Shutter gets CFL combine invitation

January 31st, 2013

Quarterback Cayman Shutter has been invited to compete in the Canadian Football League's combine on March 21 in Toronto.

Shutter was born in Canada and lived there until he moved to Hawaii on Jan. 1, 2001 — 1/1/01.

Shutter has met the CFL's requirement as a "non-import" as a Canadian citizen who lived in the country for at least five years. A non-import is draft eligible four years after graduating from high school regardless of the player's eligibility status in college.

Shutter will earn a bachelor's degree in May. He actually has one remaining NCAA season because he redshirted in 2009. He has maintained his amateur status by not signing with an agent. If he participates in the CFL combine, as expected, he will end his NCAA eligibility.

Duane Forde, who is considered the Mel Kiper Jr. of CFL drafts, has been helpful in Shutter establishing contacts in the CFL.

"I'll always be a fan of Hawaii," Shutter said.

* * * * *

Volleyball Warriors had a wonderful fund-raiser last night.




* * * * *

Looking ahead . . .

The Rainbow Wahine softball team's first banquet in more than 10 years is set for May 5 at Treetops Restaurant in Manoa.

There is limited seating available. The cost is $45 per person; $500 for VIP tables of eight. VIP tables include signed softballs, photos and other souvenirs. There also will be a silent auction. Proceeds go to post-game meals and purchasing of additional equipment.

For details, email or call (808) 343-0661.

174 Responses to “Shutter gets CFL combine invitation”

  1. gobows:

    Laguna Beach VBC reporting that Kyra Goodman ,a 6'0 setter and sister of Wahine OH Kaela Goodman, has committed to Hawai'i. for 2013.

  2. jimmy the lock:

    O' Canada.

    Go Shutter!

  3. Jeezy33:

    Big weekend... Need to get Fred melifonwu after losing Titus.. Fred higher ceiling as far as athleticism and speed. Titus had college ready size and body though ...

  4. dannyp:

    Top 5?

  5. Kukui High School:


  6. WarriorMojo:

    UH Warrior fan for LIFE!!

  7. al:

    fred would be a great late get.

    good shot at the fla cb, too.

    ...and you know there'll be at least one "something up his sleeve".

  8. Stephen Tsai:

    Thanks for the head's up, Mr. Gobows

  9. al:

    i wonder if chow will save a scholie for an after market pickup?

    you know getting another tony grimes would be the coup de grace.

  10. al:

    isn't there are an article in the s-a this morning about young goodman? the door opened for her because monica stauber will transfer. i am wondering if her football bf will follow?

  11. Chicken Grease:


    Question for . . . Mr. Tsai . . . re: yesterday:

    January 30th, 2013 at 8:50 am

    I get the feeling Stephen is not all that impressed with Ben Jay.

    Is this true, Mr? Please advise; one of a Grease's predictions for 2013 has Ben Jay hailing frequencies to procure you for specialized UH Warrior football communications l'directeur.


    Thanks for this info' and link from yesterday*, Jack Raines:

    Jack Raines:
    January 30th, 2013 at 8:08 pm

    Former UH kicker Dan Kelly arrested . . .

    Gained some pounds, Kelly did, apparently. Not his biggest (oh, these puns) chigau ima ne.'


    * "kinoo" is the Nihongo (Japanese language) word for "yesterday."

    ' "problems/conflicts right now, yes?" in the Japanese language.

    # # #

  12. Shoko:

    Good luck to Shutter. When you make it the the NFL, remember to give back.

  13. Warrior Dave:


    is that Sansei's King Crab ramen with truffle butter? I would have camped out in that line all night :)

    Hope it raised a lot of $$$$ for the team.

  14. gobows:

    Kyra Goodman averaged 9.2 assists per set.

  15. Shoko:

    Just to be clear, that was a fake Shoko that made that comment.

