant, TE Craig Cofer, LT Blake Muir, LG Kapua Sai/Mike Milovale, C Ben Clarke, RG Dave Lefotu, RT Sean Shigematsu, F Ryan Hall, Z Scott Harding, QB Sean Schroeder, RB Joey Iosefa, RB Will Gregory. Defense — DE Beau Yap, NT Moses Samia, DT Geordon Hanohano/Haku Correa, DE Paipai Falemalu, SLB Art Laurel, MLB T.J. Taimatuia, WLB George Daily-Lyles, LCB Mike Edwards, S John Hardy Tuliau, S Bubba Poueu-Luna, RCB Tony Grimes, NB Mike Sellers.

• Yes, folks are getting antsy about the investigation into the missing $200,000 used for the bogus concert. The money's gone. Next question: Whose money is gone? The people who bought tickets to the concert were refunded, so it's not their lost money. If it came from Upper Campus, then the students ought to be irked. That's their tuition money. If it came from the athletic department's revolving fund, then the football and women's volleyball program have a beef.

• Rockne Freitas said he will not apply for the vacant AD's job. But I didn't hear him say he was no longer interested in the position. If he were appointed, would he accept?

• Two years ago, a media relations director said the blog host would be added to the committee that selects the Circle of Honor. That offer, like the Wonder money, disappeared into salt air. Last year, the AD said the host would be added to the committee. He then made his administrative assistant and media relations director serve as witnesses. But now that the AD is no longer the AD, it appears Lucy has pulled away the football again, metaphorically speaking. Still, let's hope that the Noga brothers and the Sugar Bowl team are inducted.

* * * * *

Athletic trainer Brian Wong was mistakenly called "Bruce." Wong received this shirt that he wore at yesterday's practice:


The Warriors show their appreciation with a three-clap tribute, thus the back side of Wong's shirt:


275 Responses to “Sunday ramblings”

  1. mo808:

    Top of the morning!

    13 more wake ups!

  2. Stephen Tsai:

    ... for the season opener.
    I wish, mo808, many more decades of wakeups.

  3. AlaWai:

    Since the insurance was not purchased, everyone at the executive level is to blame and should be docked a prorata share from their salaries. That should teach them to think before they leap at some hair brained scheme.

  4. AlaWai:

    ST do we have a Special Teams chart? Who is the punter?

  5. 3-Prong:

    ST: Agree with your sentiments regarding Noga brothers especially Niko. Best player I've seen suit up for Hawaii.

  6. mo808:

    ST, :)

  7. AlaWai:

    Agree 3-Prong. Long overdue.

  8. Ben A Lurker:

    hoot hoot top ten baby

    Should Jim Donovan reapply for the athletic director job at the University of Hawaii?

    B. No (62%, 674 Votes)
    A. Yes (38%, 407 Votes)

    Total Voters: 1,080
    Start Date: August 17, 2012 @ 10:00 pm
    End Date: August 18, 2012 @ 4:00 pm

  9. ai-eee-soos:

    Starting Units are set - Looking Good.

  10. ai-eee-soos:

    Interesting viewpoint - "Rockne Freitas said he will not apply for the vacant AD's job. But I didn't hear him say he was no longer interested in the position. If he were appointed, would he accept? "

  11. Wes'side Warrior:

    Morning, everyone!

    Great looking names on that list, ST! And good to hear that Coach Chow believes in fielding the best, no matter age. Experience will come to the youngsters.

    There aren't too many on a short list who have a broad range of knowledge of the UH sports world. The blog host is undoubtedly more knowledgeable than some recent others who were on committee. Seems like that would be a prerequisite in selecting Circle of Honor inductees, rather than hierarchical order.

  12. da808:

    Anyone know what happened to CB Anthony Pierce, son of NFL linebacker Antonio Pierce?

  13. WarriorNY:

    Pierce is greyshirting. I believe he'll be around in January.

    I can't wait to see Gant on the field...

    I really like the new philosophy that "the best player will play." There's a confidence about playing true freshman that says we'll get more talented players so we don't need to have these guys redshirt...

  14. WarriorNY:

    Pierce is greyshirting. I believe he'll be around in January.

    I can't wait to see Gant on the field...

    I really like the new philosophy that "the best player will play." There's a confidence about playing true freshman that says we'll get more talented players so we don't need to have these guys redshirt...

  15. WarriorNY:

    Great article this morning with the Remember the Titans and Don't Stop Believing references...

  16. duffer:


    Top 20!

  17. Naks8:

    Anyone else pushing the tentative starters? Good to know who is going to be the main contributors

  18. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!



    +39 (and climbing? No sweat 'em, we get 'em).....

