The people's choice

September 21st, 2012

Daughter knows best.

Since the day he was hired as UH head coach in December, Norm Chow has been asked whether he favors the nickname "Rainbows" or "Warriors."

His daughter Maile suggested the debate should be put to a vote.

It's too late for this year, but sometime next year, Chow would like to stage a contest in which fans can vote for the team nickname.

We figured this should be the WB Caucus. So, readers, tell us which of the following nicknames you prefer for the football team:

• Warriors

• Rainbows

• Rainbow Warriors

• Warrior Rainbows

• Fighting Green Turtles

By the way, no matter the outcome, we're still going to be the Warrior Beat. Legal issues, you know. However the Fighting Green Turtles Beat would be kind of cool.

* * * * *

Buzzy Hong, who will be tomorrow's honorary captain, donated his old jersey to the Warriors. First, it is in pretty good shape after 50 years. The coaches also liked the shade of green.


411 Responses to “The people's choice”

  1. Bugaz:


  2. Matt:


  3. Bugaz:

    Any news about a mascot?

  4. Bugaz:

    Oops, good morning all!

  5. Stephen Tsai:

    No mascot this year.
    But I think they favor having a contest among the students.

  6. Bugaz:

    Ok thanks. Maybe I can be the fighting green honu mascot next year.

  7. rage777:

    I like the Warriors, but it is hard to do crowd cheers with just Warriors. We all know the "Rain" - "Bows" cheer.

  8. letsgowarriors:

    oh god, please be warriors.

  9. Petey:


  10. HawaiiMongoose:


  11. HAWAII75:

    It better be warriors or else I will punch someone in the mouth!!

  12. HAWAII75:

    Hey ST:
    do you know if we will be using the Green jerseys for tomorrow's game?

  13. Warrior4Life:

    Warriors! Let's put this to rest already.

  14. Shoko:

    Warriors probably is good for at least another ten years.

    Any plans to change or hold a contest to change the "H" logo as well?

  15. DaveLetterMan:

    I also can be the fighting green honu mascot next year but I should practice walking backwards.

  16. Shoko:

    I can see a Honu logo on the helmets. Similar to the honu logo on the back of rear windows on cars.

  17. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez!


  18. Whats up:

    NO Rainbow Warriors! Lets stick to Hawaii Warriors please!

  19. helencalif:

    Warriors. What's wrong with the "H" logo ?

    The numbers on this year's dark green jerseys seem hard to read.

  20. diesel:

    warriors for sure.

  21. Down with....:

    I vote Pak-a-lolos, then we could have a big green leaf on the helmet

  22. gobows:

    fighting green turtles...let's go ninja's

  23. gobows:

    ooop, ooop, ninja style

  24. Shoko:

    Nothing wrong with the H logo. Nothing wrong with present or past names, either. I'll just go with the consensus.

    Having the Honu would open up ideas for a potential mascot tho.

  25. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Honu - fierce seaweed eating denizen of the deep! That's sure to strike terror into the hearts of the enemy! :lol:

    We could bring one o' them big plastic pools of salt water and every so often Honu could plop in, take a short swim, then haul out and lay around, motionless for hours at a time. We could put one o' them yellow plastic "do not disturb" tapes around him, too.

    And if the Warriors are being beaten badly, Honu could plop back into the pool and stay hidden, only pokin' his little head out for quick peaks at the scoreboard. :lol:

  26. IowaWarrior:

    I vote the fighting Wili-Wili Mongoose.

  27. Papololoco:

    We're not the Rainbows, we're not the Rainbow Warriors, WE ARE THE WARRIORS!

  28. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Heyyyyyy diesel! Looooong time no see! How you doin' braddah?

  29. lurker Ron:

    Rainbow Warriors! You young guys have no sense of history.

  30. Abunai:

    Whats with the identity crisis?! It's Warriors!! Plain and simple!! No rainbows!! Or rainbow warriors!! We should all be warriors!!! Except the wahine VB, wahine basketball, and softball.


  31. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    helencalif -

    Nice to see you here - David is the essence of Warriorhood! Hope to see him in action tomorrow!

  32. greenthumb:

    Not sure why a contest couldn't happen until next year? Have the voting in November and announce it late November or December. E-blast the students to get them involved. This would give time for merchandisers to come up with a bunch of logo stuff before the holidays (think volume of sales to fans for themselves and as holiday gifts). And maybe at least some of the logo stuff could be sold in a way that provides some funding to the nonprofits that support the team(s).

    Carry forward with Chow's efforts to involve the students. Tap into the student base for a "fan vote" or "student approved" shirt design that features the decision. And have the students have a competition to design the shirt.

  33. Don Weir:

    Any thoughts on the 'maximum' $25 k for the most recent law firm; of course that is on top of the 'maximum' $50k for the previous law firm; of course that is on top of the top heavy salaries of the 'in house' counsel (plural).
    data from SA, 09.21.2012 (p. A18)

  34. dcwarrior:


  35. greenthumb:

    #33, bringing this over from this morning in the earlier thread. BTW, looks like upper campus lawyered up a month ago for the Senate hearing!

    Good morning. I hope a lot of people show up and write in to the Senate. Big thanks to tommui and WarriorMojo for posting about the wrinkles in the whole UH attorneys for Senate hearing mess.

    Thanks, Ferd, for posting the Katz contract. $25,000 for appearance at legislature. Contract signed AUG. 20 by the "director of office of procurement and real property management."

    Looks like indeed the state is paying. A fill-in part of the contract says funds are available from "account 2269712."

  36. tommui:


    Rainbow Warriors!

    And the WAHINE? You would change them just to WARRIORS too?

    And speaking of that, GO WAHINE!

  37. Stephen Tsai:

    Well, they could sell advertising spots during the live telecast . . .

  38. Honu:

    I'm Honu and I approve posts number 6, 15, 16, 22, and 25.

  39. Ipu Man:

    How about: "The H-Bomb?"

  40. J:

    Let's go 'Bows!

    Rainbows or Rainbow Warriors. It's about the university, not just one program.

    Anyone going to the volleyball game at UC-Riverside tonight? They're offering a "Hot Ticket" for $15. Gets one a meal provided by Ono Hawaiian BBQ, beverages, snacks and a game ticket.

  41. RamBOW:

    WARRIORS !!!!!

  42. chawan_cut:


  43. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Keep the H logo at least... save on changing letterhead stationery in our athletic department. Looks like we're gonna be needin' every cent we can get to pay for the Wunder Blunder.

  44. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Hawaii's helmet is prominently displayed on this morning's ESPN-U CFB Daily.

  45. OC Warrior:

    I have gotten used to the Warriors but Rainbow Warriors sure brings back the memories from back in the day!

  46. G-money:

    Any update on iosefa's ankle?

  47. chawan_cut:

    btw, are we also paying for nevada's hotel stay too? i know we're paying for them to come here, but did nevada have a say in where they wanted to stay? they more or less chose one of the most expensive hotels on the island (besides those on the West side). if we're paying the bill, we should dictate where they get to stay, one of the hotels with no beach view, right next to the ala wai. no need give them aloha. they wouldn't do the same for us.

  48. kkobi425:


  49. koakane ip4:

    morning WARRIORS and WAHINES das my vote

    wow sun burning and feeling like high humidity today. find a good ac place and enjoy. me heading out to green manoa valley. need foliage for the Mo'i float.

    kden, had kope so esmeeeeee, oh have a good day now. aloha on this aloha Friday and week-end.

  50. koakane ip4:

    final agree with chawan

  51. tommui:

    #33 DON WEIR:

    Prejudice, perhaps, but a minimum/maximum fee, surely you jest?!

    Actually, I heard this on the grapevine - one of AL's birdies.

    You recall that the UH violated its own policy by having a big press conference informing the public that JD and RS had been suspended while there was an investigation going on as to whether there was wrongdoing on the part of JD/RS. The policy in place was to avoid giving the appearance of wrongdoing and by publicizing the investigation, created a problem of libeling JD and RS.

    The fact that the UH found no wrong-doing on the part of JD/RS does not excuse the violation of policy and libeling the two. Even today there is a feeling on the part of some of the public as to wrongdoing on the part of the two.

    (Long-winded preface - but that is what led to the creation of a directorship - not a return to the AD of JD and restoration to RS to the Auditorium post - as to avoid a libel suit - which would IMHO be successful.

    The grapevine hinted that JD was willing to go back as AD without any strings attached - no extension, no new position and just serve out the last several months of his contract.

    But the Administration did not want him back as AD for whatever reason they may have - despite the fact that the Chancellor thought he did a wonderful job as AD!!!

    The conclusion is that the inmates are running the asylum!

  52. G-money:

    Oops, maybe don't answer that since there are spies everywhere.

  53. gigi-hawaii:

    Hey, did you guys see the photo of Tamua Anae, the Hawaii girl who won the Gold for water polo at the London Olympics?

    She is the daughter of my surgeon at Straub, Dr Allen Anae.

    Reporter Ann Miller got it wrong though. Dr Anae played tight end at BYU, not basketball. Norm Chow was coach when he was there.

    ST: please ask Chow if he remembers Allen Anae. Just curious.

  54. Stephen Tsai:

    Iosefa practiced yesterday.

  55. Stephen Tsai:

    Nevada pays for its own hotel.

  56. Stephen Tsai:

    ... Not sure if it budgeted for a police escort, though.

