Game day: BYU

September 28th, 2012


Provo — A past generation's rivalry continues when UH and BYU play in today's nationally televised game.

The Cougars' offense has received some heat after struggling (by their standards) in the past two games against rivals Utah and Boise State. BYU offensive coordinator Brandon Doman told Provo reporters this week: "I'm the leader, the master of the design, and I think you're perfectly designed to get the results you get. The results we are getting are not what we want so we have to change the design. I need to ask more of the guys in the way that they practice and holding ourselves accountable. Our staff has to coach these guys better so we can eliminate the mistakes we are making."

The Warriors, of course, have had their own problems.

The Warriors began game day with a walk in downtown Provo.

* * * * *

It's not too late to wish happy birthday to executive assistant Lacey Lavarias.

* * * * *

Coach Norm Chow's mother, his brother and his sister-in-law drove the 6 hours from Boise to attend this game.

* * * * *

This apparently is fullback Justin Vele's first trip to the mainland.

* * * * *

John Lister's mother and grandfather:


* * * * *

This is like the Bat Phone. No keys to punch. Pick it up, and I guess a BYU honcho answers:


810 Responses to “Game day: BYU”

  1. J:

    I suppose it's too early to start that other BYU chant... :p

  2. Stephen Tsai:

    Ready for the show to travel to SD next week?

  3. Bugaz:

    Good morning!

  4. Bugaz:

    Who is Jason Vele? A Warrior?

  5. Kekoa:

    J ~ Go ahead start um...I follow,

    ...and on dat note,I bet Bulla wears his Buck Foise shirt all ovah da island today.

    Aloha Friday mo808 & wafan! It's kona be a great day for BBQ Coo-gah!

  6. Bugaz:

    Good luck Warriors

  7. Hawaiianbod:

    Top 10!


  8. laulau head:

    Top 10!!

  9. tommui:



  10. laulau head:

    Down with da Coogz!!

  11. Leron:

    #4 I'm guessing Justin Vele?

  12. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)


  13. tommui:

    Jason Vele graduated 2011 Farrington. Plays fullback.

  14. LizKauai (iPad):

    Go Warriors!

    Happy Birthday, Lacey!

  15. Wes'side Warrior:

    Happy GameDay, Gang!

    Took forever to load the WB today. Also looking at a new format. Not the old one that I'm used to. Hope things speed up in the future. May take forever in logging in when there's more than a couple hundred posts... plus pics.

    Anyways, Let's go, Warriors!!!

  16. G-money:

    Justin, ahh?

  17. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!


    Congrats to the Wahine on their sweep of UCI last night.

    Hiho. Am finally employed (sorta) again.

  18. G-money:

    Anyone know if Iosefa is playing today?

    I recall saying his presence is key.

    Hope our boys can power thru the altitude effects!

  19. MattyBoy:

    Yeah is Jack Iosefa gonna get to play this game?

  20. Pomai:

    Dats all folks:
    UH vs Bywhooo
    10    -    41    SAWARRIOR
    10    -    48    IWWTHM
    14    -    37    Koakane
    14    -    42    GangGreen
    17    -    42    HiFlyer
    17    -    10    tommui
    17    -    55    Whats up
    20    -    56    Tyaiea
    20    -    10    kev-1
    21    -    31    3-Prong
    21    -    17    niho mano
    21    -    20    Glenn
    22    -    17    papajoe2
    24    -    17    RedZone
    24    -    21    Rodney
    24    -    10    WarriorNY
    24    -    21    DPK
    24    -    17    oldtimer808
    27    -    13    Bugaz
    27    -    21    greenthumb
    27    -    17    BigHilofan2
    28    -    27    LizKauai
    31    -    24    AlaWai
    34    -    17    Ipu Man
    34    -    26    Huh?
    34    -    13    AZWARRIOR22
    35    -    17    Pomai
    37    -    28    mo808
    38    -    17    wafan
    40    -    30    protector
    42    -    14    UHFan808
    48    -    10    IWWTHM
    56    -    10    Kekoa
    56    -    14    d1shima
    56    -    24    sean

  21. Derek:

    We all have our days. It's Justin, not Jason Vele and it's Joey, not Jack Iosefa. But, good try. Going to Provo now with our tour group. What a beautiful day in Salt Lake City. Blue skies, a few clouds. Yeah, we're in the good seats, buddy!!!!!!!!

  22. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!


    Are You Ready?

  23. MattyBoy:


    I know it's Joey. Was just messing around as ST said Jason instead of Justin....just a little joke to start off the day!

  24. chopsueyboy:

    Happy Warrior Game Day!

  25. Chicken Grease:

    Gambatte Warriors! Do well today 'gainst [snickers] the Cougars.

    Coach Chow . . . be like post-captured Picard 'gainst ya'll former school ;).

  26. d1shima:

    Hopefully Jordan Puu-Robinson can make an impact in the DL rotation; that Alisa guy is a load at RB for da kitties. B$-You has reloaded a pretty good DL and that guy was bashing 'em.

    Gotta play stout, fellas! GO WARRIORS!

  27. d1shima:


    You ain't kidding! Da reloads taking long time! :-(

  28. d1shima:

    Oh, dea. Das bettah. ;-)

  29. Tom Clarke:

    Go Warriors - difference between impossible and possible is determination

  30. jeezy33:

    42-17 BYU

  31. jeezy33:

    Actually 42-13. Hard to get into end zone against BYU

  32. J:


    I would but kinda worried LizKauai will give me da slippah now that she's present here. Da blog was running slow earlier...

  33. Cheyah!:

    Gameday! Let's Go Warriors!

  34. J:

    ST, maybe. Do I need to warn Dr. Beer (Lightning Brewery)?

  35. Kekoa:

    J ~ You do make an important point. I have been close enuff to the dreaded slippah to suffer collateral damage. There's a certain legal wordsmith from Hilo than can tetsify to the true impact of a direct hit.

  36. Shoko:

    Not unless its a pick 6 into the endzone. ;)

  37. Ipu Man:

    Google Earth search of Epic Talent apparently turned up a very poor run
    down neighborhood in Miami...

  38. RedZone:

    Jason?????? Me thinks thin air getting to the Tsaimaster. Aieeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. d1shima:

    Too bad Chris Brown and Laanui Correa are busy today....woulda been nice for them to sit outside the BY-Who coaches' box and "wave" at Brandon Doman! :twisted:

  40. Ipu Man:

    The lady involved has a eighty-thousand-plus lien and had her car possessed.

  41. Ipu Man:

    Hawaiian reporter, Malia _____, saying all this on the radio now and says now a
    North Carolina connection. She's in Florida now tracking all this stuff down.
    Kudos to her and bravery.

  42. Ipu Man:

    Malia Zimmerman of Hawaiii Reporter Dot Com...

  43. Ipu Man:

    Rick Hamada radio on KHVH...

  44. koakane:

    good sunny :cool: morning warrior and wahine country

    let hope this sun rise is a better one :eek:

    congrats to cshoji and dem wahines :mrgreen: good rallies and greater defense with never give up attitude. wore down the anteaters

    may the warriors be ho'olanakila and let the kahuna take care dem :evil:

  45. Ipu Man:

    Show's over. Go Warrors!

  46. d1shima:

    Happy Birthday executive assistant Lacey Lavarias!

  47. Kevin:


    UH softball head coach Bob Coolen on ESPN 1420am this morning:

    Softball HC Bob Coolen on ESPN 1420 AM this morning:

    -Mentions LBSU and Cal St. Fullerton as “rivals” in the Big West. Disappointed with loss of Pacific after this upcoming season. Will be playing AT UOP in final game of the conference season.

    -Echoes same sentiment as women’s volleyball in that there is no time for “posturing” in the Big West regular season as there is no tournament like the WAC. Top team at the end of the regular season gets the auto bid to the NCAAs.

    -Fresno State doesn’t appear to be on the schedule for non-conference games for a few years. Addition of Boise State and SDSU to the Big West Softball schedules doesn’t make room for it.

    -Says make-up of the program will change drastically after this season following the departures of Kaia Parnaby, Kelly Majam, and Jessica Iwata. Capable incoming freshman this season followed by a strong recruiting class for 2013. LOI for 2013 comes this November. (Those recruits just completed their official vists this past weekend.)

    -Parnaby #1 for sure and at the time says Keiki Carlos looking to be a strong #2 behind her. Says has good command of her pitches and working with different grips with her on the ball and encorporating more "up and down" movement. Expects Parnaby to throw 35-40 games of the 56 scheduled for this season. Has lefty freshman Loie Kesterson in the mix as well. Will have three pitchers for sure on staff this season.

    -Has teams like Washington, CAL, Baylor, Alabama-Birmingham, and Memphis on the home non-conference schedule. Will face teams like UCLA and BYU on road at UNLV as part of Louisville Slugger Desert Classic Tourney in February. Full schedule not finalized for release yet.

    -Still no word on status of admission for softball games. Hasn’t heard a word from administration since the summer.

  48. gigi-hawaii:

    I couldn't load the SA blogs for the longest time this morning. Glad I made it at 9 am.



  49. gigi-hawaii:

    It looks like it's gonna be another humid day in HNL.
    Thank goodness for a/c.

  50. Kukui High School:


    GO NUTS!


    ST, gotta stop by either Burger Supreme or the Malt Shoppe. It's all good.

  51. al:

    it will be an interesting softball season without stephanie ricketts.

    the good thing is that this team should score some runs.

    i always felt that they should have charged admission from last year. the program could use the revenue and i am sure that the fan base would continue to support it. perhaps outsourcing the gate and a kiosk type concession stand to accomodate the fans and generate some income based upon a percentage of the take would work. thus eliminating the management of such operations.

  52. MattyBoy:

    49-10 BYU

  53. al:

    MartyBoy...i caught your joke.

  54. al:

    wow gigi...that's a first.

  55. Kevin:

    Good freshman class from last season with Liilii and Wartner. If this year’s freshman make some noise, the combination of all that plus the recruits that recently visted representing the 2013 class (that hopefully sign their LOIs in two months) should help keep moving things forward towards another crack at the WCWS.

  56. LizKauai:

    Haha J and Kekoa...


    No talking steenk or disparaging our WARRIORS!!!

  57. LizKauai:

    gigi- me too... couldn't get on the blog server earlier...
    Got the dvr all programmed... looks like ESPN and ESPNU will be re-broadcasting too...


  58. jimmy the lock:

    I bet BYU doesn't think a game with UH is a rivalry.

    No matter, GO WARRIORS.

    Way to go WAHINE. Many fans were wearing their empty seat halloween costume.

  59. Will-I-Am:

    Almost time for battle Warriors!!!!!

  60. Will-I-Am:

    #58, Jimmy the lock,

    I always think the same thing. I always wonder if our big rivalries are really rivalries. The only ones I know that we have in the past 15 years are ones where other teams (BYU & Boise) always beat us and we finally beat them. But in hindsight they are doing the same thing to all the other teams. We aren't really anything special to them. I think we need to change that.

    Nevada would be a good one to start a true college rivalry with. I am sure they would love one with us since we have beat them here for the past like 70 years and they finally won a game. They probably think we are big rivals.

  61. kakaako kid:

    What Jason Vele will learn on his first mainland trip:
    Hawaii rice mo bettah
    Hawaii weather mo bettah
    Hawaii aloha mo bettah
    Hawaii football mo bettah
    Everybody on da mainland hate BYU too

  62. jimmy the lock:

    No forget to celebrate. Today is:

    National Drink Beer Day :mrgreen:

  63. jimmy the lock:

    Nevada Reno get UNLV as their rivals. Usually the rivals are in-state. Tell UH-Hilo go make one team.

  64. Chicken Grease:

    # 58. Yeah. I don't think "the rivalry" was ever explained, no? Seemed relevant re: Ty Detmer's Heisman. But, the rivalry seems a bit subdued this time around in this day and age of quick electronic news, tech' and such.

    Mainland + free national TV coverage + Friday games on their own give the Warriors the willies, admittedly. Let's hope all three cancel each other out today.

  65. Stephen Tsai:

    So, the over/under is 52 and the spread is 28. How does that equate in terms of the score?

  66. jimmy the lock:

    Anyone a big fan of Jason Bieber? And what ever happened to Jason Timberlake?

  67. kakaako kid:

    Roosevelt math says:
    52 divided by 2 then +/- 28 divided by 2 = 40 - 12

  68. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, I figured it out: Oddsmakers predict 40-12.
    That's a 28-point spread adding to 52.
    Then again, there were some half points in there, so, heck, just play the game.

  69. Stephen Tsai:

    Thanks Kakaako Kid.

  70. Capitolist/WassupDoc:


    Why don't you put together a formal proposal concerning a softball admission fee/revenue-generating activities and then submit it to the Acting Director of Athletics Rockne Freitas, the Chancellor at the University of Hawai`i at Manoa Tom Apple, the Faculty Senate's Chair Bonnyjean Manini, ASUH President Richard Mizusawa, and the Executive Administrator and Secretary of the Board of RegentsKeith Amemiya. Let me know if I can help you out.

