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March 9th, 2013

The volleyball Warriors gave it the ol' college try.

They offered face-painting; gave away ti leaves, T-shirts, pizza and Beats headphones, and created the Warrior March from the dorms to the arena.

The response was moderate, the entertainment competition was not. Eat on the Street, Rainbow Wahine softball and Warrior baseball were all scheduled yesterday evening.

And then hours later, Brook Sedore served the Warriors into a fifth set, which they dominated to beat USC. UH announced the crowd at a little more than 2,100. But that was before softball/baseball attendees and too-full Eat-the-Streeters walked in after the ticket-takers walked out. The arena was loud and fun, and USC players appeared to have difficulty focusing amidst the loudness and fun and the chants of "Let's Go 'Bows!"

After the match, coach Charlie Wade said one of the keys was to not over-coach and let the players do what they've been trained to do.

And that was sorta-sorta the lesson of the evening. The best marketing is winning.

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But the UH band was good, as usual.

Click on pics for videos:



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One more volleyball lesson: Let people sit wherever they want to sit.

I know rules are rules, and the integrity of the season ticket must be honored. But, c'mon, the lower bowl is empty. Let the season-ticket holders keep their seats, and let everybody else who bought a less-pricey ticket  fill in the other lower-bowl seats.

UH attendance isn't an addition problem, it's a division problem.

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Rick Pitino might not ever admit to being a former UH head coach, but, by golly, Larry Beil always will be proud to be a Ka Leo alumnus:


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Today is the SAT, one of the three remaining chances for recruits who are not eligible to get eligible.

So, spell your name correctly, go with your first answer, and because a blank is zero points but a wrong answer can be up to a one-third-point deduction, use your guesses sparingly. (Then again, one correct guess offsets three incorrect guesses. Maybe this should be on the math section.)

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