December 5th, 2012

Defensive end Siaki Cravens, who missed the past two seasons because of injuries, said he is seeking a medical exemption that will allow him to play football as a sixth-year senior in 2013.

Cravens is completing work on a bachelor's degree. He will participate in the Dec. 15 graduation ceremony.

* * * * *

Princess Leila will complete work on a master's degree in public administration this week.

But hold the lei.

She will participate in the graduation ceremony in May.

Yellow is her favorite color.

* * * * *

Applicants are lining up to replace tight end Ryan Hall, who announced his retirement from football this week.

Josh Long of Riverside College joins the Warriors in January.

Jordan Pu‘u-Robinson will move from the defensive line.

Harold Moleni and Craig Cofer return for their sophomore and senior years, respectively. Clark Evans also is back, although he was regarded more as a slotback.

It appears that Ethan Watanabe will move to center.

* * * * *


While executive assistant Lacey Lavarias is an alumnae of Washingotn State — she attended there for a year — she earned a bachelor's degree at Utah and a law degree at UH.

Utah and UH alumni associations may continue to send her newsletters.

155 Responses to “Comeback?”

  1. (Jesse) James:


  2. (Jesse) James:

    Wow....haven't been first in a long time.

    If Watanabe is moving to center, is that as a back-up to Clark???

  3. (Jesse) James:

    Sorry, meant in Ben Clarke.

  4. jimmy the lock:

    repost from previous blog topic:

    Dwayne Johnson as AD!

    What has Freitas done during his interim period as AD? I don't know, someone enlighten me.

  5. (Jesse) James:

    Hellloooo....echo echo echo echo.... LOL

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm glad Clark Evans isn't moving to center because then it would be really confusing.

  7. (Jesse) James:

    #4 Jimmy....That would be hilarious....He could go to meetings with other ADs and negotiate schedules pretty easily...Just give them the Eyebrow and ask if they smell what he's cooking....LOL

  8. (Jesse) James:

    LOL @ #6....which is why I had to clarify.... :-)

  9. Stephen Tsai:

    If The Rock were the AD, he could say this before every training-table meal:

  10. 3-Prong:

    Hey Siaki, can you ask your girlfriend to check to see if she can still play indoor vb after playing pro beach? Hehe

  11. (Jesse) James:

    Hope Siaki has all his paperwork in know how the NCAA is.... Best wishes to him.

  12. jimmy the lock:

    Could use a handful of gorillas from Planet of the Apes to man...I mean ape the offensive line. As defensive tackles, talk about throwing o-linemen around like rag dolls.

    Might be hard to find helmets for them.

  13. Independent Thinker:

    Congrats to braddah Shane Victorino, the new $13 million/year man!!!

    When we were kids, being the $6 million dollar man meant something. Now, braddah Shane is the $39 million dollar man! Yeah!!!, go Shane.

    ST, you probably have this stat somewhere. Who is the all-time highest paid athlete from Hawaii, on a per year basis, and on an overall contract basis?

    If you don't, I certain Shoko will have the answer.


  14. Stephen Tsai:

    Which Planet of the Apes?
    The Charleston Heston version? Marky Mark's planet? Or my favorite reboot: the one with James Franco.
    Of course, then you'd have two problems: 1) Biting. 2) the hair rule. I mean, you're not supposed to have hair down your neck, but what happens when your entire body is hair?

  15. jimmy the lock:

    I just mentioned Dwayne since al mentioned "Rock".

    Congrats to Cravens. Getting that degree shows you not only put in the work on the field but off it as well.

  16. Stephen Tsai:

    It does seem like $13 per annum is the highest paid for a former Isle athlete.
    Hmm. Does The Rock count? He must be pulling down $20 million per picture.

  17. jimmy the lock:

    The one with Wahlberg and the late Michael Clarke Duncan. He was a badazz ape.

  18. Independent Thinker:

    ST, thanks for the Rock video. Gets you pumped up. Makes you feel like running.

  19. madeinhawaii:

    Solly Fulp or Ben Jay?

    The next AD?

  20. Stephen Tsai:

    Michael Clark Duncan was funny on Two And A Half Men.
    Imagine if you're a guy who brought his daughter home late from a date.

  21. Stephen Tsai:

    Kekaula brought up two names in response to a column this morning on the greatest high school football players from Hawaii.
    Boyd Yap — Led separate teams to Prep Bowl titles.
    Kurt Gouveia — If a player is named MVP for both offense and defense, is he not the best overall player?

