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Kidding aside

October 31st, 2012

Face it, it's fun to make fun of people in charge.

And the leadership at UH, particularly on the Lower Campus, is an easy target. Have we run out of Wonder puns yet?

But at some point, we have to realize we are joking, that UH doesn't really need more input from state lawmakers, right? Right?

According to a recent online poll, 43 percent of those participating believe that lawmakers should have more oversight into UH matters. OK, I get the chain:  Comedians want to be serious actors, actors want to be athletes, athletes want to be rappers, rappers want to be athletes or actors ... and, yes, state lawmakers apparently want to be university presidents and athletic directors.

All there is to say to that is: Shaq as an actor. Or as a rapper.

Or to the point: People should stick to their expertise.

There is an entire advertising industry portraying the warts of elected officials. Now we are to believe lawmakers can schedule games, create a long-term plan for Aloha Stadium or, more importantly, solve the Warriors' red-zone problems? People who live in glass capitols shouldn't throw footballs.

Pick here, pick there. UH has a lot of problems. But overall, it's a solid university whose value-to-price ratio is good. And if lawmakers want to help, write a check. But just remember who hired the Regents who hired the president who hired the chancellor who hired the athletic director.

There is a chain.

* * * * *

The Warriors are at that point of the season where the toll of practices and games is wearing on bodies. While some are returning from the injury list, such as Chris Gant, there still are others inactive. And that is how a double-check player — "wait, who is this guy?" — such as Elijah Langley gets to work with the first-team offense. Will he play this weekend? Highly unlikely. But it's fun to see how a scout player performs in a limited opportunity. Langley did well.

* * * * * *

Too bad the 13th game won't materialize. It sounded like a unique out-of-the-box idea.

Of the demise, a UH official said: "Too many crabs in the bucket."

Making contact

October 30th, 2012

Wide receiver Trevor Davis was in a jersey and shorts when he walked onto Ching field yesterday for what was supposed to be a light practice. Davis, who had missed the past two games because of a hamstring injury, was told to return to the locker room and put on his pads.

He was told he would be playing in the weekly scrimmage. The controlled scrimmage used to be limited to redshirts and developing players. The participation now has expanded to non-starters who need extra on-field work.

What has remained consistent is the play of linebacker Jonathan Makaiau, who had another strong performance. Coach Norm Chow noted that by the end of the scrimmage, Makaiau's helmet was crooked after his facemask broke while scrambling for a loose football.

Here's the rundown:

Drive No. 1 (at defense's 38-yard line)

• Jared Leaf rush for 2 yards.

• Taylor Graham completes pass to Clark Evans for 7 yards.

• Leaf rushes for 7 yards.

• Graham play-action completion to Craig Cofer for 10 yards.

• Leaf rush for 0 yards.

• Graham screen completion to Justin Vele for 6 yards.

• Graham complete to Vele for 6 yards and a touchdown.

Drive No. 2 (at defense's 40):

• Ikaika Woolsey incomplete to Trevor Davis.

• Steven Lakalaka rush for 7 yards.

• Woolsey slant completion to Darius Bright for 7 yards.

• Woolsey slant completion to Bright for 17 yards.

• Lakalaka rush for minus-3 yards.

• Woolsey incomplete to Elijah Langley.

• Woolsey incomplete.

• Woolsey sacked by Desmond Dean.

Drive No. 3 (Defense's 40):

• Leaf rush for 4 yards.

• Leaf rush for minus-4 yards (hit by Makaiau).

• Graham incomplete to Cofer.

Drive No. 4 (Defense's 40):

• Graham incomplete (Makaiau pass breakup).

• Offsides penalty.

• Leaf rush for 1 yard (Big hit by Makaiau).

• Graham completion to Cofer for 14 yards.

• Graham incomplete to Davis (Brian Clay deflection).

• Graham fumbled snap, recovers.

• Graham sacked for minus-3 (by Hunter Thomson).

Drive No. 5 (Defense's 40)

• Jason Muraoka rush for minus-2 (Mike Andrade with the hit).

• Woolsey scramble for 6 yards.

• Woolsey scramble for 2 yards.

• Marcus Langkilde rush for 6 yards

(It was a first down, but it was decided to re-set the situation.)

