September 27th, 2012

It's too bad about receiver Justin Clapp's latest setback. He suffered a torn meniscus during Tuesday's practice. He will undergo surgery next week, and is expected to miss several games. David Graves and Chinedu Amadi take Clapp's place in the receiver rotation.

* * * * *

Sorry for the late post, but "Ferd" and I are in the hotel lobby awaiting our rooms. Apparently the phrase, "we were completely sold out last night,"  is the new "the check is in the mail."

But, heck, who can complain? This place is gorgeous. There's the Wasatch Mountain Range, clean streets and registration clerks who really seem sad that your room is not ready. We also get free WiFi and free Diet Pepsi, caffeine included. (I shouldn't have mentioned the free WiFi. I think that blows my excuse for not posting earlier.)

"Ferd" is bummed that Joe's hole-in-the-wall diner is no longer around. Or, at least, it's not in the same wall as it was before. I told Ferd the '80s are over. He said: "The '80s? Try the '50s." I'm not sure what that meant. I'm not sure he knows what that meant. This is what happens when you're sleep-deprived while in altitude.

Also in the lobby are several youth lacrosse players. It's either that or there are really big butterflies here.

The giant "Y" on the side of the hill is kind of cool. I don't know where they put the "M," "C" and "A."

I tried to sprint to see if the thin air had an effect. I was breathing like an obscene caller. Then again, I breathe like that at sea level, too. Sorry, DPK, for those breathy calls.

Meanwhile, the Warriors still are in Southern California. They had a walk-through this morning. They head to LAX this afternoon, take a charter to Provo and check into the hotel at about 8 p.m. Mountain time.

* * * * *

New York Post had a story about Joe McKnight moving from running back to cornerback. He did well, except for getting burned by Royce Pollard.

* * * * *

Belated birthday wishes to UHFan808.

277 Responses to “Provo”

  1. Abunai:


  2. Ipu Man:


  3. Abunai:

    Yay. Im first!!

  4. Abunai:

    Man I hope our warriors beat some okoles in Provo...

  5. Ipu Man:


  6. War E Or:

    One snap and clear!

  7. tom-warriornation:

    50 yd line TICKETS for Hawaii-SDSU for $19 each!

    Hawaii-San Diego St in San Diego on Oct. 6:

    FIREWORKS SHOW right after the game! This will be a critical conference game and our boys need your support; so far we have almost 200 Warrior fans in our group; including former players Gary Allen, Tim Grasso, Don Weir, Nicky Clark and families of Tyler Hadden, Sean Schroeder, Trevor Davis, Kody Afusia and Jared Leaf.

    email me at:
    or call me: 415-385-1462.

  8. letsgowarriors:

    make sure BRS stays warm, if it does get below 50 tomorrow night, his arm will be in pain.

  9. Stephen Tsai:

    He was wearing gloves at yesterday's practice.

  10. Stephen Tsai:

    "Below 50 ..."
    I thought you were talking about the over/under.

  11. koakane:

    morning :cool:

  12. letsgowarriors:

    byu may make 50 on their own.

  13. Iwonderwhytheyhateme:


  14. Ipu Man:

    So, Tsai, do you and Ferd do The Creamery?

  15. Iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    From last night.

    The proposed 7th BCS Bowl for the rest of the “poor little sisters” may have a PAC 12/Big 12 vs. “The Rest”.


    “A person with direct knowledge of the plan for the four-team playoff in 2014 told The Associated Press that either a Pac-12 or a Big 12 team likely will be the opponent for the top-rated champion from the Big East, Mountain West, Conference USA, Sun Belt and Mid-American Conference.

    The person spoke on condition of anonymity Wednesday because the conferences did not want to make the plan public.

    The proposal has the Pac-12 sending either its champion or a replacement team to the game in years when the Rose Bowl hosts a national semifinal. In years the Rose Bowl is a traditional Big Ten-Pac-12 matchup, the Big 12 would send one of its top teams to the game.”

  16. koakane:

    wishing safe journy to those who traveled to provo and return with da victory

    mana to the warrior's be respected and challenge them

  17. Bigislandkurt:

    Every game is a big game. But BYU is especially huge. Beat them, or at the very least -- have a good showing on national tv -- then we are right back on track with moving forward with Chow time. Getting blown out 2 weeks in a row would not be good. Go warriors.


  18. Kevin:

    Any good bars in Provo?

  19. A-House:


    fax sent to DMK on my points of interest.

  20. Na Koa Mike:

    Meet Na Koa member Carina Tagupa.

  21. Stephen Tsai:

    There actually are a couple of bars down the street.
    And a tobacco store.

  22. Kevin:

    Stephen Tsai:

    September 27th, 2012 at 9:59 am
    There actually are a couple of bars down the street.
    And a tobacco store.

    More than Laie… :lol:

  23. PowderPuff:

    You made it, ST! Gosh, do they even drink Coke in Provo? I would be dead there...can't wait to see pics of the team.

