B-Y ... who?

January 29th, 2013

When it comes to the UH-BYU series, to quote the woman in Red: "We are never, ever, ever, getting back together."

The aura of the rivalry had long faded. When every trivia list about the series involved references to Dick Tomey as a UH head coach, well, this one had gone the way of Kona jackets and gold-dipped leaves. And after Kahuku running back Aufaga Wiley makes his decision between the schools, what's left to discuss?

The series' revival was reborn out of necessity. BYU was going independent and needed games; UH had the Hawaii exemption and a fondness for nostalgia.  But  what ended the first marriage — scheduling conflicts, dying interest — resurfaced in the reunion. That was apparent when the 2012 game had to be pushed back a couple of weeks. And that was apparent this time, when the MWC's expansion and creation of a championship game forced members to clear Dec. 7 plans.

There might be discussions about bringing the series back again. But with the narrowed window, this drain is unplugged.

* * * * *

It will be interesting to see if UH can ever have a 13-game schedule. Knock off the annual regular-season game in December, and it will be squeeze to play 13.

Not sure why there's a need to play a MWC title game, anyway. Twelve teams have to leave open a date that only two can use. And the championship game's winner is not assured a berth in a megabuck bowl.

For all of the naysayers who thought it would be too difficult to stage a game against Temple last year, how is preparing for a title game on, maybe, a week's notice any different?

* * * * *

Two Canadian Football League teams have inquired about quarterback Cayman Shutter, who will earn his bachelor's degree in May. Born in Canada, Shutter would have a roster edge. Of the 46 players on a CFL roster, 27 must be "non-imports." Shutter is expected to compete in UH's pro day on March 19 in San Diego.

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  1. Bleed Green and White:


  2. Bleed Green and White:

    My first, first.
    For the record, I would love the UH / BYU series to re-connect one day!

  3. Shoko:

    Fine, I'll take third. ;)

  4. Top 5:

    Top 5?? Good luck to shutter. Hopefully Wiley chooses to stay home

  5. iwonderwhytheyhatemet:

    Gotta agree 110% that keeping the BYU game on schedule and just taking a wait/see approach is a lot better than canceling it now for the hopes that we play in a championship game.

    Seems like the 13th game exemption is dead. Long live the 13th game exemption.

  6. Haleakala:

    Best wishes to Cayman on getting picked up by a CFL team!

  7. Shoko:

    Something else I thought about in regards to the cancelation of the Hawaii-BYU game is that the new TV bonus (200k for Friday game and 300k For Saturday) that was offered to all its members is gone too.

  8. Shoko:

    Yes, best wishes to Shutter! Curious to know which two CFL teams are interested in him.

  9. Shoko:

    5. Not sure if you noteiced, but you mispelled you screen name.

    Anywho, I'm not sure UH or Jay had a choice in keeping that game on the schedule. It sounds like it was more of a conference decision. Meaning the Thompson.

  10. papajoe2:

    Top 10?

  11. papajoe2:

    Good morning errybody!

  12. Shoko:

    Grammar is a little off today. Well, more than usual. Better quit while I'm behind.

  13. Stephen Tsai:

    Ben Jay seems like a nice guy.
    I was concerned when he tweeted that "Moneyball" was one of his favorite movies.
    Moneyball is a great concept — use statistical analysis to spend efficiently — but I'm still a proponent of making money, spending money.

  14. haka:

    aufaga...is dat da pake running back or am i wong? j/k :-p

  15. Pomai:

    Even though I would love to see the BYwhoo games continue, I do believe it was more of a one sided rivalry, I don't think that BYwhoo thought of it as a big time rivalry game. But then again they are byWHO.

  16. tommui:


    I think (but don't really remember) my first UH v BYU game was at the old Termite Palace when we won 15-0 - five FGs!

  17. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    ST -- yup, was thinking the same thing yesterday. How about we bring in an idle MWC team on the last weekend in case we are not in Championship game? Too poor a draw?

  18. SteveM:

    RE: #16
    tommui -- I remember that game. Was sitting on makai side 30 yard line since it was so crowded (usually sat mauka). But for me, the UH - BYU rivalry really came to end when Lavelle Edwards retired.

