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November 14th, 2012


In baseball, pitchers not in the rotation sometimes are sent to the minors to get some extra work.

At UH, players not on the two-deep chart often are used on scout teams. It's not a demotion, UH coach Norm Chow said. "We don't want people standing around."

Wideout Darius Bright spent a couple of weeks on scout team before being reinstated to the two-deep roster. He started against Boise State this past weekend.

David Graves has been on scout team the past couple of weeks. This week, he portrayed Air Force quarterback Connor Dietz during practices. Graves now has earned a spot on the travel roster for Friday's road game against Air Force.

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Middle linebacker Brenden Daley will not be making the trip after being tardy to today's practice. This is consistent with the punishment safeties Leroy Lutu and Bubba Poueu-Luna received two weeks ago when they were deleted from the travel roster after showing up late for the final practice before the Fresno trip. Lutu is expected to start at safety against Air Force. Poueu-Luna won't make the trip while recovering from concussion-like symptoms.

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Mike Edwards:


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It must be travel day because media relations director Derek Inouchi is rocking his travel jeans:


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