Game day: Colorado State

October 27th, 2012


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It's game day, so here are things to note:

• The Rams are as unhealthy as the Warriors. Third-string QB Conner Smith, a freshman, makes his first start. The Rams' leading tackler, Shaquil Barrett, might not play because of an injury. Also, tight end Austin Gillmore is considered to be iffy.

• Temperatures are expected to be in the 30s for most of the game. It's supposed to be a dry cold, meaning no snow, but it sure is a change from the muggy, high-80s conditions the Warriors left behind in Honolulu.

• It's "Orange Out Night," which supposedly has something to do with CSU legends (not sure why since the Rams' primary color is green) and supposedly nothing to do with Wednesday's activities.

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Lori Santi and "Ferd":


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When I think of the new, new, new deadline to pick an AD, I think of this: Deadline video.

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If for some reason you're in Fort Collins, go to BeauJo's and order the Mother Lode. (Cardiologists are optional.)

Here's the menu: BeauJo's.

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  1. Garret:


  2. Garret:

    Big game today for both teams, both need the win badly. Colorado State being down to a freshman 3rd string QB makes things hard for them--hopefully UH's D can take advantage of his inexperience. And hopefully he doesn't run too well...

  3. Garret:

    Nice article about Colt helping out at Kahuku.

    "He's a down to earth kind of guy and that's why our players have bonded with him very quickly" added Torres.

    "That's the type of guy he is. He's also knowledgeable and he's helped our quarterbacks tremendously in the week and a half he's been here."

  4. Postmanke:

    Smash the pumpkins!

  5. Postmanke:

    Smash the pumpkins!

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    Smashing Pumpkins. Are they still around?

  7. Garret:

    The spread is down from 7 to 6--it seems that people thought that UH should be underdogs by that much...hopefully those late bettors are correct and UH pulls out a road win.

  8. wafan:

    Top 10!

  9. Chicken Grease:

    Ohayoooooooooooooooooogozaimasu. Have a nice breakfast, all!!!!!

    No matter what the result today . . . may you fine people find the following with Coach Chow along with his assistant coaches and, of course, with the Warriors:

    Upon him was the punishment that made us whole, and by his bruises we are healed.

    - Isaiah 53:5

  10. wafan:

    Playing for last place in the conference.

    Come on Warriors!

    Do not be that team!!!

  11. Chicken Grease:

    Well. They got "Orange out."

    We got an Apple.

    No comparison? Bwaaaaaaaaaaahahahah!!!

  12. Stephen Tsai:

    Mr. Grease:
    That's pretty funny.

  13. wafan:


    For breakfast, fresh scones right out of the oven.

    No one came over so I ate both of them.

  14. Chicken Grease:

    GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING HOME BUFFALO MEAT!!!!!!!!

  15. wafan:

    Comparing Apple and orange, a Grease?

  16. Chicken Grease:

    October 27th, 2012 at 3:58 am

    Comparing Apple and orange, a Grease?

    Hai. Tsai mentioned CSU has "Orange out" . . UH has . . . an Apple. :)

  17. wafan:

    Love chilled apples . . . iced Apple?

    Especially the tangy juice and loud snap when you first sink you teeth into a chilled Fuji or Honey Crisp.


  18. wafan:

    Yes, a Grease, he did.

  19. Chicken Grease:

    Stephen Tsai:
    October 27th, 2012 at 3:56 am

    Mr. Grease:
    That's pretty funny.

    [a Grease bows.]

    Too bad rubber masks of said "apple" don't exist; then, Warrior fans up in the stands could REALLY compete w/CSU's "Orange Out" :) .

    Have a terrific day of bringing us the coverage, Mr. Tsai!!!!! Have a good time!!!!

  20. Matt:

    Go Warriors! Gotta get a win today.

  21. Stephen Tsai:

    Usually we try to leave about 3 hours ahead of kickoff for a road game.
    But Hughes Stadium is up the road and, well, I don't think there's going to be many Hawaii people tail-gating. This is supposed to be one of the lowest turnouts for Hawaii fans, second to only games in Ruston.

  22. Chicken Grease:

    Stephen Tsai:
    October 27th, 2012 at 4:06 am

    Usually we try to leave about 3 hours ahead of kickoff for a road game.
    But Hughes Stadium is up the road and, well, I don't think there's going to be many Hawaii people tail-gating. This is supposed to be one of the lowest turnouts for Hawaii fans, second to only games in Ruston.

    You guys riding in a van up there? What are your wheels? More "Mystery Machine" or more A-Team? Also, who's with you? "Kim Philby" Reardon there? :P Is that Ferd Lewis standing next to Lori S. In that pic? No look like him.

    Did you have your buffalo meat, scrambled eggs and rice, yet, Stephen Tsai? Got buffalo Spam (limited edition) up there?

  23. Stephen Tsai:

    Oh, I had my power breakfast in the hotel.
    I love the mainland where biscuits and gravy go together like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong.

  24. gigi-hawaii:

    Buffalo tends to be dry. I ate a buffalo burger once at Aloha Tower Marketplace. After that experience, hubby and I preferred the burgers at Hooters. Give us a cow any time. (Double entendre not intended)

  25. Stephen Tsai:

    We've got one of those smart cars where there's no ignition key.

  26. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)


  27. wafan:

    Kinda seems to a growing trend. Teams wearing/using colors that are not part of their school colors.


  28. fast payday loans:

    I have to state that next year you have to be on your websites, this one will that.

  29. Hawaiianbod:

    Top Fiddy!!


    Wassup brother DPK? Much Love n Aloha to u n Sweetie!

    Keep warm ST!


  30. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #24 gigi-san -

    Double entendre noted! :lol: Thanks for the "hoot".

    Okay, the door is opened, and you're a word guy, so what ya got Mr. Grease? :)

  31. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Hey Mr. Bod! Right back atcha braddah!

    Good morning to Norwester Tsaiko Deluxe, wafan!

  32. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #28 - wafan -

    Rapper Flo Rida has a great eye for color - wot you fink? :lol:

  33. Chicken Grease:

    # 31, DPK . . . heh, you mean as in, the owl meat at Hooters is juicy? Who gives a hoooooooot, hahaahah. Um. Wonder if Hooters'll be Temple's sponsor when they play down here. Both got Owls as their mascot. One plays. The other games. A Grease doesn't know, bwhahahah.

    A smart car with no key. How brilliant of them. :)

  34. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!


  35. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Love the sponsor idea. "Who" knows... a "Hooter Bowl" might fly!

  36. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Mornin' d1! Not just any Saturday, mind you. Today is THE day.

  37. d1shima:

    Mother Lode?

    Ya coulda had the Tofu Pizza! :evil:


  38. d1shima:

    Howzit DPK!


  39. Chicken Grease:

    Ohayooooooooooooooooogozaimasu, part II.






    BE THERE. ALOHA!!! Oh.

  40. Da Punchbowl Kid:



  41. Chicken Grease:

    # 36, DPK, haahaha, "Hooter Bowl might fly." Pun of the year. Bravo.

    If Temple doesn't play the Warriors, whooooooooooooooooo will?

  42. d1shima:


    CSU is not da Buffs

  43. Chicken Grease:

    # 35, rather, heh.

  44. d1shima:

    hoping that Santi and "ferd" had a good "National Anthem rehearsal"

  45. d1shima:

    ....important in cold country. Gloves!

  46. d1shima:

    Win one for LongTimeUHFan....

    Happy Birthday! Missing ya guy but know that you going be cheering today.

  47. Chicken Grease:

    October 27th, 2012 at 5:02 am


    CSU is not da Buffs

    Wh . . . wha???????? What the f)3(?????

    [a Grease shuffles papers, looks on IPad.]

    Wha . . . what??????? Well what the #3LL are . . . I . . . I [a Grease grabs the Tokuhon.]. Thank you, d1shima, a Grease doesn't know the heck up's w/the rest of youse not CORRECTING A Grease!!!! A Grease going look this up. Be right back, be right back. [a Grease curses to self.]

  48. gmahoney:

    Mr. Grease, CSU is the home of the Rams.

  49. Chicken Grease:

    OK, OK, got the correct, now [a Grease adjusts tie, smooths out Brioni suit.]. Hey, look, Romney (oh, first political talk of the day, gomen) called Paul Ryan as "the next president of the United States" first time he introduced Ryan, so, hey. :P

    OK, OK, OK . . . the following replaces # 39 of a Grease, above (and please replace any other doofus other dimensional Grease's mention of "Buffalo" with "Rams", please. Thank you.); ahem:

    Ohayooooooooooooooooogozaimasu, part II.





    RAM THE RAM IN, WARRIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    BE THERE. ALOHA!!! Oh.

  50. wafan:

    DPK . . .

    Interesting uniforms. Not so sure about wanting a guy on the legs, though. A bit strange.

    The helmet, though, are slick! Can the Warriors do something similar with the gourd helmet design? (Sorry, i forgot the name)

  51. wafan:

    Hope the Warriors feast on mountain oysters today!

    Emasculated rams are just . . . confused.


  52. 99club:


    I walked past that restaurant on the way back from the New Belgium Brewery tour. Had a decent pizza at the Mayor of Old Town...101 beers on tap.

  53. Slugger:

    Morning, gang!

    Gotta work today... TV-Gate later...


  54. J:

    Pumpkin (orange) used to be one of CSU's colors until around 1945.

  55. wafan:

    For LTUHF on his birthday.

    About the same tempo as the old Gov bands from back in the day. Definitely not as ruckus as they were after a score. But, still spirited!

  56. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    GO WAHINE!!!

  57. 3-Prong:

    Today is da day....Believe. Always Ready!

  58. obachan:

    @24 I would venture to say that your buffalo burger was cooked improperly. Since buffalo meat is leaner, it needs to be cooked at at a lower temp than beef. There is less fat content to insulate the meat from higher temps resulting in a dry buffalo burger. If prepared properly, it's delicious not to mention more healthier than beef. I'll stop now - this message brought to you by the Buffalo Meat Council of America.

  59. wafan:

    kkobi . . .

    Today's game will be on ROOT tomorrow night - 8-11. Day late but better than paying for the live herky-jerky stream.

  60. wafan:

    obachan . . .

    Have to agree with you about the meat. When I had the bison burger it was really good. But, then it was at Cabela's and they know how to cook game type meats.

  61. koakane i5:

    howzit :cool: howzit Warrior and Wahine faithful

    did I hear d1 :lol: officially say its SATURDAY yea game day babe. IMUA da word just do your best no matta you still 808 finest.

    shout out to hbod how you doing bruddah? also to "moved on" dpk, pnw wafan, sball slugger (inside joke) and finally to the rest of the early risers :mrgreen:

    congrats to vball wahines, play tough while pulling out da V

    to coach bud and soccer ladies go get the next one.

  62. wafan:

    At times, UT looks like they have the same how-to-tackle book UH does.

  63. showthemsupport:

    Have we found a way to watch the game yet? Since its not on ocianic online? The rams site only has a radio link.

  64. koakane i5:

    #55 nice touch plus I picture D1 and mrs standing for dat tune

  65. koakane i5:

    ooops e kala mai good beginning to coach and bball Wahines first win over calabash cuzins from Hilo. hopping many more to follow.

  66. wafan:

    Go Monarchs!

    Old Dominion Monarchs, that is.

  67. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs:

    Rama lama Ding Dong!
    Go Warriors!

  68. Pomai:

    "The The The that's all folks"
    UH vs CO
    10    -    56    Independent
    13    -    28    gobows
    14    -    10    mo808
    17    -    14    Pomai
    17    -    14    AlaWai
    17    -    10    tommui
    17    -    13    Former UH Athlete
    17    -    31    Tyaiea
    21    -    28    primo888
    21    -    20    BigWave96744
    21    -    14    DPK
    23    -    20    HiFlyer
    24    -    27    SAWARRIOR
    24    -    17    LizKauai
    24    -    13    PurpleMaple
    24    -    21    Huh?
    24    -    21    Moocher
    27    -    30    Bowwar
    27    -    24    sean
    28    -    21    greenthumb
    31    -    28    3-Prong
    34    -    14    wafan
    34    -    21    protector
    35    -    31    Glenn
    35    -    15    Rodney
    35    -    31    Claud Sutcliffe
    42    -    10    WarriorNY
    56    -    14    d1shima

  69. koakane i5:


  70. whitey:

    Hawaiianbod, it is good to see you are ok and back on with the Tsaikos.