  19. d1shima:


    and +22750 (thanks Garret!)

  20. d1shima:

    Happy Birthday Ginger Baker!

    73! :shock:

  21. d1shima:

    Fodda fo Thot

    Which unit would you say is most likely to become the leaders of this team? OL? DL? Receivers? DB's? LB's? QB's? RB's?

  22. Shoko:

    Methinks the Warriors defense will be special this year.

  23. Shoko:

    Saw the Niners game last night. Tough luck with injuries at the RB position. That kid Trindon Holliday had a very nice kick return for 80 yards. For a guy thats only 5'5" and a 170 lbs, thats pretty impressive. Heard he's as fast, if not faster then Johnson.

  24. Shoko:

    Read a report on SDSU's second scrimmage, looks like the Oline is going to be a weakness and the Aztecs starting QB Ryan Katz doesn't look all that great. We shall see tho...

  25. Big Hilo Fan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos evèrywhere.
    Denzel or Norm? Gimme da real life playa!


  26. WarriorNY:

    That vegas money line is ridiculous... So if I bet $1, I would get $227.50 if we win... That's just insane odds...

    They are basically saying if we played the game 227 times, UH would win ONCE...

  27. Downtown Athletic Club Hawaii:

    Join Warrior Asst. Coaches Chris "Demo" Demarest and Daronte' Jones and the Downtown Athletic Club on Tuesday for a lunchtime football talk story session.

    Where: Hukilau Restaurant (lobby level of Executive Centre, 1088 Bishop St.)
    Date: Tues., Aug. 21, 2012
    Time: Doors open at 11:30 a.m., program starts at noon
    Cost: $20 for a special Hukilau buffet lunch
    Call the Hukilau at 523-3460 for reservations. See you there ... and Go Warriors!

  28. WarriorNY:

    I don't know Denzel was pretty convincing... Haha..

  29. Kekoa:


    August 19th, 2012 at 12:48 am
    Since the insurance was not purchased, everyone at the executive level is to blame and should be docked a prorata share from their salaries. That should teach them to think before they leap at some hair brained scheme.


    Just like Dave Letterman's Top Ten List. Let's work that Executive list. Since we already know that JD and the Sheriff are cleared, that leaves at least 10 up from them to the President. Salary garnishment is reality for some people, why not those who are responsible?

    I like your idea Ala Wai. Bumbye dey learn!

  30. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Getting close...
    UH starts tomorrow. Traffic!!! We shall see how well the H1 restriping works. That large private school down the hill from UH starts Thursday, further clogging up the roads.


  31. A-joe:


    I think this is the odds we're looking at:

  32. Garret:

    d1shima and WNY,

    The even crazier thing about the money line is that USC went from -40500 to -47250! That means that a USC fan would have to bet $47,250 to win just $100 if USC wins while someone betting on UH to win would bet $100 to win $22,750.

    I want to go to Vegas next weekend to celebrate the last weekend before my kids start school. Unfortunately, my wife and kids want to have a garage sale...if I was in Vegas next weekend I honestly would bet on UH to win--I think that Vegas is seriously underestimating the chance that UH has. A turnover or two changes everything and USC could get nervous very quickly. Plus, USC isn't very deep at key positions because they have 10 less scholarship players, so they can have weaknesses that UH can exploit.

  33. Stephen Tsai:

    I think people take insurance when they consider the possibility that something could go wrong.
    I think UH, which looks for change under the sofa cushions, was desperate to find a way to ease its money problems. Hey, when you're in Vegas and the dealer is showing an ace, few take insurance.
    All of which goes back to the question: Who staked the money?

  34. Stephen Tsai:

    Re: Circle.
    I don't think I have any more insights than others here on the blog.
    I just think there are people from a certain generation who have a perspective because they were there. And unless you watched Niko Noga play, it's hard to describe the ferocity of the guy. He was a defensive lineman who played like a linebacker and who also was an exceptional kick blocker. I also think Garrett Gabriel, for what he did in those two BYU games, and Michael Carter, for how he played option quarterback an entire season despite a broken rib, are deserving. There are rules and procedures and you can't fault anyone who wasn't around to see some of the action first hand, but, yes, Niko Noga was very special.

  35. Don Weir (We-Ah):

    The head of the Letterwinner Club and the head of Na Koa should be a lobby effort by Tsaikos for nominations to the Circle of Honor.

