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Staying put?

November 28th, 2012

It's still early, of course, and there are a lot of factors that still could come into play, but as of now, cornerback/returner Mike Edwards is leaning toward returning for his senior season in 2013.

"It might be the best thing, not only for me but for my family," Edwards said.

Edwards, who has two sons, said he would like to earn a bachelor's degree. He also said he could benefit from another college season.

Edwards will not make a final decision until after he receives a draft-prediction assessment from an NFL panel.

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While there is optimism that Sean Schroeder will be ready for Saturday's game, he did not practice yesterday because of a back ailment. Jeremy Higgins took all of the first-team reps. Cayman Shutter took the other QB reps.

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Former UH slotback/punter Craig Stutzmann, Bill Stutzmann Sr. and Mark Davis (Trevor Davis' dad):


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Whoops. Not sure how this got on here:


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The funniest thing with all of the conference shifting and big TV contracts is, while it will be healthy for the bank accounts, it won't necessarily improve viewership.

There can never be an all-star conference because somebody has to be at the bottom. Look at the Avengers. Not everyone can be Thor. Somebody has to be the Black Widow.

Also , what makes sports compelling is the unscripted drama. There's going to be some great story — an orphan quarterback who has to support three siblings; a running back who was home-schooled — that will capture viewers. You can't force spontaneity.

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