The Warrior Beat

Price on board

February 22nd, 2013

As expected, former UTEP offensive coordinator Aaron Price has joined the UH football program.

UH being UH, there still are administrative procedures that need to be finalized. After that, the coaching assignments will be announced on offense.

* * * * *

This semester, the Warriors implemented the "first-five rule."

Translation: If you're a Warrior, you must sit in the first five rows of every class.

Each school day, the coaches do random class checks. (Coach Norm Chow was the class-checker yesterday.) If a player is sitting in the sixth row, he is considered to be absent. So far, every Warrior has adhered to the rule, which is 1) good for the team, and 2) bad for the non-football student sitting behind David Griffin.

* * * * *

Three orange-balloon claps in a birthday celebration for Bobbie Omoto, the heart of the UH basketball program.

Also, happy birthday to Marshawn Lynch's agent, Cliff LaBoy Jr.

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