  57. Buffoman:

    #39 Ipu - H-Bomb too militant, too angry. I no like.

    I agree that history and the university as a whole should be considered: Rainbow Warriors.

    I figure if you got to lawyer up, you have something to protect or hide. In this case, more hide as the UH has been less than transparent with the public with this "Wonder Blunder" fiasco, the new JD position and heaven knows what else. I have a feeling that the lawyers will say that they cannot answer due to confidentiality more than we would want. That will continue to leave the waters murky.

    I have lost just about all confidence in the leadership at UH. I also feel that the Regents lack leadership. If they did their job they'd be looking out for the welfare of the institution and not individuals. Greenwood, Apple, Hinshaw, Donovan may be likable, but that's not what the Regents are there to support. It's the institution (and not just athletics). Somehow, watching this whole thing unfold, it appears that something is askew with leadership.

    @ $25K, I believe the folks are being paid to keep the smokescreen machine running. Expect no real answers.

    In this, I truly hope I am way, way off.

  58. tommui:

    Should add a postscript to my #51.

    The Administration and the BOR had approved the transfer of JD to a position that they created to settle the possibility of a lawsuit. This would be essentially a contract in fact and JD has been serving in that capacity.

    But the Legislature has not authorized such a position (yet).

    Interesting legal problems will arise should the legislature not retroactively authorize such a new position!

    If you think too much money has been spent on outside legal fees, be prepared for more $$$ should the above possibility happen!

  59. Kevin:


    Another name change just adds to the madness.

    When it was changed to just Warriors back then, it was good timing coming off several really bad losing seasons and brought in a new fresh breath of air, so it works.

    As for the female sports… no need to change. Rainbow Wahine works on a national level and whether people believe it or not incoming freshmen and recruits like it and think it makes it more unique as a female student-athlete coming from the mainland.

  60. Kevin:

    Also, saw someone post a few days ago about hoping to see the big “HAWAII” taken off the front of the football uniform and replaced with “WARRIORS” claiming people still think we are “Rainbow Warriors”.

    Ummm… we had “WARRIORS” on the front before and a few mainland columnists and few media folks still accidentally called the football team “Rainbows” or “rainbow warriors”.

    “HAWAII” looks good on the front and all of our programs have it. A nice “uniformed” look like how it should be in college sports.

  61. Kevin:

    So what really happened to the big helmet? Ordering a new one? Those ugly tunnels with the random pieces of plywood aren't great for TV coverage.

  62. Last Call:

    All men's teams should be the Warriors. All women's teams Wahine.

    It's really simple but we got all these old fuddy duddys like Leahey and Joe Moore who just can't accept change.

  63. Inyoface:

    Warriors, nuff said.

  64. Last Call:

    What,Ann Miller got something wrong ?

  65. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    I pick Warriors.

  66. Will-I-Am:


    I love the history of UH. But wasn't the Rainbow name picked because someone looked up and saw a rainbow? Did they not see the players as Warriors? Is Rainbow a good name for a football team in this day and age?

    I love the program when they were Rainbows. But the times they are changing. We must adapt and conquer like Warriors.

    I know there are some people that cannot be converted. For example:

  67. Pomai:

    What most people don't know is that there has been some very famous Wahine Warriors in the past, Hi'iaka I Ka Poli O Pele was a great female warrior. There are many others. So I myself see nothing wrong with calling the Wahine's, WARRIORS, they have just as much fight pride in themselves as do the Kane, just ask the folks in Alabama.

  68. Chicken Grease:

    A Grease will boycott (no, not too strong a word, here) UH football games if "Rainbow Warriors" comes back.

    We know why the nickname change needed to be done. Right? Road games. Ridicule.

    There's gonna be a return to "Rainbow Warriors", for what? To satisfy an aging fan base?!?!? The newer know WARRIORS and the green, black, and silver logo that goes with it.

    Don't go backward!!!!!!

    When a Grease encounters someone who wants the "Rainbows" or "Rainbow Warriors" name back, I ask that person: (1) Why do you insist on being stuck in (or have a wish to time travel back to) the 1970s; and, the more important question, (2) why do you hate the football team so much?

    If the football team goes back to "Rainbow Warriors", and, especially if that great "H" logo goes to the wayside (you wanna talk unique? Unique is not "Rainbow Warrior" [as any NASCAR fan or tokusatsu fan will tell you] OK? THAT "H" LOGO, THAT'S unique), a Grease will predict that the football team will begin to lose games. Yeah, I said it. Start enjoying the likes of 0-12 again.

    Man. Man!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for making the solid decision to keep your blog as Warrior Beat [emphasis mine], Tsai. Always great to see an instance of sensibility when it comes to UH sports, nowadays.

  69. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #67 -

    All we gotta do is look at all the Tsaikettes wit da lead slippers...

  70. Warrior4Life:

    Good call #62. I cheered for the Rainbow Warriors back in the day when I was growing up and through college. So I know the history and respect it. I like WARRIORS better.

  71. tom-warriornation:


    Hawaii-San Diego St in San Diego on Oct. 6: @$23 each for 40 yard line SIDELINE SEATS in the Plaza level one level above the field all behind our Warriors bench (UH ticket office price is $26 each). FIREWORKS SHOW right after the game! This will be a critical conference game and our boys need your support; so far we have almost 200 Warrior fans in our group; including former star RB of UH/Dallas Cowboys Gary Allen, punter Tim Grasso & kicker Dan Kelly of the 2007 team & families of Sean Schroeder, Trevor Davis and Jared Leaf.

    Also Hawaii-Fresno St in Fresno on Nov. 3: I have 50 yard sideline seats right behind our Warrior bench for $60 each in Section 31; rows 9 thru 12—you can reach out and touch the players! This will be another critical conference game; so far we have almost 80 Warrior fans in our group.

    email me at:

  72. rockyk:


    Selling "Rainbows" to a prospect WILL NOT WORK!

  73. G-money:

    A side note to Kevin's #60: I'm cool with Chow's idea to remove the names from the back of the jerseys, but really? He simply just didn't put them?

    What I mean is, there's now a gaping awkward blank space on the back of our jerseys that look like we ran out of money or something like that so we decided. It to put a name on the jersey!

    If no name, fine.. No problem.

    But at least move the damn number UP, or possibly make the number BIGGER to make it look like its supposed to be nameless.

    I no even care about fashion yet I think our backs look like we forgot the name!

  74. G-money:


  75. mctruck:

    WARRIORS...all the way for me.

    why does, "fighting sand-turtles"......come to mind???....maybe because it paints a funny mental picture. but not serious legitimate name.

  76. RedZone:


  77. Kevin:

    RE: Name-less jerseys.

    It looks odd on the back because the number is situated lower on the back of the jersey to accommodate a nameplate at the top.

    The template layout for the jersey needs to be adjusted to have the number embroidered higher up to make it look better. If you look at the nameless jerseys on other football uniforms like SC and Penn State, the numbers are in the right place on the back so that it doesn’t look like something is missing.

  78. Buffoman:

    Okay, if it's Warriors then let it be for all sports.

    Isn't Warrior a non-gender specific term? Why call the women, women by calling them "Wahine". Women can be Warriors so let it all be Warriors. I'm okay with that.

  79. Last Call:

    I believe Chris Ault removed names from the jerseys a couple years ago. I don't know if it's still the policy but we'll soon know.

  80. Kevin:

    Interesting weekend for other sports.

    On Twitter "#rainbowwahineforlife" is trending by some taking their visits.

  81. sean:


  82. Last Call:

    How about Kanani Danielson playing pro ball for the Toyota Auto Body Queenseis in Japan ? Talk about maximizing advertising.

  83. Na Koa Mike:

    Show your support of the team by cheering them on at the Warrior Walk. If you're not tailgating in the parking lot along the first half of the walk, the best area is to see the team is during the second half of the walk. There is lots of room to see the team when they cross the Circle Road up to the box office.

    Don't be late. Last week fans missed the Walk because the buses arrived early. Based on last week's experience, the Warrior Walk should start between 1:40 to 1:45.

  84. TChahng:

    W A R R I O R S ! :evil:

  85. haroldwah:

    Why don't they just put "WARRIORS" where their name use to be on the back of the jersey.

  86. maddog50:

    I was and must still be a Rainbow----I much prefer Warrior....for what it is worth

  87. (Jesse) James:

    Good morning Tsaikos!!!

    WARRIORS....all the way.

    I thought it was reported that Iosefa was probable for today.

    Met Scott Harding's cousin this morning. She said a his family is here from Australia for this game.

  88. jm2375 (Infuse):

    Good morning Tsaikos!


    Warriors for men, Wahine for women.

    Maile Chow is one smart lady, but make no mistake, she one tita!
    (Disclaimer - 2nd hand knowledge based on what Screecher tells me about her homeroom /journalism /English teacher)

  89. NYUHTX:

    No Silver Surfers? How about Midnight Surfers? Since they are always playing around midnight on the mainland. And I used to love hitting the waves on full moon.

    I'm good with Warriors and I miss the tapa designs on the uniforms. Also I love the H logo but I'd like to see them play with just the dark green helmets. Maybe the logo on back. They just don't seem to line up nicely on the sides.