  19. Chicken Grease:


    But you see,
    I don't think like you do;
    I come much slicker
    With the retribut'
    Rollin 25 deep
    Troopin' down in a parking lot
    . . .
    Now who's to blame?
    For the hate that hate made?

    - Paris

    Never quite understood the BYU rivalry, old chap, except to admit to the Laie presence and to pronounce the handing of a$s to the Warriors all those years until bachi Detmer Heisman occurred.

    # # #

  20. Annoddah Dave:

    @#s 16 & 18: Was that Rhinehold Stuprich game?

  21. gobows:


  22. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    1 less home game means 1 less tailgate! (which is why I'm round... :roll: )

    Good luck to Cayman Shutter on his CFL aspirations.

    A-joe - as a Hoya alum, I'm waiting for the Catholic 7 to decide when they're splitting off from the other BE schools. I think they have a case for keeping the BE name.


  23. gobows:

    that must be with larry price, but was it really a shut out?
    larry price, bob wagner, and june jones are the only the UH football coaches to beat BYWho.

  24. Independent Thinker:

    Scott Caan reminds me of a 4'7'' scrappy doo, a dog with a lot of bark, but no fight. My question is how can a midget land the co-leading role on Hawaii Five-O when there are so many other actors out there who would make a fine Danno? That question was not PC, but, hey, the guy is basically a midget trying to act like a Stallone, or a The Rock.

  25. Independent Thinker:

    Ok. Where are we on getting the Punahou LB?

  26. Chicken Grease:

    Bleed Green and White:
    January 29th, 2013 at 8:05 am


    Congratulations on your first ichiban post on The Warrior Beat, BG&W!!! You very well might ne on your way to achieving the # 1 post on The Warrior Beat's very first blog entry of the year, same way's a Grease did for 2013! [!]. Good luck!!!

    Your "Yippie" hath transformed the "Y" in "BYU" from "Young" to "Yippie." (that campus sure could use some "Yippie.")

  27. d1shima:

    Reinhold Stuprich!

  28. Old School Dave:

    BYU's rival is (was) Utah. The two schools have had some great games in the past, but in no way does BYU regard UH as a rivalry. In fact, some misinformed people in the Bee Hive State think that UH is actually BYU-Hawaii.

  29. d1shima:

    Never, ever getting back together again?

    You never know what happens when....

    You go talk to your friends talk
    To my friends talk to me


  30. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs:

    I believe also that the BYU rivalry was one sided. I think UH made a big deal of it because BYU was the Big Dog on Campus and we were always the underdog. UH measured its program based upon how well it survived the BYU games. BYU was consistently a quality program and still is and thus, they became a "target" or measuring stick. That game that tommui and SteveM posted was particularly good because most of the people in the old Stadium had never seen us beat BYU. I sat with a friend of mine who did not believe that UH could win...all the way through the 4th Qtr. It was a crazy night at the Stadium...people could not stop talking about it. The beer after the game was so ono!

  31. Shoko:

    Have to make money before you can spend it. So far, UH athletics has been running up the balance on their upper campus credit card.

    I find it interesting the MW is so accomodating to helping out BYU to fill up their schedule with their two for one deal with Nevada. Is this one way of getting BYU back into the MWC?

  32. d1shima:

    ....it was a rainy night at the Termite Palace. :-(

  33. Shoko:

    I think nowadays, the term rivalry, is used loosely and not so much based on a history, but used to generate interest and revenue.

  34. clyde:

    The score was 15-13, with Stuprich kicking five FGs.

  35. gobows:

    what about that agreement that was supposed to keep BYWho and the UH playing till 2020?


  36. Annoddah Dave:

    @#34 clyde: You are right...that's why it was exciting. BYU needed only a FG to win! Defense was awesome.

  37. Shoko:

    It seems the existing contract is being reworked. Or worse, it could be altogether scrapped.

    The three-page document is sprinkled with contingencies and the kinds of terms — “tentative” and “preferred” — you don’t usually find in such contracts and, at one point, says they will meet “in either 2014 or ’16.”