  36. koakane:

    hey hey hey morning everybody

    good Sabbath and take time to give thanks

    looking for a good place to have a morning meal ... suggestions

    MIH festival was nice, asports has some nice stuffs. ran into some tsaikos and tsaikete's. speaking of running saw the admiral's lady dash off before could even get out a hey Janice.

    mmmm must be closer to warrior season cause everybody seems anxious to see the new look

  37. tommui:


    When does the Acting AD quit being the Acting AD and goes back to his position as VP? I am assuming that he is not being coy about not applying for the job and will not serve if offered. (Doesn't he take a reduction in pay or will Upper Campus somehow find the $$ for an increase?).

    Or is the plan to have Dr. Freitas continue as AD until we get the search committee and headhunter agency find a permanent AD - which could be several weeks/months from now. (Assuming that the powers that be have not already selected someone).

    Just wondering!

    And yes, ST has been at the sports job for a long time and should be in the Selection Committee for the Circle of Honor.

  38. tommui:

    #37 - Koakane: The SA this AM had some suggestions - Wailana comes to mind for food.

  39. tommui:

    Don Weir - you applying for the AD job?

  40. Homegrown:

    anyone know if oceanic come out with the football package schedule yet ...cant seem to find it anywhere

  41. lava:

    Thank God for garage sales, because I would hate to see you lose your money Garret. One thing is for sure, the result will be shocking.

  42. slenzi:

    When LA Tech coach doubled as AD he was noticably less effective as Football coach. He said that after going to Tennessee as head football coach.

  43. BigHiloFan2:

    I'm betting that RF is gonna continue to be the AD. He wanted the job. He helped get UH into the MWC. MRC trusts him.

    so why we fooling ourselves. make him the AD. AD get plenty more work for do. like work on da subsidy issue. like keeping the other "uppers" from sticking their noses in Chow's business. or any other coaching business. like keeping a assist AD outa da loop for other coaches. like keeping MK outa SSC, yelling at kids for no act like support hoses.
    only get one whistle in UH athletics. Chow's whistle. until you've earned da whistle.

  44. slenzi:

    Does anyone know what the "Warrior Tailgate HQ" hotel will be for the Air Force Academy game? Maybe too far out now, but as time goes by I would appreciate if someone will post that kind of info (even if only for TSaikos) for the mainland games.

  45. BigHiloFan2:

    JD couldn't control da odda ass't ADs. too nice dat guy. exposed himself to a hit from above and from da sides. I'd like to see him be AD until the end of his contract, but if uppers have already decided he is canned, then he is canned. no ifs anz or buts. but be nice to a nice guy who helped us out in da dark hours of the frazurecost.

  46. AlaWai:

    ST, one concept of insurance is to transfer risk to a third party. In this case the insurer. If the provider of a service has a track record of delivering on a consistent basis, risk is reduced. In this case there was an element of risk as the deposit was being made to a little known third party. UH's decision based on an expiring timeline should have raised some eyebrows. Tight budget or not UH should have found someone to front the insurance money, e.g. a booster, to protect performance. Sound business practices were definitely abandoned, and those in charge should pay the price of making the accounts whole.

  47. tommui:

    #44 BHF2 - if Dr Freitas wants the job, I wish he would say so instead of being the coy maiden.

    Undoubtedly he has the contacts and the support of MRC Greenwood. He probably has the contacts with the downtown crowd.

    By declaring now, maybe we can avoid the "process" and the cost of headhunters and the waste of time for a selection committee. Unless, of course, the ceremonial procedures must be observed.

  48. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez!

    Love the starting line-ups. I'm sure that with the way Chow runs things, we will have lots more players making big contributions.

    Tom Mui -

    Sweety and I love the Wailana for breakfast!

  49. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I did it again, d1... :oops:

  50. tommui:

    DPK - howzit!

  51. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Tom Mui, #48 -

    Agreed. If the upper campus wants a new AD, lets get it done ASAP and put this behind us. We have Championships to chase and a world to shock!


  52. tom-warriornation:


    Hawaii-USC in LA on Sept. 1: @$55 each; sit with 200+ fellow Warrior fans in Sec. 2.
    Come support our Warriors!

    call me at: 415-385-1462

  53. Wes'side Warrior:

    Slenzi... guess you missed my question the last time...

    Did you guys come out to a Georgia Force game, to meet with us and Moniz and Washington? We had a good gathering that night, but I didn't get a chance to get everyone's names and addresses. Just wondering if you guys was the ones sitting in front of me and da keiki...

    Also, the 'Nezian Fest is coming up next weekend... 25-26 August, near the ATL airport. Bruddah Bobby will have his own food booth with local grindz. Hope we can make it, but we'll see. Money is always tight when the school year starts... especially when one of da kids is a senior! If not, then we can eventually plan on meeting up at Waikikie BBQ one of these days.

