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March 31st, 2013

Have a blessed Easter, everyone.

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Here's the scenario: A guy gives his wife $100 to go grocery shopping. The items total $78. Two months later, the guy claims the couple is in debt because the wife did not give him the $22 change.

In the real world, the wife says to the husband: "You're an idiot." And she's right. Whether she spent the entire amount or none of it, that was the amount budgeted, and the expectation is the entire amount will be spent. While he might have hoped to get some change, he gave the money without expectations of a refund.

In UH's world, the bean counters say to coaches: "We're in debt because you didn't give back change from the advance for your trip."

Advances are based on the amount budgeted for a trip, a figure approved by the bean counters. The issue shouldn't be the amount of the advance, it should be the amount budgeted for the trip. Let's suppose a dodgeball team's trip is expected to cost $5,000. The team is given a $5,000 advance. It would be hunky and dory if the trip ended up costing under $5,000. But in projecting a budget, the expectation is that the full $5,000 will be used. The school's budget expectations are the same whether all or part of the advance is spent. It can't be claimed the school is OK because the team spent $5,000 but is in debt because it spent $4,800.

Times are hard on the boulevard, but UH should be looking for  revenue through sponsorships and fund-raisers and not in travel budgets.

Special duties

March 30th, 2013

Candidates at four key special-team positions have an advantage when the Warriors' spring training resumes this Tuesday. They are all relatively healthy.

The Warriors are seeking successors to long-snapper Luke Ingram, punter Alex Dunnachie and kickoff returner Mike Edwards.

Three long-snappers —  including Brian Hittner who delayed his enrollment a year while adding transferrable credits — will be joining this summer. Defensive end Beau Yap was used as the long-snapper until he suffered a fracture in his right foot during the second spring practice. Kody Afusia, who has recovered from a surfing injury, is expected to handle the long-snapping this spring.

The Warriors signed a punter and slotback Scott Harding was used at that position last year. But for this spring, Mark Monteiro, a walk-on from Buckley, Wash., has been doing the majority of punting.

"I'm getting a lot of reps," Monteiro said. "It's pretty nice. The first day I had a little jitters. Now I'm getting much better."

Monteiro said he has no previous isle ties but "I grew up watching the team (on television). I always the Warriors — the way they fought, the way they played. It was inspiring."

Wide receiver Chris Gant, who was the offset returner last year, is being used as the deep returner.

Also, with kicker Tyler Hadden recovering from double-hernia surgery, Ceejay Santos is handling the place-kicking. Santos is a Baldwin High graduate and Weber State transfer.

Point taken

March 29th, 2013

Norm Chow is listening.

The people want to see some football? The Warriors are making plans to turn the Spring Fling into a real game.

In past years, the Warriors ended spring training with situational scrimmages. For this spring, tentative plans call for two teams to be created through a draft of available players. A real game will be played.

While there are some position shortages, notably on the defensive line, that just makes draft strategy more important. It also makes DE/DT Marcus Malepai a high-round prospect. And if it means George Daily-Lyles has to play nose tackle, so be it. (Quarterbacks still can't be smashed, though.)

The goals are fun and an easy-to-figure scoring system.

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Kelly Ong, a former Rainbow Wahine defensive specialist, has been the volleyball Warriors' unpaid statistician the past couple of years. Next year, she is expected to be promoted to director of operations. Robyn Ah Mow previously held that title before joining the Rainbow Wahine staff as an assistant coach.

Here are Ong and UH assistant coach Sean Carney. (Ong was raised in Oakland, Carney in Hawaii.)


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Anton Willert is listed as the videographer, but his duties are more like video strategist. His work helps the Warriors scout opponents' tendencies.


Open-and-Shutter case

March 28th, 2013

The country that brought Drake, Justin Bieber and Robin Scherbatsky offers a plan that is workable for the Canadian Football League and its prospects.

The CFL allows a prospect to be drafted, sign with an agent and attend training camp — and if things don't work out, the player can still return to school and compete for a Canadian university's football team. That policy is in contrast to the rule that ends a player's NCAA career if he applies for the NFL draft.

The CFL rule has a two-fold purpose: 1) It allows the Canadian universities to serve as developmental programs and, 2) it gives prospects a second chance.

The rule should benefit former UH quarterback Cayman Shutter, who recently competed in the CFL combine. As a "non-import" — he holds Canadian citizenship — has a fall-back plan if he does not make a CFL roster this year. The University of British Columbia and University of Regina have expressed interest in Shutter.

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Quarterback Sean Schroeder is scheduled to undergo back surgery next week. He is expected to be at full strength by early July.

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Happy birthday to our awesome Liz Kauai.

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And happy birthday to PapaJoe2

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Happy birthday to Aura-Ann Lee.

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Don't forget to attend Na Koa's fund-raiser tonight at Sam Choy's:

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Yap out with foot injury

March 27th, 2013

The Warriors' best pass rusher — defensive end Beau Yap — will miss at least the rest of spring practice after suffering a fracture in his right foot, head coach Norm Chow confirmed today.

Yap underwent surgery this week.

He suffered the injury during defensive drills.

It is not known if he will be ready when the Warriors open training camp in August.

The Warriors have struggled with their depth this spring. Iuta Tepa, a transfer from UCLA, recently underwent back surgery. Hunter Thomson has been bothered by a groin injury. Interior linemen Siasau Matagiese, Moses Samia and Calen Friel are restricted from contact drills while recovering from injuries this spring.

The Warriors are on a one-week hiatus because of UH"s spring break. The next spring practice is Monday.

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One door closes, another opens?

George Daily-Lyles has been moved to defensive end. He is recovering from a back soreness.

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Defensive end Desmond Dean has accepted a medical hardship. He will remain on scholarship.