DUI charges dismissed against Tachibana

November 23rd, 2012

Linebacker Alema Tachibana has been cleared to play against UNLV tomorrow after a District Court judge dismissed a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol.

The key witness, the police officer, failed to appear in court this morning. The case had been postponed when the officer failed to appear during the first scheduled hearing.

Tachibana had been allowed to practice but not participate in games while the outcome of his case was pending.

The charges were dismissed without prejudice, meaning the state may resubmit at a later time, although that is unlikely.

* * * * *

Health permitting, legendary local coach Skippa Diaz will address the Warriors today.

Diaz is the Warriors' honorary captain for tomorrow's game.

* * * * *

We all make choices in life.

Chad Owens' decision to remain in Canada instead of pursuing a free-agent deal with the NFL was a very good choice.

* * * * *

Is this jersey up for bid?


281 Responses to “DUI charges dismissed against Tachibana”

  1. wafan:


  2. cheepono:

    go warriors! let's finish the season off strong heading into the offseason!

  3. wafan:

    Hope Skippa is going to be fine enough to speak with the team.

  4. wafan:

    Huzzah for Mighty Mouse!

  5. PowderPuff:

    Happy Red Friday, everyone. Gotta love when Chad Owens flashes that shaka in the Canadian media....awesome!!!

  6. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Black Friday now and game day Saturday coming up!

  7. Chicken Grease:


    No song lyrics today. Got the day off ;) .

  8. koakane:

    :cool: good morning yu'all

    relaxing from a turkey stuffing kinda of day

    how you doing :wink:

  9. Former UH Athlete:

    Wait... are the special wounded warrior uniforms in dedication of our troops or UH's injuries this year??

    LOL, just kiddding... I think the uniforms are very cool and for a great cause.

  10. Former UH Athlete:

    Turkey day #2 is well under way!!!

  11. (Jesse) James:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!! Hope all you black Friday shoppers are staying safe out there.

  12. (Jesse) James:

    And as a quick reminder....due to some situations beyond our control we've had some change in plans for the Christmas Party. Sooooo....

    Tsaiko Christmas Party
    Where: Aloha Beer Company
    580 N Nimitz Hwy
    Honolulu, HI 96817
    (Next door to Sam Choy's BLC)
    When: December 8th, 2012
    6:30pm until whenever
    What: Buffet (menu to be announced)
    Price: $25.00 all inclusive, buffet, tax and gratuity
    No-host bar
    RSVP: Please RSVP to jgo8464822@aol.com by 12/4/12. Payment needs to be made prior to the event. If we have your RSVP and you decide not to come and you have not paid, we will have to pay for you. Pay James at either of the next two tailgates, or if mailing address is needed, please request by email.
    Parking: Free Valet, accepts a gratuity

    The menu is looking to include:

    Tossed Island Greens
    Char Siu Fried Rice
    Shrimp Cakes with Basil Aioli
    Whole Smoked Turkey Leg
    House Smoked Pork with Sweet Onions
    Kalbi Beef Short Ribs
    Wahiawa Pineapple Cheese Cake

  13. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs:

    I pray for a win on Sat.
    Go Warriors!

  14. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs:

    According to the SA article on the Senate report, the General Counsel and Public Relations staff each cost $1.2M per year. WoW! Either the lawyers are few and far between or the PR folks are making buku bucks!? Then again, both staffs had to have "consultants" hired to take care of the Wonder mess. Yikes!! No wonder that the athletic department funding is so bad...all the money going for admin overhead.

  15. AlaWai:

    I remember going to Honolulu Stadium to watch Farrington play football. I was in awe of the Governors line-up listing several players over 200lbs. In 50 years boys have gotten huge. Now its 300lbrs. that are common.

  16. Kevin:

    Annoddah Dave,

    The more we know, the more pissed off we get. :lol:

  17. Old School Dave:

    Interesting to note that 1-10 Colorado still averaging over 40,000 per home game. Their stadium looks pretty full for today's finale against Utah.

  18. Old School Dave:

    I know. Not much to do in Boulder, Co.

  19. nanakuli:

    Skippa had the best leg whip in the ILH. Ask anyone who played against him and they all still remember what happen 50 years ago with Farrington.

  20. madeinhawaii:

    Then again... at Colorado State... don't the fans leave en mass if the team is behind at halftime?

  21. Slugger:

    Good morning, gangees!

    Hope Coach Diaz is ok to go.

    Congrats to Chad Owens on his record-breaking season!