  38. SteveM:

    Annodhah Dave -- there was more than a decade of frustrating and heartbreaking losses to BYU after that. I was disappointed that our vaunted Hula-T could not score a touchdown, but Larry Price's defense was very tough. :)

    The stadium was packed because of the BYU Laie campus and the island was literally divided--the proverbial cross town rival. The long hiatus after the early 90's cooled things off.

  39. tom mui:

    #34 CLYDE: Thanks = shows how long ago the game was played.
    But I did remember the 5ive field goals!

  40. al:

    please forgive tommui.
    i recall that game too.
    i must have been only knee high.

  41. al:

    at the outstart, uh held a 4 - 1 win advantage in this series.

    for me, the back to back garret gabriel blowout wins over byu was best.

  42. SteveM:


  43. Former UH Athlete:

    C. Shutter from Canada? Wow, that would have been a good trivia question.

  44. haka:

    better than statehood!

  45. al:

    i can never figure out why bob wagner is not in the circle of honor.
    after bringing us those back to back byu stomping.
    let alone why he was so abruptly released and the way they did it.

  46. al:

    shutter was born in canada, but, i believe his citizenship was always united states. but, that does allow him to be consider a non-alien in the eyes of the cfl.

  47. al:

    with the advent of the mwc championship game, hawaii should move forward quickly to put together a plea for help to the ncaa. asking for that additional week of scheduling before the rest of the d1's programs (here i go again).

    the timing is right.

  48. Former UH Athlete:

    #28... you're right. BYU may be a rival for Hawaii fans, but BYU fans generally don't consider UH a rival because it's been very one sided.

    It's like Michigan & Michigan St. MSU considers Michigan as a big rival, but Michigan thinks MSU is an annoying little brother, tough enough to put up a fight but not big enough to consider them a serious threat. Ohio St is the big rival for Michigan.

    Fresno - Hawaii was turning into a good rivalry, but that was more the coaches hating each other. Once JJ left, and Fresno started declining, the rivalry lost is luster.

    UNLV - Hawaii is the best hope for a rivalry, mainly because Vegas is a major destination for Hawaii resident/fans. I hope UNLV can eventually step up and make this a legit rivalry. The last few UNLV-Hawaii gams have had more Hawaii fans at Sam Boyd Stadium.

  49. Annoddah Dave:

    @#45 al: One reason could be that his former boss, HY sits on the committee! I don't Riley Wallace will be in the circle as well as long as HY is involved.

  50. Annoddah Dave:

    @#49: should have said "I don't think..."

  51. gobows:

    wasn't that a David Maeva quote?

    i think wags was lost once Paul Johnson left for navy.

  52. Annoddah Dave:

    @#45 al: My understanding was that Coach Wagner was told he could no longer bring in "at risk" student athletes...those that were academically on the bubble or non-qualifiers. As a result, the team struggled athletically and he was summarily "fired". Guess who followed him? HY's good buddy and college team mate. PS. There was no search committee for this hire.

  53. gobows:

    i thought jj and pat were buds from the nfl. pat hill was a guess at UH's spring football practice when he was coaching at fresno.

  54. SteveM:

    Well, rivalry or not, UH-BYU games a had of fans in the stands at Aloha Stadium... after the 7:30 pm game starts.

  55. gobows:

    good thing that changed, otherwise Pisa would never had been a warrior.

  56. truegreen:

    #51: David Hallums

  57. Annoddah Dave:

    @#55 gobows: and also Davon and Colton.

  58. d1shima:

    Nikken fruts!


  59. koakane:

    :cool: howzit to the tsaiko ward

    mighty fine sunny day here in the 808 all you lucky :grin: natives. go outside and warm up or put some tan on your body

    gotta give a shout out to the wahine bball team, big change from a year ago. nice job coaches except for the last :oops: 2 minutes of saturdays game. should have been a winna.

  60. koakane:

    d1 wot about the futs :lol:

  61. Former UH Athlete:

    #46... If Chris Kaman can play on the 2008 German Olympic basketball team, anything is possible... Kaman's only connection to Germany was that his grandmother was from Germany. Kaman doesn't even speak German.

