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Aaron Price named OC

February 27th, 2013

No surprise — see pictures below — but Aaron Price has been named the Warriors' offensive coordinator and receivers coach.

Price will assist in crafting game plans, although head coach Norm Chow remains as the primary play-caller and quarterbacks coach. (Graduate assistant Jordan Wynne also will  help with the quarterbacks.)

Chow also announced these changes:

• Chris Wiesenhan moves from offensive line coach to running backs coach.

• Chris Naeole, who played in 12 NFL seasons, is the offensive line coach.

• Keith Uperesa, who was the running backs coach this past season, becomes the director of player personnel. He will be in charge of academics and compliance.

* Phil Rauscher remains as tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator.

* * * * *

The 2013 Warriors had their first organized practice yesterday.

The offense was particularly sharp. There were no interceptions, fumbles or drops.

There also was no ball.

The NCAA allows teams four one-hour practices during the offseason. The conditions are no pads, no contact and no football.


* * * * * *

Here's a video of one of the more intriguing warm-up drills (please click on the pic):


* * * * *

Here's a fully healed Calen Friel (foreground) leading one of the drills:


* * * * *

Tight end Harold Moleni:


* * * * *

Slotback Scott Harding:


* * * * *

Quarterbacks Taylor Graham, Sean Schroeder and Ikaika Woolsey, and tight end Craig Cofer:


* * * * *

Tight ends/o-line:


* * * * *

New assistant coach Aaron Price working with the receivers:


* * * * *

Right tackle Leo Koloamatangi:



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