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Game day: Colorado State

October 27th, 2012


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It's game day, so here are things to note:

• The Rams are as unhealthy as the Warriors. Third-string QB Conner Smith, a freshman, makes his first start. The Rams' leading tackler, Shaquil Barrett, might not play because of an injury. Also, tight end Austin Gillmore is considered to be iffy.

• Temperatures are expected to be in the 30s for most of the game. It's supposed to be a dry cold, meaning no snow, but it sure is a change from the muggy, high-80s conditions the Warriors left behind in Honolulu.

• It's "Orange Out Night," which supposedly has something to do with CSU legends (not sure why since the Rams' primary color is green) and supposedly nothing to do with Wednesday's activities.

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Lori Santi and "Ferd":


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When I think of the new, new, new deadline to pick an AD, I think of this: Deadline video.

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If for some reason you're in Fort Collins, go to BeauJo's and order the Mother Lode. (Cardiologists are optional.)

Here's the menu: BeauJo's.

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