Pu‘u-Robinson cleared to play

September 26th, 2012

For once, the Warriors received good news: The NCAA cleared defensive lineman Jordan Pu‘u- Robinson to play this season.

He was notified during this morning's practice.

Pu‘u-Robinson, a transfer from Washington State, was added to the travel roster for Friday's game against BYU.

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  1. wafan:


  2. wafan:

    Huzzah for Jordan!


  3. PeteJek:


    Better late than never.

  4. koakane:

    good sunny :cool: morning gangizes

  5. Ipu Man:

    Good News, BYU starting qb may not start...
    Bad News, his back up is bigger, faster and more accurate
    and initially signed to play for Stanford before his mission.
    He's not a green freshman but now a man so it will be hard
    to befuddle him.

  6. RamBOW:

    top 5

  7. RamBOW:

    ok top 10

  8. Ipu Man:

    Rambo for a mascot?

  9. papajoe2:

    Good morning everybody!

  10. koakane:

    aw'ryte on nccaa giving JP-R his clearance but auwe to hear about AW passing.

    so how we doing with the sun out today. seems from the investigations going on UH needs to clean house not only the athletic dept.

  11. Hawaiianbod:

    NCAA (No Clue At Al

  12. Hawaiianbod:


  13. mo808:

    Great news about Puu-Robinson! This could not have happened at a better time too!

  14. PeteJek:

    Warriors need more tackles, not ends. They have enough depth at the edges, given the blitzing scheme they run. Play Mike Andrade even if only for the purpose of giving first string(s) a breather.

  15. papajoe2:

    How you doing Hawaiianbod?

  16. Greg:

    I thought the NCAA already denied Jordan earlier this year or am I mistaken? Anyways, finally the NCAA got it right.

  17. koakane:

    shout out to hb, ppj2, wafan (get back to work) and others who may be lurking

  18. koakane:

    #16 your correct there for hb posted "no clue at all NCAA" :grin:

  19. Capitolist/WassupDoc:

    For those of you who have the cojones to take on a very public critic of the University of Hawai`i, then be sure to read David Shapiro's Volcanic Ash column in today's Star-Advertiser. It's on page A2 in the (real) paper. He specifically attacks Jim Donovan along with the UH Administration as well as elected officials at the State Capitol for a multiple series of bad acts and sins.

    Shapiro lives about 500 feet away from where I am writing this post. We used to talk a lot back when we were pretty much on the same page on most issues, but that environment no longer exists.

    CHANGE OF SUBJECT: What happened to the Warrior DE-fense? Were they kidnapped by aliens? I can understand the transition from one type of offense to another, but defense is defense.

  20. BigWave96744:

    Of all positions, help on the Dline in sorely needed. Stoked that JPR is cleared..
    Speaking of JPR and UHFan808, happy birthday to JHT...

  21. gigi-hawaii:

    Aloha to Hawaiianbod. Where you been, buddy? Good to see you here.

  22. gigi-hawaii:

    Will be interesting to see how much playing time Jordan gets on Friday.

  23. gigi-hawaii:

    I did read Dave Shapiro's column this morning. He seems to side with admin, doesn't he?

  24. PeteJek:

    The defensive failures against the Wolfpack were more a result of a poor game plan & ineffective adjustments - if any - than a lack of execution by the players. Though the latter was also the case.

    Did Kaumeyer not watch the game tapes from the previous 2 games at Aloha Stadium?

  25. Pomai:

    The sun is out and the rain is falling = Hawaiian Blessing

  26. Kekoa:

    H-Bod ~ Your uncle and I were busy striking fear in the hearts of Graffiti thugs yesterday.

    Good to see you posting on the WB again.

  27. Na Koa Mike:

    Nevada game photos are now up:


  28. papajoe2:

    Hey, was that Jam that won a free Maui trip and stay on top da rajio this morning?

  29. RedZone:

    Good news to to have Jordan. We can really use him. Players returning have to be the best news far this week.

  30. 3-Prong:

    Manti is getting some serious Heisman consideration. From yesterdays USA Today sports page, some quotes from Heisman voters:

    "absolutely, i believe Manti Te'o is a legit Heisman candidate. What ND defense has done this season is stunning"

    "If he keeps making plays an ND keeps stifling people and winning, he should stay in the discussion"

    "I definitely think Manti Te'o is in the mix....I can't imagine where the Irish defense would be without him."

    "Te'o is not only the best playmaker on the Irish defense, he is the heart and soul of that entire team."

  31. 3-Prong:

    One more:

    " he's clearly a game changing kind of player, and that's the most important factor in judging Heisman candidates."

  32. WarriorNY:

    Congrats Jordan...

    Manti for Heisman!!! He deserves it more than anyone else this year...

  33. Old School Dave:

    Nice article in the Salt Lake Tribune about Norm Chow's return to Cougar Stadium.


  34. RedZone:

    i think LA-Monroe qb should be heisman candidate.

  35. Nakoa:

    Well Riley Nelson touched our defense for 41 points last time and that was at sea level. So we're taking a slower defense 4500 ft above sea level with one day to acclimate. This could get ugly - even with their back up qb. I hope we don't get embarrassed on national tv again

  36. A-House:

    "tides of change" are coming for the Warriors and it begins on national tv at Provo!

  37. Glenn:

    Our boys are going to suck it up and play hard.

    Warriors 21 - 20.

  38. Kekoa:

    Good stuff @#35 Old School Dave ~ Mahalo.

  39. (Jesse) James:

    Good morning Tsaikos!!!

    Good to hear J. Puu-Robinson was cleared to play.

    Sad to hear of AW passing...

  40. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    According to Tommy Lee at the luncheon he did watch the past couple games against Nevada.

    From "other forums" I read that Kaumeyer was good at stopping more of the conventional offenses but had difficulties against the triple option.

  41. kev-1:

    We will learn a lot about our defense one way or the other. Hopefully they rebound from the overall dismal performance. I say overall because there were good things too (I know hard to see with a score like that). If our DE's can get into the back field like they did, that will be a good thing.

    The team hasn't been hanging their heads, so that also is a positive. They seem determined to wipe last weeks performance out of their memory and prove they can play.

  42. A-House:

    Aloha, Andy Williams and may your "Moon River wider than a mile" keep flowing for generations to come!


    great news about Puu-Robinson. Too bad Puu-Rob had to miss 3 games of the 2012 season, the NCAA moves too much at a snails pace — they are supposed to be all about the student-athlete. Well, at least the NCAA finally made the right decision.

  44. wait a minute:

    If the governor or legislators had pressured UH to keep Frazier, devoted bloggers would have been outraged at the interference. When the governor or legislators pressure UH about a popular AD, devoted bloggers are happy with the involvement. Either they should be involved or they should keep their noses out, not pick and choose when it's convenient to suit your mood.

  45. papajoe2:

    Is the United Football League the same league that Colt Brennan was supposed to play in but the team folded? The reason I asked is, there is a game on tv today, Virginia @ Las Vegas. Does anybody know if there are any players with Hawaii ties playing in that league?