  71. jimmy the lock:

    @Stephen Tsai

    There's either no correlation or the spread determines the chance of going to OT and thus giving the basis for the over/under score. :?

  72. duffer:

    @ jimmy the lock

    Don't know about Jason Timberlake, but Justin Timberlake is at the Ryder Cup as a Team Ambassador.


  73. kakaako kid:

    A guy who wins nearly 50% of the time says using a number basis, OVER takers are playing UH scores more than 12, while UNDER takers are playing FYU scores less than 40.

  74. Stephen Tsai:

    Either Provo has the friendliest sales people or I look like a shoplifter.

  75. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm anxious to see how BYU tries to attack UH's defense. All week, all we've heard is how fascinated about facing man-press corners. It should be an interesting matchup between Cody Hoffman and Mike Edwards.

  76. Ipu Man:

    Just so byu doesn't score on the first offensive play...

  77. BigHiloFan2:

    Howzit Tsaikos everywhere.

    Rumble Warriors, Rummmmbllle!

    go lick some older men. :D spit shine. :lol:

  78. BigHiloFan2:


    for awhile on da Inside Access Show, you was not looking like a shoplifter. expecially when you had da black gear on. :mrgreen:

    but wen you went back to da khaki color on my tv, i wuz tinkin: teef teef


  79. BigHiloFan2:

    have a good day Tsaikos. back to work.

  80. Ipu Man:

    What time does the game start in Provo?

  81. Stephen Tsai:

    Game supposed to start at 6 p.m. MT. But this is an ESPN telecast. It could start late and finish never.

  82. Ipu Man:

    Got gloves?

  83. jimmy the lock:

    BYU going try pound through the Warrior defense. What better ally than altitude.

  84. PowderPuff:

    Wow, just had to free up space on the DVR for the Ryder Cup AND the game - all on ESPN. Whew! GO WARRIORS!

  85. LizKauai:

    Make sure planny O2 on da sidelines...


  86. LizKauai:

    PP - time to delete last years GOT episodes and Cowboys games? :mrgreen:

  87. Ipu Man:

    One way to kill time till the game is to watch how the mainland
    news viewed Hawaii when it became the 50th state...

  88. BigWave96744:

    Too bad Pisa couldn't make a surprise appearance and ask Doman how's his ribs...

    Btw Pomai 23-21 Warriors

  89. (Jesse) James:

    Good morning Tsaikos!!!

    Go Warriors!!!

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  92. A-joe:

    74. Both!

  93. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Shoplifter huh? That explains the nice threads on IA.

    Are there many asian lookin' folks in that neck of the woods, Stephen?Maybe dats why dey stay shuspishus li' dat.

    Tanks for da help in da email Auny Liz. "Up the Hill" now has a couple of spots in the dialogue. ;)

  94. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Aunty Liz I meant to say... :)

  95. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Braddah Joe -

    Or maybe the clerks watch IA and just wanna hang around a big time media figure...

  96. Da Punchbowl Kid:


  97. LizKauai:

    Awesome, DPK!

  98. jimmy the lock:

    Nah, the clerks think Tsai is PSY in disguise.

  99. tommui:


    If you subscribe to Netflix, you might look up a series called "Legacy, The Origins of Civilization" disc 1 (there are three disc in this series) which has a hour portion on India.

    Just watched it and it was fascinating.


  100. Will-I-Am:

    1420 has "This week in the MW" on now.

  101. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    I think BYU could pressure our defense by running over, under and around our line. One can hope they will disregard what Nevada did to our run defense last week and decide to pass for 95% of the time.

  102. madeinhawaii:

    Did someone say PSY?

  103. madeinhawaii:

    If man defense doesn't work, I hope they quickly switch to some sort of zone defense outside of the red zone. Bend don't break... is better than what happened with Nevada. Tonight, we even have less players to call upon and less oxygen, too. Zone would help them last longer on the field.

  104. A-House:

    I am still waitng for the opponent to throw flat passes to either side with UH corners playing soft.

    Then, the corners start to back off just before the snap and when they see the QB looking to the flat, keep an eye of the receiver and spurt forward to intercept for a pic-6.

    BTW, the USC flat pass for TD only worked because the inside receiver "held" the UH linebacker or nickel - adda wise only short gain!

  105. LizKauai:

    PICK 6!!!

  106. madeinhawaii:


    Dat sounds like a zone type defense to me...

  107. A-House:


    was it you or ST that mentioned a "limited" number of football scholarships 2013 - is it because the prior coaching staff failed to plan correctly?

    I do know that they were trying to correct the lopsidedness of available scholarships.

  108. A-House:

    hey, MIH!

    no, play'um man 2 man - coaches gotta give the "green light" to the players - only way to learn if it will work.

    cushion is good for sitting, but not pass defense - ever notice tht UH D gives way to much "space" to receivers? is this an admission that UH corners are slower or receivers are faster or both or just plain ole good defensive strategy?

    is there a "rule" on bumping and keeping a receiver near the line of scrimmage? will the refs call "holding" even if there was no holding?

  109. Stephen Tsai:

    UH will be getting back some scholarships at mid-year, like from Rykin Enos and Dylan McCagg. They're set to graduate in December so, essentially, they received one-semester scholarships.

  110. Stephen Tsai:

    Clark Evans made the trip.

  111. A-House:

    speaking of holding - we were watching the "pro game" last night and saw the blocking back #48 actually tackle the DE in the backfield which drew the yellowflag or towel - very funny, very funny!

    someone said that #48 was a Dline guy before and reason he tackled the DE

  112. mo808:

    Happy Birthday to Lacey Lavarias! Happy Family Reunion Wishes to Coach Chow & Ohana!

  113. A-House:

    my bags are packed, i'm ready to go
    away from work to see the show

    run 'n pass to score TDs
    and the D with 4 turnovers

  114. Ratbird:

    I think the pounding UH took from as we now know not so formidable USC and the pounding UH took from Nevada who never won at Aloha Stadium, BYU will Kill UH. I predict 55-10 BYU. When BYU played at Aloha Stadium just awile ago, they had their way with UH.

  115. Stephen Tsai:

    They're serving bacon wrap.
    And steak.
    I'm lovin' this place.

  116. Kevin:

    If you wrap a bacon around a steak, you can travel back in time..

    To time when you were eating bacon wrapped steak.

  117. letsgowarriors:

    the limited scholarships are due to having a small senior class and so many underclassmen. you can only have 85 total scholarships.

    hopefully Dejon Allen, Anthony Pierce and/or Ron Fields can takeover Enos & McCagg's scholarship in january.

  118. kawika49:

    One more Owah. Gooooo Wariooooors!

  119. Stephen Tsai:

    There's flexibility. Allen, Pierce, Fields, Faalologo can count toward the 2012 class.

  120. Ratbird:

    Just as the run and shoot has to develop a rythm to be potent, Norm Chow's pro set hasn't developed that rythm. 3 and out will not help the defense. I am not convinced Robocop is like a Ty Detmer, Jim Mcmahon, Gifford Nielson to run this offense effectively. He is not a scrambler, has a slow pass release. He is a good leader but that alone does not win ballgames. I still will root for Robocop. Also the receiving corps does not have a Devon Bess, Greg Salas, Jason Rivers money receiver.



    make us proud!!!!

  122. letsgowarriors:

    wats the deal w Fields? hear hes tryna go pac12

  123. letsgowarriors:

    btw, idk if anyone mentioned it, but former recruit David Katina is playing over at LA Harbor.

  124. LizKauai:

    Ah- wish we still had streaming tv... gotta wait for the dvr tonight...

  125. gobows:

    uh 13 - byu 54

  126. kev-1:

    okay. I'm gonna tape the game and watch it tonight when I get home. So, nobody say anything about the game . . . okay?


    if BYU runs the offense they ran against Boise, we won't get hammered like Nevada did to us. If BYU runs more option/ read option, we are gonna get spanked. IMO

  128. RedZone:

    Go Warriors!!!!!!!!

  129. LizKauai:


  130. uh fan:

    I will be rooting for UH but It's going to be another embarassing show on national television..smh

  131. MattyBoy:


    Yeah because Hawaiis getting lickens!!

  132. uh fan:

    @Matty-you're right..we going get cracks..our d is going to get run over like last week..already looking ahead to the SDSU game..we could beat the Aztecs

  133. uh fan:

    @Matty-you're right..we going get cracks..our d is going to get run over like last week..already looking ahead to the SDSU game..we could beat the Aztecs

  134. uh fan:

    @Matty-you're right..we going get cracks..our d is going to get run over like last week..already looking ahead to the SDSU game..we could beat the Aztecs


    must be an echo in here. lol

  136. kev-1:

    ooh look! triple negative!

  137. HawaiiMongoose:

    The word on the BYU website is that freshman Taysom Hill will start for the Cougars in place of injured senior Riley Nelson. I'm not sure if that's good or bad for UH. Hill is inexperienced but has a good arm and is an excellent runner. Nelson is less mobile but is very experienced, tough and a leader. Hopefully the UH defense can confuse the freshman and get pressure on him without letting him escape the pocket for big gainers.

  138. kawika49:

    I don't know what the outcome will be...but I think it will turn out better than the ney sayers think.


    our DC has problems scheming against read option offenses, his 5th gear only defense plays into the hands of those types of offenses. IMO

  140. Stephen Tsai:

    Freshman Taysom Hill to start.
    Joey Iosefa won't play, it appears.

  141. d1shima:

    Next man up!

  142. d1shima:

    Golf. Golf? Golf! :evil:

  143. Stephen Tsai:

    I think the son and grandson of the people pictured above will get the start.

  144. Pauoa Boy:

    Game time pretty soon, time to get focused boys and play hard and play smart! Lets Go Warrior Nation!!!


    kick some BYWhooo okoles!!!!!



    i believe we had a better chance against RileyNelson :-(

  147. letsgowarriors:

    Iosefa not even dressed

  148. kawika49:

    #146 too bad, I already took the warriors @ 48 to 1

  149. kawika49:

    Btw, why don't we (the stadium) Paint a big Hawaiian H made up of the seats on the Mauka side of Halawa stadium?

  150. d1shima:


  151. d1shima:

    Who is "we"?

    UH no own da stadium

  152. d1shima:

    Da stadium staying ready for the vote to change 'em back to Rainbows. :mrgreen:

  153. d1shima:

    Who is HC NC talking to?

  154. kawika49:

    As a taxpayer, you; let me re-phrase that; those that think as I do, that we have a right to concern ourselves with this.

  155. d1shima:

    Eh, so the replacement refs had to go SOMEPLACE, right? :shock:

  156. d1shima:

    from tweetah

    Stephen Tsai ‏@StephenTsai
    BYU band played UH fight song.

    I hope they get plenny more opportunities!

  157. Kevin:

    BYU band plays our song.

    Ah, kefe all of them anyway.

  158. jonj:

    anyone have the web telecast site??

  159. d1shima:

    Here we go!


  160. d1shima:

    Watch ESPN

  161. d1shima:


  162. Kevin:

    Got 60% juice on my phone...

    Should be good to go!

  163. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Chow wearing purple...this may turn out To be better than I expected.

  164. Matt:

    Game time. It's time for the Warriors to tame those Cougars.

  165. LaieCoug:

    Lets Go Cougars!!

  166. greenthumb:

    Good luck team!!!

    Other UH athletics news of the day, looks like the Regents are getting accounting into the act, $50,000 worth, according to breaking news just posted on the SA homepage.

    Here is the last paragraph of the story for those interested in the identities of the nine people on the BOR task force:

    "Task force members are: James H. Q. Lee, vice chairman of the Board of Regents and chairman of the Committee on University Audits; Barry Mizuno, regent and vice chairman of the Committee on University Audits; Saedene Ota, regent and member of the Committee on University Audits; Jan Sullivan, regent and member of the Committee on University Audit; Benjamin Kudo, regent; Lawrence Rodriguez, business consultant; Terri Fujii, managing partner, Honolulu office of Ernst & Young LLP; Patrick Oki, managing partner, PKF Pacific Hawaii LLP; and Cory Kubota, Assurance Principal, Accuity LLP."

  167. LaieCoug:

    Good luck Warriors

  168. koakane:

    cougars trying to do a haka, come on only thing to say is bite me

    Let do this warriors

  169. LizKauai:

    For HawaiianTel DSL subscribers!!!!

  170. d1shima:


  171. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Maybe not

  172. d1shima:

    come on D....

  173. 99club:

    Horrible tackling...ugh.

  174. Matt:

    Oh oh. Hanohano down.

  175. Absolute condos:

    Magnificent website you have. Good Information. Thanks for writing.

  176. d1shima:


    come on, Geordan

  177. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Maybe we can start tackling. That might help.

  178. RedZone:

    There goes da season.

  179. follower:

    $#*@+*!! Already? C'mon D! Focus, Wrap and Take them DOWN!

  180. d1shima:

    God Bless

  181. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Wth happened to him? Doesn't look good. =(


    horrible way to start this game, Hanohano hurt, defense arm tackling. bah!!!!

  183. koakane i5:

    prayer and good thoughts for hanohano

  184. greenthumb:

    Oh no.

