The hunt to punt

December 20th, 2012

This past season, the Warriors found success with punters using rugby-styled techniques.

Now there is a possibility a rugby player might be added as a punter.

A rugby player has been recommended as a successor to punter Alex Dunnachie, who has completed his UH eligibility. The Warriors are evaluating whether he will be a good fit.

Stay tuned.

* * * * * *

Credit defensive tackle Calen Friel for making the most of his time recovering from an ankle injury in 2012.

The initial report is Friel had a 4.0 grade-point average this past semester.

He also should be healthy enough to compete in spring training.

191 Responses to “The hunt to punt”

  1. d1shima:

    Oy Oy Oy!


  2. Loa:

    morning gang!

    good job Calen ... keep it up

  3. d1shima:

    Nicely done, Mr Friel.

    He got the point...all four of 'em. ;-)

  4. Loa:

    d1 - howzit! long time no see

  5. d1shima:

    Would it be tipping your hand to have a player flanked behind a rugby style punter that an "option" to fake is coming?

  6. d1shima:

    Wassup Loa!

    How you? :-)

  7. Stephen Tsai:

    I think it's time for UH to start a rugby team.

  8. d1shima:


  9. Stephen Tsai:

    Lacrosse would be awesome.
    Except for the endless debate about whether the C should be capitalized.
    Or whether it should be two words.
    Which brings me to another random thought: Is La Pietra a Spanish or French name?

  10. gobows:

    do all rugby guys make good kickers?

  11. Loa:

    how about a men's futbol squad?

  12. azwarrior22:

    I work with someone whose last name is La Pietra and I don't know his origin.

  13. d1shima:

    She separates the La's from the Ooh.

  14. jimmy the lock:

    Thought La Pietra was Italian.

  15. A-House:

    How to defend against a rugby style kicker playing football?

    Watch earlier games and see which is the preferred side to run before punting and over load that side with speedy defenders while keeping a DB to guard against a fake punt/reverse on the other side.

    Really and truthfully, how effective was the "rugby style punt" for UH? length? number of return yards? I saw teams playing closer to the LOS and punt returner fielding the ball on the fly rather than let it bounce all over the place.

  16. jeezy33:

    I don't wanna sound too optimistic but if we get the recruits we have commitments from, I honestly think this could be the best Defense I've seen at UH since I've followed Hawaii football.

    Not very often you return your entire secondary. Also our Dline is going to get healthy this off season. Hawaii pretty much shut down opponents from Boise game - end of the season. Points we gave up doesn't do the team justice as far as how well our D played. Turnovers cost us there. Paipai will be pissed but Tuaau and Tepa are no slouches. Haku will also be missed but Friel and Samia are back and more experienced with additions of Tulimasealii and kid from Samoa. Been watching some video on Tevita Lataimua and I am sold he is the better of the 2 JC recruits. Guy can play. JGW and Marrell are the real deal and a year of training in off season and I expect them to be a lot more physical...

    Now I pray our offense can improve. But even there we add some talented players and lose no one. Cant get worse.

  17. jimmy the lock:

    Need UH Athletics to make money before they bring in rugby or lacrosse or men's soccer. Let's see what Ben can do.

  18. Stephen Tsai:

    You're correct, Mr. The Lock.
    It is Italian.
    Translates to "gem of the rock."
    Well, I'm glad that riddle has been solved ... on the last day of Earth.

  19. Stephen Tsai:

    "Ben can do."
    Ben do.
    Ben Dew.
    (I think we just invented a new game.)

  20. Stephen Tsai:

    I like your assessment.
    I just never felt UH had a consistent edge rush last season. I think that changes this year.

  21. jimmy the lock:

    Ben can do
    Ben can do over
    Bend Dover
    Kiss your arse goodbye tomorrow.
    Game over.

  22. koakane ip5:

    morning 808, is dat the sun :cool:

    have a good day

  23. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs:

    Do Lacrosse players kick? I thought they run like heck and use a net on a stick.

  24. jimmy the lock:

    Sorry, but I'm still pissed at the sentence the puppy mill guy got. Wishing a 1000 rabid chihuahua's yap at him 24/7.

    Also, Joe Biden, yes Joe Biden, thank you for that moving tribute to Senator Daniel Inouye this morning.

    Now hurry and rewrite the Mayan calendar and fast forward to LOI day. GO WARRIORS!