    Mike, thanks for posting Carina's Nā Koa Member Spotlight; many of you may not know her, but I know for a FACT she lurks (and looks at) the Warrior Beat everyday. As part of Chevron, she and her boss Al Chee are big supporters of Nā Koa and UH Athletics. She is also in charge of the Annual Football Banquet, which as ST mentioned, will be a Lū‘au this year on Sunday, December 2. Make plans to's going to be a GREAT time. Our lovable blogger Stretch is also on Carina's committee for the Lū‘au.

  24. koakane:

    st chech what time they close, in ogden places that sold liquor shut up aroung 5 or 6 pm.

  25. koakane:

    esmeeeeeeeeeeee peeps

  26. PowderPuff:

    Can we get an A-MEN!? The officiating crew for tonight's Browns-Ravens game has a combined 70 seasons of NFL experience.

    There'll be more cheers for the guys in stripes than the angry birds or dawgs.

  27. tommui:


    AHouse @19 Good man!

    Best wishes to Mrs A-House and your family.

  28. Old School Dave:

    Gee, I didn't know that BYU was such a difficult school to get into. At least that's what the BYU HC is saying.

    End to Hawaiian pipeline?

    BYU has just four players from the state of Hawaii on its roster, which might be the lowest number in decades. Running back Mike Alisa is from Laie, tight end Kaneakua Friel is from Kaneohe, defensive tackle Simote Vea is from Hau’ula and injured defensive tackle Ian Dulan is from Hilo.

    Mendenhall said the trend of having fewer Hawaiians on the roster will likely continue.

    "I would say [recruiting the islands] has tapered off some, just as our admission standards here at BYU continue to climb," he said. "There aren’t fewer and fewer [good] players. There are the same number of players. Academic qualifications are becoming more difficult."

    Full article:

  29. laulau head:

    Funny stuff!

  30. SteveM [iPhone4]:

    Good morning from Kahului harbor!

    This Carnival ship does not carry ESPN and the major networks are not available by Satellite (or not subscribed). Hence I couldn't view the Nevada game at sea. :( ...not too exciting, I read...

    Will go ashore for the BYU game tomorrow!

  31. Shoko:

    Obviously the qualifications for a BYU head coach is has dropped as well.

  32. Shoko:

    Are there any strip clubs in Provo?

    Let me check...

  33. Old School Dave:

    Bronco has a reputation of being a whinner.

  34. Kaneohe Resident:

    Well, it didn't take long to have the naysayers express their opinions. They weren't visible during the Chow hiring process, Spring practice, Fall practice, and even after the USC loss. Of course nobody's going to criticize the Coach/staff after the Lamar blow out but after losing to Nevada, here they come!

    Coach sucks! Poor management! Mac, Miano, & Rolo could have done better! Never ending criticism. Folks, keep in long has it been since Chow & Co. been in contact with the players? Yes, yes, I know, some of you could have done immensely more than Chow & Co. have done so far. As for me, I doubt it. That's why all you naysayers are only commenting on this blog and are not intimately involved in Div. 1 football programs.

    After several years, let's then evaluate Coach Chow's performance.


    i hope we're in all whites on the road. them buggas look sharp except for that weird stripe down the back of the leg, hideous.

  36. ai-eee-soos:

    ST: Good one ....

    Y - M - C - A

    Y - M - C - A

  37. RedZone:

    Go Royce.

  38. madeinhawaii:


    and here I thought he meant..

    M A C Y

  39. Old School Dave:

    Well said, Kaneohe Resident. There are a lot of people here who are still huhu over what happened to Mac, Rolo, and Miano. In all fairness, you gotta give Coach a chance to succeed (or fail), but you have to give him that chance. He needs 2-3 recruiting classes to get the players for this type of offense, as well as to upgrade the defense. After that, it would be fair to judge him and the program.

  40. madeinhawaii:

    Defense against Nevada was a coaching misstep. Wrong strategy.. wrong approach... whatever, our players are better than what was demonstrated on the field that night. For giving up 69 points, I have to blame the coaches on the defensive side of the ball. Especially at home where you have twice the pool size of available players than you would on the road.

  41. islandman:

    madeinhawaii, # 40,

    7 points of the 69 was from a 78 yard Nevada interception run back.

  42. gigi-hawaii:

    Me, too. I thought ST meant M-A-C-Y.

  43. tommui:

    Kaneohe Resident @34

    Ignore them - probably the same guy posting under various names.

  44. gigi-hawaii:

    Don't be discouraged. It's still fun! Warrior football, wheee!

  45. RedZone:

    Time to move on. Go Warriors!!!!!!

  46. Old School Dave:

    Any info on who has applied for the UH AD job? Tomey? Blangiardi? John L. Smith?

  47. madeinhawaii:


    Wow.. that makes me feel so much better... LOL...

    Actually in catch up mode, I'm surprised we didn't turn it over more towards the end.