  16. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs:
    Were there a lot of people at the fund raiser? Was interested in attending, but other commitments precluded it.

  17. Warrior Dave:

    Sorry to hear Monica Stauber is transferring, but I sensed something was up with her body language.

    I'm a big fan of Monica and thought she did an excellent when she got the opportunity to play. Good luck Monica and thank you for being a Rainbow Wahine.

  18. gobows:

    getting Diocemy Saint Juste will be killas

  19. Bugas:

    Best of luck to Shutter!


    ...The food not the guys. lol Good luck against Stanford.

  20. al: mean a false shoko.

  21. koakane ip5:

    morning :cool: blue skies, sunny day and guuuud kope ..... say no moa

    aloha 808, tsaiko ward, warriors and wahines

  22. koakane ip5:

    calling al out for a cc nuff said

  23. Shoko:

    Actually, I'm not really a real person. I don't exist?

    I'm merely a program that consist of a million lines of computer code.

  24. Shoko:

    Don't forget, MBB on Big West TV!

    P.S. Not sure if you guys ever caught a game on the BW TV website, but it is in dire need of improvement. Then again, can't expect much when its streamed for free.

    Thank you. That is all!

  25. al:

    gobows...but, i hear that many have been knocking on his door ever since his commit with us.

  26. al:

    ...and who knows what tomorrow brings?

    titus' decision was so close to down to the wire and was teeter tottering for months.

  27. dannyp:

    So is Stauber transferring or just leaving the sand team? I didn't understand the article.

  28. gobows:

    Mita is the most fluid setter Dave has ever had...she may be in the same class as Kanoe and Robin.

  29. gobows:

    gotta hope the commits stay committed and sign with the UH.

  30. Independent Thinker:

    Great to hear about Cayman and his invite! Do us proud, Cayman! Best of luck with the combine. Always liked this kid. Did a great job at Punahou.

  31. tom mui:


    Go Cayman!

  32. dannyp:


    Are you kidding me? She isn't anywhere close to being to Kanoe/Robin. She arguably isn't even as good as Mafua.

  33. PurpleMaple:

    Monica Stauber will be a starter wherever she ends up. I think she's that good. Good luck to her.

  34. Chicken Grease:

    Hear, hear . . . good luck to Cayman Shutter . . . stayed a Warrior, played as a Warrior!

  35. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Good luck and best wishes to Cayman Shutter!

  36. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Best wishes to Mr. Shutter in his CFL aspirations.
    Best wishes to Monica Stauber also.

    Hope the Volleyball Warrior program made lots of money. Proceeds go toward the summer school fund and volleyball camps.

    From left to right in the picture above: Nick West, Sinisa Zarkovic, Harrison Phelps, and Zach Radner (redshirt MB). According to the roster, both Nick and Zach are 6'8". Either Nick grew or they're using the 2" rule for Zach.


  37. al:

    guess who's coming to dinner?

    i wonder if its permissible for coaches to ride back with a recruit on an official visit?
    say from florida?

  38. dannyp:


    If Stauber came the same year as Uiato she'd be the starter.

  39. Kai:

    Congats to Cayman!

  40. d1shima:

    Live the dream. Good Luck Cayman Shutter!

  41. al: way. i know shoji, if stauber is better she'd be the starter and wouldn't be transferring. i trust the coach of 1000 wins any day.

  42. Warriorfan:

    32. Maybe they meant Higgins... She is gonna be really really good.

  43. haka:

    Good luck to Cayman!
    Hawaii will always be a fan of you! Great job on his academic status! Geev'um eh!

    Good luck to Monica also!
    Sorry to see her leave. She is a TEAM player! Gave it her best and fufilled her role admirably. I do believe Uiato has better feet/speed and blocks better and that is why she starts. Monica does set the middles better, but her location to the outsides is a little less accurate than Uiato and I think it's because of not getting into the best setting position as consistently. Anywho, wish her the best!