    Hope you all are doing well.

    Off into the fray... just for a little while. Laters.

    See you at the WBB & WVB games!

  22. Kevin:

    1-10 if you can get 40,000 people in that means MONEY.

    At 1-10 at least you're getting PAID.

    If the stadium sells out Saturday and 35,000 leave at the half... who cares at this point.

    Its all about the $$$$.. We need it!

  23. Chicken Grease:

    # 12 . . . will the place change a third time?!?! :/

  24. (Jesse) James:

    #23...Nope. Deposit already put down on the venue.

  25. Annoddah Dave:

    @#22 Kevin: People call me foolish for spending $ to see the game and I stay till the bitter end. I can't even give away some extra tickets these days. That is why I pray for a win. But the athletes need a win more than me...more wins=more $$$ for a better athletic program for all sports.

  26. JLo:

    S. Tsai can you please post stats of yesterdays Turkey Bowl scrimmage like you did the last time please or do you know if Mr. Bukoski and post his video? Thank You

  27. Bleed Green and White:

    God bless Skippa Diaz!

    Warriors with a WIN vs. UNLV on Saturday!

    Go USC Trojans BEAT Notre Dame!

  28. migloto:

    too bad skippa can't suit up too

  29. gobows:

    #17 & #22 probably about a fourth of the attendance is for the visiting teams. families from the surrounding states can drive to the area and stay in cheap motels and attend the game. something not possible at hawaii.

    so the the question is when will the UH administration figure it out?
    when you have big names coming to play at aloha, they need to sell package deals.
    you like see USC vs UH? then you have to buy the two game package of USC and ???? (whatever fcs team or wyoming/south alabama type of team on the schedule). why only gouge the local people. get some of that bcs money from the bcs fans. who cares that they won't be in town to see the other game? I certain don't.

    it's time UH got with the program. missouri has been doing it for years whenever texas and oklahoma comes to town. and i bet they'll keep doing it with alabama, florida, georgia, and lsu.

  30. PowderPuff:

    ST - great article on Mr. Nevins. Wow....what an awesome motivational speaker for our Warriors. And a 7 handicap too?!?! :) Awesome!

  31. recipe for turkey:

    You realize therefore significantly relating to this topic, produced me in my opinion believe it from so many numerous angles. Its like women and men are not involved unless it is something to accomplish with Lady gaga! Your individual stuffs excellent. All the time deal with it up!

  32. MrK:

    Skippa Diaz is a true inspiration. I met him once, and I said, "Hi COACH Diaz!" He told me "Hi", then he said to me, "I'm a TEACHER first, coach second." People forget that, while he was most known as a football coach, he was also a great educator.

  33. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    i remember talking to Skippa Diaz at Newtown driving range when I was young. I didn't know who he was until my dad told me who i was talking to. Remember him telling me about the need to study hard and stay forcused school and listening to my parents.

  34. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    BCS fans and non-bcs fans get paid the same amount from the huge pool of bcs money...nothing--zero.

  35. Bowwar:

    If the "bull" of Kalihi can't inspire a win on Saturday, it's gonna be pretty bleak!

  36. Jason:

    Haven't seen anybody mention this yet. Via Chris Mortensen on Twitter:

    From Eagles: "Eagles claim WR Greg Salas off waivers from New England and release WR Mardy Gilyard"

  37. 3-Prong:

    Alright Mighty Mouse #2. Smart move being Da Beeg Fish in Da Canadian Pond!

  38. al:

    so...what happened to the early november deadline to name the new athletic director.

    i realize that at one point they held off in case they were directed to return donovan to his old job. apparently that is no longer an issue.

    so...what up?

  39. al:

    methinks that tomw we'll be the start of our season closing two game winning streak.

  40. gobows:

    #34 wasn't implying "fans" get paid from the bowl championships series, that would be ludicrous. i was just referring to money from usc fans or fans of any bcs team as bcs money. not literally. i know that if they package the games it'll be mostly gouging the local fans, but it won't be gouging the season ticket holders. get choke usc fans in hawaii, you probably know many yourself.

  41. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Kamalei Correa commits to Boise State.


  42. Mrs. SB:

    Sailor Blue's ever popular Gumbo is ready for the T-Gate tomorrow. Come early, it disappears quickly.

  43. madeinhawaii:


    I wonder if NE expected Salas to be picked up so quickly off waivers?

  44. madeinhawaii:


    #39... I hope you're right... UNLV shouldn't win this one...

