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Observing the 25 limit

January 30th, 2013

An NCAA amendment apparently limits a team to sending out 25 letters of intent for next week's signing day.

The rule was intended to prevent schools from trying to over-sign.

It should be interesting to see what happens with grayshirts or players going on church missions. In the past, a player had to wait until his 19th birthday to go on a mission, enabling him to attend college for a year. Now a mission can begin a year earlier. At least one UH recruit is expected to go on a mission; at least two others will grayshirt.

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The UH coaches are in Florida today doing home visits with prospects and their families.

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The Warriors will wait until after the recruiting season to fill the offensive coordinator's position. There also is no rush to fill the vacant graduate assistant's job.

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It's still not too late to get a seat at tonight's volleyball Warriors' scholarship dinner.

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