  22. Stephen Tsai:

    The best RB I've watched was Mark Atuaia.
    Best receiver? Shannon Cabunoc.

  23. Annoddah Dave:

    @#14, ST: Do apes have "hair" or "fur"?

  24. Stephen Tsai:

    I used to think that back in high school, Semeri Ulufale was better than Al Noga. That changed later, of course. But Semeri was quite scary. (OK, that didn't quite rhyme like I hoped.)

  25. Stephen Tsai:

    Hmm. What's the difference between fur and hair?
    If you left either in he sink, does your wife go apes--t?

  26. 99club:

    I think it was Bill Cosby that said he used to take the young men who would date his daughter for a walk around the block and spell out his ground rules. He said that if he had trouble remembering all the rules that he wanted to pass on he would check the notes he made on the baseball bat.

  27. madeinhawaii:

    I think the expressions is hairy gorilla... not furry gorilla... unless it's a stuffed one.. then it's fuzzy...

  28. Annoddah Dave:

    @#17, jimmy: My favorites in that version are Tim Roth & Carey Tagawa

  29. 99club:

    Congrats to Leila and Siaki! Hope Siaki gets that exemption too.

  30. Annoddah Dave:

    @#25, ST: Why do women insist and putting hair/fur down a drain? If you ever tried to remove hair out of "p" trap you would get "p'd"! No Drano in the world dissolves hair/fur...short of an A bomb!

  31. Stephen Tsai:

    I like Carey Tagawa, but I'm still trying to shake the image of him giving pressure-point treatments to Travis LaBoy at football practices.

  32. Stephen Tsai:

    Annoddah Dave:
    Hair today, not gone tomorrow?

  33. Independent Thinker:

    If you went to Farrington, as Augie did, Ulufale is a name you feared encountering in the hallway. Noga was not a name that inspired the same amount of fear in Farringtonians of the time. This speaks well of both Al and Niko.

    This is why Augie uses the name President Ulufale in one of his skits. It was a name that represented a can do attitude, and it created fear in the minds of the yougins, like Augie.

  34. Annoddah Dave:

    #32, ST: LOL, only on the top of my head!

  35. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    The two finalist for the UHAD job are supposedly...

    Ben Jay, Senior Associate AD - The Ohio State University

    Solly Fulp, Deputy Director of Athletics/COO - California Berkeley

    Mistah Jay looks Chinese...Is Jay a Chinese name?

  36. Stephen Tsai:

    Didn't Ulufale have a younger brother who was pretty good?
    I think people used to refer to him as Baby Ulufale, although that was a large, large guy.

  37. Stephen Tsai:

    Those are indeed the guys.

  38. Annoddah Dave:

    @#35, iwwthm: I believe so, I know a guy with same last name and he is Chinese.

  39. Derek:

    Victorino chose the right sport. He has come a long way from his HS days. My son played soccer against him in the HYSA league. And my wife's cousin taught Victorino in the 1st grade. The best part is that Victorino gives back to the community. The guy has shown that hard work and determination with his god given gifts can realize his dream. I'm a Giants fan, but as a fellow born Mauian I root for Victorino too.

  40. d1shima:

    Happy Birthday g'nalo!

  41. gobows:

    fuzzy wuzzy was a bear...grape ape is da gorilla

  42. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Annodah Dave,

    Thanks. I know a Chinese guy with the last name Jew. So creative haha.

  43. gobows:

    #22 i thought shannon was a rb, never saw him play at st louis. didn't he play in the hula bowl, the hawaii guys vs. the college all stars in the mid 90's. seem to recall david toloumu playing in that game too, a slow 250+ pounds rb.

  44. gobows:

    #33 president ulufale:

  45. tommui:

    #35 & #42 IWWTHM
    # 38 AnnoddahDave

    Jay can be a haole name -Jayes, Jays, Jaze, Jeayes, Jeays and Jeyes are all variations.

    But also Chinese names could have come from districts - before the states came about - and so, Jay, Char, Der, Tse, Xie, Zia all have the same character.

