Second half

October 25th, 2012

After last week's bye, the Warriors depart today for the start of the second half of their season.

The Warriors practiced for 90 minutes this morning, then had a training table and attended classes before this afternoon's scheduled departure to Los Angeles, where they will stay overnight. They will go by charter flight to Fort Collins tomorrow afternoon.

Because of injuries, the Warriors will be traveling with 62 players — two fewer than the Mountain West limit.

There will be three quarterbacks. Jeremy Higgins is now considered No. 2. Cayman Shutter doubles as the holder on placekicks.

Once again, the Warriors will take fewer than their goal of 10 offensive linemen. Tackle Sean Shigematsu is on the travel roster, although is availability is iffy because of an ankle injury.

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  1. Chicken Grease:

    Ohayoooooooooooooogozaimasu you fine people!!!!

    Potential signage at the "maybe" UH Warriors vs. Temple Owls game:

    AT LEAST OUR WARRIOR DOESN'T FEED HIS YOUNG TO HIS OR HER BROTHERS AND OR SISTERS . . . YOU KNOW!?!? [note: see a Grease's #s 187 and 188 The Warrior Beat from yesterday. ;)

    And . . . worth re-posting this one, also from yesterday:

    October 24th, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    February 11, 2007. The 5 (and 6) "F's", the charter of the blog. From the archives:

    ST was on a roll that day and he zinged DPK and I...but, I here's the origin of the Tsai-ko 5 F's by Long Time UH Fan...

    Comment from: Stephen [Member]
    Kid complains that this blog is stale.
    And this is how he jazzes it up?
    02/11/07 @ 11:26

    Comment from: SteveM [Visitor]
    ST...this blog is seldom stale ... we just needed a new playpen Tsai-blog to jump into this morning... that is, us older kids (Kid too, I guess) that go to sleep earlier and earlier nowadays.
    Thank you, ST, for hosting us, informing us, teasing us, feeding us, and keeping our Warrior Football Fever alive.
    02/11/07 @ 12:09

    Comment from: Stephen [Member]
    Yep, I'm covering softball.
    Well, when I can.
    It started on a whim, and then I realized, this is fun.
    02/11/07 @ 12:14

    Comment from: Stephen [Member]
    And SteveM, stop kissing up. That's the Kid's job.
    02/11/07 @ 12:15

    Comment from: al [Visitor]
    eh, kid, now you are playing the guessing game.
    stevem, you making us mhs grads look bad here.
    well, i am bored, but, the boss is looking for me.
    02/11/07 @ 12:20

    Comment from: SteveM [Visitor]
    OK ST, only one kissup per season. I'll take the penalty and go to the lurking box. Sorry, Al.

    3 F's for this blog...
    • Football
    • Food
    * Friends
    This could be significant?
    02/11/07 @ 12:53

    Comment from: Long Time UH Fan [Visitor]
    5 F's: Family, Friends, Football, Food and Fun... 
    02/11/07 @ 13:21

    Comment from: Stephen [Member]
    Five Fs
    Two Gs (Gi and Gi)
    02/11/07 @ 15:25

    February 2007: 5 F's of the blog (Football, Food, Family, Friends, Fun)
    July 2008: 6th F = Fishing

    2011 Rasu Begasu suggested "Faraoke" as 7th F. (Not officially adopted)

    Finally . . . here's to seeing a kev-1 post(s) closer to day or prime time hours vs. Ckoser to midnight ;) .

    # # #

  2. 99club:

    1-3 inches of snow forecast for Fort Collins tomorrow...dang. Gotta pack 'da boots. Game time is supposed to be really nice...48 and sunny...light wind.

  3. Abunai:

    Top three!!

  4. DaveLetterMan:

    Morning Tsaikos!
    Don't know if this was brought up in earlier posts, but why doesn't UH switch to a 3-4 defense for this season? Would make more sense with the depletion of defensive linemen.

  5. tommui:


    Higgins is now #2 - what did Shutter do/not do to get demoted?

    Top 10 by golly!

  6. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Yup, we're starting the second half. Can't wait to see the halftime adjustments...

  7. Old School Dave:

    An additional game with Temple? Perhaps the Warriors would be better off hitting the recruiting trail, instead. Hopefully, sign some mid-year JUCO transfers who can be here for spring ball. JMHO.

  8. HiFlyer:

    Good Morning all.

  9. d1shima:


    Top X!

  10. d1shima:

    Bring home the "W"!

  11. Chicken Grease:

    It's halftime in America. -- Clint Eastwood

  12. Chicken Grease:

    Any more suggestions for the Fs of this board? Should make it 10 Fs. Like some of ya'll's report cards, a Grease kids with ya. :P

  13. mikey:

    Warriors will be traveling with 62 players — two fewer than allowed?
    Tight budget cuts? where are you JD? we need you.

  14. Chicken Grease:

    Ohayoooooooooooo again . . . to 99club, Abunai, DaveLetterMan, tommui, SteveM, Old School Dave, HiFlyer, d1shima . . . and Mr. Stephen Tsai. :)

  15. Chicken Grease:

    . . . and mikey.

  16. Independent Thinker:

    Re: Higgins v Shroeder.

    I believe in what I see and in what a player does in an actual game or series of games. This is how I reach conclusions. As for Higgins, I watched this kid play for three years at St. Louis. He was an excellent passer then and he remains an excellent passer now, in real game situations. He might not look good in practice, and this I do not know as I am not in the habit of watching practices, but in game situations, he is good; This I do know; I'm sold.

