Kidding aside

October 31st, 2012

Face it, it's fun to make fun of people in charge.

And the leadership at UH, particularly on the Lower Campus, is an easy target. Have we run out of Wonder puns yet?

But at some point, we have to realize we are joking, that UH doesn't really need more input from state lawmakers, right? Right?

According to a recent online poll, 43 percent of those participating believe that lawmakers should have more oversight into UH matters. OK, I get the chain:  Comedians want to be serious actors, actors want to be athletes, athletes want to be rappers, rappers want to be athletes or actors ... and, yes, state lawmakers apparently want to be university presidents and athletic directors.

All there is to say to that is: Shaq as an actor. Or as a rapper.

Or to the point: People should stick to their expertise.

There is an entire advertising industry portraying the warts of elected officials. Now we are to believe lawmakers can schedule games, create a long-term plan for Aloha Stadium or, more importantly, solve the Warriors' red-zone problems? People who live in glass capitols shouldn't throw footballs.

Pick here, pick there. UH has a lot of problems. But overall, it's a solid university whose value-to-price ratio is good. And if lawmakers want to help, write a check. But just remember who hired the Regents who hired the president who hired the chancellor who hired the athletic director.

There is a chain.

* * * * *

The Warriors are at that point of the season where the toll of practices and games is wearing on bodies. While some are returning from the injury list, such as Chris Gant, there still are others inactive. And that is how a double-check player — "wait, who is this guy?" — such as Elijah Langley gets to work with the first-team offense. Will he play this weekend? Highly unlikely. But it's fun to see how a scout player performs in a limited opportunity. Langley did well.

* * * * * *

Too bad the 13th game won't materialize. It sounded like a unique out-of-the-box idea.

Of the demise, a UH official said: "Too many crabs in the bucket."

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  1. Leron:


  2. Otto:

    Second. Remember the Legislature is the one who changed the process for creating the list of nominees to the BOR. It was a big fight with Lingle. The Leg wanted to erode the power of the Gov on appointments to all boards by having the Leg create the list of nominees.

  3. Stephen Tsai:

    Thanks for the reminder, Otto.

  4. Old School Dave:

    Aloha Kakahiaka to all.

    Regarding the new UH AD, I'm hoping that the committee will choose someone along the lines of a Ray Nagel or Stan Sheriff. If there was ever a need for a strong leader who has management skills, can deal with the State/UH bureaucracy, and has a clear vision for the athletic program, it's right now.

    Having UH football players bent over on commercial mainland flights for 6 hours is unacceptable.

  5. Chicken Grease:

    Happy Halloween!!!!!


    GO WARRIORS!!!!!!

  6. Da Punchbowl Kid:



  7. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Sixt den...

  8. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Dose gawfonnit crabs!!!

  9. kalihi:

    Stephen Tsai:

    How many commits does UH have so far?

  10. Chicken Grease:

    I don't want to see the Legislature being all Ayatollah/Golobulus on UH at all. The Legislature's role in this recent situation . . . at least got things on the record. Let Mercy M.R.C., Apple of my Eye, etc. keep on doing Wonderblunders . . . there's a reecord that'll say their place in their respective offices in light of too many f'ups is finite.

  11. Chicken Grease:

    Heh. A Grease uses "I"; eek.

  12. laulau head:

    Happy Halloween! Here's some costume ideas for our Warriors:

    Sean Schroeder: lollipop...bruddah is taking his "licks" on AND off the field.

    Mike Edwards: Adam...because he is "da man!"

    Alex Dunnachie: Peg Leg the Pirate...da buggah get "one" leg!!!

    Paipai Falemalu: The Rock...the senior is having a "solid" season.

    Billy Ray Stutzmann: Edward from "Twilight"...don't vampires heal in no time?

    Will Gregory, Ben Clark, Mike Milovale: These freshmen will be "studs."

    Darius Bright: a honey badger...not living up to his potential.

    Marrell Jackson: The Beast...last week he surely played like one.

    Beau Yap: a Transformer...DT, DE, LB...bruddah can be anything!

    Haku Correa: Iron Man...literally, as he is playing about 60 snaps per game.

    Coach Chow: Obi Wan Kenobi...strike him down now and he will come back stronger than you could ever imagine!

  13. laulau head:

    Will Gregory, Ben Clark, Mike Milovale: racehorses... These freshmen will be “studs.”

  14. laulau head:

    David Graves: a you see him, now you don't.

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  16. Chicken Grease:

    # 12, hahaahah. Great, laulauhead.

  17. Chicken Grease:

    'Nother costume idea: "those who write that the Warriors play like a high school team/'sux'" and then later on also "say the love Warriors/bleed Warrior colors/want to see Warriors succeed" = Janus. Ha.

  18. Will-I-Am:

    Laulau head, that is classic!

  19. tommui:


    #17 Chicken Grease - Janus - very good. Maybe also Dorian Grey!

  20. 3-Prong:


    In da season you have some trubo
    When you worry you make em dubo
    No Worry Be Happy

    Hang with frens an drink da beer
    Grine da pupu, get ready fo cheer 
    No  Worry Be Happy

    Coach is pissed, he nomo fear
    Eh, be patient, dis his firs year
    No Worry Be Happy

    Might get tough b4 its through
    Da Boys not givin up, what about you?
    No Worry Be Happy

    Hope we win, sometimes no can
    I no care, I still one fan
    No  Worry Be Happy

    Pomai: Change my score Gunfunnit!  Us 45  Dem 42


  21. Chicken Grease:

    # 19, tommui, hahahahah, yeah. Love the works of Wilde.

    How 'bout Harvey Dent, too. Hoo-hoo!!!! :D .

  22. hilosupaman:

    ST Love that, "People who live in glass capitols shouldn't throw footballs."

    I heard on the radio that there was a video of Mr. Apple trying to convince a group of students that in the bigger scheme of things $200K is not that big of a deal? Is this true? Has anone seen this?

    If so they should take $200K from his salary and see what he thinks then!

  23. Old School Dave:

    They should convert University Hill (Greenwood's empty residence) to temporary student housing. At least make use and generate some revenue. And while they're at it let commuters park their cars on the lawn for $5. Small kine change, but at least get some coming in.

  24. HawaiiMongoose:

    "Too many crabs in the bucket" as the reason for not scheduling a 13th game this season? Hmmm... I guess that means too many people found reasons it couldn't be done and not enough were willing to roll up their sleeves and find a way. Every big bureaucratic organization has this problem and it can only be overcome through leadership. Unfortunately that's something that seems sadly lacking at UH these days.

  25. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs:

    Just "Wonder"ing out loud - Would UH have to pay Temple for charter flight to and from the game, if the game happened?

  26. Old School Dave:

    Or convert the president's residence to a dining facility (training table for athletes ?- kinda long walk from lower campus, though). They could have KCC culinary arts students work there as part of their course work. Kind of like Waioli Tea Room in Manoa. Generate some income.

  27. Pauoa Boy:

    #9 kalihi,

    7 HS
    2 JC
    2 transfers

  28. MrK:

    The problem with your logic, Mr. Tsai is this: Many university presidents, department heads, administrators, etc. ARE NOT experts in managing a multi-million dollar organization. M.R.C Greenwood is an expert in BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE! She is a nutrition scientist by training! Same with many athletic directors. Just because you played sports in college and pros, DOES NOT mean you are qualified to be an A.D., anymore than it mean that you are qualified to be the CEO of Sports Authority or Nike. You need someone who is superbly adept at finance, management, accounting, marketing, etc.