  46. koakane ip5:

    good clausy/humid hump :cool: day yu'all

    hint to drink mucho agua :rool: stay indoors preferredly ac'd if got or head for a friendly establishment that got

    wow :lol: Lacey Lavarias now that's a name from the past. know her mom Gwen and brother Adrian from American Legion days. she was in middle school at the time (enrolled at Iolani ?), mom taught at Waialua HS. Lacey luved vball and we would often fool around setting and bumping the ball back to each other at Hans Field. Tsai tell her hi and extend greetings to her family.

  47. koakane ip5:

    :rool: = :roll:

  48. Manoa Mist:

    Stephen, Stephen! There has never been as pure a power running back out of Hawaii as Mosi Tatupu. A man among boys. He was the best I've seen from Hawaii, although those are great points about Kurt Gouveia and Boyd Yap.

  49. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Thanks for that tidbit of info. I'm told that "local" Chinese names like Lum-Ho, Ah-Sing, Ah-Loy aren't really found in mainland China. True?

  50. jiminy cricket:

    Best Hawaii running back was the Barry Sanders of Hawaii, Joe Igber from Iolani. Could have gone to NFL after Berkley but turned it down to practice as an architect.

  51. Derek:

    Coaching carousel. Mike Price at UTEP is out too, as well as FIU's Cristobal. Colorado is still open. No word yet if Mike Leach will keep his job. PAC 12 review still not completed. Puzzling change. Bret Beilema from Wisky going to Arkansas. Why would you move when you've taken a team to 3 straight Rose Bowl. Only one thing. It is all about the money. There is no loyalty anymore, except for a few. Still waiting to get back in. Rick Neuheisal, Gary Barnett, John L. Smith again, Dan Hawkins, Dennis Francione, Gene Chizik, Bobby Petrino, and more.

    Any more commitments? Lots of offers out there.

  52. Kaimiloa:

    #49... A friend from Hong Kong told me that "Ah" at the beginning of a surname actually meant it was the person's nickname. He thought that maybe when people came to Hawaii the official would ask them "and what's your other name?" and they gave a nickname instead of their surname. I don't know. He could have been BSing me.

  53. d1shima:

    Verbal tick?

  54. papajoe2:

    Speaking of gorillas and fur.
    A gorilla and mongoose went into the bushes to take a dump. Da gorilla looks at the mongoose and asks "do you have a problem dodo sticking to your fur?" Da mongoose replies, "no never." So da gorilla grabs the mongoose and wipes his okole with the mongoose. :)

  55. graham:

    Not surprising Harold Moleni is moving to center. Last year after watching his high school high light tape I didnt think he was going to make it as a TE. In the tape I dont believe he caught a single pass.

  56. tommui:

    #49 IWWTHM
    #52 Kaimiloa

    when people are close you call them 阿 (Ah). Usually used between friends & families.

    I suppose it is like Joe Cartright - friends might call him Little Joe.

  57. Kekoa:

    Ten Q 'for dat visual @#54 PapaJoe! Mongoose in HI better be glad no mo Gorilla's in da wild!

  58. SteveM [iPhone4]:

    Good noonish everyone!

    Happy Birthday G-nalo !!!

  59. A-House:

    Belated birfday wishes to Mrs Big Hilo!

    and current birfday wishes to g'nalo!

  60. kapakahi:


    Re: #24 & #36

    I can relate. Back in the day, the Ulufale brothers (Semeri and younger bro Tali) crashed the high school grad party for a friend (who also was their Gov teammate) at his house. Semeri & Tali played together on DL for Govs.

    Semeri (RIP) also had another younger brother Tino who played alongside Al(apati) Noga on the DL for the Govs, while the youngest brother Mike played QB for Campbell, then DT for BYU Cougars.

  61. turfwar:

    Best Rb I've seen -- Mulivai Pula- once he got into that gallop it was over, although Adrian Murrel and that Damien RB who plays at Idaho were pretty special too. Boyd Yap was beautiful to watch and he surfs the same way, smooth and powerful. Atuaia had the benefit of one of the best OL's to ever come out of Hawaii and he knew how to use them.

  62. kapakahi:

    BUT of course.....pretty sure that ST remembers that Pizza Hut incident too!

    ....and the Rule #1 of survival in the dorms.....which was never to ride the elevator in the dorms at night on weekends.

