The Warrior Beat

Feeling blue

November 4th, 2012

The blue period might be coming to an end.

After Saturday's nationally televised game against Boise State, the Warriors and Broncos might not meet again for a long time. This is the Broncos' final year in the Mountain West Conference.

Neither team appears interested in meeting in a regular-season game. The Broncos don't like to interrupt their regular season with a trip this far away, particularly once they begin playing a Big East schedule. And politeness aside, nobody likes to play the Broncos in Boise.

* * * * *

There is growing concern about the Warriors' health situation.

Mike Edwards has a sore left shoulder. Similar discomfort to the same shoulder resulted in surgery following the 2011 season. Edwards is tough enough to play cornerback despite pain, but this condition probably will limit his work as a kickoff returner. Chinedu Amadi is next up as the deep kick returner. Chris Gant, who has been serving the understudy role, did not make the trip because of an arm injury.

Wide receiver Trevor Davis was examined at a hospital last night after suffering what appeared to be a neck injury.

The offensive line also is ailing. Dave Lefotu, who has an ankle injury, was supposed to be used on a need-to-play basis. He was summoned after Chauncy Winchester-Makainai, who started at right guard, suffered an injury. Utility lineman Kapua Sai  already was being used at left guard after Kody Afusia suffered an ankle ailment. Afusia said he will resume practicing this week.

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