  90. rượu vang, rượu mạnh, rượu:

    Ruou vang,�Ruou Vodka,�Ruou Hennessy,�Ruou nhat,�Ru?u Han Quoc,�Ruou Trung Quoc,�Bia,�Bia Anh,�Bia ducc,�qua tang,�qua dsinh nhatBanh sinh nhat,��

  91. CoolEthan:

    Just stay away from the Banana Slugs. a.k.a UC Santa Cruz

    Warriors Surfriders.

  92. al:

    toss up?

    nah, i was thinking rainbow warriors like some of the old guys (yah, thats me, too).
    however, credit june jones for his vision. we needed to step out of the box and warriors was a great start in branding our program. the "h" is forever, i hope that's not even an afterthought.

    warriors for the men teams.
    and "na wahine" for the women teams. (no such word as "wahines")

  93. al:

    rage777...what's wrong with a three syllable chant?

  94. al:

    cool ethan... being that we are surrounded by water...maybe sea cucumbers would be more apropo?

  95. al:

    take that about

  96. Will-I-Am:

    As far as uniforms go, I would love to see a flat black helmet with camo uniforms one day for a military appreciation game.

    Also a throwback bright green with the rainbow on the shoulder.

    I have a feeling NC is going to take UH marketing to a whole new level.

  97. Stephen Tsai:

    They have special uniforms for military night this season.

  98. Hilo-Warrior:

    Warriors are now what we are known as. Why change it up on the world and confuse everyone. Also its a unique and prideful name to be known as. There is no one else in the college sports world known as the Warriors.

    No Sked Em! Go Get Em!

  99. Ipu Man:

    Ok...Warriors...but at least incorporate a rainbow graphic somewhere
    to help market Hawaii and differentiate ourselves from all the other warriors
    on the mainland...

  100. Stephen Tsai:

    Next goal: Lose the Boise State colors at Aloha Stadium.
    Orange and blue?
    Feelin' groovy, are we?

  101. madeinhawaii:

    I posted this in another forum... but from yesterday's news.... 828,654 more reasons to keep "Rainbows" a part of the athletic program

  102. Warrior Dave:

    GO WARRIORS!!!! Lets continue to make life miserable for Coach Ault :)

  103. madeinhawaii:

    How do turtles fight?

  104. paintslinger:

    I don't give a rip if we don't re-adopt 'rainbows'. What I do want is the re-introduction of the color green to the uniforms. The black obsession which seems to have emanated from June Jones, simply doesn't wash with me. Although the rainbow piping on the older uni's of the 70's & 80's was really attractive.... in today's world, attractive is out and dark-ferocious colors are in, regardless how ugly.

  105. Jon:

    Rainbow Warriors

  106. Hoohiki:

    Warriors and Wahine Warriors.

  107. Fat Jeff:

    Warriors, keep moving forward. The era of the Rainbows has passed. Move Forward. Always. IMUA!

  108. LizKauai:


    Always preferred that. Still do.
    LET'S GO BOWS! just has a nice ring to it, regardless of gender...

  109. Ipu Man:

    Well, got to admit, I couldn't find a college on the mainland called the Warriors,
    except for a few unknown dinky compuses. But in the NBA, you have The
    Golden State Warriors...
    And Marquette in Milwaukee used to be the Warriors but now are the Golden Eagles.
    And Pekin high school in Pekin, Illinois, used to be called the "chinks" until 1980...

  110. Will-I-Am:


  111. Will-I-Am:

    I do not like the blue and orange sections at the stadium either. How would you do the sectioning at the stadium?

  112. Ipu Man:

    All the seats could be one color, green, but dark, darker, darkest, light, lighter, lightest,
    and if you need more than six colors, maybe white, and yes, even black...

  113. Will-I-Am:

    I guess if they can do all one color, so can we.

  114. G-money:

    Kevin: a dozen to you, twelve pieces to another. Of course it looks like that because... well, shoot... it's self-explanatory, eh?

    Bottom line: With Chow at the helm, a redesign of the uniforms are lock... just that we'll have to wait until next year for that to happen.

  115. (Jesse) James:

    #96....I thought it was mentioned that they had a camo design they were going to use for military appreciation night near the end of the season....I might be wrong though.

  116. Ipu Man:

    Are you forgetting sumptin?,AAAAAjHM3KE%7E,ue6IyhgccnQfCR9niUq7SpiGuvtClfZX&bclid=0&bctid=1799012627001
    Why Tsaikos will not endorse a return to The Rainbows...

  117. Kevin:


    Already starting to see more green in merchandise as well.

  118. Jayson:

    I thought they were going to be wearing red, white, and blue.

  119. Will-I-Am:

    I heard they had the cami uni last year. But no show...

    If that is true. I guess I am glad they didn't use them last year. I don't think Mac knew how to market things or get people fired up. After his speaches I felt like he could give people a Grampa hug and tell them "everything will be fine". NC gets people jacked up. He even lured me out of lurkerville.

  120. 702WarriorFan:

    #103 Slowly

  121. jeezy33:

    Who ever came up with Rainbows anyway? TERRIBLE!!!!!

    Should have always been something related to Hawaii. Warriors, Sharks, Menehune, etc... I mean who would associate rainbows with competitive sports?

  122. AlaWai:

    I like the Warriors.

  123. Glenn:

    I'm fine with Warriors for the football team.
    I like Rainbow Warriors for the other mens sports.
    Rainbows or Rainbow Wahine for the women are both good.
    De-emphasize the black and silver and have more green and white.
    It would look really good on TV if the fans wore that bright green; but then it would be good if they wore any shade of green; or just settle for people to buy tickets and show up.

  124. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs:

    History repeating itself - "Fighting Deans"!

  125. madeinhawaii:


    Aren't the Olympic rings sort of rainbowesque in color?

  126. Manoa Mist:

    Whatever you want to call 'em, can we just name it for all the UH teams? This thing where baseball is one thing, basketball another and football yet another is ridiculous. Man, I should apply for AD.

  127. Will-I-Am:

    Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't it a reporter that came up with Rainbows? Why does Joe Moore want Rainbows instead of Fighting Deans?

  128. Manoa Kahuna:

    I agree with Glenn.

    "I’m fine with Warriors for the football team.
    I like Rainbow Warriors for the other mens sports.
    Rainbows or Rainbow Wahine for the women are both good.
    De-emphasize the black and silver and have more green and white.
    It would look really good on TV if the fans wore that bright green; but then it would be good if they wore any shade of green; or just settle for people to buy tickets and show up."

  129. Kevin:

    Kinda funny all the men’s teams are all over the place, yet the Wahine all are uniform.

    Not that it has any connection or means anything, but the Rainbow Wahine teams have collected more national titles and conference championships, with the bulk going to the Rainbow Wahine Volleyball Team, than men’s programs so in my opinion we can leave “Rainbow Wahine” as is since there is no need to ‘re-brand’ those programs or usher in a “new era”.

    Again, UH football was different. It NEEDED a re-branding after the VonAppen years and it got a good one.

    Dunno why there is so much seperation in names between the men's programs.

  130. jeezy33:

    125. lol. some what but that has nothing to do with being called the rainbows when a team is trying to encorporate some sort of toughness into it.

  131. Bryson:

    At this point it would really be a step backwards if we were to change our nickname back to the rainbows....Marketing wise and Image wise...

  132. Bigislandkurt:

    Please, no Rainbows. Let the past be the past.

    We are the Warriors.


  133. (Jesse) James:

    Is it Saturday yet???

    Don't forget about the tailgate at our usual location. We'll be starting at our regular time...around 9 a.m. even though the game is earlier.

  134. Stephen Tsai:

    Fighting Deans?
    Weren't they Frank DeLima's backup signers who ended up leaving after a snit.

  135. Ipu Man:

    ST, your eloquence is outstanding...

  136. madeinhawaii:

    Not good... "Fighting Deans"... sounds like a play off of "D's" ... the king of grades that many of the uninformed expect from athletes.... "To all the A students.. B students.. C students.. D students...and F-riends.... "

  137. Stephen Tsai:

    D1 says he was not The D1 of Na Kolohe.
    We still are trying to get DNA samples to prove IWWTHM is not Psy.

  138. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm all for renaming it Warrior Drive-Inn.

  139. wafan:

    So who is the other fighting Dean?

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  141. wafan:

    UH should check out #140.

  142. Will-I-Am:

    I agree 100% to whatever it is your saying. It must not translate well from wherever your spamming from.

  143. NinjaWarriorTurtle:

    "Rainbow" never affected the recruiting and results when Hawaii beat Illinois in the 1992 Holiday Bowl, nor when they smashed BYU and Heisman winner, Ty Detmer. Same for the color. Black does not make the team play better or win more games. Oregon doing just fine with green, even though they are the "Ducks." I mean really, "Killer" Ducks; "Warrior" Ducks; "Mean" Ducks. No, just Ducks. Quack quack.

  144. Kaneohe Resident:

    Just plain "RAINBOW" nothing else. Let Kam schools have back their Warrior nickname.

    Banish black from any part of the uniform. The green color at the top of this column is what the green should be standardized at. Also, don't forget the white, pure white. Green and white are the school colors. Not black, dark (almost black) green, orange (used by the BB team years ago), just this nice green and white. Only black would be the shoes. No black trim, piping, numbers, etc.

    The color of the uniform shouldn't make a bit of difference in the teams' performance. Boise, UCLA, USC, etc. seem to play wonderfully well despite their "friendlier" school colors. If you have to rely on the color of the uniform to motivate you to play harder, the team pyschologist needs to work on you more. Same for the school's nickname. Rainbow has a long and proud history with regards to UH.

