Rolo to Temple

December 29th, 2012

Congrats to Nick Rolovich on becoming Temple's offensive coordinator.

He'll make more money and have a chance to run the four-wide offense.

While Rolo had the OC title at Nevada, his input was limited. He'll get to run the offensive show with the Owls.

* * * * *

Dismantle the "snooze" button.

The Warriors will be moving spring practices to the morning in 2013. It will be part of what head coach Norm Chow describes as "an experiment" in alertness and energy. If it works out, then the fall practices also will move to the morning. The Warriors practiced in the afternoon this past year.

* * * * *

Mark your calendar: Spring training opens on Wednesday, March 20. There will be another practice two days later before the Warriors go on hiatus because of UH's spring break.

There are no plans yet on the spring scrimmage, but the WB previously announced there will are tentative plans to have a practice/scrimmage/clinic on Kauai on April 20.

As of now, the spring practices will be open to the public.

* * * * * *

Happy birthday to the 1992 Holiday Bowl Offensive MVP, a triple-option quarterback who played an entire season despite a broken rib, and a man who should be in UH's Circle of Honor.

Click here: The man, the myth, the legend video.

166 Responses to “Rolo to Temple”

  1. graham:


  2. Bugaz:

    Is it March 20th yet?

  3. Ken K:

    Inside the 5 yard line, Michael Carter was an automatic touchdown.

  4. brad:

    Man they were lenient on the TD celebrations back then. They showed some swagger in this game. I say as long as they give the ball to the refs and don't delay the game they should celebrate.

  5. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    I remember Michael Carter played exciting football!

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    Was Peter Pale's TD the last fumblerooski?

  7. koakane ip5:

    sunny beautiful morning 808

    howzit tsaiko's and tsaikette's

    top ten

  8. Stephen Tsai:

    On the one hand, I can understand the necessity of a dead period because many teams are preparing for bowl games.
    On the other hand, lifting the dead period would help the non-bowl teams, much the way the inverted order of the NFL draft helps the non-playoff teams.

  9. Stephen Tsai:

    Plus, the dead period is, well, really dead.

  10. koakane ip5:

    wow :lol: a blast from da past Peter Pale a pac5, midpac alumnus. if I can recall he played on one of our prep bowl championship teams.

    lives back on Molokai. had a bet with a friend who said their was another Molokai boy who is better than Peter and I called him on it. lost out right other guy no other than :roll: Kimo Vonophen (?)

  11. tommui:


    #8 ST - good suggestion = lifting the dead period for non-bowl teams.

  12. al:

    leave it to koakane to ruin a person's name.

    kimo von oelhoffen

  13. al:

    bcs bowl qualifiers should have only 23 scholies in a year that they make it to one.

  14. Stephen Tsai:

    I'd also like to see signing day moved to April.
    A student-athlete would have a better idea of his academic situation. If April is good enough for the NFL, it should be good enough for the NCAA.

  15. Chicken Grease:


    Rick Patino on a panel w/other "final four" coaches, talking to Jim Nance, their thoughs on final four-isms right now on CBS.

    Let's see if Rick mentions Hawaii :) .

  16. Chicken Grease:

    Graham, bugaz, Ken K, brad, SteveM, al, tommui, koakane ip5 . . . and Mr. Stephen Tsai, thanks for waking up early, and here's to a great last weekend of 2012!!!!!

  17. Chicken Grease:

    In Hawaii, just have the signer-student-athletes for FOOTBALL sign in April and the other signer-student-athletes for those other college sports sign at another time.

  18. Bigislandkurt:

    Carter in the ring of honor? Automatic.....unless he did something to piss some folks off -- like the Nogas allegedly did.


  19. koakane ip5:

    so which al is this false or hamburger wimpy

  20. koakane ip5:

    also bet al had to look it up

  21. Bleed Green and White:

    (Bigislandkurt and Mr. Tsai)

    The University of Hawaii Hall of Honor, for lack of any better words, is a DAMN JOKE!

    No Michael Carter, neither Niko nor Al, not even Timmy Chang, as a matter of fact, if the math is correct, I think there's only maybe 2 or 3 football players represented that played in the last 25 years.
    Absolutely ridiculous!

