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Alo moves back to QB

December 22nd, 2012

Two years ago, Justin Alo signed as a quarterback.

His UH career was delayed twice — first as a grayshirt and then with an injury that led to redshirting as a freshman this past season. In between, Alo moved to receiver.

But that was then, and now Alo is moving back to quarterback entering the offseason conditioning program that begins in January.

"He's a very good player," UH coach Norm Chow said.

The move will provide balance at the position. For 2013, there will be two senior QBs (Sean Schroeder, Cayman Shutter) and two juniors (Taylor Graham and Jeremy Higgins). Ikaika Woolsey and Alo will be second-year freshmen.

Aaron Zwahlen will be the only high school senior to sign with the Warriors in February. Zwahlen plans to go on a two-year church mission after he graduates in June, and will join the Warriors in 2015.

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Would you take back an ex who was attractive, popular and successful, but had a wandering eye?

In this equation, ex = Boise State.

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Happy birthday to Scott Robbs, a gifted broadcaster and loyal lurker.

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