  54. Wes'side Warrior:

    Don We-ah... your #36... Good one!!! If only everything made sense! As ST said, seeing some of these Legends play is so different, and gives a better perspective, than someone who doesn't know and is just going off of stat sheets or possibly old tv highlight clips (or worse yet, just following what is being suggested by certain other "less-clued-in" folks).

  55. HiFlyer:

    Good morning to all.

  56. A-House:


    with the AP namng USC as #1 - suddenly the point spread jumps 1 1/2 points to +39 for UH!

    yep, yep, me likes dat very much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    ST noted above:
    "• Rockne Freitas said he will not apply for the vacant AD's job. But I didn't hear him say he was no longer interested in the position. If he were appointed, would he accept?"

    Hmmm, the President could try that approach? Swap the VP job with JD and magnanimously announce both keep their current salaries. Maybe save face, save money, and delay updating her resume. :?

  58. Derek:

    And, did you see The Replacements and the song "I will survive." Fun movie.

    I also enjoyed Unecessary Roughness with Scott Bakula. Jill Ireland was the kicker. The Samoan center or guard reminded me of Jesse Sapolu in the movie.

    Also liked All the Right Moves with Tom Cruise about a high school player wanting a scholarship. Song with the same name as the movie title is great too with Jennifer Warnes and Chris Thompson.

  59. A-House:

    me own tots about teh Wonder fiasco:

    1) the longer {upper campus}, namely MRC prolongs the veil of secrecy the worst it will be for UH in terms of seeking/receiving support from the alumni, friends, etc. - the total lack of transparency is glaring and if she if protecting her upper campus buddies it begs the question of her continuing as the UH President.

    2) RF has seen what can happen to a very small string dangling and a very sharp scissors close to the string if he is unable to improve the UHAD fortunes - out of a job!!!!!!!

    3) I believe the JD would accept the offer to resume his duties as the Athletic Diretor.

    4) If MRC did not want JD as the UHAD, what is her reasoning and does she have a replacement in mind? What are her "standards" for the UHAD's position? If it's the $$$, I don't believe that RF will be able to repay upper campus the $10-11 million owed in 4 years; in fact, if things continue status quo, the deficit will grow larger; does this mean that RF is not doing a good job? Some have pointed out the Jim D could not control his assistant ADs - I ask what is the criteria that you speak from? If Clapp signed or agreed to the $200K deposit, was it his decision without clearing with JD who was away on the mainland at that time or was it cleared?

  60. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I tsubmit that a Tsircle of Tsaikos be atssembled to tsubmit the name of Tstephen Tsai for contsideration as a tselection comittee member for the UH Tsircle of Honor.

  61. LizKauai (iPad):

    Aloha kakahiaka!
    Have a safe Sunday...
    And ST... Interesting ramblings...

  62. d1shima:


    I have known of Dr. Freitas for a very long time but have never heard of him likened to a "coy maiden"! :lol:

  63. gigi-hawaii:

    ST: why hasn't the special team lineup been revealed? Curious to see who the punter will b.

  64. tommui:

    #63 A-House.

    I would hate to disagree with someone who had a higher rank than me - could get thrown in the stockade for less - but ...

    I would doubt if JD would accept the offer to resume as AD unless there were certain conditions or concessions made - such as full and total support from upper campus and from the legislature!

  65. tommui:

    #66 d1shima

    Strangely enough, I met Dr. Freitas when he was a senior in high school!

    By coy maiden, I meant it in the sense of "fish or cut bait".

  66. gigi-hawaii:

    Wonder how JD's son is doing as a walk on. All this business involving his dad must have had some impact on him.

  67. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Gotta bet $22750 to win $100...That is freakin awesome haha. I wanna see the guy who makes that bet.

  68. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    greenwood ain't going anywhere unless its on her own terms. trust.

  69. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    edit #72,

    *$47,250 - that is awesome. i wonder if anyone will actually make that bet.

  70. The Craic:

    Hi there! I would just like to express my gratitude for the awesome information contained in this post. I will be visiting your site for more groovy information soon.

  71. isleboy:

    JD did not schedule a 13th football game....scheduling football games is one of his
    critical job elements...he failed....cost the school $$$$....tried to make it up by
    scheduling a concert(fundraiser)....blew up in his face.....two strikes....who knows
    how the relationship with Chow went....JD wanted Koetter.....Chow knew this....
    Did it effect JD's decision making?......Apple said he did a Fantastic job.....he's correct to
    a certain point but in the last year....JD went DOWNHILL !!!!!