  46. Will-I-Am:

    If we go by our past performances on ESPN, it will be ugly.
    If you look at the stats and size of the back up QB, it doesn't look good.
    If you factor in our performances so far, not pretty.
    If you think about the short week, the clock is against us.
    If you throw in the elevation, we should not stand a chance.

    With all that being said. I have faith that UH is going to pull out a win! There is a reason they have to go to Provo to play the game. On any day in football the best team has a chance to lose. The worst team has a chance to win!

    I believe in what NC is doing. I believe in our team.

    "Your my big brother and I love ya, but don't ever take sides with anyone against the family again"

  47. LizKauai:

    Happy hump day!
    Hiho and Whoosh!

  48. LizKauai:

    Will-I-Am: Leave the gun. Take the cannolis...

  49. Don Weir (We-Ah):

    Tom Mui
    I leave for fishing, then UH/SDSU game, then San Diego's Columbus Day festival. I'll be in touch after 10.17

    Kaneohe Resident
    From previous day's blog concerning UH Foundation.
    By legislation, the Foundation may charge only 3% of the total donations that are raised each year. They also may charge 3% to revolving and/or endowed accounts that receive interest.

    On that last note I seem to remember MRC Greenwood mentioning the 7 year Capital Campaign that is soon to kick off. I wonder how this ongoing situation is going to affect the campaign. I only saw the headlines of the SA today but the banner heading that jumped out is the $90k for a 'search firm'.
    These amounts that are going out do not constitute 'budget dust'; this is real money that students, donors, and taxpayers are shelling out!

    Time to fly to Baja. Best wishes to all Tsaikos. See you in San Diego.

  50. LizKauai:

    Tight Lines, Don!

  51. tommui:

    DON WEIR:@51

    Endangering the fishes again?

  52. Bigislandkurt:

    Is Afusia still running with the interior Dlinemen?


  53. Will-I-Am:

    Hopefully Robinson can make a difference to the D-line. I don't think they need much. Our ends and backs were getting good penetration. The options the "puppies" were using, our guys would tackle or pursue the wrong guy. After that late hit on the QB I think our D looked hesitant to just lay the smack down on the QB because he was pretty effective at the subtle hand off.

    That is why I think we hare going to look like a completely different defense this week. No option, no hesitation, no where to go but to the grass.

  54. madeinhawaii:

    In the Nevada game, I think it was poor Defensive strategy and lack of practice on the fundamentals of tackling more than the talents and abilities of our players. They'll do much better against BYU.

  55. 3-Prong:

    Don 51: Long range? Yellowtail? Hanapa'a!

  56. A-House:

    It will be interesting to watch the hearing on 10/2/12 - returnees include MRC, BOR chair, cetain attorneys, etc. plus new ones including V Hinshaw if she is back from her trip and maybe RF.

    I still cannot comprehend the "reasons" to dump Donovan as the "Mac/WAC" reason went down the tubes when a Senator mentioned that the 5-year contract Mack had was ironclad, yet Greenwood used it as a major "excuse/reason" to nail Donovan for taking to long. I think she would have been happy that Jim got Mack to agree to a "retirement" amount of $600,000.

    As for the MWC situation, Jim had been diligently working and provided $$$ figures to upper campus on cost. Yet, Greenwood implied that he was sitting on his ass waiting for things to break and reason she asked RF to jump in. Jim also testified that he was told to "back-off" once RF got involved. SO, with 2 very flimsy reasons to dump Donovan, it's no wonder she wanted to keep this "personnel" information from reaching the public. The outcry would have been deafening!!!!!!!!

    And, I do not feel sorry for the BOR chair as he really stuck his foot in his mouth and refused to back down even when DMK held a document with the BOR policy that BOR members would NOT go directly to Jim D or anyone else. There was a specific "chain of command" for inforrmation flow and the BOR fractured it many, many times. I was hoping tha DMK would ask him what he was planning to do to correct this "direct contact" with lower tier staff.

    I guess the BOR counsel told him that every "written policy" was subject to interpretation!!!!!

  57. A-House:

    Don Wier:

    good fishing and watch for the whales!!!!!!

    see you in San Diego.

  58. mikey:

    Great news for Puu-Robinson and the Warriors.
    After last week score guessing NCAA says Warriors need additional help on D
    They will surely able to use his help on defense vs. BYU
    Can't get any worse or can they

  59. Hank:

    Great news for Jordan and all us Warriors!

  60. mikey:

    Warrior can't be that bad as last weeks score

    Both previous games in Reno Nevada lost to USF by 32 - 31
    Won Northwestern State! by score of 45 - 34

    We lost at Home by score of 69 - 24

    We should be able to win both USF and NW State at home

    Hoping Friday is a better game to go home early to watch

  61. Stephen Tsai:

    When I think of Andy Williams, I always think of that Christmas song.

  62. d1shima:

    Terrific news about Puu-Robinson.

    Has he been getting many reps in practice?

  63. manoa:

    # 59 A house, There are different versions of course, but the one that I heard is that Rockne got a call from his friend at UNLV saying that someone was dropping the ball at UH and if nothing was done right away, UH would not be invited to the WAC (and be stuck like Idaho). That is when Rock picked things up and got the deal done-- were it not done by Rock may not have happened? Well JD said he had been calling MWC, but they were not returning calls? Was Donovan doing enough or did he believe it might be better to stay with WAC or wait? Would we be in the WAC now if Rock had not acted quickly.

    On Mac, the problem was Donovan did not want to buy him out-- he wanted to keep Mac and give him more time, so he dragged his feet on that as well as expressed his views to upper campus.

    Do not forget Donavan also pushed (very hard) to bring in Dirk Koetter instead of Norm Chow-- he rated Norm low in his report to the committee. He actually got the committee to name Koetter head coach. If Greenwood had not stepped in, Koetter would be our coach-- it was very close because Donovan was just on the verge of telling Koetter he was the caoch and letting Chow know he was not selected-- this one is clear-- if Greeenwood had not acted, then Koetter would be our coach and not Chow (maybe it might have been the better choice, but in any case it would not have been Chow).

  64. LizKauai:

    ST - Moon River

  65. kev-1:

    So they moved Graves back to receiver. Let's hope they get him in the game.

  66. ai-eee-soos:

    ST's column:

    " ... Graves and Amadi make travel roster ... "

    hope they can get in on some plays ...

  67. cocobean:

    Up until last year there was a lot of accumulated knowledge by the coaching staff on how to play the pistol. They had a lot of film plus an up close and personal view of the pistol in action.
    Kaumeyer was taken to school by Ault but I'm sure he and his staff learned enough to defend it better on the next go around.

    It wasn't as much poor tackling as it was Reno was able to punch holes at will. It wasn't like Jefferson was running into a pile and coming out the other side. He had a lot of decent size holes to run through. Their line handled our line while their TE and receivers blocked or ran off our second level. Jefferson is a good runner you weren't going to bring him down or knock him off balance with arm tackles.

    From the point where Reno got their first INT and their O punched it in their D played inspired - better than they played in previous games. It's easy to play D on a night where your O is unstoppable.