    I don't care what the clowns who vote year and year out have to say, whatever reasons they come up NOT to vote such players in, they're is no excuse.

    Word on the street is "well they weren't very nice people" or whatever. Even if that is the case, which I know nothing of, is it not about what they did when they wore the uniform?

    Who are the idiots voting anyway. Dang, that issue ticks me off!

    I just checked, not even Garrett Gabriel in the hall, and he engineered in my opinio, the two biggest wins in UH football history.
    Down with BYU!!!!!

    Mr. Tsai, do you know who the "know nothing voters are"?
    Could you tell us there names?
    They must be really stupid people!

  22. Kevin:


    So what do you think of the former UH student-athletes inducted into the Circle of Honor are?

    Worthy? Or not?

  23. Don Weir (We-Ah):

    Bleed Green and White

    I do not know who votes.
    I do know that I submitted to the UH SID the name of Richard Furtado for consideration two years ago.
    Press release follows after induction:
    On the gridiron, “Potato” was a triple threat, running, passing and kicking as a member of the undefeated Wonder Team II that upset the California Golden Bears 14–0 in the 1935 New Year’s Day Classic bowl game.

    I do know that Coach Larry Price (as a player) and Jeris White from my era are inductees.
    For a full list please find the names at

    I agree that Carter should be in the circle.

  24. PurpleMaple:

    ST, I think moving the signing day to April hurts the smaller/lower programs since the additional time only allows players sitting on the fense to further procrastinate on making a decision. If you look at the current recruiting status, most of the top 50 schools are just about done with their recruiting. I just can't see how Texas A&M has 34 commitments. Hawaii is doing very well with 20 ciommitments, but other schools like Hawaii have maybe 7-12 commitments. They have to wait to see where some of the players will commit before they can finish filling out their recruiting. I don't think the delay would help anyone. Comparing the NCAA to the NFL is like comparing apples to oranges.

  25. al:


    i think he started 2" rule. went from6'0" to 5'10", which was still below his actual 5'9 1/2".however, he was the toughest son of a that I ever saw.

  26. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Happy Birthday M.C.!

  27. A-House:


    IIRC, the "fumbleruski" was called back because the Head Ref says UH did not inform him of the "trick" play - Mikey Carter swears that the ref did acknowledge the notification, but----

    after that game, the NCAA "outlawed" the fumbleruski

    yes, we were there and it was freezing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. A-House:

    Mrs A-House made friends with Mikey Carter 2 years ago when UH honored past players at Aloha Stadium

    we all got a football alumni t-shirt from him

  29. Supastoke:

    Last fumbleroski was tried at Fresno state? Cud be wrong :)

  30. kapakahi:

    Rolo apparently just hired as OC for Temple Owls....

  31. kapakahi:

    JMHO but probably a better long-term career move for be able to develop his own coaching identity as a true OC.....instead of be a glorified QB coach under a HC......who effectively also serves as the it was last season under Ault.....and would've been at UH under Chow.

  32. ai-eee-soos:

    #34 & #37 ....

    Go for it Rolo !!! ... and don't need to look back ... everything's in FRONT of you.

    .. and I hope Temple can pay you much more than $125,975.00.

    Good Luck, Rolo.

  33. Will-I-Am:

    Is this guy eligible? If so I hope he is getting recruited by UH.

  34. Will-I-Am:

    The last kick on the video is straight up ridiculous.

  35. Kevin:

    Pretty obvious some "people" dont give a crap about other sports programs........

  36. Stephen Tsai:

    Ault's character showed in not even endorsing any of his assistants as his successor.
    This "retirement" wasn't intended to benefit Nevada in any way.

  37. Stephen Tsai:

    At least when JJ left, he recommended Chow, Lee, McMackin and Gilbride.

  38. LizKauai (mbp):

    Yea for Rolo!

    I like the idea of morning practice... get to bed early, get up and be bright on the field... hope it works out.

    Met a lurker last night at dinner... that was a very nice surprise!!!

    Back to my fish...

  39. PolyMom:

    Don Weir and tommui...get ready we coming to town.

    Watching Roman beat the Long Horns. Love it!