  45. kapakahi:

    #3, Just happened by Aloha Stadium this past Wednesday and was lucky enough to talk story with Skippa for a short awhile. Always in good spirits.....such that you'd never know what he's been and continues to go through. Still got that real firm grip handshake too!

    What a tough....but super nice....son-of-a-gun! The definition of a true Warrior!

  46. kapakahi:


    Unfortunately was pretty much a foregone conclusion from Spring time.....when he didn't attend UH's Junior Day nor attend any UH camps.....that Kamalei wasn't going to follow in the footsteps of his older Warrior bros La'anui & Haku.

  47. madeinhawaii:

    Looks like Aaron Zwahlen has his heart set on a 2-year mission rather than a 1-year mission... So, he probably won't be ready for 3 years... long time coming...


  48. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Anyone have an update on how we are doing on local recruiting? Looking to see how many from the Star Advertisers Top 10 list we actually get.


    Even if Zwahlen leaves , by the time he comes back , Graham will just finish up his Senior season. Ive been hearing good things about Woolsey also. But im interested if we are going to pursue Tuileta?

    And I am also happy that we finally offered Kawehena Johnson


    Unless he plays he attends UH his Freshman season then leaves

  51. madeinhawaii:

    I see JD didn't get the CSU job. I hope his heart wasn't too set on that job.



    I believe we only have John Waa so far. In the mix for Khoehler, Sale. Tabuyo , Savaiinaea , Goeas is all out the door. Kamalei commited to Boise State yesterday. Turner commited to SDSU. Wily and Tulimasealii keeping their recruiting process quiet.

  53. madeinhawaii:


    Yep just as Graham leaves, but he'll be two years rusty.. so he'll probably need another year to bone up... I have good feeling about Woolsey, too. I like his footwork, mobility in the pocket, keeps the defense guessing on his intent and the defensive backfield cannot take their eyes off of him as a result ...

  54. kapakahi:

    JMHO but mighta been kinda awkward at any Big West Conference matches between CSUF and UH.

  55. Big C:

    Howzit, gang!

  56. kapakahi:

    #48 & #52,

    Ferd Lewis' Star Advertiser's Top 10 list usually comes out in January.

    In any case, here's kinda sorta the consensus Class of 2013 Top 15 Oahu prospects (listed in alphabetical order) and their current verbal commitment status (which can change all the way up to the February NLI Day):
    - DE Kamalei Correa (Saint Louis) committed to Boise State
    - DL Titus Failauga (Pac-5) undecided
    - LB Rashaan Falemalu (Kahuku) committed to UH
    - LB Colton Goeas (Saint Louis) committed to Tennessee??? (maybe now undecided with recent firing of HC Derek Dooley)
    - OL Reeve Koehler (Saint Louis) undecided
    - DT Scott Pagano (Moanalua) committed to Clemson
    - DE/LB Ualesi Sale (Aiea) undecided
    - LB Isaac Savaiinaea (Punahou) deciding between Notre Dame, Stanford, UCLA and Texas A&M
    - WR/KR Jeremy Tabuyo (Saint Louis) committed to Texas A&M
    - SS KuJ Tapusoa (Kahuku) committed to BYU
    - RB Tyler Taumua (Farrington) undecided
    - DT Kennedy Tulimasealii (Waianae) undecided
    - TE/DL Dakota Turner (Mililani) committed to San Diego State
    - OL John Wa'a (Kahuku) committed to UH
    - RB Aofaga Wily (Kahuku) undecided

    SO if you're keeping score....UH has 2 commitments....and is the running for as many as 8 other Oahu prospects (including Kahuku's Kawe Johnson).....which would total a max of 10 potential Oahu signees.....not including Baldwin's Keelan Ewaliko (already verbally committed to UH).

  57. madeinhawaii:


    I wonder which of those guys qualify for admission to UH?

  58. kapakahi:


    Only UH coaches and the players know that answer Hmmm.....

  59. kapakahi:


    Forgot to mention that UH also still in the running for Kealakehe's LB Manase Hungalu and Kamehameha-Hawaii's DB Shaun Kagawa.

  60. madeinhawaii:

    I used to think that you could count all the private school candidates as qualifiers, but in recent years that doesn't seem to be the case either.

  61. Pauoa Boy:

    No forget support bruddah Chad this Sunday on Sports Network, the Argo's play against Calgary. Chad has been killing it since he's been in the CFL and just won the CFL's most outstanding player of the year award. Also, made it a 3K3 I believe in all purpose yards. Chad should be a bruddah all the players should emulate in his tireless work ethic and desire to always get better and better.