    As for Shroeder, we have little to no history about how he performs in game situations as he warmed the pine the entire four years he was at Duke. If chow's conclusion that shroeder is the best is based on how shroeder performed in practice, together with a "hunch" that shroeder was overlooked by Duke and that shroeder is excellent in real game situations, then this is not a very wise way to reach a conclusion. To reach the conclusion chow reached re: shroeder we essentially have to start the argument in favor of chow by saying the duke coaches were a bunch of idiots, which I think is highly unlikely.

    How a person performs in a game, at least for me, is far more important than how he performs in practice.

    All things being equal, I would then reach my final decision on who among the contenders has the most fighting spirit in him. Again, in my book, Higgins wins in this area as well.

    By the time chow realizes the flaw in his reasoning and conclusions, it will be too late.

    Bulla said we have ingredients for chinese and an italian chef. I sort of agree with the metaphor, but not entirely. we have the ingredients for a hawaiian feast and we have a guy who thinks he is a french chef.

    Chow, have some courage, my man. Give someone else a chance. Shroeder is not working out. Making this change now could save your job. It would show you know how to make adjustments in mid-stream, and the changing conditions might require.

    A good sea captain knows when to change course to avoid an iceberg.

  17. mikey:

    We need every player we can get especially on Mile High stadium for better rotation.
    We don't want to see a 21-0 1st quarter like we have been. And out of gas by half time.

  18. Former UH Athlete:

    According to The spread has dropped back to UH (+6.5).

    I'm a little concerned that UH is spending only 1 full day in Colorado. It takes time to acclimatize to the altitude. That's going to put more strain on the defense that's very thin.

    Keys to UH victory:
    1. Pound the Run
    2. No Stupid Mistakes
    3. Defense must win on 3rd down

  19. Shoko:

    4. I don't think they have the right personnel for 3-4 defense to be effective against a team that pounds the ground. I seem to recall TK did go 3-4 this season due to injuries, if not mistaken. Could be wrong tho...

  20. Shoko:

    Was watching some game clips of CSU's QB Conner Smith and I must say, he does have a strong arm and fairly accurate. Good size, too. 6'5" 220lbs. Could pass for Schroeder's brother.

  21. mikey:

    I'm All for the Independent Thinker!

    Give us a chance now Chow.

    The offense is not scoring hence the Defense on the field too long consistently gets depleted.

    Now with less players traveling will they be out of gas by half time?
    I hope not.

    Please give us a chance to see another QB and see what he can do.

    Coach on your last interview you said yourself ‘ If you have any idea let me know’ well we’re letting you know that more and more people in the stand is saying ‘Change the Quarterback!’

  22. Former UH Athlete:

    Changing QB doesn't change the WR's inability to get open vs man coverage. The O-line has been doing a better job at pass protection in the past two games and Schroeder has been accurate when he can step into a throw. He missed some throws last week, but Schroeder is serviceable for 2012.

    I wouldn't be opposed to a QB change, but when I watch the game replays on DVR, Schroeder isn't that bad. All the bad plays either have poor pass protection or there's nobody open to throw to, which aren't the QB's fault. Remember, Orstrowski has dropped 3 TD passes this year and the WR's had 6 dropped passes vs UNM alone. Schroeder has also thrown a lot of balls away (which is right decision, but bad for stats) when he's pressured and nobody open. That's Chow coaching him to not force the ball into coverage and risk turnovers.

  23. Shoko:

    I'm sure McElwain is going to take advantage of the altitude. Up-tempo hurry-up offense will gas those that are not acclimated to thin air.

  24. Chicken Grease:

    Take a chance on me. -- ABBA

  25. Bleed Green and White:

    ( 16. Independent Thinker: )

    My friend, I will have to 100% dis-agree with you.
    For me, it's pretty simple, if you cannot practice, you cannot play!
    If you practice horribly, you play horribly. Hence, the old saying "practice makes perfect".

    I been to UH practices, it's clear Schroeder's the best eligible quarterback UH has. By far.
    I saw Higgins throw 3 picks during 7-on-7 one time.

  26. mikey:

    We were thinking of going to Colorado or Air Force game but they way they're playing. I don't know.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to Alabama, to Florida even to far away Louisiana Tech and lost. But something don’t seem right with this group.

  27. Shoko:

    CSU injury report

  28. mikey:

    Last game against New Mexico the receivers were open many times with one or two step ahead and Schroeder kept throwing over their heads. is what I saw.

  29. mikey:

    I'll be still rooting for Warriors to win this weekend.

    SteveM - I'll see you at Genji's so save me a seat.

    I may have to leave early hence we have a holloween party that night with 10 dogs coming dressed up.

  30. Shoko:

    Hmm, maybe Chow should throw in Higgins or Shutter. If they don't perform as well as some expected, that might squash the QB debate that seems to be the topic of discussion since the season started.

  31. innocent observer:

    agree with some of the posters that call for a change in QB. With the eligibility of Graham next year, it is likely that Schroeder will not retain the number 1 spot. We need to salvage whatever is left of this season, and Schroeder has done the best he can, even though the offensive line has not been good. Schroeder takes too long to pass and does not have a great arm - passes mostly float, no zip and he cannot scramble. Hence, without improvement in the O-line, he will continue to be ineffective. Because of the short-comings of the O-line, we need a QB who can scramble and with a quicker release with zip. Don't know if Higgins is the one but they should try to find someone - Graves? Otherwise, we would be lucky to win another game this season.