  71. oldtimer808:

    Glad for Colt Brennan helping out the Kahuku Football team. Yes I believe he is getting more out the experience from giving to those kids out in Kahuku.

  72. lava:

    Give the points and take CSU in this meaningless game. We suck. Chow clueless as to entertaining football. Sad.

  73. greenthumb:

    Good gameday morning! Had buffalo empanadas (?) once. Leaner and more flavorful than beef in not a game-ey way (pun semi-intended). It blended with the spices and other ingredients.

    #19 Mr. Grease, one of that kind of Apple is enough.

  74. lava:

    I wonder how many more recruits lost interest in UH after witnessing Air Force's impressive win against Nevada. Since Nevada played both UH and Air Force on the road, the comparison of the stats is interesting, especially considering that AF's play calling is very predictable by college standards.

    AF was 9-14 on 3rd downs, UH was 6-17.
    AF gained total net yards of 600, UH had 378.
    AF ran 89 plays, UH 74.
    AF had an average net gain per play of 6.7, UH had 5.1.
    AF completed 85% of its passes, UH 55%.
    AF had 2 passing TDs, with no interceptions and no sacks, UH had 2 passing TDs, with 2 interceptions and 4 sacks.
    AF was penalized 3 times, UH 6 times.

    Time to take away Chow's associated title of offensive guru. AF does a lot more with a lot less.

  75. d1shima(Galaxy 'd):

    Mahalo wafan. That was awesome!

    Cheerio for da Warrio's

  76. Old School Dave:

    I think John Amos, the actor from TV and movies, played football at CSU.

  77. Hank:

    John McKay had losing seasons his first two years at USC before he became a coaching legend.

  78. tommui:


    Wow - what a game last night - Kahuku, Wahine volleyball and good showing by the Wahine basketballers.


  79. Rodney:

    Imua. Warriors!!!!
    Play every play fast!!!!
    Keep in mind all of Hawaii
    Supports your efforts!!!!!!!
    Hawaii 35. Colorado 15
    Got a feeling O-line will do well!!

  80. Chicken Grease:

    [Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh!!!!]


    Anybody there who can describe the tailgaiting action?!

  81. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Glad to see that Long Time UH Fan's birthday is remembered.
    R.I.P. old friend. The 5 F's and the bonds you created are still here.


  82. Capitolist/WassupDoc:

    Football at 1 pm (PPV tv, radio); baseball at 2 pm (Fox tv only); volleyball at 4 pm (ESPN 1500 radio only)


    For those of you who have been Big Supporters of local high school athletics, be sure to check out the PIAA fun(d)raiser from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm on Thursday, November 8, at Ferguson's Irish Pub, 729 Bishop Street (Dillingham Bldg).

    Duane Kurisu, one of the owners of the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS as well as the two ESPN radio stations here in Hawai`i, a co-founder of the Downtown Athletic Club Honolulu, one of 49 members of the 2013 Pro Bowl Planning Committee, and one of five members of the board of directors of the embattled Public Land Development Corporation (PLDC) is chairing the November 8 event. Tickets are $75 each and include heavy pupus, decadent wines, live local entertainment, silent auction and prize giveaways.

  83. papajoe2:

    Chicken Grease, are you a Mr., Mrs. or Ms? I think more than me want to know. Curious, since chickens are the female and roosters are the male. I don't know if you met any of the Tsaikos yet. We tailgate at the Warriors home games if you would like to come. I gotta admit that I don't attend too often, but I'm sure the Tsaikos would like to meet you.

  84. Hank:

    I wonder if they'd be interested...

    Jessie Sapolu
    Dave Shioji

  85. Wes'side Warrior:

    Howzit, Gang!

    Hoping for a happy Game Day!

    Go, Warriors!!!

    Wouldn't mind attending a Hooters Hula Bowl!

  86. Wes'side Warrior:

    PPJ2... maybe (about the chicken vs. the rooster)...

    However, when growing up, I went to many "chicken fights"... never a "rooster" or "c--k" fight.

  87. Wes'side Warrior:

    Welcome back, H-Bod!

    And good to hear positive news regarding Colt!

  88. Chicken Grease:

    # 83, ah, yes, papajoe. A Grease is a man. Um. Would a female (onna) post in bold????? Bwaahaahahahaa. Suppose a Grease had a Yen toward expressing his screen nom de plume a la (haahahah. "Ala alas") an e.e. cummings, H.D., or likeness thereof

    Figured a Grease's sci-fi and comic book geek references would be another giveaway (a female loves them, too, yet, they mention stuff like Nemu Nemu). Eek.

    If ya'll fine Tsaikos never meet a Grease, take no offense; he is a loner, heh. Eek.

  89. Wes'side Warrior:

    kk (i5)...

    Good to hear da Wahine did well last night... all da Wahine!

    I'll search around for da scoops on how Wahine Basketball did. Real interested to know how things went.

    Gotta head back out first to pick up my son from another one of his volunteer gigs...

  90. Kekoa:

    I was just starting to feel so good about it being game day. Checking out the Blogmeister's pics & local food tips and reading all the upbeat comments from the WB Tsai-ko's...

    ...and then Lava sweeps in with a brutal False Crack!. He's so much a negative part of this blog that we could not proceed without his constant reminder of how much he hates our team, coaches, and fans.

    Thanks Lava. Your sportsmanship remains true to form as you are always the first to piss on our parade. I'm sure the other haters will chime in as the day wears on, but for the Warrior faithful, I say...BRING IT!


    [I am Kekoa and I approve this message].

  91. Manoa Mist:

    Sorry Mr. Kekoa I was just going to praise lava when I saw your post. Lava backs up his opinion with stats, and I for one appreciate that. Just because you're critical of the team don't mean you don't want the best for Hawaii. Don't mean you ain't a fan. Just means you ain't a yes man and you call it like you see it. Hardly a hater in my opinion. If he hated Hawaii he wouldn't bother with posting here. Welcome all opinions folks.

  92. Kekoa:

    Ok...Kekoa has chilled with a glass of OJ, and is now enjoying a nice hot cup of Kona Kope.

    Game day greetings to the Tsaiko 'Ohana.

    Sending a special thanks to a Grease for keeping me entertained the past few days with those non-political comments.

    Have fun at the TV-Gate!
    (Eh! Sumbody make sure kk gets home safe).

  93. Chicken Grease:

    You can order UH Warriors vs. CSU Tatonkas game via Oceanic digital channel 254; on this channel, the following currently shows:

    2012 PAY PER VIEW

    Football >. . . . @Colorado State. 10/27/2012. 1:00 PM

    You order the game on this channel . . . the game is actually shown on Oceanic digital channel 255. Come on, Oceanic. Just do e'ryt'ing on ONE channel.

    At that same time (1PM this Saturday), one Slippery Rock at California (Pa.) College football game will be shown on FCS Atlantic, Oceanic digital ch. 244. Love to see what Slippery Rock's mascot is.

  94. greenthumb:

    Thanks to turfwar for the post and link yesterday about an athlete's empathy for a young fan and her family. Sure, sports is about the game at hand. But at its finest, it is about character. Hope this blockquoting stuff works, and get out your Kleenex.

    October 26th, 2012 at 9:54 am
    Found this on MSN this morning and wanted to share. This is one reason why Manti is a once in a generation type player and why his best years maybe after his football playing days are over.

  95. Chicken Grease:

    Kona Kope, hahahaha, love it.

    You folks see North Carolina's foot logo on their helmets today?

    Man. Warriors shoulda' done that. 'Cept w/slippah! :)

  96. Wes'side Warrior:

    lava: Since Nevada played both UH and Air Force on the road, the comparison of the stats is interesting, especially considering that AF's play calling is very predictable by college standards.

    Funny... you guys like to use "altitude" as an excuse for us not being prepared, but fail to use it as an excuse for Nevada, playing "up" at Air Force. Hardly similar comparisons, with them playing at sea level in Hawaii.

    I'd also think that Air Force's true option (defense) might defend against the Pistol's option better. Jefferson carried 20 times, while their QB, Fajardo carried 19 times. Both were held under 100 yards rushing. On the flip side, Air Force rushed for over 450 yards.

    Anywayz... Whatevas. Haters WILL ALWAYS BE haters.

  97. Wes'side Warrior:

    Bad Ass Kona Coffee used to be my favorite. Hope the company is still around. Can't wait to be back home!

  98. 3-Prong:

    95 Grease: Saw that. UNC got da "Hang Five" helmet!

  99. papajoe2:

    lava, true stats don't lie, but saying Air Force is predictable is off base (no pun intended). They use an option offense so while running what may look like the same play, the option makes it different. Also, by preparing so much for the run option, once in a while, passing may throw off the defense, thus higher percentage for more yards or even touchdowns. How many passes did they attempt during the game? They usually don't attempt too many, more likely under 20. I'm not saying that we were better as we got blown out, but in comparing an option team to our "pro" offense is just not feasible. As you know the Air Force uses a "gimmick" type of offense because the 300 lb. lineman just don't qualify in the military and also a lot of kids just don't want to join the military. Our "pro" type of offense is just not working at this time, maybe because of personel, coaching, changes in the way UH operates, or all of the above and more. The bad news is our defense is also not working at this time. Still supporting and trying to be patient.

  100. Kekoa:

    MM ~ Since when is telling the people of Hawaii that the coach and his team "Sucks" anything worth putting on this blog?

    Ah forget it, I'm not gonna ruin my day with the few obvious haters who love to stir things up on our blog. I'll just go back to starving the trolls.

  101. Chicken Grease:

    98. 3-Prong, yeah. Too bad we didn't do it first, ahhhaha. Love the "H" logo, but, for ONE gane coulda' done a foot in slippah.

    Arizona fans in the AZ vs. USC game today got a MEAN red out going on. Seems to be working well.

    BCs Wounded Warrior garb looks great!!!! Hope our Warriors own ends up looking just as good!!!!

  102. papajoe2:

    Anybody watch the Farrington-Mililani game last night? Although he verbably committed to Illinois State, the commentators kept saying Jarin Morikawa would love to play for UH. I guess he wasn't offered. The commentors said what Jarin's coach said about him talking to the UH's coaches, and it was very impressive. Even Colt Brennan was impressed with Jarin.

  103. wowlaulau:

    Kekoa, fyi The sock puppets are alive ..... best to ignore those post. Same thing this person has done on other forums until he got banned for sock puppets and other stupid $hit....

  104. Chicken Grease:

    Well . . . a Grease mistakenly called CSU's mascot the "buffalo" (across town rival's mascot) . . . hope that was an omen, re: Hawaii player-rich Oregon's own buffalo'g. Of CU right now. My God. Let's hope our Warriors do just as (we'll take half as well against the Ram tough today.

    Warriors. We wanna see ya'll ram that Ram. Ram it!!!!! RAM IT, WARRIORS!!!!!!!

  105. Chicken Grease:

    October 27th, 2012 at 9:50 am

    Anybody watch the Farrington-Mililani game last night? Although he verbably committed to Illinois State, the commentators kept saying Jarin Morikawa would love to play for UH. I guess he wasn't offered. The commentors said what Jarin's coach said about him talking to the UH's coaches, and it was very impressive. Even Colt Brennan was impressed with Jarin.

    Bet he ends up going there, papajoe2, play for a few years, and then coming back home as a walk-on. Can almost predict it. :)

  106. Shoko:

    Fresno State 7
    New Mexico 21

    If the Lobos make a bowl game, which looks highly possible, Bob Davie should be a strong candidate for MWC coach of the year.

  107. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Soooo... does constant criticism and demeaning remarks about the team equate with being a true fan? I echo Kekoa's sentiments above, and Tsai's earlier remark about being tired of hearing the same complaints EVERY day.

    We "other" fans aren't so stupid as to need constant reminders that UH is having a tough season thus far. That's a given. And, criticism and complaining eventually reach a state of dimishing returns in terms of their affectiveness in motivating players, coaches and fans.

    I think a good rule of thumb for online ettiquette is that if you feel strongly enough to make certain remarks about players or coaches here, you should be willing to make those same statements to their faces. And if you wanna keep dogging the Coach tell him to his face and make sure you thoroughly read his resume first. And bring yours, so he knows who he's talking to.