  185. LizKauai:

    God Bless. Bringing stretcher for Geordon.


    the announcers talking bout hanohano's leg, but it look more like the neck got whip-lashed.

  187. LizKauai:

    Hard to say but I think it is a neck injury.

  188. Matt:

    Geordon throwing up the shaka as he gets carted off the field on a stretcher.

  189. uh fan:

    thoughts and prayers for G.H. our Defense is getting torched already..SMH..69-3 BYU...

  190. follower:

    God Bless Hano Hano!

  191. uh fan:

    that drive was too easy by BYU..ugh


    wow, our D makes contact behind line of scrimmage and the BYU runner powers through!!!

  193. d1shima:

    The good news is from here on UH going outscore dem, 56-7!


    our DC had the right calls, our players got to step-up!!!!

  195. jonj:

    anyone wanna share their DSL password n all that?!! lol stuck at work wit no TV sucks!

  196. d1shima:

    Stephen Tsai ‏@StephenTsai
    Preliminary indication is a neck strain.


    thanks d1shima


    bring back the horse collar

  199. Matt:

    Ugh. Interception by BYU.

  200. LizKauai:

    Edwards playing all three phases...

  201. d1shima:

    Damn it!


    oh boy, another DT down, sh!t!!!

  203. Matt:

    Matagiese is now down. 2nd DT to go down.

  204. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    This is going to get effen ugly.

  205. greenthumb:


  206. RedZone:

    Anae using his head as a weapon to take out our tackles.

  207. ลดความอ้วน:

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  208. Ipu Man:

    I remember some football kickers playing with a lead toe.
    I wonder if you could put a hunk of lead in your helmet,
    padded of course, and knock out your opponents legally...

  209. koakane i5:

    damn Anae twice helmet to helmet hits


    looks like the same BYU LG using his helmut as a battering ram into our players head. Hanohano and his replacement got hit the same way.

  211. d1shima:

    Stephen Tsai ‏@StephenTsai
    Siasau Matagiese is down. UH are(is) down to one DT.

  212. LizKauai:

    Pau. Too much helmet to helmet... poopoo kaka...

  213. d1shima:


    Contact with Hano was initial charge coming out of stance. Unfortunate, but can't fault that IMO.

    Second one...debatable

  214. uh fan:

    #56 from BYU needs to get ejected from the game. he has to have a metal plate in his helmet..SMH..thoughts and prayers to our boys..let's go Warriors!!

  215. MattO:

    Wow... laughing and congratulating the guy for taking out two of our guys with helmet to helmet hits.

    Stay classy, Provo. Stay classy.

  216. 99club:

    Doesn't look good when number 56 for BYU is yucking it up on the sideline. What the hell?

  217. mo808:

    Prayers to our fallen Warriors!

  218. koakane i5:

    why is that f... ing #54 on cougar team smiling asshole

  219. LizKauai:

    Effing Anae is smirking on the sideline...

  220. Slugger:

    Prayers for Saui & Geordan.

    The should kick BYU 56 out of the game.

  221. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Clip clip clip. Go for it. Clip um.

    Nah nah.

  222. MattO:

    When LizKauai swears, you know it's bad.

  223. greenthumb:

    Rule book quote that ESPN guy read seems painfully clear. This is shameful.

  224. papajoe2:

    Is he related to the doctor?

  225. d1shima:

    Talking heads running on about useless rules.

    Ban facemasks...pau head and neck injuries.


    yeah, clip um.

  227. Manoa:

    Not many people tougher than Bronco Mendenhall carrys over to his team.

  228. RedZone:

    Warriors you know what you got to do with that guy.

  229. follower:

    And the Refs will now keep an eye out for BYU 56. Yeah the jerk that's laughing on the sideline with his teammates. No class

  230. Kevin:

    Just say it people.

    One of our boys needs to cripple that P.O.S.

    Blow up his knee. Deliberate or not. No need be sly. Eye gouge. Whatever it takes.


    we going need our O-lineman to play DT

  232. Stephen Tsai:

    Matagiese appears to be able to move hands and legs.
    BYU RB Michael Alisa has arm in a sling. He's done for the night, too.

  233. greenthumb:

    Mendenhall just needs to bench this joker.

  234. LaieCoug:

    Tough loss for Hawaii

    Lets Go Cougars!!

  235. WarriorNY:

    Oh my god, I just got back. I'm so sorry for Matagiese and Hanohano. That was clearly a cheap shot. Then the guy doesn't even show any remorse.. I'm freakin' angry right now....

  236. Nakoa:

    PLEASE tell me somebody else saw Anae mocking Matagiese falling down after his neck injury! What a f*cking prick


    not trying to be funny, but how many stretchers do they have in Provo?

  238. 99club:

    Great D, Mike Edwards.

  239. LaieCoug:

    Nice!! First Down!!

  240. Nakoa:

    We're too slow

  241. Nakoa:

    Lots of byu players snickering as ours get carted off in ambulances. Byu has no class


    236, he was explaining what happened to our DT to #54 of BYU who was laughing.

  243. greenthumb:

    236 apparently us and ESPN, what about his coach?!

  244. Matt:



    yes, intercepted!!!!

  246. d1shima:


  247. RedZone:

    We need more like Phillips.

  248. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    #230 Kevin,

    I feel guilty for agreeing.

  249. Nakoa:

    Great play D!!!


    we needed that baaaad

  251. WarriorNY:

    Way to go DB's!

  252. 99club:

    YES! Big interception. We needed that. Thank you, Mr. Philips!

  253. LaieCoug:

    that Hawaii DB is good.

    Come on Cougars!!

  254. Matt:

    Come on offense. We need a score and to give the D a rest.

  255. Matt:

    Catch by BRS.

  256. d1shima:

    Billy Ray!

  257. 99club:

    Billy Ray Stutzman back in the house!

  258. greenthumb:


  259. Ipu Man:

    Maybe that bar of lead in #56's helmet was just his brains...

  260. Nakoa:

    We need to start taking out their knees

  261. LaieCoug:

    YESSSSS!!! Good Job DEEE!!!

  262. Ipu Man:

    Sorry, my bad...

  263. Kevin:


    Why feel guilty?

    Question. Was agreeing word for word with what I said the FIRST thing that entered your mind?

    If so, go with your FIRST instinct. It’s usually the most correct one.

  264. 99club:

    OK, pin 'em back.


    the color announcer is clueless, west coast and pro set offense are different

  266. 99club:

    Good fake by the BYU returner...

  267. LaieCoug:

    First Down!

  268. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Yes Word for word and then some.

  269. LaieCoug:

    First Down!!

    Lets Go Y!!

  270. koakane i5:

    where is our right side DE?

  271. Wes'side Warrior:

    Do we have anyone shadowing the QB?

  272. Wes'side Warrior:

    Laie... you on da wrong blog.


    too easy
    td byu

  274. LaieCoug:


    Too easy!!

  275. Ipu Man:

    14 nothing not too bad. UH can catch up.


    make it a game warriors!!!!!!

  277. Ipu Man:

    BYU is good on third downs...

  278. papajoe2:

    The 22 year old freshman qb is fast.

  279. LaieCoug:

    Wes'side Warrior: I'm on the right blog.


    our offense aint that great to fall back by 14, this aint the RnS

  281. Wes'side Warrior:

    Well, that's why they practice...

    Replacements gotta step up and show what you got!

    Let's go, Warriors!!!

  282. koakane i5:

    getting to easy cougars like Nevada hitting the spots blitzing lb leave open

    we need to re-think this scheme

  283. Nakoa:

    No you're not. Go find a coug blog and stop trolling around here

  284. d1shima:

    Settle down Schroeder

  285. LaieCoug:

    YESSS!! Good job DEEE!!


    SS shroeder pass way too high

  287. d1shima:


    Maybe someone is shadowing; problem is he is running to daylight!

  288. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    This high floating passes keep exposing our receivers. C'mon get it together.


    282. our DC only knows one gear, 5th gear.

  290. d1shima:


    Yup. Too excited (panicked?) so ball is sailing

  291. papajoe2:

    No zip. You killing your own man with no zip.

  292. Nakoa:

    Laiecoug you have no class just like your team

  293. LaieCoug:

    Nakoa: I believe I'm on the right blog. No one is cheering for Hawaii here. You all must be Cougar fans.


    Lets Go Y!!!

  294. koakane i5:

    WW let laie stay he just cheering for his team like us

    we tsaiko's bigger than dat

  295. Wes'side Warrior:

    Laie... come to someone's house and ack all stooopid? That's called trolling. Hope you get SMU'd.

  296. Steve's mom: come home right this instant and put your dolls away.

  297. Nakoa:

    Thanks for illustrating my point

  298. LaieCoug:

    No Class?

    Please continue to encourage your players to gouge our players' eyes and break our players knees because obviously, Hawaii can't play any real football.

    Lets Go Y!!!


    296 LMAO good one!

  300. WarriorNY:

    Tony Grimes with a couple of nice plays... Nice job Tony...

  301. Matt:

    Come on Defense. Need a stop!

  302. MauiSamurai:

    Hope UH wakes up - so far' poor tackling and terrible offense! Bring back the RNS or replace the QB. QB throws only floaters - no zip!

  303. Matt:

    Good sack. Alright offense, your turn.

  304. Nakoa:

    Hows that for real football?

  305. Nakoa:

    Looked like two dumbass plays by the mormons

  306. Wes'side Warrior:

    Finally a good defensive stop!

  307. d1shima:

    Here we go....56-0 from here!


    you mean morons

  309. Wes'side Warrior:

    Let's go, offense! Give us a good, sustained drive to pay dirt!

  310. Ipu Man:

    UH defense held. BYU punted. Here we go Warriors!

  311. Nakoa:

    Jerry Sandusky went to byu

  312. LaieCoug:

    How is it my fault your team happens to be inferior and can't play up to D-1 standards?

    Show some pride and stick up for your team. Who knows, they might get good in the second half.

    Lets Go Y!!!


    did not know that

  314. Wes'side Warrior:

    Any word on Saui yet?


    whoa, SS stares down his WR, almost a pick

  316. d1shima:

    Does anyone else notice the size difference? :shock:


    314. someone said he can move his arms and legs

  318. d1shima:

    Nice draw

  319. Ipu Man:

    Where there is a will, there is a Gregory.

  320. d1shima:


    Move da chainz!

  321. manoa#1:

    hey warrior fans stop crying u crybabies.


    316, yes, buy is huge, but they always are lol

  323. LaieCoug:

    Blessings for a speedy recovery to two fallen Warriors.

  324. Nakoa:

    Hey coug you lost to bsu 7-6 and youre up two tds. Come back down to earth



  326. LaieCoug:

    Come on Y. Step it up! Get tough!!

  327. WarriorNY:

    you're not fooling anyone...

  328. Nakoa:

    Does inoke have any eligibility left?

  329. Nakoa:

    And thank god we have one hell of a punter

  330. d1shima:

    A well-executed punt and cover. 1st of the year?

  331. Wes'side Warrior:

    We gotta execute. Gotta keep moving them chains!


    SS is better than inoke IMO

  333. manoa#1:

    hey nakoa da mormons kicking dat ---.

  334. manoa#1:

    hey nakoa da mormons kicking dat ---.


    329, i was gonna say, our punter looks good

  336. Steve's mom:

    Steven Kenji Imai you get home right now!


    our punter, CBs look good.

    i know this is the least of our worries, but we need better looking uniforms, go back to Nike


    so many missed tackles

  339. Nakoa:

    Manoa your mom stay calling

  340. LaieCoug:

    Nakoa, a victory over a community college doesn't make Hawaii better than us. Don't give up on your Warriors. Cougars love competition!

    Lets Go Y!!!


    oh boy

  342. Ipu Man:

    Hawaii blocks the extra point!

  343. Nakoa:

    Nice pat

  344. LaieCoug:


  345. MattO:

    Why does that keep happening? Break through the front line and NO ONE is there. It's happened at USC, it's happened w/ Nevada and now Provo.


    i think Riley Nelson just lost his starting QB job

  347. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Really Kaumeyer?

  348. Wes'side Warrior:

    Some body gotta stay on that QB!!!

  349. MattyBoy:

    Hawaii looks like a DII team.

  350. MattyBoy:

    This Is horrible


    345. its our safety's play IMO. i been saying it from the USC game

  352. follower:

    where is #9? he had alot of tackles last week? Frustrated, bet we couldnt WRAP a present either.

  353. MattyBoy:

    Thought Kaumeyer was supposed to be the real deal? This is embarrassing

  354. MattO:

    SAWARRIOR - agreed. Is it the scheme or is it players biting when the shouldn't?


    we making the freshman QB look great

  356. Wes'side Warrior:

    We run any slants yet? Haven't heard of any yet on the radio.

  357. RedZone:

    Good to have Billy Ray back.

  358. koakane i5:

    kden laie #312 let's keep it to da teams and leave personalities out

    bruddah WW I hurting like you but we show class

    damn gotta go hope things change when I return

  359. LizKauai:

    Ok... back again... had to do some WORK at work!
    God Bless.
    Play on, WARRIORS!