    Reno was a mental challenge. BYU will be a physical one.

  68. Rodney:

    #24 What about all the drop passes on
    offense(TD) 3rd and 12 receiver falls down
    Line drive punt return (TD)
    Does anyone think that was a bad call on
    Love our Team!! Beat BYU Beat BYU !!!!!!

  69. DaveLetterMan:

    The penalty on Yap was a turning point of the game. After the penalty, the defense played more tentatively which made Nevada's offense more confident. But we shouldn't cry over spilt milk and concentrate on the games left on the schedule. GO WARRIORS!

  70. A-House:


    perhaps DMK should call Rock to testify on 10/2 to get "all the sides of the story" - at least the public can then make its own judgment - we have heard from Greenwood and Donovan.

  71. d1shima:

    Studying the past two years' worth of film can't be seen as the panacea...things are ever-evolving.

    Lots of folks were scratching their heads after the Sugar Bowl. Maybe it was the DE's, maybe it was jumping the count, or maybe....

    "I always felt that we contributed greatly to the development of the run-and-shoot offense," said LeBeau. "Teams were just looking for quicker and quicker ways to attack, to the point where it might not even matter where the pressure was coming from." He's right. The run-and-shoot offense, as well as later iterations of spread offenses, arose in a world replete with zone blitzes, and much of their design centered on identifying and exploiting any weaknesses those blitzes left.

    The rest of the article talks about what the counter to it turns out to be.

  72. A-House:

    and a very big shout out to the "docs" and Earl (received in mail today) for their "ticket" donation

    I will continue to collect the "tickets/coupons" until 2 weeks before the first game and then deliver what I have to lower campus.

  73. A-House:

    One questions I had about the Reno game was "where were the LBs when the TDs were scored "up the middle"? seems like the middle was wide open.

  74. tommui:


    Senator Kim does invite comments, testimony etc before the Committee.

    You might send in an e-mail suggesting that RF be "invited" to be a witness.

  75. SteveM [iPhone4]:

    Good morning from Hilo pier!

    Getting up later and later each day. It's past lunchtime already and I might go ashore yet. Next stop Kahului on Thursday and Friday.

    Happy belated birthday to UHfan808!

  76. madeinhawaii:


    Sorry I missed your question the other day regarding the taking away of self-autonomy. Will it help? I think so. It doesn't have to be a permanent solution, but without change, we will be in this same mess over and over again.

    Hey? Maybe we should hire a committee to decide what's best? And then they can hire a committee to come up with options for the former committee to select from?

    Take away the self-autonomy ... study the money trail... then slowly rebuild the hierarchy... building in more safeguards for transparency and accountability. If they know that their self-autonomy can be taken away at the public's insistence, then they might do a better job the next time around.

  77. papajoe2:

    manoa~ did you acutally hear all of DMK's inquiry with JD or is it here say like you heard the one about RF? JD was working on Mack's buyout and got it down to $800k but Mac wouldn't budge. He was then given a deadline by higher ups and finally got Mac to agree to $600k. I like coach Chow very much, but truth is, he is already 66 years old and how much longer will he coach?

  78. Wes'side Warrior:

    Howzit, everyone!

    Glad that Jordan Pu'u-Robinson is finally cleared, after being told he wouldn't clear earlier.

    So much other stuff going on. What a big mess! I just hope the crooked folks get busted and cleared out.

    Gotta concentrate on what we need to do on the field, and get it done. As long as we move forward.

    Let's go, Warriors!

  79. papajoe2:

    Coached Wagner coached here as an asistant before being named as the head coach. He said in his years here prior to being the head coach, that he couldn't recruit the kind of players needed to run the normal system. The players in Hawaii just were not the 6'5' type of players but shorter, like the 6'0, 6'2 lineman. So he got coach Paul Johnson to come here from Georgia Southern to take over the offense with the option type of offense. This way they could utilize Hawaii's undersized players. Similar, but different with June Jones "gimmick" or "system" type of offense. Coach Chow's offense is more to Von Appen's type than the other 2 coaches. Like I said, I like coach Chow very much, but it will take time for him to get the type of players to fit his type of offense. Maybe JD, having been with UH for many, many years, was thinking along that line. This, about JD is not a fact, just my humble opinion.

  80. Buffoman:

    #77 Bill Snyder at KSU is I believe older that Coach Chow and he like Chow does not seem to look like they are slowing down. I believe KSU just beat Oklahoma.

    If Coach has the stamina and energy to do what he appears to love to do, and do it successfully (time will tell) I don't believe that age will be a factor. If he acts his age (as we think old people act) then you may have a valid point.

    Two things at play. 1). Can he be successful with his "system". 2). If so, how long can he do it at a high and yet higher level.

    I'm for, let's see how it pans out and judge the product on the field.

  81. PowderPuff:

    Yay, GREAT news about Jordan. In another article, SL Trib called our defense "leaky." Sheesh! Come on Warriors....49 hours 'til game time!

  82. madeinhawaii:


    I felt the same way. I'm still very concerned that Coach Chow may not be able to recruit the kind of players he needs for his offense to work the way he envisions it.

  83. RedZone:

    systems evolve. when it does'nt then you have problems.

  84. A-House:



  85. Bigislandkurt:

    Coach Chow's offense and philosophy are winning combinations. We just need the players and depth to carry it out. In time, we'll be ok. Let us not forget what we knew when he was first hired: New Coach, tougher conference, New everything.


  86. kev-1:

    mih and papajoe2 . . .

    Exactly! That's why the RnS was so successful here. I have the same concerns as you do.

  87. kev-1:

    However, I do think that Coach Chow can probably recruit higher caliber players than Wagner could. Just the amount of attention that UH gets now compared to then, and coach's reputation nationally.

  88. RedZone:

    Steve Spurrier is 67.

  89. papajoe2:

    I have my opnions about certain systems but I don't want to knock Coach Chow as I really like what he is doing with the team. Only time will tell. I think with his reputation, he may get the type of players to fit here, better than the previous coaches in a "normal" offense couls. Although I went to every one of the games at that time, what was Von Appen's record here before the 0-12 year?

  90. papajoe2:

    kev-1 you beat me to it. :)

  91. RedZone:

    Chow says it will take some time for the oline to change from what they were doing to what he wants them to do. I agree and have been seeing some improvement. The more reps they get the better they will be. Like the qb the oline has to adjust to what the defense is doing across the los. I knew that it would take some game time for them to get better. And they are.

  92. Dennis Halloran:

    Football is played and won with people. Coaches are way second unless they can recruit BIG TIME people.

  93. papajoe2:

    JoePa was in his seventies, but how many coaches go that long? I would love to have coach Chow be successful here, forever! Go Warriors!

  94. madeinhawaii:

    Dennis Halloran:

    While that may be true a good percentage of time, I think it was mostly the coaching decisions on the defensive side of the ball that fell well short of the goals this past Saturday.

  95. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Howzeet Gangeez!

    Pu'u - Robinson cleared to play and Hawaiianbod posting! Its gonna be a great day!