  62. gobows:

    hope they got vdo of the ride

  63. Buffoman:

    #52 can you imagine if things worked out for Von Appen? We not be going crazy today with "search committees" for vacancies in the department as that would have been a non-issue and vacancies would be filled without all of the red tape we currently face with our "search committees".

  64. Chicken Grease:

    Glorius and free. Ooooo.K.

    O Canada!
    Glorious and free
    O Canada
    We stand on guard
    We stand on guard for thee.

    Ruler Supreme! who hearest humble prayer
    Hold thy Dominion in thy loving care
    Help us to find Oh God in thee
    A lasting rich reward
    As waiting for a better day
    We ever stand on guard.

    O Canada
    Glorious and free

    Gee, you think they ever stand on guard for Canada?

    For ya'll Frenchie French-philes:

    O Canada!
    Terre de nos aieux
    Ton front est ceint 
    De fleurons glorieux
    Car ton bres
    Sait porter l'peh,
    Il sait porter la croix

    Etu fe. Whatever.

    Canada trivia for purposes of the board:

    • Marvel Comics' Wolverine comes from Canada as does Alpha Flight. (Canada's Avengers/X-Men)

    • Mililani High School patterns their alma mater after O Canada's riddims.

    • Shutter . . . is it "non-import" or is it Memorex?

    # # #

  65. cocobean:

    #45. Politics. Hugh Yoshida is more likely to get in before Wags.

    Riley should be a "first ballot" inductee once he's eligible.

  66. Old School Dave:

    I enjoyed the 2001 game with BYU. Especially when the BYU cheerboys challenged Pisa and his defensive mates to beef. Hilarious!!

  67. papajoe2:

    Talk about coaching rivalry: Coach Price and Coach Chester Caddis of Pacific. The almost came to blows.

  68. Stephen Tsai:

    Caan's comments remind me of Claire Dane's ignorant comments about the Philippines:

  69. Annoddah Dave:

    @#49: Sorry guys, I stand corrected...Coach Bob Wagner was inducted to the UH Sports Circle of Honor in 2007. Now I remember how gracious he was when he received it and had nary a harsh word about his former boss.

  70. Stephen Tsai:

    Circle of Honor needs to add the Nogas, Garrett Gabriel, Michael Carter, Rich Miano, the 2007 team . . .

  71. d1shima:


    Is that where, "Eazzzy Tigah!" came from? ;-)

  72. Buffoman:

    I have to agree with an early poster who stated that the Garret Gabriel victory over BYU was the most memorable and then to do it again, wow!

    Having sat through those losses, we were hopeful but that win just seem to be as elusive as watching Walter Murray miss that catch in the end zone...close, but not enough.

    Then along came Gabriel, local boy, not much of a runner, not much of a passer, but a heck of a leader.

  73. Stephen Tsai:

    By the time I got to Roosevelt, Ticky Vasconcellos was a grouchy old P.E. teacher.
    He used to call us "Guavas" and make us run around the track while hitting plastic golf balls in our direction.
    And years later he dies.
    And they tell me to write his obit.
    And, I'm like: Hmmm.
    But then I write a nice obit, honoring the man for all of the wonderful things he did in his life.
    And that's how it should be with Circles and Halls.
    So what if Barry Bonds was a jerk. He was a great player, even before the PED issues. Put him in the Hall.
    Pete Rose had more hits than anybody in baseball's history. Put him in the hall. Rose's bats and balls are in the Hall. Why can't the man be there?
    And I don't care if Niko Noga was mean or whatever he did, he was the best UH football player I've ever seen play. Put him in the Circle.
    We can't act like guavas the rest of our lives.

  74. Stephen Tsai:

    By the way, Chow is considering making Garrett Gabriel an honorary captain next year.

  75. Independent Thinker:

    ST, what is the criteria for getting into the Circle? Don't see it listed at:


    Nogas should be in there, along with Allen Allen, and so many more.

  76. Independent Thinker:

  77. A-House:


    a honorary captain for all home games or just the opener against USC?

    yuk, because of ESPN it's now on "thursday", 8/29/13. well, I shouldn't be so harsh as this gives us extra time to pack.