    Can't wait for the SoftBow rockets to launch!

    Go Warriors BBallers!

    And a shout out to the H2OWaterBows!

  44. haka:

    uh, shouldah been H2OPoloBows! :)

  45. dannyp:


    IMO Stauber is the better setter. The reason Uiato is starting is because she has a extra year of chemistry with the hitters. Stauber has a better connection with the middles, and plays a better back row. Also she doesn't spam the LS hitter all day. Mita is good I just wish she had the gall to go to the RS without a perfect pass.

  46. Warrior Dave:

    The only reason I question Mita is her inability to set the Middles consistantly. It was so hard for her to connect with Hewitt 2-years ago and with all Middles last year.

    As for Shoji, congrats on the 1000+ wins. But I feel he over-coached especially last year with the constant changes to the right side and decided where to play Hartong. That's like Gib changing his line-up every week. Shoji needs to step up recruiting even more. The players coming in are over-achievers but cannot make a deep run in the playoffs... Just my personal opinion so no one take offense.

  47. Warrior Dave:


    I totally agree with you.

  48. haka:

    In my opinion, no one here knows better than Coach Shoji.

  49. catfax, college, girls:

    Thank you for any other informative site. The place else could I get that type of info written in such an ideal method? I have a project that I am simply now running on, and I have been on the glance out for such info.

  50. 3-Prong:

    Shoji's changes last years to the right side were geared toward having success against bigger competition in the playoffs. I thought he managed it perfectly, by playing people enough to both keep winning while encouraging the "cream to rise to the top".

  51. JV:

    I think we will be seeing a freshmen set the wahine next season. I think Higgins can set a more well rounded offense and get the middle attackers more involved.
    Against washington going to the outside sets time and time again is what killed the wahine.

  52. LizKauai:

    Good Luck Cayman Shutter!

    Kudos to the Softball Boosters for setting up the fundraiser in true Tsai-ko FOOD tradition!

  53. jimmy the lock:

    Just thinking about what was posted and Shoji did coach magnificent setters throughout the years and he was also an All-American setter. I think it's safe to conclude that Shoji knows his setting...Uiato it is.

    Don't get me wrong, Monica is a great setter. Putting all that is required of a setter and the input by the greatest UH setter ever, Robyn Ah Mow-Santos, we still see Mita starting. I for one would not question Dave and Robyn.

    Super Bowl Weekend coming soon.

  54. LizKauai:

    Oh yeah... GO VOLLEYBOWS!!!


  55. jimmy the lock:

    Base-Bows picked sixth. No worry, get plenty room to move up da ladder.

    GO BOWS!

  56. Kapahulu:

    Shoji has already stated that he may move Hartong again this year!

  57. Kris:

    I agree with Jimmy. I'm no expert but it looks like Mita sets the quicker offense. This is more important since we are often the smaller, quicker team.
    Mita also looks to have more foot speed and is a bit better with bad passes and sets one handed pretty well.
    In the end though I trust Coach Dave to make the best decision.

  58. gobows:

    that's a good place for them to be. their pre conference games against Oregon, Rice, and Wichita State should be tougher than the Big West.
    UH (mens) teams have a propensity to be mediocre whenever they are picked favorably in the preseason.

  59. A-House:

    Is the UH women's volleyball team starting to experience the too many good athletes syndrome? ditto the football team.

    players leaving because those ahead or behind are deemed "better" by the coaches?

    I, for one, like Monica S, but you could see her facial expression(s) of frustration. I do wish her the best where ever she may choose to play VB.

    BTW, who is her "football boyfriend"?

  60. A-House:


    we have all seen the UH baseball teams do well in preseason games, but tend to fall really flat in "conference play" - leads one to wonder why.

    we enjoyed the "sell-out" games in years past and last year saw a resurgence of "sold out" games - continue the good work players and coaches!

  61. dannyp:


    Bubba Luna

  62. jeezy33:

    David Moala in the house this weekend.