    While at the movies last week, the wife and I had an interesting chance encounter with four UH players. These guys were among UH's young stars and all were starters at one point or another. I was quite moved by their manners and demeanor. Very respectful and humble, most impressive was their POSITIVE outlook on things and the understanding that they were building a new system. These were sophmores and freshman and all had seen playing time and a couple were battling back from injury. THEY expect to turn things around and were excited by the fact that "everybody's" coming back next year. I saw no fear or quit or self pity in any of them. I came away feeling chicken by their excellent attitudes and how wonderfully they represent our state and team. These young men and their team don't "suck" by any standards. And if you feel they do, tell them to their face.
    Same goes for their coaches. You wanna critcize them, then do it to their faces or at least let them know your true identity.

    We're having a bad season. But that wont stop the Warriors or their team from looking for and working hard for a win today. And it won't stop some of us "fans" from cheering on our Warriors, what ever happens.


  108. koakane i5:

    game time close so gotta get ready

    mahalo patnah for the safe journey

  109. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    "I came away feeling chicken SKIN from their excellent attitudes... " I meant to say above.

  110. Chicken Grease:

    CBSC, digital ch. 247, Boise St. V. Wyoming shaping up as a nice game as is FSNW's Tdig. Ch. 226) TCU vs. Iolan . . . er, a Grease means, Texas Tech.

  111. Chicken Grease:

    Which of youse Tsaikos and/or Tsaikettes are at Anasia's (was mentioned earlier this week) . . . one or more of youse there, please post!!!!! Let us know how ya'll party is going o'there!!!!!!!

    # 108, koakane i5, indeed!!!! Everyone have a safe, fun time today!!!!!

  112. PurpleMaple:

    Coaching staff makes a big difference. Right now, New Mexico is beating Fresno St 21-7 in the 2nd quarter (was 21-0 a couple of minutes ago). This is a team that went 1-11 the past three seasons (3-33), but new HC Bob Davie has his Lobos playing like a top tier MWC team. I just get sick listening to radio broadcasters' whine about "Warriors' lack of talent." Its coaching. Same for Penn St. They lost 12 starters to defections, but new HC Bill O'Brien has his team right behind Ohio St in the Leaders Division with a 5-2 record.

  113. Chicken Grease:

    # 110, just a "mistakes of Grease regarding the correct identification of team names Day" for some reason.

    Not Texas Tech or Iola . . . but, OSU. Gomen na saaaaaaaaaaaai.

  114. wafan:

    Would that be a slippery slope by a Grease?

  115. Chicken Grease:

    # 114, wafan . . . Heh. Uh. Um.

    Hooooo eeyyyy, this Florida-Georgia game. Nice. Think Warriors will need to get revenge for Siugar Bowl some day, heh.

  116. suchi:

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  117. Chicken Grease:

    This Aaron Taykor on the CBS Geico Halftime Report . . . just something about this guy that's just idiosyncratic across the board. Too much baldness? Barely fits in his suit. Looks like his eyelashes are about to fall off. Just a man who is too big, seemingly; not fat. But big.

  118. AZWARRIOR22:

    UH 40 CSU 14

  119. Shoko:

    Uh oh, Deruyter's spread attack is making a comback.

    Fresno State 21
    New Mexico 24

  120. Tommui:

    DPK #107

    Atta Boy!

    What is irritating is people who have nothing NEW to say, keep repeating themselves over and over again like a broken record.

  121. Kekoa:

    DPK ~ I'm sure you gave a grease his chicken skin moment for today. Thanks for telling it like it is. People forget these are young men barely out of high school. Every mother's son. I like your show of respect for them as they work to build a foundation.

  122. Shoko:

    The thing with Davie's success is that he had a good stable of RB's to implement his offensive system. Mike Locksley, former NM HC, was a great recruiter and RB's coach that gave Davie some talent in establishing a strong running game. However, he's still worthy of receiving accolades in his first year, tho.

  123. wafan:

    Montana butchering Idaho State, 49-10.

  124. Shoko:

    P.S. If Davie tried to continue with a pro-style with a mix of spread, like Locksley, I don't think he would be 4-4 at this point. NM never had a decent QB, which is why Holbrook doesn't pass as much as he's done that past two years.

  125. Chicken Grease:

    # 121, kekoa, heh, I hope you're meaning a Grease's support for Coach Chow and the team.

  126. Shoko:

    The same Idaho State that has a player who filed a criminal complaint with law enforcement for being pushed by his head coach during practice?

  127. Stephen Tsai:

    Very disappointed in the tailgating here. First, where are the RVs? And where's the bbq aroma? This is what happens when they serve tofu at bbq joints.

  128. Shoko:

    Duke 7
    Florida State 45

    I think Duke might lose the rest of their games, but they are probably happy to be bowl eligible. Last time they were bowl eligible was 1997. Schroeder must be elated.

  129. Chicken Grease:

    Shoko, you mostly get up late, ehy?

    Florida's post-play yapping getting them into trouble. 'Gator coach look like his still IN, say, graduate school.

  130. Chicken Grease:

    Georgia int's Florida. 'Gators going feel stoooooopid they lose this one.

  131. Chicken Grease:

    Stephen Tsai:
    October 27th, 2012 at 11:21 am

    Very disappointed in the tailgating here. First, where are the RVs? And where's the bbq aroma? This is what happens when they serve tofu at bbq joints.

    Is there tailgating in the snow?

    Still thinking about that sandwich menu. But, Fort Collins still needs a ramen shop.

  132. Shoko:

    129. Nope, was up early this morning. Just had some stuff to do such as grocery shopping with the family and other misc task.

  133. Stephen Tsai:

    No snow.
    They plowed it away.

  134. Stephen Tsai:

    UH's unis: White jerseys, green pants, long white socks.

  135. Chicken Grease:

    Stephen Tsai:
    October 27th, 2012 at 11:31 am

    No snow.
    They plowed it away.

    Hmmmmm. See any fans in their orange garb yet?

    You, Curren, the others have some down time for now? Got any snacks or sharing any meals right now?

  136. Shoko:

    I'm gonna guess that today's game attendence will probably be somewhere in the range of 22,000.

  137. wafan:

    Chawan would feel comfortable at the Orange Out.

  138. Shoko:

    Thought the stadium was heated when I noticed the absence of yesterday's light snowfall.

  139. wafan:

    17-63 Montana.

    30-seconds remain in the 3rd.

    Monku-monku folks would be beyond gnashing their teeth. Might have pulled them out by now.

  140. wafan:

    Mr. Tsai . . .

    The Montana TG's look good with lots of hot foods and RV's.

  141. wafan:

    Will Montana call off the dogs in the 4th?

  142. Chicken Grease:

    # 132 Shoko. Right on. Didn't mean ti imply that you wake up at noon or something. Um. Just notice your posts are later in the day. But, not as late as kev-1's, sheesh, like to know his excuse. :P

    Mr. Tsai -- vog's virtually's all gone. Sunny. Breeze starting to come back . . . on Oahu, at least. Spread the word to our island friends in that snowy region right now.

  143. Chicken Grease:

    * * * ALERT!!!!! * * *

    Stephen Tsai:
    October 27th, 2012 at 11:32 am

    UH's unis: White jerseys, green pants, long white socks.

    Mr. Tsai!!!!! GET WORD TO COACH CHOW!!!! SUGGEST that they use solid black pants!!!!!

  144. Shoko:

    141. Thought they already did that in the third.

  145. wafan:

    ISU imploding. Ugly.

    Fake punt goes nowhere.

    UM fumbles. ISU fell on it only to re-fumble. UM recovers.

    Looks like UM will score in the next few plays . . . again.

    Absolutely nothing is going right.

  146. wafan:

    Shoko . . .

    I thought they did, too. But, their offense keeps producing.

    Or, ISU's defense keeps giving.

  147. Shoko:

    Fresno State might just shutout NM in the second half. Guess its fair to say that Coach Deyruter knows how to make defensive adjustments.

    Fresno State 49
    New Mexico 24

  148. wafan:

    ISU D finally wins one.

  149. Kekoa:

    A Grease ~

    Total respect for my fine feathered friend and his views from the cat bird seat.


  150. Shoko:

    Well, no offense to Idaho State, but they're not that good even by DII standards. Okay, they might be little better than DII, but not by much.

  151. jiminy cricket:

    #77 Hank, Norm Chow is not John MacKay.

  152. d1shima:


  153. Chicken Grease:

    # 149 Kekoa. Thank you :) . And respect to you, Kekoa. And respect to all of you fine people here.

    [a Grease bows to all of you.]

  154. Chicken Grease:

    USC v. Arizona is the game to tune in to now.

  155. Chicken Grease:

    Well . . . tune in to until about 1pm, of course. :)

  156. coachtiff34:

    Steaming??? Any one find one?

  157. Shoko:

    I think Rutgers just said goodbye to any chance of playing in a BCS Bowl.

  158. wafan:


  159. Shoko:

    156. Won't know until the game starts, but odds are slim for the game to be streamed.

  160. Isaac McMillan:

    Why can't I order this game online?? I'm not paying Oceanic $65 to watch it on my tv.

  161. Kekoa:

    Blogmeister interview with Kanoa went very well. His comment on it being a dog-eat-dog world was in reference to a Vetrenarium convention in town.

  162. Shoko:

    160. Oceanic online streaming is not available to folks that are living in Hawaii. Either catch it at a local sports bar or restaurant in town or listen on ESPN 1420.

  163. Shoko:

    In fact, I don't think Oceanic will be streaming the game at all.

  164. Chicken Grease:

    Gettin' ready!!!!!! Light it up Warriors and Warrior fans.

    Let's get ready!!!!

    Florida # 2 certainly not playing like a # 2 team vs. # 10 team.

    But never minds those two SECys . . . instead, GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!

  165. Shoko:

    BC says 42 degrees and sunny.

  166. Isaac McMillan:

    Wow, I can't believe I can't stream the game...what's up wit dat?? Greedy Oceanic bigwigs trying to force us to pay $65. I can handle a losing season but it's this kind of BS that makes it hard to be a UH fan.

  167. Chicken Grease:

    See # 93 . . . order this sicka' on your TV!!!!!

    Verne Lundquist should be on another network. Can't really stand his car salesman voice. He's more NBC. Maybe ESPN voice. Not CBS.

    TD Georgia.

  168. wafan:

    Go Warriors!

  169. Chicken Grease:

    Mike Edwards do good, up to the 20!!!!!! CSU player down[?]

  170. Shoko:

    166. I'm sure there are other Warriors fans that share your disappointment.

  171. wafan:

    Move the chains, Warriors!

  172. wafan:

    Almost dinner time.

  173. Will-I-Am:

    Road game PPV is like saying.
    "If you are not rich, or if your not a huge fan, then we don't want you to watch UH football. We only want dedicated or rich fans. If we have to isolate the hard working family man that can't afford it then screw em', they can find a way to watch if they really wanted to, go sit in a bar."

  174. Matt:

    TD!!! on the fumble recovery

  175. Committed Road Warrior:

    Oooh. A TD!

  176. wafan:


  177. Chicken Grease:

    October 27th, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    Almost dinner time.

    No more scones, wafan?

    Florida just imploding right now. Georgia touchback. No yellow flags. Switching between a paid game (the one in Fort Collins :) ) and this free one on CBS.

  178. wafan:

    Hi CRW! Long time no see.

  179. Hank:


  180. Isaac McMillan:

    Hooray'll have to excuse my indifference, as it's just not the same listening to a live radio stream...

    Still searching for some kind of streaming link on-line, there's gotta be one out there. I'll share if I do find one.

  181. wafan:

    CG . . .

    One left. You want it?

  182. Committed Road Warrior:

    Hi wafan! Hope all has been all with you.

  183. WarriorNY:

    Oceanic PPV is ridiculous. I don't get RootTV here... What a joke...

    Go Warriors!

  184. wafan:

    Hmmmmm, kinda like Chicken and dumplings.

  185. wafan:

    CRW . . .

    Doing well. Sandy headed to your area?

    Batten down the hatches!

  186. wafan:

    Come on D!

  187. 3-Prong:

    Dey do look like punkins! Hehe......dang it punkins score.

  188. RedZone:

    SC going down.

  189. Matt:

    TD CSU.