    Has everybody forgotten UH beating Nebraska @ Omaha 6-0?


  145. NinjaWarriorTurtle:

    Wasn't the original nickname for the Hawaii football team (way back when they had leather helmets) the "Fighting Deans?"

  146. Will-I-Am:

    Kaneohe Resident,
    Why aren't you pushing for "fighting deans"?

  147. duffer:


    I've been telling people he was. :-(

  148. Markazulu:

    Wether it was Bows, Rainbow Warriors, Warriors, or the Fighting Deans
    Im Proud of the history of Hawaii football
    BUT as the saying goes "Never forget your past but Always think about the future!!!"

    Go Warriors and GO wahine

  149. A. M.:

    Warriors!! I prefer player names on jersey too especially when I come early to games & can't find a lineup.

  150. Rodney:

    Warriors for men and women sports.
    Green and black and white for men's.
    Warrior women any shade of green .

  151. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Op Op Op Op Oppa Gangnam Tsaityle

  152. little jimmy:

    Why change what has been working for us I AGREE never forget our history but i dont think going back to Rainbow Warriors is a good idea i like to say Go Bows but Hawaii Warriors sound better to me i wouldnt mind a throwback uniform though once in a while.

  153. Bowfan101:

    Im a huge Hawaii fan but Warrior sounds perfectly fine.

  154. warriornation808:

    Be proud of the history but dont live in it.

    Go Warriors

  155. kaleiboy:


  156. Warfan 808:

    Warriors all the way , I know its tradition and may dad still yells go bows,rI have to tell him to stop.....but now days rainbows are synonymus with the gay community, I dont think many straight rough and tough recruits would come close to a team named rainbows

  157. Kapahulu:

    Warriors for Football
    Keep the H Logo. It is now recognized around the country since Colt Brennan and the Sugar Bowl.
    Aloha Stadium Orange Level seats should be the same color Green as the seats in the Stan Sheriff Center Arena (Hunter Green).
    Homecoming Games should be about Tradition......bring back the Rainbow Uniforms for the Homecoming Game only.

  158. Manuwai:

    Warriors! It better represents the heritage of most of our players, Hawai'i and Polynesia.

  159. wafan:

    Go Warriors!

  160. Inyoface:

    For the pants they should have the same sharks teeth going down the middle of the helmet going straight down the side of the pants.

  161. Janusz smyczynski:

    Warriors!!!!! Hawai'i needs to bring back the June Jones era tapa band pants!!!!!! Since Under Armour took over In 08 the pants have been lacking In warriorness. The 2011/12 pants are so baddddddddd it's hard to watch on tv.I'm blinded by the ugliness. Go warrriors

  162. Inyoface:

    Should say Hawaii where the last name should be.

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  164. THE MAN:

    Just plain Warriors!!!!
    Hell no to Rainbows. And what the hell is a Rainbow Warrior?

  165. duffer:


  166. duffer:


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  168. Last Call:

    Rainbow is just too feminine sounding for a men's team. It works fine for the Wahine .

  169. HiFlyer:

    Hawaii Warriors or Hawaiian Warriors.

  170. Kevin:

    What is a Rainbow Warrior?

    Go ask Al and Falaniko Noga to their face.

  171. cavewarrior:

    Warriors...i liked the change..and i'm ST's age.

  172. A-House:

    I am a sentimental fellow of sorts and grew to enjoy the "Rainbows" while at UH.

    Nothng wrong with a "rainbow". Perhaps we pay too much attention to what people on the mainland like or dislike. Old tradition, who are they to tell us what to like or discard? Only we can make that change/adjustment and only if we want to do so.

    Change is good, but attitudes take forever to change - back in 1964-68, living in the "south" I came across too many southerns who were still figting the Civil War; very hard core.

    Just like many white americans who dislike Pres Obama only because he is Afican American; just ask the "hard core" tea partiers!

  173. Last Call:

    Whenever I hear Rainbow Warriors I think of players wearing pink tutus.

  174. 510warrior:

    106. hoohiki - I agree with you... WARRIORS and WAHINE WARRIORS!!!

  175. Last Call:

    If we're going to keep Rainbow Warriors then our new mascot should be a unicorn.

  176. Cali76:

    The Red Raiders

  177. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    The Fighting Warrior Wahine Rainbow Green Dean Turtles.

    Seriously, how about Na Koa for all teams male and female?

  178. Pupule Portagee:

    Kaneohe Resident:

    September 21st, 2012 at 10:45 am
    Just plain "RAINBOW" nothing else. Let Kam schools have back their Warrior nickname.

    Auwe. Just for the record, I think Kam school is in China or Taiwan because there is no "Kam" school here. The school we have here in Hawai'i is Kamehameha. I am a Kamehameha Alumni & a UH Alumni. I never had a problem with sharing and having 2 "Warrior" squads. Let's stay with Warriors

    Green is the School's color and the color of our 'Aina. We need to see some green on the Uniforms.

    For those who liked the RAIN....BOWS chant at the Stadium, why not change it? HAWAI'I......WARRIORS. That works !

    Now lets see... When was the last time Nevada won a game in Hawai'i ? Was it 1939? They have lost every game against Hawai'i here in Hawai'i well before I was born. I can't see that changing now, especially since it's Chow time !

    Give Navada one more loss in Hawai'i ! Go Warriors !

    Ok, I pau. A hui hou e malama pono.


  179. d1shima:

    Eh! I not kolohe! Das homey! :twisted:

    (now wea I wen put my guitar?)

  180. Da Punchbowl Kid:


    Na Koa Wahine for da womenseses, and

    wait for it... wait for it...

    Na Koa Kane for the men's teams! :)

  181. LizKauai:

    Anuenue for a skillful, beautiful world.

  182. LizKauai:

    Na Koa Anuenue

  183. d1shima:


    They used to post KS scores under "KAMS" in the Termite Palace. ;-)



  184. Janice:


  185. d1shima:

    Gotta check wit PIAA Doris about wat makes Terrapins so fierce?

  186. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #178 -

    Right on! Dat's two things we have in common. I too am a KSK alum, and I too am pupule! Oh wait - make that three things! Small kine pordagee too!

    Thanks for reminding folks of the proper name of our alma mater. I usually do, but was hoping to see if we could flush out any Warrior lurkers. There are about a half a dozen known KSK Grads here. Welcome to the Warrior Beat! Imua, li dat! ;)

  187. (Jesse) James:

    #185...because they bite....

  188. d1shima:

    Eh, so do some Tsaikettes but no mo any teams named after THEM! :shock:

  189. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    d1 -

    Its da unis...

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  191. d1shima:

    But how you folks feel about making the helmet look kinda like the state flag ala Maryland?

  192. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    191 d1-

    Isn't that called the "Got drunk one night and woke up with this really bad tatoo" style of helmet?

  193. Ipu Man:

    Shiny turtle wax dark green helmets,
    like a new car, where you can see your reflection in it...

  194. Supastoke:

    WARRIORS!!! I likey

  195. Ipu Man:

    ST, would be nice if we could click "like" on comments.
    Some of them are really good.

  196. Curt:

    Warriors today, tomorrow, and foreva!!! The Tsai-kos have spoken.

  197. Pomai:

    #180 yes

  198. (Jesse) James:


  199. Pomai:

    1923 - A rainbow appears over Moiliili Field after Hawaii upsets Oregon State, 7–0. Local reporters begin calling UH athletic teams the "Rainbows."

    So we can blame the reporters for all of this. LOL

  200. Pomai:


  201. (Jesse) James:


  202. (Jesse) James:

    See you tomorrow morning right???

  203. obachan:

    Quick word association test: Rainbow - the yellow brick road, Toto, Dorothy, the cowardly lion, munchkins - hardly a name befitting a football team. I can see the headlines - Munchkins swarm to the ball; play tough D.

  204. Ratbird:

    I vote "Warriors". I agree with June Jones that Warriors sounds tough and to do battle. Can you imagine if King Kamehameha rallied his troops and said " My rainbows, lets go beat up King Pipikaula on Oahu". Warriors sounds like war which football is. And June Jones installed the all Black uniforms. Their starting to evolve back to green. I like green but Black looks like mean, mean, mean green machine. Can you imagine Barack Obama or Mitt Romney campaigning wearing pink suits? If it ain't broke, why fix it? And Bula'ia for mascot. He's very intelligent but funny. "I eat poi, poi is the bestest. Make me the Hawaii Supaman. H-A-W-A-I-I. Eh, no false crack me, eh?

  205. Bigislandkurt:

    What people fail to mention (again) is that like it or not, the rainbow is the symbol used by advocacy/support groups for gay and lesbian populations. Of course, this has absolutely nothing to do with that beautiful rainbow that came over Manoa Valley many moons back. But it is what it is. On the national level, the rainbow is a symbol of inclusiveness, acceptance, and support for such populations. Certainly, it also lends itself to Hawaii and all the different cultures, but the fact remains that that is NOT how the rest of the country looks at it. I never realized this until I lived on the continent. As a die hard 'bow fan at the time, it was all about GO BOWS! Yet there were always friends of mine who would question and wonder why in the world a football team would call themselves rainbows. I was never able to shift my frame of reference until I moved away. We have a national brand to maintain, and quite frankly, the WARRIORS took us to the sugar bowl, not the rainbows. To go "back" to rainbows, rainbow warriors, etc. would be a travesty. Yet there will always be a place for "bows" in our storied history. Go Bows! can still be shouted in the stadium. That is a part of our history and the unique history of our football program. But Warrior time it is. And I'm sorry, I'm not a Kamehameha Alum, so when I think of Warriors, I think UH. Please, let us leave the Rainbows to the past and move on with Chow's Warriors.


