Price on board

February 22nd, 2013

As expected, former UTEP offensive coordinator Aaron Price has joined the UH football program.

UH being UH, there still are administrative procedures that need to be finalized. After that, the coaching assignments will be announced on offense.

* * * * *

This semester, the Warriors implemented the "first-five rule."

Translation: If you're a Warrior, you must sit in the first five rows of every class.

Each school day, the coaches do random class checks. (Coach Norm Chow was the class-checker yesterday.) If a player is sitting in the sixth row, he is considered to be absent. So far, every Warrior has adhered to the rule, which is 1) good for the team, and 2) bad for the non-football student sitting behind David Griffin.

* * * * *

Three orange-balloon claps in a birthday celebration for Bobbie Omoto, the heart of the UH basketball program.

Also, happy birthday to Marshawn Lynch's agent, Cliff LaBoy Jr.

203 Responses to “Price on board”

  1. Bryson:

    First On Friday....Chee Huu

  2. Stiguy808:

    David Griffin = immovable object

  3. 702WarriorFan:

    first - morning!
    808 keep dry if possible

  4. 702WarriorFan:

    top5 is ok too.

  5. DaMenehune:

    I use to sit in the back row next to the prettiest girl in school.

  6. tom mui:


    Top ten by Golly!

  7. tom mui:

    #5 - when I was in school, every desk had ink wells. The pretty girl in front of me had attractive pigtails.

    Was a great brush for sundry drawings/paintings.

  8. PurpleMaple:

    Checking in. First-5 rule seems childish.

  9. koakane:


  10. koakane:

    yea in front row today

  11. Stephen Tsai:

    I think Bryson, Stiguy808, 702WarriorFan and DaMenehune don't think it's a childish rule.

  12. koakane:

    yea like Tom Mui I recomemba those desk with da top that can lift up

  13. Shoko:

    Think the purpose of the rule is to instill discipline.

  14. Bryson:

    Definetly not thing you want is a player falling behind in having classroom checks keeps the players on their toes...

  15. Bugaz:

    I guess you think the military has a lot of childish rules too? Control helps to save lives when going to battle for people of all ages.

  16. san jose warrior:

    Pat Summit did this for her basketball teams also.

  17. Buffoman:

    Somewhere when some were children, their parents did not instill the importance of being accountable and responsible as such as young adults they do not understand these matters. Now responsible adults have to monitor all, because a few have not and do not exhibit those simple traits, being responsible and accountable. We see it often these days where cheating, to get ahead, lying at someone else's expense making excuses and/or blaming others for one's in action are becoming more common place.

    I sort of like coach's approach to attempt to instill and/or reinforce the notion that great character builds great leaders not just on the filed but in life.

  18. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Anyone interested in two tickets for Monday evening's baseball game against Rice?

    Anyone interested in two tickets for next Thursday evening's men's basketball game against UC Santa Barbara?

    If you would like either or both pairs of tickets, please send me an e-mail - swood at hoku dot com - indicating which game and be sue to include your real name and contact information including a daytime phone number. I'll call you to let you know when the tickets will be available at the box office.

  19. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Whoops!! - be sure to include your real name and contact information including a daytime phone number.

  20. jm2375 (iPad):

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Welcome to Coach Price.
    Happy birthday to Ms. Omoto and Mr. Laboy.
    (Now, can we bring back the Balloon Brigade?)

    Go Wahine!
    Go Warriors!
    Go Bows! Eat Rice!

  21. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez!

    Hey Doc! Longtime no see. :)

    Welcome to Coach Price, best wishes to the birthday folks.

    In some cases, teachers tend to give better grades to those who sit closer to the front of the class.

  22. jimmy the lock:

    Good for those football players whose classes only have 5 rows, or sit in a polygonal or circular configuration.

    I think the first-five rule would be childish if includes blankies and naps.

  23. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I used to sit in first five rows - the seats were small boulders and and the classes were in caves. My favorite subject was cave wall painting.