  40. tommui:

    #39 - looking forward to seeing you.

  41. Chicken Grease:

    Heh. Ah, the irony -- Rolo just gets further and further and farther and farther away from UH; first he goes to our crybaby rivals, then he goes to "the game who cried wolf/supposed 13th game school." Anyway, good luck to him and he should beware UH Warriors in the future. (see if he's laughing and making Jersey Boys jokes then :P .)

  42. Shoko:

    I don't think anyone on Ault's staff were legitimate candidates to succeed him. Rolo wasn't a serious replacement with only one year under the Pistol, and the DC, Bradeson, pretty much ruined any chances for him to be head coach after the very poor defensive performance this past season.

    Ault's bad timing to resign shows he was pretty irritated at the lack of financial support from the administration. Pretty much a screw you, I'm fed up course of action.

    That said, Ault's retirement has proven to benefit Rolo's career. As for the other coaches they might be in deep dodo if they bring in a new guy with his own system, philosophy and vision for the Pack football program. Brightside is that when the Warriors show up in Mackay next year, it might not be the same (worse) program.

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  44. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs:

    Is not Temple where the "Fumbler" resides?

  45. Shoko:

    Very strong words of support from George Rush, legendary head coach of San Francisco City College.

    "I'd be shocked if he wasn't the head coach at a major school in the next five years," Rush told the RGJ in April. "I'd be shocked. I mean he's talented. He's as bright a young coach who is out there."

  46. Shoko:

    44. He was at Temple. He's at Syracuse now.

  47. Annoddah Dave:

    @#46, Shoko: thanks..I guess he keeping one step ahead of the posse. LOL

  48. Pomai:

    Good luck to Rolo, say what you want he is and always will be a Warrior.

  49. nomakeshame:

    Chris Ault retiring with very little notice pretty much sums up what the Nevada program was really about, at least to Ault. It was all about him. One has to wonder if the Nevada schedule next year had him thinking to retire early. Ault was never a fan of playing big time schools, he would much rather have played WAC and Sun Belt schools versus Florida State and Oregon. The last I heard Nevada was trying to drop one or two of their BCS games for next year. Fun Fact about Ault: Some time ago when football teams were wearing pink clothing for breast cancer awareness, he told the event organizers, his team was not wearing pink because it was a variation of red, which represents UNLV.

  50. kapakahi:


    Being a great coach obviously doesn't translate to Ault being even a good person.

    Just a very common opinion shared amongst alot of coaches.

  51. kapakahi:

    #36 & #37,

    ST's opinion is one that shared by the Reno locals too.....

  52. laulau head:

    Birthday shoutout to Michael Carter!

    Congrats to can you put a candy "X" on the Wolfpack logo?

    Ault stinks...thank you "Iceman" Dan Kelly! That kick(s)...priceless!

  53. kifi:

    #51 - From Kapakahi's article.

    "...but head-coaching hires move quickly and are usually made in 7-10 days."

    Huh? 7 to 10 days?

  54. Shoko:

    I think what they mean is they will announce the hiring 7-10 days after the search committee has gathered and reviewed all the applicants.

  55. Shoko:

    No doubt Ault does have an abrasive personality. I remember when the Pack played the Rebels at UNLV couple years ago where the sideline passes that were handed out to the staff had "UNR" and not "Nevada" stamped on them. He refused to wear

    Aside from his idiosyncracies, he was a great coach. He was just grouchy at times.

  56. Shoko:

    49. Nevada tried to get out of playing the Florida State game, but that fell through. Ault's approach to scheduling was a balanced one. More like Boise State and less like Fresno State's "Anywhere and anytime" mantra.

  57. Shoko:

    One thing good about the Warriors' MBB team being in the Big West is that some of the conference games are televised for free.

  58. Warrior Dave:

    Very happy for Rolo. No doubt Ault called plays and Rolo did not have the freedom to do his thing.

    Glad he was not consider by Chow. I want Rolo to get experience and come back as HC one day. Might be sooner than we think.

    Congrats Rolo!!!

  59. al:

    Congrats na wahine!

  60. al:

    way to go rolo!

    Good move.

