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What a rush

February 13th, 2013

The "likes" began to add up.

"A lot of people were congratulating me on Facebook," Kealakehe High's David Fangupo said. "I was like: 'What's going on?' I didn't know what they were congratulating me about until I went online and found out."

What he found were numerous links, from sites across the country, to a 69-second Youtube video of his long rushes. The catch? Fangupo is a 350-pound defensive tackle who moonlights as a running back.

"All of the credit goes to Elijah Gladstone," Fangupo said of his Kealakehe classmate. "He recorded our games. Thankfully he made that video for free for me."

The video, which was posted a couple of days ago, attracted attention from several schools.

"I already committed to UH," said Fangupo, who will sign a letter of intent after he takes the SAT next week. "I want to be a Warrior."

Fangupo projects to play defensive tackle, offensive guard or, even, fullback at UH.

Video: Fangupo.

* * * * *

Irving is one of the good guys.

Irving is a man of faith and action and faithful action.

We know him as Bulla.

The point is name them the Warriors and Rainbow Wahine officially. That could be their legal names. But people then can call them whatever they wish. (Evidence: In my 13 seasons as the men's volleyball beat writer, they've always been the Warriors. Yet the chants of "Let's go 'Bows" continue.)

So — wink, wink — they are the Warriors and Rainbow Wahine. But, psst, let me show you some Rainbow T-shirts I've got in the back . . .


* * * * *

Happy birthday to Jessica Oshiro.

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