  62. Old School Dave:

    Crazy!! WSU-31 UW 28. Fans stormed the field.

  63. Kevin:

    On his Twitter @TheRock, Dwayne Johnson looks like he had no problems getting his hands on the special Wounded Warrior edition UH jersey.

    #12 #teambringit

  64. SteveM:

    RE: #55
    aaaahaaa... Big C checking in-- must be tailgate time soon. :)

  65. Bleed Green and White:

    (Pauoa Boy)

    Chad Owens winning MOP of the CFL, I'm with you brother, that's an AMAZING story, great representation of Hawaii.

  66. kama krab:

    Howzit Everybody,

    madeinhawaii #60,

    Can't remember anybody in recent memory from a private school that didn't make it besides that boy from Damien a couple years ago. You got any names that come to mind. Usually most kids that go to private school gotta be pretty good in school to get through school, unless you was at St. Louis back in the days.

  67. madeinhawaii:

    kama krab:

    I was thinking about Women's VB... didn't one have to go a circuitous route to come back to play for the Wahines?

  68. madeinhawaii:

    That wasn't too long ago.... so I figured, it can happen in any of the sports.

  69. cocobean:

    mih. Aneli Cubi-Otineru - Punahou / JC / UH

  70. madeinhawaii:



  71. gobows:

    #67 you could be remembering about aneli cubi-otineru, after punahou she played a year of jc at the college of southern idaho where she was an all-american.

    #66 would that have been christian vasconcellos? i always wondered what happened to him...

  72. HoT NeWs » Please come back, Soon Aе»:

    [...] [...]

  73. Keith Kamirez:

    Great post, but it isn't only about the early days in your career. I have found as I have moved through all of the various stages of my life that have included starving artist to world traveler, that I am constantly seeking other opportunities. My passion is to do; not to be. The specifics have varied greatly. This year I have started on Medicare and my friends all ask me when I am going to "slow down and take life easy." I have three active companies, work with homeless vets, travel as much as I want, and I had three discussions this week about new business ideas. I am not driven. I am driving, and I could have gotten here through a number of different paths. Not every step took me toward a goal. Some steps took me to smell the flowers, and some were the hidden gates of hell. All were learning points. All helped me define my next step better.

  74. Kevin:

    Farrington High School Auditorium Roof COLLAPSES

    HPD and Hawaii News Now confirming the entire roof of the 1,100 seat auditorium collapsed this afternoon.

    No one was inside.

  75. madeinhawaii:

    !! Thank god no one was inside the auditorium! SCARY!... No wonder the Hope Chapel always put up tents for their services!

  76. madeinhawaii:

    Alema Tachibana case dropped and is cleared to play.

  77. Pauoa Boy:


    One thing I always admired about Chad from Booth Park days is that he always went hard at everything. Football, Basketball, etc... When he would lose, he would continuously practice and practice and work hard to win. He always had that mentality to set high goals for himself and work hard to achieve them. Was never the biggest, or fastest, but I would always love having him on my team cause I knew he would go hard and hustle and just out work everybody on the field or the courts. Glad he's getting his shine on and making history and representing himself, his family, the valley, the university and all of Hawaii well. The way he continues to work at his craft and the demands he makes for himself is what sets him apart from the rest. For him to make history and break records regardless if it's CFL level is more than an accomplishment. The only player to ever have a 3K3 season and not only that, break the season record with a game left to play as well as leading in receiving with almost a 100 catches and 1300 plus yards is ridiculous. Averaging almost 220 all purpose yards a game himself is like a human higlight film and pretty much video game like numbers. Glad "Mighty Mouse" aka "The Flyin Hawaiian" aka "CO2" is the CFL's Most Outstanding Player! Funny thing is back in high school he wasn't the most talented Chad from the Valley. Kalilimoku and Kapanui got the accolades but Owens was always the workhorse...

  78. madeinhawaii:

    Oops sorry.. that post was for someplace else... heh...

  79. Stephen Tsai:

    Kennedy is the No. 1 target.
    Whether he's eligible is, well, up to Kennedy.

  80. Stephen Tsai:

    I'd double check that Tennessee offer to Goeas.
    Nothing is guaranteed in life.

  81. madeinhawaii:

    Waianae's DT? UCLA, UTAH and Colorado in the mix, too.