  32. jimmy the lock:

    @Former UH Athlete

    Studies have shown that it takes 2-3 weeks to get acclimated to altitude.

    @Independent Thinker

    So you've seen Higgins play high school ball. Did you see Shroeder play high school ball? Heard he was pretty good. But yeah, I'd like to see others have a chance to command the offense and sling the ball. It is what it is.

  33. Old School Dave:

    UH has won at altitude in the past under Tomey and Wagner at Wyoming, AFA (92 when Iniki hit), CSU, Utah. Once, on the drive to Laramie one of the two team buses broke down in the middle of nowhere. UH still went on to win that game. Fun times on the road.

  34. mikey:

    I'm leaving early today to watch WS like yesterday.

    San Francisco Giants are playing great.

    The last time they played at the Candlestick - San Francisco had a devastating earthquake.
    Rock the stadium.
    Go Giants!

  35. Old School Dave:

    Interesting Mid Week article on Oregon QB Marcus Mariota. His parents set the record straight about why Marcus didn't consider UH - the coaches simply didn't contact him or showed any interest. They don't sound huhu or anything like that, just stated the facts. If memory serves me correctly, didn't Oregon offer Marcus a scholarship prior to his senior year at St. Louis even though he did not start as a junior?

  36. Independent Thinker:

    Throw in Higgins. Tell him he has two quarters to prove himself. If we are leading into the half, he will stay in. If we are behind, we will put in Graves and give him the second half to prove himself. If he proves himself by taking us to a victory, he will be our starter the following week. Tell Shroeder he can rest this week while we change course to avoid colliding with the iceberg.

  37. lowtone123:

    Coach Chow has made a great career of running offenses and mentoring QB's. Some of the greatest to play the game. The QB is the least of the problems on offense.

  38. Shoko:

    I think it the order is Schroeder, Higgins and Shutter. Graves is no longer listed as a QB, but now as a receiver. I would guess that Graves is not on the travel roster because he wasn't on the roster for the SDSU.

  39. LizKauai:

    If Waimea High can play with a small roster and many players going both ways, the Warriors CAN DO with 62!!!


    And Happy Birthday BarryM... proud papa of my favorite Trojan.

    A hui HiHo!

  40. cocobean:

    Indy. Graves has not taken a snap at QB in a while. Not sure if he's on the travel squad.

  41. mikey:

    QB is all the problems.

    QB Wins the game no matter where they are.

  42. mikey:

    I heard Graves was sitting in the stand the last game.

    Now what did Graves do to deserve this?

  43. Independent Thinker:

    BJ Penn made a great career out of destroying his opponents but that was yesterday and this is today. Today Penn is past his prime, like Chow. We all age, lose testosterone, lose the fighting spirit, and get arthritis. What chow did yesterday is commendable, but we are talking about today and tomorrow, sir. Thank you.

  44. WWF:

    #35 Old School Dave,

    Marcus Mariota didn't start as a junior at St. Louis because Jeremy Higgins was the starting QB.
    And Marcus starts at Oregon at QB, and Jeremy is at UH warming the bench?

  45. Shoko:

    Just curious, but have you folks voiced you concerns to Chow? I know his contact information can be obtained on the UH Athletics website.

  46. Shoko:

    Basketball news:

    "The Hawaii men's basketball team has been picked to finish in fourth place in its inaugural season in the Big West Conference.

    UH senior center Vander Joaquim was one of six players named to the BWC preseason all-conference team, along with LBSU's James Ennis, Northridge's Stephan Hicks, D.J. Seeley and Kwame Vaughn of Fullerton, and Michael Wilder of UC Irvine.

  47. jimmy the lock:

    Funny, Penn can still kick your arse and Chow could probably too. :mrgreen:

    Good luck to Penn in his upcoming fight and good luck to Chow in CO.


  48. Shoko:

    Here's a better link about the upcoming basketball season.

  49. Shoko:

    Here's a link to Womens BB preseason ranking.

  50. PurpleMaple:

    There were five U.S. presidents that were 60 and older when they took office: 1. Harry S. Truman (60), 2. Dwight D. Eisenhower (62), 3. Gerald Ford (61), 4. Ronald Raegan (69), and 5. George H. W. Bush (64). I don't see why a head football coach cannot be in his 60s and be successful.

  51. cocobean:

    UH, Colorado State and Colorado all use a version of the pro set as their base offense. At various times UH has gone empty, 4 wide, shotgun and pistol. Not sure what the other two mix into their base.

    This year their combined record is 3-17.

  52. d1shima:


    And the HC who made that decision isn't around anymore.

  53. Shoko:

    Here's a list of Head Coaches that are in their 60's:
    Steve Spurrier 66 South Carolina
    Frank Beamer 66 Virginia Tech
    Bill Snyder 72 Kansas State
    George O'Leary 66 Central Florida
    John L. Smith 65 Arkansas
    Frank Spaziani 64 Boston College
    Rocky Long 64 San Diego State
    Tom O'Brien 63 NC State
    Paul Pasqualoni 63 Connecticut
    Bob Davie 60 New Mexico
    Mike Price 66 UTEP
    Mack Brown 60 Texas
    Nick Saban 60 Alabama
    Frank Solich 67 Ohio
    Chris Ault 65 Nevada
    Larry Blakeney 63 Troy
    Dennis Franchione 61 Texas State
    Larry Coker 64 Texas-San Antonio

  54. Former UH Athlete:

    #32, Thanks for the info... But every day matters. 2 days at altitude is 2x better than one.