  206. Bigislandkurt:

    .....not that there's anything wrong with that.


  207. paintslinger:

    I'm not an advocate for or against 'Rainbow Warriors'..but I'm not adverse to it either. WHat I don't like, and think is bullshit is abandoning of the name 'rainbows' because the homosexual lobby wants the world to include in its definition of 'normality'. What does that have to do with us? Why are we concerned with what the rest of the country thinks we should or should not call ourselves? Our concern should be beating football teams...and we used to do it plenty as 'rainbow warriors'....why we can't do that now is nothing more than UH assigning legitimacy to others who appose it! What a joke.

  208. Kevin:

    I still would like to see some people call out former UH football players and call them fruitcakes to their face for being the "Rainbow Warriors" when they played for Hawaii.

    Lets see who the ***s are now.

  209. niho mano:

    Warriors and Wahine Warriors...they're all great athletes.

  210. paintslinger:

    Well said Kevin; I'd like to see that too!!!

  211. Kevin:


    Its ok. A lot of people are also full of ****.

    "Warriors" all the way, but no need to be embarassed about what laid the foundation for what is today.

    I was too young to appreciate the Bob Wagner coached teams, but following the team as "Warriors", I still got chicken skin about seeing the old clips because of what it meant and hearing the stories about what those games meant to those that were there.

  212. mikey:

    People's Choice Award seems to be the "Warriors"

    we should stick to that forever. Too many changes depleats market branding.

    I can't wait to see the special team uniform so-called "Wounded Warrior" uniforms that will be used for a military-themed game. Is that on UNLV game right?

    They should market the T-shirt with various color to fund as "Wounded Warrior Fund" for the troops every year.

  213. paintslinger:

    By the way, citing Jones taking us to the Sugar bowl as 'warriors' is a seriously bogus argument. Coach Wagner took us to the 'Holiday Bowl' as 'Rainbow Warriors' with the teams uni's dripping with rainbow piping, and...we kicked crap out of Illinois and won the WAC championship...all as 'Rainbows'. Get real, the name doesn't mean anything unless and until we assign it meaning. The powers at be need to grow a backbone on this issue.

  214. Will-I-Am:

    Imagine if UH had always been called the Warriors and some new coach comes and changes it to Rainbows because he saw a rainbow after a game.

    Would anyone support the change?

  215. hon2255:

    Warriors, nough said

  216. NotNasti:

    I like "Warriors," but slip in the rainbow somewhere into their uniforms, like a monochrome rainbow ghosted into the helmet with the "H" superimposed over it. Nasty!

  217. AlaWai:

    "Rainbows" was not the original nickname of the team. As stated it was "Fighting Deans."
    Nicknames change with time, mood and market conditions. If "Warriors" is the nickname that commands the image the school wishes to project and sales of items have increased since the change then let it continue. Business is business.
    Of course with the current administration we could change the name the "Bungling Babooze," but that's another topic for discussion.

  218. maddog50:

    Ok that's settled .....Warriorsit is now lets beat the Wolfpack!!!!! Go Warriors!!!! Keep focus and pack the Stadium....

  219. paintslinger:

    Look, Warriors is fine. I just want to remind people that 'toughness' is a quality of the mind, has nothing to do what you're called or what you wear. It how you play. I wouldn't mind seeing some rainbow piping on the uniforms...if for no other reason just to have a visual 'stick it in your ear' to those who would be horrified by the image!!

  220. maddog50:

    Ok that's settled .....Warriorsit is now lets beat the Wolfpack!!!!! Go Warriors!!!! Keep focus andfill the stadium

  221. Kevin:

    Forget this.

    Do it local style.

    Hire a mainland firm to search out a new name for the football team.

    Form a committee to vote on the options.

    Send out a bid to design new logo, slogans, colors, etc…

    $785,000.00 later… BAM.. everybody happy. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  222. Orioles 4 eva.:

    The times they are a changing, the military now has gay and lesbian soldiers. Its time to go back to the old school Rainbows, so Rainbow Warriors for the men and Rainbow Wahine for the women.

  223. Green tea:

    Manoa Warriors?

  224. HiFlyer:

    Baylor v UL-Monroe on ESPN with UL-Monroe leading 7-0 and moving the ball on Baylor.

  225. mikey:

    hehe I can watch it now on DirecTV laptop or anywhere without going home.

  226. Buffoman:

    #216 on bruddah! It has nothing to do with us.."unless we assign it a meaning." As you described with Wag's young men, they smoked the fighting Illini and no one thought they were lacking in the testosterone department.

  227. HiFlyer:

    14-0 UL-Monroe

  228. mikey:

    Now watch DIRECTV anywhere, on any device. Iphone too.

  229. Wes'side Warrior:

    Howzit, everyone!

    Lurker Ron... #29 above... speaking of history... the "Fighting Deans". Nah, me no like dat name.

    Let's go, Warriors!!!

    Yup, dat sounds mo' bettah!

  230. Kevin:

    Seems like the only ones lacking in the testosterone department are the ones quick to feel all panty and whiny about what we were called.

    Like compensating for a small b**o. :lol:

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  232. Koranto:

    Warriors all da way!!!

    I've always said to my friends, that we should have our uniforms be the same shade of green as our field. Paint the surrounding brown walls the same green. And basically, give Boise the same treatment they give anyone that visits their field and watch them cry foul... (wah wah wah, we're grandfathered in...)

  233. mikey:

    See you all at ALOHA bright and early tomorrow

    Go Warriors

  234. Last Call:

    Looks like Warriors wins by a landslide here.

  235. Kevin:

    Perhaps the poll should have been:

    “Do we need a name change?”

    Answer should be NO.

    We needed a change back in 2000 considering where the program was. I don’t see a need for change next year or the year before that.

    Modify the uniforms all you like, but leave the identity alone. It is fine the way it is now and the other men’s programs need to follow suit for sanity’s sake.

  236. Kevin:

    ***I meant to say "and the year after that and the year after that".....

  237. Pauoa Boy:

    Warriors... Rainbows are how do they say so 2000 and late. Besides the football team or any men sports for that matter should not be associated with Rainbows no more...just saying. The wahine is fine but the mens teams is uhh big fat hell to the naw!

  238. jimmy the lock:

    Rainbow Warriors, come out to p-l-a-yyyyy, just doesn't sound right.

    Warriors it is.


    If you look at the all time BYU athletic roster, Dr. Allen Anae did not play football or basketball at BYU. That is if you look.

  239. Kapoei Doc:

    Just can't picture future recruits saying they want to be a Rainbow.

    Leave it the Warriors.

  240. Warriors:


    This is a tired OLD issue for OLD people. Get over it!

  241. NotNasti:

    Agreed! One name for all men's sports.

  242. gigi-hawaii:

    Jimmy: Dr Anae told me he did not start as tight end at BYU. However, he was a member of the team. Are you calling him a liar? Maybe he is, who knows? Anyway, because he was not a starter, he majored in pre-med and went on to medical school.

    He also told me he was a starting quarterback at Kahuku in his senior year. Was he lying?

    Anyway, he is a darn good surgeon. I am proof of that.

  243. wafan:

    Looks like SWA flying to HNL soon.

    I hope they fly in from SEA.

  244. wafan:

    Does UH make the flight arrangements for visiting MW and BW teams? Or, do the visiting teams make the arrangements.

  245. Ipu Man:

    UH just supplies money to whoever asks...

  246. Ipu Man:

    sorry...I apologize.

  247. tommui:

    We won as Rainbows. We won as Rainbow Warriors. We won as Warriors.

    What's in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.

    Brother Iz had no problems with Rainbows; Muppets have no problems with Rainbows; Rev Jessie Jackson had no problems with Rainbows - which incidentally had to do initially with inclusion of races and not sexual preferences.

    If the football team wants to be known as the Warriors, that's fine but to change the name from Rainbow Wahine to Warriors robs the volleyball team of its championship tradition.

  248. Wes'side Warrior:

    Kevin... your #60 above... I mentioned something along those lines. But, I didn't say to remove "Hawaii" from the front. I said we should keep "Hawaii" on the front and add "Warrior" on the back, where the last name usually goes.

    We've been living on the mainland over 17 years straight, so we've seen the name change, and how clueless folks here are concerning it. Of course, a little school in the middle of the Pacific hardly plays any factor in their daily lives, unless their team(s) have to play us on that rare occasion. When we are on national tv, we still hear national sportscasters refer to our football team as the Rainbow Warriors or Rainbows... even as the "H" and "Warriors" are flashed on the screen in front of them.

  249. Bigislandkurt:

    Paintslinger........are you seriously comparing the Holiday Bowl and Sugar bowl? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. The sugar bowl was the GREATEST Bowl UH has ever been in. NO COMPARISON! We went there as WARRIORS. That is the brand and that is what I'm stickin' to.

    And I got as much love for rainbows as anyone else. BUT, I keep that love as a love for history and the past. The current is WARRIORS. And that is what I'm stick'n with.