  72. Manoa Mist:

    Sorry Stephen, but you're just too fantastic to put you on the Honor Circle committee. I mean, really, what do you have left to accomplish on the committee? I got another job for you just because how great you are. I going give you plenty cash, but I don't know what you going do yet. And we love you so much, but this job only for three years then you on you own cuz.
    Sheesh. If you going lie, make like the Secret Service or CIA. PLAUSIBLE deniability.
    And yes, for all of us who went thru a decade of losing to hated BYU, Garrett Gabriel belongs in the Circle. Bob Wagner too, if he ain't already in.

  73. cheepono:

    Good to read that shutter and dunnachie are acclimating well. What about tachibana? No word about him since his arrest.

  74. Stephen Tsai:

    UH didn't release the starters. The WB did.

  75. Capitolist/WassupDoc:

    A quick update on Wednesday's Board of Regents meeting. So far, five Tsaiikos have contacted me for further information.

    I urge the rest of you to take get involved. If only a few malcontents speak up, the BOR will have no choice but to dismiss the protests.

    For those of you who do not read the various local political blogs, I've counted over 500 posts on these issues over the past several weeks. Their comments are not as important as yours.

    Click for the BOR's website. On the front page left-hand side is a Board Members click to. On the right hand side is the full agenda.

  76. Capitolist/WassupDoc:

    Whoops!! Tsai-kos

  77. SteveM:

    Young Tsai-ko Photo Challenge Request

    Please email your guesses, or partial guesses, for the fill-in-the-blank phase. The prize award deadline is past, but many participants are curious about how many (%) guessed them correctly and who were they mistaken for... I need as many responses as possible for this error analysis. This is more work than I thought :) but it's still fun.

    Reminder: If you meet the Tsai-ko in-person attendance criteria, you can still join in the Challenge by emailing me a high-school to mid-20's photo. The multiple choice phase starts this evening.

  78. mctruck:

    Louisville ranked #25/ap poll???..shud be interesting to follow; imop, overrated!! I'm sure there are atleast another 25teams in the country who deserve being ranked #25, above Louisville....guess somebody(s) trying to keep the bigeast "Relevent".

  79. mctruck:

    ManoaMist, much cash you goin give ST????, ($200g's)??...bwaaahahaha!!

  80. mctruck:

    ST, you sure know how to make us Tsaiko's salivate, wit da LIST!!! I keep checking my Directv schedule for da UH/USC game so I can record it....prolly in a cpl days!?

  81. jm2375:

    mctruck - game is on Fox (broadcast)

  82. mctruck:

    tanks, jm2375.....yeah I knew dat...just wanted to record the game so I can replay..only ting is dat directv don't have it posted on their menu yet...I'll be sooo happy when they do.
    Tanks again, my friend.

  83. mo808:

    "he calls me Bruce" that's funny!

  84. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    There are always going to be tons of teams worthy of being in the 25 spot. What matters is the top 5 maybe top 10 imo. Everything after that is just for S&G.

  85. quan ao bao ho lao dong:

    Can I just now say such a relief to get somebody who genuinely knows what theyre discussing on-line. You undoubtedly learn how to bring a difficulty to light and produce it critical. The diet truly want to read this and appreciate this side from the story. I cant believe youre no far more well-known merely because you undoubtedly offer the gift.

  86. Derek:

    Don't knock Louisville. They have an excellent Head Coach in Charlie Strong and a dual threat QB in Teddy Bridgewater. He's a real playmaker. And, he's only a sophomore too. Of course, a lot of teams are knocking on the top 25 too. It'll all start to shake out in two weeks.

    I'll take the moneyline on Hawaii. Very, very big upside. Remember, Stanford beat USC as over 30 pt underdogs at the colesium not to many years ago. To cover the moneyline, take the generous points too on the straight. We can just go one year ago when Hawaii was 20-22 points favorites against UNLV and lost the game by 20, the most disappointing loss I have seen in person. It was just disgusting and Hawaii fans at that game was in shock.

  87. Ipu Man: captain, Ostrowski is not starting?

  88. HiFlyer:

    Ipu Man - Here's the very tentative starting lineup, thingss could change by game day..

  89. Inyoface:

    Satele doing pretty good for da Colts. Then again so is Luck.

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  92. Rodney:

    Gotta love this football teams efforts
    What ever the results against USC!
    It's just one game of 12! Go warriors!!

  93. Big Hilo Fan2:

    57and 59 SteveM and AHouse r right on.

    Rockne has States presence. and. connections with Relevant peeps.

  94. Big Hilo Fan2:

    The issue is Da Lady. she's gLos but she needs to gg better

    Make da call. Now. Name the AD. save us da mOney.

    Get Nc's blessing. choose baby chow, chOose with the view that coach going be a winner

  95. Ipu Man:

    I remember reading in the spring that USC was practicing ripping out the football
    and other forced fumbles techniques. Hope the UH emphasizes hang onto the ball...