  63. kifi:

    #62 - Hope Fred Melifonwu is here for the weekend. David and Fred would be big gets.

  64. Chicken Grease:

    Great eats from last night's v-ball fundraiser. :( A Grease'll go NEXT year. :)

  65. al:

    i won't be surprised that come signing day we see a jc olineman and another tight end. seems to me that those are two pukas we need filled.

  66. al:

    there might be a crack in the door for mr. thomas.

  67. al:

    say...i wonder if fred could audition for tight end?

  68. dannyp:


    I wanna steal Sean Rubalcava from Fresno. We still interested in him?

  69. jeezy33:

    recruiting class is pretty depressing overall so far. Don't think Melifonwu coming anymore. Which makes 0 sense because we are looking pretty good at Safety with Trayvon Henderson, Tigi Hill, and Marrell Jackson for the future. No reason to go after a safety that's 6-4... We really need Quality DE's and DT's

  70. PONO:

    Jeezy our recruiting class is depressing? How so? Are there decommits?

  71. dannyp:

    Jeezy I find it hilarious you get called a wannabe recruiting analyst. And Kani Benoit (someone you wanted for a while) is getting recruited by Oregon now. It doesn't take a coach to realize someone can ball.

  72. Chicken Grease:

    January 31st, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    recruiting class is pretty depressing overall so far.

    Ah, jeezy!!! We got the "Big Sale" and Saint Juste[ice] . . . those two alone!!!! :)

    Think the local recruits are ready and revved up, too.

    Trust in Chow!

  73. gobows:

    Spoke to coach chow today!!!!

  74. Not an Expert:

    Wahine volleyball transfers does show it in their facial expressions of not being totally happy being here due to whatever the circumstances. Haggins and Stauber showed it this past year. Who was that girl who went to Florida she showed the same expressions. Surprised to see Tuaniga still here for she shows the same exprssions.

  75. Kaleo:





    Gotta have it, must get it, get it

  76. dannyp:

    I think Jerry Saena can any one confirm.

  77. al:

    ahhh...jeezy33 relax bro, this is still going to be a very good class. wait till the surprise packages arrive.

    some safeties may end up as olb's. a team can never have enough olb's and safeties since they also occupy much of the special teams positions.

    anyway, its time to go have lunch again. i'll bring the birdies.

  78. dannyp:


    *I think Saena is visting.

  79. dannyp:


    Bring your notepad :)

  80. al:

    if you mean debo williams then you might want to change your wish list since he verballed to la-laf.

  81. Kaleo:


    Jeezy....depressing? You must mean in terms of filling exact needs, because as far as overall upside, athleticism and talent level it's arguably a very, very, very good class in a long time. We could use more d-linemen and another o-lineman or two but I like the fact we went deep in the receiving department. Who knows.....maybe Chow is thinking about opening up the offense more, to do that we need talented numbers and not just one or two hot shots.....

  82. al:

    how come?

  83. jeezy33:

    Just overall. We have star power but have to look at the class as a whole. We have a bunch of unfilled areas.
    QB- Zwahlen- Wont see him for 2 years. After that he becomes a free agent realistically.
    RB- Diocemy St Juste- Stud
    WR- Howard(maybe), Kirkwood(huge upside), Barker (stud). Polk, Kemp(raw but size), Haynes(huge upside). I like most of the guys we got. Just don't know if it makes sense to bring in 6 WRs when you only have 25 scholarships. Possible Howard doesn't get here. It's not like we run the run and shoot anymore though.

    TE- only 1 JC transfer in Josh Long.

    OT-David Griffin ( Nice get. need OT) Dejon Allen(Another nice get) Koloamatangi( project. played LB/ DE in high school)
    OG- John Wa'a (heard good things) Elijah Tupai (solid)

    DE- Ualesi Sale - Need more pass rushers than that. Don't know status of Tuaau.
    DT- Only Tulimasealii- need a lot more depth here. I dont know Moala status yet.