  55. gobows:

    #4 & #22 shroeders footwork suck, he's never really ready to throw the ball so he throws with poor mechanics and balls tend to float (may be due to a weak arm too), i think he has vision problems - it appears he doesn't see the field very well. making a change at qb can't hurt. they can't get any worse on offense since they already are the worst in the nation.


    13. kinda strange more folks here didn't bring that up. they all say think positive for the kids,we love our warriors, take care of the kids, no talk stink blah blah blah... looks like some of our fellow bloggers are hollow in their support of the players.

    if chow were taking care of his players he would fill all the travel slots up, i'm sure they're deserving hard-working players from the mainland that would like to see their parents and vice versa. I've never seen a HC operate this way.

    btw- this isn't the first time chow has left slots open on the travel roster. to gain loyalty and trust from his players, chow has to show some back. IMO

  57. gobows:

    #50 its not the number thats significant, its the ability to act quickly and be able to adapt to changes. otherwise your just old.

    #53 wow, how many rookie hc's? 3 on the list with wins against our rookie hc this year. part of the problem has got to be the other coaches that chow assembled. i would be surprised if they all return next year.

  58. jimmy the lock:

    @Former UH Athlete

    Studies also show that staying at altitude for 2 days is worse than 1 day.

  59. Shoko:

    57. Thats the question du jour. After this season, will there be any changes to Chow's coaching staff.

  60. Shoko:

    Rocky Long and Bob Davie are no strangers to head coaching jobs at the D1 level.

  61. gobows:

    #34 I was there in the tunnel getting ready to go onto the field for a flag presentation during the national anthem when the earthquake roared. I was looking up to see what was making the noise, i thought it was a fly over, until i noticed everyone ran to the side of the tunnel. the espn trailer was the only ones with power and we got to hang out with chris berman and see live coverage of the damage to the city and the fire at the marina. on our way home, our bus got pelted with beer bottles as we drove through hunters point.

  62. A-House:


    why did people toss beer bottles at your bus? what so special about Hunters Point? avid fans who dislike losing? just poor sports?

  63. gobows:

    #60 after throwing only 3 passes in their previous game, the lobos came out passing like the green bay packers against hawaii. the ability to adjust? what coach in their right mind would do that? after all, hawaii has the worst rushing defense in the country and their team likes to run the ball. that was a hell of a game plan on the part of the lobos coaching staff.

  64. Shoko:

    If not mistaken, NM only threw 13 passes against the Warriors, which was close to their average before the Hawaii game (11.5 avg). Although Davie said in an pregame interview that he was planning on opening up the passing game, I think his original game plan was to just just pound away against the Warriors weak rush D and if that didn't work, he would start passing more. Unfortunately, didn't need to open up the passing game since the run game was working just fine.

  65. gobows:

    #53 doesn't that guy at smu qualify?

  66. Shoko:

    What guy at SMU?

  67. Stephen Tsai:

    I wish I could show the link, but people have been sending me a photo of a panda and a tiger that's hilarious.

  68. Stephen Tsai:

    I'd love to see some of the weather people submit score predictions.
    I watched last night's newscasts and each gave two diverse forecasts.

  69. Pauoa Boy:

    There's still talk about a QB change going on? Nobody went out to buy a pet yet? What is this world coming too?

  70. WarriorNY:

    42- 10 WarriorNY

    I think Iosefa will be the cornerstone of our offense as he was in week one and two...

  71. WarriorNY:

    I saw you mentioned poker and collusion and sports betting was on BC's show yesterday. Pretty interesting topic. I have a pretty unique perspective on that situation. I wish more people would discuss the topic nationally...

  72. wafan:

    Good afternoon!

  73. wafan:

    So many good suggestions for the coach.

    I sure hope each of you sent Coach Chow your ideas and asked him to implement them immediately.

    Definitely do want any of the ideas and observations to go to waste!

  74. wafan:

    Gooooooo Warriors!!!

  75. wafan:

    Heard of pool and card sharks.

    Never heard of a golf shark. Literally. In Capisrano. On a golf course.

  76. Slugger:

    Happy birthday, Barry M!

    Hi, gang!

  77. wafan:


    No not PP or Stretch.

    They are a little taller than 2'.

  78. madeinhawaii:

    Okay.. let's make Iosefa QB... why not? He got the intagibles. ;-)

  79. Jun Tao:

    I would compare the QB scenario to the Pet ROCK! We, as fans, were sold the Pet Rock.

  80. gobows:

    #75 greg norman aka mr choke is known as the shark in the golfing world, but your talking about the leopard

  81. gobows:

    #66 jj, sorry he turns 60 in february

  82. Shoko:

    71. Yep, it was more sports betting in general (football, baseball, horse races etc.) I think the topic of poker and collusion surfaced because of the WSOP Main Event final table happening next month (November Nine).

    I always thought a good way to raise money for athletics was to hold a poker tournament at Murphy's Pigskin Pigout. They could call it Murphys Pigskin Pigout Poker Tournament. Everyone can buy in for a $100 and the payout structure could be prizes that they would normally be auctioned off. However, not sure of the popularity of such an event, but it never hurts to consider the possbilities. Some organizations have raised 30-40k on poker tournaments that were strictly to raise money that would go to worthy causes.