  96. hightide:

    ALLstate vs. Highschool All Americans;first teamers. 30 points would be a victory of sorts unless the new coach
    knows all of their weaknesses;21 points the program going in the right direction.

  97. china factroy:

    Iˇll right away take hold of your Factories rss feed as I can't find your email subscription link or newsletter service. Do you've any? Please permit me recognize so that I could subscribe. Thanks.

  98. Ipu Man:

    Also will Chow do some no huddles fast and furious calls?
    And also will UH be able to defense such plays?

  99. Ipu Man:


  100. Ipu Man:


  101. Supastoke:

    On #38 ST it was Niko Noga that brought out 40X plus on aloha stadium period.
    Nebraska had a player name Remington...Niko played Nose Gaurd, guess who won that challenge.
    Juss saying Niko was Munsta!!!

    Oh yeah..clap,clap,clap? Bruce Wayne?

  102. Inyoface:

    I haven't heard too much of our place kicker. Can he hit em 30-40 yards plus?

  103. Big Hilo Fan2:

    Coach must be scheming. All Chinese scheme. :)

  104. Big Hilo Fan2:

    We are going to Shock The World. Believe what you've been saying, "In Chow we trust."

    Go Warriors !

  105. tommui:

    Michelle Wie came in 8th place today - $37,xxx

  106. Big Hilo Fan2:

    And you think coach gonna tell USC who he gonna start? are you gonna give any tips to mad guys you wanna shock? don"t think so

  107. Supastoke:

    101=#34 ST

  108. Big Hilo Fan2:

    ST for Circle Of Honor Nominating Commitee.

  109. madeinhawaii:

    Wonder why Clark Evans chose not to be a QB but TE? ...

  110. Big Hilo Fan2:

    Amemiya fôr AD. $&$ is what the job is about. If I eps a frwas him tho I wudn't take the job he going get shot at taking , shots he he no need, as long as we get ya loose cannon who not going accept responsibility, we gotta problem.

  111. Stephen Tsai:

    Evans wanted to get on the field faster so he chose TE at Colorado.
    The choice was made for him at first JC.

  112. lava:

    I'm with you BHF2.

  113. Big Hilo Fan2:

    MRC for AD. :D

  114. Cong Dong Quang Cao Viet Nam:

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  115. RedZone:

    Way to come back Wahine. Nice win at UNLV.

  116. Big Hilo Fan2:

    lemme show you sum presidential skills;
    &lO3g du?gm wast me. :D.

    And I'm not accepting da report until after da BOR Meet, and da Apple never go inna juicer.

  117. HawaiiMongoose:

    Interesting to see Scott Harding penciled in at the receiver position opposite Gant. It looks like we're going with one burner to stretch the field and one possession guy with great hands at the wideouts. I like it.

  118. Big Hilo Fan2:

    No spill da bean.


  119. Big Hilo Fan2:

    But you know Both JD and RC know secrets that are worth some heads. Apocalypto. :D

  120. Derek:

    Good to see a lot of true freshmen will be getting playing time this year. That means only one thing. These guys are good players already. Chow and Co. are doing a great job in recruiting and evaluating talent.

  121. Big Hilo Fan2:

    I'm expecting AD to be on da travel roster
    Cuz COach made his point .and get plenty time to kick AD inna butt. Da focus is doing our best.

  122. PowderPuff:

    KFVE showing the 1990 UH-BYU game....the one featuring Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer.

  123. gigi-hawaii:

    What a cute shirt Brian is wearing. Was it Chow's idea?

  124. RedZone:

    Watching NFL preseason. There sure are a lot to tipped passes so far this year.

  125. SteveM:

    Guess the Young Tsai-ko Challenge -- Phase 2 (multiple choice) is now posted

    Participants should check their email for the Phase 2 location.
    Have fun & good luck!

  126. Stephen Tsai:

    harding is faster than gant.

  127. haka:

    Congrats to the soccerbows getting their first of many wins this year!
    Go Wahine!

  128. Big Hilo Fan2:

    I suppose mongoose thinks Gants got great hand and Harding can fly!

  129. A-House:

    tommui #64:

    yep, I would agree that Jim D would want a written agreement spelling out certain points that will assist him in being a better AD without interfence from certain upper campus individuals

    he must, however, be cautious of where his authority/responsibility lay and work within those boundaries - no different that working with left and right boundaries on a board within a "tactical operations center"

  130. Big Hilo Fan2:


  131. A-House:

    It saddens me when certain individuals who are in positions of "power" chose to keep silent on matters sports minded or non-sports minded people feel important to the State of Hawaii.

    Their decision may have a negative impact on public support for said institution.