  82. Bugaz:

    Heard that he's been telling folks that he will most likely stay home. Take it for what it's worth. That's just what I heard

  83. 3-Prong:

    Didn't the Kuehu girl from Punahou have some academic issues too? My daughter used to go with a Punahou athlete. He told her that there was some kind of special academic track that athletes could go on. No homework during their season, that kind of thing. I find that hard to imagine. Can anyone confirm?

  84. Derek:

    You can make the good case at Levi Stanley from Waianae is the best defensive tackle at UH. Well, maybe him and Al Noga. Kennedy would be a great fit for our DL depth.

  85. duffer:

    Lahainaluna giving Iolani a game!

  86. madeinhawaii:

    Wow.. Wahine giving Oregon a headache in WBB!... hopefully they can hang on to that lead!

  87. madeinhawaii:

    Looks like Oregon didn't bring a full complement of players... only 8 according to Leahey...

  88. wafan:

    Huzzah, Cougs!

  89. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    d1 -

    You watching? Lunas impress.

  90. madeinhawaii:

    Since Cougers now refer to older women who go after younger men ... shouldn't the team vote to change their namesake? ;-)

  91. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good for Tachibana.

    Yep, Owens is da man. Arguably the best player, pound for pound to ever play pro ball... wut you guys fink?

  92. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    As long as they don't change it to someting like "Hotmamas" or "MILFS"... I kid, I kid. Cougar football will be around long after that slang term has gotten old. Get it?! Gotten old?! :lol:

  93. Danilo Oropesa:

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  94. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Hail, lightning, thunder and a roof collapse. Oh my! Thank goodness no one was hurt. Hope they can fix the roof quickly.

    The Iolani-Lahainaluna game was delayed by thunder and lightning strikes.

  95. madeinhawaii:

    Yeah well.. I suppose... I mean the Beavers, never changed theirs either... (shrug).... Then again, maybe it's a guy thing...

  96. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    "Astral" fitness?! Really?!

  97. Stephen Tsai:

    I think "Beavers' used to get a chuckle out of guys ... in the 1950s.
    Who equates that to a body part anymore?

  98. koakane:

    wahine bball wins over Oregon :smile:

  99. koakane:


  100. koakane:

    take it

  101. madeinhawaii:

    Take any win against a Pac 12 team.

  102. koakane:

    time out till the wahine vball game see everyone latter

    note almost saturday and no rain pleaaaaaase

  103. wafan:

    Huzzah BasketBows!

  104. Wes'side Warrior:

    Howzit, Gang!

    Finally got our car back, after just about a whole week at Pep Boys!

    Did not participate in any Black Friday shenanigans. Then again, we stopped adding to the post turkey-day-crowd several years ago. If any of you are still at it, be safe out there!

  105. Wes'side Warrior:

    Gratz, Mighty Mouse!

    Long time coming for Tachibana!

    Gratz, Wahine Basketball!

  106. RedZone:

    Way to go wahine. I really like how Beeman coaches up her players. They really had the offense going tonight.

  107. madeinhawaii:


    Yep... I agree... Looks like UH has found their Women's BB Coach... hopefully both the Men's and Women's programs will rebound with the fans and we'll see the Sheriff start to fill.

  108. duffer:

    Good effort by Lahainaluna, congrats to Iolani

  109. Chicken Grease:

    Kanoa Leahy doing play-by-play for the Las Vegas Invitational. Think that guy's gonna end up moving to Massachusetts, oh, wait -- there's a Cali' branch with another former announcer/sports anchor-te, no?

  110. 3-Prong:

    I guess there is something to say about playing two of the top teams in the nation. Makes your next game seem a heck of a lot easier. Good job Wahine!

  111. Slugger:

    Good going, Wahine basketball! Congrats!

    Some Wahine SB players were in da house.

    Saw Miah, D McD, GDL. Why isn't GDL playing?

  112. 3-Prong:

    Sound like the Lahainaluna team almost did it with a young team. Watch out for them next year. Congrats Raiders! D1 game set up to be epic.

  113. wafan:


  114. Chicken Grease:

    Can call tomorrow's game a HAWAII BOWL [of sorts].

  115. Jack Flash:

    But first, Go Buckeyes! Beat Michigan!

  116. Chicken Grease:

    Look at ASU's uniform. THAT'S what the Warriors' road uniforms should look like!

  117. gobows:

    wahine win set 1 25-17.

  118. 3-Prong:

    Tomahawks are choppin' 14-0 2:14 left in 1st.

