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It's not about us

January 17th, 2013

Whenever there is a national story about something unfortunate — or, in yesterday's situation, bizarre —  involving a resident of the 50th state, we always hear the refrain: This will make Hawaii look bad.

The inclusiveness is because this is a state that treats each as his own. It is why many took an interest in Philadelphia when Shane Victorino played there, why we texted support for Jasmine Trias, why we watch Hawaii Five-O on Monday nights.

And it is why most share the responsibility for things that are not of our doing, such as the Wonder Blunder and Dog the Bounty Hunter, to name two.

We're Hawaii. This is what we do. We take things personally, even though we're not affected personally.

But while yesterday's revelations were bizarre and intriguing, and in the next few days (weeks? months?) will become even more bizarre and more intriguing, it is not our burden.

Except for some reputations and the guy who finished third in the Heisman voting, no harm was done.

Hawaii will be fine.

We'll be fine.

* * * * *

The volleyball Warriors departed yesterday for Long Beach, where they will play the 49ers tomorrow and Saturday.

Here are Matt Cheape, Taylor Averill, Johann Timmer and Nick West:


Here's Sinisa Zarkovic:


Here's Kolby Kanetake:


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