The Warrior Beat

Calling "shotgun"

March 25th, 2013

Attendees at last week's spring practices might have noticed something interesting. The Warriors were in the shotgun formation for every offensive play.

And that is the theme of the spring: ASATT (all shotgun, all the time).

UH coach Norm Chow said the Warriors will be in that formation for the remaining 13 practices of spring training. The Warriors resume workouts after this week's spring break.

The quarterbacks "like it," Chow said, "and I like what the kids like."

Shotgun snaps complement the Warriors' spread formations and give the quarterbacks a better view.

* * * * * *

That heat wave was the birthday candles being lit for:

• Craig Cofer

• Dave Lefotu

• Kahai Choy

• Mahealani Richardson

• Terri Inefuku

• John Estes

* Kyeton

* Izzy

Congratulations to all.

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