  119. st. anthony trojan:

    ne one know what is going on at the stadium... am here in Manila.. now..???

  120. 3-Prong:

    21-0 Kahuku halftime.

  121. Bugaz:

    21-0 Red

  122. gobows:

    wahine win set 2 25-17.

  123. Bugaz:

    Kawe with a big run

  124. 3-Prong:

    Last touchdown with 16 seconds left in half. hook and lateral 70 yards.

  125. Bugaz:

    Kawehi has an offer fromUH right? Does he have any others?

  126. Bugaz:

    Sorry Kawehi = Kawe

  127. cocobean:

    Jim Leahey is my all time favorite UH sports broadcaster. He's a definite first ballot Circle of Honor inductee whne he hangs up the mike.

    Having said that here's a proposition bet on tonight's Wahine VB game:

    More errors - The Wahine (hitting) or Papa Leahy (misidentification and missed plays).

  128. Old Diver:


    Punahou has a duel curriculum. One for athletes and one for the general student body. This is what many private schools do on the mainland which is why it is not uncommon for public schools and private schools to have separate championships.

  129. Self Storage Pembroke Pines Florida:

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  130. 3-Prong:

    83 128: Thanks for confirming Punahous dual academic track. Always wondered why a school with good academic standards can graduate athletes that later struggle in college. They sure win a lot of championships though.

    Speaking of Punahou. Buff n Blue comin back. 21-14

  131. 3-Prong:

    Wiley to da house. 28-14.

  132. 3-Prong:

    42-14 Pau. Punahou has lots of underclassmen coming back next year. They will be back.

  133. Matt:

    Emily Maeda just got engaged as part of her senior night.

  134. Kevin:

    Not too many senior nights are "perfect"... that one was.

    Congrats to Emily Maeda and her now fiancee Chad.

    Hard to find a dry eye in the thousands of people that saw it live and in person.

  135. Derek:

    Congratulations, Red Raiders. Guarantee all-state players Wily, Johnson, Waa, Falemanu, and maybe Williams. 2 already committed.

  136. gmahoney:

    I shed a few tears myself, that was wonderful! Congrats Emily and Chad!

  137. 3-Prong:

    Maeda's Sr Night had some Boise Fiesta Bowlish aspects to it. Good for her.....Hehe. Playoff brackets come out Sunday.

  138. koakane:

    ditto to senior vball nite and congrats to emily maeda

    this is one of the better traditions UH has

  139. Derek:

    Kevin, agreed. Hard to top the terrific dance routine too. They practiced 15 hours and had a choreographer. Fantastic. Seniors next year, Hartong , Uiato, Kastl, Longo, who else?

  140. short hair wig:

    You made some nice points there. I looked on the internet for the subject matter and found most guys will go along with with your website.

  141. gobows:

    #139 goodman, tuaniga, lelepale, kam

  142. Kevin:

    Pretty sure that wahine senior night came off great on TV, but... nothing beats being there.

    No amount of HD, 3-D, or surround sound can compare.

    Lots of emotional fans tonight.

    Lots of MANA in the air tonight!

  143. Chicken Grease:

    Anybody watching this Killer Karaoke on TruTV (Oceanic digital channel 119). Reality show's just crossed the Rubicon into Robocop reality.

    Contestants vie for $10.000 singing karaoke staving off being dunked in iced water (tub's filled w/snakes, by the way; Take on Me), another one getting shocked while serving Steve-O (the show's host; up yours, Seacrest, heh) singing Ramblin' Man, another walking through a maze of cactus while wearing balloons (You Are So Beautiful)

    Woman (Alanna) from Honolulu's about to go on next. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.


  144. Slugger:

    Congratulations to Emily Maeda & Chad! It was a wonderful Senior Night. The dance routine by the team was sooo cool.

    Good luck to the Warriors tomorrow!


  145. HawaiiMongoose:

    Congratulations Emily and Chad! Wahine VB Senior Night is always special, but this one was the best I've seen.

  146. al:

    #75...correction that would be New Hope Oahu.
    however, the outdoor tent was just for the overflow crowd. the 1000+ seat auditorium is usually full 5x per weekend.

  147. al:

    did i notice dpk and st getting their hormonal rush with their collective comments regarding the oregon state university's athletic teams nickname?

  148. al:

    what a night for spectator sports!

    so i still think that iolani should be classified div 1aa. you know somewhere in between div 1 and div 2. but, yah they are awesome to watch. and i still think reece foy is the best qb in the state this and last year.

    can't say enough about tanner nishioka. i've seen him develop from a five year old athletic stud to this fine dual sport prospect. congrats to the proud parents roland and anne.