  29. kev-1:

    True dat ST!!!! I am okay with legislators investigating in terms of what happened to tax payer money lost with the wonder blunder, but after that it just gets ridiculous. Watching some of these people act like detectives and judges or whatever was comical at times.

  30. Shoko:

    Speaking of charter flights, I could have sworn I read in the conference bylaws that the MWC requires all teams to travel on chartered flights. Unless, since UH is paying travel subsidies, that excludes them from the clause and allows them to travel on commerical flights to save money.

  31. i ain't no crab:

    Glad that there's no 13th game.

    1. Finance - was going be hard to just break even. Can't afford to lose more money (obvious).

    2. Only advantage - players, and especially coaches, get one more week of practice.

    3. Agree with others - Let this season be already. get nuff sore stomach.

  32. Rite80:

    Actually ST, State lawmakers are already writing a check to the University of Hawaii to the tune of over $300 million a year. It is their fiduciary duty to make sure taxpayer money is being spent properly. UH administrators for years have been reluctant to answer questions from the legislature concerning how the money is being spent claiming autonomy. The recent fiasco gave legislators the opportunity to force UH to answer questions in front of the public. UH only has itself to blame on this matter. Shifting the blame to the legislature will not solve the leadership vacuum at UH.

  33. primo888:

    We shoulda STEAMED that pot of CRABS.............!

  34. BigWave96744:

    Mike Milovale is a Junior....

    BTW, I think Scott Harding would make a better Transformer:SB,WR,PR,P (left & right),Holder :)

  35. dcwarrior:

    I think it's a good thing that legislators are paying attention. Yes, they should not be allowed to meddle in individual decisions. However, it appears there hasn't been enough pressure on the regents to provide the necessary oversight over the U and keep it going in the right direction.

    Stephen, you say "value"? A discount store has good "value". UH is near the bottom of the pack in 4 year grad rates, and everyone seems to accept that as being OK. Why?

  36. Shoko:

    Anywho, Chow's MWC teleconference yesterday.

  37. primo888:

    i WONDER when the crowd will start to BOO when SS runs out onto the field.......I feel its coming....another WONDER BLUNDER?.....

  38. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Rite80 -- right on! Are people forgetting that Greenwood pleaded ignorance and threw JD and Sheriff under the bus. I felt outrage at the no aloha actions and investigation by the media uncovered her agenda. I believe the legistlators, also feeling the outrage, went after Greenwood with the only leverage they had to get at the truth.

    Now her cover-up actions, lawyer hiring, JD "settlement", etc. is revealing waste. I would be surprised if fiscal leverage and more hearings are not applied if Greenwood remains president.

  39. Gambit808:

    Who is blinder? Stevie or admins?

  40. obachan:

    #28 absolutely agree - we all live in the real world and know that just because people hold positions of leadership or authority, it does not automatically entail that they are competent to execute their assigned responsibilities unless of course, one goes around wearing a pair of rose colored glasses.

  41. kev-1:


    Although I by no means speak for ST, I don't think he is shifting blame. In my interpretation, he is simply referring to the scope of their involvement. I fully agree with an investigation into the wasting of tax payer money. However, there has been much more digging, recommending, and questioning regarding how the Athletic Department operates that extend beyond the misuse of tax payer money.

  42. kev-1:

    Boy, X has got to be the most difficult key to hit on a keyboard while typing. Lost count of how many times I typed taz payers instead of tax payers. Better go back to typing class.

  43. (Jesse) James:

    Good morning Tsaikos!!! Good points ST!!!

    Hope all have a great day.

  44. kev-1:

    #28 MrK,

    So by your logic then, lawmakers are more adept at running UH than the people currently doing so?

    People question the qualifications of people in their positions all the time, in many professions. The reality is, many people think they can do better, or when they don't like someone they assume that the person isn't qualified or capable of doing the job.

    People arm chair politics, leaders, coaches, athletes, you name it. When the fact remains that the person being complained about is probably far more qualified than the complainer with all of the answers.

  45. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    I'm a kinda happy the 13th game won't happen. I don't think UH would be able to draw a crowd especially if they season ticket holders would have to purchase an extra game ticket.

    This season has already been one we will want to forget. When we get a solid QB like Graham in next year and more of Chow's recruits in, I think we will do a lot better.

    After S. Bama, our team can focus on healing up and taking a long deserved break from football. Come back in the spring with fresh bodies and minds.

  46. madeinhawaii:

    I think the idea behind the BOR was to be the liason between UH and the Lawmakers. It's not working. Maybe the BOR has to be given a serious look at and see if things can be improved/fixed/cleaned up.

  47. kev-1:

    The off season break is long enough. Another game wouldn't have hurt, IMO. More reps if anything. I agree that the crowd would be small, but I would have still wanted to go.


  48. obachan:

    #44 kev-1 you may want to reread MrK's post

  49. Wes'side Warrior:

    Howzit, Gang!

    Who is that rich guy that bought Lana'i? He made money, so should know something about fiscal stuffses. Make him AD, and maybe he going feel like he needs to spend his money for all athletics facilities, equips, etc.

    Ok, that was my trick-or-treat request.

    Be safe and have fun, everyone!

  50. Wes'side Warrior:

    The BOR, in my opinion, is a rubber stamp. That function is broken, so no can function how supposed to. We've already seen how clueless some are in their positions. No can keep UH upper echelon in check if they don't know what they doing themselves.

  51. tommui:

    The Temple Game.

    Temple did want the game (badly) for a possible win and become bowl-eligible.

    Maybe we should have given them the chance - of course if they really wanted to be bowl-eligible, they could have waived us paying them and perhaps extract from them a few $$$ to cover the costs to have us host them.

    As for the PPV, Oceanic could have made this a special - say $20-$25 per household.

    For the season ticket holders, make them pay, say $20 per seat that they presently have. Charge the walk-ins whatever.

  52. Wes'side Warrior:

    Kinda wish we could've had that extra game.

    Reading the article, looks like greed was a big factor in not being able to come to fruition. Too bad. As stated, the boyz live for that extra game, no matter what. And, to my understanding, any home (football) game brings badly needed extra funds to a (financially) hurting athletic department.

  53. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    #49 WW,

    Now there is an idea worth looking into. The AD job seems like punishment at times so just gotta get Branson in front of a judge to force him to "serve time". Bwaha.

  54. Chicken Grease:

    October 31st, 2012 at 8:56 am

    #28 MrK,

    So by your logic then, lawmakers are more adept at running UH than the people currently doing so?

    Think "MrK" might actually be another posteur (use that term lightly in this case) going by the initials "I.T."; has another screen handle as well.

    Well. It is Halloween. Bet "MrK" doesn't show up again today, kev-1.

  55. st. anthony trojan:

    "2 many crabs in the bucket" is not the problem....the problem is leadership...“Pull the string, and it will follow wherever you wish. Push it, and it will go nowhere at all.” that was said by a general that was a LEADER...and also our 34th President... LEADERSHIP WHICH IS SO LACKING TODAY here at our university and state is the problem....if Mr. Burns (or Mr. Fasi-Mr. Blaisdell) was at the helm of our state now...the 13th game would get coach says.. shame cuz that game is for the players..and the players wanted loose or draw..they all want to you see... not to many crabs in the is the person carrying the bucket..they are all making "pilikia" trying to carry the bucket..the crabs should all stay in the bucket eating the chicken leg or fish head..n be happy..instead of pulling others down trying to get out (for ur ego) to carry the bucket..awae...if there only was a leader here today...he/she would call all them "crabs" back.. sit them down... n "get er done" IMUA

  56. Riverside County News:

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  57. greenthumb:

    51, this is an example of common sense that can be used as a template for many things to do with UH. Look at who wants what, and see how all can benefit. UH, that means nurturing your fan base (existing and potential). Oceanic, a lower fee results in your customers talking positively about you and provides incremental revenue above and beyond the costs for televising the extra game.

