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Warriors prepare for visitors

January 10th, 2013

Part of the Warriors' football future will be shaped this month.

The Warriors are expected to bring in up to 32 recruits for visits, beginning with eight recruiting visits this weekend.

The NFL will be a coincidental partner in UH's recruiting. The Warriors will bring in the most recruits on the Jan. 25-27 weekend. The NFL has announced it will have a pro combine at UH on Jan. 25. The Pro Bowl is scheduled for Jan. 27 at Aloha Stadium.

* * * * *

If you can't afford to go to the volleyball final four, then go to this weekend's Outrigger Hotels Invitational. There aren't many tournaments that feature Penn State, Ohio State and UCLA.

Penn State and UCLA play at 4 p.m.; Warriors and Ohio State go at 7 p.m.

Word on the boulevard is Ben Jay will make his first appearance at a UH sporting event tonight.

* * * * * *

Need a great doctor? You'll have to wait at least 8 years. For now, just wish Screecher #2 — Britt Ubasa — a happy 18th birthday.

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