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September 21st, 2012

Daughter knows best.

Since the day he was hired as UH head coach in December, Norm Chow has been asked whether he favors the nickname "Rainbows" or "Warriors."

His daughter Maile suggested the debate should be put to a vote.

It's too late for this year, but sometime next year, Chow would like to stage a contest in which fans can vote for the team nickname.

We figured this should be the WB Caucus. So, readers, tell us which of the following nicknames you prefer for the football team:

• Warriors

• Rainbows

• Rainbow Warriors

• Warrior Rainbows

• Fighting Green Turtles

By the way, no matter the outcome, we're still going to be the Warrior Beat. Legal issues, you know. However the Fighting Green Turtles Beat would be kind of cool.

* * * * *

Buzzy Hong, who will be tomorrow's honorary captain, donated his old jersey to the Warriors. First, it is in pretty good shape after 50 years. The coaches also liked the shade of green.


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