  58. kev-1:

    Obachan, I know how to read. MrK makes an assumption of ST's logic and I am making an assumption of MrK's. You should read mine.

  59. kev-1:


    That came out a bit sassy. Not my intent. My point is that lawmakers are no more qualified to run UH than the people already doing so.

  60. Chicken Grease:

    MrK seems to be a troublemaker, obachan. So, know.

  61. MrK:


    I did not say that lawmakers are more adept at running UH? Where did you get that? Please don't ASS-U-ME. I was simply responding to Tsai's comment that "People should stick to their expertise." And I'm just asking, "Is M.R.C. Greenwood an 'expert' at running a university?" I know for a fact that President Greenwood is an expert in nutrition research. Her formal training is in the sciences. Her research experience is in the sciences. I'm just saying that in many colleges, professors sometimes get promoted into administrative positions without solid qualifications for the job that they are getting promoted for. So a research scientist/professor, who may be great in the lab and as a teacher in the classroom , all of a sudden, finds him/herself trying to handle a much wider scope of responsibility. They go from a very narrow focus (their particular area of expertise - say studying vitamin C), to trying to manage issues such as infrastructure, personnel, much larger budgets, etc. Not everyone can make that transition.

    @ Chicken Grease

    I showed up again. You should have bet him kev-1.

  62. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!


    Good points, as usual, oh blog-guru. A good administrator recognizes their own weaknesses, then learns and consults with SubjectMatterExperts.

  63. kev-1:

    If you don't want people to make ASS-umptions about what you write, don't do it to others. Yes, you are absolutely correct about Greenwood's area of expertise. But you are handpicking what you want for your argument. She also has a lot of administration experience at a variety of places.

    Now I am not advocating Greenwood here. ST's post was about lawmaker involvement, yet you decided to comment on what you figure his logic to be. My assumption about you was obviously sarcasm, followed up by my own opinion about complainers. I am sure you can pick up on sarcasm, as you seem pretty adept at it yourself with your cute little manipulation of the word ASSUME.

  64. jm2375:

    And in the "some people an intervention department" are these baboozes. Betting on your own team is bad enough, but when it's PeeWee football?

  65. Chicken Grease:

    Heh. You would show up again. It's Halloween.

    You're also wrong.

  66. Gertude Warriner:

    I have to say that for the past couple of hours i have been hooked by the amazing articles on this site. Keep up the wonderful work.

  67. Bleed Green and White:

    Since we're on the hot topic, allow me to add my 2-cents:

    Leadership at the University of Hawaii, both in athletics and on "Upper Campus", is a complete joke. Let me add to that list even more comedians, including the members of the Senate hearing committee, responding to the so called "Wonder Blunder".

    Reasons / Arguments:

    Jim Donovan: Over the years I've sensed his heart and intentions in the right place, however, in this case, he's completely in the wrong. The manager of the arena came to him with an idea, a good idea, that came with a contact person. Donovan should've told the arena manager to have the person contact him. The arena managers job is to manage the arena. Tera-flex, hardwood floors, seats, bathrooms, rubbish cans and rubbish bags. I'm sure it's not to negotiate potential million dollar contracts. As we've found out, the AD allowed, with his blessing, the arena manager to continue on as front man for the Stevie Wonder concert....I my mind, there's no fault to the arena manager if the boss said "go for it". To me, it's all the boss's fault for not knowing the arena manager was in over his head.

    Assistant AD's: When it was all said and done, did not one of you possess any common sense? Donovan was out of town when it came time to wire $200k, why in God's name could / did none of you say "hey, this is not a good idea"?
    Pretty simple if you ask me. And no common sense, no questions as to why promoter and arena manager were dealing with Wonder's so called International agent. Are we not part of the USA?
    So many white flags, many, yet nobody representing common sense and an eyes wide open.
    Absolute ignorance and embarrassment.

    As the chaos un-folded, after the hearings, exposed were idiots-a-plenty.

    UH attorneys were involved, they gave their blessings, somebody hd to write a check for the athletic department....It bothers me that Donna Mercado Kim and her friends never called any of those people to the hot seat.

    MRC Greenwood exposed the Gov and some other politicians, for taking sides and attempting to help, well, almost cover up for Donovan. That bothers me.

    Mercado Kim and company, also came across like Donovan supporters more than truth finders. That bothers me.

    Pretty simple: Who said "Do it"?, who released the money? Who said "go ahead and wire it"?
    Ask those simple questions, then take some real simple action,

  68. Old School Dave:

    Funny scene the other weekend. Was walking by a youth soccer game at the park and overheard things like - "Good try, Billy," "That's ok, Bobby", "Nice effort team," from coaches and onlookers. On the other side of the park there was a Pop Warner football game and I heard stuff like - "Stick em da numbahs," "Lick em, boy," "Junior boy, you tackle like one girl."

  69. expat:

    As I have mentioned before there are significant practical hurdles related to UH chartering flights out of HNL. Hawaiian's 767 are really too big for the football team. If you go four to a row so that each player has an empty seat next to him you can seat about 132 people in coach. In a 737 or 757 you can still seat four to a row but you end up with fewer empty seats. Leg room is the same charter or scheduled.

    Any other charter would typically have to originate on the mainland and return to the mainland when pau which essentially means you have to work with someone who has regularly scheduled service AND can add two extra flights so UH does not have to pay a plane and crew to fly a R/T empty. UH would have a hard time working with Alaska since Hawaiian is one of the top sponsors and the two are now fierce competitors. The takeaway is that practically speaking it is more expensive for UH to charter to the mainland than it is for a mainland school to charter to Hawaii.

  70. madeinhawaii:

    Bleed Green and White:

    I humbly disagree.

    Months before the Wonder Blunder, MRC Greenwood was told to oversee the Athletics Department. That she didn't know what was going on was a major indication that she did not carry out that part of her defined mission. If she had, Donovan would not have been in this mess to begin with. No one would have and the money would never have been sent. Ultimately, she didn't do her job.

  71. Old School Dave:

    When BYU (Chow's days) played UH regularly, they flew charter and each player had their own row to lie down and sleep.

  72. (Jesse) James:

    You really don't need someone who is "superbly adept at finance, management, accounting, marketing, etc." to run a University. As with any leadership position, you need to have/hire/retain people around you who are superb in their subject matter and whom you trust who can advise you. Ultimately, however, as the leader, you will make the final decision and take responsibility for that decision.

    It's sort of like the President of the United States. That individual doesn't know everything and is not an expert in finance, foreign affairs, domestic affairs, business, accounting, government operations, military operations, etc. but has a "cabinet" of people to advise him on these matters.

  73. Hodad:

    #70 madein Hawaii

    Greenwood is the president of the UH System. NOT her job to oversee the athletics department, its the job of the chancellor. So who told MRC to take over? Good way to lose accredidation.