  63. gobows:

    #61 kama bailey...also from damien kealoha pilares...another great from damien/kahuku was jason keo:

    how does a player lead the ilh in rushing while playing at damien? damien couldn't throw the ball, they never have quality div 1a offensive linemen, they rarely score. jason keo led the league in rushing in the days when cal lee was coaching at st louis. when the ilh played everybody twice.

    jason suffered a broken leg in preseason his sr year at kahuku, his 1st game back was against waianae at aloha, his 1st carry was an 80 yard touchdown run on a sweep. dude turned the corner and was gone.

  64. gobows:

    another great kahuku back, louis santiago.

  65. gobows:

    also...feleti brown, waianae...andrew moody, nelson inabata waipahu.

  66. Bowwar:

    Based on the resumes on the two AD candidates, it looks like Jay is the more qualified candidate...However, who knows what goes on in an interview and how much $$$ they may be asking for.

  67. Bowwar:

    In talking about great running backs, you can't forget Charlie Wedemeyer or Arnold Morgado who both preceded Tatupu at Punahou. Ohhhh...Don't forget Onosai Tanuvasa too. I really think Onosai (RIP) would have been the greatest at UH if injuries and other things not got in the way.

    Although not from Hawaii, Junior Lopati would have been absolutely GREAT at UH if he wasn't given a "career-ending" knee injury on a VERY DIRTY play by a San Diego State player. If you remember it, Lopati was injuried/tackled from behind after he had long passed the goal line on a run...I wish that SDS player paid his dues for that cheap shot.

  68. al:

    while i agree that mosi tatupu was one tough cookie. afterall he was built like earl campbell while mosi was a junior in hs.

    but, much should be said about bob apisa who was bigger, faster, and had that mean streak about him as he loved to trample (not run over) the little lb's from the predominant asian high schools. (you know who you are).

  69. gobows:

    gotta think that jay's position at osu is a higher paying job than the UH ad position. hope this doesn't turn out to be another greg mcmackin situation pay wise.

  70. kev-1:

    George Ornellas - all around great offensive player

  71. al:

    old guys will remember john coen of mckinley hs. wasn't he one of the few if not first 1,000 yard packer who also held the state fg record for years.

  72. al:

    go worry. after offering the top two candidates manini salary money the chancellor will turn to the "rock" and say it is collateral duties.

  73. al:

    mr. mui is right. jay is a pake'. (takes one to know one)

    i only know two jay's and both were pake'..

  74. al:

    52. i should ask kifi if he knows about "ah".

  75. NH:

    Best HI H.S. Running Back - my opnion Boyd Yap

  76. A-House:

    Do you really care who the next UHAD will be?

    I for one do not as I have no control of who will be selected, pay, what he/she brings to UH, how he/she will interact with the "big wigs" including the business community, and interact with the coaches and players.

    But, I do agree with others who posted that UH needs a leader; not a manager - leave that to the respective coaches.

    Speaking of leaders and managers, who works directly for MRC Greenwood in the "organizational" structure that is the UH "system"? I was informed that Rockne F works/reports directly to MRC.

  77. d1shima:

    Tatupu, hands down....that would be the two that are down on the ground after he broke your tackle on his way to the EZ.

    (btw, Ed Kini wasn't bad either)

  78. d1shima:

    Definite 2nd best. Onosai Tanuvasa (RIP). 1st ILH 1000-yd rusher (1076). Did it against 8 and 9-man fronts who knew the Govs would run and who was getting the ball...

  79. A-House:


    Can T Apple make an offer directly to Rockne F if he works directly for MRC Greenwood and he is not part of the UH-Manoa system?

    If yes and he accepts, will he have to give up the VP position and report directly to
    T Apple? Sounds like a "down-grade" to me.

  80. 99club:

    For AD, I'd go with the guy from the financially distressed state school system and give him a low-ball offer.

    Mosi Tatupu. But I fondly recall him not getting in the end zone against Damien in 1972 the second time they played when Damien upset the Puns. He ran into some guy with the last name of Freitas.

  81. gobows:

    #79 the rock is not part of the UH-manoa system?

  82. laulau head:

    Semeri Ulufale #72! I totally remember watching him on kickoff coverage...the guy was nutz!!

  83. 99club:

    #49 and #52: There's a native Chinese language instructor that teaches down the hall from me at work...I'll ask her tomorrow. Interesting stuff.

