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Making contact

October 30th, 2012

Wide receiver Trevor Davis was in a jersey and shorts when he walked onto Ching field yesterday for what was supposed to be a light practice. Davis, who had missed the past two games because of a hamstring injury, was told to return to the locker room and put on his pads.

He was told he would be playing in the weekly scrimmage. The controlled scrimmage used to be limited to redshirts and developing players. The participation now has expanded to non-starters who need extra on-field work.

What has remained consistent is the play of linebacker Jonathan Makaiau, who had another strong performance. Coach Norm Chow noted that by the end of the scrimmage, Makaiau's helmet was crooked after his facemask broke while scrambling for a loose football.

Here's the rundown:

Drive No. 1 (at defense's 38-yard line)

• Jared Leaf rush for 2 yards.

• Taylor Graham completes pass to Clark Evans for 7 yards.

• Leaf rushes for 7 yards.

• Graham play-action completion to Craig Cofer for 10 yards.

• Leaf rush for 0 yards.

• Graham screen completion to Justin Vele for 6 yards.

• Graham complete to Vele for 6 yards and a touchdown.

Drive No. 2 (at defense's 40):

• Ikaika Woolsey incomplete to Trevor Davis.

• Steven Lakalaka rush for 7 yards.

• Woolsey slant completion to Darius Bright for 7 yards.

• Woolsey slant completion to Bright for 17 yards.

• Lakalaka rush for minus-3 yards.

• Woolsey incomplete to Elijah Langley.

• Woolsey incomplete.

• Woolsey sacked by Desmond Dean.

Drive No. 3 (Defense's 40):

• Leaf rush for 4 yards.

• Leaf rush for minus-4 yards (hit by Makaiau).

• Graham incomplete to Cofer.

Drive No. 4 (Defense's 40):

• Graham incomplete (Makaiau pass breakup).

• Offsides penalty.

• Leaf rush for 1 yard (Big hit by Makaiau).

• Graham completion to Cofer for 14 yards.

• Graham incomplete to Davis (Brian Clay deflection).

• Graham fumbled snap, recovers.

• Graham sacked for minus-3 (by Hunter Thomson).

Drive No. 5 (Defense's 40)

• Jason Muraoka rush for minus-2 (Mike Andrade with the hit).

• Woolsey scramble for 6 yards.

• Woolsey scramble for 2 yards.

• Marcus Langkilde rush for 6 yards

(It was a first down, but it was decided to re-set the situation.)

Drive No. 6 (Defense's 10):

• Lakalaka rush for 3 yards.

• Lakalaka rush for 1 yard (big hit by Andrade).

• Graham incomplete to Cofer in left corner of end zone.

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