  25. al:

    could the rugby person be a non-aussie such as a new zealander, tongan, or samoan?

  26. al:

    great job mr. friel!

  27. jeezy33:

    20. That's why I think this D can be very good. Stop the run is 1st priority. I think we got the personnel this year. Yes I know injuries will happen so I guess we will see. Depth gonna be real important. Kind of why I still think one more solid JC DT would be great. Ofa Hautau is a stud still left. Also Former Farrington Gov Ioane Sagapolu is committed to Fresno but I feel like we could get him if offered.

    Now we got the rushers like Tepa, Tuaau, Laurel, Yap, Woodard. Tigi Hill can only boost our secondary. Possibly allow Hardy Tuliau to play Nickel or something. Yap had to play out of position for the team but now we can let him loose on the QBs.

  28. Annoddah Dave:

    @#24 jimmy: Did I hear incorrectly or did Biden get the Dec 7 date wrong? I could have sworn he said 1942...

  29. d1shima:

    Ben Jay can do.
    Ben-Gay can, too.
    If can, can.
    If no can, Ben-Gay.
    Ben Jay, too.

  30. al:

    the time clock is about to expire on the big three...

  31. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Congrats to Calen Friel. A 4.0 semester GPA is always an achievement!

  32. tommui:


    Re: ST's #18 "Last day of Earth"

    In a former Maya city of Xultun in the Guatemalan rain forest, archaeologists found calendars that extended 7,000 years into the future.

    I assume that the Mayan stone that showed the world coming to an end tomorrow (2012) was just another calendar that expired forcing the Mayans to buy another rolling stone (calendar).

  33. tommui:

    Yeah Calen!

    PolyMom is probably setting off firecrackers and rockets in celebration!

  34. TMx808:


    Is UH going after DE Paulo Lepua?

  35. al:

    yup, jeezy ya hit the nail on the head.

    it will be interesting, real interesting, I mean really interesting when in january the florida entourage arrive to play tourist on the beach at waikiki. the group as a whole is blessed with speed, big time speed. if all commit and we get your wish for that last kaumeyer will be drooling all day long.

    not to mention having our own mini-adrian petersen.

  36. jimmy the lock:

    @Annoddah Dave

    I didn't notice, I was too emotional at that time...

  37. whitey:

    Aloha to the 5 JC transfers in becoming Warriors.

  38. al:

    last time I had a 4.0 was at st. mary's preschool.

  39. al:


  40. jeezy33:

    LOL. who is our mini Adrian Peterson?

  41. SteveM:

    TMx808 -- Welcome to the blog! Please tell us your city of residence if outside of Hawaii.

    Same for those outside Hawaii who are not listed here:

    ...thats how some Tsai-kos in the same geographical area have met each other on the mainland.

  42. Derek:

    Jeezy33, agree that our defense will be much improved. Offensively, it all hinges on our QB play. Who is going to be efficient, accuragte, and not turn the ball over? Graham, Woolsey, Schroeder, Higgins, Shutter? Can Ewaliko play QB? Are you comfortable with any of them? I still say we need to sign a dual QB and there are some out there who are uncomitted yet. Cody Fajardo would have been terrific. A JC QB will do. Somebody who can play right away and is a JC starter. There must be at least one QB, somebody out there across the entire country playing JC ball who can run a spread offense and throw and run equally well. And I like the looks of this one Mr. Vasquez Haynes, 6'2", 205 lbs. Maybe a slightly bigger version of Greg Salas. If Haynes can play the slot he would be a hand full or is he an outside guy? I will give him the nickname of "Willie Mays" Haynes!!! Maybe Vasquez will make some basket catches!!!!

    Sorry to hear Quenton Brown changed his name to North Texas. But, I'm not sure if he was going to pan out in the first place. Move on to another potential player, somebody like Lepua or Mathis or Titus, or another player.

    And we need to cap the recruiting haul with 2 athletic playmakers, hopefully at least one of them from Florida.

  43. dannyp:

    I think our mini AP is Diocemy St. Juste

  44. jeezy33:

    Lepua supposedly down to ASU and WAZZU so doubt it.

  45. jeezy33:

    43. If you want a fair comparison then I'd just go with Dre Archer from Kent St. Don't come across talent like that very often

  46. Stephen Tsai:

    By the way, Jason earned another degree.
    So, three claps for Jason.