  250. Keleguen Binadu:

    Had to leave Lurkerville for a sec when I saw the topic. Keep the Warrior nickname. If, god-forbid, the team has a drought like the Von Appen year's, then we can have this conversation.

    "Welcome your new...Hawaii Poi-Pounders! rahhh!!!!"

    And even though I like the team to remain as Warriors, I saw this a while ago in the Sports Hawaii Forum

  251. jimmy the lock:


    Not calling anyone a liar. Just stating that on the BYU rosters for all sports/years, he is not listed.

  252. madeinhawaii:

    Wes'side Warrior:

    That's a good point. The "Rainbow" in our team's name really doesn't impact anyone outside of the teams and fans. To everyone else, we are still the Rainbow Warriors and will probably be that way for many more years to come. They call us Bows...and "bows" as in bows and arrows, I like. I'm sensitive to neither. Whatever the students and team wants is fine with me.

  253. Bigislandkurt:

    Some of ya'll totally missed me on my post. But I digress.

    Sorry, football is a game of testosterone and tough guys. Just sayin.

    There is nothing about Rainbows that speak to that.

    We are a national brand, not a Hawaii brand. Hawaii can shape the meaning all they want, but in the end, we market to the world, not just Hawaii. And marketing the warriors to the world is much easier than marketing rainbows. It has already been proven time and time again since we adopted the nickname warriors. Prior to the June Jones era, there wasn't too many folks outside of Hawaii paying attention to rainbows. That is why we were all so stoked to win that '92 Hawaii bowl. Our inferiority complex laid the groundwork for one of the greatest victories in UH football history. But this is a new day. Players like Timmy Chang and Colt Brennan took us to the national discussion. We trying to create a permanent home in the national football psyche. Rainbows just won't cut it.

    Go Bows!


  254. Bigislandkurt:

    ...meant to say 92 Holiday bowl.


  255. paintslinger:

    No I'm not comparing the two bowls, I'm comparing getting nationally embarrased by getting our okole's kicked at the Sugar Bowl,as Warriors,---- to, winning at the Holiday Bowl 20 years ago as 'Rainbow Warriors' on national TV. And We'side is right, we're still called 'Rainbow Warriors' all over the mainland. But be that as it may, I'm not against the Warrior handle, actually I like it. I just didn't like everyone showing up as gutless wonders over the title 'rainbows' because of some minority group hijacking the name.

  256. madeinhawaii:

    Like I mentioned earlier, one of the boldest and bravest and internationally recognized symbols of peace and environmental protection is also called the "Rainbow Warrior".

  257. Kevin:


    No there was someone else that said to completely take off "Hawaii" on the front.

  258. gigi-hawaii:

    I personally prefer WARRIORS, also.
    What does the word RAINBOWS have to do with football?
    It refers to the rainbows above UH, but not to football, which is a rough masculine sport.

  259. madeinhawaii:

    What do most names have to do with football? Cardinals? Ducks? Buckeyes? Dolphins?

  260. Wes'side Warrior:

    How come "Kukui Nuts" isn't a choice? Or will that be the name of the student section?

  261. jimmy the lock:

    Rainbows has everything to do with football at UH. It was a name in the past and should be honored as so.

  262. Wes'side Warrior:

    No way... "Hawaii" has to stay on da front!!! What kine dat? It's about representation! All teams... "Hawaii"... on da front. No need more discussion about dat one!

    I agree with you there, Kevin.

  263. jimmy the lock:

    The best baseball teams assembled at UH were Rainbows. And Basketball.

  264. madeinhawaii:

    Here's a list of Division I team names...

  265. Kris:

    Rainbow Warriors!

  266. Kevin:


    Well, this person’s “logic” was that some people still call us “Rainbows” and we should put “Warriors” on the front so that everyone is aware of our nickname.

    But the FUNNY thing is, we HAD “Warriors” on the front of our uniforms for years prior to the UA deal and people still called us “Rainbows” from time to time.

    “Hawaii” belongs on the front.

    Above all else:

    HAWAII > Warriors, Rainbow Warriors, Rainbows, Rainbow Wahine, etc…

    HAWAII above all else.

    HAWAII then
    HAWAII now

  267. Kevin:

    A list of D1 college nicknames is a great way to put someone to sleep.

    Amongst all the "Aggies" and "Bulldogs" across the country... YAWN.

  268. jimmy the lock:

    Maybe we be unique and put 808 transposed over the Hawaiian islands in the front.

  269. jimmy the lock:

    Looks like a pause, reflect, and take a deep breath time.

  270. Ipu Man:

    Isn't the silverswords a plant?

  271. Fat Jeff:

    #96 Will-I-Am

    You mean something like this?

    That's a throwback look I could agree with.

  272. jimmy the lock:

    Sea Warriors - HPU

  273. paintslinger:

    I've made this argument before, but it bares repeating. Consider USC-Trojans. I'm sure their mascot name preceded the well known company that makes condoms 'Trojan' Condoms. Nobody at USC went nuts and changed their name when Trojan Condoms became the highest name recognition for the device.

    Now, Oregon State 'Beavers'. I might be a bit older than some of you guys in here, but let me tell you from the early 1960's on, every man I knew refered to womens vagina's as 'beavers'.! Did the folks at Oregon State freak and change their name? No, they just continued to play good hard nosed football.

    Now, here we are, going ape crap over 'Rainbows'...everyone over the age of 35 is familiar with it, and no doubt most are or were comforatable with the handle. So why now is it somehow the label of weak and effeminate qualities? Just because someone said so? Geez, fall in line boys...go ahead and jump whenever someone else says 'jump'. Got to jettison that 'rainbow' name! Somebody may not think were tough? I'm going to go eat my poi and rice. Aloha

  274. Kevin:

    Always in favor of giving beavers a good hard pounding.



    (So when do we play Oregon State?)

  275. gigi-hawaii:

    Actually, the ones who should be voting on the name are the PLAYERS AND THE COACHES. They are the ones who should be asked first, don't you think?

  276. Ipu Man:

    Fat Jeff #271: That's what I am talking about! Perfect blend.

  277. hightide:

    The Womens teams are WAHINE;the MENS teams should be KANE. A FLAMING RAINBOW behind the H on helmets and caps should do it.

  278. Kevin:


    Why should anyone be voting at all.

    Can anyone come up with a legitimate reason to even consider a name change?

    2000 and the years prior were a different story and change was refreshing. Today? Not necessary.

    Just because we have a new coach doesn’t mean we need to change the damn name all the time. Is adult a.d.d. rampant in Hawaii?

  279. Wes'side Warrior:

    Actually, jimmy the lock has an interesting idea at #268 above.

    I would keep "Hawaii" on the front of every uniform. However, for those teams that do not stitch last names onto the backs of jerseys, how about we stitch an image of the Hawaiian Islands (no, not the whole archipelago, silly!) on the back in place of names?

    Just wondering out loud... time for go sleep soon too. Long and busy day tomorrow, with the game to take us into the wee hours of Sunday...

  280. Ipu Man:

    28-24 Louisiana Monroe Warhawks 28-24 on long td run.
    One of their running backs has 11 brothers and six sisters...

  281. Kevin:


    With the football team removing names on the jerseys, there are now NO UH teams (mens or womens) that bear the last name of the student-athlete. Previously the men’s basketball team had them, but a few years ago removed them and now the football team.

    However, the volleyball teams (men and women) are a little different. With the way volleyball tops are "HAWAII" is on the back and the H logo is on the front.

    So… in terms of a uniformed look, having “HAWAII” on the front and the Hawaiian Islands embroidered on the back in place of names is a good idea.

    Best idea I’ve read all day! :mrgreen:

  282. Ipu Man:

    Well, if you want the mainland tv anouncers to call UH, The Warriors, that
    should be on the backs of the jerseys (with Hawaii on the front).

  283. Joe Shmo:


  284. gigi-hawaii:

    I was glad to see Oceanic show the players names on screen when they made a play. It made me enjoy the game more.

    Nice to see who's doing what.

  285. Ipu Man:

    Of course, The Warriors should be in pastels each letter the color of a rainbow...

  286. Pupule Portagee:

    University of Hawaii
    Fight Song

    Here’s to our dear Hawaii
    Here’s to our green and white
    Here’s to our Alma Matter
    Here’s to our team with fight


    Here’s to old warriors calling
    Here’s to old battles won
    Here’s to Hawaii’s victory
    Here’s to each valiant one

    It does not say "Here's to old Rainbows" calling..... What else can I say?

    Wait, I Portagee....I get more.

    Aloha au i na anuenue...I love rainbows. That being said....on the Gridiron I want Warriors.

    Imua Na Koa, Go Warriors !


  287. Kevin:

    If there play-by-play announcers that need to read the uniform of a team to know what their nickname is and don't read what the media guide says then who's fault is that?


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  289. Will-I-Am:

    Fat Jeff,
    I like the throwback uni. I would like to see the old school brighter green. Especially on homecoming. And have all the fans in throwback T-shirts. Rainbowtique could make some cash on that too.

  290. J:

    Hawai‘i takes the first set, 25-17, against UC-Riverside.

  291. Kevin:

    So glad and proud Coach Chow is paying homage to the school’s fight song.

    By having the players learn it and having the marching band playing during the Warrior Walk is how it should be done and should have been done years and years ago.

