The Warrior Beat

Law is the flaw

February 4th, 2013

There's an old saying that if you can't enforce a law, delegalize it.

The NCAA can't police its recruiting restrictions. The answer, according to a proposal, would be to lift the restrictions. That would mean unlimited texts to prospects, daily brochures and all-out visits.

What does this have to do with UH?

Texts won't be a concern because everybody has an unlimited texting plan. But Hawaii's isolation and UH's budget will put the Warriors at a competitive disadvantage. The current rules restrict a head coach to one home visit per prospect and allow a school to send out a maximum seven coaches on the road. Printed media guides, which were used as recruiting brochures, were eliminated because they were used as recruiting tools. Oh, and also because schools were encouraged to go trees. If the proposals are approved, media guides will be back in play and trees will be dying.

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