  47. dannyp: that wasnt my comparison just deciphering al's message... I personally see him as a Damaris Johnson type of player.

  48. jimmy the lock:

    Jason who?

  49. dannyp:

    Also I think we should WR Hayden Weichers from USU, he's a former BYU commit who wants immediate playing time. He makes more sense then the other JC guys that committed.

  50. dannyp:

    49 *I think we should poach.

  51. Derek:

    Christian Ponder marries ESPN's Samantha Steele. She does ESPN's college game day show so I guess it won't conflict with any NFL stuff for the network. Wonder if Ponder will be focused for the Houston Texans this Sunday? They are in the hunt for a wild card spot so he can't mess up. Was it Kanoa Leahey or Scott Robbs a Viking fan? You kinda wonder about the timing though. I guess we just have to find out what happens on Sunday. Maybe the best thing for him is to give the ball to Adian Peterson.

    Lepua maybe going to Wazzu? Don't say it so. If he chooses ASU I can see that. Next up?
    Hey, let's not discount a punter. We need a good one and it can be a weapon. Hope that rugby player is a good one.

  52. J-FORCE:

    I believe we need to find a replacement for Luke Ingram. Don't want to see football
    flying over the punter's head for safety or turnover. Hoping we can land that Crusaders
    OL, if not, another hs de or dt might not be a bad choice. Go Warriors!

  53. Manoa Mist:

    Okay so the world is ending tomorrow at 8 p.m. Anybody know if that is EST, Mountain or Pacific time zone?

  54. טעמים לסיגריה אלקטרונית:

    Magnificent points altogether, you simply received a new reader. What might you recommend in regards to your submit that you made some days ago? Any certain?

  55. gobows:

    #51 scott robbs = vikings

    kanoa leahy = lions

  56. PurpleMaple:

    Italian: from pietra ‘stone’, ‘rock’, with the definite article la (Latin petra, from Greek); probably a topographic name for someone who lived by a prominent rock or on stony ground, or perhaps a metonymic occupational name for a quarryman or stone carver.

  57. BigWave96744:

    Image our defense if JT Turner and/or Demar Dorsey shows up.

  58. Slugger:

    G'day, gang!

    Punt! I'll miss Alex. Good luck to him after graduation.

    Hope the Aussie connection works out.

    Way to go, Calen!

    Lunch at Byron's. when will we have a CC here?

  59. Annoddah Dave:

    @#36, jimmy: I was emotional as well but I re-listened to VP Biden's speech on C-Span website. Unless my hearing is bad he did say "Dec 7, 1942". Otherwise, a fitting eulogy and memorial for a war hero and statesman.

  60. Slugger:

    Congrats, Jason!!!!

  61. A-House:


    4.0 in preschool? one a finga, to a finga, tree a finga, 4!

  62. d1shima:

    Congratulations Jason! :-D

    annodah dave,

    You heard the Veep right; got the year wrong. SMH...

  63. Slugger:

    Ah, the punter might not be Aussie.

  64. A-House:

    Does anyone know why UH coaches did not allow Dunnachie to just let the punt fly instead of always trying to "place" the ball in a certain location?

    How disappointing after watching his U-tube punts traveling 60+ yards with consistency!

  65. gobows:


    according to, the countdown clock is synced to 11:11 GMT or zulu time for the old military guys. hawaiian time is GMT minus 10. so that will be 01:11 am friday HST.

  66. Derek:

    If Turner and/or Dorsey can't get into school after another year of school then I think they'll never get here. I'm not sure if Chow and Co. are counting on them or if they went elsewhere. Until it was mentioned today, we have not heard about them since almost the beginning of this February. Personally, I think the staff have looked at other DBs since then. But, good cornerbacks are hard to find with so much passing these days.

  67. koakane ip5:

  68. Bugaz:

    If there was success with rugby style punting this past season why add a rugby player? Won't the successful rugby kicker still be on the roster?

  69. SteveM:

    jimmy the lock:
    December 20th, 2012 at 10:05 am
    Jason who?

    Jason is one of ST's earlier bloggers who attended the first Blog Party in 2006. He was a UH student then. Real smart...if he ever got a "B" we would have to put him on suicide watch or show him continuous videos of the greatest UH football victories. :) Click here to see his graduation day photo with ST and Wena.

