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Why not?

March 18th, 2013

Life is full of injustices.

"The Artist" didn't deserve last year's Oscar. Jacksonville doesn't deserve an NFL team.

But UH's invitation to the CIT? Nothing's wrong with that.

It's not as if the Warriors stole somebody's berth in the NCAA Tournament or NIT. The CIT is a third-tier tournament, and the 17-14 Warriors are just as worthy of participation as Gardner Webb, Savannah State, Oakland and High Point. (High Point? Really? Talk about a directional school.)

Sure, the CIT is a pay-to-play tournament. It will cost UH about $35,000, but only if nobody buys a ticket. At best, UH turns a little profit or breaks even. At worst, it loses a few thousand.

Besides, what do we care if UH goes into the red on this? The athletic department already owes the school $12 million. What is the Upper Campus going to do? Sell the Stan Sheriff Center for parts?

I think the more games the better. That's why it would have been good to play that 13th football game against Temple. And if the CIT game means another chance for Jamie Smith to be creative, why not?

* * * * *

UH's pro-day participants apparently have arrived in San Diego for Tuesday's joint combine with San Diego State.

It will be interesting to watch defensive back Richard Torres, who participated in last year's pro day after completing his UH career in December 2011.

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