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September 27th, 2012

It's too bad about receiver Justin Clapp's latest setback. He suffered a torn meniscus during Tuesday's practice. He will undergo surgery next week, and is expected to miss several games. David Graves and Chinedu Amadi take Clapp's place in the receiver rotation.

* * * * *

Sorry for the late post, but "Ferd" and I are in the hotel lobby awaiting our rooms. Apparently the phrase, "we were completely sold out last night,"  is the new "the check is in the mail."

But, heck, who can complain? This place is gorgeous. There's the Wasatch Mountain Range, clean streets and registration clerks who really seem sad that your room is not ready. We also get free WiFi and free Diet Pepsi, caffeine included. (I shouldn't have mentioned the free WiFi. I think that blows my excuse for not posting earlier.)

"Ferd" is bummed that Joe's hole-in-the-wall diner is no longer around. Or, at least, it's not in the same wall as it was before. I told Ferd the '80s are over. He said: "The '80s? Try the '50s." I'm not sure what that meant. I'm not sure he knows what that meant. This is what happens when you're sleep-deprived while in altitude.

Also in the lobby are several youth lacrosse players. It's either that or there are really big butterflies here.

The giant "Y" on the side of the hill is kind of cool. I don't know where they put the "M," "C" and "A."

I tried to sprint to see if the thin air had an effect. I was breathing like an obscene caller. Then again, I breathe like that at sea level, too. Sorry, DPK, for those breathy calls.

Meanwhile, the Warriors still are in Southern California. They had a walk-through this morning. They head to LAX this afternoon, take a charter to Provo and check into the hotel at about 8 p.m. Mountain time.

* * * * *

New York Post had a story about Joe McKnight moving from running back to cornerback. He did well, except for getting burned by Royce Pollard.

* * * * *

Belated birthday wishes to UHFan808.

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