    Jason's 2007 Tsai-ko autobio is at:

  70. cincodemayonnaisse:


    Braddah Al....time clock up on the big three? You referring to offers that are gonna expire?

    If so...what three?...local boys?

  71. Kekoa:

    SteveM @ #41

    Are you now accepting LOI from Tsaiko members who are new to the Blog? That's good. It'll save them from wondering how good the 2013 Warrior squad will be. All the news that's fit to print is available here.

    No doubt...the blog host stays ready!

  72. al:

    a house...I believe it was mack who stifled dunnachie. other than. attempts to keep the ball within the 20 and the rugby experiment he was given the green light. he did average 46+.

  73. al:'s running not up just yet.

  74. al:

    a house...are you subtracting the 15 yard set back rom the line of scrimmage?
    that would equate to a net 45 yd per kick including the situational punts.

  75. jimmy the lock:

    Does that mean Australian rules football call their kicks rugby style?


    Okay, thought ST was talking about a former Warrior.

    @Annoddah Dave,

    Listened to the replay and he did say '42. A few years off but that didn't detract from what I thought was a very moving eulogy...describing one of our nations truest hero.

  76. al:

    I am believing that we have an excellent chance at landing the Florida contingent.

    that would be the icing on the cake, the cream of the crop, the opihi in the makawele poi, the chutoro on my nigiri, the echigo in my frosted glass....

  77. BG:

    Howzit everyone! Another slap on the back for "J-Boy" on yet another scholastic achievement. How quickly he has out-grown that nickname! Still, his students must wonder how this man-kid could be older than them. Congratulations Jason!

  78. BG:

    Another round of applause for Calen (and PolyMom...that boy was raised right!).

  79. jimmy the lock:

    Interesting steroid article in the paper today. Seems like coaches take an outasight outamind outlook. Right June?

  80. WarriorMojo:

    Never been a believer in end of the world scenarios, but if homey and Wreckineyz (sp?) both post tomorrow, look out.

  81. BG:

    Can't get much better than our current Australian rules football player who can kick with either foot? Maybe they're recruiting for someone who can take-over further down the line?

  82. A-House:


    #74 - good point, but for official records, is the punt recorded from the point of contact or LOS?

    I was always under the impression it was from the LOS.

  83. gobows:

    new warrior vasquez haynes high school football coach was charlie ward. the mlb draftee, heisman winning, nba playing charlie ward.

  84. gobows:

    #82 line of scrimmage

  85. Kevin:

    Dunno why people wouldn’t want to welcome the end of the world… or as translated by some.. only the end of the world as we know it.

    Take a look around… mass shootings with innocent babies being murdered, politics getting worse and worse, economy still in the tank, college sports losing its damn mind, Justin Beiber allowed to make a living the way she does…

    I wouldn’t mind a change of pace…

  86. al:

    go correct.

  87. d1shima:

    Net yardage per punt accounts for return yardage, marking the final yardage gained by punting after it is returned. Hence, outdistancing your coverage and allowing long returns is detrimental to net yardage stat.
    It has nothing to do with the number of yards that the ball is kicked behind the LOS.

  88. jimmy the lock:

    rushing yards from LOS
    passing yards from LOS
    Field goal from spot of ball

  89. d1shima:

    Come home broke from LAS

  90. BigWave96744:

    The Mayans weren't on Zulu time

  91. Kevin:

    AD Ben Jay says he has a meeting tomorrow with “key business leaders”.

    Says his biggest strength is communication. Says there will be people at UH that will be surprised to see him. Says is intent on being a presence where there was no athletic presence before.

  92. Kevin:

    Ben Jay: says he is VERY conservative. Says the coaches at OSU wouldn’t call him ‘cheap’, but he is conservative.

  93. Kevin:

    Ben Jay: To make sure there is student support, i.e. importance of student fees along with fundraising and ticket revenue.

  94. jimmy the lock:

    Is Ben Chinese?

  95. Kevin:

    Ben Jay: We are here to graduate students, to make use of their degree.

  96. Kevin:

    Ben Jay: Says is learning the “structure” of UH Manoa (how autonomy plays into his position).

  97. Tommy:

    Ben Jay: We have to find new revenue streams. Wondering if he knows how difficult that really is?

  98. Kevin:

    Ben Jay: We have to find new revenue sources. The costs arent going to go away. Says a balanced budget is one of his goals and says “athletic department has received great support from upper campus financiall but we need to be more self sufficient, to at least break even”.

