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Game day: BYU

September 28th, 2012


Provo — A past generation's rivalry continues when UH and BYU play in today's nationally televised game.

The Cougars' offense has received some heat after struggling (by their standards) in the past two games against rivals Utah and Boise State. BYU offensive coordinator Brandon Doman told Provo reporters this week: "I'm the leader, the master of the design, and I think you're perfectly designed to get the results you get. The results we are getting are not what we want so we have to change the design. I need to ask more of the guys in the way that they practice and holding ourselves accountable. Our staff has to coach these guys better so we can eliminate the mistakes we are making."

The Warriors, of course, have had their own problems.

The Warriors began game day with a walk in downtown Provo.

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It's not too late to wish happy birthday to executive assistant Lacey Lavarias.

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Coach Norm Chow's mother, his brother and his sister-in-law drove the 6 hours from Boise to attend this game.

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This apparently is fullback Justin Vele's first trip to the mainland.

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John Lister's mother and grandfather:


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This is like the Bat Phone. No keys to punch. Pick it up, and I guess a BYU honcho answers:


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