    Now Pau Hana...


    354, hard to say. i watching on tv and cant see the whole field

  361. Nakoa:

    Too many loco mocos

  362. MauiSamurai:

    Very POOR tackling! What will the coaches excuse will be this week? Outplayed and out coached. UH QB too slow on his feet! Chow needs to wake up and try something different. Give the RnS QB a chance. Wagner, J Jones, and Mack were correct; with the talent we got, the option is the way to go.

  363. d1shima:

    We're outmanned.

    DT's woulda had a rough day going UH is down to only Haku Correa as DT.

    That last TD Beau Yap was lined up as DT and couldn't eat up the C to prevent him from getting to the 2nd level. One LB blitzed the left side; the other one got doubled by the C and a slot....TD.

    That won't be the last one today...

  364. Wes'side Warrior:

    From the radio... both Warriors at the hospital were negative for neck injuries!


    espn cuts away to baseball, ultimate insult lol

  366. MauiSamurai:

    Even ESPN gave up on UH - went to baseball!

  367. LaieCoug:

    This is interesting... lets watch a No Hitter instead.

  368. greenthumb:

    X-ray reports neg, that is good news. What gives with 9th inning Cincinnati-Philly game?

  369. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Baseball? WTF

  370. manoa#1:

    #352 the dummy db coach jones don't know who da hell he like put in the game. all his first team players rre sitting now. das y hard he come from da canadian league. shdud of kept miano he from da nfl.


    364, thank god!

  372. d1shima:

    This has got to be the ultimate jinx for a no-hitter!

  373. LaieCoug:

    Wes'side Warrior, that's good news.

  374. LizKauai:

    They are making us watch a baseball game now...

  375. manoa#1:

    nakoa da mormons kicking da warriors A--.

  376. MauiSamurai:

    Time to go and hit some golf balls! Too frustrated watching poor play by U H!

  377. d1shima:

    Sack Attack!


    356. negative, i didn't see any quick slants on our part. no screens either

  379. Wes'side Warrior:

    Don't give up, defense! Let's go!

  380. d1shima:

    ....a cover sack at dat!

  381. manoa#1:

    let um know laie.

  382. papajoe2:

    Common Pirates, get a hit!

  383. manoa#1:

    no respect by espn but i understand the no hitter is better then wathing those sorry warriors get lickens.

  384. Chee!:

    Who cares about a potential no-hitter ESPN!!!! We're watching Warrior Football and so what if the score is 20 zip!!!' Geeez!

  385. PowderPuff: now. Argh!!!

  386. d1shima:

    Hold by the D!

    Let's GO!

  387. d1shima:

    NO NO!


    u know, the offense has an excuse for not having the right players for its scheme, but no excuse for the defense, even with 2 DTs out.

  389. Waikelewarrior:

    ESPN - you suck

  390. NYUHTX:

    Luckily, ESPN found an excuse to pull the plug on this sad affair.

  391. Matt:

    Come on offense. We need some points before the half.

  392. greenthumb:

    So Homer got the no-hitter, can we have our game back? (funny name for a pitcher)

  393. LizKauai:

    Alum in d house!

    Kealoha Pilares
    2 minutes ago via Twitter ·
    How u gonna cutoff the game for baseball when there's only one out? Lol sad times

  394. TChahng:

    I miss the Run and Shoot. :-(

  395. cocobean:

    Manoa you should use Kenji#1 as you blog alias it looks better.

  396. LaieCoug:

    Good job Deee!!

    Lets Go Y!!

  397. Wes'side Warrior:

    Actually, though... isn't this ESPN broadcast due to an arrangement with BYU? Or is this a broadcast on Hawaii's behalf?

  398. d1shima:


    Kaumeyer is now short 4 DT's. Just saying....

  399. Ipu Man:

    Stooopid helmet rule. Never ever heard of anyone getting hurt without one.

  400. follower:

    Lets try blaming it on the NTCC! "National TV Coverage Curse" i hope at halftime - (we) i can regroup.

  401. d1shima:

    Pu'u Robinson in at DE

  402. Committed Road Warrior:

    Wes'side Warrior,

    This ESPN broadcast is due to their arrangement with BYU. The MWC doesn't have a formal TV contract with ESPN.

  403. d1shima:

    Sacrifice a laptop!


    Wrong HC

  404. Wes'side Warrior:



    Gotta regroup.

    Let's go, Coaches!

  405. Ipu Man:

    If Washington can beat Stanford,
    UH can beat the Cougers.

  406. Wes'side Warrior:

    That's what I thought. Mahalo, CRW.


    398, our defense stunk in the nevada game too. arm tackles, missed tackles from the whole defense, not just DTs.

  408. LizKauai:

    Here we go WARRIORS!
    Onwards and upwards for the second half!

  409. d1shima:

    tweetah concurrence

    Stephen Tsai ‏@StephenTsai
    UH reports X-Rays both negative for Geordon Hanohano and Siasau Matagiese.

  410. Wes'side Warrior:

    We gotta change things up on offense. We are mainly ineffective.

  411. Ipu Man:

    Again, it is the qb beating us, as he just runs up the middle and gobbles up
    gobs of yards. Good news is, UH is finally sacking him and pressuring him.

  412. MattO:

    That was painful.

  413. Wes'side Warrior:

    We seem to be playing with no confidence. Can't string first downs together on a drive.

  414. LaieCoug:

    TChahng, you bring up a good point. I still anticipate seeing Hawaii's run n shoot. Very odd.

  415. Ipu Man:

    Billy Ray Sutzman shined...

  416. MattyBoy:

    It doesn't seem that Hawaii is making any good progressions throughout each game....not saying much about Chow and his selected staff

  417. d1shima:

    Agree about last week.

    Coming into this game BY-Who had a physical advantage that even a full 5-guy rotation at DT woulda found challenging. If no mo space-eaters to keep OG's and C from getting to the next level it's a long afternoon and Doman is a fool if he even calls for one pass in the 2nd half.

    LB's no usually have tackling drills with 300# guys in their cage.

  418. d1shima:

    Halftime Adjustments.

    Da last buggah nevah. Lessee wat dis one does...

  419. madeinhawaii:

    So far it appears that we have no answer to BYU's Defense... and no answer to BYU's Defense. But special teams is doing okay! All is not lost! ..;-)

  420. mctruck:

    Stop the slaughter ladat!!

    If we had a qb dat was a threat running the ball, maybe it wud help; poor guy, no can run and if he run's....a might too slow; and truthfully, I getting tired of he's throwing those over-head floaters....wat's going on man!?....dat 2nd string qb for BYU is killing us wit his running untouched by human hands.

    Well, we got a very young team and dey earning their lumps and bumps and will be much better for it in the long run. Wishing those injured the best as well.

  421. cavewarrior:

    Team does not have the proper player types for the schemes coaches would like to run...we will see if recruiting can bring them need to wait 3 years...but past history says those types of players are rare in coming to UH...ergo, we had RnS to counter...keep the faith!

    GO Warriors!!!

  422. Ipu Man:

    Anyone know why channel 12 is not showing high school football?
    I believe OC16 moved to that channel. Channel 24 schedule shows high school
    football is supposed to be shown on channel 12 now. Wonder where the big hs game
    tonight will be shown.

  423. madeinhawaii:

    Oops.. I meant "Offense in the second part of the first sentence.."

  424. WarriorNY:

    Does anyone know why Iosefa is being held out? I missed the first part of the game.

  425. cavewarrior:

    Would like to see Graves at QB, given this running ability. May open up holes for receivers and other running backs.

  426. Bigislandkurt:

    Go Bows.


  427. Bigislandkurt:

    Deep breaths.

    Remind myself.

    This is a re-building season.

    Deep breaths.




    from what i understand, pro-set offense needs a strong-armed, smart Qb and fast WR to stretch the field to open up the underneath stuff and running game— we don't have that. no one on our offense scares the D, no one. the D has to just cheat for the run (8 in box) and they will win. IMO

  429. manoa#1:

    #224 papajoe2 he's the doc's nephewdad is robert. robert applied for the head coach job here.

  430. d1shima:


    Tonite is SLS-KamSkoo (yah, you heard me, DPK! :-P )

    Tomorrow Kahuku-Govs is on OC16

  431. jonj:

    is the game back on or do i stay at work to watch game from comp??

  432. Stephen Tsai:

    Malepai and Lefotu are out for the rest of the game.
    One has a knee injury, the other an elbow injury. No confirmation on whom is suffering from what.

  433. WarriorPride:

    Wonder if Chow will bring in the #2 QB? Schroeder is okay, however, is there that much of difference in talent between the #2. Give Graves a shot at this point coach!

  434. d1shima:

    Players. Need players.

    If hot receivers can separate, QB no need run.

    If no can, splat!

  435. Wes'side Warrior:

    Even if we don't have the "proper" personnel to run the chosen offense, Coach has shown that he can work with the personnel he has to achieve goals. We need to mix it up more.

  436. Committed Road Warrior:

    Total yards aren't even close:

    BYU 341
    UH 99

  437. d1shima:


    It's on!


    When it rains....

  438. WarriorNY:

    Geez, these injuries are crazy....

    I think Shutter was practicing at #2.

  439. Mojito:

    Looks like the local beef in the trenches are not USDA Prime! Come on boys don't let them 300 lb LDS men push you around.

  440. madeinhawaii:

    If our coaches don't have the personnel to run what they envision, then they need to revamp their visions till they get the kind of players they need and not try to fit a square plug into a round hole and vice-versa... Otherwise we can expect more of the same next season, as well. That won't bode well for ticket sales.

  441. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    USC was overrated.

    Unfortunately my thoughts that Hawaii showed promise during that game was also overrated.


    428. cont... i don't see a day when we can recruit consistently the type of players we need to succeed with this type of pro-set/style offense. smart, strong-armed QB and blazing WRs. Those players go to the USC's of the college football world.

  443. manoa#1:

    nakoa ur grandma calling.

  444. RedZone:

    Malepeai also out with knee injury.

  445. d1shima:

    Arm tackling.

    If these guys nevah know how to tackle, they wudna been here. Geez...erryboddy watched all those HS highlight film in amazement! dats HSFB, this is CFB.

    A DB is not gonna make a pile-drive stick if he is tryna avoid getting plowed or engaged by a TE or maybe even a OT.

    Hawaii is hurting up front now...cheer 'em on. Hope they can hang in.

  446. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    For the love of Christ

  447. MattyBoy:

    New system huh? This is just horrible! So embarrassing!!

  448. d1shima:

    Incomplete pass


    440. agree

  450. papajoe2:

    The guy came from the right tackle's side. Heard right tackle and guard is out.

  451. Manoa:

    Horrible stat for Norm-- he has been shut out in all of the last three games he coached at BYU--including the blowout when he was at UCLA-- 59-0(?), but he won at Utah last year.

  452. d1shima:


  453. papajoe2:

    SAWARRIOR, my friend says next year's qb who is sitting out this year, is the real deal. Transfered from Ohio Stae.

  454. Ipu Man:

    Still not as bad so far as the Reno Nevada score...

  455. Wes'side Warrior:

    C'mon, Warriors! Gotta fight back! Let's go!


    no more Nationally televised games!!! getting spanked on national TV 2 weeks in a row!!!!

  457. Ipu Man:

    The trouble is, we need to recruit 8 big guys for each line position on both
    defense and offense, except maybe center.

  458. HawaiiMongoose:

    Lefotu and Shigematsu both hurt. This game is turning out to be an absolute disaster from an injury standpoint.


    453, i heard the hype about him. i hope ur friend is right.

  460. Ipu Man:

    Did we ever get that guy from South Dakota, 6'5" who wanted to come here.
    He was nice enough to come on this blog, too.

  461. RedZone:

    Way too many injuries.

  462. Committed Road Warrior:

    SAWARRIOR #456:

    You're gonna be disappointed again...because next week's game against SDSU is also gonna be nationally televised. This time on CBS Sports Network.


    well, the good thing is we young and with all the injuries we will have an experienced team next season.

  464. papajoe2:

    SA~ Next week too, at San Diego State.

  465. d1shima:

    Come on, somebody make a play!

  466. Slugger:


  467. DoubleB:

    This is the 1st yr I convinced my wife to get season tickets. I don't think she will let me renew next yr unless they do better. I have to say this is Bad... Very Bad Football on both SIDS of the ball so far.


    462. Cripes!!!!!!!!

  469. d1shima:

    8 yards and 9 yards on consecutive 1st downs. :-)

  470. papajoe2:

    Is this our deepest penetration? Inside the 50.

  471. Wes'side Warrior:

    Finally called for "targeting"!!! Dang it!


    3rd an short pass, wr screen again!

  473. DoubleB:

    Oops sides of the football

  474. d1shima:

    Stoned on 2nd. :-(

  475. d1shima:


    Looks like something was headed downfield.

    We see after the TO

  476. uh fan:

    We punted the ball more times than we have first downs..Sad.. we'll be lucky to win 3 games this season

  477. Ipu Man:

    Miss Moniz...