  78. A-House:

    hi ho it's almost time to go - nah, only joking cause last week I began to feel bad and decided to leave - as I headed out the door it struck me like a thunder bolt that Mrs A-House was in "town" and I was her driver - what's the drivers name? James? John? Jack?

    to the doctor, James - home James - turn right, James - why not Jim?

  79. Annoddah Dave:

    @#75 Indie: I was thinking the same...I believe you have to have graduated from UH. IDK if Nogas did.

  80. A-House:

    circle of honor committee is like the US Senate where a single member can block the entire voting process?

    is he a republican? does he like to filabuster?

    couple good friends were part of the Iolani offensive line when he played and they kinda joke a lot that "he" would come to the sidelines and ask where he was and what he was doing there.

  81. Annoddah Dave:

    @#78 A-House: Why not...because how would it sound if she wanted to go to the "gym"?

  82. A-House:


    is graduating a "must" requriement to be in Circle of Honor?

    who gets to submit names to the committee? can ST do it? Kekaula? Mike Cherry? Jahmai?

  83. A-House:

    Annoddah Dave:

    oh, I can see it now, to the Jim, gym!!!!!!!!

  84. Stephen Tsai:

    You don't have to be a UH graduate.
    Yuval Katz and Clay Stanley aren't UH graduates.

  85. Stephen Tsai:

    Al Noga earned a UH degree.

  86. kev-1:

    Forget about the rivalry (which I believe can still be a good one), the loss of a BYU game for two years is just that - the loss of two football games. People need to remember how difficult it has been for UH to fill gaps lately. Are UH fans ready to accept 12 game seasons from here on out? Is a 2nd bye better mid season, or should that take the December slot so we can play a 13th? All things to think about.

    My view? The more football the better. Purely a football fans perspective. The teams that play UH also lose out on the 13th game possibility too.

  87. kev-1:

    One day ST will get the Noga's in the circle. Deserved, to say the least.

  88. Independent Thinker:

    Add Al Noga and Maa Tanuvasa as honorary D captains, coach. These two on the sidelines pumping up our D would be incredible.

    Get Maafala too for the O, to pump up our O.

  89. Independent Thinker:

    Final thought: we need some Polynesian war drummers and war drums. Drum before the boys enter the stadium. Announce the coming of war.


    Back to work.

  90. Stephen Tsai:

    I think losing the 13th game would be sad. More the merrier.
    But, worse, would be losing a seventh home game. UH needs to play more home games.

  91. Stephen Tsai:

    Independent Thinker:
    No limits on thoughts.
    You can keep posting.

  92. Bowwar:

    Okay ST, spill the beans...What is the general "ka-ka" that's keeping the Nogas out of the Circle of Honor? Were they "bad boys"? Did they offend the Board of Regents? Did they break the "honor code"?

    I can't believe Michael Carter isn't in...somehow, there's something wrong, as there are many inductees where I questioned their appointments.

  93. Chicken Grease:

    Stephen Tsai:
    January 29th, 2013 at 10:57 am

    . . . We can't act like guavas the rest of our lives.

    Also, can't be sheeple all our lives either, Stephen. Baaaaaaaa, baaaaaaaa.

  94. Bowwar:

    We need the money, so not having at 13th game at home is a back-breaker as it was last year...

    It should be noted that "WINNING" cures everything...It doesn't matter HOW WELL Chow does in his recruiting...If the team "stinks up" Aloha Stadium like they did last year, then it may be irrepairable, as people will not buy season tickets for a "poorly coached" team. A good coach will take whatever talent he has and maximize it on the playing field. I didn't see that last year...

    Honestly, despite winning some games, I thought Von Appen's worse year was better than last year...There were times where it showed that we were purely "out-coached."

    I'm a 35+ season ticket-holder trying to make ends meet and I will be "hard pressed" to renew this coming year, but...I will. If the team has another year like last, I'm afraid I will give up my tickets rather than deal with the ongoing frustration...Speaking with other "long time season ticket holders" in my Blue sideline section, they also expressed the same.

    Bottom-line...Winning will cure everything. Don't win, then it will be a challenge to bring people back.

