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Health care

November 8th, 2012

There is some concern as injuries appear to affect the way the Warriors practice.

With receivers Chris Gant, Billy Ray Stutzmann and Trevor davis ailing yesterday, the Warriors eliminated the two-minute-dril session.

Gant and Stutzmann are expected to be ready for Saturday's game against Boise State. But missed time is missed time, and for a team whose offense needs to be in sync, every drill is important.

It isn't so much that the Warriors have more physical practices. There remains in place restrictions on hitting the quarterback or anybody wearing an orange jersey in practice. But the Warriors are running a more physical offense and, even with contact limitations, there still is a lot of rugged play in practices. Then, of course, there are the freak injuries such as a player fracturing a hand while leaping for a catch or suffering a concussion while landing awkwardly.

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Interesting side angle on Norm Chow's 96-year-old mother and older brother living in Boise. But blood is thicker than water, and all of the Chows got together for dinner last night in Honolulu.

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