  83. Shoko:

    81. Ah, didn't realize that JJ hit 60. Dude looks good for his age.

  84. koakane:

    man its humid and chance of heavy rainfall, wot to do

    afternoon everybody :cool: why get ruffled over the qb situation, seems chow has his mind set so let it go peeps. only one getting :???: huhu over it is you.

    safe travels to the wahines and warrior teams going over there, bring home a :wink: victory

    many positive :eek: thoughts to Ricketts joining da wbball squad, may she be as successful as she was in sball. for that matter so to the whole wbball team.

  85. Chicken Grease:

    Stephen Tsai:
    October 25th, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    I'd love to see some of the weather people submit score predictions.
    I watched last night's newscasts and each gave two diverse forecasts.

    Ugh. Can't stand the overrage of weather reporting on TV news. Tha's why Hawaii News Now never reach ichiban over Joe Moore.

    Unless it's a nightly report on a 40 days, 40 nights rainstorm like how we experienced years ago or it's raining fire or hail, weather reports in Hawaii are about as useful as a "how cold is the snow in front of your house?" questionnaire to Alaskans.

  86. Kevin:

    I remember those 40 days and nights of straight rain.

    Was kinda cool, but did get sick of it after a while. Dunno how the hell softball and baseball worked around it since it happened in March… I think…

    Or was it May?

  87. ai-eee-soos:

    UH offers:

    JACOB SEYDEL OT, 6-6, 285 lbs.
    (Riverside CC - Riverside, CA)
    (Offered Scholarship)
    (Also have offers from Washington St.)

    Thanks to Sportsbow

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  89. ai-eee-soos:

    UH offers:

    BRANDON VANDENBURG TE, 6-6, 260 lbs.
    (College of the Desert - Palm Desert, CA)
    (Offered Scholarship)
    (Also have offers from Florida Atlantic, Kentucky, North Texas, Portland St, SDSU, Texas A&M, Texas Southern, Texas St, and Western Michigan.)

    Thanks to Sportsbow.

  90. Independent Thinker:

    Only in Hawaii would we bench a guy who is as good as or better than Mariota in favor of a guy who never played a down at Duke.

    Exhibit A: Higgins.

  91. Braddah Kimo:

    Brah, all this talk about food by Bulla making me hungry and got me tinkin. Seems to one simple braddah like me dat its moa like we get the ingredaments fo' make lau lau, ahi poke, kim chee tako, kololo, etc., and we get one french chef who like make french pastries, la dat. Anyhow, gotta go get me one Hawaiian plate now thanks to Bulla and his meta4s. Shootz. K den.

  92. NYUHTX:

    Shoko: I thought the same thing when I saw him on TV last week.

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  94. kev-1:


    I agree with that. I don't see an excuse as to why the travel roster shouldn't be filled. Pick another position player to send. I don't get it. Let the kids feel like they are involved.

    To me, the logical thing would be, "oh, not enough lineman so we have two slots open? Okay, grab me another receiver and linebacker. Heck, get me that 4th string special teams player and let's see if we can't get him in the game."

    I know this isn't Pop Warner, but c'mon.

    I'll end by saying that I've never coached football and don't know anything about the process. So, what do I know. Maybe there is logic behind it, but I don't see it.

  95. kev-1:

    I absolutely love your blog. My friend told me about it and I find it very informative. You have great presentation.

    Just wanted to join the SPAM party.

  96. kev-1:

    Chicken Grease,

    Look! It's still in the afternoon! :)

  97. Chicken Grease:

    # 96 -- and that makes it in the daytime and near to PRIME TIME!!!!! Thanks for being part of a Grease's ichi-ban post for today's The Warrior Beat blog entry!

  98. WWF:

    #52 D1Shima

    There are a lot of former Head Coaches at St. Louis that aren't there anymore.

  99. nori with tar'e sauce:

    I wanna join the SPAM party too.

    You so infohmative dat I stay almost pea with my carrots... I will definately put you on my favorite sights along wit da bunnies...

    You know which ones I stay tahking about...


  100. Chicken Grease:

    # 97 should've added somewheres in it: kev-1!!!!!!!!! Right on kev-1.

  101. jiminy cricket:

    Schroeder is not the answer. In New Mexico game he threw 3 passes right into the hands of NM defenders for 3 INTS; fortunately, they dropped the ball each time. On many plays his receivers were open but the passes were not accurate. Schroeder tries hard but....

    Maybe Higgins started over Mariota bc the coach didn't recognize talent and Higgins was a senior, not necessarily bc Higgins was better. Same thing happened to Jeremiah Masoli (ex Oregon QB) when he was at St. Louis. He didn't start at QB for St. Louis but was a star at Oregon. Hum...I wonder if the St. Louis coaches knew what they were doing.

    The answer is June Jones. Pray for his return...its going to happen.

  102. Chicken Grease:

    # 86, Kevin -- yes. A Grease was more focused on whether (pardon the pronounciation pun) the rain WOULD last 40 days and 40 nights . . . and it did. [a Grease makes the sign of the cross.]

  103. kev-1:

    Troubled former LSU star Tyrann Mathieu arrested for drug charges. I wish it were easier for these young people to learn their lessons. Already dismissed for drug related reasons, supposedly trying to clean up his act act rejoin LSU next year.

