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Calls of duty

February 28th, 2013

For more than 30 years, the game-day image was Norm Chow in the coaches' booth, charts spread in front, as he checked coverages and called plays.

That was until last year, when he called plays from the sidelines as the Warriors' head coach.

Chow will always have the final say in offensive plays. But now it appears he has found someone who shares the same offensive philosophy and language. Aaron Price, the newly named offensive coordinator, is expected to have a role in creating game plans and implementing them. He did that under one of the best offensive minds, his father Mike Price. Chow regards Aaron Price as a dedicated and innovative play-caller. Price, who emerged from a pool of 12 finalists, will be able to show those qualities in spring training.

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While last year's redshirts and transfers will get extended looks in spring training, the competition is open, with no starting jobs — or depth charts — yet established. The most intense battles are on the offensive line.

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A little nostalgia: Warriors practicing in Klum Gym last night.


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UH needs to find a trophy case for this:


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