  149. al:

    kahuku red raiders what can i say?

    i hope we get both aofaga wily and kawehena johnson for our warriors. perhaps we can see some of the north shore in the stands on saturdays, too.

  150. al:

    ...and so once again we have both d1 and d2 state football champions that are red raiders.

    well deserved no doubt.

  151. 3-Prong:

    Al: Regarding your comments on reclassifying Iolani. Iolani graduates about 200 kids per class. That means about 100 boys to choose from. Soph-Sr. = 300 total boys in the pool. They had to drop JV football so there would be enough boys to field an Intermediate and Varsity team. 3 of the starting offensive linemen were less than 200 lbs.Punahou by contrast has twice the population of kids. Numbers matter. The OIA does not use school size as a criteria. It uses their previous years record. That one is ahead scratcher to me and one method that I think small schools should have a beef with. I think the real reason behind the success is the stable coaching staff. Look has over 20 years of experience. Delbert Tengan (former St Louis head coach) coordinates defense. I think a St Louis guy also brought the passing offense to Iolani. Add that to coachable kids and that's where the success comes from. Anyway just my thoughts on the matter. (side note, Iolani dropped the "Red" from Red Raiders to be more politically correct some years back).

  152. al:

    3 prong...wendell look is definitely the eddie hamada of the past.

    true that they make the most out of the student body at iolani. the one thing you can say is that they have the $$$ to fund better facilities, equipment, and coaching. that and the school pride are major factors.

    yet, these are things that you can never achieve at some of the oia or neighbor islands schools.

  153. al:

    i never pushed for reclassifying of the iolani school team(s). i was merely commenting that their program is so well oiled that they are somewhere in between the d1 and d2 divisions.

  154. al:

    was wondering which qb was to start the game tomw.

    what happened to billy ray that he will not start this game?

    where has tony grimes gone?

    not sure if injuries have taken its toil on the latter two.

  155. al:

    interesting that of the twenty two projected starters for the unlv game on offense and defense there are only two seniors listed.

    haku correa and paipai falemalu.
    (doesn't haku have a shot at petitioning for a med redshirt?)

    half of those 22 are either a freshman or a sophmore.

  156. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!


    GO WARRIORS! Rough up da Rebels!

  157. d1shima:

    Congratulations to the Raiders and the Red Raiders

  158. azwarrior22:

    Saturday's link to Sports is not updated.

  159. wafan:

    Good game day everyone!

  160. wafan:

    Aloha to J.R. and Major Nelson.

  161. wafan:

    Congratulations Emily!

  162. alwaysarainbow:

    Can anyone please provide a list of honorary captains this year. Thanks.

  163. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)


  164. Slugger:

    Good morning, gang! Morning, DPK!


    I hope you caught the WVB dance on video last night! Please send it if you did. Mahalo.

    Good luck to the Warriors tonight!


  165. mo808:

    Good Morning Folks!

    Always Ready!

    Go Warriors! Anybodee pls save panlaulau & Gumbo por me :) if can can oddawise is ok :(

  166. WarriorMojo:

    Game Day?

  167. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning to the lovely ladies with the boy names!

  168. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #166 -

    Yes. And I'm DPK, that's Mo and Slugger. And you're Warrior Mojo. Does that help?

  169. WarriorMojo:

    DPK, does help but I need your heights, weights and positions.

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  171. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #147 - al-san ~

    I cna't speak for ST, but my hormones don't rush so much anymore. Lotsa times I barely know they're there. It kinda liberating... aahhh, old age.

    And I have to agree that the Father Bray and Eddie Hamada tradition is alive and well in Iolani Coach Wendell Look. 'Iolani is a small school and belongs in Division 2, at least in football. They always well coached, well disciplined hard working teams who play with a lot of sportsmanship and class, win or lose.

  172. Steve16444:

    This is a pretty exceptional blog. Thank you so much for the great posts!

  173. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    That's classified information in my case - too shocking, possible cause for mass public hysteria. But if the future of the world was at stake you could use me at center or a very, very pedestrian guard. If for example, you needed for me to pull on a particular play, I'd have to start that pull on the previous play to get to the DE or outside LB in time. Maybe take a rest break to catch my breath in mid pull.

    Mo and Slugger still rock, skill players of some kind, I'm guessing... Both have 4 star slipper skills.