  74. p90x program:

    Has US economy bottomed out? Census suggests yes

  75. obachan:

    #58 kev-1 Don't take offense at my comment & if you did, then I apologize as I assure you it was not my intent. I did not want to presume to speak for MrK either so that's why I wrote what I wrote - tried to be tactful but sometimes even that doesn't work. Anyhow, to the point - I do agree that the legislators are not inherently more qualified than those currently in charge at UH. My comprehension of Mrk's comment is that he does not say that legislators are more qualified or just as qualified. His point as I understand it is that people adept in finance, management, accounting, marketing, etc. are likely more qualified to run a university. He contrasts that with Greenwood's degree which is another field altogether. Although to be fair, her years of experience with the UC system make up for that.

  76. MrK:

    @ kev-1

    No sense you and I go back-and-forth. It'll go nowhere. But facts are facts. Based on the recent poll that was taken, a much greater percentage of people gave Greenwood a unfavorable rating than a favorable one. I'm not a Greenwood "hater". I'm just going by the evidence. Do I feel that lawmakers should have more authority over UH? Ideally, my answer would be "No". To me, and ideal situation would be for the University leaders to have more control over the activities of UH. However, with this privilege, they must also be willing to accept RESPONSIBILITY when things go wrong.

    That's the problem, kev-1, people always want more control over what they do; however, when things go wrong they often have trouble accepting the responsibility. As Spiderman said, "With great power comes great responsiblity."

  77. Bleed Green and White:

    (70 madeinhawaii)

    Really ?

    As President, Greenwood oversees the entire system. Athletics at Manoa falls under the chancellor.

    Who let the dough out....?

    Who said "yeah, let's just wire it, that's a good idea?"

    They should be fired!

    That's an idiotic way to do business!

    Complete embarrassment!

  78. madeinhawaii:


    I believe it was the BOR. Whether she did it through the Chancellor or some other method besides the AD, would be her call, I suppose. BUT, that she claims she knew nothing about the Wonder concert?

  79. PurpleMaple:

    Why did the 13th game have to be played in Hawaii? If Temple wanted the game so badly, then they should have offerred UH a guarantee to play on the Mainland. No?

  80. madeinhawaii:

    Don't know if the UH President keeping tabs on the Athletic Department would affect accreditation. The AD isn't part of the accreditation process.

  81. PurpleMaple:

    I enjoyed the Call the Coach broadcast last night. Bobby Curren keeps reminding us that his view (Is it Coach Chow's view?) that the team lacks enough talent. Winning will come with success in recruiting. That is the focus. Then that explains why the team keep losing, even when they had the opportunity to win. If you tell yourself that you don't have enough talent to win, then you won't.

  82. madeinhawaii:

    Dobelle brought in the Chancellors... what did we do before that?

  83. spisskyhrad:

    You really have to wonder how in the heck this move to the mountain west has benefited. You really have to ask if it is worth it to forfeit WAC deposit. You really have to ask why the UH facilities are so shabby and players were painting the locker room this summer. You really have to ask why we are 1 and 6 with our new super coach as opposed to the previous, when we were never blown out(except UNLV - wish I could have bet on that one).

    Bottom line, so much to fix and so little leadership - politicians will fix it - what a joke!

  84. Will-I-Am:

    I cannot see how they could pull a 13th game against that team.

    Oceanic is not going to make money on it.
    Season ticket holders are not going to want to pay more for that game.
    Aloha stadium is definantly not going to make money on that game.

    I guess those are the crabs that would not be getting any more food in their bucket if we had a 13th game. Might as well tip the bucket over early and let the crabs go free.

  85. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #68 - Old School Dave -

    Had a similar experience at one of my nephew's Pop Warnr games recently. On the field, was a Pop Warner game. At facility right next door was a skateboarding competition. Talk about two totally different realities... ;)

  86. jm2375:

    mih - the UH president also served as the Chancellor of the Manoa campus. Hilo and West Oahu have their own Chancellors, as well as one that oversees the CC campuses. Not sure under which administration the President and Chancellor position were combined (Matsuda?). I still feel the positions should still be separate so that the Chancellor can concentrate on issues related solely to Manoa, while the President oversees the entire system.

  87. Chicken Grease:

    Old School Dave:
    October 31st, 2012 at 10:18 am

    . . . On the other side of the park there was a Pop Warner football game and I heard stuff like - "Stick em da numbahs," "Lick em, boy," "Junior boy, you tackle like one girl."

    Yeah, and it goes on and on.

    They themselves didn't have the talent to take it to the next proverbial level . . . and they take that unresolved issues on the kids.

    And the kid leagues . . . with all their rules . . . they seemingly are all too willing to take these types on as coaches. The weeding out process gets laxed all of a sudden when it comes to bringing these guys in.

    You want a change? It ain't with Coach Chow. The change needs to come with curbing this cromagnon behavior. The real sissies.

  88. A-House:

    If I heard Senate info testimony correct, Greenwood said she received instructions from the BOR Chair to take charge of UH athletics and she went directly to Rocky F who went behing Donovan's back on the MWC issue.

    BOR Chair confirmed that the BOR asked Greenwood to take charge. Greenwood should have gone to the Chancellor to keep the organizational lines correct; not direct to Rocky F. I believe Greenwood had already decided to "dump" Hinshaw and therefore by-passed her as Hinshaw backed Donovan for an extension.

    I wonder why Greenwood did not like Hinshaw and Donovan? Her reasons to "dump" Donovan was "wasted away" by Senator Kim's questions and made Greenwood look very bad. Seems that the Wonder Blunder was just an excuse, IMHO, but not for Greenwood.

    Unfortunatley, to many people uses "excuses" rather than state "reasons" cause this would make them look bad - ie, it was a failure instead of I did not plan, organize, direct and supervise correctly which caused the failure.

    Oh well, back to work!

  89. koakane i5:

    hey hey hey howzit 809, warriors, wahines, tsaiko's and tsaikette's

    :cool: good brew and day it's turning into

    no to 13 game this year (personal reasons)

    IMHO take this years fiascos and start planning now on how to improve each one. no wait for next season to begin and start the crying all over again. reach out start building bridges, create relationship, develope new partnerships and revamp UH/Legislature infrastructure. many suggestion being made why not work on it just to see if can ..... not going make thing any worst. :wink:

  90. madeinhawaii:

    If Hinshaw was still Chancellor, then going directly to Freitas was a bad move on the part of Greenwood. She still should have followed procedure. As such, she may have put a noose around her own neck.

  91. A-House:

    Oh me darlin, oh me darlin, oh me darlin clemintine
    you are lost and gone for ever oh me darlin clemintine

    lite she was and like a feather and her shoes were 49(ers)

    I'm a trash bag, I'm a trash bag, I'm a trash bag thru and thru
    I'm a trash bag, Im' a trash bag and so are you!

  92. MrK:

    @ Old School Dave & Chicken Grease

    I got kids who play sports, so I experience these kinds of parents/coaches all the time. Many parents live through their kids. It's like their entire self-worth is dependant on how well their kids does in the game. It's too bad many of these parents don't bring the same level of concern when it comes to their kids' performance in school. These are the types of parents who will go to EVERY one of their kids' football games, but not go to one single PTA meeting. Sad, but true.

  93. leron:

    Years ago, when my son was 7 and playing flag football, a player on the opposing team with a mohawk yelled at him "I'm gonna kill you". I still have it on videotape. Of course, my boy caught a TD shortly after and they won so athletic justice was served. But I still can't believe what came out of that other kid's mouth...and he said it like he meant it.