  478. Nakoa:

    Please sit Schroeder Down!!! There is a reason he didn't play at Duke!......DUKE!!

  479. Nakoa:

    God if only we had moniz

  480. d1shima:


  481. Ipu Man:

    Got to give coaches and players for balls on fake punt.

  482. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Lol this is getting comical .

  483. LaieCoug:

    Good job Dee!!

    Lets Go Y!!

  484. d1shima:

    Nice cover MEdwards


    edwards is a stud

  486. uh fan:

    Mike Edwards is the only star that we have on Defense

  487. Nakoa:

    Come back June

  488. Ipu Man:

    Good defense pressure by UH.

  489. DoubleB:

    What the Fake are they doing!


    what numba is Puu-Robinson?

  491. Kevin:

    New coach new everything... wasnt going to be pretty.

    This is rough no doubt, but this isnt like Chow's 3rd or 4th season here.

    Jesus.. for a sport that has the most testosterone, some of its fans are the biggest drama queens alive.

    Bunch of marys...

  492. d1shima:

    3 and out. Nice job D

  493. NYUHTX:

    Oh Rocky, that trick never works.

  494. Bigislandkurt:

    If we could only have more studs than duds.

    Aren't we just stinking up the joint?


  495. Matt:

    Good job Mike Edwards.

  496. d1shima:

    #85 Pu'u Robinson

  497. uh fan:

    C'mon coach..put in David Graves..we need a spark on Offense..

  498. DoubleB:



    we should have declined

  500. follower:

    CAN WE SEE IF GRAVES CAN EXECUTE SOMETHING! What do we got to loose? Put him in Coach!

  501. =VH=:

    428. No accident that when UH has been good, we've run gimmick offenses (Run and Shoot, read option) that allow for the difference in size/talent that UH can usually get.

  502. Wes'side Warrior:

    On the radio, BC just said of the second punt... "A wobbly spiral". Just thought it was funny.


    491. it's why we are called fans (fanatics), unlike some with no passion and no get upset when we get our azz's handed to us.


    501. agree 100%

  505. follower:

    whats with Schroeder throwing his hands up ("i dont know what happened coach") everytime we dont execute?

  506. DoubleB:

    503... Rajah. Hope to see better results in the second half.

  507. Nakoa:

    Too long have uh fans made excuses for mediocrity or in this case being completely outplayed. Weve had a "young team" since 2008

  508. Nakoa:

    Sit Schroeder's ass down

  509. Wes'side Warrior:

    I feel like the offense is not working and has no fire. I wouldn't mind seeing Graves come in and wake everyone up, like he did last year.

  510. Ipu Man:

    Tavita Woodard sack man.

  511. d1shima:

    D is coming on this half.

    Need O to get it in gear...


    wags got Paul Johnson here with the triple option because of the talent level/type we have in the islands. short 6'-6'2" nimble, mobile, stubby lineman type of talent. the tall, big mauling guys mostly go to the bigger BCS schools.

  513. Wes'side Warrior:

    All right, O. Let's go!

  514. DoubleB:

    So far good adjustment on D. Second stop. Come on O... Let's Go!

  515. Nakoa:

    Please put anybody else in at QB

  516. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


  517. d1shima:

    Dat was fugly

  518. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    3 guys rush and they still got pressure

  519. DoubleB:

    Schroder looks like Cutler with his complaining.

  520. papajoe2:

    Punter looks good though.

  521. Waikelewarrior:

    Agree #509!

  522. papajoe2:

    We still under the spread. Bwahahahaha.

  523. manoa#1:

    chow is a old grumpy hard head guy. he ain't gonna play graves.

  524. papajoe2:

    WW, I thought that last week about letting some other qb get reps. Maybe coach still thinks he can win this game. We're getting dominated on both sides of the ball.


    dang looks like edwards hurt his wrist

  526. Chee!:

    Knowing we might have a rough season because of the coaching change is one thing but watching the team get decimated by injuries and straight up out played on all 3 phases of the game is shocking to say the least......just gotta keep da faith!

  527. RedZone:

    How come they neva call that one against USC?

  528. DoubleB:

    Is this the same team that scored just 6 pts last week?

  529. follower:

    61 passing yards for UH. EMBARASSING! which is worse only 61 passing yards or Chow still has him in the game? gosh and I have never posted this much in a game. This is so bad.

  530. LaieCoug:

    Don't give up on your team, Hawaii fans.


    #33 comes in on some weak blitzes


    Beau Yap is a stud lol

  533. papajoe2:

    There goes the spread.

  534. d1shima:

    PI on the BJudge :-(

  535. follower:

    @519 Double D - Thats exactly right!!


    528. we make every D1 offense look good

  537. follower:

    @519 Double B (sorry) - Thats exactly right!!

  538. Ipu Man:

    I'm all for Schroeder and lst team.
    But heck, what is wrong with giving Graves, and others a touch...

  539. Pauoa Boy:

    Schroeder has no "it" factor, he is not a gamer at all at QB. Indecisive, not mobile, stupid throws. He's gotten enough reps to prove he cannot move the offense down the field. I cannot stand watching this dude anymore. Our offense is so stagnant and our OLine is giving him more than enough time to get rid of the football. I think it's time to start someone else...Graves were you at buddy!

  540. DoubleB:

    This is gonna hurt recruiting too I think. Getting Wooped on TV 2... Maybe 3 times can't be good.

  541. Bigislandkurt:

    Mike Wadsworth on the BYU sideline with BIG SMILE on his face. I'd have one too.

    Karma's a b.



    oh boy, sad

  543. Ipu Man:

    I'm not giving up or against coach chow.
    Just is everybody on this blog against Graves coming in for a few plays?

  544. Pauoa Boy:

    Nice job again Schroeder, seriously Coach Chow lets get another guy in there please!!!

  545. manoa#1:

    TD cougs.......rah rah...rah rah rah..rah rah...rah rah rah....gooooooo cougars and da route is on.

  546. madeinhawaii:

    Let's hope our injured (2 OL, 3 DL) will be ready to play next week otherwise, it's going to be just as bad or even worse.

  547. cocobean:

    Wish i took the day off to watch the game. Want to see for myself what's going on. Last week Ault was one step ahead of our D. Seemed like he knew where to attack, how to attack and who to attack. It looked like he figured out early on what our defensive assignments were and play called accordingly. If you go back and watch the tape their blocking was excellent in terms of creating gaps and also blocking the right 2nd level defender assigned to cover an area or player.

    I want to see how BYU is attacking our D. From what I've read here their QB is the designated play maker for this game. The OC must be seeing something they can exploit by using his QB's athleticism. The 1st thing he'll look in this half is what adjustment HI made to contain his QB. If it's an adjustment in scheme he'll attack the scheme if it's an adjustment in player assignment he'll attack that player if no adjustment is made then he'll continue to do what he's been doing.

    The O is Norm's kuleana. No one has posted any clear picture of what's going on but if similar play calling is going on as in the Reno game we'll have trouble coming from behind. Norm's vision of the O seems to be it's just a part of the overall game plan. Yes it's there to score but also to control the clock and win field position and rest for the D. His is a more pro type view where tries to create a symbiotic relationship between the phase of the game to produce a win. In layman's terms - old shcool style of winning.

  548. cheepono:

    leo koloamatangi in for shigematsu and man he just got burned.


    im gonna do something exciting... put my laundry in the dryer.

  550. Matt:

    Edwards back on the field. Thankfully, it looks like he's okay.

  551. madeinhawaii:


    What "route" is that?

  552. Ipu Man:

    Is it politically incorrect to even mention Graves' name?

  553. DoubleB:

    Uhhh no can sense the rush?

  554. LaieCoug:

    This was entertaining.


    Good luck on your season.

  555. papajoe2:

    BYU used their back up qb tonight and he actually did better than the original starter.

  556. MauiSamurai:

    Not much difference between Von Appen and Chow's offense and defensive strategy! Looks like this is going to be a long season.

  557. Not an Expert:

    UH does look sad. Why not put in another quarterback and one of 2 things can be accomplished and said. Good move and seems the new Q has given a different dimension to the offense or does not matter who the Q is, being results being the same.

  558. cheepono:

    true frosh marrell jackson playing now too. next up andrade?

    looks like koloamatangi and marrell won't be redshirting this year.

  559. Bigislandkurt:

    quite possibly the worst 2 game stretch since the Von Oppen years. Just sayin.

    Oh yeah, that's right. We are rebuilding this year.



  560. DoubleB:

    6 TDs and counting... Recruiting angle "Hey son you will be starting as a true freshman"

  561. madeinhawaii:

    I had to turn the TV off... I'll go outside and cut some koa...

  562. Ipu Man:

    Anyhow, thankyou coaches and all the players
    for putting your guts out for this game.
    Go team. Go Warriors.

  563. Pauoa Boy:

    Doesn't matter who's playing QB on the opposing team, the defense is so out of sync it ain't even funny. We got guys who can play... the schemes Coach K is using are being exploited like crazy. Frikkin sickening watching our boys get there asses handed to them!!!


    i call chow's play calling so far— predictable.

  565. manoa#1:

    # 551 madeinhawaii r u tupid look at da score......duuuhhhhh.

  566. Wes'side Warrior:

    Ipu Man... maybe coach don't want to create a QB controversy. But our offense has been largely ineffective. Maybe another QB will see something quicker than QB1. Maybe another QB's game time energy will revitalize teammates. Gotta try something.
    I guess prospective recruits would have two views...
    Either this is bad, or
    I want to go there, because I know I can make a difference.

    Let's go, Warriors!

  567. follower:

    BYU had only scored 9 points so far this season untill UHWarriors show up, and we gift them 34 in 3 quarters so far and we have a BIG FAT ZERO!

  568. Ipu Man:

    Now if USC, Nevada and BYU go to Bowl games and win,
    we did ok

  569. longdistance808:

    Schroeder is good only if he has lots of time in pocket. That's a great talent to possess... in flag football.

    From the last two games, I have seen that he lacks;

    - ability to escape
    - a "live" arm
    - accuracy under duress
    - chemistry with his teammates
    - accuracy downfield

    Time for a change.

    I really don't want to be negative, but I really am tired of strangers coming up to me in the bar the last two weeks and asking: "Is that really the best QB Hawai'i has?"

  570. Wes'side Warrior:

    We just do not convert on 3rd downs. Kills the fight.

  571. Bigislandkurt:

    Can anybody say Regression?

    I can handle losing. Especially if we are in rebuilding mode.

    I have a hard time handling getting blown out in consecutive weeks.




    563. yup, i've said that after the Nevada game, it's the schemes and not the players. no ways should our D get blown out. a loss, yes but a blow-out, NO.

  573. MauiSamurai:

    I wonder if JD was right on who should have been Mack's replacement or if Mack should have been replaced? To bad the UH administration and BoR play to much politics and don't let the right people make the decisions. UH has been completely outplayed. SS passes just float! If he continues to throw like that he will get picked again!

  574. d1shima:

    See...lookadat! You wait long enuf widda ball and good tings happen! ;-)

  575. Wes'side Warrior:

    "Roughing the passer... led with the helmet."

  576. greenthumb:

    Another helmet to helmet???? No class.

  577. Pauoa Boy:

    WTF Schroeder how much time do you need to get rid of the frikkin ball dude. I swear this dude SUCKS yes I said it and I don't care, he hasn't proven shit to me as a D1 QB, no wonder he has at the bottom of the depth chart for DUKE... and he starts here??? What a frikkin joke!!!

  578. Moocher:

    defense looks extremely soft from the start. poor tackling seems to be carried over from the nevada game.

    what i'm seeing is the problem is not shroeder. yes he is hanging on to the ball but in my opinion it's because receivers are not getting open. all in all, chow is dated and needs to be innovative...sad to say he is not.

    i don't mind the team losing as long as long as they improve. but in my opinion this team cannot improve as long as chow does not improve by insisting on doing the same things over and over making it easier for opposing defenses.

    chows first year looks like von appens last and i cannot help to feel it is because of the pro style offense.


    dang, still 13 min left to play

  580. =VH=:

    Bobbled hand offs. Throwing a 2 yard comeback pattern on 3rd and 10. Just awful, awful football.

  581. Wes'side Warrior:

    Don't know if it was helmet to helmet, but the ref said he led with the helmet. Another BYU player was called for "targeting" earlier for leading with his helmet.

  582. NYUHTX:


  583. greenthumb:

    *correction just one helmet, but it's one too many

  584. AlaWai:

    As hard as it is to watch this, its tougher on the players. Chin up boys!


    pro-style offense requires BCS type talent to succeed. IMO

  586. greenthumb:

    How many yards of penalties does BYU have?

  587. MauiSamurai:

    Well can't get rid of Chow since we just got rid of Mack and can't afford another buy out!

  588. MikeB:

    Chow for coach of the year and SS for hiesman trophy.

  589. Pauoa Boy:

    It is Schroeder to me cause if his receivers ain't open you got two other options. Either run forest run or throw the dayum ball away. He does neither of them, he just likes to get hit to show people he's tough??? He has ample time, the receivers aren't always open but he has a check down as well???