  174. NYUHTX:

    OK, you know UH is in bad shape when I'm clicking on more links of Japanese singers imitating Karen Carpenter than football links.

    But I'm excited about tonight!

  175. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    What did you think of the big game last night, Esquire? Or you, al? d1?

    I expected a better game outta the Buff and Blue. I wonder if holding out players from that last KS-K game had any affect. The Puns looked rusty, kinda slow outta the gate. Punahou's going to have a very very good team next year, I think. Congrats to them on a great season.

    Congrats also to Kahuku, Reggie Torres' players and coaches and to all of Raider Nation. Kawe Johnson and Wa'a are going to be great recruits for UH. If there's a better prep program with a more engaged fan base any where in the country, I'd like to see it.

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  177. MattyBoy:

    Is Sean Schroeder starting again for this game?

  178. WarriorMojo:

    DPK, didn't see either game. Will tape them today.

  179. WarriorMojo:

    MattyBoy, according to ST's article today, both QB's will play. Not sure who starts.

  180. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Forgot to mention - Aofaga Wily - please be a Warrior! The UH kind.

  181. Shoko:

    If SS still has those headaches, I would say he's sitting this one out. Recall the QB situation will be decided between Shutter and Higgins.

    Looks like JJ might go to a bowl game after all.
    Tulsa 6 - SMU 28

  182. WarriorMojo:

    Public Advisory:

    At HK Costco yesterday we were approached in the parking lot by a couple in a car who started telling a sob story about how their father just had a stroke and was hospitalized at Tripler.

    Knowing it was a scam, I cut them off and started to tell them how to get to Tripler. The woman tells me, "No, we already have directions to Tripler, but my dad's credit card doesn't work --"

    I tell my wife loudly, "Let's go. I knew this was a scam."

    Woman then starts arguing, "A scam!! My dad's in the hospital and you're saying we're trying to scam you?"

    Told her, "Instead of wasting time with me, you better go take care of your father. He's in the hospital, you know." They take off.

    We then drive to HK Long's and who do we see in the parking lot running the same scam? Called the police at that point as I got their license number, but be wary out there.

  183. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Hope you're right, Shoko.

  184. MattyBoy:

    Cool. Thanks warriormojo

  185. 3-Prong:

    #175 DPK: Was wondering how Punahou was still granted a top seed and a bye when losing its last game to Kamehameha. Understand that they were resting their starters but a win or loss should matter. The OIA teams had to battle it out and risk injury to its stars for seeding position. That bye is an issue. They should make all teams play the same amount of games, including D2 teams.

  186. Da Punchbowl Kid:


    Why would their Dad need a credit card at Tripler, which is supposed to supply free medical care to eligible Active Military, Veterans or their dependents? Further, if someone has an emergency situation, they have to be given care immediately and their payment worked out later regardless of which hospital they use.

  187. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Wishful thinking here, 3-prong - they should allow the ILH another team into the tourney, and another from other leagues as well. Call it a play in game, and eliminate the byes for the top two seeds.

  188. 3-Prong:

    Kawe Johnson is a Playmaker! If memory servers me right, he was the one breaking up many passes in the preseason game too.

  189. A-House:

    Tachibana's case is prime example of taking the option of a trail as many say the police officer will not show and the judge has no option, but to dismiss the charges.

    Surprised that said officer missed to court dates.

  190. A-House:

    It will not happen in my life time of the constant support for UH football as we witness of mainland schools even in a "down" year.

    Just, maybe, it will never happen! Same goes for all the top 12 - 15 players deciding to attend UH.

    Conversely, there are many top players in California or Texas or Ohio or Florida or Gerogia that commit to play in another state, but it may still be in the same conference. Unfortunately, there is only one D1 football school in Hawaii.

  191. kkobi425:

    Its a good thing that the HPD officer who missed two court dates in the Tachibana case doesn't have this Florida judge.


  192. 3-Prong:

    DPK: thought I had heard that the ILH was going to get another spot next year. Could be wrong though. Anyone know? At large spots makes more sense so that body of work can be looked at.

  193. Old School Dave:

    Warrior Mojo: Thanks for the advisory. I've been approached by such people all over the island. Sadly,once a wahine with a baby ask for money to buy milk. I told her that I would go inside the store with her to buy her baby some formula, but she snapped - "just give me the money!!" I said no and left. Same with guys asking for money for food when I offer to go buy them a hamburger or some bread. Kaheka Don Quihote seems to be a hotspot for such activity.

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