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B-Y ... who?

January 29th, 2013

When it comes to the UH-BYU series, to quote the woman in Red: "We are never, ever, ever, getting back together."

The aura of the rivalry had long faded. When every trivia list about the series involved references to Dick Tomey as a UH head coach, well, this one had gone the way of Kona jackets and gold-dipped leaves. And after Kahuku running back Aufaga Wiley makes his decision between the schools, what's left to discuss?

The series' revival was reborn out of necessity. BYU was going independent and needed games; UH had the Hawaii exemption and a fondness for nostalgia.  But  what ended the first marriage — scheduling conflicts, dying interest — resurfaced in the reunion. That was apparent when the 2012 game had to be pushed back a couple of weeks. And that was apparent this time, when the MWC's expansion and creation of a championship game forced members to clear Dec. 7 plans.

There might be discussions about bringing the series back again. But with the narrowed window, this drain is unplugged.

* * * * *

It will be interesting to see if UH can ever have a 13-game schedule. Knock off the annual regular-season game in December, and it will be squeeze to play 13.

Not sure why there's a need to play a MWC title game, anyway. Twelve teams have to leave open a date that only two can use. And the championship game's winner is not assured a berth in a megabuck bowl.

For all of the naysayers who thought it would be too difficult to stage a game against Temple last year, how is preparing for a title game on, maybe, a week's notice any different?

* * * * *

Two Canadian Football League teams have inquired about quarterback Cayman Shutter, who will earn his bachelor's degree in May. Born in Canada, Shutter would have a roster edge. Of the 46 players on a CFL roster, 27 must be "non-imports." Shutter is expected to compete in UH's pro day on March 19 in San Diego.

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