    LBs- Got a lot coming in. Drake Miller, Julian Gener, Lataimua, Faalologo, David Manoa, Tago, Falemalu . I dont think we needed to bring in 2 5-10 JC Lbs. I think JGW, Benny Fonua are going to keep getting better along with Lance Williams. Art Laurel and Daley are going to be fine.

    Corners- Only Barry Higdon. If we don't get Vaughn Jr or McCollum, we don't fill void left by Mike Edwards. Morris would be nice target as well.

    Safeties- Struck gold here in my opinion with Henderson and Tigi Hill.

    So I say depressing because our biggest issue was D line depth and we didn't really upgrade much. We needed to rush the pass better and our class is depending on Tuaau finishing his school on time. Melifonwu would have been a great pick up. I don't think we got much better at corner.

  84. Kaleo:

    C'mon Al.....I don't hear a fat lady singin' till the

  85. jeezy33:

    81. Yes. I mean when it comes to needs. I love the High School WRs and Safeties we are bringing in. Kennedy needs help on the D line though.

  86. al:

    i agree with kifi that keith kirkwood may have the most upside.

    ...and if pita gets on board he too has immense potential.

    imagine two guys who just started playing hs football.

  87. A-House:

    ah, the heart breaking recruiting news, for some, raises the possibility for another - yet, if the other recruited player was quality, why other schools not chasing them? or, is it that schools are chasing, but player wants to wait?

    wonder how many Florida recruits will sign the UH LOI on 2/6/13? that goes for all verbals to date!

    al - your comment on an earlier post that Wiley is BYU bound?

  88. Independent Thinker:

    Dang it! Looks like we have no chance at Savaiinaea!! Cr__p. Chow, go hard after the Waianae LB, still get chance.

  89. jeezy33:

    86. Always a big risk recruiting mission guys though. No matter if they commit or not, they can go anywhere they want after mission. And college football is a business and coaches jobs are almost year to year these days. I think it's safe to say we need to win soon...

  90. Kaleo:

    Here ya Jeezy....that's what I figured you meant. I felt we needed to add some electric guys on offense, some skill guys who will be worth the cost of admission. They are young but Barker and DSJ, should they ink, are two guys that will have me sitting at the edge of my seat.......and that says a lot, I'm a self professed defense guy....

  91. A-House:


    #77 - how many lunches you eat daily? or, is it more like snacking before and after lunch hour?

    several physical trainers go by the 5 meal rule - eat 5 small meals daily to maintain your good health. very hard when one is set on heavy lunch, as in plate lunch, and dinner, as in large scoop rice with large portion of potato/mac salad and 5 pieces of chicken or teriyaki meat.

  92. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Howzeet Gangeez!

    Good luck to Mr Shutter! I hope that a year or two from now, we can all say, "He Cayman saw and conquered the CFL!"

  93. al:

    fat lady, little birdies, whateva...some of these commits are still under pressure by rival recruiters. we are, like wise, doing the same.

    we could lose one or two and gain another.

    some listen to the parents and others don't. however, parents needs to both sign off on the loi before it is official.

    could it get interesting?
    will it get interesting?

    history dictates that there will probably be a disappointment or two, but, we could also land a surprise package or two.

    the last weeks visitors seem to be comprised of ones who verballed previously and some of the really impactful ones that we must have.

    as always, the recruiting season is as exciting as the games themselves.

  94. gobows:

    stephanie ferrell, she didn't live up to her potential. i think her leaving opened a scholarship for satele.
    ferrell had to compete with kanani and aneli.

  95. Bowwar:

    Good to hear that Simeon Thomas appears to be back on the board...Good luck to Cayman...

  96. al: may be hard for wily to turn down the church and his uncles.
    but, who knows?

    meals...five of them. unless i "cheat."