  94. SteveM:

    RE: #88
    A-House -- very succinct overview. More obvious now why ST points out there is a "chain", with the BOR at the top.

  95. Former UH Athlete:

    Happy Halloween!

    UH does not need a 13th game... nobody would show up and no need to risk more injuries on a tough year.

  96. SteveM:

    I wonder (no pun intended) what was so pressing in Greenwood's agenda that she used the Wonder Blunder to throw JD under the bus and "justify" firing him... rather than just wait until next year when his contract expired?

    Are we playing into her hand now with a rushed search? Yes, I know we need an AD now, but look what caused the problem.

    In any event, this is what revealed her character.

  97. madeinhawaii:


    Very good point. The same with bypassing Hinshaw in the MWC negotiations. I guess she had already "removed" them in her mind... Hinshaw, Donovan, and McMackin.

  98. madeinhawaii:

    And protocol be damned...

  99. Bowwar:

    Temple needed the 13th game more than we did...Bottom-line, if they want to fork-out the money up-front, then UH would be interested. Otherwise, let this lousy seaon be over with.

  100. wafan:


  101. Independent Thinker:

    I miss the days when journalists actually would ask the coaches questions like, "Coach, what is your excuse for why you and the team performed so poorly on Saturday?" Seems like today most of the people covering UH football only want to be another mouthpiece for Chow and his people. Listen to 1040 or read the press and all we get from most of the journalists or pretend journalists are all the excuses why Chow and company are not performing. These reasons go like this: (1) not enough talent on the team (cupboard is empty argument); (2) these guys were recruited to play X, but I play Y (the "they too stupid" argument); (3) guys not getting open argument; (4) guys not blocking argument; (5) D line depleted argument; (6) O-Line depleted argument; etc.

    Journalists should not be another mouth piece for the coach.

  102. Slugger:


    Don't know if anyone let you know...JD has an MBA.

    Hi, Gangees!

  103. manoa#1:

    #39 chow is.

  104. Chicken Grease:

    October 31st, 2012 at 11:20 am

    @ Old School Dave & Chicken Grease

    I got kids who play sports, so I experience these kinds of parents/coaches all the time. Many parents live through their kids. It's like their entire self-worth is dependant on how well their kids does in the game. It's too bad many of these parents don't bring the same level of concern when it comes to their kids' performance in school. These are the types of parents who will go to EVERY one of their kids' football games, but not go to one single PTA meeting. Sad, but true.

    Funny how we end up agreeing. :)

    Friendliness -- and common ground -- is good. I hear ya, MrK. You are a good parent.

  105. madeinhawaii:

    Tomey and Wagner had a very hard time winning on the road... Wonder if that will be the case with Chow?

  106. kev-1:


    "To me, and ideal situation would be for the University leaders to have more control over the activities of UH. However, with this privilege, they must also be willing to accept RESPONSIBILITY when things go wrong."

    AGREE. Which is why a look into the financial mishap was justified. The entitlement that seems to have gone along with it and followed is what I think is unnecessary. And btw, I wasn't making the case FOR those in power, just saying that it is easy to claim that people aren't qualified from the outside.

  107. Chicken Grease:

    So, uh . . . what's on the Halloween menu for this evening? [an owl . . . ah, you know the rest. Should be an owl flies away. Yeah. Good riddance. Weird school, hahahah.]

  108. Chicken Grease:

    What you guys eating tonight? A Grease going out. Hardly any kids Trick or treat 'round here anyways.

  109. ALLAN:


  110. A-House:

    UH should convert to being a "private" university so no interferrence from Legislature only private donors who will demand this and dat!

  111. jimmy the lock:

    Too bad the crabs didn't have a leader to organize and coordinate. Instead of clawing at each other trying to climb out of the bucket they should've climbed on each other to escape. Too bad they never watch the ant segment on the Discovery channel.

    And a Happy Halloween! Trick or treat.

  112. Chicken Grease:

    * * * CONSPIRACY ALERT * * *

    A Grease is beginning to think that a machine/device that can manipulate the weather exists; possibly being run by the Illuminati.

    Don't mean to make fun. But, a Grease is lookin' at the East Coast damage on TV. Lookin' like Fukushima (to use a mneumonic), etc.

    They gonna be doing one of these each year?

    We gonna stop 'em? How?

  113. jimmy the lock:

    Eating Duck and Dim Sum, DDS.

  114. jimmy the lock:

    @Chicken Grease

    Seeing the world going end in December, no need stop anything. Let Illuminati have its fun.

  115. Chicken Grease:

    Hey hey, Jimmy the Lock. That sounds delicious! Haven't had dim sum in a while.

  116. jimmy the lock:

    Whether legislators, fans, critics, arm-chair coaches, or bloggers, most all of us feel we can do a better job than the so called experts. We have our opinions, commentaries, analogies, and harm, no foul, no blood. In the end, we support.


  117. Chicken Grease:

    jimmy the lock:
    October 31st, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    @Chicken Grease

    Seeing the world going end in December, no need stop anything. Let Illuminati have its fun.

    Ah, $)+*. Not you, too, Jimmy. Though the Tsai-endorsed Kevin was the only one into this.

    Look. DISNEY runs the world. OK? It's not so much that the Death Star has Mickey mouse ears on it now (wait 'til you see 'em on a woookie. Eek), but, their very publicized code in the last few days:


    The Aztecs have been trumped. (He no longer has anything to do with anything, by the way . . . except for reality shows and U.S. President's birth certificates and college records. Ahem.)

  118. jimmy the lock:

    For those too busy, the NBA is back.

  119. jimmy the lock:

    Gotta watch those Disney Star Wars movies closely for subliminal messages. Disney's Little Mermaid with it's ties to Mary Magdalene comes to mind.

  120. jimmy the lock:

    Still have to wait for the player's signature come February but I like that the coaches are doing their darnedest to secure commits. I also applaud those players who choose to become Warriors.

  121. (Jesse) James:

    And just a quick reminder....

    Just to let everyone know, this year the Christmas Party will be held on Saturday, December the 8th.

    Tsaiko Christmas Party
    Saturday, December the 8th
    6:30 until whenever
    Murphy's Bar and Grill
    2 Merchant Street Honolulu, HI 96816
    (808) 531-0422

    Come down for food, fun, friends, and football. We always have a good time and gear up for the holidays.

  122. jimmy the lock:

    @(Jesse) James

    I thought there were 5 f's? Perhaps you forgot "family"?

  123. PolyMom:

    All the politics. I say just make Tom Mui in charge. But UH needs help. Were chasing good money after bad money.

    Has anyone seen Bob Peytons deposit for the Wonder Blunder? Why is Peyton off the hook?

  124. madeinhawaii:

    At least we're still out of the bottom BIG 10... somehow.. some way.. but we are in the Bottom BIGger 15.

  125. Capitolist/WassupDoc:

    It took more than fifteen years of hard work by three different University of Hawai`i presidents to achieve its semi-autonomous status. Before this happened almost a decade ago, all the campus heads other than Manoa were called provosts. The Manoa campus head was also the president of the entire system

    Once the transition had been made and the semi-autonomous status kicked in, it then became apparent that the regents' selection process had to be addressed as well. Up until 2007, the Governor appointed the Regents directly based upon her/his standards - including political support for the Gov's agenda.