  96. papajoe2:

    Dennis Halloran~ yes, the game is won by the players. Great coaches can get the most from those players and see what the other team is doing to counter act. Superior players and mediocore or lousy coaches don't make a great team. I think we have very good coaches. We just have to be patient and not to expect too much, not only this year, but maybe next year too. Imua Warriors!

  97. papajoe2:

    #95, DPK~ I concur. :)

  98. T Bone:

    Waiting for the heads to roll at Bachman and at the BOR.

  99. kev-1:

    Mr. Halloman, I think it is actually opposite of what you said. If a coach CAN recruit big time players, then the coaching may come in second, because the players are so talented. But if a coach can't recruit big time players, then it will be more important to have good coaching for them to be successful.

  100. papajoe2:

    Happy birthweek BigWave and UHfan808. UF8m are you 29? I thought you were younger. :)

  101. RedZone:

    Chow not VonApps. Not even close. Chow knows what he wants to do with his team and his offense. Von Apps just had ideas which he delegated to others that did not work.

  102. T Bone:

    We have had more UH players go to the NFL than coaches from the UH going to the NFL, so I would say we have better players than coaches. Tired about hearing the same sad excuse about how we have great coaches, but we don't have the players to carry the water. Not true.

  103. kev-1:

    I must add, though, while I have patience for the installation of a new offense, etc., I am far more impatient with defensive results. I think those should be more immediate.

  104. papajoe2:

    Sorry about the unwanted m in my last post.

  105. kev-1:

    I'm sorry, Halloran, not Halloman. My fault.

  106. cocobean:

    Besides Donovan's salary, someone should ask for the true cost of creating a position for him. Is Donvan going to answer his own phone, keep track of his appointments and sort his own mail or do they plan to hire a staff for him.

    The true cost of creating a position for Rockne isn't just his $240K salary it's also the salary of his staff, which I'm sure he has.

  107. madeinhawaii:

    But Von Appen had some pretty good recruits... his OC left much to be desired.

  108. RedZone:

    VA had a really good DC then he made him the OC. The move sealed his fate. Those games were hard to watch.

  109. RedZone:

    VA had a really good DC then he made him the OC. The move sealed his fate. Those games were hard to watch.

  110. Braddah Mac:

    Bachman hall posture under MRc: brah, wasn't me. was him. da oddah guy. oh, actually, wasn't state money. so, none of your business. howz dat! ok. now focus on wat we doin good, senator kim.

  111. d1shima:


    The OC during which week?

  112. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #104 pj2 -

    Dass okay! Before reading your #97, I used to spell it "concurr".

  113. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #111 -

    Thanks, I needed a good, justifiable laugh emoticon!


  114. d1shima:

    DPK was "with" curr?

  115. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    d1 -

    You mean being in agreement by making mumuring sounds (as in doves) ?

  116. d1shima:

    Whoa! 6.9 earthquake off Aleutian Islands, Alaska.

    No tsunami warning right now.

    ...but start blowing up da rubbah dinghy jusincase.


  117. d1shima:


    con ;-)

  118. Kevin:


    That is the area I was waiting for.

    I believe a 9.0+ earthquake from the Aluetian Islands would generate a destructive Tsunami that would take 4 hours to reach Hawaii.

    First murmurs of a bacon shortage and then this....

    12.21.12 - no escaping this.

  119. Kevin:

    Never mind.

    Sans Tsunami.

    Back to work.

  120. jimmy the lock:

    Pu‘u-Robinson in the house!

  121. d1shima:

    already was in da house!

    now can be on da field!

  122. mikey:

    you’re right On ‘Not even close’
    Von App never got the Offense going since Benjamin left the first year.
    He had no idea about running the West Coast Offense

  123. jimmy the lock:

    Doves make mumuring sounds?

    Great reading everyone's comment the past couple of days.

    I watched the video of the questioning by the Legislature and was wondering if that was Capitolist/WassupDoc sleeping in the background. Good thing that person never start leaning and then jerk at the last minute. Would have been a hit on youtube.

    Going to be a good game on Friday, strap it up and play to a tie. 14-14. :mrgreen:


  124. mikey:

    #107 madeinhawaii: But Von Appen had some pretty good recruits...

    That's how JJ was able to get a record turn around winning season the following year.

    That kid Robinson took a lot of hard hit but kept getting up. He is the all time toughtest QB Hawaii ever had.

  125. mikey:

    I still remember talking to Mouse Davis the first practice back in 1999 first year of June Jones and I said to him we're finally going to get a 3,000 yard passing QB.

    Mouse said make that 5,000

  126. Kekoa:

    No worries, I will save your bacon Kevin!

  127. GA Warrior:

    ranked 106th in total offense is not going to get it done, Chow is running an offense that is not going to overwhelm anyone unless you got exceptational talent (ala, usc, etc). He is not the offensive genius that so many thinks he is, sorry but facts are facts. Hoping the defense shows up on friday or it will get ugly again.

  128. lava:

    I have yet to see anything in the games that would give us hope that the team is improving. The practices suggest otherwise. Chow gets another chance Friday.

    Talent-wise, this game is a toss-up. Mack and Rolo would have made it an entertaining victory for the Warriors. Let's see what Chow can do. So far, I'm not sure the coaching has made a single player better, and Schroeder at qb has certainly not made any of the receivers better.

    Granted Chow's grand scheme wasn't designed for these players, but: (i) no one forced Chow to change in this fashion this quickly, and (ii) recruits for his style of football aren't lining up outside the door.

  129. lava:

    Pomai, UH: x, BYU: 2x+3

  130. Kevin:


    Worse come to worse, still get turkey bacon. Still ono!!!

  131. madeinhawaii:

    Under Von Appen, OC = Offense by Consensus

  132. d1shima:

    FVA: The only UH HC to take fastidious notes during the call-in shows. :shock:

  133. d1shima:


    Contact Jason for figgah out dat score. :cool:

  134. madeinhawaii:

    Turkey bacon has more trans fat than real bacon... that IS worse come to worse.

  135. Buffoman:

    #128 I think one did. Lakalaka could have gone to UCLA but came through Coach's door because he knew in this system, he'd run the ball. That large lineman from Kahuku who committed early probably did so because he thought that Coach could probably heighten his chances to be the next "Kemoeatu story from Kahuku" to make it beyond college.

    Yes we need more, but we need to see if it can happen. If not, we move on, but no sense lamenting the situation of what was (w/Mack) and could have been (if JJ 's contract worked out), or if Miano and Rolo were give the keys to the office instead of Coach Chow.

    We have Coach Chow and there have been 3 games (the last one a real butt kicking) but got "to give the haupia time for set udderwise only coconut milk and sugar". One not so good because tried to eat too soon, the other one better cause get shape.

  136. Kevin:

    Trans fat = more flavor.

    All I need to know.

  137. d1shima:

    Das it...hawaiian fuud tonite! :mrgreen:

  138. d1shima:


    Trans fat.