  48. LizKauai:


    Why not bring back the AD before Donovan? After all, he made money for the school and got a bonus when he left. Right? Isn't that what really counts? What say you, Upper Campus? Unless the ATTITUDE about UH Athletics undergoes a major change of HEART... There will be dysfunction and internal decay until nothing is left.

    Jim Donovan could have been the best AD of modern times.



  49. A-House:

    maybe the "union" will offer MRC a deal - resign or get sued.

  50. A-House:


    maybe, after its all said and done, UH will offer the UHAD position to Donovan - notice I did not use a name cause she may not be around.

    IMHO, Donovan did a good job for UH - yes, some of hires did not work out, but that is true for all business including the military and policitcs.

  51. d1shima:

    "There aren’t fewer and fewer [good] players. There are the same number of players. Academic qualifications are becoming more difficult."

    Try wait.

    Did he just slam the Hawaii high schools? :evil:

  52. LizKauai:

    d1 - actually, even in high school, it is hard to find players because of the academic (dis)qualifications. Our schools, imho, need to find meaning in the words - INSPIRED LEARNING.


  53. BigWave96744:

    Giant Butterflies, Heavy Breathing... Funny stuff.
    But for a while I was wondering who is Mcay, Macy or Can't.... Then duh... Y.M.C.A.
    Too much Words for Friends.

  54. LizKauai:

    A-House... God Bless... :mrgreen:

  55. LizKauai:

    BW - Words WITH Friends... bwahahaha!

  56. BigWave96744:

    Can't suppose to be Camy. Darn autocorrect

  57. madeinhawaii:


    Someone should slam Hawaii schools more often so that much needed improvements are made and take hold. Not that quick band-aid stuff, but meaningful, deep-rooted improvements.

  58. BigWave96744:

    Hahaha Liz, at our church we do a monthly food drive for the needy. It's call Food for Friends.. The manongs and manangs call it Pood Por Priends.... :)

  59. LizKauai:

    BW- da best one was homey's chicken nut bread!

  60. Otto:

    Having $200K stolen in a bank robbery...bad luck. Wiring $200K to a bank account in Florida... stupid. We don't need stupid people working at UH. Don't allow anyone involved from the UHAD, the contracting office and the general counsel's office to control any money.

  61. Manoa:

    If we are willing to give Gib Arnold 3-4 years, then we ought to give Chow that much time as well. However, I think it is not unreasonable to look for signs of progress each game and the Nevada game was a big step backward-- look to get back on the progress track with the BYU game.

  62. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Stephen -

    And I thought it was because you were "happy" to talk to me. I'm glad you "cleared the air" on that one.

    But, don't be sorry - some days, you, your heavy breathing and priends with punny posts on the WB are all I need. Well, that and pood of course.

  63. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    d1 #51 -

    I was wondering the same thing, but then again, I AM from Hawai'i and went to HS here. :evil:

  64. cocobean:

    I'm ambivalent on JD. He was the most accessible of the ADs we've had and an over all nice guy. Without making excusing that his hands were tied what are his major accomplishments?

  65. Inyoface:

    Hopefully the defense plays the ball more and stop going for the sack on every play.

  66. wowlaulau:

    I read a lot on this blog of what is bad, so what are these people who monku doing?
    Sitting on their arse or are they doing something constructive/positive to make it better? It is easy to have an opinion but it takes someone with character to make a difference. The world has enough know it all back seat drivers, we need people who take action and make a difference.

  67. jimmy the lock:

    Heal up Clapp.

    "Young man, there's no need to feel down.
    I said, young man, pick yourself off the ground.
    I said, young man, 'cause you're in a new town
    There's no need to be unhappy."


  68. K-Bay:

    Gib's Worst Year was a disappointing .500

    Following Three Straight Losing Seasons...(by previous staff)...

  69. (Jesse) James:

    Good afternoon Tsaikos!!!

    Now I have a picture of Jimmy the Lock in a cop outfit with a baton and whistle.... :-( LOL

  70. (Jesse) James:

    D1....I think he did..... LOL

  71. (Jesse) James:

    Healing prayers for Justin Clapp....

    PP/Stretch #23 So where is the event being held this year?

  72. jimmy the lock:

    @(Jesse) James

    I want to be the Indian. Sabe Kimo.

  73. Shoko:

    Will be an interesting for MBB playing in a new conference. Although a step down compared to the MWC, there are some good players/teams in the Big West and with the addition of SDSU and BSU it should make for a competitive conference.

  74. jimmy the lock:

    Anyone do the sing-a-long at the stadium?

    "Country road, take me home,
    to the place I belong,
    West Makaha, Mount Ka'ala.
    Oh, take me home, oh, country road."

  75. A-House:

    Met Bill Amis (sp) this am at 24 hr fitness - back here after 1 year in Europe - says he really misses Hawaii - currently a mortgage loan trainee.

    says a certain UH player with a "S" last name is a better player than he ever was - told him I will wait and see what happens - says he will try to make every home BB game.