  24. Old School Dave:

    Won't mention names, but during a previous coaching regime, back when, my friend's daughter who was a UH student at the time, told me that in one of her classes on the day of the first exam, all of these football players suddenly appeared :-)

  25. wasabi:

    22-LOL! I like first five rule. Chow gets this one right...

  26. jeezy33:

    Honestly a pretty stupid rule. I think thats going a little over board with control. In a huge class, I can see how seats might get filled up.

  27. chawan_cut:

    happy birthday Bobbie! I miss the balloons but I do love what Jamie Smith has done with the students this year!

  28. jimmy the lock:

    Don't think leg shackles would work on Pistorius.

    My favorite cave subject would be "zug zug".

    Stoooopid joke Friday...

  29. jeezy33:

    We go from no names on the back of jersey because its a USC tradition and we play for the front of our jerseys to putting IMUA "Kamehameha tradition" on the back of our jerseys that looked absolutely hideous to having to sit in 1st 5 rows of a classroom? Pretty awesome recruiting tool if you ask me.

    As much as Chow wants to keep the fans interested in the program, you would think names on the back of jerseys fall a lot more in favor of fans being able to recognize players on the field then traditions of other schools. Does Norm really think it makes a difference on guys playing better without names? I think he is going way over board and needs to stick to Xs and Os while maintaining discipline and respect of his team.

  30. pierieNal:

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  31. Shoko:

    How about a compromise like name tags like in first day in grade school.

    HI! My name is __________ (insert name)

  32. maui warrior:

    Sitting in the first five rows is a good rule if you ask me, it will force the boys to arrive earlier than normal to get those valued seats. Don't agree with the names being taken off the jersey not all of us memorize the players names, maybe it will change in the future.

  33. wasabi:

    29- agree-put the names back on! Pride and morale are EVERYTHING in football. Norm needs to vastly improve in this area.

    But....The program depends on success of players in the classroom. Sitting closer means less distraction and absorption of material. Less chance of players be coming in eligible.

  34. jimmy the lock:

    If a student athlete shows improvement, whether physically or mentally, from any rule then I'm all for the rule.

  35. Bowwar:

    Once again, I agree with most of what Jeezy says except for the 1st 5 rows...For one, the players are in college for an "education" first and should be good students along with being good athletes. I'm not a stickler for the 1st 5 rows, but I would expect for the players to be in class and not in the back rows where they could slip out or sleep.

    In my days at UH, I never saw the football players in classes except for exams...Being a short Asian kid, I often had football guys sitting next to me during exams and copying my answers. I'd like to take credit for alot of those guys passing. :-)

  36. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    According to this article, sitting in/near the front of the classroom doesn't neccesarily improve grades but it may help with engaging and paying attention.

    At worst it won't do a darn thing for grades, at best it may help them in class and with grades.

  37. jimmy the lock:

    Here's another:

    "Studies show that students who sit in the front and center (middle) of the classroom tend to achieve higher average exam scores (Rennels & Chaudhari, 1988). One study discovered a
    direct relationship between test scores and seating distance from the front of class: students in the front, middle, and back rows of class scored 80%, 71.6%, and 68.1% respectively on course exams (Giles, 1982)"

  38. Kevin:

    UH goes 1-0 then the classroom rule will be a great idea!!!

    UH goes 0-1 then the classroom rule is a waste and stupid.

    Most sports fans are NOT complicated.

  39. sean:

    Welcome to the "NEW" Warriors and Coaches.

    If I sat in the first 5 rows, I cud a be sum budy, but i no budy!

  40. Kevin:

    The haka and ha'a are victims too.

    UH wins with it and all of a sudden people want the words and the fans to learn it!

    UH starts to loose (see 2008 and 2009) then its a waste of time.

    Again. Most sports fans are not complicated.

  41. RB:

    I guess it's safe to say Ron Fields is not coming to Hawaii.

  42. Former UH Athlete:

    Regarding the names on jerseys, I think Chow will put them back on when the team starts performing well.

    I totally understand the no name jerseys for team building purposes, and the names on jersey should be earned, not given.