  590. madeinhawaii:



    ... "Rout" I can see.. "route" is something totally different... So, I'd watch who you are calling "stupid," stupid.

  591. Ipu Man:

    Chow is ok.
    It takes time.
    Hawaii has lots of that.

  592. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Rushing Yards:

    BYU: 340

    Hawaii: 20

  593. NinjaWarriorTurtle:

    BYU just running over Hawaii. Faster, stronger. I thought the defense would be better than this.

  594. longdistance808:

    Chow not the problem. I think the scheme is sound (except the wildcat). SAWARRIOR is right. Talent is lacking for the scheme.

  595. Ipu Man:

    Peyton avoiding testifying cause he is taking Kidney dialisis and is in the hospital now...

  596. Pauoa Boy:

    Chow needs time to get the players he needs that suits the offense. With what we have though, I mean you can't tell me Schroeder a frikkin Duke reject is the best QB we have. Graves got some game experience, can move, and sees the field quicker in my opinion. It won't be a QB controversy, but we need game time players not practice players. Schroeder may do all the right things in practice but when the light comes on, seems like his light bulb goes off!


    591. lmao

  598. Bigislandkurt:

    Mercy Rule already.


  599. longdistance808:

    Pauoa Boy: True. True.

  600. Pauoa Boy:

    I wonder if BYU can score more than Nevada? Nah Bronco Mendenhall is a better Coach than Ault and won't run up the score too much. He's probably thinking I'm not trying to run the score up but it's so easy to move the ball on these guys, I don't know what else to do? Maybe put in all my freshmen players, no can't cause our freshmen QB is killing there defense too, hmm...

  601. Janusz:

    Has a college football coach ever been fired after one year in d1?????I know it's happened In the NFL.The jets fired Pete Carroll in 94 .

  602. Bigislandkurt:

    If talent is lacking for the scheme, why can't coach see that and make adjustments? Didn't coach say that he would capitalize off of the strengths of his players?

    Looks like he sticking with Schroeder 'till the end.


  603. papajoe2:

    SS still in. How bout that?


    a lot of mid-majors and lesser BCS schools went to the spread because of a lack of BCS type players, Georgia Tech, Navy, Utah, Houston, Texas Tech, Washington St etc... even Ohio State, Texas, Oregon has/is using the spread, we're going backwards in thinking. IMO

  605. greenthumb:

    No quit in our team. Thank you for your efforts and healing wishes to the wounded players.

  606. Ipu Man:

    SS must really be good papajoe2.

  607. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Put Graves in. Just see what he is able to do. Give him some reps.

  608. Moocher:

    thats exactly it. pro style offenses need pro style players. hawaii has never gotten those types of players both in numbers and consistency and we never will because those types of players are going to go to big name school like a BYU, UCLA, USC.....hmmmmm now doesn't that tell you that something? It tells you chow had the players to fit what he wanted to do...and it worked. but now, chow needs to adjust.

    last time we were shut out was with von appen and a west coast offense...let's hope we aren't shut out once again using a pro style west coast offense.

  609. AlaWai:

    Don't we have the personnel to try the Run and Shoot? We have the receivers and two QBs on the bench. Chance 'em!

  610. MauiSamurai:

    Looks like Chow gave up since he is running the ball to let the clock run! Looks like no fight in U H! Still using SS!

  611. Pauoa Boy:

    Hey at least there are a few bright spots to this game. A blocked extra point, Dunnachie booming some pretty nice punts, Edwards doing what he can locking down his man for the most part... and, uh, umm, uh, umm, uh, umm, that's about it!

  612. NYUHTX:

    I don't have a problem with Schroeder, I just don't believe in the cult of the QB that says they are too puny to sit out a round here or there.

  613. NYUHTX:

    At least Obama will cream Romney.

  614. madeinhawaii:

    Got to play to our strengths, not our weaknesses...

  615. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    My friends new motto. "We Will Chase 1st Downs".


    chow said something funny that i read. chow does not want to take out SS because he wants to show the team they not quitting no matter the score. But when chow runs the ball to run out the clock, it's a form of quitting, especially when u down by 47 points.

  617. Pauoa Boy:

    Hmm...looking at the rest of the schedule, maybe we get chance against South Alabama.

  618. Ipu Man:

    Coach Chow, and your staff and especially your players.
    Thanks for fighting tonight. Just wish you would give some
    meaningful touches to the other qbs.

  619. papajoe2:

    If defense miss a tackle, they just stop and watch rather than persueing the runner. You never know, the runner may cut back, stop and juke, or even fumble.


    613. i hope not

  621. Dyama:

    Where's Shutter, ANYBODY? What a joke!!!


    617. i sadly predicting before the season started a 2-10 year.

  623. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    YES! Nice hold on 4th!

    We have them right where we want them now.

  624. Bigislandkurt:


    Post of the day!



    all of the outside was open and gregory cuts back to the pile

  626. papajoe2:

    New qb #15. Who dat. Dang, I need a program.

  627. MauiSamurai:


  628. NYUHTX:


  629. Dan-O:

    Lets be real people....we have NO talent! While coaching is a part of the equation, you need size, speed and talent to run the new offensive and defensive schemes.

    JJ knew that the RNS was the equalizer....

  630. Ipu Man:

    ...meaningful touches...

  631. Moocher:

    i can't knock the players. but i can certainly knock the coaches.
    running the ball with under 2 minutes...way to go chow, thanks for having pride in trying to score.

  632. NinjaWarriorTurtle:

    No points, no offense, no defense. Absolute drubbing. There's supposed to be a drop-off on offense, but this is falling off the map. Total domination by BYU. Hard to imagine Hawaii can pull itself to respectability in two to three years.

  633. papajoe2:

    Finally a different qb and he only hands off.

  634. Pauoa Boy:

    Coach Chow: Hey Coach K wassup with the defense???

    Coach K: Uh, well what had happened was...

    Coach Chow: It's okay Nevada just had a good QB and RB, just use the same scheme and hopefully it will work against BYU, what do you think?

    Coach K: Okay boss (fingers crossed), I hope so

    Coach Chow: So it looks like we got our ass kicked twice huh???

    Coach K: Well dayum Coach we haven't scored any points either...

  635. Ipu Man:

    BC said it was Shutter, not Graves, dang!

  636. d1shima:


    56 - 14 d1shima

  637. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Oh well we almost had em.

  638. longdistance808:

    I wonder what Fred Von Appen is doing these days. He'd be really affordable.

    I'm just kidding. I use humor as a defense mechanism against crying due to dispair.

  639. Wes'side Warrior:

    They finally put a different QB in... so let him air it out! Not just hand-offs! Same like BYU... they put in reserves, and still let them prove that they can make plays.

  640. Dyama:



    634 lmao nice

  642. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Honestly it's not all bad.

    If you take away about 65 plays, we would have been in this games and competitive.

  643. Bigislandkurt:


    Might be the theme for the season.

    Yes yes....I love you boys....thank you for your efforts....go warriors.....heal the wounded, and all that other nice nice stuff.

    But in the end....

    Cracks. Two weeks in a row. San Diego State next. More cracks.


  644. Buffoman:

    I have to admit that our defense is terrible. Their angles are way off, they are terrible tackling team and guys like #40 looks like he quit. Terrible.

    Schroeder is just keeping the position warm so to speak. Hebwon't be the Qb next year.

    It will be just as ugly next week. Hats to agree with the naysayers but I cannot see a miracle turnaround with a week's practice.

    One thing that is noteworthy, lots of firsts this year. Nevada firstvwin at Aloha stadium, UH first shutout since-----. Lots on ugly firsts.

    I still will support coacch. Got to believe better days are ahead.

  645. Janusz:

    I sure miss the run n shoot !!!!!

  646. Last Call:

    Just saw a guy wearing a Fire Chow t-shirt.Tough crowd.

  647. Last Call:

    Me too Janusz

  648. Wes'side Warrior:

    Still waiting for us to finally "click". Hope that breakout game will happen soon! But we really gotta fix our defense too. Had great hope with the first two games, and thought maybe being overly aggressive against Reno did us in. But this was a tough game... on top of all the injuries. And the offense is still not converting anything to move the chains.

  649. Pauoa Boy:

    Okay now lets see how many want to sugar coat the team by saying they played hard and make excuses for them??? Two weeks, two shut-outs, two ass whoopins on TV for everyone to see... Sucks but the truth hurts when you watch a team getting out coached and out played!

  650. Wes'side Warrior:

    Yes, hats off to Billy Ray for doing his thing... even with that metal plate and screws in his hand!

  651. manoa#1:

    sorry madeinhawaii i did'nt mean dat.


    nothing against SS (he needs other players to help), but we need graves in there because of his mobility. stuff breaks down, WR not open, he can make something happen with his legs.

  653. Dyama:

    649,Agree 100%. What now???

  654. VonAppen:

    Eaten Alive.

  655. hightide:

    CHOW=VON APPEN. If he refuses to play another qb. I will refuse to watch . What is the point when the other team is up 40-0 and you going with your 3rd string from a 3rd string program.
    JUNES JONES went 9-4 with VON APPENS recruits .
    Let me repeat CHOW= VON APPEN

  656. manoa#1:

    i mean i did'nt mean it.

  657. Pauoa Boy:

    Defensive Line seems to have gone to shit once Samia got injured, was he really that huge of a difference on the DLine???

  658. Moocher:

    flat tire for the rest of year.....i don't think the team will recover. losing looks to be a habit now unless chow adapts. gotta change and play to your players strengths.

    shroeder is not bad....he looks bad because everyone else is trying something new and not too good at it. i'd cut shroeder some slack.

    this team's troubles is much the same as von appens teams's the schemes. and that means coaching.


    i hope chow isn't too stubborn, hard-headed, stuck-in his old school ways, and favoring the QB he brought in, versus the ones that another coach recruited.

  660. MauiSamurai:

    Looks like the Coach gave up - not the players!

  661. Shoko:

    Wish I had something positive to say about this game. So, I'll just say this...

  662. Buffoman:

    #657 I agree. Funny but it seems that he was the head and shoulders better player. We really need more like him. I will give coach this year as his hall pass. It will be tough recruiting or he is using reverse strategy by letting recruits believe they will compete for playing time immediately.

  663. lava:

    The talent is here. You guys said as much by claiming an Aloha Bowl in our future. That ain't happening.

    Short of grabbing his undies and looking for the name tag sewn in, I'm saying, as I did before the BYU debacle, that Norm Chow is the second coming of Fred Von Appen. He may have been an offensive guru in his early days, but this isn't the same coach. Now he is gray haired and impotent. Bring back Rolo.

  664. tommui:

    Don't give up the ship!

  665. puhi:

    Holy Smokes!!!

  666. wafan:


    More bandwagon fans ditch the team.


    i dont expect us to win in chow's first year, but asking him for his team to be competitive is not asking too much. we look like a bad D2 team out there.

  668. wafan:

    NOT auspicious.

  669. wafan:

    Warriors. Respond!


    663. i made no such claim. 2-10 was my prediction.

  671. Ipu Man:

    I support the coaches and the team.
    I don't mind losing---even all the games.
    Just put in Graves as a qb now and then and not for the last play.

  672. Ipu Man:

    RU guys Grave haters??????

  673. Warrior in Georgia:

    I tried to tell you guys this 5 months ago and guess what I was right.

    The first time we have been shutout since the Von Appen days. Another complete embarrassment on national tv with a coach that is completely clueless.

    In four games he has taken a program that AVERAGED 8 wins a year over the last 13 years and has turned us into the laughingstock of Division 1 football.

    He had e every skill starter back but one from a team that averaged 30 points a game last year, so it is definitely NOT the players, it is Chow and is outdated offense and pathetically outmatched defensive coordinator that are failing this once proud program.

    I thought 4-8, but now I'm thinking 3-9 and it is time to start Graves or Shutter. I also told you that There was a reason that this guy didn't play at Duke but no wanted wanted to hear it.

    ABSOLUTELY SAD!!!!!!!!

  674. Ipu Man:

    Well, I guess we all hate the grave...


    not me, i would like to see graves in there. he's mobile, we need that right now.

  676. Janusz smyczynski:

    I live in orange county.I love the warriors. I've been watching the rainbow warriors/ warriors play since the 1989 hula bowl. I spend 1 week of my vacation every year since 2002 visiting the great Islands of Hawai'i and Aloha stadium to watch the warriors play.I went to the sc game I have tickets for the sdsu game next week already.I won't be taking an 11 hour round trip to the islands this year. It's just not worth it after tonight!

  677. Whats up:

    Everyones emotions are hot right now and we are all pissed about our beloved Warriors doing so poorly. But with a team so young and inexperience and I mean young as in Hawaii has so many 1st year starters starting its not going to get better anytime soon. With the injuries there are going to be more 1st time starters. Listen it's going to get more ugly before it get better, give the players and coaches time. I not happy with the Warriors performance either and the Defense is so bad that Kaumeyer needs to make adjustments to his defense now. I expect the Offense to struggle badly but not the defense!

  678. madeinhawaii:


    no worries... was just volleying back the compliment...

    games like this make us all fiesty...