Drive No. 6 (Defense's 10):

• Lakalaka rush for 3 yards.

• Lakalaka rush for 1 yard (big hit by Andrade).

• Graham incomplete to Cofer in left corner of end zone.

Warriors land D-end

October 29th, 2012

Manoa to Manoa.

David Manoa, a defensive end from Aragon High School in San Mateo, Calif., has accepted a football scholarship from the Warriors.

Manoa is 6 feet 4 and 225 pounds.

He's the nephew of former Kahuku High and Penn State running back Tim Manoa.

Manoa was under the radar because he had to sit out half the 2011 season after transferring from Hayward High.

"He's freakishly athletic," Aragon coach Steve Sell told the Star-Advertiser. "He probably could gain another 50 pounds and still be as athletic. Hawaii is getting a great one."

* * * * *

Item: Tight end Josh Long of Riverside Community College accepts scholarship offer from Warriors.

Due date: January 2013. He will be allowed to sign a letter of intent in December, enroll for the 2013 spring semester, and participate in the offseason conditioning program and spring training.

Background: He was a four-year letterman in basketball and football in high school. He initially was an offensive tackle who caught the attention of coaches as a receiver when he was playing catch during warmups. He was used at wideout for a couple of games before the coaches decided he would be of better use as a receiver/blocker, which, of course, is the tight end. He was gaining notice when he suffered a broken collarbone in the third game of his senior season. He rebounded in six weeks, and caught a TD pass in his return game. He was a qualifier, but he went to Riverside, where his team went 11-0 in 2011 and 7-1 (so far) this year.

Impact: In UH's multiple schemes, the tight end is actually two positions: An on-line guy and a motion guy. The intent is to become more flexible, meaning the on-line guy needs to be more of a pass-catching threat. In an ideal situation, the tight ends could be used as large slotbacks, much the way the Patriots use their tight ends, while still providing the edge blocking that is needed for the running game or pass protection. There currently are five tight ends on the roster. In 2013, Craig Cofer, Ryan Hall and Clark Evans will be seniors, and Harold Moleni will be a sophomore. Ethan Watanabe, a freshman, is redshirting this year.

Highlight video: Long video.

* * * * *

There are indications Darius Bright, thought to be AWOL last week, will be reinstated.

Bright reportedly was ill when he missed two practices last week, although that message was not relayed to the coaches, who thought he was AWOL.

Bright met with Chow this morning.

Tight end commits to UH

October 28th, 2012

Josh Long of Riverside College said he has accepted a football scholarship from the Warriors.

Long is 6-4 and 240.

He said he expects to enroll at UH in January.

* * * * * *

The Warriors arrive back in town this afternoon with little free time. Practices resume tomorrow in preparation for Saturday's road game against Fresno State.

So, yes, the Warriors have several problems. But since it's Sunday, heck, here are some of the bright spots:

• Marrell Jackson was recruited for his speed and football IQ. He has emerged as a hard-hitting, downhill-moving safety. His kick-blocking is a bonus.

• During practices, the coaches often have to encourage outside linebacker Jerrol Garcia-Williams to not try to knock down everyone in his way. During games, he is given the green light. He's a solid tackler. When he gains more weight, he'll be a star.

• Placekicker Tyler Hadden is quietly having a solid season. In a season of much uncertainty, the Warriors are fortunate to have a reliable kicker.

Game day: Colorado State

October 27th, 2012


* * * * *

It's game day, so here are things to note:

• The Rams are as unhealthy as the Warriors. Third-string QB Conner Smith, a freshman, makes his first start. The Rams' leading tackler, Shaquil Barrett, might not play because of an injury. Also, tight end Austin Gillmore is considered to be iffy.

• Temperatures are expected to be in the 30s for most of the game. It's supposed to be a dry cold, meaning no snow, but it sure is a change from the muggy, high-80s conditions the Warriors left behind in Honolulu.

• It's "Orange Out Night," which supposedly has something to do with CSU legends (not sure why since the Rams' primary color is green) and supposedly nothing to do with Wednesday's activities.

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Lori Santi and "Ferd":


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When I think of the new, new, new deadline to pick an AD, I think of this: Deadline video.

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