  99. Kevin:

    Ben Jay: Im the biggest cheerleader for our student-athletes.

  100. Kevin:

    AD Jay going back again to speaking about graduating the student-athletes and says his best experience in athletic administration is volunteering for graduation ceremonies.

  101. Kevin:

    Ben Jay: UH athletics is vital part of the local Hawaii economy. We are “the” athletic program in the state and we are here to help promote not just the university, but the state. (Notes Hawaii tourisim as part of this equation)

    Ben Jay: looking at reaching out to mainland Hawaii transplants (fundraising, reconnecting, etc..)

    Press conference PAU.

  102. al:

    I'm sure you could tell he is a pake'.

  103. Annoddah Dave:

    @#85, Kevin: LOL! It's a good thing we don't have many teenie boppers on this blog! Wait! I'm dating myself...what do they call those pubescent fans of JB?

  104. RedZone:

    Jay = Chin.

  105. Kevin:

    For those that didn’t listen in or watch the live stream, it was the CONSCIENCE OF UH ATHLETICS JIM LEAHEY that asked AD Jay about how much he is aware of the structure at UH Manoa and if he is familiar with the role of autonomy in his position.

  106. koakane ip5:

    so far nothing I've read or heard is promising

  107. Kevin:


    When was the last time you heard anything or read anything “promising”? Seriously.

  108. jimmy the lock:

    @koakane ip5

    You talking about the recruits or the fiscal cliff plan b?

  109. PolyMom:

    Tommui, you are so right! We are so proud of Calen!!!

    But I would like to give credit where credit is due. Thank you so much to the Ocasek Ohana for keeping on Calen's okole. The person who is most proud today is my husband. No child is stupid or dumb. They just need to have confidence and work hard to reach that BRASS ring. If Calen can do this, any child can.

    Calen loves doing his community service reading to little children. If you see Calen, high five him! Very, very proud of him.


  110. gobows:

    #103 bieliebers, true bieliebers with bieber fever.

  111. jimmy the lock:

    Everyone going to be looking for love tonight? Could be your last. Give someone the gift of love...and buy a Mayan a calendar.

  112. Kevin:

    So no one asked Ben Jay about his thoughts on Tim Tebow?

  113. Kevin:

    If you’re going to buy a Mayan Calendar, at least make sure it’s Mayan.

    All the pictures and things posted on websites and social media memes have been pictures of the AZTEC calendar. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  114. WarriorNY:

    Congrats to Calen! Thanks for being so understanding to those fans who have been incredibly obtuse... I hope Calen and family realize that most of us know and appreciate his contributions to the program...

  115. jimmy the lock:

    I think the Inca calendar still works.

  116. gobows:

    #113 does the san diego state athletic department get royalties for the aztec calendar?

  117. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    High five to Calen!

    Three claps for Jason!


  118. gobows:

    #103 some other names for jb fans: little kids, little girls, pre-pubescent, idiots, and the cincinnati bengals.

  119. BigWave96744:

    Nabisco has been selling Mayan calendars for years. The broken ones are used in cookies & cream ice cream

  120. wafan:

    Yay Calen and Jason!


  121. jimmy the lock:

    Kinda sucks when you supposed to be featured as the hottie of the week and the world ends before it gets posted.

  122. al:

    kevin...will you blow that dark cloud away from koakane's halo.

  123. Annoddah Dave:

    @#119, Big Wave: I suppose one side is for even numbered years and the other for odd? LOL

  124. koakane ip5:

    Kevin last time was when you guys reinstituted the softball booster club (if you be that Kevin)

    and who is this birdie now appearing after a long absence

  125. koakane ip5:

  126. Kevin:

    Well, I wanted to hear what the new AD has to say. We already went too long without hearing much from anyone, I want to hear what he had to say and maybe it was a mistake to relay that info along if people already made up their minds about what will or wont happen.

    There is NOTHING anyone can do about what has already happened and I don’t want to hear some idealistic garbage about if I don’t like it then why didn’t I apply for the job bullcrap.

    I have other things to spend my free time (very little) on and time is not on my side. It will January soon, then next thing you know it’s May.. showtime.

  127. lowtone123:

    Why is punt yardage measured from LOS and field goal yardage is measured from spot of kick?