  292. Kevin:

    Throw-backs are huge with the students. Lots of current student-athletes in softball and wahine basketball have the vintage jerseys and wear them out to the football games or for whenevers.

    The old school Les Murakami days hat with the simple H on the front does well, when an outside company re-released them a few years ago.

    Throwbacks will sell well with the younger crowd.

  293. Pupule Portagee:

    I agree. The Warrior Walk was cool. I lost count of how many players stop to shake my 7 year old kid's hand, sometimes a fist bump. My kid didn't realize how big these men are.

    Now he understand why Dad didn't play college football.

    Imua Na Koa.......Go Warriors !


  294. gigi-hawaii:

    The athletes who really amaze me are the basketball players. Those guys tower over me. I always feel intimidated. Lol.

  295. Ipu Man:

    Gigi...opposites attract...

  296. gigi-hawaii:

    Ipu: maybe so. I am shrinking though.

    When I applied at Pan Am to be stewardess in 1968, they measured me at 5'-1-3/4" and said I did not qualify cause I had to be 5'2" tall.

    now, the nurse tells me I am 1/2 inch shorter. 5'-1-1/4"

  297. Ipu Man:

    Always had to laugh when watching Golden Girls and the little old lady
    mother of the tall roomie---especially in the episode where it was revealed
    the babies were switched in the hospital...

  298. (Jesse) James:

    I like that throwback look

  299. (Jesse) James:


  300. gigi-hawaii:

    don't remember that episode. Yeah, Golden Girls was hilarious.
    both actresses are dead now.

  301. (Jesse) James:


  302. gigi-hawaii:


  303. gigi-hawaii:

    James, better luck tomorrow.

  304. Kekoa:

    WARRIORS! are Always Ready!

    Pomai ~ Please make a record of my score being:

    Warriors 56 ~ Nevada tackle dummies 10.

  305. J:

    Hawai‘i takes the second set, 25-16, leads UC-Riverside 2-0.

  306. RainboWarrior:

    Love the Bows!
    But I'll vote for Rainbow Warriors.

  307. Ipu Man:

    Too bad, Louisiana Monroe fumbles option handoff after long pass completion
    on their way to beat Baylor in late 4th quarter...

  308. coocbean:

    The band has been trying to get the fans to sing along to Coed at basketball games for several years. They started using a large flip chart with the words now it's flashed on the score board.

    If the FB coaches and players know the words and can sing it, the fans should also learn and sing along whenever Coed is played.

    I'm not 100% sure but because of polical correctness the last line was changed from each valiant son.

  309. Pomai:

    UH vs U of Reno
    00    -    52    lava
    14    -    42    manoa#1
    20    -    17    kev-1
    21    -    10    Moocher
    21    -    10    ms momo
    22    -    17    papajoe2
    24    -    21    sean
    27    -    07    tommui
    27    -    21    K-Bay
    27    -    18    jimmy the lock
    28    -    24    LizKauai
    28    -    21    Will-I-Am
    28    -    27    RedZone
    28    -    20    bighilofan2
    28    -    24    lowtone123
    29    -    27    HawaiiMonogoose
    30    -    10    Koakane
    30    -    20    NYUHTX
    31    -    17    Ipu Man
    31    -    20    IWWTHM
    31    -    27    Whats up
    31    -    35    SAWARRIOR
    31    -    28    3-Prong
    31    -    14    oldtimer808
    33    -    29    A-House
    34    -    20    Wes'sdie Warrior
    34    -    23    bighilofan2
    34    -    28    momo
    35    -    28    HiFlyer
    35    -    10    WarriorNY
    35    -    13    Rodney
    35    -    31    Glenn
    35    -    17    niho mano
    35    -    21    gmhoney
    37    -    35    Bowwar
    37    -    24    Derek
    38    -    17    wafan
    38    -    21    DPK
    38    -    27    AlaWai
    38    -    28    BiWave96744
    38    -    20    AZWARRIOR22
    38    -    35    mikey
    42    -    30    Huh?
    42    -    27    mo808
    47    -    24    protector
    49    -    35    Tchahng
    56    -    14    d1shima
    59    -    28    loa

  310. Kevin:


    here's to each valiant SON... changed to each valiant ONE to reflect to all the programs since the fight song is for all the sports.

    There's "political correctness" and then there is just being correct. It just makes sense.

  311. Derek:

    Hawaii Warriors. It's the brand. The merchanding of UH team apparel is so important. The MBB should do away with the "Rainbow" Warriors. You don't see the jerseys for MBB showing "Rainbows" do they? Same for baseball, do away with the Rainbows and just stick with Warriors. For the women, I don't know about the Wahines, but nationally I don't think a lot of people know what Wahines are or what it means. Most womens' teams use the nickname of their schools, i.e. UCLA Bruins or Stanford Cardinal or USC Trojans, or use the name "Lady" in front of it as appropriate. In the high school the girls team use the school's nickname. I.E. Kamehameha Warriors. Nothing wrong with that. We should make it uniform throughout. I guess logic doesn't appeal to some people.

    Hoorah, Oceanic Time Warner settled an agreement to show the NFL network effectuve this Sunday.

  312. Slugger:

    POMAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JAMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LIZKAUAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was thinking about Koa Anuenue, but the announcers would slaughter the name.

  313. Buger:

    Hawaii Warriors!

  314. Buger:


    Hawaii 33
    Nevada 31


    WARRIORS!!!! and do not change it to anything with Rainbow in it!!!


    WARRIORS all the way! The gay community has taken over the "rainbow" logo. No throw back rainbow uniforms either. It has taken way too long for folks on the mainland to recognize the nickname Warriors, y go back?! Announcers on ESPN/Fox once in awhile still call us Rainbows... Rainbows=lame.

  317. Moocher:

    All the people here who want rainbows and are citing decades old victories had better remember one thing-all of that was before or right at the gay movement.

    The gay rainbow flag has been around for maybe 30+ years BUT, "In 1994, a huge 30 foot wide by one mile long rainbow flag was carried by 10,000 people in New York's Stonewall 25 Parade." And that's when it became well known and rainbows were now associated with the gay community.

    in today's vocabulary rainbow warriors in football uniforms to 49 other states and the district of columbia offers visions of a fairy leprechaun sliding down from a rainbow with a little butterfly wand in his hand sprinkling glitter on it's foes to make them love each other and turn the world pink.

    i'm not a homophobe and i'm not politically correct... but neither is going back to satisfy a few selfish generations. we had our rainbows, let them, the future generations have their warriors... the times call for it.

    I for one am proud the team is called warriors and dumped rainbows. imagine or current unis with a rainbow stripe going down the okole and hamstring. if thats the case better we look for a tv contract with the lifetime channel.

    warriors for wahine for women...I'd even take honu

  318. Dennis Halloran:

    Pomai UH 28 UN21 Warriors but work a rainbow into the uniforms

  319. Bryson:

    Imagine if on military appreciation night when they bring out the wounded warriors jersey they also bring out a Helmet with a Hawaiian Flag design....It would go well with the Red,White and Blue Color Scheme...


    #317, agreed, thank you.

    I live on the mainland, there is no way in hell i'm gonna sport a rainbow uniform, hat, flag etc.... God bless the gay community, but I will not walk around wearing rainbow anything!

    Some things should NOT be left to a vote. Marketing, it's all about marketing.


    well, i was having a great day until i read todays blog. :-(

    If we ever go back to rainbows, i'm done with the program. No mo buying of hats, jerseys, decals etc.... I'll spend my money on USC stuff.


    #319, that's an awesome idea! Hawaiian flag helmet!

  323. War-E-Or:

    Eh, what about taking a modified version of the old k5 the home team kamehameha logo on the helmets?

  324. War-E-Or:

    The under armour tapa design is alright, how ever the pants design is horrible. I believe the shade of green is too dark. I would also like to see a white helmet in the future with white numbers on a green jersey.


    for all you folks that are stuck on rainbows, go ask the players if they want to be called rainbows or warriors. END OF STORY.

  326. Ipu Man:

    As Kevin said also, ask Noga et al...


    i bet if the Noga's had their choice of rainbows or warriors, it would have been warriors.


    ... also, WARRIORS on the front of the unis. JJ had it right.

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  330. RedZone:

    So from what I see so far maybe it is better just not to have a nickname. Just Hawaii is good enough for me. No need mascot too. I go to the game to watch the team play. Besides we do have cheerleaders who are students that work hard at their craft. And the band. Good enough for me. All the players need to know is that they are playing for all of Hawaii.


    #287, it's not for the play by play announcers, but for the college football fans watching at home, and for the fans that r watching in the many sports bars across the country where the sound of the game is turned off in favor of music. Yes, sports bars, night clubs, pubs on the mainland do turn off the sound of the game in favor of music (unless their home team is playing).

  332. obachan:

    UH football name change NO - Administration change YES

  333. papajoe2:

    I do like the idea of na kane and na wahine.


    check out the unis from 2006. youtube that.

    Hawaii Nate Ilaoa Highlights 2006

  335. oldie:

    Got my new iPhone. One of the iSheep who blindly buy Apple products.

    We'll see if there's any improvements to reception in the stadium tomorrow.

  336. jm2375:

    So who finally caved - Time Warner or NFL? In any event, Oceanic finally gets the NFL Network.

  337. el burro sabio:

    I always preferred Rainbow Warriors. But I'm just a burro who can type.


    geez, u guys got NFL network and we still don't have it up hea.