  679. GA Warrior:

    It doesn't matter if your trying to use more clock to rest your defense if you defense cant stop anyone and you can't score any points. This offense is so 15 years ago, we have regressed and Chow is stuck way back in the past. You can talk about being patient, blah, blah but, he looks lost on the sideline and out of his league. First time we have been shut out since Von Appen was around. At least we were competitive the last 2 years, won 16 games. Donovan panicked, fired Mac and the program has been set back 3-4 years. Another complete embrassment on national tv.

  680. RedZone:

    Jim Donovan did not panick and fire Mack. You need to get your facts straight.

  681. islandman:

    GA Warrior, #679,
    It came out in the hearings, that Donovan actually wanted to retain Mac for three more years, but he was overridden on that.


    no matter how young the team is, we should not be blown out by Nevada by 45 pts, and BYU by 47 pts. no ways. Those making the we are young excuse, it's just that, an excuse — a bad excuse.

  683. HollyCrapp:

    I said it once, I'll say it again. If June could come in his 1st year as Hawaii's head coach and take Vonn Appens 0-18 players, yet lead Hawaii to a 9-2 record, and make history by winning games period in his years here, why can't Chow and his staff? Not even Mack had a loss such as this. The way its looking, it looks like another repeat of losing with the system we have, just saying.

  684. Warrior in Georgia:

    Either way some idiot over there made the wrong decision to make a change. Living in Georgia its hard to get a lot of details about the hearings. What else about Mac's firing have we missed?

  685. Ipu Man:

    Coach Chow and players will do better next week.

  686. Capitolist/WassupDoc:

    I was in meetings all afternoon and got into the car, turned on the radio and heard that there just five seconds left with another blowout.

    Frankly, this is not what I expected, but this is what we've got to deal with.

    In the meantime, we've got basketball, volleyball, baseball, and softball to continue to support this academic year- even if you don't want to watch the football team anymore.

  687. HollyCrapp:

    Call H.E.L.P.!


    683. mac didn't lose like this because the foundation was already set.

  689. Ipu Man:

    Peace and goodnight to ALL tsaikos.
    Happy Trails.

  690. GA Warrior:

    Well with all the mess that is going on over there in the UH hierarchy, that doesnt surprise me. Just didnt see the need to revamp and overhaul the program, Moniz getting hurt basically doomed the season, not the coaching. Going to be a long year.

  691. MauiSamurai:

    At least Mack would have scored!

  692. cee808:

    The SA's report on the "NCAA's inquiry of UH" points to an interesting level of diligence on the part of "the school". The article provides a repetition of past unproven allegations, as well as confirmation from various officials that there was no new information. The article nicely illustrates that notice of possible investigations, investigations, and updates (such as they are) on investigations appear to be negotiating tools of choice for some.


    692. yeah, sounds like threats to me. lol

  694. MattyBoy:


    Too much faith I see.

  695. Slugger:

    K, NEXT! Keep working at it, team. I still support them. Hope the coaches can figure out where we need to do more work. Wish I could go to the Na Koa lunch to hear the analysis.

    Prayers for our guys who are hurt.

    Discovered that mo808's hubby is my brother's classmate. Coach Sellito says, Hi! You missed him at Murphy's. He showed up later sitting with Russell Dung.

  696. What is Phone Chat:

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    695. i seen some reports and if i remember a video. it's not very detail oriented, i really got nothing form them. watch the post game interview, it's pretty much all you get out of them. much different than the pat regimes.

  698. madeinhawaii:

    Against FBC teams..

    Game 1.. loss by 39 points USC
    Game 2.. loss by 45 points Nevada
    Game 3.. loss by 47 points BYU

  699. madeinhawaii:

    oops FBS... typo .. sorry.

  700. madeinhawaii:

    I really miss all the write ups and indepth reporting when we had the RnS... for some reason, this season, I feel really disconnected from the team and everything about it.

  701. islandman:

    On the fake punt, maybe they should have run outside instead of inside where there was no hole and the the player who handed off could have kept the ball and run it outside.


    700. me too!!!

  703. Committed Road Warrior:

    I'm flying out to San Diego for next week's game, and unfortunately I can already see the opening line for the SDSU game somewhere in the 20-point range...possibly more.

    Also, it's one thing to lose but make progress along the way (a la 2005)'s another thing to lose and slightly regress each game. Unfortunately, I've been much of the latter lately.


    i stayed in tonight instead of watching at a sports bar, so it saved me $80-100 bucks!

  705. madeinhawaii:


    Maybe saved you more from getting a DUI when you drown your miseries with one too many...

  706. madeinhawaii:

    Committed Road Warrior:

    Huh? Better get that checked with your doctor... hoping for a speedy recovery. ;-) The team, too.

    Also, it's one thing to lose but make progress along the way (a la 2005)'s another thing to lose and slightly regress each game. Unfortunately, I've been much of the latter lately.

  707. sean:

    Yup, gotta have faith the team will get better. If you don't think so, jump off. The road is long, we can gain momentum at any time.


  708. madeinhawaii:


    That implies that it could get worse, too. I shudder at the thought.


    we're last in the MWC.

  710. madeinhawaii:

    Wyoming must be glad we're on board.

  711. islandman:

    madeinhawaii, #710,

    Unfortunately or fortunately, we don't play Wyoming this year. They beat Idaho 40-37 and lost to Texas only 37-17.

  712. cavewarrior:

    watching OC16 HD. audio and video not synched from Stanley. weird.

  713. NinjaWarriorTurtle:

    Any one know how Geordon Hanohano and Siasau Matagiese are? We need them going forward.

  714. madeinhawaii:

    Wow.. we got blanked out today... phew... 47 points! With the only highlight for our team being the blocked point after attempt and a limping Mike Edwards. Scary!

    At least it's 8 days to the next game. Got some time to heal up.


    Chow better shake it up on offense, give Graves some plays to run in a package, spread option package. 5-6 or more plays a game won't hurt anything. Graves could also have counter passing plays out of that formation.

    our D, too many missed tackles, out of position players. safety play is still bad. our linebackers for the second game in a row is non-exsistant. IMO


    713. test on neck were negative.

  717. gigi-hawaii:

    Didn't June Jones have a 1-11 losing season at SMU during his 1st year there? Yet, the following year, he had a winning season and thereafter his team went on to a number of bowl games, too.

    I still have David Miller's book, HAWAII WARRIOR FOOTBALL: A STORY OF FAITH, HOPE AND REDEMPTION. It's about June Jones, his assistants, and the players during his time at UH. A wonderful book that made me weep. You all should find this book at the public library and read it.

    It reveals JJ's sense of humor and how he uplifted von Appen's players and made them competitors.

    How he transformed a demoralized team to a winning team!!!

  718. gigi-hawaii:

    You guys keep bringing up David Graves.

    Didn't Chow observe him during practice? If he was so good, why wasn't he named #2 QB? Obviously, Graves wasn't impressive.


    717. yeah, but june jones took over a worse team (25 years of losing) talent wise than chow. imo

  720. gigi-hawaii:

    I am really concerned about team morale. They can't be happy right now.

    It's critical how Chow speaks to them. Does he yell and criticize them like von Appen (read Miller's book) or does he use humor and encouragement like JJ?

    Von Appen told his players they played like dinosaurs. JJ took those same dinosaurs and made them winners.

  721. WWF:

    We all expected USC, Nevada and BYU to be possible losses, but this is getting hard to watch. Our players going down with injuries, our team not being able to respond with both our defense and offense . . .

    We have capable players with lots of heart, that need to be playing to their strengths. Adjust our schemes to their strengths. Be patient, recruit for the future, adjust and recruit successfully to meet the needs of the program.

    The decision not to retain some of Coach Mack's Assistants was respected, although questioned by many. Much could have been learned from their years of experience in Hawaii's unique environment, so we wouldn't be starting from scratch, but maybe with a running start?

    Not too late, Coach, adjust and adapt. Otherwise, we become extinct.


    718. why was BYU QB Taylor Hill the back up to starter Riley Nelson, didn't Bronco Mendenhall observe him during practices? T.Hill only passed for 112 yards 2tds and torched us for 143 yards rushing and 1 td. Hill has out performed Riley Nelson and will most likely be the starter now.

    BYU RB J.Williams is the back-up to M. Alisa, all Williams did was run over us for 155yrds and 2tds all while averaging 10.3 yards per carry. Didn't the HC Bronco Mendenhall observe him in practice?!

    HC's are not always right, sometimes they are stubborn.

  723. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Chow said that his offense utilizes a lot of RnS concepts in the passing portion.

    JJ used to say that the NFL runs variations of the RnS (New England?)

    IWWTHM's Question of the day: Can Chow utilize MORE of the RnS concepts like now so that we can utilize our players potential a little more?

    Can't wait for the Na Koa luncheon.

  724. islandman:

    The closest UH got to the end zone was to the BYU 28 in the 4th quarter.

    The only other time they crossed midfield was in the 3rd quarter, to the BYU 47, out of 14 drives, if I read the box score correctly.


    723. the QB is the key to running a pass heavy pro-style offense. the pro set/style offense has different variations and can be a run heavy offense like the pre-2000 versions, or pass heavy like Don Coryells', Air Coryell, 49er's Bill Walsh system or current Chicago's mike martzs systems. but the key is a smart, strong armed QB and WR that can run.

  726. gigi-hawaii:

    Coach Mendenhall said in the post-game interview that when Nelson becomes healthy, he will return as starting QB.

    David Graves was not named #2 QB. Per ST, Graves was named receiver to replace injured J. Clapp.

  727. obachan:


  728. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    I don't know if current QB has a strong arm. The passes seem to float which exposes our receivers . Unless this is by design? I can't see that being the case though.

  729. newcastle utd v manchester utd live stream:

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    728, not a strong arm, but obviously smart graduating from Duke. IMO


    726. i believe you got my point.


    725. i should have added this to the last line...>>> and we don't have that IMO. lol


    screw it, im gonna drown my sorrows in a bowl of thai-curry and rice.


    728. it looks like u got the closest to the games final score. congrats.

  735. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Not really something to be happy about but I'll take the acknowledgement. Mahalo. Lol.

  736. madeinhawaii:

    Okay folks... I'm done basking in misery... I've decided to look at the bright side. So, can somebody point me in the right direction? Mahalo!


    look east 736, oregon is to ur north east somewheres.


    this is why i have a #1 favorite college team (hawaii), and # 2 favorite college team USC. at least they are almost always up there with the top dogs.

  739. cocobean:

    I don't about you but I'm it for the long haul always have been. What worries me most about how the season has started is attendance. From what the team has shown so far the remaining games are going to be a hard sell.

    Die hards like me won't concede to a losing record until we're tagged with our 7th loss. Till then we'll hold onto the belief that the team can turn things around. If not we'll optimistically look forward to next year.

    I'm a life long football fan and the Warriors are my team. Being a proud alumnus of both Kalani High School and the University I've attended every game during my years of attendance. In high school I can count the numbers of wins on one hand. Back then it wasn't about winning but about supporting your friends and classmates.

    Now it's supporting the people that choose to come here to play for MY school and the State. I will always be in the stands cheering our boys on as long as I physically able to. Winning is just a bonus.

    Thank you Bows, thank Warriors for all the enjoyment I've received from you all these years.


    739. Kalani? no wonders you know how to handle defeat, you're used to it. lol jus joking.

  741. expat:

    MIH mentioned it, but this is actually the worst three game stretch against FBS opponents since Hawaii joined the WAC (which is as far back as I bothered to look). We have been outscored by 131 pts in those three games. In 2004 we had three losses where we were outscored by 153 pts combined, but they were not consecutive.

    Von Appen lost a lot of games, but his teams lost, on average by 18.4 pts per game. The last year each loss averaged 22.8 pts. That 18.4 average includes losses of 66-0 and 63-0. VA was only around for 36 games so those two losses alone account for 3.5 pts per game.

    McMackin had a winning record overall but his teams were outscored by 82 pts over 54 games, or about 1.5 pts per game. That is not removing FCS competition so it isn't really a fair comparison, but it gives us an idea of how competitive his teams were in general.

    I hope Chow can right the ship.


    like herman edwards once said, "YOU PLAAAAY TO WIN THE GAME!"

  743. WWF:

    Time to make some adjustments, Coach!!


    i expect losses this year, a lot of them, but we have to be competitive, no excuse for getting blown out by 47, 45 points. Nevada and BYU are not Alabama, LSU, Oregon or USC.

    we don't have the pieces YET for the pro-set to work consistently so Chow gets the benefit of the doubt, but there is no excuse for poor tackling and out of position players on defense. we have some talent on D to not get exposed so badly. IMO

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  746. gigi-hawaii:

    Bright spots were Mike Edwards and Dunnachie.
    Didn't you like them?

  747. madeinhawaii:

    I did until I heard that Edwards was limping... yikes! ... can't afford for him to get hurt!

  748. cocobean:

    I retired from arm chair quarterbacking years ago. But I say this about Graves.