  95. gobows:

    totally agree, especially on niko, never seen al play, so pisa is my #2.

  96. gobows:

    oregon state still going after Titus.


  97. Annoddah Dave:

    @#83 A-House: No, no...it would be "to the gym, Jim"!

  98. dannyp:


    Really? Chow must've gotten over the PTSD Gabriel caused.

  99. 3-Prong:


  100. d1shima:


  101. 3-Prong:

    #73 ST: Clay Stanley is in the Circle? With all due respect for his accomplishments after leaving UH, his feats while attending don't jump out at me. Wasn't he a sub in at least one of his years here. Now Niko on the other hand, One word "Domination". Total agreement with you on this.

  102. 3-Prong:


  103. glenn:

    In the US Senate, the majority leader refused to take votes; no budget for the last few years. He's not a republican; it's not called a filibuster.

  104. 3-Prong:

    44 & 51: Ahhhhhh David (da original Psycho) Maeva and Mike Tresler. Two peas in a pod. Remember going to a v-ball game and on a time-out with the band playing, Maeva lifts Tresler who is lying horizontally on his shoulders and spins him around helicopter style. Fans went crazy. You don't get that by watching the games on tv. Hehe

  105. oldtimer808:

    Niko was a beast on the field as well as Al. Yes these former players belong in the Circle of Honor.

  106. Bowwar:

    Niko would have made a better mascot than Vili the Warrior, as he was the true embodiment of a "Warrior" in football and in those "World Strongest Man" competitions. And don't forget, Niko had several notable years playing LB in the NFL as well his brother, Al.

  107. Dan-O:

    ST....what are Niko and Al Noga doing these days? Anyone know?

  108. Stephen Tsai:

    I'll find out why the Nogas are excluded if I ever get to be a voting member.
    Like I've said before: the committee is Lucy, a voting position is the football and I'm Charlie Brown.

  109. redzone:

    So Ronaiah will be on Dr. Phil this thursday and friday.

  110. Buffoman:

    #106 I was about to say that about Niko, too. If you wanted to see a prototype of what a Warrior "mascot" and really, player should look like on the filed, use Niko Noga.

    I don't think his "motor" ever downshifted. The guy in the pros today who reminds me of him is JJ Watt. QBs, RBs, WRs on WR screens are always worried that that guy is going to chase them down....that was how other teams probably felt about Niko.

  111. rage777:

    I asked Cindy on her blog why the Nogas weren't in and I think she said that they weren't nominated. Not sure how people are nominated.

  112. al:

    96...it is between osu and us
    for the signature of titus.

    down to the wire...

  113. Bowwar:

    ST: It just would be nice to know the "politics" behind these selections and the selection criteria being used, as these "exclusions" just don't make any sense...

  114. Bowwar:

    That Ronaiah guy should be given an further publicity for his misdeeds. If anything, they should sue him and/or arrest him. Unfortunately, I was told that what he did, does not constitute a "crime" per se. However, I'm sure somebody (i.e. Manti) could sue the ayyyhole for damaging his character, etc.

    Ronaiah is a "wannabee" from a heralded Tuiasosopo "athletic" family, who could uphold his family's tradition...

  115. Bowwar:

    Al: I hope Titus is making his visit to OSU this weekend, as its freezing cold in Oregon right now...

  116. Bowwar:

    11$; Sorry..I meant that Ronaiah SHOULDN'T be given any further publicity...

  117. WarriorMojo:

    Was it Niko or Al who couldn't figure out if the ball had been handed off so he tackled the QB AND the RB?

  118. redzone:

    McKinley has a Tuiasosopo who plays wr/db. I think he is very athletic and caught a nice deep pass and took it to the house against my Govs.

  119. cocobean:

    #69. Stand corrected. When I read the previous post that Wags wasn't in I had to respond.

    My personal choice for the Cirlce is Pisa. Thought he was the smartest most instinctual D player we've had.

  120. admrvt:


    link at #96 says Titus visited osu already during the season.


  121. ai-eee-soos:

    ... here's that supposed WAVE ... if link doesn't work, go to msn.com


  122. jimmy the lock:

    BTW, Allen Allen is in the COH.