  190. wafan:


  191. Isaac McMillan:

    CG, you watching this game on CBS ??

  192. Chicken Grease:

    . . . and Tebow's ghost laughs. No crying, please, Florida jers' # 11.

  193. Chicken Grease:

    Hahahaha. No thanks, wafan. Thanks, though. Love scones!!!

  194. Committed Road Warrior:


    Sandy indeed coming my way. Doubt I'll be able to get in a full day of work on Monday before the weather really goes south.

  195. Chicken Grease:

    # 191, Isaac, yes . . . I WAS watching it, see also # 177 above.

  196. Isaac McMillan:

    yes, I saw it, that's how I knew you were watching a link to that stream??

  197. wafan:

    A bunch of friends in the DC area.

    Hope all of you guys remain safe and sound.

  198. wafan:

    SS is running!

  199. Chicken Grease:

    UH Warriors 7
    CSU Rams 7

    Here we go!!!!



  200. wafan:


  201. Chicken Grease:

    UH Warriors 14
    CSU Rams 7

    Schroeder good!!!!

  202. wafan:

    TD Warriors!

  203. Matt:


  204. greenthumb:


  205. Shoko:

    Saaaweeet TD!

  206. greenthumb:

    Is the radio delayed? Just heard extra point.

  207. Committed Road Warrior:

    Nice. A TD!

  208. Ken K:

    Wish I was able get to watch it online. Great drive.

  209. Committed Road Warrior:


    I'm prepared in case of a multi-day power outage, just need to watch out for damages/trees falling.

  210. wafan:

    Hoping the Warriors get to the young QB a few times to shake him up.

  211. Shoko:

    Schroeder rush for 17 yards? Someone please explain?

  212. Chicken Grease:

    # 201, a Grease was first, ahahahaha, kidding!!!!

    Yes!!!!! ON THE ROAD!!!!!!! LET'S GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!

  213. sports scores:

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  214. wafan:

    CRW . . .

    Keep safe!

    And get planny spam.


  215. wafan:

    Go D!

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  217. wafan:

    Make the stop.


    Oo USC about to lose

  219. Isaac McMillan:

    FYI, today is the first time I bet against the Warriors all year so they'll probably

  220. WarriorNY:

    USC goes down again...

  221. wafan:

    Dang, thin air.


    rich rodriquez, year 1 at arizona beats USC 39-36

  223. wafan:

    Run, Joey! Run!

  224. Committed Road Warrior:

    And USC goes down to Arizona...

  225. Chicken Grease:

    # 230 thanks for this update, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Naysayers same ones who LOVE USC. Beasts there. Mmph.

  226. wafan:

    Go O!

  227. Chicken Grease:

    # 220, Warrior NY, rather, not "230."

    Lister again!!!!!! 1st down!!!!

  228. A:

    wherez the feed

  229. WarriorNY:

    No prob, CG... I think SAWarrior beat me to it...

  230. wafan:

    Some Tsai-kos and Tsai-kettes like USC and the Warriors.

  231. Chicken Grease:

    1st quarter over, Hawaii leads!!! See above # 201.

  232. 3-Prong:

    Lava, Manoa, you keeping up wit da stats? Hehe

  233. greenthumb:


  234. wafan:

    Come on D!!

  235. wafan:

    Darn .

  236. Committed Road Warrior:

    Looks like game tied again...

  237. Matt:

    Another TD for CSU.

  238. Isaac McMillan:

    Still searching for a live streaming link to the game....sigghhhhh

  239. wafan:

    The Car Quest music does not give me the impression of quality.

    Really lounge lizard-like music?

  240. wafan:

    Get it going O!

  241. wafan:


  242. Matt:

    big return by CSU to the 5

  243. Shoko:


  244. A:

    wherez the feed!

  245. Matt:

    Yet another TD for CSU. Argh.

  246. greenthumb:

    We need that rule about ads being no louder than shows to be applied to radio, not just TV.

  247. Isaac McMillan:

    I've searched high and low and have not found any kind of feed. Oceanic is too greedy to offer a streaming link.

  248. Matt:


  249. Ken K:

    Cannot lose the turnover battle. Have a chance otherwise.

  250. Shoko:

    Might as well give up on finding an illegal feed. This isn't going to draw enough interest for someone to stream the game. Best thing to do is make a b-line to the nearest sportbar. At least that way you can eat, drink and watch with ither fans.

  251. Shoko:

    They have been struggling with protecting the ball the last two games.

  252. Isaac McMillan:

    I used to frequent sports bars until I realized how much money I was spending, just to watch it in a crowded environment when I could just be watching it in the comfort of my own home drinking Heineken's that costed me around $1 each. FYI, I was considering ordering it PPV if it was around $45 - $50 at the most....then I saw that it was $65 and realized it wasn't THAT important for me to watch. Just upsetting that I opted keeping my family home for the day, as opposed to spending the day at the movies with my family, just to find out I have to dish out an arm and a leg just to watch Hawaii get smacked around on the road. No thanks.

  253. MattO:

    Man... this is painful. Really, really painful.

  254. greenthumb:

    OK, there is some logic to a two-tier price (Oahu and Neighbor Island) for home games, but why has Oceanic stuck to this for road games? We are all equally far away. And really wouldn't they get more purchases at $30 for an away game than $60?

    from Oceanic site:
    October 27 at Colorado State $65 $32.50

  255. Shoko:

    Oh boy.

  256. Isaac McMillan:

    Hawaii's in bad shape...28 - 7 if you don't count the fumble TD return.

  257. Shoko:

    252. I see your point with the added expenses when catching the game at a sportsbar. Oh well, you're not missing much as you already are aware of. Man, this game is depressing X2.

  258. Kapahulu:

    I believe that most UH Oceanic PPV games are replayed for free the next day (usually Sunday) at 10:00 am.

  259. greenthumb:


  260. 3-Promg:


  261. WarriorNY:

    You're up 14 and going for onside kick? Wow, thanks CSU coaches...

  262. Isaac McMillan:

    Shoko, I still enjoy watching UH football regardless of the score...still entertaining, but as far as shelling out the big bucks, I have to think twice. I'm currently in the process of purchasing a home in Kapolei, with a close date currently set for early November...we also bought down the APR so we set aside quite a large amount of cash to close. My wife doesn't work (she goes to school) so every dollar in this household is critical at the moment.

  263. greenthumb:

    nailbite time

  264. Shoko:

    Comeone Joey, punch it through!!

  265. Matt:

    Two timeouts in a row? Did Mack come on this trip?

  266. d1shima:


  267. Shoko:

    Smart going for it on fourth down. CSU redzone defense not that good.

  268. 3-Promg:


  269. Matt:

    TD!!! SS

  270. d1shima:


  271. greenthumb:

    266, 268 you guys watching TV?

  272. Committed Road Warrior:

    Would've been bad news if we weren't able to score on what was essentially a spoon-fed TD.

  273. greenthumb:

    trying to fgure if there is a radio delay.

  274. Shoko:

    Alrrrright. Dats how you do it!!

  275. mo808:

    Winning is sooo hard!!!!!

  276. Shoko:

    There is a delay from ESPN 1420.

  277. greenthumb:

    276 thx

  278. 3-Promg:

    How about some D......

  279. Matt:

    Come on Defense!!! We need a stop right now!

  280. Shoko:

    Here's an alternate Colorado-based radio feed. Not sure if there is a delay with this one.

  281. 3-Prong:

    Yup. PPV.

  282. 3-Prong:

    Yes!!!! Int!

  283. d1shima:


  284. mo808:

    I am loving our defense now!!

  285. greenthumb:


  286. Matt:


  287. mo808:

    Oh, and our offense! :)

  288. Kapahulu:

    On computer you can follow the UH Football game on CBS Sports Game Tracker Live.
    Lots of current stats.

  289. Matt:

    Need a TD now!!!

  290. Matt:

    Throw the ball!

  291. Shoko:

    Okay, getting of the blog for little bit. The radio peeps cannot compete with the PPV peeps. ;)

  292. mo808:


  293. Bradford:

    This past week, Trump offered to give $5 million to a charity of Obama's choice if he releases his college and passport records. Obama responded by telling his own joke about him and Trump fighting while growing up in Kenya.

  294. 3-Prong:

    Ok Switch to Manti watch.

  295. d1shima:

    Tryna find a game link...looking at mainland websites and see pop-up ads for HawaiianAir R/T's to Hawaii. :evil:

    Bummahs that we end up subsidizing the tourists coming but I guess we all benefit. :roll:

  296. Hank:

    We can win this thing if we stop fumbling the ball. They cannot stop our running game. A little luck would help too.

  297. koakane i5:

    so far only can say f'um

  298. G-money:

    When are we going to start tackling legs instead of bodies? Terrible technique.


    our DC is not the answer.

  300. Hank:

    We are hurting up the middle on defense. We need a little luck

  301. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Keep fighting, Warriors!

  302. Hank:

    Marrell Jackson is playing a heck of a game. If he was bigger, I'd like to see him play the middle.

  303. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Leahey 3.0 doing an awesome job so far...

  304. Chicken Grease:

    Is a Grease the only one got the PPV????? See # 93, above, heh. Shoko, you get the PPV????

    OK. We got ourselves a game. CSU got a little selfish . . . and PAID for it.

    Warriors can't be pushed around anymore. 28-21, CSU.

  305. Chicken Grease:

    October 27th, 2012 at 1:48 pm

    266, 268 you guys watching TV?

    A Grease is watching the PPV, greenthumb! :D

    Games should start at this time at home. You folks going to Aloha afraid of a little sun or something?

  306. Hank:

    Lafaele glass half empty...Nate glass half full.

  307. Shoko:

    No mo, PPV. Catching ESPN 1420 with the delay. ESPN dudes dogging Schroeder's accuracy. Guess that would be a fair assessment considering only hitting 50%.

  308. WarriorNY:

    Man, that Notre Dame Defense is something...

    Manti is again in Beast mode...

  309. 3-Prong:

    Manti is a Stud. He is all ova da place.

  310. WarriorNY:

    Absolutely right...He really should be the Heisman frontrunner or #2 to the KSU QB...

  311. 3-Prong:

    WarriorNY: if dey keep shut down da Sooner today his Heisman stock shoots up

  312. 3-Prong:

    Int again!!!!

  313. Chicken Grease:

    INT HAWAII!!!!!!

  314. Kekoa:

    Tsaiko cheering rattling windows out here on the ceded lands. Goo goo detects the disturbance coming from Anasia. Turn it up during the 2nd half gang!


  315. Kekoa:

    Tsaiko cheering rattling windows out here on the ceded lands. Goo goo detects the disturbance coming from Anasia. Turn it up during the 2nd half gang!


  316. Matt:

    INT!!! again.

  317. Matt:

    wasted turnover.

  318. 3-Prong:

    Ho, hard fo watch 2 games at once. Teo big sack!

  319. Committed Road Warrior:

    I believe 99club is at the game.

    I'd be interested in hearing from him how many UH fans made the trip up to Ft. Collins. Doubt it'd be as few as when we'd go to La. Tech, but much less than the 2,000+ who made it to Boulder in 2010.

  320. 3-Prong:

    Defense! Fumble!

  321. Chicken Grease:

    Anasia is located on ceded lands!?!?! [!]

  322. Committed Road Warrior:


  323. Matt:

    Alright defense! Offense if you waste this one, Paipai gonna Pow Pow you.

  324. greenthumb:

    288 Kapahulu, where on CBS are you finding game tracker?

  325. Matt:


  326. greenthumb:

    305, Mr Grease, afternoon games are fun, but w-a-r-m. I remember the early days to get a good student seat (FB) and also afternoon games for Hawaii Islanders.

  327. greenthumb:

    325 thanks Matt!

  328. Chicken Grease:

    Hawaii recover fumble!

  329. Matt:

    Three turnovers in a row. Let's see if our offense can squander another opportunity.

  330. greenthumb:

    OK cool the gametracker is just as delayed as radio. Just waiting for PacMan

  331. Matt:

    gametracker a little ahead of radio most of the time.

  332. Matt:

    Come on offense.

  333. Kekoa:

    1 mo! Wow, a 3rd chance!

  334. Matt:

    3 turnovers = 3 points. That's not good at all.