  128. Randy F:

    Are the SMU pratices held at UH or just at stadium and are practices open?

  129. training:

    Hi there, You have performed an incredible job. I will definitely digg it and in my view recommend to my friends. I'm confident they'll be benefited from this website.

  130. Kevin:

    Well… almost forgot its 12/21/2012 on the other side of the globe…

    So I guess I still have to go to work tomorrow. :sad:

    Tired of these disappointments…

  131. gobows:

    #127 maybe...for field goals it is the actual distance the ball travels in relation to the goal post: which is line of scrimmage to the back of the end zone plus 7. for punts it's generally a change of possession and it's probably just easier to record the kick from the line of scrimmage versus having an idiot guess incorrectly from where the ball was kicked. punters normally kick the ball about 12 yards behind the line of scrimmage, although they line up for the snap 15 yards back.

    why does college kick returns max out at 100 yards? mike edwards was not credited for about 50 return yards this year for every time he brought it out the end zone.

  132. gobows:

    #130 yeah but it's not 11:11 in the UK yet. you still got 8 hours and 35 minutes before the end of ...

  133. jiminy cricket:

    If the world ends tomorrow, that means Jesus will be back tomorrow. Not a bad situation.

    About time, a pake in the UH athletic office. He will cut unnecessary costs and run it lean and mean. Just like a good Pake.

  134. d1shima:

    What is expected behavior of a bad pake?

  135. wafan:

    Just cannot walk through that door.

  136. Warrior Dave:

    My personal 2 cents,

    I hate rugby style punters as a full time option. Scott had much success early on the season.

    But by the 3rd game opposing teams have enough film that they know how to field the punt and rip long gains because the ball gets there too quickly.

  137. PolyMom: worries. I live in LA. I got thick skin. College football is a business. Most folks just don't understand...I get it. It's been an exciting year of college football. Many highs and lows. But just a fantastic year in college football. Ave a wonderful Christmas.

  138. Abunai:

    Al? Are we still recruiting another DT??

  139. kapakahi:

    An OC sleeper....a hard-hitting one too....

    FB/DE/OLB Derek Baljeu (Edison HS, Huntington Beach, CA.)....

  140. jeezy33:

    Holy Sh*t, I emailed the coaches about WR Elroy Masters and sent a video. Today he was offered. Don't know if they been recruiting him for a while but I'm glad they did. Beast!!

  141. jeezy33:

  142. al:

    considering who is returning...

    siasau matagiese
    moses samia
    calen friel
    mike andrade

    add newbies:

    kennedy tulimasealii
    david moala
    daniel ekuale

    plus holdover scout teamers. coaches are pretty satisfied with this group. although if a high grade transfer or high schooler comes a knocking.

  143. al:

    well then jeezy...if elroy becomes a warrior he'll just have to wear number 33.

  144. Chicken Grease:

    Well. Think the thing -- in no way "small" -- we can most take from this 12/21/2012 quackery (oh, um yes, um, a Grease should mention at this juncture for "e.g." purposes, yes, was just in contact w/a friend [tomodachi] in Nippon, where it's late afternoon 12/21/2012 [yeah, sensible folk, a Grease wondered the same thing that YOU did -- that is, "uh, when and where dee HECK is this 'end-of-the-world' for any reality-challenged supposed to start?]; now, her biggest worry -- right this moment -- seems to be getting a Christmas gift for someone who she didn't expect would give HER a gift[!], so, yeah, well, no solar comets or spaceships or lava flows in the streets going on in Japan, apparently; [whistling] A Grease is sure she woulda' mentioned something along those lines. Mmph.) is that, yes, score yet another for the Lord our God.

    Only HE knows when the end is. Epic fail, Aztecs. Sorry if we only end up knowing you folks for your feathery super hero-class costumes and, eecchhhh, near unmentionable sacrificial rituals.

    And you question why Colonialism was needed? For purposes of this board, you think U.S. football would be around without the greatness of Colonialism?

    Go Warriors. (well, obviously not Aztec warriors)

    Go to church.

  145. kapakahi:

    Looks like Masters already has scholie offers from quite a few MWC teams (Air Force, Colorado State, Nevada, New Mexico, San Jose State, Wyoming) teams already.

  146. jeezy33:

    All beatable teams though. Our depth chart also a plus. Chow can do it!

  147. kapakahi:

    #138 & #142,

    Malepeai supposed to move inside next season to DT too.