    We'll see... I personally like the names on.

  43. Former UH Athlete:


    That sucks. Hate to lose players because of red tape, but it happens. UH isnt the only school to lose JC transfers because of this.

    Safe to say he's not going to UW, their admissions are far tougher than UH and most MWC schools.

  44. jimmy the lock:

    What makes UW admissions tougher? Can you provide the differences for comparison's sake.

  45. haka:

    it was so funny watching the games when they had "imua" on the jersey's. the young boy sitting next to me kept asking his dad, "who caught that?", "who was that?"...etc and I kept saying "imua". we were laughing so much that the few rows around us all started saying "nice play imua!". team unity becomes a joke of fan frustration. it would not be so bad if we could understand what was said on the stadium speakers. bring back the names!

  46. Former UH Athlete:


    If you dig far enough, you'll find a study to support any point of view.

    I like the first five rule. Makes players more accountable for their actions. The more responsible a player is away from the field will be a more responsible player on the field.

    Then again, the first 5 only applies to the large lecture hall classes. Once you're done with the pre-requisites, then the class sizes are much smaller and often the room doesn't have 5 rows.

  47. Silva:

    Sucks fields couldn't put on the warrior jersey. Felt like he was gonna be an instant impact on defense. U dont see many Corners his size ala Richard Sherman

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  49. st. anthony trojan:

    First 5 rule is cool...but should add a amendment to it though..
    if a player has been doing good work and above a certain threshold
    they should be long as it is maintained... but only after
    one year of school...players that show responsibility in the class should
    sit ne where they want.... if you want them to act responsible and be men
    then treat them as such..

    Remember.. Bart Starr.... and coach Lombardi.. according to Mr. Starr... coach
    chewed him out once in practice... said he went to him later and said.." Coach.. if
    you want me to be your leader on the field.. then treat me like one." nothing more
    needs to be said... the rest is history..

    When asked...President Eisenhower... how does he lead... he said.." cut a piece of string
    and place it on the table.. and try to push it.... nothing happens... well now if you pull it
    it will follow you..." I am 100 % certain Mr. Chow leads by example... can see it being
    nothing but positive for the young men under his watch...Seems to me... from where I sit
    here in Manila... that many of the young men he coached...or are acquainted with...seems
    to follow.. many from Utah... Florida...etc..we see in a few years.. how the young men will
    be in a few years and what they will have to say... .


  50. jeezy33:

    Honestly, as a former student athlete, I don't think there is much correlation between sitting in the front of the class and getting good grades. I think making sure students attend class is important. But students still need to put in time studying and doing research to complete reports and be prepared for finals. I just think 1st 5 rows is going extreme. If the students are attending all classes, I would call that a huge success for the coaching staff.

  51. Rite80:

    Concerning the rule. Is there a study that looks at the affect of treating adults like children? This certainly can't be a military rule unless the Academies only have 5 rows of seats in their classrooms. Let's call it for what it is. It's Norm Chow's rule like it or not.

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  53. Gregory Despain:

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  54. haka:

    personally, i always did better in the front row. i paid attention more, was never distracted, took better notes and never fell asleep. that being said, i didn't always sit in the front row. when i was sitting in the back row i used to dream of being an astronaut....i took up space.

  55. beautiful asian girls:

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  56. gobows:

    how many classes does coach have to visit in a day...40, 50...

    ST ~ what is the team's penalty for being absent from a class?

  57. haka:

    ha! lunch time. thought i'd sandwich the beautiful asian girls!

  58. Chee Hoo:

    Up at St. Louis School, you want the window seats/desks. No problem staying awake for the entire class period. Watching the Chaminade female coeds walk by keeps you on the edge of your seat. "Coach, I want the window seat not the first 5 rows"!

  59. haka:

    dang, gobow sandwich. ;)

  60. wasabi:

    56- last year they had to roll- literally- for any infractions. Didn't think this was productive or healthy. Seems like they could come up with something that would strengthen them while punishing them.