  84. rage777:

    What is this, Zippy's, with all the old guys talking about the hanabata days? just kidding. :P

  85. gobows:

    great memories of thursday ilh triple headers at aloha, damien was junk back then too, but they had really nice cheerleaders

  86. WarriorBasketball:

    Best running back ever, pound for pound..........Damien's Joe Hisatake. Never really had the supporting cast to showcase his talents. He would have been the ILH's first 1,000 yard rusher had Coach Botelho left him in on his last game.

  87. cocobean:

    The original though polically in correct "Samoan Strong boy", Bob Apisa.

    I like Adrian Murrell. He's the fastest guy on the list.

  88. d1shima:

    Nice look back with many former ILH players who competed in CFB this season...including a Heisman candidate.

    Just wondering why Punavision would archive this game? :-?

  89. clyde:

    al: John "Cyclone" Coen, one of the best all-around athletes in the "old" days. Got to know him in intermediate school -- especially in PE and intramurals. He could play any sport with little effort. Quiet, almost unassuming, guy with so much physical skills. Quite a career at McKinley. His nephew, Cyrus Coen (PC grad at Wazzu), is the focus of Billy Hull's All-Hawaii Grown Football Team report in today's paper.

  90. Slugger:

    Hope Siaki can get a medical exemption. Did he save the articles you wrote about his injuries in, ST?


  91. westwind:

    FYI: People keep insisting on the "rock" for AD. You might want to read this. Alot of the names are why we had/have corruption at Kamehameha Schools. These are the power players in our community. And you wonder why your kid did not get in at Kamehameha.

  92. 3-Prong:

    82 laulau head: who did Ulufale play for in high school and what years?

  93. 3-Prong:

    Got to see Tanuvasa, Tatupu and Igber play. Gotta go with Igber. As small as he was, he racked up the yards behind linemen smaller than he was.

  94. Pomai:

    #76 -A-House - as "vice president for student affairs and university/community relations for the University of Hawai‘i System" he reports directly to MRC Greenwood.

  95. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm just going to have to come out and say Nico's is the best.

  96. Stephen Tsai:

    I never saw Igber play, but I heard the story about him catching roosters, so I figure: Darn, that's quick.

  97. Stephen Tsai:

    Well, if Jay gets the job, somebody moves to the head of the class at quarterback.

  98. Pomai:

    A-House you might find this interesting also:

  99. tommui:

    Ferd has posted a story on the SA website that Mr. Jay is the frontrunner.

    Now, about the pake mafia ...

    AL: you saw my #56?

  100. tommui:

    ST - explain your #97 please.

  101. wafan:

    2nd century!

  102. Old School Dave:

    Found this video, also on Punavision: Punahou vs St. Louis 1973. Mosi Tatupu, Keith Uperesa, Jack Wright, John Tyler, Neal Ane, Duane Akina for the Puns. Ed Kini (who led the ILH in rushing that year, if not mistaken), Harris Matsushima, Brian Cabral, Vince Passas, Steve Wilson for the Crusaders. There were a number of players who went on to play D-I college ball from that year.

  103. greenthumb:

    54 ... don't know whether to laugh or go wash out my brain! Dunno if true, but was told this is the difference between hair and fur -- hair keeps growing, fur stops at a set length.

  104. (Jesse) James:

    Mr. Mui #100....Taylor Graham, QB in waiting, is from THE Ohio State University.

  105. Kevin:

    Tom Mui,

    I think ST meant:

    Ohio State: UHAD candidate Ben Jay and QB Taylor Graham

  106. (Jesse) James:

    #103....LMAO...that means a lot of Tsaikos have fur..... :-)

  107. Kevin:

    Damnit... I need to type faster. Thanks (J)J.

  108. wafan:

    (J)J . . .

    A lot of Tsai-kos used to have hair, too.

  109. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs:

    If Mr. Jay is selected, Chinese and an accountant! How right is that??!!

  110. wafan:

    So, if the OSU guy gets hired does that mean he is stepping down to one of the Little Sisters of the Poor schools? Would the OSU president think it a good move and an attempt to show the world that his school (one of the rich and mighty who got caught) is willing to help the less fortunate?

  111. tommui:

    #104 (Jessie)James
    #105 Kevin

    As we Chinese would say - ah, so!


  112. Stephen Tsai:

    Old School Dave:
    Hey, I was at that game that you posted. But, funny, I don't recall us being in black and white.

  113. Kevin:

    Will the new AD be allowed to negotiate contract extensions for all current head coaches and new contracts for all new hires or are we looking at the same deal where upper campus carries the negotiations for certain coaches and the AD takes care of the others?