  335. Isaac McMillan:

    If 3 turnovers = 3 points, then that's 1 pt/turnover....soooo all we need is 4 more turnovers to tie it up :-P

  336. Shoko:

    Nope, not good. CSU has 5 turnovers and Warriors trailing?

  337. Matt:

    Good stop Mike Edwards. Too bad you dropped the pick 6 on 2nd down. Punt time for CSU.

  338. Ken K:

    The offense must take advantage of all these turnovers.

  339. Matt:


  340. Isaac McMillan:

    WOW...blocked punt! If Hawaii loses today, and I was a player on the Hawai'i defense....oh boy....

  341. 3-Prong:


  342. Matt:

    TD!!! BRS!!!

  343. greenthumb:

    BRS ftw!

  344. Committed Road Warrior:

    Nice :-)

  345. mo808:


  346. Shoko:

    Yea baby!! Keep it going!

  347. Ken K:

    Way to go Stuzman!

  348. mo808:

    A lead....

  349. mo808:

    Can we hang on?

  350. Huh?:

    1-4 on converting TDs off of turnovers. Gotta capitalize to win. Go warriors.

  351. Ken K:

    Oh man. Do it again.

  352. 3-Prong:

    No way!!!!!

  353. d1shima:

    Ram it!

  354. Kekoa:

    Stuz Struts, but the officials say no no!

  355. Huh?:


  356. d1shima:


  357. mo808:


  358. Matt:

    Our QB has a 39% completion rate. That's not going to cut it on any level. Another FG. What a waste.

  359. mo808:

    We're winning!!!

  360. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    5 turnovers and 6 points inside of 40 yards......So sad.

  361. Ken K:

    At least they scored, but they need to get the touchdowns.

  362. mo808:

    ...for now :)

  363. Matt:

    We're not winning. It's 28-27.

  364. Committed Road Warrior:

    39% completion isn't gonna cut it in Fresno next week.

  365. Chicken Grease:

    UH Warriors 27
    CSU Rams 28

  366. greenthumb:

    So PPV folks how did that play look that they called back?

  367. mo808:

    @360. We get chance!

  368. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    It looked like a TD here on the slopes of Puowaena!

    Main ting da Warriors keep fighting!

  369. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Das right mo! So long dey keep fighting, get chance!


  370. Chicken Grease:

    Heh. A Grease = 365 (see above) . . . as in "365 days of the week.". All day, everyday, naysayers!!!!!

    CSU forced to punt!!! Lookin' good!

  371. MattO:

    6 pts from 4 short fields.

    #358 - Totally agree.

    How much more is it gonna take?




  373. Isaac McMillan:

    I believe that if JJ or even McMackin was still coach, we'd have about doubled up on CSU at this point in the game....anyone agree/disagree??

  374. Chicken Grease:

    Punt blocked by UH!!!!

  375. Shoko:

    Sadly, yes.

  376. d1shima:

    If you throw it up, sometimes stuff happens! ;-)

  377. Warrior in Georgia:

    Absolutely correct Isaac. Go to love that norm chow offense, 6 points with the ball in csu territory 4 times. What an offensive genius.

  378. Matt:

    Refs gave UH that one.

  379. d1shima:

    ...and then other stuff happens. :-(

  380. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    CSU, The Refs, The World are trying to give us this game. Hawaii is refusing the gift. Geez.

  381. Shoko:


  382. Ken K:

    Hawaii may have to stick with a running game. 40% passing does not cut it. Throwing a pick 6 makes it worst.

  383. Isaac McMillan:

    Ya, I'm starting to think "Chow time" means our offense stalling out in the opponents red zone...Shroeder is terrible, and not just on that INT. He's 11 for 29, which probably explain why he didn't start at Duke (are they even an FBS team??)

  384. MattO:

    What about now? We still gonna stick with Schroeder? Really?

  385. Warrior in Georgia:

    Told ya, schroeder is awful and chow won't make a change. Offensive genius my a$$, worst in div 1 football. I find it amazing that we have falling so far so fast.

  386. manoa#1:

    3 prong dig ur okole. today u guys playing on pop warner team today and dat pop warner team just returned a 80yd pick 6.....Eat Dat.

  387. MattO:

    Time to put ego aside, admit you backed the wrong horse and give the other members of the TEAM a chance to win.

  388. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    U guys?! Hu u wit?!

  389. MattO:

    I'm with Hawaii. I'm always with Hawaii. But ego-driven stubbornness is infuriating. By week 3, you could see this kid wasn't up to snuff. By SDSU, it was obvious. Now it's just embarrassing. How many times do we hear "...overthrown..." "too high" "under-thrown" "behind the receiver".

    Keeping this kid in is like saying Captain Ahab didn't try hard enough to get Moby Dick.

  390. mo808:

    I should go home, I have so much work to do....

  391. warriorFan:

    Schroeder is garbage..SMH.. Coach has to put it another QB

  392. Manoa:

    I have no connection to Manoa#1.

    I cannot believe we are losing to a team as bad as CSU.

    What is so terrible, is that we could easily be up by 3 TD's if we could play half-way decent ourselves.
    Colorado State is a really, really bad team, and they are playing with their third string QB, a new coach who was OC at Alabama, and a struggling Pro Set offense.

    We can still do it-- steady out and focus.

  393. Isaac McMillan:

    How about David Graves?? He seems pretty accurate last year, and his elusiveness definitely comes in handy with a suspect o-line...

  394. greenthumb:

    We've got more first downs, slightly more total yardage, and on the good side of penalties (1/3 of the hit that CSU has had). Let's buckle down in the remaining time.

  395. manoa#1:

    if ur dumb ass head coach change da qb u guys will get ur 2nd win dis year.

  396. mo808:

    Go Warriors!!!

  397. Matt:

    Our much maligned defense has definitely stepped it up in the second half. Our offense has to match it.

  398. WarriorNY:

    Let's go Warriors!

  399. greenthumb:

    Using the "last play" button on gametracker lets you synch the 1420 audio with the CBS Pacmen.

  400. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Good to see us run a screen play.

    Only problem was our blockers were behind the CSU defenders. Lol

  401. obachan:

    sometimes wonder if SS could hit the side of a slow moving garbage truck on a crossing pattern

  402. Shoko:

    Comeone Warriors!!


    91. Amen to that.

  404. d1shima:


  405. MattO:

    Great job, D!

  406. Matt:

    The CSU punter looks to be the better punter tonight. He is killing it.

  407. d1shima:

    61.8 yd/punt!



    I should have stuck to my original prediction. Csu 35 Hawaii 27.
    Time to look for another DC. A very bad Csu team has scored the most points against us than any of their previous opponents...and no its not because of injuries, or cuz we young, it's because the DC stinks.

  409. d1shima:

    It's another Warrior.....

    ...First Down!

  410. mo808:

    Im dying here...

  411. d1shima:


  412. mo808:

    Nail in the coffin

  413. Matt:

    another pick 6

  414. Chicken Grease:

    Coach Chow doing things for the long run . . . keep the faith Hawaii fans. Stay satrong. Believe in the coaches and players.

  415. Ken K:

    Sad. They should have been up, but now lost the game with that pick 6.

    On to watching the Wahine on

  416. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


  417. mo808:

    Happy Halloween!

  418. Shoko:


  419. puhi:


    So we lost again.

    Does this mean we have to watch the Lamar game another 30 times?

    kden, puhi

  420. mo808:

    Im going home to finish my project!

  421. greenthumb:

    What happened with that INT? Was the limping a factor?

  422. Isaac McMillan:

    Well, that's game...our defense played with heart but our offense was terrible. We have some serious offensive issues, and if Coach Chow doesn't make a change fast, he can expect to some serious criticism on the home front.

  423. manoa#1:

    3 prong u talk too early lost again against colorado pop warner rams.

  424. MattO:

    Good look on your project, Mo!

  425. Isaac McMillan:

    Why the bloody heck is shroeder still in????? GIVE ANOTHER QB A CHANCE CHOW!!!!

  426. warriorFan:

    Please bench Schroeder..he single handidly lost the game for us. Props to our Defense but out offense was horrible because of our QB... Bench Schroeder coach!!

  427. MattO:

    I'm gonna repeat it: Sticking with SS after his performance today is like Captain Ahab chasing Moby Dick.

  428. MattO:

    Wonder if they'll pull SS after this game, but blame "injury".

  429. WarriorNY:

    Yikes... That was painful to listen to... Red Zone offense needs to improve... Where was Darius Bright? Is he hurt?

  430. mo808:

    Night folks!

  431. Whats up:

    I think its time for a QB change and Kaumeyer defense game plan is not working.

  432. Bryson:

    My Fair Assessment of SS.

    Mobility:Slow As Molasses
    Vision:Easier to read than a Dr.Suess Book
    Accuracy:Couldn't hit a fish in a bucket
    Arm strength:I saw Mel Purcell's Wife throw better passes when she was with the team

    Conclusion: Temple is getting excited

  433. Bryson:

    My Fair Assessment of SS.

    Mobility:Slow As Molasses
    Vision:Easier to read than a Dr.Suess Book
    Accuracy:Couldn't hit a fish in a bucket
    Arm strength:I saw Mel Purcell's Wife throw better passes when she was with the team

    Conclusion: Temple is getting excited


    Folks that think ss is the answer need to eat crow. Chow the offensive guru is too stubborn to be a good hc.

  435. WarriorNY:

    Our D played great in the second half...

  436. mo808:

    424. Thanks MattO!

  437. Wes'side Warrior:

    Tough game, Warriors.

    Tried to keep from typing to change my luck. Neva work.

    Looking for the good in all of this.

    Didn't think we'd give up 42 to Colorado State.

    At Fresno State next...

  438. greenthumb:

    CBS showing Jackson was responsible for 9 tackles and 2 fumbles. Thank you to him and the rest of the team for staying tough.

  439. Isaac McMillan:

    Someone please remind me why we fired McMackin again?? At least he was beating FBS teams!!

  440. obachan:

    Stay tuned for the next Chowism: "We have to do a better job in______." (fill in the blank). Care to be more specific coach?

  441. Warrior in Georgia:

    Facts are facts. Last year scoring offense, Hawaii was 36th in the nation, ahead of Arizona, UCLA, Penn. St, Ole Miss and New Mexico- who was dead last. All teams have new coaches, with new offensive schemes, but amazingly the same players the other coaches had. This year under our genius coach we 104th in the nation in scoring( averaging 287 yds a game) and 122nd in defense. But hey, I am sure the other programs are suffering as well since they had to hire other coaches who dont have the wonderful background that Norm Chow has.

    Arizona 5-3 (just beat USC), averaging 39 pts/game, 548 yds a game
    Arizona St 5-3, averaging 39 pts/game, 468 yds a game
    New Mexico 4-5(beat UH), 5th in the nation in rushing, won only 3 games the last 3 years
    Fresno State 6-3 (can anyone name thier coach? I didnt think so), averaging 460 yards, 40 pts/game
    UCLA 6-2, 33pts/game, 500 yards/game
    Ole Miss 5-3, 440 yds/game
    Penn State (who lost 10 players) 5-3, 400 yds/game

    These teams play in tougher conferences than us (except New Mexico and Fresno State) and these new coaches are using someone else's recruits to win. The excuse that Chow needs his own players is crap.

    We just lost to a team that played a third string QB who outplayed our 3 year college graduate from Duke. It doesnt matter how many years you give this man, he is too stubborn, and arrogant to realize the game has passed him by. As bad as this sounds, you have to let go after this year, chalk it up to a bad decision and get back to do what we do well. Hire Rolo and give these kids a chance to be successful. Refusing to play anyone else except Schroeder is the perfect example of why Chow doesnt get it.

  442. NYUHTX:

    The worst criticism. I forgot about the game. Well, until about 9 minutes left.

  443. Chicken Grease:

    Now switching from PPV (yes, was worth ordering) to ESPN 1420am, see if they taking fan phone calls.


    Support the Warriors. You are NOT a cool aid drinker; you are faithful.

    No matter what the result today . . . may you fine people find the following with Coach Chow along with his assistant coaches and, of course, with the Warriors:

    Upon him was the punishment that made us whole, and by his bruises we are healed.

    - Isaiah 53:5

  444. MattO:

    #438 and #435 - agreed. Bright spots, definitely.

    The other side of the ball... sigh.