  61. Wes'side Warrior:

    Howzit, Gang!

    Gratz to Coach Rolo. Should be fun to keep an eye on Temple, and see what they do.

    Gratz to Na Wahine!

    And finally, Happy Birthday to one of my all-time favorite Rainbows... Michael Carter!!!

  62. papajoe2:

    So any Nevada recruits worth raiding?

  63. papajoe2:

    My keyboard was down for a few weeks and prevented me from posting but I could still lurk. Is it Colorado State and UNLV looking to form an new conference? What's going on with that? Since they are on the "weaker" side of the MWC, they took the initiative to protect themselves by being the lead to reorganize a conference. Anytime I hear of conference movement, I think that Hawaii will be left out. I'm hoping that Ben Jay does something similiar instead of just laying back and watching things happen around UH.

  64. papajoe2:

    Happy Birthweek Michael Carter!
    Congrats Coach Rolo!

  65. Shoko:

    MBB about to start.

    If I remember correctly, it was reported that Colorado State and New Mexico were in the mix of starting a new conference. UNLV and Fresno State were supposedly in contact with the Big East as possible invites according the ESPN and CBS Sports. These were rumors that were squashed by both schools, tho. Nothing has been mentioned since then.

  66. papajoe2:

    Shoko, sorry, but I cannot really beleive that it was rumors that were squashed just because of what happened in the old WAC. Jay be on guard.

  67. papajoe2:

    We once coached a guy on our team named Jay. We called him "J" for short.

  68. Chicken Grease:

    Maybe Jim Tressel'd be hired as Nevada new football coach, over there from Akron a la Donovan (both of whom seemed to be so . . . thrilled in their non-athletic roles when they were first introduced, yes?) style? Hey, Tressell committed his sins in Ohio. (Ohayoooooooooooooooooo) Start again in a mid-major. Hey, he ain't gettin' any younger; and Akron's story-to-their-grandkids-for-generations-to-come'll be their big win over Big Blue. And, don't think Akron has any plans for him to coach, ehy?

    NCAA rules don't prevent him from coaching now that it's a few years downah road?

  69. Chicken Grease:

    Oooops, oops, oops theytis -- was Appalachian St. that upset Meeeeechigan football, in 2007. Oh, well, Wolvies host Akron 2013, so, maybe a 0Rease does a Greastradamous in that above post, # 68, gomen na saiiiiiiiiiii.

  70. Shoko:

    Warriors off to slow start. They already have 8 turnovers.

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  72. Shoko:

    True, never know whats really being said or initiated behind the scenes. Just have to keep track of whats going on and whats being said, whether true or not as to be on the safe side. Its just that what I read from the various sports media outlets, they are always refuted by the members involved in those reports. So, who knows....

  73. papajoe2:

    False ST in a red T-shirt behind the visitors bench.

  74. Chicken Grease:

    Blair [Witch Project] for the tray!!!!

  75. Chicken Grease:

    This C-SUN coach, Rosie Green lives!!!!

    FOTU!!!!!!!!!! (42!!!!!!)

  76. 3-Prong:

    ....dey playin our game!

  77. tommui:

    That was a thriller - good game WAHINE.

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  80. kev-1:

    Big Congrats to Hawaii's next head coach, Nick Rolovich. No get your panties in a bunch guys and gals. I am referring to when Coach Chow hangs em up. Not calling for a change.

  81. gobows:

    every time i watch the UH mens basketball, they play like i'll stop

  82. kev-1:

    Looks like the S&C coach needs to spend more time with the bball team. Opponents consistently look faster, fitter, bigger, and stronger. There is definitely talent on the team, but just compare them physically. How come? Even Vander. Braddah is big, but soft looking. I had expected him to fill out over the years, but he hasn't.

  83. Chicken Grease:

    JUST saw the ersatz Stephen Tsai in red t-shirt (# 73, papajoe2) behind the CSUN bench. This Tsai has little kids w/him.

  84. cavewarrior:

    To become an unforgetable experience and lifetime memory.....Rolo with Temple open at Notre Dame in Aug.

  85. Chicken Grease:

    Did Artie Wilson just say the "sh--" word on air?