  114. (Jesse) James:

    #102 Old School Dave....Ummm...I wasn't born yet when that game happened....LMAO :-)

  115. SteveM:

    Sadly, today marks the 1st anniversary of the passing of Tsai-ko rasu begasu (Japanese phonetic for "Las Vegas"). John suffered a severe stroke that affected both sides, and he passed quickly. He was only 51, but he rambled through life and the Warrior Beat blog with humor, gusto, and song.

    Here is his Warrior Beat bio and his great contributions to the Tsai-kos:

  116. Stephen Tsai:

    Mike Tannebaum used to be the "capologist" for the Jets.
    He knew money. He knew contracts.
    Then he got bumped up to general manager.
    And that's how the Jets traded up to draft Sanchez, traded for Tebow and haven't drafted/developed a pass rusher in four years.
    The game is played on the field, not on paper.
    Let's hope whomever is hired cam be a leader of athletes.

  117. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Let's hope whomever is hired can utilize their PAC-12 experience to move our program forward long term and set some ooc games in the short.

  118. Annoddah Dave:

    @#102, old school: WoW, even in '73 they pronounced the name of our fair city as "HAWN oh loo loo"! I learned that it was "HOE noh loo loo". Which is correct? Or is this the Punahou version since I wen go public skool!?

  119. papajoe2:

    On the OIA side, It was super hard to tackle Tui Ala.

  120. WarriorNY:

    Tannebaum was an exec at (Hess corp) when Leon Hess was the owner of the jets... He had no experience as a gm... It's like asking me or chicken grease to be AD... (actually I think me and chicken grease would do better than tannebaum... )

  121. WarriorNY:

    Sorry not ad.. I meant gm..

  122. ALLAN:


  123. Keyword2:

    We're a gaggle of volunteers and opening a brand new scheme in our community. Your site offered us with useful info to work on. You've done a formidable activity and our whole neighborhood will probably be thankful to you.

  124. BigWave96744:

    Some fun facts about the State of Ohio :
    LB Jerrol Garcia-Williams was born in Wooster, Ohio

    QB Taylor Graham was born in Columbus, Ohio. Both he and his dad were Quarterbacks at The Ohio State University

    DB Mike Edwards was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio

    possible transfer J.T. Turner was born in Massillon, Ohio

    Maybe we will wake up tomorrow saying Ohio-Gozaimasu

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  126. RedZone:

    lot of good runningbacks so hard to choose just one. Tatupu, Hisatake, Rembert. I liked Ron Glushenko more than Tanuvasa at Farrington.

  127. BigWave96744:

    Ben's older daughter in named Taylor

  128. al:

    clyde...when hs only had three classes, soph, junior, senior. john was a three year starter in football, baseball, basketball, and he ran track.

    yes, a very gifted person was he and liked by all. i don't think he had an enemy.

  129. BigWave96744:

    In 1989 Ben Jay got his Masters in Athletic Administration from The Ohio State University.
    That year a QB transferred from Notre Dame.. His name....... Kent Graham

  130. BigWave96744:

    In 1989 Ben Jay got his Masters in Athletic Administration from The Ohio State University.
    That year a QB transferred from Notre Dame.. His name....... Kent Graham

  131. Derek:

    Mr. Te'o has won the Lombardi Trophy. Wow!

    Can we soon call our team, THE University of Hawaii.

  132. d1shima:

    Manti Te'o claimed his third national award of the week Wednesday night in Houston, as the Notre Dame linebacker was named the winner of the Rotary Lombardi Award, given to the offensive or defensive linemen (or linebacker) who best exemplifies the discipline of Vince Lombardi.

  133. d1shima:

    Nice company.

    Past award winners
    2011- Luke Kuechly
    2010- Nick Fairley
    2009- Ndamukong Suh
    2008- Brian Orakpo
    2007- Glenn Dorsey
    2006- Lamarr Woodley

  134. d1shima:

    Cool segment by the Big Guy

  135. madeinhawaii:

    Whoa that's really scary stuff about MRC Greenwood. Dang! ... really scary... if that's happening at UH.. we will be in really deep kaka.. think the BOR are getting "bonuses" too?