  61. kifi:

    First five rule is a great rule. When coaches sit in prospective recruits' homes, they look the parents in the eyes and promise them a good education. Sitting in the first five rows will not hurt an athlete. If they are bothered by the rule so much, they can always transfer.

    Several of the coaches have advanced degrees. I'm pretty sure that the coaches know what they are doing.

  62. Haleakala:

    I see nothing wrong with the first five rule. How hard is it to sit in the first five rows?

    Rules such as this may not help 95% of the players.

    However that remaining five percent may be helped immensely by being forced to comply with strict rules. Coach Chow probably has other rules to force them to study and not fool around.

    That might make or break a season by having the those few student-athletes who may not have the discipline otherwise to study (and there are those), do their best in the classroom as well as on the field.

  63. Lieselotte Naranjo:

    Awesome post! Thank you! Very well organized.

  64. gobows:

    how about the front leaning rest position = pushups.

    which coach had the players holding their books for 30 minutes?

  65. manoa#1:

    first five rule... Chow is a Controll Freak.!!!

  66. jeezy33:

    The reason I don't like the rule because its a black and white rule. No gray area. If you're a good student but somehow was running a little late and didnt make it to class 5 minutes early to get a good set, how can you say a athlete is absent because maybe he had to sit in the 7th row?

    It's definitely way too controlling.

  67. wasabi:

    64- exactly...that and "run a mile"....much less likely to cause neck strain and spine injury!

    If I'm not mistaken, the book on the head was Chow...

  68. wasabi:

    65- agreed...but in this case there is no negative result to be had from sitting closer in class!

  69. WarriorMojo:

    Re #66 "Be on time" was Rule #1.

    Agree with you 100% on the names on jerseys, though.

  70. WarriorMojo:

    ST, any tentative date for the Kauai scrimmage?

    Some of us need to make plans in advance if we are to attend.

  71. WarriorMojo:

    Making plans to be in LA for the Big West tournaments.

    Wahine have a HUGE game tomorrow at Cal Poly. The top two teams in the women's bracket get byes into the semifinal. The third and fourth place teams get a first round bye. Right now, Wahine are tied for #1 with Pacific and Cal Poly is #3. HUGE game.

  72. Old School Dave:

    Coach is the boss. Nuff said.

  73. wasabi:

    72- hate when people say nuff said!

  74. wasabi:

    Or just sayin...

  75. Ron:

    I wish the Coaches checked on our attendance 50 years ago. It might not have taken me 7 years to graduate.

  76. Stretch:

    WarriorMojo - practice on Kauai is set for Sat April 20. Not sure of the time but better to take an early flight, always can go eat breakfast first

  77. haka:

    #65-first five rule... Chow is a Controll Freak.!!!

    telling choice of spelling...;)

  78. WarriorMojo:

    Stretch, thanks very much!

    Same day as the Iolani Fair, hmm.........

  79. Old School Dave:

    Sorry Wasabi. That should be, "end of discussion." :-)

  80. oldtimer808:

    #26 That's why you don't coach or have a clue to the total picture. I applaud Coach Chow for caring about his players and their future. These players will benefit the most down the road and will realize the importance of what the coach has instilled in them.

  81. oldtimer808:

    #65 Caring about your players as Student/Athletes does not make for a control freak. I believe you miss the point and throwing out cliches without knowing first hand what is going on with the team or the coach personally is irresponsible chatter.

  82. Derek:

    I liked sitting in the front. Focused better, paid attention. Sit in the back and the mind starts to wander, even doodooling, can't hear the teacher too well, play with the I Phone, etc. If statistics and research says that students do better sitting in the front in general that's a good thing. I think the coaches heart is in the right place, they want the football players to do well in the classroom and get a degree. But, some flexibility can be accepted. Example, a football player has a 3.5 cumulative GPA. Sit anywhere you want as far as I am concerned.

  83. J-FORCE:

    It's a random check. Help keep you in your toes at all times. Just like football. Gotta stay focus......Go Warriors!