  76. kev-1:

    So game day will be their first exposure to running around in the altitude? Is that wise?

  77. jimmy the lock:


    Yessir, no other alternative.

  78. Shoko:

    Here's some news regarding the Big West TV coverage this season.

  79. jimmy the lock:

    Almost heaven, west Makaha...

    Song is stuck in my head now.

  80. Shoko:

    "Additionally, FOX Sports Networks in conjunction with the Big West will launch the Conference’s free-to-access video streaming platform this November. The digital offering will deliver up to 800 live events each academic year, including certain men’s and women’s basketball games and women’s volleyball matches not selected for TV, as well as many other Conference athletic events."

  81. lava:

    Win or lose, if Chow goes on national tv again and bores the hell out of everyone, again, there is going to be no hiding the assumption that he has no imagination and is too set in his ways to be a successful head coach. We don't have the talent he had at USC to make that offense work. Do we need to lose 9 games to prove that? We've got enough talent to make it to a bowl game if he'd start coaching with what he has. I hope he proves he is not another Von Appen, but I'm worried. I can't remember a coach that seems as lost as he does, aside from Fred.

  82. kev-1:

    lava, you're right. How dare a coach come in here and implement a new system and not have immediate results. His teams should be able to beat teams like USC and Alabama NOW.

  83. kev-1:

    and what makes you think he's lost?

  84. kev-1:

    nevermind. don't answer that. I'd rather not engage.

  85. chopsueyboy:

    Great looking Under Armour t-shirt with a patriotic Warrior H supporting Wounded Warrior Project.
    (similar to University of Washington's W when we played them last year)
    Don't know why outside companies offer more Warrior items than Rainbowtique.

  86. Kevin:

    jimmy the lock:

    September 27th, 2012 at 1:19 pm
    Almost heaven, west Makaha...

    Song is stuck in my head now.


    Did you go to the Nevada game?

    When the game got really out of hand late in the 3rd, they put up that song on the PA system and everyone started singing (whoever was left).

    Me and my friends kind of laughed at everyone still there because everyone seemed delusional :lol:

    Plus this one big drunk guy was standing with his arms in the air swaying to the song like he was at New Hope and was born-again.

    Was pretty funny. :lol: :lol:

  87. A-House:


    is that a lot better than arriving at 6pm on Friday and playing a game at 2 pm in Colorado 2 years ago?

  88. Kevin:


    That is a question for the head of purchasing at the UH bookstore to answer.

    UA makes more UH stuff that is available elsewhere as you've already found out.

  89. A-House:

    add in "the next day" at 2 pm..............

  90. koakane:

    nice find csb and agree with you :cool:

  91. chopsueyboy:

    Shipping is reasonable, $4.99

  92. Kevin:


    I believe Amis was saying that while he was in Europe playing ball, his family in Oklahoma sent him a care package… but filled with HAWAII grinds like Spam, pipikaula, mochi crunch, etc…

    Braddah is a local!!! :cool:

  93. koakane:

    kevin only explanation is; would bring in mucho revenue and to much accounting work to be done :lol:

  94. madeinhawaii:

    If we are paying charter, why was the game so early on Saturday? Was that a CBS Sports thing? Would we have had better turn out if the game started a little later?

  95. Buffoman:

    I agree with Kev-1 #82. We should have made a requirement of the new coach that he run things identical to what we had. Why change? We were slated to win in the previous regime's last season and looked bad at not getting it done. Lost to a teams we were supposed to beat, had a successful QB the year prior but people got down on him because he was not making it happen. And now, we lament because we don't still have that.

    Geez... did you expect him to recruit USC caliber players from the get go on a late start. Not making any excuses, but wow, talk about instant gratification. I don't think we'll ever get that kind of 4-5 star recruits , but cut the guy some slack.

  96. chopsueyboy:


    they could use the extra money to fund newly created positions

  97. koakane i5:


  98. koakane i5:

    csb uh no like make money when they can bleed the students lol

  99. koakane:


  100. koakane i5:


  101. Kevin:


    No comment. If I had a comment, I might have to redact it.

  102. Not an Expert:

    If all stays the same on upper campus the next AD will be like the last 2 at UH. People who are not rebel rousers and who will work in the confines to keep their positions until a string puller gets upset with the AD and creates a problem so that the AD can be led out the door with a buyout clause.

    No way the upper campus hires someone who has the potential to command, lead, promote, plan with a charasmatic personality and be the focus of success.

    Look they are quick to take credit and quick to defer the blame.

    A good leader will come out and take responsibility and fix things when things go bad. They will have their subordinates take credit when its due. They will do all they can do for those below them unless something was done illegally or morally wrong.

  103. HawaiiMongoose:

    The new Big West deal with Fox is described as being for the conference's "tier two" or regional cable network broadcast rights, and supposedly the Big West is still negotiating its "tier one" or national over-the-air and cable broadcast rights with ESPN. I hope this means the remaining "tier three" rights (to all the games not picked up by Fox or ESPN) still belong to the individual member schools. I'd hate to see UH have to give up its local broadcasting deal with OC Sports.