  136. Ralph:

    MIH it's a Free Press article, writer spun it to discredit any thing Greenwood did and chose his words to vilify Greenwood's action. People would have complained if her actions were perceived as status quo, others would have whined if they didn't agree with her, and if she made changes, others will cry - "as why hard", see what happens when you bring in people from the mainland, they don't understand local ways.

  137. laulau head:

    92 3-Prong...never followed Semeri's high school career, but his all out play on special teams made a definite impact on me because I was only 7 years old when I first saw him...actually my grandma pointed him out...

    But thanks to Google he went to Farrington from '74-'77...

  138. 3-Prong:

    Thanks laulau,
    That's what I thought. Think I might have played against him in a scrimage......Tough Dude! Don't know how many other schools called out defensive signals in Samoan in those days. Kind of eye opening.

  139. gobows:

    #133 glenn dorsey, what ever happened to that guy, he was a total dominator in college, but against the big boys of the nfl, not so much. he got 4 sacks in 4.5 seasons, none this year.

  140. laulau head:

    #138...calling out signals in Samoan? about intimidation.

  141. Chicken Grease:

    WarriorNY Says:
    December 5th, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    … (actually I think me and chicken grease would do better than tannebaum… )

    Indeed, WarriorNY. Heh, "oh Tannenbaum, oh, Tannenbaum."

    A UHAD Grease would do the bare minimum for visiting NCAA officials. A Grease would focus on making money Gordon Gekko-style for that lower campus.

  142. Old School Dave:

    Re: 1973 St. Louis vs Punahou. Punahou had a running back by the name of Verner Ah Ching who ran along side Mosi Tatupu. Ah Ching later transferred to Radford and made the All-OIA All Star Back of the Year in 75 under Coach John Velasco. Then, I heard that he later transferred back and graduated from Punahou in 76. How you figgah?

  143. Old School Dave:

    Joe Story from Kalani (Punahou transfer), was another good running back in the early 70s (?). I think he became an Olympic handball player.

  144. BB霜:

    I have to say that when I added roofing insulation to my home, it made the HUGE difference. I cut my bill in half. Any insulation is good, so now we are in the process of doing wall insulation.

  145. nanakuli:

    Clayton Mahuka was great.

  146. Pomai:

    #136 - Ralph - can you point out what in the article is not true?

  147. Huh?:


    I agree...ea,ea

  148. Ralph:

    Pomai it is the way the article is written that creates a lot more smoke than substance, and it is written in a negative tone to vilify Greenwood. I don't know who is right or wrong or what is fact or opinion but in reading the article the author obviously had a bone to pick.

    When you read print media or on line news, straight news, you won't find the same tone in good journalism.

  149. duh!:

    #146 - what was true? Greenwood's past is fact, the rest is just opinion.

  150. Kevin:


    Go look at the links provided on the side on the Hawaii Republ.. I mean the Hawaii Free Press website ...


    The Hawai`i Free Press is a twice-monthly, independent, locally-owned newspaper covering political, social, cultural, and economic issues from local to international. Hawai`i Free Press brings out points of view based on free enterprise, small government, and individual liberty as a counterpoint to what is presented in the rest of Hawai`i print and television media.

    Do I have to translate?

    I have my personal views on how President Greenwood is running things and some people know what those views are, so with that being said and for those that know how I feel without saying it out loud... I have made my OWN opinions without using a so-called "media" source that offers a biased view of things in some kind of backwards attempt to say that the other biased sources of media are more wrong than they are.

    You can't say you provide better info and the other guys are too liberal when you yourself are too conservative. You cannot present info as the "truth" when you opt to present your bias as better than the other and likewise.

    Article is a waste of time.

    Make your OWN decisions based on what is presented to you in front of your own eyes.

    Idiots and suckers these days....

  151. SteveM:

    ...way past 2100, so here's a
    Tsai-ko Karaoke Trivia question

    Consider "Memory" by Barbara Streisand...

    1. Name the tsaikette that could sing this like Streisand in the same key.

    2. Name a tsaikette who could do just as well in a slightly lower key.

  152. Stephen Tsai:

    Time test.

  153. Stephen Tsai:

    37 minutes off. That's depressing.

  154. Modesto Perrish:

    The Silent Shard...

    This will likely in all probability be pretty handy for a few of the employment I plan to do not only with my weblog but ...

  155. Samuel Myren:

    The Slave of the Husband...

    In search of in advance to learning more from you afterward!......