    In Chow's O he is the proverbial square peg. He doesn't fit the profile physically nor in Chow's eyes the skill set nor decision making needed. I remember in spring ball Chow would criticise him for running out of the pocket without going through all his reads and for throwing into coverage. He's in the same situation the QB tranfer from Ohio State was in. Just didn't fit their new O.

    Graves would do fine in our old O or any type of option O whether it's spread, pistol or military academy like. He has a decent enough arm and he can use his legs to gain yards or extend plays. It's his misfortune that our current O calls more for a manager like player than a play maker. Credit him for not making waves.

  749. Moocher:

    i think we might be espn's bottom 10 next week :)

  750. gigi-hawaii:

    the whole team got beat up.
    beat up by those older mormon boys.

    guess who graduated from byu?
    mitt romney

  751. gigi-hawaii:

    well, I am sure glad you guys have calmed down.
    I hated all the vitriol coming from the blog today.

    we gotta support the team.


    edwards, phillips, grimes, dunnachie, Yap had good games. 47 point drubbing kinda puts a damper on things. IMO

  753. gigi-hawaii:

    is the team staying on the road to play SDSU?
    or are they returning to Hawaii for a short while and then leave again?

  754. Moocher:

    we dont or cant stretch the field vertically
    our offense is an old offense that teams already know how to play against
    our defense is banged up beat up but has a few good working parts

    it's like or opponents are a nice shiny brand new car and we are a beat up rusted beach mobile.

    like back in the day, the city had one set one buses and then they had the old beat up beach bus that would go to sandy beach side. that's sort of how this offense is--slow moving, shows up every once in a while, and everything around it has passed it by.

    as much as chow is disappointing many of us...i gotta say this, i cant turn my back on players like edwards, phillips, grimes, stutz, and shroeder cause if they ever mentally check out, we are really done.


    748. let me clarify, i would like to see Graves in for 5-6 or more spread option plays, a package specifically for him. kinda like what Boise used to do, bring in 4-5 players to run a few "packaged" plays and then out. Players seldom used, that perfect a few plays.

    The way our offense is going it sure wouldn't hurt. Also, have Edwards at WR for a few plays a game. Edwards is the only player i see that can make a defense respect the passing game. IMO

  756. gigi-hawaii:

    Run n shoot is old, too.
    Been there, done that.
    That applies to all offenses after awhile.

    Nothing wrong with the schemes. It's the execution that is disappointing.

  757. gigi-hawaii:

    You know what you guys should do --
    between comments, get up and stretch, touch your toes, and swing your arms.
    do calisthenics like you learned in PE in 8th grade.

    Relieves stress.


    u know what, i did almost that gigi, i got up to make microwaved rice. then i came back and sat on my okole

  759. Will-I-Am:

    On the bright side our punter and punt returner are ballers.

    Looking forward to some improvement next week.

    Go Warriors!

  760. gigi-hawaii:

    hey, SA Warrior, aren't you in San Antonio?
    what time is it there?
    kind of late or early to be eating rice.


    2:52 am, i lost track of time. my head is spinning too much when we lose. lol

  762. Chicken Grease:

    Remain calm.

    Fandom goes through good times and bad.

  763. greenthumb:

    Echoing what cocobean and others said. These young men are playing for the team, the school, the state. I will continue to support them. Have since childhood, always will.

    Lots have made good points about mixing up strategies and trying packages. What these menneednow from the coaches is support and reasonable goals and guarding against negative self-talk (similar to what Riey Wallace did for the basketball team when it felt a little jinxed).

    Also must say it was horrible just horrible to see those injuries. Reminded me of one of those really sad games from I think the Von Appen era when there were a bunch of bad injuries in one game. Do not ever want to see that again. What can be done? (still think Anae shoulda been benched)


    everybody youtube Gangnam, that will make you feel better. it helps me.

  765. gigi-hawaii:

    well, i am gonna call it a night.
    i have been up since 3 am saturday.
    what a long day.

    g'nite, all. you, too, SAWarrior!!!

  766. gigi-hawaii:

    i meant: i have been up since 3 am FRIDAY.

  767. westwind:

    Sadly, as losses mount attendance at Aloha Stadium will also suffer. And with our track record of not attracting many 4 and 5 star athletes I don't see UH running the Pro Set like the BCS schools. And with dwindling seasonticket sales it won't matter for Coach Chow. The people in UH-Manoa Admin will make another change.


    765. i must be the after thought. lol


    Chow better shelve his idea of voting on a name change. lol

    Rainbows or Warriors? how about winnas!

  770. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    1/12 on 3rd down.



    763. i agree with you, especially about the Riley Wallace saying, and believe it or not, i am really trying not to name players names and trying to b positive, but cuz, that is hard to do when we getting blown-out. lol

  772. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    I mean, we only had ONE 3rd down conversion out of 12 attempts. Wow.

  773. kama krab:

    Howzit Everybody,

    I think what needs to happen is everybody just gotta relax small kine. I know it's ruff seeing the team play like this but guess what, it was going to be a ruff season anyways. New coach, new system, new everything. Just gotta give um time.


    I'm surprised we got that 1 out of 12. we were completely inept.

  775. kama krab:

    I still see us coming close to a .500 or even winning season. We just need to get better and keep kids healthy. Losing Moses Samia was a big hit to our run defense but the boys just gotta keep on working. Have faith, going be bumpy but in the end we will be in a better place.


    773. almost no other D1 team in the country gets as much time as our coaches. lol

  777. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    I think what needs to happen is getting our defensive schemes in place and working on tackling techniques until it becomes second nature. that will help more than any of us relaxing.


    777. i agree with that — big time.

  779. kama krab:

    Hey just saying. Get to much people out there getting all nutz. My question is, did we expect miracles in Chow's first season? I hope not. Did we really expect to come out of these games with wins? Probably but not likely. All I'm saying is, yes armchair coaches there is a lot to work on but if done right we still have a chance to have a respectable season. That's all.

  780. warriorfan:

    Well look at it from the bright side, We can only up from here could not possible get any worst. we are clearly at the bottom of the barrel. we need five

  781. kama krab:

    And no worry I know enough about scheming and football to know that there are slight problems with formation. I also know enough to know that tackling surely needs to be fixed but I also know enough not to get all crazy about it. I just let the coaches do there thing and I sit back and watch.

  782. cocobean:

    Watching the replay now. Men v boys. BYU physically superior. Guess there's a lot of validity to Larry Price's old saw about physical superiority.

    The coaches, the players and the fans are getting the meaning of pain in the term growing pains. This game is painful to watch, painful to coach and most of all painful to play in. We're a young team that has a lot of room for growth.

    Just hope the coaches can keep the team together and focus on the process of getting better. I remember JJ saying his 2nd season(3-9) was his best coaching job. He felt the team never quit worked hard in practice played hard in games. Said he was more proud of that year than his first.

  783. warriorfan:

    go up from here

  784. kama krab:

    780 Warriorfan,

    That's how. The only way to go is up. Still get plenty season to get better and like you said, can not go any lower.

  785. LizKauai (mbp):

    Back from a long evening of errands and play rehearsal.

    Listened to some of the ending parts of the game on the radio...

    Gonna be a long winter.

    Prayers and Healing Energy are in order for our Warriors.

    And Karma is Karma.
    UH- please do right by our kids.

  786. warriorfan:

    Remember No Pain No Gain

  787. kama krab:


    And that's what it's all about. The process. That's what makes coaching so gratifying, the process. If the team can stay together and grow, the next couple of games will be a different story. You can already see that there is no quit in any of the boys. They get pounded and continue to get up. That is how you know they want it. Just gotta continue to work. All people see is the bad but I know well enough to look past that and look at the whole process. I guess that's what happens when a you are a coach too.


    779. i didn't expect miracles, but i did expect a competitive team. getting blown out of games by 45 points and 47 point is inexcusable.

    i predicted a 2-10 season, but the scores to be closer than what is happening. Nevada and BYU are not Oregon, USC, Alabama, Georgia etc... Nevada is a mid-major team, and also mid-major conference mate. BYU is just 1 year removed from the MWC. We should be able to compete with them. Coaching change, new schemes are all excuses that i can't stand.

    Yes, i give a pass for losses because of a new coach/s, new scheme etc... but not for getting blown-out and looking like a D2 team in the process.

  789. kama krab:

    No Guts No Glory

  790. warriorfan:

    I am one of the believers, I will get my tickets for the xmas eve bowl I honestly think we will be there

  791. kama krab:

    788 SAWARRIOR,

    Guess what, I understand the fustration that you and everybody else is going through. Yes getting our arse whipped is hard to watch but guess what is some instances, it was expected. For me, I knew we would get beat bad by USC and I knew if we could not hold the line of scrimmage against Nevada, we would get killed to. BYU is BYU especially at home and I kind felt that we might have run into a buzz saw just because of BYU defense, which I think is one of the best in the nation this year. We still have two more halves to the season and still a lot of football to play. The enjoyment comes in seeing how the team response to this type of adversity, do they rise up or continue to fall. For me, I'm ok either way cause just as long as I see the team fighting, I am happy.

  792. kama krab:

    790 warriorfan,

    I like the way you think. I wouldn't go that far but I still think we have chance for a respectable season. Just gotta see how everybody response to the two blow-outs in a row.

  793. LizKauai (mbp):

    Warrior Fans are getting the opportunity to experience Unconditional Love.

    It's about the kids.
    Gotta do right by the kids...
    No sense of shame or embarrassment when they lose,
    No big heads when they win.

    Only Love.
    Mahalo, Ke Akua
    Healing Energy


  794. kama krab:

    Eh Aunty Liz how you

  795. kama krab:


    You saying we going lose to either UNLV and South Alabama or New Mexico and UNLV at home. Man you must be really mad brah. I say we atleast beat those three teams. I say we atleast end up with 4-5 wins 6 if lucky.


    791, all of us know about USC, that goes without saying. if u cant hold the line of scrimmage against ANY team, you will most likely get killed, that goes without saying. BYU has a good defense, but their offense was inept before meeting our team. Their offense put up 40 points (not counting the fumble for TD) on the warriors. No, excuse for that.

    everybody gets a gold sticker for participating! yay! lol


    795. i predicted before the season started 2-10. not mad, just reality. the blow-outs upset me, not the loss. read my post again.

  798. madeinhawaii:

    When was the last time our Warriors were shut out? I don't recall.



  800. madeinhawaii:

    So neither JJ or Mack? Wow!.... this is painful.

  801. cavewarrior:

    the sun will rise again .

  802. madeinhawaii:


    I agree. It's how we lose that bothers me the most, not that we lost. I feel for our players who are giving it their all and have to wonder if they are being given the best opportunities to compete effectively.


    arkansas state 20-0, and SMU 28-0. back to back shut-out losses.

  804. madeinhawaii:

    hmmm combined we'd have almost the same score as tonight... arghh.. g'night... I'll feel better in the morning.

  805. kHARMa:

    Yeah karma ia karma. Peoples favoritism for departed individuals and citing that as karma is also karma.

    Phoney philosophers dont get a free pass into heaven.

    Typing "healing energy" is about as empty as the hollow words they speak.

  806. markazulu:

    I still have tons of faith in our coaching staff to turn it around i mean im not expecting much but im HOPING! Remember we have only 2 seniors starting the rest are majority sophomore or juniors with a few freshman like gregory and phillips, in a new system, with new coaches who is also new to head coaching. RE-BUILDING Time i like what i see in preperation for games and i think Coach Chow has said and done the right things SO FAR! But THERE IS NO EXCUSE despite them being young, despite them learning a new system, to be blown out on NATIONAL TELEVISION!! I mean once is understandable, twice is forgiveable but 3 times outta the first 4 games this season.


    get well soon to all the injured, Hanohano, Matageise, Shigematsu, Lefotu, Edwards and whom ever else got hurt today.

  808. markazulu:

    Schroder needs to get rid of the ball faster but we do not have that explosive offensive weapons like Pilares, Salas, Bess, Mullen, Rivers, Lelie, Owens. Our recievers especially Stutsman may have wonderful hands but as the announcer said WE cant get any YAC because our recievers cant get seperation from the db's. To me this is what this team lacks its not talent WE HAVE TALENT and we have YOUTH but we dont have that one guy that STANDSOUT and commands attention on Offense. So far i'd say the only person who has played well EVERY GAME this season is Mike Edwards consistent every game despite a few mishaps he's had a highlight every game. Ne'quan phillips has played good, Will Gregory and Beau Yap has played well and ostrowski and davis has played ok but schroder has played from good to ok only complaints i have against him is 1. he holds onto the ball to long 2. doesnt seem to move the offense consistently love his toughness and his ability to stand in the pocket and deliver a pass even under pressure i just wish he had a quicker release. It makes me appreciate how Moniz, Brennan and Chang use to sling the ball so quickly.

  809. Angie Uphold:

    The Birch of the Shadow...

    I think there could become a couple of duplicates, but an exceedingly helpful record! I have tweeted this. Many thanks for sharing!...

  810. Bertha Rubison:

    The Ships's Voyages...

    I feel know-how just can make it worse. Now there's a channel to in no way care, now there will not be a likelihood for them to discover....