    Still too early to count on Moala yet.....since might need more time at JC.

    Coaches were in contact with Taleni earlier this still a possibility.

  148. jeezy33:

    ST, I'm really curious if coaches knew about Masters. But after watching his video once, I would think it shouldn't take this long to offer. Hoping me Email helped. I emailed about Garrett Marino too but looks like ASU jumped on that fast.

  149. jeezy33:

    If we get Dejon Allen then that will be a huge boost.

  150. gobows:

    rolo and reno also offered elroy masters. so did san jose, air force, colorado st, nmsu, montana, no ariz, navy, and wyoming.

    44 catches, 1118 yards, 25.41 avg, 14 tds.

  151. al:

    dejon says he's waiting on the final transcripts to cross the ocean. his preference is at dline but will go wherever the coaches want him including oline.

  152. jeezy33:

    If we land St Juste and Masters, I'm partying..... Feels like forever since we've had big time play makers.

  153. kapakahi:

    With Leaf leaving, Elisara returning from injury, and Watanabe moving to OL, Justin Vele is the lone returning FB (after converting from LB) next season.

    Would think that coaches would at least check out Baljeu.....who can play FB or hybrid DE/OLB.

  154. jeezy33:

    I wouldn't count out Iosefa being used a lot at fullback with Gregory in the backfield.

    I would e-mail the coaches though. Sometimes you get lucky and get a response.

  155. gobows:

    #152 masters doesn't party, but he likes xbox and pizza, whatever works for him and his 4.0 gpa.

  156. gobows:

    surprised no bcs schools are on masters

  157. jeezy33:

    156. I am too. But we all know how recruiting heats up in january. Always does. I still remember when Hawaii was Kyle Washington best offer until Colorado had scholarships available and there he went.

  158. jeezy33:

    Kapakahi, check this guy out. 6-6 TE still available. only found junior highlights but I could see him being a sleeper. Colin Jeter from Texas.

  159. Abunai:

    Jeezy? Do we have a chance with masters? Did we even offer?

  160. jeezy33:

    Yes we offered. And I have no idea since he just got offered. But with no Pac 12 schools involved yet, I'd like to think we have a good shot. But last time Hawaii offered Ammon Barker, we saw how fast Utah and UCLA jumped on it. I expect better schools to get involved soon. Even though Nevada has done better than UH lately, I'd like to think recruits still desire to play for Hawaii instead of NEvada. Hawaii had every shot to land Fajardo and JEfferson but we didn't offer. Nevada does a great job identifying sleepers who fit their system and we need to do same.

  161. Jason:

    Thanks for the three claps. Back to lurking. :-D

  162. laulau head:


    Mahalos for all the recruiting insights...good stuff!

  163. al:

    fajardo...yah, heard he wanted to be a warrior.

  164. Derek:

    The name Elroy conjures a former NFL receiver great. He used to be a former athletic director. Mr. Masters accelerates past DBs in a hurry. Great hands too.

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  167. Derek:

    The last two big time playmakers we had probably were Chad Owens and Jeff Sydner. They were small guys, but quick and shifty. CB Damarious Randall from Pensacola, Fla. via Mesa College is a terrific returner with 4.4 speed. He recently de-committed from Arozona St. Not sure if the coaches looked at him.

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  178. kapakahi:


    Rolo wanted to offer Fajardo....but alas his nomination was dismissed.....almost like Miano's nomination of Beau Yap was almost dismissed too.

  179. gobows:

    #158 jeter looks to be a project, he's gotta pack on the pounds...he looks like joe avery...but could be a gem once he gets stronger

  180. Chicken Grease:

    From the "to the reality-challenged, don't look now, but . . ." dept.

    Ahem. A poem:

    The sun rises
    The 12-21-2012 $#17s

    Thank you.

    - Grease

  181. jeezy33:

    179. I agree but most times smaller schools hit on a good TE it usually is a project that worked out.

    SdSU TE Escobar was rated 79th best TE out of high school. Sometimes you just have to take a chance on a guy with size and athleticism. At least he can block good already for not even being fully mature yet.

  182. wafan:

    A good Aloha Friday to all.

  183. laulau head:

    DB Simeon Thomas just posted on Facebook page that he needs Hawaii gear for his all-star game...declaring himself a Warrior for the world to see?

  184. Gambit808:

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