  445. Bryson:

    440: I'm gonna say he mentions Iosefa's fumble then goes on to point out missed blocks as the reason SS threw multiple ints...then it's gonna lead into I'm not gonna throw anyone under the bus...but #80 just wasn't tall enough to catch the overthrown passes...

    Anyone else think SS is still "The Guy"....I Say Give Shutter a chance what do we have to lose we're already getting closer to being the worst team in FBS play...

  446. Bryson:

    440: I'm gonna say he mentions Iosefa's fumble then goes on to point out missed blocks as the reason SS threw multiple ints...then it's gonna lead into I'm not gonna throw anyone under the bus...but #80 just wasn't tall enough to catch the overthrown passes...

    Anyone else think SS is still "The Guy"....I Say Give Shutter a chance what do we have to lose we're already getting closer to being the worst team in FBS play...

  447. Jack Flash:

    I gotta admit already, this totally sucks. I'm no offensive genius, but this is ridiculous and embarrassing. Go warriors?

  448. Bowwar:

    Time to bust out the paper bags...Chow doesn't get it and I'll be surprised if we win another game this season after today's performance. I'll still be at the games, but this will be another season like Von Appen's. I wonder who is the better coach...Chow or Von Appen.


    CSU has scored the most points since Oct. 2007 when they scored 48.

  450. Ken K:

    Wahine up one game, coming from 10-6 to win 25-21.

  451. Dyama:

    Unbelievably SAD, SAD, SAD. WTF?

  452. wafan:

    Pomai . . .

    35-14, Warriors!


  453. obachan:

    Where's Marcus Mariota when you really need him?

  454. Manoa:

    I still cannot believe we lost to Colorado State.

    Something is horribly wrong. Even those who say it is a new system, and new coach, etc.-- how can we be this bad? THere are so many new coaches with new systems who are doing better than we are some are going to be bowl eligible, some will be conference champs or runner ups, and two of them have beaten us-- Colorado State being one.

    We are so bad, it is almost as if we are trying deliberately to lose-- and playing a team like Colorado State and losing like we did is a clear example of how bad we are.

    What happened? What is wrong?

  455. greenthumb:

    Yeah, the game was frustrating. It's hard to say what happened with the missed connections since we heard a narration of what other people saw.

    Somewhat off topic but important in this rebuilding year. UH-Manoa really needs to rethink the whole PPV "cash cow" approach. PPV at a high price is totally inappropriate for away games. OK a small fee might be logical if the host team is going to charge you, which is likely more common for out-of-conference games where you don't have home-and-home agreements.

    But in a situation where there is turmoil between upper and lower campus, and a team and institution that sorely need fan support, stop with the gouging. As so many have been saying for so many years, PPV pricing undercuts the likelihood of lifelong fan loyalty.

  456. MattO:

    #454 - First order of business: change QB.

  457. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Ainokea who starts. Let's just win baby!


  458. Darren:

    When all 3 phases start clicking at the same time, we're gonna be deadly...or at least competitive.

  459. Fustrated fan:

    Chowism. Our day will come. I'm tired of hearing this. It's time to change the quarterback if the starter isn't doing what he should be doing. Weak passes, bad decisions, and lost confidence. Time to change at that point. Can't Norm Chow he this. He needs to look into the eyes of his quarterback. He not a leader.


    we just lost to the worse team in the MWC, er..... i meant, we just lost to the second worse team in the MWC. lol

    before the season started some folks laughed at me when i predicted a 2-10 season. deh not laughing now. NEXT WIN, South Alabama.

  461. cocobean:

    Just caught the last 5 minutes on radio. Can't really comment on how the team played.

    I know cries of change the QB or change the coach will grow louder.

    Feel bad for both of them.

  462. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    JF @447 -

    At times like this, I remember that cheer you guys used to rally da troops!


    Time for a long walk and an ice cold beer or two or three after.

    Cheers to Warrior fans of every stripe, near and far! A toast to all!


  463. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    John Veneri and Curran seem to agree with callers that Schroeder's mistake are self inflicted for the most part.

    Not going through progressions, holding on to the ball too long etc.

    I still trust that Chow knows what to do. My "less than amateur" feeling is that trying someone different may be worth a shot.

  464. Warrior in Georgia:

    We havent had one phase work this year.

  465. WarriorNY:

    Don't count South Alabama as an automatic win... They played Louisana Monroe (the team that beat Arkansas and nearly beat Baylor and Auburn) pretty well today.

  466. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #458 - Darren -

    I hear ya. But, as we have seen, if its not one thing, its another. We need a complete game in every phase of the game. Things will take care of themselves.

  467. Manoa Mist:

    Uh okay somebody better post the rules that this blog is for positive comments only. They might like that in North Korea, in Communist China too, but this America folks. But, for da boys, here goes: Sean Schroeder has a very nice haircut and his uniform fits very nicely as well. There, you folks happy now? Peace out.

  468. obachan:

    Listening to John Veneri on the post game show. He points out that part of reason for QB inefficiency is SS getting hit or harassed on his throw attempts. While that is certainly true, the other side of the coin is that SS doesn't have the wheels to escape tacklers and Chow's stay in the pocket philosophy Chow doesn't help either. Each game beginning to remind me of Custer's Last Stand. Just how many times do we need to fall on the sword? At this point what would it hurt if another QB plays a few series? If can can, if no can, no can.


    which player will chow throw unda da bus this week at his post game interview?

  470. A lwaysarainbow:

    UH football has always been exciting. Even in coaching transitions. I am bored and embarrassed. I really liked some of the players who excelled last year and now are benched or worse yet are not in uniform. Some of these guys committed their careers out of hs and gave it all. This has sent a very bad signal to potential recruits. Some of these players have lost face. I could not recommend a hs recruit to consider UH under the current situation. We have always been a ohana. Get it together. Get "he hate me" back on the field.

  471. cocobean:

    RE: Schroeder.

    Has he run for a 1st down this year?

  472. kiipua:

    It's not just the pick 6 either. It's the sacks too. Especially avoidable sacks where throwing it away would save yardage or eliminate the risk of sack-fumbles.

    So let me get this straight: A HOF coach (Bill Walsh) benched a HOF QB (Joe Montana) for poor play (SF v. MIN Wildcard Playoff 1987) but a 1-7 coach can't bench a 1-7 QB for poor play or terrible decisions -- because he gave his word?


    chow's ego is getting in da way of sound football decisions. IMO

  474. WarriorNY:

    Te'o with another incredible INT!

  475. Darren:

    Just when one phase starts to shine, the gun barrel starts gravitating towards the foot.

    Flashes of brilliance (and there have been some) do not happen without talent...

  476. wafan:

    Yup. SS ran for one tonight.

  477. Wes'side Warrior:

    I'll chime in only once on this, and let it be...

    Even if Schroeder is directed not to take off, wish he'd at least throw it away, instead of eating the ball and taking sacks.

    I'm numb at the moment...

    Going to sleep early. Gotta drive 1-1/2 hours each way again tomorrow, and not looking forward to it.

    Laterz, everyone!

    Gotta dig deep again, Warriors!

  478. Jack Flash:

    Our day came... and went. It's unfortunate, but it's the truth. Team is playing hard, but we lack skill in a couple extremely key positions. We will not win another game this year unless a couple obvious substitutions are made asap.


    notre dame surprising me.

  480. Postmanke:

    Never really listened to the Smashing Punpkins anyway.

  481. BowNatic:

    Wow, all I can say is wow.


  482. Jack Flash:

    462- DPK. Social!!!!! I will always be there to support our team. Just frustrated seeing so many wasted opportunities.

  483. BooHoo:

    I'm afraid this year that Schroeder's down fall will doom Chow and this team.

    Sorry but I think Schroeder needs to be benched period!

    If Duke didn't play him and Hall, well there you have it, the results.

  484. PurpleMaple:

    I feel bad for the defense. They gave the team every opportunity to win, but the offense was not there to capitalize on the Rams' turnovers. No excuse for not scoring a TD inside the 5. And why is the passing game MIA? Schroeders passing stats were 19 of 46 (41.3%). Was it the O-line? Receivers? or the QB?

  485. cocobean:

    Wafan. Thanks. I have season tix but missed seeing BYU, SDSU and todays game. Couldn't recall seeing SS run for positve yards.

    My feeling is teams are not game planning to contain our QB. No one on D has an extra assignment in regards to our QB. Maybe Chow can find a situation where he can take advantage of this.

  486. Warrior in Georgia:

    We do have skill players and we are not using them the correct way, there is talent on this team, our coaches are using it the wrong way and too stubborn to change. This guy couldnt sniff the field at Duke and yet he is not pulled at any moment. Give me break

  487. BooHoo:

    Another year of the Vonn Appen erra...............

  488. wafan:

    Folks are really frustrated and upset.

    We all get that.

    But the guys are trying their best. Please contact the coaches directly to let them know how you feel. Surely they are working hard to figure things out.

    Sometimes the best solution is the most easiest and most obvious. If enough folks talk with the coaches maybe they will realize the obvious.

    Then, share their responses. Certainly, that would help all of us understand the existing situations and their reasoning.

    Gooooooo Warriors!!!!

  489. BooHoo:

    #486 Warrior in Georgia

    I 100% agree!

  490. NYUHTX:

    I guess all of Hawaii's charm is with Manti Te'o. Incredible year.

  491. Darren:

    Marrell Jackson, the boy can ball. PLAYMAKER!!

  492. BooHoo:

    The Fans will slowly deminish.

    Hawaii fans will shift there attention on our locals athletes that are doing well else where, Marcus Mariota, Manti Teo.

    No one wants to watch a losing team play a football game only to lose period! They rather not waste Hawaiian time.

  493. WarriorNY:

    Off topic...
    Thunder trade James Hardin! Wow!


    i wouldn't mind watching a competitive team lose if i thought the coach tried everything possible to win.

  495. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Dats da facts, Jack!!!


    if coach chow doesn't get off his ego trip and try another QB, he will lose this team. IMO

  497. OMGWTF:

    Schroeder couldn't hit the broadside of a barn. He's not a smart QB. He doesn't even attempt to read defenses. I've witnessed so many times where his receivers are wide open nobody covering them during play AND at the line. He just doesn't read anything pre-snap. Also, he doesn't go through his progressions, eyeing down his target throughout the whole play. His decision making is worse, which puts more pressure on his o-line trying to hold their blocks longer then they should. He has no pocket awareness.Why play him? You don't see any improvement in his game whatsoever. Don't say its the o-line because they are being overworked by schroeders indecisiveness. Still believe in Chow though, believe in his system. Look at our running backs. They are an awesome bunch. Our defense would look a lot better if they weren't on the field 75% of the football game. I tip my hat to Chow, the Run game, the o-line, the defense. the special teams. I throw my hat at Schroeder though. He's definitely not the guy. So much for nicknaming himself 'The Shredder'. Go Warriors!

  498. lava:

    To Kekoa, and to others that think I am a UH hater -- not so. I do, however, hate Chow. To defend Chow is to say this team if full of bad players, and that offends me VERY much. This team has plenty of talented guys. The players are not to blame for the dismissal predicament in which they find themselves. It all falls back on Chow. We not only lose badly, but at least in my not very humble opinion, it is not entertaining football. We know these players have heart. We know they can make plays. But Chow has failed to put them in the best position to succeed, and every series of downs it becomes more evident, and maybe never more so than today.

    My bet is a bunch of the fans already could care less about the team. That says it all, when the new coach manages to completely alienate the fan base within half a season. I can't think of another non-running qb that routinely manages only completing about 50% of his passes, and yet is so strongly defended by the coach. (Braxton Miller of The Ohio State U is not a strong passer, but he's not in there to pass).

    Thankfully the local players see the success our local guys have had on the mainland, and they know they have better options that to stay home under Chow and become the next starting DT, or worse, the next David Graves. Never in my life, until now, have I ever voiced such disgusting words, but that is the current state of the state. Talented local boys need to go mainland if they are going to play real football.

    Hopefully Chow does the right thing and steps aside. When he doesn't, don't blame me for calling him out. His lack of coaching warrants criticism.