  84. PolyMom:

    I love it that the team has to sit in the first five rows. My hub's rules is the first 2 rows. And all of our kids are doing great in life,

    All of this discipline creates structure. In football you need structure. Let me say this, after the big boy got his 4.0 GPA last semester and made the Deans List as well...he was very happy and proud! Now he wants to do it again and again. Knowledge is power. It's Norm Chows job to make sure these boys graduate. You got 2 or 3 going pro each year. So having a good education is important.

    OMG just let Chow do his job! I love what he is doing.

  85. wasabi:

    79- for some odd reason that sounds much better! Lol

  86. d1shima:

    Love the first five rule...dovetails with "if you on time, you're late."

    Time management is a vital key to success in many endeavors and especially for the student-athlete.

    Treat 'em like adults? The Former Coach's mantra. Mixed results IIRC.

  87. Old School Dave:

    When you go 3-9, everything is under the microscope.

  88. mikey:

    1st row usually where the smartest students in class sat.

    I usually sat in front section (not front row) but one day I was late to class and had to sit in the last row. I kept asking the students next to me if he could see what the Prof was writing on the board, That's when I realized I needed glasses.

  89. mikey:


    Have a great weekend

    See you at the games which ever it is
    Go Bows, Go Warriors, Go Wahine

  90. Rodney:

    OMG!!! It's a great rule!!Come on peeps!!
    I wish my son played for Chow!

  91. gobows:

    when Randy Moss reported to the 49ers he asked coach Harbaugh what he could do, Harbaugh replied "sit in the front of the room during meetings." Randy Moss was an exceptional team mate according to the 49ers. the 49ers will have 14 picks in the draft, Mario probably won't be ready when the season starts, but i think Moss' career is most likely over unless another team gives him a shot. AJ Jenkins went to Atlanta to train with Colin. AJ may have a break out year next season.

  92. gobows:

    ron fields twitter still says he's a CB at the UH

  93. Haleakala:

    I wish I was forced to sit in the front of the class. I wouldn't have slept as much by being in the back. I'm sure my grades would have been better.

  94. mikey:

    Almost forgot today UH Food Truck Rally over 40 Food venders at 555 South Street
    Till 9 pm Great food Great Music and event is free
    Light sleepers Ink Battle Nd Shoganai Crews what ever that is

  95. mikey:

    And Thanks gobows great news

  96. Shoko:

    Hope the Niners pick up some depth on the defensive line. They looked a little ragged at the end of the season. They also need help in the secondary as was evident against the Falcons and the Ravens. Maybe they can get lucky in picking up a rare jewel at that position.

  97. Moocher:

    honestly, where do you want your kid to sit in class, the back row? I sat in the back row and got good at pencil fighting and playing paper football. in other words, more opportunity to "tune out".

    chow is shaping men. and regardless whether grades improve or not, the point is he is putting the young men in an environment where he will be more focused then if he were in the back row somewhere else.

    that same "learning to be focused" mindset carries to the field. chow is simply minimizing distractions and maximizing the ability to learn to focus and zero in whether in the class or on the field. He's teaching his troops that showing up is not good enough, concentration is good, but focus is better.

    Simple test...concentrate on something, then focus in on it. You see a difference? you went to another more defined level. If you want to focus in on what your professor is saying, you gotta be in the front.

    Concentrate on what coach says, focus in on what coach is saying....see the difference?

    concentration=flashlight beam on a wall 5 feet away
    focus=laser pointer beam on a wall 5 feet away

    chow is getting players in the habit of not just concentrating, but learning how to focus. not to mention he is also teaching them to be early and that means being prepared.

  98. Shoko:

    Pretty sure the BW Tournament format for the Women's BB is the same for the Men's BB. Single elimination (no byes). Eight teams play quarterfinals then the winners proceed to the semifinals and then on to the championship round.

  99. Oingo Boingo:

    First 5 rows at Keeaumoku St. bar or last 5 rows? Not hard to figure where most of us would be!