  97. Bowwar:

    I agree with Jeezy that we are still sorely in need of OL, DL, and Tight End candidates...However, who knows what comes up in the wash or...walk-ons.

  98. al:

    there is a groundswelling to alter the rule of mission bound athletes who commit to a school. works in process to bind a student/athlete to a minimum of one year to said school upon completing his mission before being allowed to transfer.

    what that means is that he would have to stay one year at the original school and if he wanted to transfer it would have to be the year after and at that point would have to sit out a year before being eligible to participate.

    that would benefit schools that have a number of lds mission bound athletes such as byu, utah, utah st, and little old hawaii.

    its a good rule change if it ever gets in.

  99. al:

    i am guessing that tigi hill will transition to linebacker.

  100. jimmy the lock:

    Looking back at the pictures ST posted, either that is a huge fork or that pulled pork looking sandwich is small.

  101. Bowwar:

    Gotta Have St. Juste...

  102. SteveM:

    Re: #91
    A-House -- cutting down to 5 smaller meals a day is a good cruise tip. :)

    But I'm on land now and a buffet sound good. :roll:

  103. jimmy the lock:

    I agree, a couple more dominators on the O and D line would be good.

  104. jimmy the lock:

    Funny how many talk about cheating, dieting, cutting back, but no one mentions working out. Shouldn't that be the preferred method?

  105. rezone:

    Go get em Cayman!!!

  106. Moocher:

    6 wide receivers were recruited because as a group, they need to improve...possibly to a point where it may be all new faces that are needed.

    anyone know the "real" story why graves was a ghost last can feel his spirit but you couldn't see him, know what i mean?

  107. Stretch:

    104 JTL - that's too much work!

  108. gobows:

    This could make UNLV-commit RB Kani Benoit of Thunderbird reverse field: He said he is taking an official recruiting visit to Oregon Friday.

  109. jimmy the lock:

    I wonder how many Warrior UA shirts and hats the coaches bring on their continental visits?

  110. gobows:

    #100 JTL

    that must be a small desert plate too... hope that was just a pupu plate and not the dinner.

  111. maddog50:

    good luck to Cayman Shutter....

  112. jimmy the lock:

    I never ate in the desert so I wouldn't know how small a desert plate Just having fun gobows. Trying to stay calm with all this recruiting maneuvers and Super Bowl "what to eat and drink" planning.

  113. al:

    107...took the words right out of my mouth.

  114. al:

    109...that is not permissible. even recruits have to purchase their own school apparel on a visit. this ncaa is nuts.

  115. al:

    if moala and ofa get to be warriors, then i'll be somewhat happy with the dline recruits when you also have kennedy. not too mention one and done iuta tepa.

  116. kifi:

    Manase Hungalu from Kealakehe to Oregon State? Is that old news? Probably is.

    Whew, I cannot keep up with kapakahi and jeezy.

  117. al:

    if everyone stays healthy and get bigger and stronger the oline will be improved. a lot of anticipation with david griffin's arrival.

    regarding blake muir many former olineman have mentioned/chirped that his future should have been as an og in the first place, but, landed at ot by default. not putting him down, but, i concur. its all in the feet and mobility. unfortunately, one listens to one birdie and not all of them. as i mentioned this comes from former d1 olineman vs one who never played american football.

  118. jimmy the lock:


    They no can sell them to the recruits @ 2 for dollar? Sheesh, it's not like a diamond studded bling bling t-shirt and hat yo. Did I just sound racist like that VW and Coke commercials? :lol:

  119. al:

    kifi...mark banker at work again. many think that it is cav who comes in to steal our kids but really banker is the one. we should hire time.

  120. jimmy the lock:

    I know this subject should be put to rest but I am curious to hear what Ronaiah's girl voice sounds like. :o

  121. al:

    ncaa rules

  122. al:

    jtl...but i often wonder how a recruit can go visit notre dame and buy up all that expensive stuff?