    Kids make mistakes, but this guy already had his. He has God-given talent. The dismissal from LSU should have been enough for him to make a change. It's a shame. I am a former addict (although there is no such thing as "former"). It often takes that one big mistake or threat of loss to help turn things around. This kids mistake came and went.

    With all that said, it doesn't make a difference. Some NFL team will still want to pay him millions for his football talent. That won't make him change either.

  104. Chicken Grease:

    Sheesh. Is this a FIRST?

    A Grease inadvertently gets same day # 1 AND # 100 on a The Warrior Beat blog!!!!

    Give it up for a Grease ;) .

  105. XAMthone Plus:

    I enjoy what you guys tend to be up too. This sort of clever work and exposure! Keep up the wonderful works guys I've included you guys to my own blogroll.

  106. DoubleB:

    @90 Like they say... The back up QB is always the most popular guy on a struggling team.

  107. Diogenes Sinope:

    #43 Independent Thinker:

    "We all age, lose testosterone, lose the fighting spirit, and get arthritis. What chow did yesterday is commendable, but we are talking about today and tomorrow, sir."

    Chow is 65 years old.

    Weren't you pushing for Mitt Romney - age 65?

  108. Supastoke:

    Go! warriors!!!!

  109. madeinhawaii:

    Still 48 hours to go....

  110. papajoe2:

    #104 CaG you post so much it was bound to happen and probably will happen again. Now shoot for 200. Good luck!

  111. Chicken Grease:

    October 25th, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    #104 CaG you post so much it was bound to happen and probably will happen again. Now shoot for 200. Good luck!

    200? Are you kidding? A Grease to tired already, bwwhahahahah.

    Heh . . . no middle initial "a", papjoe2, in a Grease's name :) . OK?

  112. ai-eee-soos:

    $99 fare to:

    LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Allegiant Air Thursday morning launched a fare sale from Honolulu to nine mainland cities.

    There are certain restrictions on the $99 one-way fare.

    The cities include:

    Bellingham, WA 11/14/2012 through 4/15/2013

    Boise, ID 2/9/2013 through 4/15/2013

    Eugene, OR 11/17/2012 through 4/15/2013

    Fresno, CA 10/27/2012 through 4/15/2013

    Las Vegas, NV 10/26/2012 through 4/15/2013

    Phoenix / Mesa, AZ 2/7/2013 through 4/15/2013

    Santa Maria, CA 11/17/2012 through 4/15/2013

    Spokane, WA 2/8/2013 through 4/15/2013

    Stockton, CA 11/18/2012 through 4/15/2013

    The cheap fares are already disappearing on several dates and you may have to pay more to fly back. Allegiant also says the offer is only available for a limited time.

  113. Garret:

    Garret: i thought that the Hawaii Bowl was a privately owned operation. I didn't think UH would have any financial liability unless it was playing, in which case they would only be responsible for purchasing a certain amount of tickets.


    The Hawaii Bowl does what most bowls are great at--force the teams playing in the game to spend most of their bowl payments on required expenses.

    $750k payout

    10,000 tickets at $40/ticket: schools like Nevada end up basically eating that $400k and those seats are "sold" but remain empty. This is a way for the Hawaii Bowl to guarantee at least 20,000 tickets sold.

    1 week in a Waikiki hotel for all players, coaches, and support staff.

    Per diem for everyone--NOT cheap

    Gifts for each player--schools are forced to spend the $350 per player or whatever the max will be this year or they look cheap (and kill recruiting)

    Bonuses for the coaches for coaching the team in their bowl game

    Travel expenses (big for any team not from Hawaii)

    The Hawaii Bowl is basically paying the minimum for a bowl game but has one of the highest expenses (highest travel costs, expensive hotel costs). The fact is that C-USA loses hundreds of thousands (OVER half a million!) but can afford that because the Liberty Bowl pays their conference so much money.

    There is a reason why the Pac-12 dumped the Hawaii Bowl for higher paying bowls and why they won't go back to the Hawaii Bowl until they more than double their payout since the Hawaii Bowl has been left in the dust for payments.

  114. RedZone:

    Wahine Basketball coming soon.

    Meet da Wahine.


    #1. mr, a Grease. that's probably the best #1 post in the history of this blog. lol


    103. no i doubt that he will change, honey badger will probably go the way of pac-man jones.

  117. Kevin:


    Will be there on Friday for sure. Was planning on going anyway, but with Stephanie Ricketts now on the team it just makes it even better! :cool:

  118. d1shima:

    Only in Hawaii would we bench a guy who is as good as or better than Mariota in favor of a guy who never played a down at Duke.

    Exhibit A: Higgins.

    Chip Kelly offered Mariota while Higgins was still at St. Louis. Higgins transferred home from Weber St.

  119. d1shima:

    Maybe Higgins started over Mariota bc the coach didn't recognize talent and Higgins was a senior, not necessarily bc Higgins was better. Same thing happened to Jeremiah Masoli (ex Oregon QB) when he was at St. Louis. He didn't start at QB for St. Louis but was a star at Oregon. Hum...I wonder if the St. Louis coaches knew what they were doing.

    The current UH HC was also on Mariota from early on. The SLS coaches knew what they had.

  120. d1shima:

    Masoli transferred in during the season.

  121. d1shima:


    ...and you know why!

  122. jm2375:

    Howzit Tsaikos!

    Happy belated birthday to Mr. A-house.