  104. madeinhawaii:

    Uppercampus does not want a popular choice for AD.. nor do they want someone who could put them to shame. They want a puppet with puckering lips.

  105. jimmy the lock:


    Yeah, I was at the game. I sang along, but not in a delusional state of mind. :lol:

  106. LizKauai:

    #86 - Kevin... When they started playing that song, people were streaming out of the stadium. Even in the Nevada section. It was like an invitation to leave...

    Justin Clapp - HEALING ENERGY! We know you have so much to offer your team. Get well SOON - like BRS!

  107. LizKauai:

    Whatever the scheme, all I know is that the long, caught passes were a highlight of the game for me.

  108. Not an Expert:

    As for UH getting into the MWC. It was broadcasted that Freitolay and Greenwhat had a pivotal roll in getting UH into the MWC. Good leaders would have stated it another way.

    "Our AD has done a lot of work in getting UH to be accepted into the MWC. All we did was to assist in whatever ways we could to get accomplished the goal most everyone thought was the thing to do. We applaud everyone's effort for it was a team effort and fortunately we achieved our goal." That will allow JD to comeback and state although I did as much as I could, without the help of so and so and everyone else this would not have been possible.

    Based on how things are it was a matter of time things came to light. It is very much for the future of athletics as well as the school to get leaders who lead and let those under them do their jobs. Leaders grandstanding and quick to defer and place blame.

  109. Rodney:

    Does anyone know how JJ run and shoot
    is doing lately?Whats SMU record so far?

  110. Kevin:


    delusional as in "ah what the hell, why not... COUNTRY ROAAADSSS TAKE ME HOME!!!! TO DA PLACE!!!!!!! I BELONG!!!!!" ... :lol: :lol:

    I thought it was funny.

    We all needed to make ourselves laugh as much as possible that night.

  111. LizKauai:

    #108 - amen. Professionalism and class. It's not like spin. It lifts up everyone out of the way of an oncoming bus...

  112. Kekoa:

    Looks like our resident haters have spilled the beans after the team practiced in CA. today. Here is the play that they reported was being installed for the BYU game whenever we were inside the Redzone:

  113. jimmy the lock:


    Nah, I just like Iz songs. I'll sing 'em all. :thumbs up:

  114. d1shima:



    (I tink!)

  115. Shoko:

    109. Not good (enough) according to some Mustang fans.

  116. chopsueyboy:

    Does JD collect 2 paychecks?
    New job and old job still under contract but no can work as AD.

  117. mo808:

    Greetings from Los Wages, NV! We're headed back tomorrow and will get back just in time for kickoff! Go Warriors!

  118. mo808:

    Get well soon Justin!

  119. mo808:

    UH 37 - BYU 28

  120. LizKauai:

    HI mo808! Safe Travels!

  121. Ipu Man:

    Well...not to worry too much.
    After all, WWIII is supposed to start in mid October.
    So let's enjoy the games while we can.

  122. madeinhawaii:

    Ah.. it was only a matter of time when the University accreditors would chirp in....

  123. al:

    one beeg mahalo shout out to...

    kona gold!

    thank you for that great lunch at sam choy's in keauhou. got to mention that it may be best of the sam choy eateries i've ever patronized.

    of course though and more importantly it was nice meeting up and talking story with you brother.

    (add one more little birdie to the list...tweet, tweet.)

  124. al:

    mo and len...lose some for me, will ya?

  125. d1shima:

    Good Luck mo and Len!

  126. Shoko:

    I think its a travesty when one fries poke. But, it seems some peeps like it.

  127. Shoko:

    Huskies hanging in there 3-3.

  128. d1shima:


    It's a wrap! ;-)

  129. jimmy the lock:

    Worse is frying sashimi

  130. manoa#1:

    #51 d1shima yes he just slam hawaii high school but come friday him and his cougars are going to slam hawaii university.


  131. PowderPuff:

    Re #71: (J)J, the year-end Lū‘au will be on campus. Not clear if it's Ching Field or the grass practice field, but they are planning for 800 people under an uber-big tent. Sounds like it's gonna be fun...guess what Stretch is in charge of? No, NOT the moola.

  132. Kevin:



  133. Kevin:

    Try see if D1 can help Stretch out.

    Lets see some Dead Guy Ale and Fat Tire on the tables!

  134. d1shima:


  135. PowderPuff:

    Haha, good guesses, BUT.....entertainment. :) No, he isn't THE entertainment...but can you imagine him doing the haka or something crazy? He has been working hard on it this week - the whole committee has.

  136. Kevin:


    Someone brought in that maple bacon ale...

    Christ almighty... terrible. Simply terrible. its literally like pancakes and beer. Not a fan.