    Das not one momona ma....nvm. :twisted:

  139. wafan:


  140. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #123 - Jimmy -

    Apparently so...


  141. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    mih -

    Please say that doesn't apply to turkey sausage as well...

  142. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Hope km not lurking...

  143. War E Or:

    I wouldn't be suprised if this game ends up being closer than everyone thinks it will be. This game will come down to crucial turn overs and blown calls over penalties. Offense, please do not abandon the run if you get down by 17+ points or more.

  144. jimmy the lock:

    @Da Punchbowl Kid

    You mean murmuring instead of mumuring. Spelling counts since dogs don't make bak sounds. :mrgreen:

  145. Supastoke:

    Have a great day Warriors, just heard Dick Tomey 1420 talking about what drew to the stadium, back in the the days local players playing at home versus ILH guys were intune to mainland schools for college.
    40x was the norm in the stadium...Go Warriors!!!!

  146. Ratbird:

    For whatever reason, the UH powers to be wanted to get rid of Jim Donovan long before the Stevie Wonder fiasco. I think he has done an outstanding job. You can't find someone more qualified and more loyal to the UH green and white. It's a travesty what was done. I fought for my country for the Constitution, equal rights against our enemies. It seems the enemies exist right here at UH. Jim was denied his constitutional rights. It is a dark day at Manoa when ruthless people can do a thing like this. I wish the Governor could step in and right this wrong but I think he has no power to do so. The UH powers are running it like a communist regime. Shame on all of you corrupt people.

  147. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    jimmy -

    :lol: Thanks for finally putting that "r" in its place.

  148. jm2375:

    Howzit Tsaikos!

    Happy belated birthday BigWave!
    Happy birthday uhfan808!

    Congrats to Mr. Puu-Robinson!

  149. Chicken Grease:

    Got heart ailment? Have hope and prayer (click on a Grease's name, above for the proverbial rest of the story)

    From New York Daily News:

    9.25.2012, 11:03 AM

    Nebraska man in need of heart transplant instead has ‘miracle’ recovery 

    A 23-year-old Nebraska man suffering from toxic blood poisoning stunned doctors after undergoing a “miraculous” recovery in which his failing heart suddenly mended itself.

    Doctors still don’t have any medical answers as to how Michael Crowe overcame a dangerous and untreatable viral infection that caused his heart to shut down. His family credits good medical work and prayer.

    # # #

  150. Moocher:

    thx for that story chicken grease...positive thinking wills positive things to happen.

  151. Shoko:

    Sounds like the coping mechanisms have been kicked into a higher gear only three games into the season. No need to get sked just yet. As difficult it may be, we just gotta be patient and stick it out. There's no such thing as instant gratification when there is a coaching change. Be prepared to encounter turbulence this season. Just fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride. Chow and Co. will get us to our destination safely.

    If not, then brace yourself for a hard landing...lol.

  152. Chicken Grease:

    No problem, Moocher. Human body's an amazing thing. Look at Stutzmann's recent fast recovery, too :).

  153. manoa#1:

    #127 could'nt of said it any betta you hit da nail right in da head.... Chow and his coaches sucks. bring back mac and miano. the cougars will chow on chow and his warriors. byu is about to explode after 2 close loses they will take out all their fustration on the poor warriors.


  154. manoa#1:

    #127 could'nt of said it any betta you hit da nail right in da head.... Chow and his coaches sucks. bring back mac and miano. the cougars will chow on chow and his warriors. byu is about to explode after 2 close loses they will take out all their fustration on the poor warriors.


  155. Shoko:

    Interesting tidbit:

    It's been reported by the AP that a tentative plan is being hammered out that would create a seventh BCS-level bowl game that would give automatic access to the top-ranked team from the five so-called mid-major conferences, including the Mountain West. CBS Sports reports the bowl game could generate as much as 20 million in TV revenue.


  156. Ralph:

    Shapiro on Volcanic Ash has a point, let's put the Gov, Tsutsui and Say before the committee and let's see how transparent our government is in dealing with UH on autonomy, and UH athletics. As others have stated, let's follow the money and hear who the stake holders are who influences the decision making and whether monies would be released or with held based on these decisions.

    As Shapiro has stated, the legislators are the least likely to question others transparency in dealing with the public, the university, etc. when they themselves are not fully transparent.

  157. kitsunegari:


    How was the wahine volleyball match last night?

    Was nice to see so many staradvertiser blog participants there like Steve, Laura, Lanaiboy, Hosanna, and so forth. Didnt think they could fit all of you in one row. You all must have had a lot to talk about.

  158. Shoko:

    Anyway, I would be very surprised that Nelson Riley steps on the field this Friday. It's be mentioned on several articles and on blogs that he's not 100%. Why would Mendenhall risk losing his starter for the season if he gets a hit again; further aggravating an existing injury. That just doesn't make sense. But, then again, It's Mendenhall, the same guy who went for the two-point conversion instead of beating the Donkeys in OT. Personally, I think he's losing it.

  159. Shoko:

    Riley Nelson, I meant. Damn dyslexia.

  160. Moocher:

    wac n mac.....
    jd didn't make mac's contract so how can you hold him accountable to a high payout...he can do what he can do and that's it. and it seems he got the number down to what they wanted anyway???
    --scratch mac of the list

    gangreen position seemingly was that jd wasnt moving fast enough and went behind his back. jd says he got word that an nfl guy was in the mix. jd says mw was always top choice next to pac12. yet, gangreen says jd was going to stay in the wac or go indy. seems obvious jd was going in the mw direction but ganggreen felt he was moving too slow and took it from him. if jd had the mw at the top of his list next to pac12 then he was looking to get out of the wac...the proof is he was looking to move other sports into the big west. now tell me, why would he take other sports out of the wac and leave football in a dying wac? and he knows oct.-nov. to get a team to come out here during the meat of the conference schedule would be impossible, so scratch going indy. all indications point to he was already heading into the MW.
    --scratch wac of the list

    its quite obvious freitas freaked out and decided to take a lot of this upon himself and in doing so perhaps created a lack of confidence for jd atmosphere.

    thats y i say get freitas okole on the chair and we all gonna get a "you can't handle the truth" moment.
    were things done for the right reason to find football a home-yes. were they done in the right way-no.

    jd is gonna be the best ad they can find and thats because of the way ganggreen runs things. no top notch ad will put up with this. but jd will cause he bleeds green and white. ganggreen screwed us over for years to come.
    jd was going to get us in the MW anyway.

    put the podagees okole in the chair and do it under oath.

  161. Moocher:

    shoko ...
    no worries, maybe nelson is chinese (last name first) :)

  162. Ipu Man:

    I like coach Chow. "It is what it is."

  163. Ipu Man:

    It was what it was.

  164. Ipu Man:

    It will be what it will be.

  165. Ipu Man:


  166. WarriorMojo:

    WDoc, I didn't find Shapiro's column to be particularly enlightening or persuasive. Seems he has an axe to grind or otherwise let his desired conclusion dictate his analysis.

    The column is premised upon the debatable ASSUMPTION that the intervention by Abercrombie, Say, Tsutsui, et al was motivated by a desire to protect or favor JD. Where is the proof of that?