  100. zitareertioks:

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  101. Shoko:

    After more thought, I'm not all that sure the format is the same for both MBB and WBB. Would be strange if it was a different format, tho. BW MBB had byes a few years ago, but changed when they tournament venue changed to the Honda Center.

  102. Shoko:

    Anyway, going to talk to the other half this weekend and see if can make plans to attend the BW Tournament in March since I haven't been to one Hawaii MBB game live this season. Dats what happens when UH's other sports change conferences.

  103. Dulcie Siron:

    Awesome thread! Thank you! Very well written.

  104. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    What say you on the new Price hire? The Price Is Right?

  105. wasabi:

    90- be careful what you wish for!

  106. 3-Prong:

    Re: First 5 Rule, Hey nobody said this was a democracy. What coach says goes. In high school our coach told everyone to cut their hair (hey, kinda like Coach Chow). When a friend and I didn't do it, in the middle of practice, coach called the both of us up, busted out the big black scissors and proceeded to chop off our hair right up to the helmet line. Lesson learned. Safe to say, no one grew their hair too long again that year.

  107. 3-Prong:

    Pau Hana Time! What, Tirsty?

  108. Konoman1:

    The first 5 is a terrific idea... Of course the haters don't like it.... Cuz they don't like anything that this staff does..

  109. Rodney:

    #108 You are absolutely correct!!!

  110. Bryson:

    What I wanna know from the people who are saying this is stupid or it won't make a difference

  111. d1shima(Galaxy 'd):

    Wea erryboddy?

  112. ai-eee-soos:

    What's this - SMU & Hal Mumme....

    SMU: According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, former Kentucky and McMurry head coach

    *** Hal Mumme *** will be the next offensive coordinator at SMU.

  113. Moocher:

    id be in bolohead row on K-street
    i want to focus and get my moneys worth even though i might be "paying someone else's tuition" :)

  114. Kelvin:

    #101, heard the women's re-seed the teams after the first game (which I never heard of) and the men's does not.

  115. gobows:


    re: big west womens basketball tournament. top two seeds get automatic berths in the semifinals, seed 3 & 4 get a 1st round bye.

  116. Poly Mom:

    Have a great weekend Warrior fans. Might try to go to Cal Poly SLO to watch games. My hub might be beat from the week in Mammouth with the kids. Ski week kids off of school. And PolyMom stayed home with our new puppy. Got to train her so she can come to Hawaii for the SC game.

    She already has her football jersey. I'll send her on the field to bite some ankles. LOL!

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  118. gobows:

    big west womens basketball tournament: Top eight teams advance to the tournament; top two seeds earn a bye to the semifinal and the No. 3 and No. 4 receive a first-round bye.

  119. gobows:

    does Hawaii still quarantine animals from the mainland?

  120. gobows:

    fyi if you haven't checked out the state's animal policies...

  121. Bleed Green and White:

    "First Five Rule"....It's frickin' AWESOME.
    I simply cannot believe some folks would bitch and whine about a football coach trying to install discilpine.
    Wholy Cr*p!

    Great idea!

    I sure as heck rather have that then idiot-like flipping over the goaline and cocky showboating....ANYDAY!!!!!!

  122. WarriorMojo:

    This board is sometimes tedious because many people are too extreme. Why does everything have to be black or white? Very few things in life are 100% bad or 100% good, at least in my reality.

    I give Coach Chow high marks for certain things like attempting to instill discipline and structure, tireless recruiting, and very astute staff selections.

    On the other hand I'm not as impressed by decisions such as removing players' names for jerseys, not traveling with a full squad, and, most critically, certain game management approaches last year. I just don't want to see drive after drive featuring two fullback dives, an attempted pass to the TE, and then a punt, when we are down thirty in the fourth quarter.

  123. slenzi:

    Awe C'mon Man! I'm in the mainland starving for Warrior football news, and all I get is a kindergarten-level frenzy on "1st 5" rule. Slow news day? Must be da rain went and soaked quite a few heads in Hono.

  124. RB:

    #43 Too bad he wont be coming to Hawaii. Best of luck in what ever school he chooses to attend.