  123. kifi:

    #119 - They do a lot with very little up there in Corvallis. Very impressive program with what they have to work with.

  124. wasabi:

    120- he's on dr phil today...for real

  125. jimmy the lock:


    Maybe there is a 90% off sale in the recruit store.

  126. jimmy the lock:

    Would crack me up if he sounded like Mrs. Doubtfire.

  127. al:

    they said that dr phil tried to get him speak in his other self.

  128. Gambit808:

    Why should be hire banker? He still can't stop the spread. Ducks kill beavs every year. Youre not really that great of a coach f you can't design schemes to beat your rivals.

  129. gobows:

    call 1-800-462-6248 (1-800-ima-mahu) and ask for ronnie girl, no ask for lennay cause she fake.

  130. gobows:

    Alo, Clarke, Fonua, Harding, Jackson, Milovale, Moleni, Muir, Shigematsu, Shutter, and Van Ackeren are on the Academic All-Mountain West Team.

  131. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs:

    Wondering how much Dr. Phil paid RT for the exclusive. I think DO'M's attorneys are just waiting to lay the suit on him if he gets a big pay day.

  132. Chicken Grease:

    Bwahahahah, gobows # 130.

    Annoddah Dave . . . a Grease has a feeling Dr. Phil isn't one of those talk show hosts who pay. (think 60 Minutes doesn't pay) RG'rl needed his (or is it . . . ?) side of the story to be out, (l'pardon the pun) so, I wouldn't pay if I was a Dr. Phil. :D

  133. 3-Prong:

    29-18 another slow start for MBB. Let's Go Rainbow Warriors!

  134. Chicken Grease:

    jimmy the lock:
    January 31st, 2013 at 2:15 pm

    I know this subject should be put to rest but I am curious to hear what Ronaiah's girl voice sounds like.

    According to the KHON news story last night, Dr. Phil asks R' to do just that; sounded like R' refused. (but, anybody got an update? Anybody watched today's portion?)

    A Grease is kind of warming up (ooooh!!! Pardon THAT pin) to how, maybe Manti ISN'T g-y or b' or anything . . . unless R' is waiting for the right moment (pardon the pun) to release tape where voice is heard, "yeah, you're a sw33t fella" something along those lines. OR if they're so close they have a bit of a gentlemen's (pardon . . .) agreement of sorts.

    In any case . . . this Phil'R'buster of an interview has simply raised (pardon . . .) more questions. Of course!

  135. Chicken Grease:


    A Grease is kind of warming up (ooooh!!! Pardon THAT pin)

    "pin" should've been "pun." (like you care) Though, the situation IS getting a bit "pinny" [!]

    January 31st, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    29-18 another slow start for MBB. Let's Go Rainbow Warriors!

    Thanks for the update, 3-Prong. LET'S IKIMASU* B-BALL WARRIORS!!!!!


    * "go" [not "5", of course] in the Japanese language.

  136. rezone:

    RT will go behind a screen tomorrow to recreate the voice.

  137. Chicken Grease:

    January 31st, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    RT will go behind a screen tomorrow to recreate the voice.

    Seriously!?!?! This is horse kahcakes on his part. He think he Houdini or Cris Angel or something!?!

    This is all for defense or baking up the book deal (who's gonna wanna read that, though? Ain't exactly. No Easy Day or K!lling Kennedy pickings.) to state the obvious.

  138. Former UH Athlete:

    CFL Combine, eh? Title Sponsored by BVDs

    Since it's a CFL combine.... does that mean that their is a 40 meter dash and a 100kg bench press?

  139. J-FORCE:

    No can expect too much this year. At the minimum 2 yrs 'till we see drastic improvement. Total rebuilding on offense. Me got patience. GO WARRIORS!