    According to the Regents Advisory Council website: The Regents Candidate Advisory Council of the University of Hawai‘i identifies candidates for the university system’s governing Board of Regents. The council presents pools of qualified candidates to the governor of Hawai‘i from which candidates are nominated and, with the consent of the state senate, appointed by the governor.

    The advisory council was created by Act 56, 2007 Hawai‘i Legislature, in conformity with the amendment to Article X, Section 6 of the Hawai‘i State Constitution ratified by the voters on Nov. 7, 2006. The council is tied to the University of Hawai‘i for administrative purposes. In 2008, Act 56 was amended by Act 9. In 2010, Act 58 was passed to establish a seven-member student advisory group.

    Seven members comprise the advisory council. They establish the criteria for qualifying, screening and forwarding candidates for membership on the UH Board of Regents. The council advertises pending vacancies and solicits and accepts applications from potential candidates.

    If you are unhappy with the Board of Regents, then why not apply to be considered for one of the upcoming vacancies.

    As a (paid) lobbyist for two non-educational organizations and someone who also worked at the Legislature, I know how things get done there. After Tuesday's election outcome is certified, newly-elected state legislators will immediately start working on dozens of legislative proposals even though the 2013 Session itself doesn't start until Wednesday, January 16, 2013.

    It takes a lot of time & energy to get organized & ready to go.

    Committee chairs/vice chairs/members in both Chambers will be named AFTER the leadership has been elected by the members. Although it's not likely at this point that the Senate President and its other leaders will have many significant changes, the House leadership is up in the air.

    Once the Higher Education/Education chairs are named, I'll post their names & contact information here.

    According to highly-reliable sources at the Legislature, there is not going to be any move during the 2013 Session to tuck the System back under the Governor's direct control. However, that doesn't mean that nothing will be done.

    Although the deadline for submitting specific bills is in late January, the Legislature always submits short-form bills with broad titles that can be used for legislation after the deadline. Titles of these bills can range from RELATING TO PUBLIC HEALTH to RELATING TO THE ENVIRONMENT to RELATING TO HIGHER EDUCATION to RELATING TO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. Legislators can also gut existing bills, insert lanmguage, and move them along as well.

    If you have concerns about what has happened at the University of Hawai`i at Manoa, please take the time to share your thoughts with elected officials.

  126. Chicken Grease:

    Still hope for 13th game?

    Um. Hey. Maybe some east coast college school -- doesn't have to be a big name school -- might have to mov one of their games to a later date . . . maybe they going need an extra game, too, so, ah. Like someone said previously . . . the logistics would be a nightmare.

  127. Chicken Grease:

    # 126 . . . move their game/need a 13th game because of, you know, the Sandy superstorm, etc. OK.

  128. kev-1:

    Maybe instead of a 13th game, UH can have a scrimmage between UH players. Current coaching staff versus a coaching staff of the fans. Have a player draft.

    I'll be the head coach, because come on guys, obviously I have the most football smarts on this board (ducking flying objects now). Any takers on my coordinator positions?

    Chow gets first pick (you know he's taking Schroeder). Fans get second pick. And so on and on and on.

    Put it all out on the field. Fans make the coaching decisions we've been calling for all season. We will probably get smashed. We can put this baby to rest after that.

  129. kev-1:

    btw . . . only active players eligible for the draft. No redshirts (sorry Grahamaniacs)

  130. kev-1:

    Grahamaniacs . . . (C)

    copyright that for the future.

  131. jimmy the lock:



  132. kev-1:

    eh, how can?

  133. Chicken Grease:

    Sounds like a children's cereal club. A Grease kids w/yal; hope ya' make millions on it, kev-1 :) .

  134. jimmy the lock:

    If can can, if no can go home. :mrgreen:

  135. kev-1:

    goin home den. safe trick or treating to all those venturing out with their keiki or grand keiki.

  136. jimmy the lock:

    What do you get when you mate Bambi with a ghost?


  137. Wes'side Warrior:

    Howzit, Gang!

    Back from trick-or-treating with the kids, dinner, and now they are sleeping!

    Long day. So, I'll end with this bit of an off-topic story that has been discussed here once in a while...

    With eyes on the future, and a good plan, someone else is once again beating us to the punch.

  138. Chicken Grease:

    # 136, hahhhaahahahaha, great, great, Jimmy. Never heard that one before.

  139. Garret:

    It is too bad that there isn't a 13th game. If a certain school in Texas that just joined the WAC hadn't backed out at the last minute (thanks to their wuss of a coach), UH would have had another home game against a team that they could beat.

    Time for the coaches to recruit, for the players to catch up with school (all these road trips are really hard on their Academics), and for UH to avoid upsetting season ticket holders by trying to force them to pay for a home game they technically already paid for.

  140. WarriorNY:

    @128, Kev-1
    That was freakin' hilarious... I think Independent Thinker/Lava/Manoa#1 would want that job though... He/they seem to know everything...

  141. Garret:

    This article argues for Chad Owens to be the Most Outstanding Player in the CFL. I've noticed that Chad has been fumbling a lot lately, but it turns out that he and his team were hiding his injury that prevented him from holding on to the ball with 2 hands.

    Chad Owens, who on Oct. 31 was announced as the Toronto media's choice for the MOP, has been successfully hiding a dislocated left thumb, plus cast, that did not keep him out of the last three games but did limit his ability to hold on to the ball when being tackled.

    That resulted in a couple of extra fumbles lost against Winnipeg - giving him eight in around 270 touches of the ball, many while being gang-tackled because of his job as kick returner. It also led to some grumbling across the land that the league's leading receiver has "fumbilitis."

    Owens has amassed 3,768 total yards in 2012, leaving him just 73 away from passing Michael Clemons' 1997 total of 3,840 - a mark we believed might never be broken.

    That number is more than 1,100 yards ahead of his closest competitor - Tim Brown, of B.C.

  142. manoa#1:

    #101 u r exactly right watch the coaches show and kekaula always kiss dat butt.

  143. wafan:

    Good grief . . . again.

  144. Garret:

    The spread is up to 34.5 now.

  145. manoa#1:

    #140 Nah just let them play the oia white division state champs.

    Oia white champs - 48 warriors - 14

  146. manoa#1:

    #140 warriorNY i hope u and da family all safe up dea in NY.

  147. Garret:

    UH should convert to being a "private" university so no interferrence from Legislature only private donors who will demand this and dat!

    Would private donors give the $300 mil or so that UH gets from the Legislature? Would UH be able to afford their Athletic Department without the $8 mil to $10 mil that comes from Upper Campus...basically, a good piece of what the Legislature gives UH?

  148. Chicken Grease:

    October 31st, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    The spread is up to 34.5 now.

    A Grease thinks he'll go with kev-1 and, if a Grease is not mistaken, Moocher on this one ;) . A Warriors win!!!!!

    GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    101. true dat

  150. Chicken Grease:

    WarriorNY, how you doing. Seeing a lot of Gov' Christie on TV, so, looks like most damage is situated in Joysey.

    But, you know more than any here. Boots on the ground report, WarriorNY? Hope all your family and fans are doing well.

  151. Chicken Grease:

    Insane this traffic going West . . . a Grease happy he in town and will stay here 'til the late!!!!

  152. tommui:

    Chicken Grease #21

    Forgot to "brovo" you on Harvey Dent!

  153. A-TEAM:

    Mainland Warriors, Gonna try to caravan with the team to Fresno on Friday. We got us a "CONVOY"...... Just join in.

