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March 13th, 2013

One of last year's goals was to avoid duplicate jersey numbers for players on the Warriors' active roster.

Two of last year's redshirts — quarterback Taylor Graham and defensive back Brian Clay — each wore No. 8 in practices. Both are expected to have significant roles on this year's team. Knowing about the duplicate-number policy, Graham and Clay each volunteered to give up the number to the other.

Linebacker Jerrol Garcia-Williams and safety Marrell Jackson both requested the same number. When Garcia-Williams learned the significance of Jackson's request — a relative who wore that number recently died — he decided to choose another number.

Both scenarios were not quite the magnitude of Damon and Pythias, but they shared the same lesson of teamwork, sacrifice and friendship.

* * * * *

Cornerback Ne'Quan Phillips said he dropped seven pounds and now weighs 183. He's hopeful that will improve his quickness. His aggressiveness remains.

Using my investigative journalism skills, I asked Phillips the secret of his weight loss. He said: "I don't eat as much."

* * * * *

Apparently I'm a voter for the Biletnikoff Award that goes to the nation's best receiver.

Yesterday, I received an invitation to the banquet.

It was held last month.

* * * * *

OK, Facebook members, please vote for former UH players Joshua Walker and Tehane Higa.

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