  499. hightide:

    The problems from the 3rd game of the season is still the same. There has been no correction in personnel and schemes on offense. Maybe Donovan knew something when he did not want to recommend this coach for the head coach position.


    some folks here say coach chow knows best, he's been coaching for 30 years, national championships blah blah blah...

    well, the st louis ram's coaches had QB trent green as their starter, he got hurt and his back-up came in (kurt warner) and the rest is history, drew bledsoe was a starter over tom brady. bledsoe got hurt, brady came off the bench and the rest is history. if timmy chang never got hurt, we wouldn't have seen rolovitch perform.

    my point is, the coach doesn't always know what is best, deh make mistakes, so stop with the insanity and the dissing of posters that want to see a change at qb. you never know what u have on the bench unless the coach gives the player a chance when the lights are on.

    we're 1-6, what have we got to lose in trying a different QB? SS will not be the starter next season unless Graham gets injured or quits. what's teh point of keeping him in there? i say put someone else in and we go from there. if chow doesn't do something, or give the appearance he is trying everything to win he will surely lose this teams confidence. IMHO

  501. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    We are all Warrior fans here. And EVERYBODY'S frustrated.

    See #488.

    Nuff said.


    this is a BLOG, posters will post on a BLOG. that's why the BLOG is here. Nuff said.

  503. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I hope you realize that many Warrior parents read here. And the Coach. And the opposition's coaches. And potential recruits. And many, many fans who used to post here before things got so negative. Flame and blame all ya want. Just remember who's reading.

    If you care, that is.

    You'll hear no more from me about all this.

    Nuff said.

  504. nanakuli:

    Lava is correct. Chow should retire and let Hawaii find a coach with energy. Norm looks tired and frustrated and we know he will never change the QB.

  505. Matt:

    Wahine pull it out in 5 sets after being down 2 sets to 1.

  506. expat:

    It isn't like playing one of the other QBs would be a risk -- SS isn't getting it done, so if Cayman, Jeremy, or David got a real chance and can't get it done what is the difference? Cayman and Jeremy both know how to win, albeit at a different level, and no one can deny that Graves is a special athlete and a competitive guy. I don't get it.

  507. Ao no ho'i:

    This is just crazy. David Graves had a 127 QB rating last year. Yes he's mobile, but he's also AN ACCURATE PASSER from the pocket. Go to the box score last year, go to youtube in any game he played from last year. Chow apoligists, don't try to rewrite history. Graves was the choice, pro or RNS. Strong, accurate arm. Athletic. A team leader. Those No Cal records didn't make them selves up in Folsom. The kid can flat out play. Quick progressions, quick release.

    Graves checked down to the run in practices when the pocket collapsed this spring, and there usually was not a pocket at all because of the injuries to the O-line in the spring. He checked down to the run and made positive yards, but anyone there saw Chow go balistic. Chow essentially blackballed Graves from there, not because of his arm (it's strong, accurate), not because he couldn't learn the system (this system is ridiculously simple compared to RNS, the kid is smart), not because of anything other than he checked down to the RUN. This was not a football decision. Chow the mule was making a statement to the team. We no lookie like Moniz anymore. My team.

    Schroeder named starter after 3 practices, having spent the previous two years buried in the depth chart for the perennial 3-9 Duke. Schroeder hadn't seen the field since 2009, high school. Weird, stupid move.

    Schroeder has unprecedented, unwavering support no matter what. Graves yanked around to bottom of QB depth chart, to bottom of receiver depth chart, to not making travel team, to not suiting up for home games. The kid gets good grades, nothing but loyal to Hawaii. Hard to understand Chow's reasoning, unless he's trying to crush some of these kids' spirit to give up remaining scholarship.

    Chow is not making decisions for football reasons. It's about statements. He has lost the team.

  508. Chicken Grease:

    Support. This program and each other, as fans.

    # 502 SAWARRIOR, wait, now, clarify this for me;what is this called, now?!? Bwaahahahah, a Grease kids w/ya.

    mo808. Da@ned be your project!!!! Bwahahah. :) 'Tis Saturday night. At least get on these here The Warrior Beatboards. Ehy, didn't YOU do that "America conspiracy" diatribe late last night/early this morning on the previous Tsai blog entry. Grease got a bone to pick w/ya.

    Just remain calm everybody. Trust in Chow. He knows the stakes.

    DPK. Lava. Warriorfan. WarriorNY. Cocobeans. Wes'side Warrior. wafan. mo808. The heck is kev-1, now? How you all doing? Tsai? How you all doing?

    Enjoy the rest of the evening. Can't spell "complain" without selling "pain." Or "com." Or "in," for that matter.

    # # #

  509. Jack Flash:

    Well, our football team can't beat you, but our wahine vballers will kick your a$$!

  510. wafan:

    Luck a tsunami was not generated by the 7.7 quake off B.C. earlier today . . . about 4.5 hours ago. The devastation had one been generated along the coastal areas of the WA, OR, CA, AL, and HI would have been huge. It would have hit Asia and most of the South Pacific islands. There is evidence a quake off the WA coast about 300 years ago generated waves that hit Japan.

    I am hopeful folks in B.C. are safe and have sustained very little damage.

    Something good did happen today!

  511. wowlaulau:

    The whiners are back .....
    Whiner - To complain or protest in a childish fashion

  512. obachan:

    #508 I prefer to trust in God. All others stand in line.

  513. kiipua:

    #510 Yeah, but just you wait. Schroeder will get sacked by 2ft tsunami, get picked by Diamond Head aiming for Haleiwa.

  514. Moocher:

    i think we're going to have a great recruiting year for sure.

    every recruit will probably be told "I will make you a starter, but it is yours to keep or yours to lose...but you will come in as my number 1".

    that's why there's no worries with recruiting.

    i didn't see the game. i heard on radio there were overthrows, hurries, sacks, cover sacks, and a consistent breakdown on the backside of the line. In truth, without seeing the game you know that when you have all of those things mentioned, the qb is going to have a bad game.

    not defending anything except to say i believe chow will change the qb when another qb steps up-plain and simple.

  515. Capitolist/WassupDoc:

    Two out of three of my teams won today.

    Went to Pinky's in Aikahi Park - eight huge television sets in the bar area - four showing UH football, two showing the GIGANTICS, and two showing Notre Dame's game. We had to leave before any of the games ended because we had to go into town.

    We wound up listening to four out of five volleyball sets on the car radio

    As for the Warrior football team, it's only five months until the spring training starts in April. It's be interesting to see what happens during the first quarter of 2013 in terms of making adjustments.

  516. BooHoo:

    For all you hard core Hawaii fans, here's UH Football History 101 on the past and present head football coaches record for the University Of Hawaii.

    Coach: Austin Jones
    1909 (2-2)
    1910 (4-2)
    1911 (2-2)

    1912-14 No Teams

    Coach: John Peden
    1915 (5-5-1)

    Coach: William Britton
    1916 (3-2-1)

    Coach: David Crawford
    1917 (4-0-1)
    1918 (3-1)
    1919 (4-0-1)

    Coach: Raymond Elliot
    1920 (6-2)

    Coach: Otto “Proc” Klum
    1921 (3-3-2)
    1922 (5-1-1)
    1923 (5-1-2)
    1924 (8-0)
    1925 (10-0)
    1926 (5-4)
    1927 (5-2)
    1928 (2-5)
    1929 (4-3)
    1930 (5-2)
    1931 (3-2-1)
    1932 (2-1-1)
    1933 (4-3)
    1934 (6-0)
    1935 (5-3)
    1936 (3-5)
    1937 (2-6)
    1938 (4-4)
    1939 (3-6)

    Coaches: Eugene “Luke” Gill & Tom Kaulukukui
    1940 (2-5)
    1941 (8-1)

    1942-45 No Teams

    Coach: Tom Kaulukukui
    1946 (8-2, Independent)
    1947 (8-5, Independent)
    1948 (7-4-1, Independent)
    1949 (6-3, Independent)
    1950 (5-4-2, Independent)

    Coach: Archie Kodros
    1951 (4-7, Independent)

    Coach: Hank Vasconcellos
    1952 (5-5-2, Independent)
    1953 (5-6, Independent)
    1954 (4-4, Independent)
    1955 (7-4, Independent)
    1956 (7-3, Independent)
    1957 (4-4-1, Independent)
    1958 (5-7, Independent)
    1959 (3-6, Independent)
    1960 (3-7, Independent)

    1961 No Team

    Coach: Jim Asato
    1962 (6-2, Independent)
    1963 (5-5, Independent)
    1964 (4-5, Independent)

    Coach: Clark Shaughnessy
    1965 (1-8-1, Independent)

    Coach: Phil Sarboe
    1966 (4-6, Independent)

    Coach: Don King
    1967 (6-4, Independent)

    Coach: Dave Holmes
    1968 (7-3, Independent)
    1969 (6-3-1, Independent)
    1970 (9-2, Independent)
    1971 (7-4, Independent)
    1972 (8-3, Independent)
    1973 (9-2, Independent)

    Coach: Larry Price
    1974 (6-5, Independent)
    1975 (6-5, Independent)
    1976 (3-8, Independent)

    Coach: Dick Tomey
    1977 (5-6, Independent)
    1978 (6-5, Independent)
    1979 (6-5/3-4 WAC, T4th)
    1980 (8-3/4-3 WAC, 3rd)
    1981 (9-2/6-1 WAC, 2nd)
    1982 (6-5/4-4 WAC, 5th)
    1983 (5-5-1/3-3-1 WAC, 5th)
    1984 (7-4/5-2 WAC, 2nd)
    1985 (4-6-2/4-3-1 WAC, 4th)
    1986 (7-5/4-4 WAC, 4th)

    Coach: Bob Wagner
    1987 (5-7/3-5 WAC, T6th)
    1988 (9-3/5-3 WAC, T3rd)
    1989 (9-3-1/5-2-1 WAC, 3rd)
    1990 (7-5/4-4 WAC, 5th)
    1991 (4-7-1/3-5 WAC, 5th)
    1992 (11-2/6-2 WAC, T1st)
    1993 (6-6/3-5 WAC, 8th)
    1994 (3-8-1/0-8 WAC, 10th)
    1995 (4-8/2-6 WAC, 9th)

    Coach: Fred vonAppen
    1996 (2-10/1-7 WAC, 7th)
    1997 (3-9/1-7 WAC, 8th)
    1998 (0-12/0-8 WAC, 8th)

    Coach: June Jones
    1999 (9-4/5-2 WAC, T1st)
    2000 (3-9/2-6 WAC, T6th)
    2001 (9-3/5-3 WAC, T4th)
    2002 (10-4/7-1 WAC, 2nd)
    2003 (9-5/5-3 WAC, T4th)
    2004 (8-5/4-4 WAC, T5th)
    2005 (5-7/4-4 WAC, 5th)
    2006 (11-3/7-1 WAC, 2nd)
    2007 (12-1/8-0 WAC, 1st)

    Coach: Greg McMackin
    2008 (7-7/5-3 WAC, T2nd)
    2009 (6-7/3-5 WAC, T5th)
    2010 (10-4/7-1 WAC, T1st)
    2011 (6-7/3-4 WAC, T4th)

    Coach: Norm Chow
    2012 (1-6/0-4 MWC, DEAD LAST AND COUNTING)

    The way I see it, since upper campus is so corrupted and has brocken a program system that really didn't need fix'in. They trashed a program that was average and know its simply a losing program that will never get better in the near future.


    508. it's called a.................................. BLOG? ;-)

  518. el burro sabio:

    Four things can happen:

    Chow will stick to his guns, the team continues to lose
    Chow will change his ways, the team still continues to lose
    Chow will stick to his guns, the team starts to win
    Chow will change his ways, the team starts to win

    He won't get 4 more years to prove he can win. He might not even get 2 more years to prove it, he could be gone after next season if it's anything like how this season is turning out. If he's gone, and if the best players don't stay home, then it takes the next coach that much longer to win. So IMHO the best local players should always be encouraged to stay home regardless of how anyone feels about Chow or whomever the current coach is, so that if the coach is sent packing, the next coach has a better opportunity to turn it around faster. I think most people don't care who the coach is or how it gets done if they see the Ws. And a lot of Ws. And soon.

  519. Chicken Grease:

    # 517, SAWARRIOR. I see. Got it!!!! Hahahahah. Say, did you argue politics w/your pals the other day like you do here? Heh, just wondering. :). What do they think of Benghazi iisues?

    Look, everybody . . . make most of the evening.