  154. Chicken Grease:

    October 31st, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    Chicken Grease #21

    Forgot to "brovo" you on Harvey Dent!

    Heh, right on tommui.

    Let a Grease take this time to say that your posts, tommui . . . really great. Substantive and insightful.


    slooooooow day

  156. Chicken Grease:

    October 31st, 2012 at 5:05 pm

    Mainland Warriors, Gonna try to caravan with the team to Fresno on Friday. We got us a "CONVOY"...... Just join in.

    Exquisitely cool. Jealous, but adding this to a Grease's bucketlist ("nonstop!!!!").

    Right on A-TEAM and others who gonna be in that convoy!

  157. Slugger:

    Spent over an hour in traffic so I'm at Big City Diner decompressing. Guess I can catch up on the blog.


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  160. Bleed Green and White:


    Wow, bro....
    Honestly, it' kind of hard now only for Kekaula, but for anybody that hosts the coaches show.
    You do realize it's called "Norm Chow Inside Access", and not the Kekaula (or whoever hosts) show.
    Or Curran, or whoever....
    You know what I mean....?

  161. Bleed Green and White:


    Again, like I always state, I love / appreciate everybody's posts...

    Just wondering, exactly what question would you like somebody in the media to ask....?

  162. Chicken Grease:


    GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!

  163. Moocher:

    warriors will win.

    coach saying he's sticking with shroeder is not good enough still?

    coach already saying there's mistakes across the board and thank goodness that the common sense in this is that he knows, i know, others know, that changing the qb comes AFTER everyone is clicking and doing things right and consistently. for pitty sakes you simply do not change a qb before that--thank you chow for knowing this.

    if coach is with shroeder, i'm with shroeder, pass it on.

  164. madeinhawaii:

    Interesting interview with Rich Rodriguez, the father of the Spread Offense...

  165. manoa#1:

    #160 bleed green and white.....thanks for the ?? i wish the media would ask him WHY!!! don't he put in another qb when the game is a blowout. they all practice hard during the week might as well give them some PT.

  166. manoa#1:

    #16 bleed green and white... and my2nd.?? is i want them to ask him WHY did he lie to us he told us that we will chase CHAMPIONSHIPS.

  167. Old School Dave:

    In-N-Out won't serve the Warriors? Well, they just lost one more customer when I trip to the mainland.


    in-n-out is way over rated IMO

  169. Brigette Zeeman:

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  171. Leron:

    #160 & 165 Kekaula did ask him straight up who his QB was on this past week's show. Norm said the others guys aren't ready etc., etc.

  172. manoa#1:

    #171.... leron thanks but looks like schroders not ready too.

  173. Bleed Green and White:

    (171) Thanks Leron - I thought I saw that as well.

    (manoa#1) - "Chasing Championships" - just my opinion mind you, but if he lied, that would mean he's purposely "tanking" right....?

    I think breaking things down to re-build it, is a tough process.

    Now please don't take that like I'm making excuses for Chow, because I'm not. I just accept that to to do things his way, an entirely new system, well, that's a tough task, a lot to ask, it aint easy as we all can see.

    I also do believe, that all the problems the team has, is not entirely on Schroeder's shoulders. Sometimes, often times really, I too question the defensive schemes too.
    Offensive line play starter terrible, but I must admit, it's getting better.

    Losing Joey Iosefa, hurt this team. Glad he's back.

    Receivers, honestly, they're soft as I can see it. But not without talent all together.

  174. Brady Hamp:

    I will immediately grab your rss as I can't find your e-mail subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any? Please permit me recognize so that I could subscribe. Thanks.


    ^^^^ oh, brady said "I will immediately grab your R-ss..." i thought he said... ;-)

  176. Chicken Grease:

    Hahahahaahah, SAWARRIOR. A Grease made fun of a previous SPAM "grab rss" until, A Grease THINKS was papajoe2 told a Grease not to "click" on those, which a Grease wasn't. Was just copying and pasting, quoting 'em. Played on 'em, hahahahahah.

    Wacky and nutty the narratives of these SPAMS. One of my favs is "Samui Island Weddings" ("samui" meaning "cold" in the Japanese language. Not only does it sound koo koo and nutty, but, the guy needed to consult a marketing type -- the heck couple would want a cold island wedding, duh? :)

  177. Josphine Heiny:

    Interesting blog, not like the others!

  178. Chicken Grease:

    Josphine Heiny:
    October 31st, 2012 at 11:38 pm

    Interesting blog, not like the others!

    Holy on the dot!!!!! The SPAMMER's correct! ;)

    [Guess you could say a . . . wait for it . . . wait fir IT!!!!!!. Guess you could say that . . . a Heiny is right (didn't know those things could talk, yuk yuks).]

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  181. Moocher:

    Chicken G
    samui if i'm guessing right is koh samui. it's one of the many islands in Thaland and it's beautiful. I had the pleasure to meet the owner of bangkok airways who is a doctor during an asian tour pro golf event. this guy owns the only airlines (Bangkok Airways) and the only airport on the island of koh samui...can anyone say monopoly :)

    His name is Prasert Prasarttomg-Osoth and he must be getting close to being worth a billion bucks by now.

  182. wafan:

    Good morning and welcome to November!

  183. al:

    once again hawaii athletics fall victim to the "why we cannot do" attitude of our administrative hierarchy.

    instead of exploring the possibilities and imploring the powers-to-be, we have once again fallen to those who look for reasons why we cannot rather than why not.

    especially in this zany season of woe. the schedule is probably the worst laid out plan ever.
    for me, it seems like we have completed our season, what with not having a home game in a month.

    a 13th game would have soothed many a warrior and warrior fan's soul.

    yes, this university needs a champion. a champion to lead us out of the caves of darkness and into the light of a new era sparked with positive attitudes.

    who will that be?

    i feel for our new coach and staff. you can see that they want to move us forward. but, little set backs like not pursuing how we can get this 13th game coupled with the recent discouragement of not having a charter flight as promised for this fresno st game are just further indications of why we need change in manoa's upper campus.

    coaches want the rock as their new do it.


    ,,,nuff said.

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  185. Chicken Grease:


    November 1st, 2012 at 1:39 am

    Chicken G
    samui if i'm guessing right is koh samui. it's one of the many islands in Thaland and it's beautiful. I had the pleasure to meet the owner of bangkok airways who is a doctor during an asian tour pro golf event. this guy owns the only airlines (Bangkok Airways) and the only airport on the island of koh samui...can anyone say monopoly 

    His name is Prasert Prasarttomg-Osoth and he must be getting close to being worth a billion bucks by now.

    OK, well, sounds like he can afford to write in "koh" before that "samui," so, his million dollar consultants (he's free to hire a Grease on this very issue ;) ) better let him know, bwahahahah.

  186. Shattuck:

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  187. Chicken Grease:

    Ohayooooooooooooooooooogozaimasu (which is most probably exclusively Japanese; unless you're using the shortened Ohayo, and even then[!]) everyboty.

    "It's the first of the mooonth" -- Bone Thugs and Harmony.

    Good morning Moocher!!!!!!!

  188. WarriorNY:

    Hey Guys,
    Sorry for late response but I fell asleep...

    Chicken Grease,
    Yes, Jersey has been hit the hardest. (I love Atlantic City and it's been absolutely devastated) I don't agree with Chris Christie's politics but he has been one hell of a leader in this situation. As has been the President. Why the can't politicians work together like this on a regular basis???