  86. cavewarrior:

    who is the third voice with artie and howie?

  87. Chicken Grease:

    Keith Amemiya (black UH polo) apparently behind the HAWAII bench; this helps to balance out the fake S. Tsai behind the CSUN (Dashefsky recently mentioned Jackie Joyner Kersey, Richard Dreyfuss, and "Straight up now, tell me" Paula Abdul are graduates of) bench.

  88. Chicken Grease:

    HI men b-ball Warrior win!

  89. Chicken Grease:

    December 29th, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    who is the third voice with artie and howie?

    Tony Salito (a Grease knows he messed that up), ex-HPU men b-ball head coach.

  90. gobows:

    awright, good thing i turned the game off...they only got outscored by 8 points in the second half.

  91. Shoko:

    Win is a win, but I sure wish the Warriors would start to improve on the FT shooting. Lucky the officials didn't call the foul on CSUN last three-point attempt.

    Warriors next game against Fullerton, and they're alot better team than Northridge.

  92. gobows:

    #80 i'd rather see rolo come back as the OC and show how he would tweak the rns. maybe rich miano will bring rolo back when he succeeds NC.

  93. Chicken Grease:

    December 29th, 2012 at 9:37 pm

    Win is a win

    Amen! Let's enjoy! First game in new league, a win!!!!

  94. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    It's good to have options in case we decide to go to 1-AA.

  95. Slugger:

    Congratulations to Rolo!

    Grease... it's Tony Sellito, former Maryknoll High School coach when we were there...

    Congrats to the Wahine & Men's BB teams!


  96. jm2375 (iPad):


    Congrats to both bb teams on their victories tonight.

    Best wishes to Rolo.

    Got my Warrior volleyball season tickets today. Woohoo!

    Go Warriors!
    Go Wahine!

  97. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Heart-stopper twice today for UH fans. There were maybe 500 of us watching the Wahine win over Cincin and well over 5K of us watching DaBoyz squeak past CSUN

    Question: Is there a sports psychologist on contract with UH? If not, there should be - given the need to move into The Zone when the pressure is enough to stroke out even the best players.

    CHANGE OF SUBJECT: Will post the info about State Senate & House $$$ committees re UH-Manoa and Aloha Stadium by January 1.

  98. suddy:

    here is

  99. 99club:


  100. d1shima:


  101. 99club:

    Congratulations to Romo on the new job. Hmmm....cheese steaks.

  102. 99club:

    Good morning d1!

  103. d1shima:

    Howzit 99club.

    Happy New Year!

  104. SteveM:

    99club -- Good morning!

    d1 -- Good night!


  105. Old School Dave:

    Congrats to the MBB and WBB teams.

    Here's an article about fan behavior:

  106. Nikki Sandham:

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  107. oldtimer808:

    Vander still is frustrating to watch. He continues to hold on to the ball and allow the double teams to converge on him. He needs to be quicker to the basket or get rid of the ball. If he gets rid of the ball than he would be able to get it back in a better position. A win is a win whew.

  108. Chicken Grease:

    Good night, everybody . . . actually, see you later this morning :) . Hey, it's Saturday night/Sunday morning.

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  110. papajoe2:

    We're all sleeping this last Sunday of the year 2012.

  111. gobows:


  112. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Night shift had light duty last night.

    Enjoy the last day of RedZone!

  113. Shoko:

    Go Vikings!

  114. Shoko:

    Figures it snows after Christmas in Reno rather than Christmas day.

  115. Chicken Grease:

    December 30th, 2012 at 6:59 am

    We're all sleeping this last Sunday of the year 2012.

    Also, some of us are not sleeping alone (such as those like . . . a Grease ;) ) in these last few sleepy times of 2012. :D

    HAPPY PRE-2013!!!!!!!!!! AND ohayoooooooooooooooogozaimasu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [a Grease goes back to sleep(ing with).]

  116. 3-Prong:

    .......time for Romo to show up. Go Cowboys!

    jm, yo team ready?

  117. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Great games by Men's and Women's BBall at the Stanley last night! Gratz to both teams!