    519. a Grease, you're opening a can of worms... lmao ..... to the relief of my fellow bloggers on dis BLOG....... i will not bite what a Grease dangles before me. :-)

  521. warriorfan:

    Well let's throw the o-line under the bus again, Chow and the gang don't seem to see that we have a stiff rock for a quarterback, that couldn't move if his life depend on it. This was the first game where I saw that our o-line just seem to stop trying to block for the block of ice we call a quarterback. I think the boys are just tired of Mr. Stiff Board, and looking forward to blocking for a real quarterback. Coach Chow you really need to wake up and smell the roses. 1-11 well on it's way


    519. a, who am i kidding, i can't keep my mouth shut on that subject. 8 out of 10 of my friends see the Benghazi mess the way i do. a lot of my friends are military or ex-military types and are really POed about the whole thing, denied support, lies etc...

  523. lava:

    We are seeing one inept offense in what Chow is putting on the field. The stats tell the story.

    2nd Quarter, drive starts at CSU 2 yard line. 4 downs result in TD (on 4th and 1). It took us 4 plays to go 2 yards. Lucky this drive didn't start at the CSU 4.

    3rd quarter, 1st drive, starts at CSU 30 yard line, 3 downs, 2 yards, no points (missed FG on 4th down).

    3rd quarter, 2nd drive, starts at CSU 20 yard line, CSU penalty loves it to 11, 4 downs and 9 yards later, no points.

    3rd quarter, 3rd drive, starts at CSU 17 yard line, 4 downs, 8 yards, FG.

    3rd quarter, 4th drive, starts at CSU 20 yard line, 3 downs, -5 yards, FG.

    3rd quarter, 5th drive, starts at Haw 19 yard line, CSU adds 31 yards in penalties, 9 plays and 22 yards, then Pick 6 for CSU (by a true freshman that I don't think had an official stat before this).

    4th quarter, 1st drive, starts at Haw 35, 3 and out, 5 yards.

    You know the rest.

    Having such difficulty moving the ball 2 yards in the second quarter, Chow knew adjustments were needed if we had the good fortune to get the ball on a short field. CSU handed us the game in the 3rd quarter. Chow repeatedly showed his offense can't get it done.

    Look at the roster and think of all the guys on this team that can makes plays. Think about the excitement they used to bring. The players are here. Where has the excitement gone.

    Chow No Fun; No Chow Fun! (lol, need some levity)

  524. amedar consulting group:

    There is perceptibly a lot to identify about this. I believe you made various nice points in features also.

  525. RedZone:

    Tsunami Warning.

  526. RedZone:

    Tsunami Warning.

  527. RedZone:

    Tsunami .

  528. Chicken Grease:

    October 27th, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    #508 I prefer to trust in God. All others stand in line.

    Right. But, sounds like you're willing to trust those "in line" right? You trust(ed) yo' mami and papy, right? Let's start from there . . .

    . . . and at some point . . . arrive at Chow.

    * * * PLEASE READ/HEED POST # 510, WAFAN * * *

    October 27th, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    Luck a tsunami was not generated by the 7.7 quake off B.C. earlier today . . . about 4.5 hours ago. The devastation had one been generated along the coastal areas of the WA, OR, CA, AL, and HI would have been huge. It would have hit Asia and most of the South Pacific islands. There is evidence a quake off the WA coast about 300 years ago generated waves that hit Japan.

    I am hopeful folks in B.C. are safe and have sustained very little damage.

    Something good did happen today!

    There are "warning banners" popping up on TV channels, digitals. Heed/read just as a precaution. Look in your phone books, too.

  529. d1shima:

    Tsunami warning now

  530. empty:

    Haven't posted in a while and probably won't for a while after this, but it was sooooo frustrating watching the team today. I only played one year of football in high school, so I don't have too much knowledge on the subject, but here it goes. As I watched the game, I kept asking myself why the receivers for Hawaii were always double covered and were still being thrown the ball? On the other hand, I noticed that a lot of the time the CSU receivers had about four or five yards of empty space between them and the defender.

    On offense, it seemed that SS had a better time passing from the shotgun than the short three step drop that I saw a lot. I also believe like a lot of others that some of the other QB's should get a chance. Our offense looks bad in the red zone. Resort to trickery if you must, but do something. If the team is trying different thing and its not working then I can say "at least we tried".

    That's it for me. Back to lurking. Waiting to see what ST has to say about the whole thing.

  531. koakane i5:

    sorry but gotta call it

    WYF Von chow you doing

  532. RedZone:

    From Pacific Tsunami Center.


    530. nice post, i especially loved the last line of the second paragraph.

    "If the team is trying different thing and its not working then I can say "at least we tried".

  534. bob:

    I really can't believe we loss this game with CSU committing so many turnovers. Something is seriously wrong when our offense can only generate 3 points after being given the ball 3 times in a row in good field position against a mediocre defense at best. I haven't completely given up on the team but I think even Coach Chow would have to admit that not being to win this type of game is totally inexcusable and major changes need tomade as we clearly something is not right with the offense.

  535. Kevin:

    Consider this practice....




    532. RedZone, thank you for the warnings and updates.

  537. RedZone:

    I can hear the sirens.

  538. RedZone:

    1st wave expected to hit 10:28 PM.

  539. mo808:

    Sirens just woke me up....

  540. bookmarking submission:

    eKtuzP I really enjoy the blog.Much thanks again. Great.

  541. obachan:

    #528 Hey Chicken Grease. Like they say - trust is earned. Speaking for myself Chow hasn't earned my trust. Having said that, it would be preposterous for me to tell him how to do his job - he's the expert. The only thing I would ask for though as a fan is why he does things the way he does. I ain't asking him to reveal the playbook but could he at least be more specific as he explains things instead of speaking in generalities much of the time. At least that would give fans his rationale for doing things OR not doing things. I could accept/understand that whether I agree or not. I think the reason why there's so much criticism is that he seems to come up short on his reasoning and rationale which leads to speculation and 2nd guessing amongst the fans. I think as a head coach at a public University seeking fan support, the job not only entails teaching the players but you try to educate the fan base as well. I don't think that's too much to ask for.

  542. RedZone:

    Sirens on again.

  543. Chicken Grease:

    Thanks, Redzone, POST # 532, above. ALL: CHECK OUT THE link in post # 532, above.

    10:28p, 10:30p . . . be aware. KITV, KHON, a Grease jusr saw, they are full into realtime reports on this matter.

    Be with your loved ones, or be in contact with them.

    Mr. Tsai -- any buzz among the visiting Hawaiians up there?

  544. Chicken Grease:

    KSSK Perry on air right now 92.3FM


    so, hawaii expecting small kine wave or big ones?


    4-5 ft above sea level on da big island according to the radio


    the first waves, maybe bigger in later waves


    anybody know anything about garlic. if i roast it, will the garlic retain its health benefits?

  549. 3-Prong:

    Where's my spear and dive light. Hehe


    do u have a 3-prong spear? lol

  551. 3-Prong:

    Sawarrior: dunno but roast em an mash em into your mashed potatoes, milk an salt. Ono brah!!


    i may try that.... im on a health kick, i heard garlic good for the heart, so i been roasting and eating with my meals... all my meals.

  553. 3-Prong:


  554. kev-1:

    everyone be safe tonight. I'll be back to bitcshhh about our offensive woes tomorrow.

  555. 3-Prong:

    Saw: we have something in common after all. We both like to eat! Hehe
    No politics tonight. Gotta concentrate on tsunami action.

  556. mo808:

    @551. Kev-1. Thanks!

    Everyone be safe! Life more important than football!

  557. whitey:

    hope everyone safely evacuates and is out of harms way. do not take chances.

  558. mo808:

    Correction 554

  559. madeinhawaii:

    So what high school teams on the islands play the pro set?

  560. kapakahi:

    With the ever revolving Warrior starting line-up....especially at LB (which doesn't seem related so much to injuries except in cases of Laurel & GDL), it sure seems as though it's open competition every week to determine the starters for each game.....EXCEPT at QB.


    555. yeah, i sure do like to eat, and im good at it. lol

  562. d1shima(Galaxy 'd):

    Back up all yur data

  563. Chicken Grease:

    Garret, Postmanke, wafan, Matt, gigi-hawaii, Da Punchbowl Kid (DPK), Hawaiianbod, d1shima, gmahoney, 99club, Slugger, J, jm2375, 3-prong, obachan, koakane i5, showthemsupport, Annodah Dave, pomai, whitey, oldtimer808, lava, greenthumb, Old School Dave, Hank, tommui, Rodney, SteveM, Capitolist/WassapDoc, papajoe2, Wes'side Warrior, Kekoa, Manoa Mist, wowlaulau, Manoa, Shoko, PurpleMaple, AZWARRIOR22, Jimini cricket, coachtiff34, Isaac McMillan, Will-I-am, Matt, Committed Road Warrior, Warrior NY, 3-Prong, RedZone, Ken K, SAWARRIOR, A, MattO, Kapahulua, mo808, G-money, Huh?, iwonderwhytheyhateme, Warrior in Georgia, manoa#1, warriorFan, puhi, What's up, Bryson, NYUHTX, Jack Flash, Bowwar, Dyama, Frustrated Fan, Darren, cocobean, A lwaysarainbow, kiipua, BowNatic, BooHoo, OMGWTF, hightide, nanakuli, expat, Ao no ho'i, Moocher, el burro sabio, empty, bob, Kevin, and . . . Mr. Stephen Tsai . . . to everyone who posted today up 'til now minus spam . . . be and keep safe.

    Take care. Aloha for now. ;)

    - Grease

  564. Moocher:

    ditto....chicken grease
    take care hawaiians.

  565. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Aloha Gangeez!

    Errybody be safe. May the Lord be with all of us.

  566. Chicken Grease:

    Kev-1 and kapakahi . . . you two, too, to clarify . . . be and keep safe.

    Take care. Aloha for now.  ;)

    - Grease

  567. Inyoface:


  568. BooHoo:

    It's Coming! Oh! Oh!...............zzzzzzzzzz.

  569. BooHoo:

    Something tells me that the tsunami warning center is working hand in hand with the crook politicians. "Let's have a tsunami warning so that the people can move in a frenzy and put more money back into the economy".


  570. d1shima:


  571. kitsunegari:

    BooHoo Steve,

    How about you head out to the water next time amd let us know after how it was?

  572. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    518 - ebs -


  573. 3-Prong:

    Isn't the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center on the beach at Ewa Beach. Shouldn't a facility like that be at a higher elevation? Things that make you say "Hmmmmm".

  574. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    3-Prong -

    I've wondered about that myself. The place is only 7 or 8 ft above sea level! Hmmmm...

  575. 3-Prong:

    I guess they can then report first hand at the water level. Hehe

  576. markazulu:

    The defense PLAYED Wonderful in the 2nd half basically shut out Colorado State. But The Offense once again wasnt impressive again the only thing i thought looked really good was our Running Backs and i would say im impressed with how young our o-line is how well they are performing. But the 2 int that were returned for td killed our chances the fact that our defenese got 4 turnovers in the 2nd half and our offense was STOPPED at the 2 yard line and we only got 3 points from all 4 turnovers wont cut it. I'll always cheer for our team and im glad to see our Defense improve tonite but ridiculous how everything that could go wrong this season has happened its still the first season though ill give the benefit of the doubt till next season.

    Also on another note i REALLY enjoyed the commentary team of Lehay and arceneaux i kind've perfer them more than robert and arceneaux but i really did enjoy roberts Commentary when he was on the radio with Curran.

  577. SteveM:

    RE: #573
    3-Prong -- gotta figure that any tsunami large enough to reach and take out the Tsunami Warning Center is going to knock us back into the sail boat age anyway. No need center after that.

    Hope everyone is safe and comfortable tonight.

  578. 3-Prong:

    DPK: they should paint water height marks on the side of their building.

  579. 3-Prong:

    SteveM: Yes, no news was good news.

  580. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Post game interview is up.

    Chow reiterates that Schroeder is still the QB.

  581. 3-Prong:

    Will Costco take back the water and ice I bought? Hehe

  582. 3-Prong:

    580 IWWTM: Hard Head our coach eh? Been silent on the subject thus far but the natives are getting restless.

  583. HiFlyer:

    Couldn't understand anything from the post game interview, to much background noise.

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