    NYC is so just efficient. We're starting to get some of the subways back up today just two days after the crazy flooding... Our organization here has been really good. Except for the fact that I can't get a gallon of gas ANYWHERE.

    Thanks for that. I really appreciate the well wishes from all those who I don't always agree with on here.

  189. WarriorNY:

    Chicken Grease,
    I was going to post about LucasFilm and Star Wars yesterday as well... I can't wait for 2015! I haven't been this excited about Star Wars since before I saw Episode 1... I just wonder who is going to take the helm as director... I think Joss Whedon (Firefly/Serenity, The Avengers) would have been PERFECT! But he'll be busy with The Avengers 2...

    I can't wait to see how Disney incorporates more Star Wars attractions at the Disney parks as well...

  190. mo808:

    Good morning Folks!

  191. WarriorNY:

    Morning Mo808!

  192. mo808:

    Hey, WarriorNY! I hope you are okay inspite of bad weather. How you doing?

  193. KeoniAna439:

    Who would want to come to UH to be our AD? I mean, just look at what we did to our previous AD, Donovan - Who would want to work for such an organization who makes decisions like UH officials did..We will probably get some lame AD with minimum qualifications who will not take our program to its fullest potential...

  194. mo808:

    Kidding Aside: i started singing Aretha Franklins Chain of Fools! :lol:

  195. mo808:

    After about 72 hours of only 7 hours sleep...project accomplished! It's a good morning for me cause I just had nine hours sleep! :)

    Project: Swashbuckler Princess Pirate Costume for granddaughter

  196. mo808:

    Now back to reading the blog...

    Have a good Thursday everyone!

  197. tommui:


    WARRIORNY - glad you survived the flooding!

    I assume you don't live in the City as you were looking for gas!

    I had lived in NYC for about three-four years - at least during the time I was in school and was fairly glued to CNN during the last two-three days. I have a relative who lived in Midtown and she did not realize the amount of damage below 29th Street as she had electricity etc. I assume everything from, say the Woolworth Bldg to the Battery is still flooded.

    I went to school nearby the Woolworth Bldg, City Hall, Chinatown etc.

  198. Pauoa Boy:

    Can't wait to see the mens BBall team in action against HPU tomm. Seems like they had a great time in Moloka'i at Coach Akana's old stomping grounds. Big Bird is a clown but it seems Coach Gib really knows how to do things to make the team feel like a family and connect with the community. Wish the football team would do more of that team bonding type of stuff and more community activities with the fans. For some reason, this is the first time I feel like I don't know what this team is about. Don't know what kind of identity they bring to the table...

  199. WarriorNY:

    Yes, Lower Manhattan is still flooded. A friend of mine works for the MTA runs #6 train. They are turning those trains around at Grand Central to avoid the flooding further downtown... (I didn't even know they could do that.) Public transportation going to Brooklyn has been really horrible. People are fighting for cabs and walking over the bridges.

    I am just impressed that some subway trains are up and running. (Even if it is on a limited basis) The efficiency in way they cleared and opened up the tunnels was pretty remarkable as well. Even though traffic is horrible...

  200. Signe Ponds:

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  201. gobows:

    #199 if that were to happen in hawaii, it would take months to reopen. good thing we don't have subways. by the way anyone got stuck in the jam on the h1 yesterday. too bad something like that didn't happen the day of the nevada game.

  202. gobows:

    #193 sounds like your talking about herman frazier, the olympic track guy. he was soooooo ssshtupid, when UH hosted the wac track and field championships in 2006, UH didn't even enter any men's teams. although UH doesn't have a men's team, they could have at least rounded up some of the speedy receivers from the football team. the host school could enter races without having to qualify. frazier was here for a paid vacation, whoever hired herman should repay the state for every penny that frazier was paid. and what, one of fraziers guys was the one responsible for sending the stevie blunder money. even after he leaves frazier is still sticking it to hawaii.

  203. WarriorNY:

    Wow, Mo808...
    72 hours with 7 hours of sleep... That's dedication...

  204. tommui:

    WarriorNY #199

    I used to visit a friend over in Brooklyn and would walk over to her place over the Brooklyn Bridge - of course this was during good weather.

    I can't imagine people walking across the BB - what is it now? around 40ish?
    And with the exposure to the wind!!! Wow!

  205. mikey:

    #202 gobows:
    we had to fire the guy who brought in HF and kept paying after we let him go too.

    We haven't had a great UH President since Mortimer was let go who was doing the job for much less and without a Chancellor on top of that.

    I think all this fiasco at UH started after Mortimer was let go.

  206. madeinhawaii:

    UH got money to burn, except on coaches...

  207. mo808:

    WarriorNY, thanks for your updates...
    You've got some great leadership in crisis there to get things cleared or working! Praying for you foks going through so much right now! God strenghen,protect and encourage!

    ...dedication: always ready

  208. mikey:

    Here's another thing to think about.

    After Linda Lingle became Governor the Legislators wanted to take power away from her naming UH BOR.

    After 40 years of past governors (all of them Democrats) had the power to nominate UH BOR.

    Lingle was trying to stop the Ole Boys School of UH BOR. So the Democrat controlled Legislators takes that power away and you know the rest.

    We have these continuing problems at UH.

    Think Linda Lingle would have solved the problem? We’ll never know until we give anyone a chance.

    Same as in QB. Just a chance to Change for the Better.

  209. mikey:

    Oh by the way Mortimer was let go by the Democrats controlled UH BOR

  210. mikey:

    Sorry got a little political here but guess what that’s who controls UH and everything that goes around this state.

  211. mikey:

    Funny that Colorado State changed with 3rd QB against UH and came away with a second win.

    Change is good and gives anyone chance to do better.

  212. tommui:

    I was wondering what would happen to our proposed rail system should a tsunami hit the islands?

    All of our infrastructure - highways etc - are mostly on flat land by the seashore.

  213. madeinhawaii:

    We're not building a subway so the rail should be pretty much good to go, that is, if it's built structurally sound. The highways might be closed but, save the removal of some debris and other detritus, the rail should be able to resume business as normal in very little time. They do it in Japan all the time.

  214. mikey:

    That's only in Japan the most safe and on time rail system in the World.

    But here in Hawaii? Kapolei and Ala Moana end to end is sea level. Think both of these station will be under water. Unless they build on post to second floor?

  215. papajoe2:

    mikey, yes rail would be higher up. Imagine if we had rail yesterday. A lot of people would leave their car and catch the rail home and be home in minutes.

  216. mikey:

    Another thing to think about:

    Why didn't we ask Sumitomo (Japan) to build our rail here in Hawaii.
    They are much closer to us when we need help or service than asking Italy half way around the world.

    I been hearing they have a lot of issues to resolve.

  217. mikey:


    That's one reason we came back home since my wife's company had the contract to build the rail back in 1989 and had spent over a $1 million dollars which they never got back.

    Thanks to one vote who went to jail.

  218. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Biggest mistake is not the current rail system. Biggest mistake is not building it back in 1992.

    We would be talking additional spurs to service other areas today had it been built.

    Oh well.

  219. coocbean:

    #183. Don't want to repeat myself, but Freitas won't have to jump through as many hoops as JD did to get something done.

    I thought I saw the Rock and JD walking around Ala Moana Shopping Center last night in costume. JD was dressed as the Pillsbury dough boy, Freitas was dressed as Luca Brazsi.

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