  118. Bleed Green and White:

    Kevin -

    In reference to your Hall of Honor question, and in regards to your suggestion that some of us don't give a crap about other sports:

    That's not it at all. Point is, Niko and Al Noga are by the far, the best football players in the history of the the University of Hawaii, the fact that they are not included in the Hall is a crying shame. To the point mind, that it pretty much makes the Hall look like a joke. No offense at all to the others....
    I mean, they're not getting for allegedly not being "good people" or whatever. The distinction is supposed to be for what they while they wore their uniforms.
    Kidding me!
    Some in the hall did much more, much, much more after their playing days, like olympians etc....
    That's awesome, but it's not supposed to be for what you did after your UH career.

    You, you're a softball guy right.....this is no offense to any one of the Rainbow Wahine, just a "black eye" to the voters and those that run the Hall.

  119. A-House:

    Before ST closes this blog like last Christmas eve, the A-House ohana including MasaBoy who will celebrate the new 2013 with us at home, our best wishes for great 2013 to you and those who you hold dear - may you enjoy much good health and happiness in the year to come!

    and, may the Warriors have a very good season and win a bowl game!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good luck to Rolo... he's got a great future, I think. Rutgers will be good for his resume. It will be fun to watch his story unfold, and he'll ALWAYS be a Warrior, where ever he goes.

  121. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Mornin' Colonel! Same to you and the A-house 'ohana!


  122. Pomai:

    Just to put the circle of honor in better context!

    Circle of Honor
    96    -    Total Members
    58    -    Indivual athletes
    37    -    Non-Athletes
    27    -    Football
    7    -    Womens Volleyball
    4    -    Baseball
    4    -    Mens Basketball
    3    -    Mens Track and Field
    2    -    Boxing
    2    -    Mens Volleyball
    2    -    Swimming
    2    -    Womens Basketball
    2    -    Womens Track and Field
    1    -    Golf
    1    -    Womens Soccer
    1    -    Womens Softball

  123. Chicken Grease:

    Happy new year everybody!!!!!!!!

  124. Former UH Athlete:

    Thanks ST for confirming Rolo's role at UNR. I seem to get hate mail every time I mention him. I think many fans aren't separating him as a player vs him as a coach. Rolo was solid player, but IMO, not experienced enough to hold OC position at UH after only a couple years of QB coach.

    The pistol offense is designed to be a run first offense. Rolo converted UH to the pistol still kept to the RnS personnel (TE or FB). That's a schematic error that makes it very tough to run. The pistol RB is 8-9 yards deep and without a TE or FB as extra blockers, running becomes very difficult. Also, with the pistol, it basically eliminated the RB screen play, which is a key weapon in any spread passing offense that's used to slow down aggressive pass rushers. Fewer screens = easier for defenses to rush the QB. Also the RB in the pistol has to move farther for pass protection, which makes is harder for the RB to pickup rushers. Those were schematic errors made by Rolo

    Maybe ST can confirm, but I believe Red Zone TD % and 3rd down completion % both went down significantly after Mack/Rolo took over.

    Here's a startling stat... from 2001-2007, JJ's offense averaged 29.1 sacks given up per season. Rolo's RnS/Pistol gave up 43.5 sacks/season.

    Enough of the negative stuff... that was then this is now... I think the Temple job should be good fit for Rolo. At least he'll get paid more and he gets to run the offense and be the real OC.

    Going into 2013, I'm pretty excited with the recruiting class. Gotta say this is the first time I've been excited about a recruiting class in a long time. Looks like Chow has landed a few immediate starters in the trenches. Looks like we all get to stop complaining about Schroeder/Higgins arm strength... Graham has a big time arm and Woosley has a live arm. If the transfer WRs have the speed they show on tape, UH will finally be able to stretch the defense vertically.

    Just hope the team is getting bigger/stronger during the offseason. If the freshmen LBs Garcia-Williams, L. Williams, and Fonua gain 15lbs, that will be a solid group of LBs. They have talent, but just lacked size this year. The secondary is rock solid. With the additions of Tua'au and Ekuale, and a clean slate of health, the DL should be much better.

    Can all the newcomers gel and produce a winning season? Just with the upgrades in talent, I think UH gets to 6 wins, maybe 7 in 2013.

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