  123. Chicken Grease:

    October 25th, 2012 at 5:33 pm

    #1. mr, a Grease. that's probably the best #1 post in the history of this blog. lol

    [a Grease is humbled.]

    Heh. Thanks SAWARRIOR. Special thanks, also, to the 4Fs discussion.

  124. Chicken Grease:


    Audience Award for Best Short Film goes to (one of youse once mentioned with regard to Iolani</b<) One Team.

    Spread the word. Congratulations to them (visit the HIFF website for other winners).

  125. 3-Prong:

    #113 Garret: Thanks for the clarification.

    #124 Grease: Thanks for the good news about One Team.

    Go Warriors! Beat da Rams!

  126. Pomai:

    UH vs CO
    10    -    56    Independent
    14    -    10    mo808
    17    -    14    Pomai
    17    -    14    AlaWai
    17    -    10    tommui
    17    -    13    Former UH Athlete
    17    -    31    Tyaiea
    21    -    28    primo888
    21    -    20    BigWave96744
    21    -    14    DPK
    23    -    20    HiFlyer
    24    -    27    SAWARRIOR
    24    -    17    LizKauai
    24    -    13    PurpleMaple
    27    -    30    Bowwar
    27    -    24    sean
    28    -    21    greenthumb
    31    -    28    3-Prong
    34    -    14    wafan
    35    -    31    Glenn
    35    -    15    Rodney
    42    -    10    WarriorNY
    56    -    14    d1shima

  127. WWF:

    #118 d1shima
    Higgins transferred from Utah State, not Weber State.

  128. Moocher:

    change the quarterback?
    let's see, your car needs new plugs, has two flat tires, the starter is bad, the radiator has a leak, and the battery is dead.
    OH...but i think if i change the battery then by miracle everything else will be fixed too and it'll run fine!
    yeah sure.

    IF everything was working how it was supposed to or even reasonably close, yeah i'd change the quarterback...but for real, we got some day dream believers.

    IF chow felt everyone on O was close i'm sure he'd change qbs.

    i'm not pro shroeder--i'm pro common sense. the whole offense is broke but oh yeah, the reasoning seems to be let's change the battery and the car will run fine as mentioned at the top.

    yes i do believe changing qbs does make a difference but for cripe sakes that's ONLY IF the rest of team is doing the right things and performing well and are doing what you want and need them to do.. but they are not!

    ...and i'll say it again, i really think shroeder DOES NOT have the green light to take off downfield for a lot of reasons...mainly in my opinion is because chow wants to see on film how everything develops including timing--how long does it take for receivers to run routes, get separation, what is working and not working against certain D schemes, etc. the only way chow is gonna know if you run his plan--not the qb. then chow can adjust things.

    i mean what.... we honestly think chow or shroeder is gonna come and tell the media "Oh yeah, by the way I told my qb not to run?" shroeder runs laterally to buy time and has completed passes in doing so...he has just not run upfield so there's got to be a reason for that ??? think about it! why run side to side but not cross the line of scrimmage??? Becosh he probably being told sit tight see the play let it develop.

    ...ok, i'll go find a hiding place now from all the rotten tomatoes and eggs about to come flying my way :)

  129. koakane i5:

    SF takes game 2 of MLBWS

  130. Moocher:

    ...outside of it all, it does seem though that there is a disconnect within the team and yeah, i agree, chow shouldve filled the travel roster... but i dunno, maybe we ran out of soap again and he's trying to save?

    no forget, chow is pake' :)

  131. koakane i5:


  132. bookmarking service:

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  133. Jjay:

    Why doesn't the team take a direct flight to Denver and get there the same day today/ night instead of layover in la ? The team can get acclimated quicker. Save money on charter. Come on travel organizer.

  134. Capitolist/WassupDoc:


  135. manoa#1:

    the travel organizer is chow he is still trying to experiment how to travel after all these yrs in this business....full of it.

  136. madeinhawaii:


    Acclimated to what? Takes two weeks minimum to acclimate to higher altitudes. If you don't have two weeks, better to get there the day before at most. I don't think one gets acclimated to the cold in a couple of days, either. Not unless they brought a lot of winter wear.

  137. duh!:

    Can't find any direct flights to Denver that arrive the same day, only red-eyes.

  138. kev-1:

    137, no can red eyes anymore. Coach Chow is Mormon.

  139. kev-1:

    you get it? red eyes? huh? huh?

  140. kev-1:

    Anyone else having trouble getting to the SA with IE? I had to use firefox to get here.

  141. RedZone:

    Oops so busy posted wrong video earlier.

    Wahine Basketball.

    And this is the video I wanted to post earlier.

  142. RedZone:

    Da Beeman era begins.

  143. RedZone:

    I use Chrome and Mercury.

  144. Chicken Grease:

    October 25th, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    Anyone else having trouble getting to the SA with IE? I had to use firefox to get here.

    A-OK and daijyobu with a Grease. Could be due to vog problem? I dunno.

    Windows 8 came out . . . today?

    125 3-Prong, no prob' :) .

  145. Gilda Zillmer:

    Very nice idea!

  146. obachan:

    @22 Problem is when you have a QB that's "serviceable" and "isn't that bad" and coach refuses to allow other QBs a "look-see" game experience - you preclude the possibility that someone else could indeed do a better job and settle for mediocrity instead. Like someone said the training field don't always tell what a player can do on the playing field (if given the chance).