    Couldn't the intervention have been motivated by a desire to advise Greenwood that she was in breach of a number of State personnel laws/procedures and that, instead of holding grandiose press conferences, she better figure out a way to correct those breaches before tax payers are left holding the bag? Don't the heads of the executive and legislative branches of government have a DUTY to try to help another State employee avoid creating a legal quagmire that ultimately hurts UH and all of Hawaii?

    Of course there could be many facts I don't know about, but when there are two equally plausible explanations for why something occurred, which explanation is ultimately believed says as much about the believer as it does about the incident.

    By the way Greenwood's cry of legislative meddling, true or not, was an obvious ploy to divert attention from her own failures. Did Shapiro fall for that ploy or did his agenda just require him to run with it?

    Finally, whether or not JD was incompetent as AD -- as Shapiro claims --is still up for debate. What is Shapiro's background to make that pronouncement as if it were absolute truth? Frazier was incompetent. JD was much above that standard.

  167. tommui:

    Ralph @156

    If, for example, Al, Stretch and I approached MRC and said that JD should be retained as AD, would that be wrong?

    If the Gov, Say and Tsutsui expressed their opinion, should they have remained silent?

    Are elected officials suppose to represent the people that elected them?

    When the former Chairman of the BOR expressed his desire that certain coaches be fired, JD did not.

    When MRC was given the same desire or opinion by the Gov, Say and Tsutsui, she could have smiled and said no.

    One person had the guts to say no; the other person caved in.

    I don't know - shouldn't people placed in positions of trust also be able to act courageously?

  168. papajoe2:

    Well said, Mooch.

  169. Ralph:

    Tommui, if you, Al, and Stretch approached MRG, I'm sure JD would be AD, and consultant to the president, but you guys didn't come forward, now we are in a quagmire.

  170. Think2much:

    Unless we are so physically inferior to our opponents, the BYU game will be the clearest mark of coaching ability and competence. Winning is still a long shot but how we perform, whether we are competitive or not, is the main issue that most fans will be watching for. However, we will take an ugly win over a close loss any day. The probably means the D has to show up.

  171. RedZone:

    After Mack and Wac how can I believe Greenwood?

  172. Ralph:

    Like Shapiro and WM stated, it depends on how you perceive the situation, we are only speculating on the blog or column, and we all have biases in how we view the informational meeting.

    WM has a point, but we can only speculate if Shapiro has an ax to grind. I rarely read his column, I did so today because it was another take on the senate's meeting.

  173. Kevin:

    Most people that write anything on blogs have axes to grind.

    We all here are NO exception.

  174. Ralph:

    If JD and all of the personnel under him did their due diligence we wouldn't be in this predicament today. The process or lack of process above JD's UHAD office wouldn't have come into play if some one vetted Peyton and his GPE promotions before proceeding with the planning of a concert through him. A TV station did a clip on Peyton, his business is in bankruptcy or close to filing for bankruptcy, and his home in Kailua is scheduled to be foreclosed on by his lender, two signs that would have stopped the concert in its tracks.

  175. islandman:

    #89 papajoe2,

    von Appen's record:

    1996 2–10
    1997 3–9
    1998 0–12

    June Jones, part of his record:

    1999 9-4
    2000 3-9
    2001 9-3
    2002 10-4

  176. madeinhawaii:

    No mo axe... I got table saw... chop saw... regular saw... drill press, router table.. wood shaper... hedge clippers... other hand tools but no mo axe ... much less one grinder...

  177. madeinhawaii:


    Turkey sausage is generally healthier .. BUT... not necessarily the ones that use dark meat or too much salt. check the salt content...

  178. wafan:

    Why not just eat the turkey?

    Mmmmmmmmm . . . gravy, mashed potatos, tossed greens, pumpkin pie . . . coming soon to a table near you!

  179. wafan:


  180. Chicken Grease:

    When all's said and done . . . glad we ain't USC and Penn State. No matter what. At least this state government nipping UH officials actions in the bud.

    Even with their wins and their (diminished?) rep' and accolades. No way, no way.

    Very happy being (albeit critical) UH fan.

    Go Warriors.

  181. madeinhawaii:

    Me? I'm thinking lau lau... .been at least a month...

  182. madeinhawaii:


    Yep.. Von Appen was the only other UH Coach with a perfect record.

  183. papajoe2:

    NFL refs back Thursday.

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  185. Slugger:

    Congrats, Pu'u Warren!

  186. Slugger:

    Oops! Pu'u Robinson!

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  188. Kevin:

    Ah crap.

    NFL regular refs are back?

    Well, it was entertaining while it lasted. Guess the usual go-arounds of contract hold-outs, players texting pics of their olos to other people, and player arrests will have to do for now. :lol:

  189. jm2375:

    Slugger get softball on her mind. :D

  190. cee808:

    The Hawaii State Legislature website link that was posted yesterday included an MP4 Video (and MP3 Audio, as I recall) of the SCA02 hearing. Good thing I downloaded it last night because it is gone now. Wonder what happened?


  191. Kevin:

    Say what?


    2012 Fall Paradise Classic

    Rainbow Wahine Softball hosts Chaminade and IEC Kumamoto Kokusai College (Japan).

    Friday, Nov 2
    4:00pm Chaminade vs IEC K.K.C.
    6:00pm UH vs IEC K.K.C.

    Saturday, Nov 3
    12 noon IEC K.K.C. vs Chaminade
    2pm UH vs Chaminade
    4pm UH vs IEC K.K.C.

  192. d1shima:

    Safe travel Stephen!

  193. follower:

    Read somewhere that the Warriors traveled out today? Safe travels to UTAH. Don't come back empty handed! Good Luck to Chow n Company.

  194. 808WarriorFan:

    Considering the goings on at Manoa this is GOOD NEWS !!!!!

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  196. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Yo Grease -

    Your #149 - Mahalo and a big AMEN!

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    thats gotta be so exciting.. "cleared to play"

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  200. wafan:


  201. wafan:

    Insomnia is not a good thing.

  202. madeinhawaii:


    Now you can go sleep. G'night.

  203. wafan:

    mih . . .

    I wish. Not even February yet. Geez.

  204. wafan:


    Need to get this boy for the next K-Call. The one after is just plain strange.


  205. HiFlyer:

    wafan - no work

  206. greenthumb:

    #190, cee808, looks like the 'Olelo folks rearranged the page since Tuesday. Scroll down to the archives section. It shows Agenda and Video hyperlinks. (When I was there earlier yesterday it didn't have MP3 or MP4 download links. Lucky you to get an MP4 download!)

  207. wafan:

    Hmmmmm, looks like have to copy and paste the link. Sorry!

  208. NinjaWarriorTurtle:

    ST, perhaps were were thinking of 'It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.' As for this Friday's game, without Riley Nelson, Hawaii wins a close one, 28-27.

  209. papajoe2:

    Pomai, 22-17, UH.