  137. NYUHTX:

    Reardon claims their was dirt on McMackin? News to me. Not that I traffic or am really even interested in such personal details.

  138. papajoe2:

    No worry Kevin, next year the bacon beer going be rare.

  139. Kevin:


    No worries. Just like the fake Morgan Freeman thing, bacon lives!

    If not, just another sign .. 12.21.12.

  140. papajoe2:

    NYUHTX, not sure but someone mentioned the dirt was the throwing the game part where the police couldn't find any evidence at all and it didn't warrant an investigation.

  141. duffer:


  142. al:

    the little birdies agree with dave.

  143. al:

    pp...make sure that whitey is not stretch's advisor.

  144. 3-Prong:

    In this BCSish type proposal, I would guess that the money is not equivalent to the other bowls. Does this preclude us from challenging for a national championship? Not quite understanding the heirarchy.

  145. al:

    ppj2...i think that was different kind dirt from a different farm.

  146. kitsunegari:

    howzitt manoa#1,

    Going to the wahine match tonight? Im sure Steve and Laura and maybe Hosanna can save you a seat. but I think the seats you all sat in during the match with the Toyota pro team is usually taken by season ticket holders and tonight is not general admission.

  147. al:

    stretch could start with the thompson family.
    afatia and parents could do a real number for the home team that would be so appropo.
    then there is kapono.
    and then, hey got plenny entertainers out there who might want to kokua.

    probably augie might make for a great emcee/act.
    he could tag along mel, andy, and frankie.

  148. al:

    too bad stretch not in charge of the beer garden.
    he could get some tsaikos to help pour.

    one for you.
    two for me.
    okay, bad idea. let's leave koakane and his sidekick j/j to handle the guest parking.

  149. d1shima:


    Agree. I'd much prefer a box of VooDoo Donuts and a Growler of Hazlenut Brown Nectar...can self-regulate the "proportioning" ;-)

  150. d1shima:

    btw, the story behind naming Dead Guy is funny...even for da Guy!

  151. Kevin:


    Well it would be that time of the year when THE ABYSS comes out.

    Found a great wine/liquor collection type place in Newtown in Aiea that sells a good amount of them. I think we bought them at 13.00/bottle.

    A friend had one that was nearly two years old and oddly enough for a beer with a "best AFTER" date, it didnt taste that much better than a more recent one.

  152. Kevin:

    Oh the place is called "SWAM".

  153. d1shima:

    As for the great "drink it now or let it age" debate, we stand clearly on the fence. Distinct and delicious on release, the flavors meld and fuse into an entirely different pleasure a year on.

  154. d1shima:

    It's also almost time for Jubeale! :-)

  155. Kevin:

    It comes out once a year, Im drinking this s*** now! :lol:

  156. Kevin:

    Gulden Draak?

    Ever had that? My God, if 'hate' had a taste, that would be it. Got a friend that can drink that at room temp... HAWAII ROOM TEMP. :yuck:

  157. Kevin:


    September 27th, 2012 at 5:13 pm
    It's also almost time for Jubeale!

    Winter Warmer indeed!

  158. 3-Prong:

    What, Vander is hurt!

  159. Kevin:


    September 27th, 2012 at 5:21 pm
    What, Vander is hurt!

    4-6 weeks?

  160. islandman:

    They should have taken it easy on Vander working out. It's not even the official start of basketball practice yet. Let the rookies bang each other around.

  161. 3-Prong:

    Per Sports Animals. Yah 4-6 weeks. MCL I think I heard.

  162. HiFlyer:

    yup 4-6 weeks, mcl tear.

  163. gigi-hawaii:

    You guys should switch to champagne - get bubbles too but won't give you a gut like beer does.

  164. Pauoa Boy:


    Cannot help to point out the truth of what we see on the field or see what's going on with upper campus with all the pilikia. If it's negative, so what. Take the criticism and either tune it out, use it constructively or just shaddup and move on. Granted some don't know what the hell they talking about, but there are some of us that really do. Too many people are too sensitive and always sugar coating the team or whatever and making excuses. Me, I love our Warrior boys but when they play like crap I voice what I see on the field. When they play well I praise them too. I ain't no bandwagon type by no means cause I support the team if we win or lose and been bleeding green ever since I was born. I know the game very well, know the nuances of the game inside and out. I am entitled to my opinion and if I had the opportunity to help the boys I would. Obviously the Coaches can be criticized for the Nevada game...why you may ask? 1. Nevada never changed their game plan on offense the whole game... defense couldn't figure it out and adjust correctly... Coach Kaumeyer's fault. 2. Nevada's defense was ranked in the lower tier in all of NCAA football but once they adjusted after we scored a couple times, we couldn't move the ball against them... Coach Lee's fault. To me we just simply got out coached and out played by a team that we have beat previously.