  123. haka:

    is surely better than
    titus the beaver

  124. ai-eee-soos:

    #121 - so solly - already posted in SA.

  125. redzone:

    Al Noga was AP All-American. How often do we have one of those?


  126. d1shima:

    Why would any receiver wanna risk being called a "wide open beaver"? :shock:

  127. Chicken Grease:

    Figure the last thing the Te'os and/or Manti will do will sue Ronaiah. (whose name reminds a Grease of Toto's Rosanna and SNL's Rosanne Rosana Dana and Prince's Ronnie Talk to Russia) THAT'S when, man, you think it's ugly now?

    Besides . . . can't rule out that they are, in actuality, all "buddy buddies" and/or Ronaiah has been given his marching orders "going forward. You'd be open to an idea like this if you weren't a sheeple. "Baaaaaaaaaa, baaaaaa. Me believe Manti. Close book on this a'weady. Baaaaaaaaa."

  128. Former UH Athlete:


  129. jimmy the lock:

    "Jimmy,have been giving you reasons. It’s not political. There are very many deserving athletes. They Nogas have been on the final ballots but they did not get enough votes.
    read answer above. Send letters of support.
    That’s all I can tell you. it is not one person’s decision. it is done by committee."

    Cindy Luis
    Reply October 17, 2012 at 11:05 am

  130. cocobean:

    Ronaiah is beginning to ca$h in. If he plays his cards right he could become another Jon Gosselin. Make the rounds with his side of the story.

  131. Former UH Athlete:

    Ahh shite... CXXIX

  132. Former UH Athlete:

    dammit I give up....

  133. Former UH Athlete:

    #126... only at Oregon St

  134. Chicken Grease:

    FUHA, what the FUHA are you trying to do, yuk yuks.

    Hey, man. All you need is the C note ;) .

  135. Former UH Athlete:

    #121... thanks for the link.

    Check out the 13 second mark... the jet ski driver gets destroyed!!!

  136. Former UH Athlete:

    Ronaiah is showing us how to dupe America in to a big book deal. Well played Ronaiah...

    Don't be surprised if he gets a book deal lined up in the near future. Gotta make da money while people are still thinking about it.

  137. Chicken Grease:

    Former UH Athlete:
    January 29th, 2013 at 2:21 pm

    Ronaiah is showing us how to dupe America in to a big book deal. Well played Ronaiah...

    If he ends up performing the audiobook, wonder what voice he'll end up using, brrrrrraawwwwwwwwww.

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  139. Annoddah Dave:

    @#126 d1: LOL! That one is definitely below the waist.

  140. NYUHTX:

    BYU never had a rivalry with us. They just used to come in and knock us out like we used to do with Idaho and New Mexico State for example. Then we developed an unique offensive system under a defensive head coach and finally kicked their butt. Then they moved away.

  141. wafan:

    Good evening!

  142. SteveM:

    NYUHTX -- well, I don't know know what constitutes a rivalry, but to correct my #54 -- "the UH-BYU games had a lot of fans in the stands..". Paying fans. Sold out stadium, or darn near...even if it was televised...and it was loud.

    Seemed strange to see so many locals wearing blue and cheering for BYU. But we have the BYU Laie campus, and BYU recruited in Hawaii. No fights though-everything was cool after the game.

  143. PurpleMaple:

    A rivalry exists when both sides don't like each other and would be happyto see the other eat dirt. BYU-Hawaii was not the case. We ate dirt so often that all we could do was hate BYU. That is not a rivalry. I think they laughed at us. Until Garrett Gabriel. But that was then and now is now, we still eating dirt again.

  144. Moocher:

    gotta agree...
    it was never a rivalry for BYU.
    we couldn't win-it was more like trying to get a monkey of our back and wanting to beat the big dog who took our LDS boys and others then a rivalry.

    I think we are the ones who generally will dislike a school more then a school will dislikes us.
    we got no girlfriend no pair up with (byu-utah, reno vegas) so we create or own lennay kekua and make her the rivalry.