  140. sean:

    50-47 with 14:12 to go

  141. sean:

    sorry UHMBB down by 3

  142. Chicken Grease:

    Nice, nice!!!!! Warrior b-ballers comin' back. Plenny time, eh?

  143. jm2375 (iPad):

    Congrats to the basketbows on their road win!

  144. 3-Prong:

    Hung tough, cut down turnovers, critical rebounds. Good Job Bowzzzzz.

  145. sean:

    thanks, for the update. I turned it off when they went back down by 11 again. Then I remembered that bud light commercial about superstitions, so I turned it off and they won!!!

  146. al:

    excellent substitions and use of his timeouts at the critical moments by the gibber.
    those last two timeouts burned 20 seconds off the clock and had riverside confused and totally out of their game plan at the end.

  147. al:

    130...nice, lots of freshmen, too.

  148. Bowwar:

    Good win for the basketbows!!! They showed true grit by coming back and winning the game.

  149. kapakahi:

    Faga tripping to Provo tomorrow.....

    .....while Pita tripping here tomorrow.....but met with Cougar coaches today.....

  150. kapakahi:

    #3 & #69,

    Hopefullly UH coaches haven't decided to pass on TE/DE Melifonwu.

  151. kapakahi:

    Hautau still tripping here?

  152. al:

    151... nice dig. hope he decides after feb. 6th.

  153. Kevin:

    Stauber gone.... Arakawa out for the SEASON...


  154. mo808:

    Evening Folks!

    All the best to Cayman in his CFL pursuit!

    Ahhh...boy dat soup ST posted at top looks ono!

  155. gobows:

    really, i thought he was just ill?

  156. Kevin:

    Kendall Rogers Twitter claims torn labrum and out for the year for Arakawa.

  157. gobows:

    Jarrett Arakawa is slated to have labrum surgery next week.
    Coach Trap has to find a new ace.

  158. NotNasti:

    Gobows: Arakawa has a torn left shoulder labrum which will require surgery.

  159. NotNasti:

    gobows: sorry, I get slow hand.

  160. NotNasti:

    re: #104 jimmy the lock:
    January 31st, 2013 at 1:23 pm
    Funny how many talk about cheating, dieting, cutting back, but no one mentions working out. Shouldn't that be the preferred method?

    Jimmy, I've lost 30 lbs in 4 months. Hit the weights and treadmill 4x/week. The real weight loss only came after cutting back amount and type of food intake. Exercises keeps the weight off, but not down. If you no cut back, you no lose weight. Believe me, I've tried.

  161. d1shima:

    Yikes! Tough news for the BaseBows...

    Waytago BasketBows!

  162. al: better body system includes a "cheat day", eat any kine one day a week. that is what i referred to as cheating. i, too, have lost 30 lbs and the boss has surpassed my results losing 35+. we are on maintenance mode now.

  163. al:

    i wonder how busy the airport was/will be?

  164. kruzen:


  165. wafan:

    Friday . . . at last.

  166. Anderson Pendill:

    I enjoyed my visit here. Thank you for your work on the site.

  167. mctruck:

    al, ur #162.....wat is the method??

  168. Chicken Grease:

    Good morning!

    Swear we need to put some of these high school girls in a Wahine b-ball uniform like, now. Early admission, whatever. Replace, heh. The high school gals are fast, hit the trays.

  169. tom mui:


    AL is not the man he used to be ...

    30 lbs - wow! Was he that guy that was buying those Amani suits at The Man's Shop?

  170. Shoko:

    Cheating on your diet is okay. Injecting high amounts of lard into your system once in awhile can be considered a form of body shock treatment and can promote better results when the body has peaked in terms of weightloss. However, psychologically, it can have a negative impact similar to a recovering alcoholic who stopped drinking for five years then decides its okay to have a glass of wine.

    Or maybe I'm just full of chit this morning.

    Anyway, that was a nice comeback victory for the Warriors MBB last night. Was getting worried after the first half, but realized its not how you start, but how you finish!

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