  165. d1shima:

    100g (generic) beer = 43 calories

    100g (generic) champagne = 84 calories

  166. Pauoa Boy:

    Unfortunate for Vander as he is a key player to hold it down in the paint this year. I do feel like Standhardinger is going to be the man though and relieve some of the load off Vander. I also feel like Fotu is going to be a beast as well and play some quality minutes. I think if Fotu can get bigger, stronger, and learn the post game he will be one of the best big men we've ever had.

  167. d1shima:

    Nice visit for Billy Ray by big bro Craig and his family in Provo.

    Weber St. leaves in the AM for Davis, CA so Craig won't be able to see the game.

  168. Alline:

    An interesting dialogue is price comment. I feel that you must write extra on this subject, it might not be a taboo topic however usually people are not enough to talk on such topics. To the next. Cheers

  169. Will-I-Am:

    I just picked up a growler of Dead Guy Ale from "Whole Funds". Bottle of shampoo and a bottle of beer = $38.00.
    It is going to be a great aloha Friday.

    ST, sadly for a second I had visions of you heavy breathing on the phone.

  170. Pauoa Boy:

    I hope Billy Ray takes it easy and no buss up his hand in the game. I really like Trevor Davis though and Chris Gant...

  171. d1shima:


    Nice. :-)

    Altho I can't believe what they charge for a growler here (vice in OR)

    btw, I just found out that Aloha Beer Co. will refill growlers for $11.00! :-) (of course, they only have their beer)

  172. d1shima:

    sumboddy is busy playing widda food comparer


  173. d1shima:

    Das a Warbler!

  174. d1shima:

    Go Wahine!

  175. Pauoa Boy:

    Nice that Pu'u Robinson got cleared. D Line needs some depth and he's a big body with experience. Wonder if Leo Koloamatangi would play on the DLine instead of the OLine since we got more depth on the OLine anyway. Even if he got bigger. His 6'5" frame filled out to a solid 300 lbs. as DT would be nice to have. Plus when Gus Lavaka makes it back from his mission that would be a nice big DT tandem 6'5" and 6'4" 300 lb. mammoths in the middle.

  176. 3-Prong:

    Speaking of beer, new favorite place for a few is upstairs Shirokiya. $8 pitchers of Kirin or only $4 for a pitcher of Bud. Yes I said PITCHER! Pickup some sushi and udon from the vendors and au pau!


    dang, Mana Silva released by cowgirls.

  178. madeinhawaii:


    Oh well.. there went all the empty seats after 4pm.... thanks ah...

  179. d1shima:



    errrr.... #66 and thank you for YOUR opinion. lol

  181. Ipu Man:

    Justin Clapp, fast healing and good time to study hard.

  182. d1shima:

    you jus gotta know wea da empty seats Arrrrrr...


  183. d1shima:

    Set Won :-)

  184. d1shima:

    *off topic*

    Does anyone know if Keola Beamer ever released a full song based on that theme he plays on the Hawaii Dental Service commercials? If so, what is it titled?

  185. Supastoke:

    Let's Go "Warriors"!!

  186. d1shima:

    Won Too

  187. 3-Prong:

    MIH: sorry for spilling da beans. But shayah shayah wit da Tsakos. So D1, ware u sit? Oh, pour um in da udda cup an sit outside da fense eh!!! Hehe

  188. 3-Prong:

    Tsakos? Too much $8 pitchers nowdays.

  189. Let It Go:

    142...Let it go...inuendo and speculation are dangerous and come with personal and legal accountability, yes even online. Your pal Reardon, as usual, is barking up the wrong tree and hiding his personal grudge behind a press pass and slandering a very good man. The most ironic part of his this so called "columnist's" latest attempt at defamation is when he whines that Coach Mack would not return his phone calls...seriously...why would anyone return calls to an entity that made it their mission to spew hate about his every move? Really? It's a shame that even though JD clearly testified that there was NO truth to anything and an ongoing investigation was found to have no truth, people want to speculate that there must have been dirt for someone to take a settlement. Please realize that all of the "investigations" that take place at UH, and there are many, are attempts to fire individuals for cause. We can move on here, there is nothing to see, if the corruption at UH could have found an authentic reason or cause from or for another investigation, they would not have settled and had Coach Mack sign a "no talk stink" agreement. He made a good business decision plain and simple. Let it go, support the Warriors, stop the hate, and appreciate Coach Mack's contributions that so many seem to forget like the 3 championships he had here. Leave the man and his family alone. Thank you Coach Mack and I wish you well. Go Warriors!

  190. BigHiloFan2:

    Howzit Tsaolps.

    Happy Birthday UHFRan808

    Pomai. 27-17 us dem

    Heal Justin...Heal!

  191. BigHiloFan2:

    oh. a coupla greenies, ya tink? :D

  192. AZWARRIOR22:

    Warriors 34 BYU 13

    Go Warriors !!

  193. Kevin:

    Still amazed that Manoa Gardens on campus at UH actually has Dead Guy Ale on TAP!!! :shock:


    good luck to our boyzzzzz. give um hell!!!! No injuries!!!!