  145. Annoddah Dave:

    @#144 Moocher: What about Oahu State University (from Hawaii 5-0) as our rival?

  146. SteveM:

    heheheh...OK Dave, when they bring 20,000 students and fans to Aloha stadium, they can be rival! :)

  147. Annoddah Dave:

    @#146 SteveM: As soon as the Kukui High School alumni can get together and decide to rent a van to take them to the game. At least that is as real as Lennay! LOL

  148. Former UH Athlete:

    Grease.... Nice one!

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  150. Former UH Athlete:

    SteveM; 200 students.... Baby steps

  151. Former UH Athlete:

    SteveM; 200 students.... Baby steps

  152. SteveM:

    The mind certainly makes strange associations. I can't explain why this discussion of "rivalries" reminded me of this video...



  153. who dat:

    J.R. CALTON LS/DE, 6-2, 210 lbs.
    Granite Bay HS - Granite Bay, CA

  154. Chicken Grease:

    Congratulations, Former UH Athlete . . . # 150.

    200, here we (uh . . . here a GREASE) come!

  155. kev-1:

    Ah, I'm not so sure. I think the BYU-Hawaii rivalry was, well a rivalry. But I understand what you guys are saying about it being more so for Hawaii.

    I thought Hawaii-Fresno had a good thing going for awhile, especially in terms of competetiveness. Since Pat Hill left, the personality of the team left too. Not saying they aren't good on the field, but it's a different Fresno today.

  156. al:

    as is it is more for unlv when we go up to play them.

  157. SteveM:

    Al -- I never thought of UNLV as a rival. I guess we can't use the visiting (UH) team packing the stadium with their (20,000) fans as an indicator of rivalry... :|

  158. kev-1:

    Not really feeling Chow's comments about replacing (rather, not replacing) BYU on the schedule. He says "13 weeks without an open date is hard." How you figga? Even if you put the 13th game in one of the open slots, you still end up with a bye, right?

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  160. al:

    stevem...don't you think that the unlv team felt even more compelled to beat the warriors and their 20,000?

  161. al:

    stevem...don't you think that the unlv team felt even more compelled to beat the warriors and their 20,000?

  162. Ashlea Hastedt:

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  163. kruzen:

  164. Chicken Grease:

    Think in terms of rivalries . . . UH football (heck, all UH sports, for that matter) is like Daniel-san from The Karate Kid movies. (this is the 2nd The Karate Kid reference [original; not that Jackie Chan BS.] that a Grease has made on an SA blog this year.) You know. How Daniel-san had all kind/various chigau* leading up to the Cobra Kais giving him $+1/.

    Cobra Kais galvanized all of his conflict. True, he was doing things to attract the ire of a Cobra Kais, but, they sorta creeped up on him.

    Maybe the Warriors' and Warriorettes' true rival will similarly creep up on them.

    Would be nice if most of you would stop bellyaching about BYU leaving as if it's the loss of a potential GF.

    F_@k BYU. OK?



    * "problem" [slang/truncated version] in the Japanese.

  165. wafan:

    Yay, Hump Day.

  166. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    4 more days of Super Week.

    Who's Got It Better Than Us?

  167. 3-Prong:

    Lots of similarities. Both Manti and Ray Lewis lead their teams to the big game. Both linebackers wear religion on their sleaves. Why is it that a possible murderer is afforded more support now in the court of public opinion for his possible steroid use than a humble young man is given as the victim of a hoax?

  168. Shoko:

    I think the public knows what they're getting when it comes to Ray Lewis. Lewis' history of scandal (possible murder) creates a ho-hum attraction to his alledged use of PEDS.

    In Teo's case, his situation (victim of a hoax) is unprecedented and thats why it draws more criticism from the court of public opinion. So, it shouldn't be a surprise for some folks to grab their pitch forks and torches. After all, we all love a good lynch mob once in awhile. ;)

  169. Shoko:

    Our savior, Stephen Tsai, will be on the Bobby Curren show this morning.

    Let's listen...

  170. gobows:


  171. laulau head:

    As always...great interview with ST this morning.

    Especially his info regarding Wily...

  172. A-House:

    No news is good news???????????

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