  210. westwind:

    It doesn't matter who they hire to be the next AD. Same like if the present football coach falls out of favor with MRC Greenwood. She'll go and tell her VP RF to take care of things. Just like when they took it upon themselves to pursue entry into the MW without JD. A clear violation of NCAA rules that surely RF, who has been an assistant AD twice in his career should have known. A new AD would have no autonomy in making their own choices/decisions. The UH president and the BOR would continue to make/interpret UH policy and practices.

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  212. kev-1:

    Wasn't ST flying out tonight? So, right about now, he could be sitting in first class sipping on his free beverage with his dvd player hobnobbing with the big dogs!

  213. izzy:

    RE: Rambo for a mascot

    So who's gonna volunteer to paint their truck?

  214. papajoe2:

    izzy, have to hire a committee to find out who will do it.

  215. Pomai:

    UH vs Bywhooo
    10    -    41    SAWARRIOR
    14    -    37    Koakane
    17    -    42    HiFlyer
    17    -    10    tommui
    17    -    55    Whats up
    20    -    56    Tyaiea
    21    -    31    3-Prong
    21    -    17    niho mano
    21    -    20    Glenn
    22    -    17    papajoe2
    24    -    17    RedZone
    24    -    21    Rodney
    24    -    10    WarriorNY
    24    -    21    DPK
    24    -    17    oldtimer808
    27    -    13    Bugaz
    27    -    21    greenthumb
    28    -    27    LizKauai
    31    -    24    AlaWai
    34    -    17    Ipu Man
    34    -    26    Huh?
    35    -    17    Pomai
    38    -    17    wafan
    40    -    30    protector
    48    -    10    IWWTHM
    48    -    10    IWWTHM
    56    -    10    Kekoa
    56    -    14    d1shima

  216. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    #210 Westwind,

    Can you please point out how you came to the conclusion that " Just like when they took it upon themselves to pursue entry into the MWC without JD. A clear violation of NCAA rules that surely RF, who has been an assistant AD twice in his career should have known."


    According to the NCAA's Division 1 Manual.

    2.1 T he Principle of Institutional Control and Responsibility. [*]
    2.1.1 Responsibility for Control. [*] It is the responsibility of each member institution to control its intercollegiate athletics program in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Association. The institution’s president or chancellor is responsible for the administration of all aspects



    6.1.1 President or Chancellor. A member institution’s president or chancellor has ultimate responsibility and final authority for the conduct of the intercollegiate athletics program and the actions of any board in control of that program. (Revised: 3/8/06)"


    The General Principles and Article 6.1.1 under "Institutional Control" does not in any way make the actions of MRC Greenwood "non-compliant" with NCAA rules.

  217. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    You have my scores flipped. I have BYU winning this one.

  218. UHfan808:

    Good evening, Tsaikos and Tsaikettes, Lurkers and Lurkettes!

    Hope all is well here on WB!

  219. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Let's also make it clear that the Board of Directors of the Mountain West is comprised of the chief executive officer of the member institution and NOT the director of athletics.

    President Greenwood, like the rest of the MWC's CEOs have full control over the direction of the conference.


    Mountain West Conference Rule Book

    Rule 1:
    1.2 Board of Directors
    1.2.1 Composition. The Board of Directors shall consist of nine representatives: one representative from each member institution. The representative of each member institution shall be the chief executive officer of the institution.
    1.2.2 Duties. The authority and responsibility of managing the business and affairs of the Mountain West shall rest with the Board of Directors and it shall decide all policy.

  220. UHfan808:

    Happy Birfdays (again) to HiFlyer and BigWaveDave!

    Hoping you both enjoyed your wondrously awesome celebration day!

    Tsaiko-life could not exist without you! :wink:


    HiFlyer: Please no forget to press , please! Lol

    -- For everyone else whom I haven't posted birfday wishes, yet: HAPPY BELATED BIRFDAY!!! CHEERS!!! :mrgreen:

  221. kev-1:

    Pomai - UH 20, BYU 10


  222. UHfan808:

    Experienced some recent DVR erratic behavior with the DVR so *finally* lol got a chance to watch a replay of the latest Coach Chow show.

    (Phew! So happy and relieved to find it playing more than a couple times!)

    Great job drawing out the personalities of various players and coaches in different creative ways. Nice refreshing touch to the show and I'm enjoying getting to know the players learning a little more about them up in an up close kinda little bit personal way. Thanks much!!

  223. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    The proposed 7th BCS Bowl for the rest of the "poor little sisters" may have a PAC 12/Big 12 vs. "The Rest".



    "A person with direct knowledge of the plan for the four-team playoff in 2014 told The Associated Press that either a Pac-12 or a Big 12 team likely will be the opponent for the top-rated champion from the Big East, Mountain West, Conference USA, Sun Belt and Mid-American Conference.

    The person spoke on condition of anonymity Wednesday because the conferences did not want to make the plan public.

    The proposal has the Pac-12 sending either its champion or a replacement team to the game in years when the Rose Bowl hosts a national semifinal. In years the Rose Bowl is a traditional Big Ten-Pac-12 matchup, the Big 12 would send one of its top teams to the game."

  224. Capitolist/WassupDoc:

    The Stadium Authority is moving ahead with entering into discussions about purchasing the rest of the land surrounding the Stadium from the Department of Interior. At the same time, the Athority is also initiating a positive working relationship with the Public Land Development Corporation by establishing the Stadium Special Fund to generate capital improvement $$$$$ from (re)development of the lands around the Stadium over the next 30 years.

  225. UHfan808:

    Thank you for continuing the picks game, Pomai:

    - UHfan808 -- 42 US: 14 them

    - GangGreen -- 14 US: 42 them


  226. UHfan808:

    !! I am strongly wanting to win (the pick), of course!! Grrrrrrr!! :mrgreen:


    This auntie and uncle are proud of you!

    We see your efforts and tenacity!

    Continue to study work and play hard: communicate as best you can and work with each other to constantly fine tune your efforts!

    Keep going!

  227. UHfan808:

    IWWTHM- you have two, too

  228. UHfan808:

    BigWaveDave, Wes'side Warrior, Kekoa, wafan, d1shima, mo808, al:

    Thank you all for your birthday wishes!

    I am fortunate and truly blessed to be a part of our five Fs Tsai-ko-family


    Kekoa: I (brotherly) love you and salute you back and tremendously infinitely!

    wafan: ahhh So good to have reached 29 yet again!

    d1shima: Yes! Always have it with me! Hehehehehe...bwahahahaha!!!

    mo808 and Shoko: Hey, haven't met you both yet, I think?! Mebbe one day soon?!?

    al: hehe I'm so glad for text! :wink:

  229. UHfan808:

    @220 to HiFlyer:

    That's: Please no forget to press *delete*, please, on the La-la la la la la....hehe coughcough eeks

    Lol thanks!

  230. UHfan808:

    @220 to HiFlyer:

    That's: Please no forget to press *delete*, please, on the La-la la la la la....hehe coughcough eeks

    Lol thanks!