    Speaking of support, a College of Business student called me asking for $$ donation - wonder what happened to the $25 million donated by Schilder(sp)? all gone? State of Hawaii refusing to provide tax dollars? Sorry, but timing is very wrong for UH to be seeking $$ when the administration is non-transparent on the S Wonder fiasco!!

  132. d1shima:

    No more Vili

  133. jeezy33:

    Gant has ball skills you can't teach. Some WRs have a knack for going up and getting the football. Gant is also very quick.

  134. Inyoface:

    They're beatable

  135. Slugger:

    Gets ya ready for football watching the Bows beat BYU.

    Is this year's BYU game on a Friday?!?

  136. kev-1:

    d1 . . . could it be? Say it is so!

  137. PowderPuff:

    RE #131: Mr. A-House, my point exactly. I was more than annoyed that I got a phone call recently to donate to UHM. While I tried not to take it out on the poor student, it was quite annoying to get the call on a SUNDAY evening on my cell phone. What's more, she had all of my donation history and mentioned numerous donations this year to Nā Koa. Uh huh...well, DUH! Bad timing............and I'm going to tell the students they should ask people to donate to specific booster clubs at UHAD. :) At least you know your moola is going directly to the programs/teams and student-athletes!

    Slugger: YES, the game is on Friday, Sept. 28 at Provo.

  138. Big Hilo Fan2:

    What da haPs for Vili?

  139. d1shima:

    Reardon reporting it on his blog.

    Erryboddy learn da fight song now!

  140. lava:

    USC is beatable, but the Packers have a full slate. Keep in mind, UH is more than beatable.

    Here is hoping that Chow says something to upset Kiffin, just to make the fiirst quarter interesting. I think it is already 7-0.

  141. d1shima:

    Wow! Tony Scott apparent suicide. RIP

  142. HiFlyer:

    Vili is done.

  143. Exporter:

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  144. mo808:

    Thanks HiFlyer!

    Mahalo, Vili!

    "UH officials said they now plan to try to come up with a new, official mascot for the school's athletic teams."

    I am wondering what that will be.

  145. HiFlyer:

    First they have put together a commitee to hire a search team.

  146. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    I hope the official mascot is a dog dressed up as a warrior. Or a mongoose dressed up as a warrior.

  147. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Am I the only one that misses Gaylord and his crazy antics?

  148. 3-Prong:

    ST: Wat Da Scoop? Now what, Vili "stepping down to spend more time with family"? Just don't bring in anything that's puffy (ie Pilsbury Dough Bow).

  149. 3-Prong:

    101 Supastoke: yup Remington was the All American center who got a heavy dose of Niko.

  150. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    "roo roo...roll...roo roo...roll" - Gaylord *00*

  151. haka:

    Mahalo Vili who apparently worked the last 5 years for free!

  152. madeinhawaii:

    Kapoleicoug has put together his 2011 highlight video... just in case you guys want to take a final look back before the new era begins.

  153. Slugger:

    We need a young warrior as a mascot. Hire a student.

    Mahalo to Vili for volunteering (at $0 pay) to be the mascot for the past 5 years. He can now attend his sons' football games which are not UH games. That's what a Dad should do.

    Night all!

  154. kawika49:

    With all due respect, can we retire Vili? I, as an Pololi male; feels he does not represent me.

  155. wyroby betonowe:

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  156. jm2375:

    If the mascot is part of the cheer squad, then it's a scholarship position. Student auditions. Costume can be just a simple malo. :D

  157. kawika49:

    Please, retire Vili!

  158. AlaWai:

    Having a Native Hawaiian symbol for a mascot is no different from mainland schools having a Native American as a mascot. Most schools with nicknames having to do with Native Americans have changed them to more politically correct names and mascots. Attempting to "create" a mascot persona in the past has led to some hilarious/disastrous results. Vili represented the "real deal" a volunteer warrior to the end. Now what? What represents Hawai'i Warriors besides a Warrior. NFL teams have funny caricatures. Teams have depictions of Roman/Greek soldiers, Trees, animals etc. I believe it comes down to...what kind of mascot would your keiki want to take a picture with? What kind of mascot would tourists and opponents want a picture with? Not an easy task, but something that warrants a contest of major proportions. Let the Tsaiko-s begin!

  159. kev-1:

    Hmmmm . . . I wonder if deciding on a new mascot would fall under the acting AD's responsibilities, or the former AD's responsibilities in his new "marketing" position.

    Who else is thinking that some outside agency will be hired to select a new mascot?

    Looking forward to something new, for sure.

  160. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    In this case, the Seminole tribe was the one leading the charge to keep Chief Osceola the mascot. They made his traditional clothes etc.