  339. jm2375:

    Congrats to the Wahine!!


  340. al:

    337...too funny. hee haw!

  341. al:

    the warriors will win two games it shouldn't...this year.
    saturday afternoon will be one of them.

  342. al:

    verizonwireless is giving out free iphone 4

  343. J:

    Saw some of the younger guys in the crowd sporting the former UH logo at the volleyball game tonight in Riverside. Not saying we should return to that graphic...

    As I've stated before, when the name was changed, it came across to me as a "Missionary Mentality" type of move. I've yet to refer to the team by the name chosen by one man as I'm still a believer that the institution is more than just one individual.

    I coach at the high school level. It's pretty simple, the team wears school colors, learns the alma mater and uses the school's nickname. No "Lady..." in front of the name as we don't refer to other teams in the program as "Gentlemen..." The team represents the institution, we represent the institution. If I were to have walked in on day 1 and said we were changing our nickname and adding to to the color scheme for just our squad--probably wouldn't have lasted that day (well, perhaps with the current administration as they wouldn't have noticed :D ).

  344. mo808:

    Another good highschool game tonight!

  345. al:

    okay to satisfy the "rainbow" lover...what if on either the shirt sleeve or on the side of the pants we have logo designed with a rainbow in the background and the hawaiian island chain superimposed over it...?

    and i'm talking a rather small logo at that, perhaps a 2" square at most.

    this will have a bit of the past on every uniform we put out.

  346. paintslinger:

    All the people here who want rainbows and are citing decades old victories had better remember one thing-all of that was before or right at the gay movement."

    Why do we have to remember that? That issue has already been dealt with. Go read the thread.

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  348. chopsueyboy:


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    but not much fans in the stands might have been the reason system wasn't overloaded

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  350. chopsueyboy:


    UH 45 - 35

  351. wowlaulau:

    lol, what drama queens .. it is a nickname

  352. mo808:


  353. al:

    fantastic finish!

  354. oldie:


    Yeah, I was surprised that I got in with my iPhone 4. The new iPhone is supposed to have LTE. Hope there's signal in the stadium area.

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  359. walter:

    thanks Pomai UH 41 UNR 38

  360. oldtimer808:

    Well I'm an old guy who watched the UH Rainbows at the termite palace in Moiliili but I am in favor of the Warriors. My drill instructor during basic training would use rainbows in a derogatory description. The term rainbows was used back in 65 to describe a certain segment of the population.

  361. papajoe2:

    Rainbows? Warriors? Rainbow Warriors? I.....I like the crackers.

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  363. mo808:

    Okay, so busy no time for read and post today! Was watching Leilehua vs. Campbell game and cleaning house , doing laundry, etc. at the same time lat night. Now, get time foa read and post. I think the Warrior name should stay, but if Chow wants to change--than my vote is for Hawaii Warriors!

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  365. mo808:

    Oh, and just to dbl ck... This week, i've heard conflicting reports (1420) that Warrior Walk is at 2:00pm. Military style, you always follow the last command--so, that means 1:15 per sjmacro. Is that still the eta for tomorrows Warrior walk?

  366. Moocher:

    Lousiana Monroe was once called the tweety birds. Later they changed their name to warhawks. Now, some alumni want to change it back to the tweety birds.

    Was one of the thoughts that ran through your head something like, "that's stupid for them to do, why change it back to a weak name like that?"

    Fiction, but it's the same deal.

    As for the assumed Noga's makes no bearing.
    This is all about marketing a school and a program. it's about an identity.

  367. LizKauai (iPad):

    Oldie- congrats on your iphone5. I have to wait for my upgrade in May. The speed at the stadium may still be slow so don't judge the i strument on that. I do note that iOS6 has some features I love even on my 4s. One is the FAST pphoto uploading to facebook from the camera app. The panorama imaging is cool too.

  368. oldie:


    We'll see how it goes. First phone in over 2 years. Really wish AT&T would increase their capacity around the stadium. Somewhat encouraged that I could get in occasionally last Saturday.


    please don't let the students vote/choose the nickname for UH. Remember U of Cal at Sant Cruz picked Banana Slugs for their nickname lol.

  370. Pomai:

    That's all folks:
    UH vs U of Reno
    00    -    52    lava
    14    -    42    manoa#1
    20    -    17    kev-1
    21    -    10    Moocher
    21    -    10    ms momo
    22    -    17    papajoe2
    24    -    21    sean
    27    -    07    tommui
    27    -    21    K-Bay
    27    -    18    jimmy the lock
    28    -    24    LizKauai
    28    -    21    Will-I-Am
    28    -    27    RedZone
    28    -    20    bighilofan2
    28    -    24    lowtone123
    28    -    21    Dennis Halloran
    29    -    27    HawaiiMonogoose
    30    -    10    Koakane
    30    -    20    NYUHTX
    31    -    17    Ipu Man
    31    -    20    IWWTHM
    31    -    27    Whats up
    31    -    35    SAWARRIOR
    31    -    28    3-Prong
    31    -    14    oldtimer808
    33    -    29    A-House
    33    -    31    Buger
    34    -    20    Wes'sdie Warrior
    34    -    23    bighilofan2
    34    -    28    momo
    35    -    28    HiFlyer
    35    -    10    WarriorNY
    35    -    13    Rodney
    35    -    31    Glenn
    35    -    17    niho mano
    35    -    21    gmhoney
    37    -    35    Bowwar
    37    -    24    Derek
    38    -    17    wafan
    38    -    21    DPK
    38    -    27    AlaWai
    38    -    28    BiWave96744
    38    -    20    AZWARRIOR22
    38    -    35    mikey
    41    -    38    walter
    42    -    30    Huh?
    42    -    27    mo808
    45    -    35    chopsueyboy
    47    -    24    protector
    49    -    35    Tchahng
    56    -    10    Kekoa
    56    -    14    d1shima
    59    -    28    loa

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  372. wafan:

    Good game day Saturday!

  373. wafan:

    First step on the road to the conference championship.

  374. TChahng:

    W A R R I O R S ! ! ! :evil:

  375. wafan:

    Morning Crew up and moving T-Gate gear?

  376. HanaBrada:

    WARRIORS!!! All the way! Just ask any football player if he would rather be called a Warrior or a Rainbow.....hmmmm? I played football in high school and the military and its a very tough, physical game that requires you to be a Warrior! Period!
    By the way, my Filipino freind said, how about the Fighting Cocks?

  377. HanaBrada:


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  379. HanaBrada:

    Like everybody else, I love the beauty of a rainbow. But football is not about being beautiful, its about getting down'n'dirty! Just ask the players we're trying to recruit to Hawaii. GO WARRIORS!!

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  381. maddog50:

    Warriors 31-28

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  383. Hilo Moon:

    My vote is for the "Rainbow Warriors" and if it ever came to a vote, the shade of green of Mr. Hong's 50 year old jersey.

  384. Mr. Kalama:


  385. ai-eee-soos:

    ... how about ...

    #376. HanaBrada:
    September 22nd, 2012 at 4:08 am

    By the way, my Filipino friend said, how about the Fighting Cocks?

  386. lavamanoa#1manure#1:

    Pomai: score

    UH: 50

    UNR: 0

  387. mo808:

    A L W A Y'S R E A D Y!!!

    It's SATURDAY!

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  389. NinjaWarriorTurtle:

    Amusing when the Warriors show up in Black, do the Ha'a and get their butts handed to them.

  390. A-joe:

    Henry Ford was asked if his customers had given him the idea to make a car. Henry replied,

    "If I had asked my customers what they wanted they would have said a faster horse."

  391. Jack Flash:

    Go Warriors! Big test today. Are you ready?!?!

  392. Kekoa:

    Pardon me for not getting too excited about the UH 'fight song.' it's a bit too lame with swoozy lyrics that just don't match with today's slam bang action.

    *A new fight song contest should also be held.*...(With apologies to Mr. Kapono for his composition called Heart of a Warrior).

  393. AlaWai:

    UAB doing a number on Ohio St.

  394. AlaWai:

    September 22nd, 2012 at 5:56 am
    Amusing when the Warriors show up in Black, do the Ha'a and get their butts handed to them.

    Warriors will not be intimidated. The only butt will be the one you will holding on to when UH drives for the the winning TD. Go Warriors!

  395. papajoe2:

    Good morning.
    Game day.
    It IS Saturday.

  396. alvaxk:

    good night....

  397. CoolEthan:

    Good one A-joe on H.Ford quote

    "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success" - Henry Ford

  398. al:

    what was that?

  399. kawika49:

    How's the weather in halawa?

  400. Pauoa Boy:

    Chee Huu game day, hope " Da Beeg Green" defense smashes Rolo and that pistol into the turf. Time to show the Neva-dats that there mighty pistol ain't nothing but a BB gun!!! Lets go Warrior Nation, time to round up the Wolfpack and send em back to Reno howling from getting smacked around by our " Beeg Green Machine"!!!

  401. Ben A Lurcker:

    Whoo Hoo # 401!!

  402. Pauoa Boy:

    DLine Boyz need to step up and play huge today. Time for pound and make that pistol misfire all day baby!

  403. LizKauai (iPad):

    Go Warriors!
    Safe and Successful Game!

  404. Rolland B.:


  405. al:


  406. AlaWai:

    Da Pistol will shoot blanks!

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