  195. Pomai:

    UH vs Bywhooo
    10    -    41    SAWARRIOR
    10    -    48    IWWTHM
    14    -    37    Koakane
    14    -    42    GangGreen
    17    -    42    HiFlyer
    17    -    10    tommui
    17    -    55    Whats up
    20    -    56    Tyaiea
    20    -    10    kev-1
    21    -    31    3-Prong
    21    -    17    niho mano
    21    -    20    Glenn
    22    -    17    papajoe2
    24    -    17    RedZone
    24    -    21    Rodney
    24    -    10    WarriorNY
    24    -    21    DPK
    24    -    17    oldtimer808
    27    -    13    Bugaz
    27    -    21    greenthumb
    27    -    17    BigHilofan2
    28    -    27    LizKauai
    31    -    24    AlaWai
    34    -    17    Ipu Man
    34    -    26    Huh?
    34    -    13    AZWARRIOR22
    35    -    17    Pomai
    37    -    28    mo808
    38    -    17    wafan
    40    -    30    protector
    42    -    14    UHFan808
    48    -    10    IWWTHM
    56    -    10    Kekoa
    56    -    14    d1shima

  196. Kevin:

    No injuries to UH football players.

    I'm leaving it at that.

  197. Pomai:

    Well said Let It Go.

  198. Bugaz:

    Hope the coaches hurry back from Provo and get out to Aloha Stadium For the Farrington/Kahuku game

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  201. kev-1:

    yawn . . .

    what the heck? There is a game tomorrow and there isn't any excitement here tonight! I for one am excited to see how the Warriors rebound from last week. I know there is a lot stacked against them, but wouldn't it be great . . . ?

  202. kev-1:


  203. Slugger:

    New York Post had a story about Joe McKnight moving from running back to cornerback. He did well, except for getting burned by Royce Pollard.

    Very cool! Go Royce!


  204. PowderPuff:

    kev-1, yes, am excited to see how they play with BRS and Alex back, as well as Jordan. Can't wait!

    al, Stretch's sidekick is contacting the Thompsons and he's made headway on some good headliners. Oh, your boy had the time of his life tonight at the Wahine game...haha! :)

  205. sean:


    UH 56 cougs 24

  206. sean:


  207. Slugger:

    I agree with Pomai...Let It Go makes good points.

    Drop the negative energy. Build positive vibrations and imua... Think WIN! or WEEN! the Beachboys sang, "Good, good, good, Good vibrations..."


    Night all!

  208. PowderPuff:

    Neat to see the best BYU Killer, Garrett Gabriel, on the big screen at the SSC tonight during the WVB game. Lookin' good on this eve of yet another UH-BYU game....let's go Warriors!

  209. madeinhawaii:

    Wow.. Washington beat Stanford? How did that happen?

  210. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Not sure excitement is what I am feeling. Still feeling queasy from last Saturday . Having to go on the road and of all places Provo doesn't help the feeling either.

    That being said, Go Warriors.

  211. d1shima:


    New DC

  212. Kekoa:

    Our mainland friends & fam are anxiously awaiting to cheer for the Warriors! I think the boys will be pleasantly surprised by the turnout. I'm certain that they'll be happy to see and hear more Warrior fans than expected in cougar country.

  213. Kekoa:

    Those of us who were fortunate enuff to have been involved with team sports over the years remember the hard times encountered on the road.

    A season tuff schedule like theirs is sure to serve them well in the future. Win or lose, the experience gained in all facets and phases of the game is invaluable!

    Learn your lessons well and...

    Go Warriors!

  214. Kekoa:

    A "season tuff schedule?"...ho boy! Time 'fo go sleep!


  215. wafan:

    Game day Aloha Friday -- at last!

  216. wafan:

    Gooooooo Warriors!

    I even spelling gooooooo correctly.


  217. mo808:

    Good Morning Folks!

  218. mo808:

    Are we ready?

  219. mo808:

    It's Game Day!

  220. mo808:

    I'm hoping whatever was broken last week has been fixed on defense! Also, hoping we can do waaay better than three and punt!

  221. mo808:

    Goooooooooo Warriors!!!

  222. wafan:

    Hi mo.

  223. 3-Prong:

    Going retro with the cheer to channel some Garret Gabriel vibe into the New Duke Warrior.......Let's Go Bow's, LET'S GO BOW'S!!!!!!!

  224. wafan:

    That would be seven of those o's in gooooooo and four exclamation points.

    Gotta get it right if you want the ice cream.

  225. Slugger:

    Good Aloha Friday morning, gang!

    Happy belated birthday, UHFan808!

    Hoping for quick healing for Justin Clapp.


  226. mo808:

    Hi Wafan! I visited all da Tsaiko money and sadly could not bring any of 'um back :(

  227. mo808:

    Gooooooo Warriors!!!!

  228. mo808:

    Okay, where's my icecream? :)

  229. mo808:

    Make mine a Frosty Malt! Yummy!

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