  231. UHfan808:

    Oh geez I hate those double posts lol

  232. UHfan808:

    Thank you to Kevin, Duffer, SteveM, papajoe2, and jmxxxx, for your birfday wishes, too!

    Also, thank you to others on FB and sorry for not having checked in *ages* but . will . check . soon!

  233. UHfan808:

    Nitey nite all!

    Sweet dreamsies!

  234. st. anthony trojan:

    ST.. Do you know who the other coaches are that they wanted to let go along with JD.
    Be curious about that one..Hope u'all have a safe trip there n "bring home the bacon" seems
    it is in short supply soon ....LOL

  235. Ralph:

    Besides the presidents of each MWC school comprising the BOD and not the ADs, Greenwood alluded to a potential lawsuit if the AD got involved in the negotiations with the MWC or C USA after they signed a pledge to remain in the WAC. This action was after FSU and Nevada jumped ship and they were faced with a threat of a lawsuit to keep the $5 million fee in the WAC. UH didn't want to lose the fee and find itself in litigation, fortunately with the demise of the WAC UH was able to move to the MWC without paying a fee to the WAC.

  236. SEO:

    THanks so much for your comments………SEO.

  237. BigHiloFan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos.

    good to hear about Puu Robinson.

    c'mon coaches. stiff upper lip. go get BYU Warriors!

  238. wafan:

    Good morning!

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  241. Slugger:

    Good morning, gang!

    Catch up with you on today's blog...

    hi ho...

  242. westwind:

    216. I stand corrected. But, http://www.ilind.net/2012/07/17/uh-president-greenwoods-involvement-in-athletics-called-unprecedented/

  243. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!


    Are You Ready?

  244. Shoko:

    Yes, I'm ready for Friday, and the new blog topic.

  245. Shoko:

    Is the reason BC is not hosting his show because he's on the road for the BYU game?

  246. papajoe2:

    Bummers! Mana Silva got cut from the Cowboys,

  247. papajoe2:

    #235 Ralph~JD already or was in the process of negociating with the Big West for the other sports.

  248. papajoe2:

    Where is everybody?

  249. Shoko:

    Here. Waiting for new blog.

  250. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez!

    Belated Happy Birthday to UHfan808, the youngest looking 29 year old ever! :)

  251. tommui:


    papajoe2 @248 Here I be.

  252. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Errybody lurkin' fo da number one post... ;)

  253. papajoe2:

    St in America. Who knows when it will happen.

  254. papajoe2:

    Good morning everybody.

  255. PowderPuff:

    PPJ2, what a bummer about Mana. :(

  256. Ipu Man:

    Maybe Tsai went to "The Creamery" for breakfast
    and does not want to leave...

  257. MattyBoy:

    So does anyone think we have a chance in Provo?

  258. papajoe2:

    PP~Yup. Now I don't have any real reason to cheer for the cowboys. Somebody mentioned a while ago about not likeing teams where owners interfere with the on field functions. Jerry Jones is one of them. No, I don't think he had anything to do with Mana being cut, just a reason for not cheering them on. I thought Mana did well in the previous game, but didn't see too much of him in the last game.

  259. PowderPuff:

    PPJ2, so funny because yeah....guess who's going heading to Dallas to watch the MNF game? We were looking forward to seeing Mana.

  260. papajoe2:

    OK, i can handle cheering for them for 1 more game then. Have fun anyway. :)

  261. (Jesse) James:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!! Woo hoo....ST must be eating somewhere.....LOL

  262. (Jesse) James:

    Yo Cuz....Wait, who is going to MNF in Dallas???? MWAHAHAHAHA

  263. PowderPuff:

    Hey, Cuz....heh heh, wouldn't you like to know?!?! :) Soooo excited.....yipeeee!!!

  264. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Sorry to read about Mana, hopefully he can catch on with another team.

  265. Ipu Man:

    Tsai is awol...
    absent without
    long underwear...?

  266. Ipu Man:

    The time now is...9:16am, Hawaii Time

  267. whitey:

    Happy Birthday UHfan808. Hope you had a great one!!

  268. papajoe2:

    ST is on facebook looking for the team.

  269. Iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    There may be a interpretation of the MWC Rule 1 that a chancellor may sit on the BOD.

    In any event, the AD does not sit on the BOD.

    Waiting for WussupDoc to clarify.

  270. madeinhawaii:

    Looks like Bryant Moniz may be out of a job. Word is that the Georgia Force has folded... aiyah!...

  271. A-House:

    little confusion here:

    each member school "chief exec officer" will be represented on the MWC BOD - that's fine.

    what guidance, if any, did Greenwood give to Hinshaw about starting the ball rolling on moving to the MWC? If none, then it can be assumed that MRC allowed Hinshaw and JD to make the necessary prep on getting out of the WAC. Jim D did testify that he began to work on moving out of the WAC and created a schematic with $$$ on options available to UH - MWC or independent.

    If Greenwood DID NOT provide any guidance to Hinshaw and Donovan, how can she now testify that Donovan was moving too slow even after Donovan had made a presentation to Hinshaw and upper campus?

    Since the MWC had publicly stated that there would be no more expansion and UH was not a possible, what was Greenwood's actions or lack thereof as the "chief executive"? Best I can see, and I certainly am not privy to all conversations", Greenwood did not ask Hinshaw/Donovan to start working on a plan to move out of the WAC with specific time lines on progress reports with actions taken or to be taken.

    If she had and both failed to complete that assignment, then I can see cause for concern and asking RF to step in - not, on the basis that someone called RF to say that UH was lagging behind on seeking approval to join the MWC. Best I can recall, MRC was totally slient in this matter until she appeared on tv stating that UH had been asked to join the MWC and had accepted same.

    Is talking to "business leaders" leadership or "homalemale"? Is breaking State of Hawaii personnel rules "leadership"? Is giving no direction "leadership"? Is chastising a subordinate for the failure to reduce a "buyout" on an iron clad contract "leadership"?

    Paraphasing GEN Maxwell Taylor: leadership is a gift enjoyed by a limited number of executives who have been able to derive a maximum measure of effectiveness from themselves, their associates, and all other resources placed at their disposition.

  272. tommui:

    Waiting on the corner watching all the girls go by ...

  273. Chicken Grease:

    Ohayooooooooooogozaimasu everyboty!

    Good write-up on Coach Chow's days at BYU in today's Star-Advertiser.

  274. tommui:

    #271 AHouse.

    You should have a written statement submitted to the Investigatory Committee including the question(s) about RF's involvement in the matter of joining the MWC.

    The only thing we can do on the blog is wring our hands and wonder what fools those mortals be.

  275. tommui:

    Re #274 AHOUSE - not a criticism of your post.

    I had submitted written testimony both to the August meeting of the BOR as well as to the Investigatory Committee. And your points are valid questions and should be brought to the attention of those that could do something about it.

  276. madeinhawaii:

    The MWC deal wasn't a very sweet one. Especially when you consider that UH is dishing out close to 3 million annually (PPV and Travel subsidies) to be a football only member. It worries me that that 3 million might eventually trickle down and have an adverse effect on other programs as well.

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