  147. 3-Prong:

    Congrats to Kamehameha on Punahou upset tonight.

  148. Bleed Green and White:

    Wow, different day same 'ole arguments.

    Change the quarterback, change the quarterback, change the quarterback!!!

    It's almost comical if you ask me.

    Have any of you seen the practice sessions ? I mean, really ?
    Are any of you qualified to make such a judgement / suggestion ?

    Luckily, I have seen some of the sessions, when they were open of course, and quite honestly, the decision to start Schroeder wasn't too difficult to make. Easy in fact.
    Please, do not take this as anything personal toward any of the young men, because I promise you it is not.

    Graves, the kid just will not stay in the pocket and allow pass patterns to play itself out. He's got happy feet. I would love to see him in a read-option type offense. Like maybe Nevada.

    Higgins, seemingly has command of the play book, but it's obvious his arm strength is nowhere close to being division-1 quality.

    Cayman Shutter, to be quite honest, I think he's DUI arrest simply too him out of the mix. No coming back from that it appears. His decision making highly in doubt.

    Ikaika Woolsey, by the far the most athletic of the bunch. By far. Decent arm strength, physically strong, too new to the system and style of play.

    Just my input, my 2-cents....

    I appreciate all comments on this blog.

  149. Chicken Grease:

    And a Grease also appreciates all the comments on this blog as well, hear, hear, 2nd Bleed Green and White's notion.

  150. Chicken Grease:

    And now a Grease owns # 1, # 100 . . . and # 150 on this blog entry. :)

  151. Olimpia Mulinix:

    Would you be curious about exchanging hyperlinks?

  152. kalani:


    Good post and good overall analysis. The only real wild card is Shutter. It's hard to know, given the limited practice and reps what his upside is. Potential could be huge given his arm strength and his football IQ. But he made a very bad decision and will likely have no chance because of that.

  153. Chicken Grease:

    Bleed Green and White:
    October 25th, 2012 at 11:00 pm

    Wow, different day same 'ole arguments.

    Change the quarterback, change the quarterback, change the quarterback!!!

    It's almost comical if you ask me.

    Found another reason to "say amen" in Bleed Green and White's # 148.

    Agreed, Bleed Green and White. Thought I was imagining these same over and rover, rover and over comments. Redefines "duh."

    It's like they're wishin' (because that all it be) Chow'll see their comments and go, "oh, yeah. Maybe I better change the QB."

    Bet if they had a chance to discuss their "ideas" (even THAT'S lending too much credit to what they have to say) with Chow, they'd end up leaving his office or the practice field with hot/cold face of embarrassment.

    A Grease appreciates all comments here on this board. Just not the same ones over and over again.

    Get a garden or something that you can tend to. Sheezz.

  154. Chicken Grease:

    Anyway. You folks see this Warrior Health Products [emphasis added] TV ad? Warrior Energy? Roll it on the side of your neck, uh, affects something in your throat, boost your brain (Lecter says, "the brain itself feels no pain."), something or other. Supposed to work better than your Red Bulls, etc.

    The logo involves something that looks like Magneto's helmet (colored red, even).


    148 "Are any of you qualified to make such a judgement / suggestion ?"

    just wondering, since you're asking what other folks qualifications are, what are yours? and if you are a quarterbacks coach, QB coaches' have been known to be wrong too.

  156. Chicken Grease:

    Oh, for C#+ist; look at the time. A Grease is going sleep already.

    Good night (oyasumiiiiiiiiii), you fine people.

    [a Grease puts on Voltron pajamas and goes to sleep.]

  157. wafan:

    Great Aloha Friday, everyone!

  158. Mike:

    Anybody know how we can watch the colorado state game on the mainland via internet?

  159. protector:


    Warriors 34 Rams 21

  160. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Warriors in a Winter Wonderland?


  161. d1shima:


    Video Streaming: Live video streaming on

  162. Shoko:

    Oceanic website doesn't seem to list the game.

  163. d1shima:

    IIRC streaming is only available on the mainland

  164. Shoko:

    I live on the mainland and never had problems using this link:

    For some reason, its not listed. Might have to check out an illegal stream for this game, if available.

  165. Chicken Grease:

    Game is currently scheduled to be shown on Oceanic digital channel 254:

    2012 PAY PER VIEW

    Football >. . . . @Colorado State. 10/27/2012. 1:00 PM

    You order the game on this channel . . . and the actual game is shown on Oceanic digital channel 255. Come on, Oceanic. Just do e'ryt'ing on ONE channel.

  166. Shoko:

    If no online streaming available, can listen via radio on this website.

  167. Kelsey Sanford:

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  168. jm2375:

    shoko - according to the Dish game finder, the game is on RTRM (one of the Root Network channels, I think). Don't get it here, so couldn't tell you.

  169. gobows:

    #158 you can try and click on am football. it doesn't work on macs though, but it works on the iPhone. at least all the nfl games are shown at that site, not sure about college games.

  170. gobows:

    #158 correction

  171. Chicken Grease:

    October 26th, 2012 at 6:23 am

    I live on the mainland and never had problems using this link:

    For some reason, its not listed. Might have to check out an illegal stream for this game, if available.

    Ai mi dirge, Shoko. No do this. Please follow the law ;) .



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    174. this story is too big to ignore, even though most main stream media decided to bury it. sad these "journalists" nowadays.

  176. gobows:

    #158 oops


    anything for votes. 174. univision story.

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