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August 19th, 2012

Training camp is over. School starts tomorrow, along with single practices. And there's less than two weeks before the season opener . . .

• The Warriors' plans are set on "forward."  About 10 days ago, Chris Gant, who was practicing as the strong-side receiver, suffered an ankle injury. He was supposed to be out up to three weeks. But Gant made it back in three days. When Billy Ray Stutzmann and Trevor Davis suffered nagging leg injuries, Gant was moved to the single side. He now is with the No. 1 unit.

• Head coach Norm Chow has emphasized that players were not recruited to redshirt. That means linebackers Benny Fonua and Jerrol Garcia-Williams, running back Steven Lakalaka, and defensive backs Ne'Quon Phillips and Marrell Jackson are going to play. Phillips is challenging Tony Grimes for a starting cornerback job. Phillips also is the first option when the Warriors need a nickel corner.

* A couple of late roster additions really embraced the be-prepared approach of the so-called bullpen. Thrice-cut Rykin Enos comes in and wins a scholarship. Ijumaa Armstrong is activated, and now he might be in the corner rotation.

• Chow said the Warriors will travel with 10 offensive linemen, although he believes that seven is a workable number.

• Here's the very tentative starting lineup: Offense — X Chris Gant, TE Craig Cofer, LT Blake Muir, LG Kapua Sai/Mike Milovale, C Ben Clarke, RG Dave Lefotu, RT Sean Shigematsu, F Ryan Hall, Z Scott Harding, QB Sean Schroeder, RB Joey Iosefa, RB Will Gregory. Defense — DE Beau Yap, NT Moses Samia, DT Geordon Hanohano/Haku Correa, DE Paipai Falemalu, SLB Art Laurel, MLB T.J. Taimatuia, WLB George Daily-Lyles, LCB Mike Edwards, S John Hardy Tuliau, S Bubba Poueu-Luna, RCB Tony Grimes, NB Mike Sellers.

• Yes, folks are getting antsy about the investigation into the missing $200,000 used for the bogus concert. The money's gone. Next question: Whose money is gone? The people who bought tickets to the concert were refunded, so it's not their lost money. If it came from Upper Campus, then the students ought to be irked. That's their tuition money. If it came from the athletic department's revolving fund, then the football and women's volleyball program have a beef.

• Rockne Freitas said he will not apply for the vacant AD's job. But I didn't hear him say he was no longer interested in the position. If he were appointed, would he accept?

• Two years ago, a media relations director said the blog host would be added to the committee that selects the Circle of Honor. That offer, like the Wonder money, disappeared into salt air. Last year, the AD said the host would be added to the committee. He then made his administrative assistant and media relations director serve as witnesses. But now that the AD is no longer the AD, it appears Lucy has pulled away the football again, metaphorically speaking. Still, let's hope that the Noga brothers and the Sugar Bowl team are inducted.

* * * * *

Athletic trainer Brian Wong was mistakenly called "Bruce." Wong received this shirt that he wore at yesterday's practice:


The Warriors show their appreciation with a three-clap tribute, thus the back side of Wong's shirt:


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