  125. jm2375 (Infuse):

    *burp* :LOL:

  126. gobows:

    had choke accidents all day today. at 1030 nimitz, dillingham, and freeway merge was still bumper to bumper. was a good day for a run without the sun.

  127. RedZone:

    3 future wahine BB players who play for the Mt SAC basketball team have completed a perfect regular season. They are ranked #1 and are the only undefeated team in the state. They finished their regular season 29 - 0 and are getting ready for the play-offs.

  128. RedZone:

    The 3 Mt SAC players signed their LOIs last year. And they are...

  129. mo808:

    Happy Friday Folks!

  130. mo808:

    Great basketball tonight! Good job for Kalaheo & Maryknoll!

  131. HawaiiMongoose:

    UH recruits Mason, Segovia and Burchfield are three of the four leading scorers on that 29-0 Mt. SAC team. They should be great additions to the Wahine.

  132. 3-Prong:

    Maryknoll and Kalaheo should be a great final.

    Lovin Pau Hana Friday and da new long neck green bottles. How come some places sell long neck and some sell da regula one. Things that make you say......Hmmmmmm?

    ...............and LET'S GO BOWS, FINISH OFF DA OWLS RIGHT NOW! (bottom 11 tie-tie 0-0)

  133. 3-Prong:

    Das How Kitamura! Man on 1st no outs.

  134. 3-Prong:

    1st and 2nd

  135. 3-Prong:

    1st and 3rd 2 out.

  136. 3-Prong:

    Top 12

  137. d1shima:

    Wow! Just foun out BB still going....

  138. d1shima:

    Go BaseBows!

  139. 3-Prong:

    Yes, bottom 13. Let's Go Bow's!

    Anybody else out dea do the da "Freeza Rotation" for icee cold ones?

  140. 3-Prong:

    Eh d1.....

  141. 3-Prong:

    1st an 2nd 1 out. One Hit.

  142. 3-Prong:

    2nd an 3rd 2 out.

  143. 3-Prong:

    Dammm. Top 14

  144. d1shima:

    Wassup 3-prong!

    How many cold ones you had? You counting those, too?


  145. 3-Prong:

    Mrs keeping up too! Friday, so we no count. hehe

  146. 3-Prong:

    Wait.......bottom 13 again? Oh oh. Bettah take da res out of da freezah!

  147. 3-Prong:

    Kaeo on 2nd no outs

  148. 3-Prong:

    Kaeo on 3rd 1 out.

  149. d1shima:


  150. 3-Prong:


  151. Jack Flash:

    This is a crazy ballgame

  152. sean:

    bottom 17 1 out

  153. d1shima:


  154. sean:

    2-0 Owls

  155. 3-Prong:

    Good try Bows.....

  156. gobows:

    the Wahine need a PG, the freshman backup is not a good ball handler.

  157. gobows:

    1 out, winning run on 3rd, should have called a safety squeeze with Kalei at bat.
    no can hit, no can bunt. but get real good pitching.
    kinda like the football team: can not run, can not pass, but get 1 good punter.

  158. papajoe2:

    Watched the game from the 13 inning on tv. The field seemed kind of dark. Something wrong with the lighting? Hawaii struck out 23 times. I can't stand when we get caught looking at strike 3. I was taught with 2 strikes, anything close to a strike, swing!

  159. nujkdgfbd sdgbh:

    bsdhgkbdfj bsdhkg

  160. papajoe2:

    Good morning! Wea you stay?

  161. jocuri mario:

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  162. Ken K:

    Papajoe2, some lights went out on the first base side just before the 13th inning, but pparently did not affect the play. Watched on tv to 10pm, then had to get to the airport. Followed the rest of the great game on live stats. It ended just before I had tot urn off my iPhone. Wish I could have been there.

  163. Ken K:

    Papajoe2, some lights went out on the first base side just before the 13th inning, but apparently did not affect the play. Watched on tv to 10pm, then had to get to the airport. Followed the rest of the great game on live stats. It ended just before I had tot urn off my iPhone. Wish I could have been there.

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