  161. kawika49:

    #158 Vili is a tongan symbol.

  162. HiFlyer:

    In a way I am glad that Vili will not be back as he did not really represent all of the UH. You would only see him at football games, what they need is a mascot that can be at all the major sporting events beside football.

  163. kawika49:

    Our Warriors were slim and fit. I hope.

  164. kawika49:

    How about, Just Buffed males with a Malo out there?

  165. Rodney:

    Lets get a mascot blow a conch shell and down a spear at the 50 yd line.The Hawaiian war chant played on the P.A . sound system!!!!!!!!!

  166. kawika49:

    And bufffed wahine with ti leaf skirt?

  167. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    sex sells. nuff said.

  168. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    if they really want to go bigger and brighter light...they could do it like a Miss Hawaii pageant (for warriors off course) or some local version of hawaiian idol.

    get the public really involved in picking the next mascot. get as much press and hype out of it as possible.

    set the parameters of what they want and need and go from there.

  169. AlaWai:

    Never said Vili was a Hawaiian warrior. He was just the real deal.

  170. AlaWai:

    Does the Warrior or mascot have to be Hawaiian?

  171. Abunai:

    Please no fake muscle dude like back in the day.... That's all I ask. Maybe you ask a Hawaiian study student to dress like a warrior with the old fashion warrior weapons... I think that would be awesome. Like the florida state has the Seminole with the spear. We would have that Hawaiian paddle with the shark teeth I think it's called a leiomano. And the pololu (spear) with the shark teeth. What do you guys think? I believe that would be awesome. But thats just my opinion of course....

  172. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Do you mean Hawaiian as in ethnically Hawaiian or as in Hawaiian themed?

  173. kawika49:

    #170 No, Just young and fit and a student!

  174. AlaWai:

    What about a well behaved Hawaiian bred Pit Bull Terrier?

  175. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    If Stanford can have a Tree, we can have a dog.

  176. kawika49:

    #175 is it a good looking student?

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  178. AlaWai:

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    "During the 19th century, England, Ireland, and Scotland began to experiment with crosses between bulldogs and terriers, looking for a dog that combined the gameness, speed, and agility of the terrier with the strength and athleticism of the bulldog"...

  179. papajoe2:

    My trip to Maui pau. Went to a funeral of by daughter's good friend. Saw a couple of former Wahine soccer players there. Good the have the Wahine start on the right path. Didn't have a chance to go to those resturants the Tsaikos recommended but ate at the funeral and the kanikapila after to celebrate Po'o's life. Aloha Po'o. Rest In Peace.

  180. AlaWai:

    Condolences to you and the ohana papajoe2. Welcome home.

  181. papajoe2:

    Supposed to go to Maui on Go! that I won a free roundtrip for 2. Flight leaving to Maui was canceled. We missed the awa ceremony because we had to catch a Hawaiian Air flight. Go! person said it would be $147 for 2 on Hawaiian but ended up paying $350+ for one way for 2. Still didn't make the ceremony. My trip home on Go! was.....suprise.....delayed for more than 2 hours. You can't beat Aloha! Oh wait. That's gone already. Shucks. Looks like Go! may be going. Only 1 flight attendant. Had to talk, put down the telephone mic, then demonstrate the saftey procedures and repeat again. Auwe!

  182. papajoe2:

    Mahalo AlaWai. Was going to Tiffany's for lunch if the 1st flight wasn't canceled. Missed that.

  183. AlaWai:

    Go! The Airline for When you don't have to Go!

  184. Abunai:

    #172. Why not both.
    #174. that has nothing to do with Hawaiian. plus other college schools has dogs as mascots. Too much schools I would rather have it something more original.

  185. al:

    ppj2...kona gold had his go! flt to hnl delayed a couple of hours on friday and missed his lunch meeting, too.

  186. al:

    if a dog, then got to be a "poi dog".
    but, i'm thinking if one animal then got to be a wild pig with huge tusks.

    but, a real animal would not be feasible as the cost to maintain it would be too prohibitive.

    i suppose it should be a warrior of real or caricature type.

  187. AlaWai:

    I suggested the Pitbull because of its relevance to Hawai`i. Maligned and misunderstood. see. Dogs and pigs were the first animals brought to Hawai`i nei and served as food as well as pets.

    But, throw out the net and see what comes in. 'Io, Honu, Mano, Humumunukunukuapua`a,
    Uncle kimo in shorts and tank top etc.

    Is a campus contest sustainable. The last contest resulted in the Cartoon Warrior.

    Brainstorm peeps, keep throwing out the ideas. We could get lucky.

  188. AlaWai:

    al, cheaper to feed a dog than a student!

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